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00:04 We are racing towards
00:05 the global crises at the close,
00:09 God is going to set up His Kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:20 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angels' messages.
00:33 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 that we are living in an unusual hour,
00:47 the last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time
00:51 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
00:58 Every summer in Spain:
01:15 I mean the pictures tell it all.
01:18 It is a no-holds-barred celebration.
01:26 And they are... hmmm... a little wild sometimes.
01:41 as they continue in the celebratory mood for one week.
01:49 But it's most noted for... what?
01:53 The Pamplona Bull Run.
02:13 and they have several of them.
02:19 * Be careful the crowd you run with!
02:28 in these eight bull runs,
02:37 and it is... I've done my homework...
02:43 This has a connection somewhere in the distant past
02:48 to the church...
02:49 it's a dangerous church tradition.
03:10 Come on now... moms and dads...
03:12 you've been telling that to your children,
03:14 could it be that in the book of Revelation
03:16 we need to understand how we need to:
03:24 Could it be there's something more dangerous
03:27 and potentially hazardous in just running with bulls?
03:31 Could it be that running with the wrong religious practices
03:36 in the wrong churches
03:37 can really cause you to get spiritually injured?
03:47 that are very popular and pleasing to the masses,
03:50 and Jesus warned even in His day
03:53 and it comes ringing down the corners of time
03:55 with relevance here in the twilight of our age,
04:05 So in the time of Christ, and it's also true today,
04:09 tradition was clashing with truth.
04:13 The Commandments of God
04:14 were clashing with the Commandments of men
04:17 and so Jesus declared, "In vain... they... " what?
04:22 "they worship me, teaching for doctrines
04:25 the commandments of men. "
04:27 You mean to tell me,
04:28 that you can actually be worshipping God... in vain?
04:33 Would you agree,
04:34 that ought to cause us to ask some questions
04:37 because Jesus is very serious when He says in John chapter 4
04:41 that He wants worshippers
04:42 who worship Him in spirit and in truth.
04:45 Can you say, "Amen?"
04:47 So are there... I ask you this question,
04:49 I've come here tonight to say something,
04:51 are there some popular, dangerous deceptions
04:54 now in the Christian church
04:57 and you'd better be careful the crowd you run with,
05:08 Sunday observance...
05:11 now please do not be offended
05:14 don't take my word for anything unless you see it
05:16 backed up with Scripture, history, current events,
05:20 Sunday observance is not found in the Scriptures.
05:25 "I can go to church seven days a week
05:27 if I want including on Sunday. "
05:29 That is not the issue... the issue is...
05:34 Does God's Word sanction and sanctify
05:38 the first day of the week and promote Sunday worship
05:42 or Sunday observance... Sunday sacredness?
05:46 It is foreign to Scripture.
05:48 Sunday observance,
05:50 although it is popular among the masses,
05:52 is not in the Word of God.
06:02 You have to ask the question,
06:04 "Do you want to run with that crowd
06:06 that is trampling on the Sabbath?"
06:08 Don't get me wrong, we should be friends to everyone
06:11 we're trying to win Muslims and Jews
06:13 and Christians of all persuasions,
06:15 but the question is,
06:16 "Should you regularly attend a church,
06:20 should you run with that crowd?"
06:23 No matter how popular and how convenient
06:26 or how many years you've gone there,
06:30 should you continue to run with that crowd,
06:32 even though it's church tradition,
06:35 but it clashes with the Word of God.
06:37 Should you run with the crowds
06:38 that are trampling on the Sabbath?
06:40 Take your Bible and turn with me to Isaiah 58,
06:42 Isaiah 58... are you ready to study tonight?
06:46 Isaiah 58... Oh! tonight's a special night,
06:49 "You will arise and have mercy upon Zion:
06:52 for the time to favor her, yes, the set time, has come. "
06:56 Psalm 102:13... I had to throw that in there somewhere
07:00 because you know what? This is your time.
07:01 All right... so we're looking there at Isaiah 58 verse 1,
07:05 "Cry aloud, spare not," that is... do not hold back...
07:09 "lift up your voice like a trumpet,
07:11 tell my people their transgression,"
07:13 and, of course, God's people love to hear about that,
07:16 I don't think so...
07:17 "tell my people their transgressions,
07:20 and the house of Jacob their sins"
07:22 and one of the sins is spotlighted in verses 13 and 14,
07:27 listen to the language employed,
07:29 "If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath,"
07:33 in other words, trampling on the Sabbath,
07:36 "from doing your pleasure on my holy day;
07:38 and call the Sabbath a delight,
07:40 the holy day of the Lord, honourable;
07:43 and shalt honour him, not doing your own ways,"
07:47 notice... "nor speaking... "
07:48 nor finding your own pleasure,
07:50 "... nor speaking your own words:
07:51 Then you shall delight yourself in the Lord;
07:54 and I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth,
07:58 and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father:
08:00 for the mouth of the Lord has spoken. "
08:02 So my Bible tells me,
08:04 "Don't run with the crowd that are... " what?
08:07 "trampling on the Sabbath,"
08:09 so, therefore, we know, the Bible says,
08:26 And as it continues it says, "and then I will receive you,
08:30 and I will be a Father to you,
08:31 and you shall be my sons and daughters,"
08:43 Can we agree with that categorically?
09:01 My Bible tells me, that there's a clarion call
09:05 from heaven's throne room that comes to every nation,
09:09 kindred, tongue and people, just prior to the Lord's coming
09:12 to prepare for the tribulation and prepare for translation
09:17 and here it is in Revelation 18 Revelation chapter 18 verse 4,
09:26 This is from the book of Revelation.
09:29 This is Bible prophecy, Revelation 18:4...
09:34 it's a command, it's an invitation,
09:37 it is mercy.
09:39 The word "church" means "the called out ones. "
09:43 So if God has a church in the last days,
09:47 it's comprised of those who have been... called out.
09:50 Would you agree, if you're a true believer,
09:53 you are called out from sin.
09:54 It doesn't mean you won't sin,
09:55 it just means... you don't want to knowingly,
09:57 willfully live in sin.
09:59 You've come out and you're separate from the world
10:03 Jesus said, "I have called them out of the world. "
10:06 They're in the world... but not "of the world"
10:08 John chapter 17.
10:10 The term "church" it means, "the called out one. "
10:13 The Lord has called us out
10:15 and so come out of any church teaching any error.
10:22 Some say that every church has some error...
10:25 and so... you know... just... there's no church
10:29 there's no true church... that is...
10:30 But think about it,
10:32 Revelation 22:18 and 19 makes it very clear
10:36 we should not add to the book of Revelation or take away from it
10:40 if you add to it,
10:41 the plagues will be added to you if you take away from it,
10:44 you're taken from the book of life.
10:45 So, would you agree, then there must be a people
10:48 that are not... by implication,
10:50 not adding and not taking away from it
10:53 and so that's the group of people,
10:56 that's the church... I want to be a part of
10:59 and so the Bible makes it clear John 17:17
11:02 "Sanctify them in thy truth: they word is truth. "
11:05 John 8:32, "You shall know the truth,
11:07 and the truth shall set you free. "
11:09 And Paul said, in Timothy he says
11:11 that God wants all men to come to a knowledge of the truth
11:14 and the Bible makes it clear in John 16 verse 13
11:17 "Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come,
11:20 he will guide you into all truth:" John 16 and verse 13.
11:25 And Jesus said in the gospel commission
11:27 in Matthew 28:18 to 20, He said, "I have all power,
11:31 go ye therefore, into all the world
11:34 and baptize, teach and baptize
11:37 in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit"
11:39 and you know what He said there
11:40 in the gospel commission,
11:41 in the context thereof, what did He say?
11:43 He said, "teaching them to observe"
11:46 or to obey "all things that I have commanded you:"
11:50 so Jesus said, "I want you to instruct, direct,
11:54 and teach doctrine... teachings, I want you to tell people
11:58 to obey these things. "
12:00 And part of that, included in that package of truth
12:04 is the book of Revelation, a revelation of Jesus Christ
12:07 and in Revelation 1 verse 3 it says,
12:10 "Blessed are those who read, hear and keep the things
12:13 that are written in this book for the time is at hand. "
12:16 Revelation 1 verse 3, so, the book of Revelation,
12:18 is for obedience, for following,
12:21 it's not about "head information"
12:23 it's about "heart transformation"
12:25 it's not "hear about Bible trivia"
12:27 it's "hear about preparing for eternity. "
12:30 Could you see the difference?
12:31 And so, there is a call out and a call in, in the last days.
12:37 John 10 verse 16, "Other sheep I have,
12:40 which are not of this fold: them also I must bring,"
12:43 call them out, "and they shall hear my voice;"
12:46 calling them out, "and they... "
12:49 what it's about to say "other sheep I have,
12:50 which are not of this fold: them also I must bring
12:53 and they shall hear my voice and they follow me
12:56 and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd. "
12:59 So the Bible makes it clear in John 10:16
13:01 Jesus uttered these words, He said...
13:04 what did He say? He's calling out His sheep
13:07 from different folds, He's calling them out,
13:10 the book of Revelation echoes that evacuation order,
13:14 for God's people to exit churches
13:17 and crowds of people that are trampling on His commandments.
13:21 It's the wrong crowd to run with
13:22 and so there's a call out, and there's a call in
13:25 into the one fold and so,
13:28 God is calling us into the Remnant fold,
13:31 the Remnant Church.
13:33 Revelation 12:17... "And the dragon was enraged
13:36 with the woman, and he went to make war
13:38 with the remnant of her seed. "
13:40 The Bible says the Devil was enraged with the woman,
13:42 the church, and went to make war
13:45 with the remnant of her seed
13:47 who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony
13:51 of Jesus Christ. Revelation 12:17.
13:53 That is the Remnant into which God is calling,
13:56 Jesus is calling his beloved sheep.
13:59 So therefore, God's people in the last days
14:04 must ask themselves the question,
14:05 "Am I part of the Remnant or am I not?"
14:08 Would you agree, we can't guess about that.
14:11 We can't speculate about that,
14:13 we got to know that we're part of God's Remnant church.
14:17 You know why? Because God is up to something.
14:19 You know why?
14:20 Because you want to hang around with the right crowd.
14:22 God wants us to love everyone but you know what
14:25 if you are in a church and they are telling you
14:27 you don't need to keep one of the commandments...
14:29 the Sabbath has been changed...
14:31 and what everybody else around there is hearing,
14:33 "The Sabbath has been changed now we're going to keep Sunday
14:36 in honor of the resurrection"
14:38 and everybody else is saying, "Amen"
14:40 how can you sit there and say, "Amen" when you know
14:43 that is not what your Bible teaches.
14:44 "Come out from among them and be ye separate says the Lord"
14:49 would you agree, you ought to hang around people
14:51 that when they say something from the Bible
14:53 it resonates in your heart
14:54 and you can say, "Amen" can you say, "Amen?"
14:56 So what does the Remnant church teach?
15:24 There is only one church
15:26 that meets all of these Biblical Specifications...
15:28 that is the Remnant church in the last days
15:32 and I believe and I humbly share it with you,
15:36 I believe that's the Seventh-day Adventist church
15:38 and I believe with all my heart though
15:41 that in the last days... I make it crystal clear
15:45 God has His true, sincere followers
15:48 in all different churches but God is up to something
15:52 my Bible tells me He's leading people out
15:54 and leading people in,
15:56 and then wherever you are in the process,
15:58 God loves you, He speaks to you.
16:01 He knows His sheep and they're known
16:04 by recognizing and responding to the voice of the shepherd.
16:09 "My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me,
16:13 I know them, and they follow me. "
16:15 John 10 and verse 27.
16:16 You see, tonight Beloved,
16:18 we are either in one or the other!
16:21 We are either in the pure woman, the Remnant,
16:25 or we are in... well... the other woman
16:28 and that is our focus.
16:30 For centuries a World-wide hoax has been deceiving millions.
16:34 A mysterious power has been tampering
16:37 with the pure teachings of the Word of God.
16:40 Revelation reveals popular deceptions
16:43 that would be rampant, and widespread
16:46 even in the professed Christian Community
16:49 in the last days.
16:50 Come on now, didn't you have a hunch
16:52 that something is drastically wrong in the Christian fold?
16:54 I repeat, Revelation is God's protection
16:58 and prescription from last-day delusions.
17:01 "that serpent of old,... deceives the whole world. "
17:05 What book of the Bible? Revelation 12 verse 9.
17:08 Why do people... that's Eve, by the way,
17:11 that's Eve... all right...
17:12 anyway why do people end up receiving the mark of the beast?
17:17 The good bulk of them have been deceived.
17:20 They've been deceived into disobedience
17:24 and so the Bible makes it clear
17:27 the majority are going to be deceived
17:28 into receiving the infamous "Mark of the Beast. "
17:32 So what is Jesus seeking to do for His Sheep in the last days
17:35 to protect them, to guard them,
17:38 to keep them, would you agree... the shepherd
17:40 loves, cares, and treasures His sheep.
17:45 What is He doing?
17:47 He's leading them out from the wrong crowd.
17:51 God's people are in there, God's people are in there,
17:55 that means that if you're in a church
17:57 that is breaking the commandments of God,
17:59 you can look around
18:00 and you will see some Godly people there.
18:03 You will meet people there that love the Lord
18:06 just as much as you do,
18:07 but they may not know what you know,
18:10 they may not have heard the "Evacuation Order. "
18:20 You know what false teachings are compared to
18:22 with those who would perpetrate and propagate false teachings
18:26 among God's sheep? They're called "wolves. "
18:29 Didn't Jesus warn about wolves in sheep's clothing?
18:33 So there are false teachings that come
18:36 with a Christian veneer or under Christian cloak
18:39 and so it is with Sunday Observance.
18:41 The book of Revelation spotlights two women.
18:45 There's the pure woman... the Bride of Christ
18:49 and she offers an invitation.
18:52 Who gives the loving invitation to come to Christ?
18:54 "And the Spirit and the Bride say, Come. " that's Revelation
19:00 chapter 22, I believe, it's verse 17.
19:07 God's Remnant Church.
19:08 They will preach the three angels' messages
19:12 now if you're new to this kind of lingo
19:15 you're like... what? three angels' messages?
19:18 God's book of Revelation...
19:21 special book for earth's final hour,
19:24 depicts God's last-day messengers of mercy
19:27 His last call... as three angels
19:31 doing a flyover of planet earth and they're all yelling out
19:34 with what kind of voice? With a thunderous,
19:37 compelling loud voice God is trying to picture there
19:40 how urgent these messages are
19:42 and they're going to go around the world swiftly
19:45 hence the angels are flying
19:46 and we see who is going to preach them.
19:49 Look at Revelation chapter 14 and verse 6.
19:52 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven,
19:54 having the everlasting gospel
19:56 to preach to those who dwell on the earth,
19:58 to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people,"
20:00 worldwide in scope... messages to be preached...
20:02 "Saying with a loud voice," look now,
20:04 who is going to be preaching these?
20:06 Angel number two.
20:07 Look at Angel number two, that's verse 8,
20:10 "And another angel followed them saying,
20:12 Babylon is fallen, is fallen,"
20:16 this message needs to go around the world.
20:19 That's the context, so it must be very,
20:22 very life and death oriented,
20:24 it has got to go around the world.
20:27 "Babylon is fallen, is fallen,
20:29 that great city, because she made all nations
20:32 drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. "
20:35 What in the world is this all about
20:38 this inflammatory language that is used here?
20:40 It's inspired,
20:42 it's end-time stuff,
20:44 and so the Bible makes it clear
20:46 who is going to preach these messages?
20:48 Verse 9... it's about a warning
20:50 about: following the beast, worshipping the beast,
20:53 and getting the mark of the beast,
20:55 and going to hell fire and getting the plagues before that.
20:57 Verse 12, God graphically describes a little profile,
21:02 a little snapshot here of His end-time people.
21:05 His church, His Remnant,
21:07 verse 12, let's read it together
21:08 here we go, see if you can keep up,
21:10 "Here is the patience of the saints:
21:12 here are those that keep... " most of the commandments...
21:15 "here are those who keep the commandments of God
21:19 and the faith of Jesus. "
21:21 Can I say this very kindly, very lovingly.
21:24 Those churches that have God's people in them
21:28 that are teaching, "You don't need to keep
21:31 the seventh-day of the week holy...
21:33 you don't need to worry about that...
21:35 all days are holy, or it doesn't matter,
21:38 or the law has been done away with,
21:39 or we're under grace, you don't have to worry about that... "
21:41 those that would perpetrate those lies,
21:44 my Bible tells me very plainly,
21:47 they cannot claim to be "Commandment keepers. "
21:50 And sometimes people say,
21:52 "Well, come on now, haven't you broken the commandments?"
21:55 I say, "Yeah... "
21:56 they say, "Well, can you keep the commandments?"
21:58 I say, "No, not in my own strength"
21:59 they say, "nobody can keep the commandments,
22:01 so Jesus kept it for us so we don't have to worry about it. "
22:04 My parents taught me,
22:07 "Don't believe everything you hear, that's being gullible. "
22:10 How many agree: we ought to question what we believe
22:12 until we can verify why we believe it?
22:15 What we believe and why we believe it.
22:18 Listen here, God's people are distinct,
22:22 they're different,
22:23 the Bible makes it clear
22:25 and this verse just seems to be in bold relief to me.
22:28 It leaps from the page.
22:30 God is going to have a people
22:32 preaching these three angels' messages
22:35 to the earth's remotest bounds.
22:37 My Bible tells me, it's urgent
22:40 that God will have a people
22:42 that are calling out "His People"
22:44 to come into the remnant, take a stand with them,
22:48 for the commandments of God
22:50 and the faith of Jesus, and it will require
22:54 and necessitate the patience, the perseverance,
22:57 the endurance of the saints,
22:58 now think about it, here's a group of people
23:01 in contrast to those worshipping the beast
23:02 and so forth... here is a group of people
23:04 that are standing for Jesus, faith in Jesus,
23:08 and they're standing for the commandments of God,
23:11 and while they're standing for Jesus and His commandments,
23:14 they're looking at Jesus standing for them,
23:17 they're looking at Jesus
23:21 aren't we called to look to Jesus?
23:23 Well, if you look up, we do it by faith, right?
23:28 Would you agree, you'd better keep your faith-eyes open,
23:30 and by faith we look up and we see
23:35 as we take a stand for Him, why?
23:37 Because I look up and I see Him standing by His Commandments.
23:40 Revelation 11 verse 18 and 19
23:45 says that the temple was open in heaven
23:48 and there was seen the ark of His covenant,
23:52 what is in the ark of the covenant?
23:54 The Ten Commandments.
23:55 What's on top of that? The Mercy Seat.
23:57 We're under grace, we're under mercy,
24:00 but it doesn't throw away that covenant.
24:02 How many agree, we're in the new covenant
24:04 where He writes it on the heart. Hebrews 8 verse 10.
24:06 Now follow along... follow along with the logic here
24:09 follow along... we're connecting dots here
24:12 it's a progression here, a line of reasoning.
24:16 "Come let us reason together Jesus said," Isaiah 1:18,
24:19 now watch this... watch this...
24:21 so the Bible makes it very clear that as we gaze by faith
24:26 into the Most Holy Place
24:30 where Jesus is interceding for us,
24:32 by faith I can hear Him saying my name,
24:34 "Father, Mark...
24:36 Mark Fox is claiming me as His Savior,
24:40 he surrendered his heart to me and he has faith in me
24:44 and he's given his heart to me"
24:46 and the Father says, "If he's yours, he's mine...
24:50 because what's thine is mine. "
24:52 Would you agree? We are one with the Father
24:54 through Jesus Christ.
24:56 And so the Bible makes it very clear
24:59 that Christ abides in us by faith
25:03 Ephesians chapter 3 verse 17 and so we have to have faith.
25:07 We can't wonder... "Oh Lord... where are...
25:09 no... no... no... you got the Word of God,
25:11 He dwells in us through the Word of God
25:13 you take that word into your heart,
25:15 that's Jesus... because Jesus is the Word,
25:17 you take His Word into your heart,
25:18 you believe it... that's Jesus in your heart,
25:20 and so the Bible makes it very clear
25:24 we keep our eyes on Jesus,
25:26 we keep our eyes on Jesus and He is standing by
25:30 His Ten Commandments.
25:32 I say, "If He's standing by His Commandments,
25:34 I'm going to stand down here for His Commandments. "
25:36 Does that make sense?
25:38 And so I want you to think about this,
25:40 Beloved, as we continue,
25:41 who will preach the truth at the time of the end?
25:43 God's Commandment-keeping people.
25:45 That's what the Bible teaches.
25:50 Because in sharp-stark contrast you have this group of people
25:53 that are not going to be the majority
25:55 but the minority... a remnant
25:56 that keep the commandments of God,
25:58 they stand different,
25:59 so people are down sometimes what they're not up on
26:03 so would you agree, if this is the Remnant,
26:05 if this is a smaller group
26:07 than the vast majority of professed Christians...
26:08 in the Christian churches, would you agree?
26:10 Maybe the other churches would be doing some name-calling
26:14 of this Remnant saying, "Oh, that must be a cult. "
26:16 You know why?
26:20 "Well... you know... seventh-day...
26:23 I mean, come on... that's weird, that's different. "
26:26 Thank God... God will have a people
26:29 that are willing to be different.
26:32 They are... the truly... "the called out ones. "
26:36 You know to be a true Protestant,
26:37 you've got to think about it, what's the root word?
26:40 Protest... and these days...
26:42 we've got to protest... protest more things
26:44 just about the Government,
26:46 how about... the Christian church?
26:48 Would you agree? There are some things that look
26:49 and just take a scan of what's going on
26:52 in the Christian churches today, and would you agree?
26:55 there are some things to protest...
26:56 and you protest by saying,
26:58 "I'm not going to be a part of it, I am coming out. "
27:01 That's strong language, would you agree?
27:04 When you come out from a church you've been attending
27:06 they're like, "What are you doing,
27:08 what are you crazy,
27:09 what have you been learning, you've been brainwashed?"
27:11 "No, the light has gone on, the light is turned on... "
27:18 and Jesus said,
27:19 "Walk in the light while you have the light. "
27:21 So, what about this other woman... in Revelation 17?
27:25 it's this harlot woman.
27:31 Are you ready for this?
27:37 Think about it,
27:41 would you agree? That's strong lingo.
27:43 Think about it:
27:57 If you want more... I'll give you more...
28:42 You want more... here's more...
28:44 Now in the book of Revelation:
28:52 Would you agree? God is not happy with harlotry
28:57 among His people.
28:58 While they say, "We love you God"
29:01 trampling on His Commandments is harlotry.
29:06 It's wrong... the Christian church... sleeps.
29:11 That's not real as that they have been hearing
29:17 alluring things from that other woman.
29:20 They have been hearing a pack of lies.
29:23 Smooth teaching.
29:26 Today, you are being taught
29:28 "You're not going to go through the tribulation,
29:31 don't worry about that. "
29:32 "We don't know who the Antichrist is...
29:34 if you think you know it,
29:36 it's because you were left behind. "
29:38 Smooth teaching.
29:41 If you want smooth teaching, they'll give it to you.
29:44 It doesn't matter which day you keep
29:46 and then they'll try to quote some Scriptures
29:48 that are taken out of context
29:50 and then they become the Preacher.
29:51 And so, this woman, this woman has global impact.
30:06 How many agree? It's important these days
30:08 to look at the warning labels.
30:24 Second Angel's message... goes around the world
30:28 "Babylon is fallen, is fallen,"
30:32 What does it mean... Babylon is fallen?
30:33 Revelation 14 verse 8, it means that churches today
30:37 have fallen from the Word of God,
30:39 they've fallen from the Commandments of God,
30:42 they've fallen from "pure" teachings,
30:45 Paul predicted,
30:46 "some shall depart from the faith" 1 Timothy 4:1.
30:50 Did the Apostle Paul give the same warning?
30:53 "falling away" in the Greek it's Apostasia.
30:57 Falling away... that is Apostasia,
30:59 or departure from the true original faith
31:01 delivered to the saints. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 and 7.
31:09 and guess what,
31:13 in the Bible... it's in caps.
31:15 So it must be... a little important.
31:23 The Tower of Babel.
31:29 They did not believe that they could trust in God,
31:33 they thought, hmmm... "He let it... "
31:36 you know... "He let people be destroyed
31:39 He had people destroyed... before us,
31:43 our forefathers and foremothers,
31:44 by a flood, by the great global deluge,
31:48 no problem... if he tries that again,
31:50 no problem, we'll have a tower that goes
31:53 right above the clouds and we'll save ourselves. "
31:55 The Tower of Babel is a citadel of apostasy.
31:59 It's a monument of rebellion.
32:02 It's a beacon of apostasy and idolatry...
32:08 they were going to save themselves.
32:10 The Tower of Babel is based on man-made interpretation
32:14 man-made tradition, man's way of saving himself,
32:17 and all false teaching at its core
32:21 is man... asserting himself above God.
32:24 False interpretation, false teaching is all about
32:30 diminishing Jesus and exalting man.
32:33 Every bit of false teaching.
32:35 They were attempting to save themselves.
32:38 That's why the true gospel is about us
32:42 recognizing that we are nothing apart from Christ
32:45 but trusting that Jesus Christ alone
32:48 is worthy of our worship and our adoration
32:52 because He is a complete Savior.
32:54 I don't need Mary, I don't need saints,
32:56 I don't need the Pope,
32:58 I don't need anyone to save me except Jesus
33:02 and so it was based on man's works and opposition
33:05 of faith in God, and you remember,
33:08 God confounded their languages, didn't He?
33:11 You know:
33:22 It will babble... but it's so cute.
33:25 It just doesn't make too much sense
33:28 and you got to listen really close
33:30 did I hear "bottle" in there somewhere?
33:34 Of course moms are more efficient with this
33:38 you know, dads are trying to figure it out...
33:41 they're scratching their heads.
33:43 Mom says, "he needs a change and needs a bottle
33:46 and needs a nap and he'll be fine. "
33:48 "Babylon" stands for confusion.
33:59 Wouldn't you agree? That is downright confusing.
34:15 This is big stuff.
34:20 We're going to look at 12 clues.
34:25 are you ready? Here we go...
34:27 Revelation 17... let me read it to you.
34:30 "Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls
34:33 came and talked with me saying,
34:35 Come I will show you the judgments of the great harlot
34:37 who sits on many waters
34:39 with whom the kings of the earth
34:40 committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth
34:43 were made drunk with the wine of her fornication. "
34:46 Now, when I grew up if anyone called another woman
34:49 a harlot or whore or something like that,
34:51 let me tell you, Number 1: it was very cruel,
34:54 Number 2: if it was really...
34:56 if it really got around, if it went viral... so to speak,
35:00 let me tell you, that woman's reputation
35:02 was forever ruined in that school.
35:04 God stands up boldly
35:07 and calls the churches
35:10 that are trampling on His commandments,
35:12 twisting truth, and preaching and promulgating
35:16 false teachings, He says, "harlots"
35:19 "whores," and who is in there?
35:22 My people.
35:26 Would you agree? This is inflammatory language
35:28 that my God uses.
35:30 My God believes in tough love sometimes.
35:34 Come on now, if you're parents
35:36 you know what that tough love is all about.
35:38 "I love you but you're not going to be able to
35:40 use the car for a year"
35:41 All right... maybe that's a little harsh, all right, anyway,
35:44 I want you to notice this, it says here,
35:48 can you imagine this woman is getting in bed
35:51 with these kings, she is fornicating with them,
35:55 this needs to be applied spiritually,
35:58 in other words, the Church and the State
36:01 are mixing so much so, they're both corrupt.
36:04 A corrupt Church and a corrupt Government.
36:06 Would you agree, "Watch out,
36:08 when the corrupt church has the arm of a corrupt Government
36:13 to use to get its dogmas in force. "
36:17 Notice here in verse 3, "So he carried me away
36:21 in the spirit and into the wilderness:
36:22 and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast
36:26 which was full of names of blasphemy
36:28 having seven heads and ten horns
36:30 the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet... "
36:32 I mean... she's decked out... you know, dressed to kill...
36:35 as they say, this woman of the night,
36:37 "and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls,
36:40 having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations
36:44 and the filthiness of her fornication:
36:46 and on her forehead a name was written,"
36:49 all caps now, "MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT,
36:55 I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints,
37:00 and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus:
37:02 when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement.
37:05 The angel said to me, why did you marvel
37:07 I will tell you the mystery of the woman,
37:10 and of the beast that carries her,
37:11 which has the seven heads and ten horns. "
37:14 Look now at verse 9:
37:15 "Here is the mind which has wisdom.
37:17 The seven heads are seven mountains
37:19 on which the woman sits," now look down at verse 12,
37:23 "the ten horns which you saw are ten kings,
37:25 who have received no kingdom as yet;
37:27 but they receive authority for one hour
37:29 as kings with the beast. "
37:31 Now look here at verse number 15 "then he said to me,
37:35 the waters which you saw, where the harlot sits,
37:38 are peoples, multitudes, nations, and tongues. "
37:41 Verse 17: "For God has put
37:45 into their hearts
37:46 to fulfill his purpose, to be of one mind,
37:48 and to give their kingdom to the beast,
37:49 until the words of God are fulfilled. "
37:51 Key verse that unlocks and decodes this cryptic,
37:56 symbolic language, "and the woman whom you saw
38:00 is that great city,
38:03 which reigns over the kingdoms of the earth. "
38:06 Are you ready to do some detective work now?
38:09 Number 1: this is the Babylon of the New Testament.
38:15 Number 1: she is a corrupt woman
38:17 that represents a corrupt church.
38:20 The harlot woman of Revelation 17
38:22 represents a false system of religion
38:25 I believe as many scholars
38:28 and many preachers and teachers have taught,
38:32 many Protestant Reformers believed
38:34 but it's not popular say-so today,
38:37 it's not politically correct, I believe... it's the Papacy.
38:40 I believe it's the Roman Papal Power.
38:43 I believe it indeed is the Catholic Church.
38:46 I say that with sensitivity,
38:48 does God have His sheep in the Catholic Church? He does.
38:50 Does He have His sheep in the Protestant Church? He does.
38:53 Is God up to something?
38:55 In 1825 in the occasion of the Jubilee
38:58 Pope Leo the 12th struck a medal
39:00 bearing on one side his own image
39:02 and on the other side,
39:04 that of the church of Rome
39:05 symbolized as a woman holding in her hand,
39:07 in her left hand... that is... a cross...
39:10 and on her right... a what?
39:11 a cup with a legend around her "SEDET SUPER UNIVERSUM."
39:16 the whole world is her seat.
39:21 What a striking quote.
39:22 "Two Babylons" by Alexander Hislop.
39:25 Clue number 2: she's clothed in purple,
39:28 scarlet, precious stones and pearls.
39:31 What would that represent? A wealthy and luxurious church
39:35 and taking a quote here now
39:37 from: "The Woman Rides the Beast"
39:40 by Dave Hunt, "Most of Rome's wealth
39:42 has been acquired through the sale of salvation. "
39:45 "The Roman Catholic Church
39:46 is by far the wealthiest institution on earth. "
39:50 Do a little homework on that.
40:04 Church plus State,
40:05 the woman... which is the church rides the beast,
40:09 and for the "Mark of the Beast" to be enforced
40:12 which we have confirmed
40:14 is the National Sunday Law that's coming,
40:16 the Mark of their authority, they claim is Sunday Observance
40:19 because the Catholic Church changed the Sabbath
40:21 from Saturday to Sunday, the Bible predicted it,
40:24 they admit it, history confirms it,
40:27 the Bible condemns it, I don't accept it
40:29 and so this woman...
40:32 this woman wants to control the State.
40:36 She's seated also upon many waters...
40:39 she enjoys the popular support of earth's multitudes.
40:42 Here's Esquire Magazine:
40:45 "How the Pope will Change the World"
40:49 Oh... you could... as a matter of fact...
40:51 one of you e-mailed me, I was watching by television,
40:53 e- mailed me all sorts of proof positive,
40:57 pictures and so forth,
40:58 that proves that the "deadly wound" has been healed.
41:01 They have garnered popular support
41:05 Number 5: she holds a cup with the wine of her fornication
41:08 false doctrines and policies which deceive the nations.
41:12 This cup represents false teachings.
41:14 Can millions of wonderful people,
41:16 wonderful people, sincere people, innocent people,
41:19 can they be deceived, can they be misled?
41:34 Now think about it,
41:36 This "mother" has persecuted,
41:39 she is drunk with the blood of the saints
41:42 and the martyrs of Jesus.
41:43 That's Mystery Babylon.
41:45 But Mystery Babylon is merely a replay
41:48 and a repeat performance, as it were,
41:51 of ancient Babylon under a Christian cloak.
41:54 History, unfortunately, repeats herself.
41:57 Babylon persecuted God's people
42:00 Daniel will tell you all about it
42:02 when you go to heaven, you can tell him,
42:03 "Can you tell me about Daniel in the lions' den?"
42:06 It's more than a cute story.
42:08 This man was thrown into a pit of lions... why?
42:13 because he disobeyed the laws of the land
42:19 and so even though it was the Medes at the time
42:23 and you know, King Darius,
42:24 it was still there in Babylon where he was.
42:27 And why? Because God's people refused false worship.
42:30 You remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
42:32 while Nebuchadnezzar was ruling.
42:35 They threw them into the fiery furnace
42:38 because they refused to go with the crowd.
42:42 They would not bow to the golden image.
42:46 Number 7: This is all part of it,
43:06 and it has only been in my lifetime,
43:09 when the position of the Roman Catholic Church
43:11 has changed its language during its Mass.
43:15 How many remember there was a time
43:16 when it was all in Latin, you went there
43:18 you didn't even know what they were saying
43:21 but because of pressure, they finally gave in.
43:24 You see the stance of the Roman Papal power
43:27 has been... "You don't need to know the Bible,
43:30 we'll tell you what to believe,
43:32 we know the Bible, don't you worry about it,
43:35 we've got church creed, church dogmas,
43:37 church catechisms and so forth,
43:39 you don't need your own Bible, you just listen to your priest"
43:41 how many are thankful for the Bible?
43:59 What is this?
44:01 This meeting between Reagan and the Pope?
44:06 I'm going to tell you what it was,
44:08 Spiritual fornication.
44:11 The head of the harlot woman
44:15 going to bed with political leaders
44:19 and here's another picture that says it all.
44:22 We go on... here's another picture that says it all.
44:27 "The deadly wound is healed:
44:30 and all the world wonders after the beast. "
44:33 You say, "But I'm a protestant, I'm not a Catholic. "
44:36 If you are part of a church
44:39 that is trampling on the commandments of God,
44:42 would you agree, this is being influenced
44:46 by the Papacy and the deadly wound being healed
44:50 is impacting Protestants today.
45:04 I'm here to tell you that we have a U.S. Ambassador
45:09 that we send to the Vatican.
45:11 That is a direct violation of the U.S. Constitution
45:17 that stipulates,
45:18 we should not favor one religion over another.
45:22 The Methodist Church doesn't get a U.S. Ambassador,
45:26 the Seventh-day Adventist Church
45:28 doesn't get a U.S. Ambassador, no...
45:30 the Catholic Church... the Vatican...
45:32 because you see what the Vatican is...
45:34 it's the combination of Church and State
45:36 with no separation.
45:39 Some decry... saying,
45:42 "We don't need any separation between Church and State,
45:44 Brothers and Sisters, we do not need a theocracy.
45:48 We do not need the church ruling and forcing everyone
45:53 to worship a certain way, doesn't the Bible say,
45:57 "Whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely. "
46:02 Revelation 22.
46:03 This is a clear violation of the U.S. Constitution.
46:16 I mean... this is... this is prestige...
46:20 Pomp, power, "Man of the Year"
46:26 Time Magazine, spokesman,
46:29 of the Antichrist of the harlot woman.
46:46 What city was reigning over the kings of the earth
46:49 when John received this revelation,
46:51 when he wrote these words?
46:52 It was Rome... mighty, iron monarchy of Rome.
47:01 Everybody say it together,
47:02 "All roads lead to... Papal Rome"
47:05 Now, think about it, the woman is "that great city"
47:09 Rome...
47:15 Very powerful... and so...
47:42 which church is headquartered on a city of seven hills
47:49 and reigning during the time when John received this amazing,
47:54 stupendous revelation?
47:55 Rome... The Roman Catholic Church
47:59 is situated in the proverbial city of seven hills.
48:19 I find that absolutely astounding.
48:23 Number 12: She's clothed in purple and scarlet.
48:27 These are the ceremonial colors,
48:30 by the way... if you're wearing them tonight,
48:31 please don't feel self-conscious... I wear it too.
48:34 "clothed in purple and scarlet...
48:36 the ceremonial colors of the Catholic hierarchy
48:39 and main colors of the attire of cardinals. "
48:42 If you want proof, there it is.
48:43 Go ahead... e- mail me your attachments
48:57 Where is that taken from?
49:01 "The woman... " you want another snap shot?
49:03 There it is...
49:35 Would you agree, this is the Mother Church
49:39 and let me ask you the question,
49:46 There can be no... this is unequivocally,
49:49 there is no shadow of a doubt, would you agree?
49:52 we did no guesswork here tonight.
49:54 All we did is look at 12 clues that present overwhelming
49:59 clinching evidence that the Roman Catholic Church,
50:03 the most popular, professed Christian Institution
50:06 in the world... is the harlot.
50:09 The Mother Harlot Church.
50:13 Can the majority be wrong?
50:18 I'm not done yet.
50:20 The Bible is not done yet.
50:23 Who are the daughter churches?
50:26 You see, the Bible says, "She's the mother of harlots. "
50:33 So, Mystery Babylon is a family name.
50:38 Mystery Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots.
50:42 She's got a whole family
50:45 and this mother who has daughters
50:49 they are very similar, maybe different names
50:54 of the brands of the denominations, but nonetheless,
50:57 trampling on the truths of God's Word,
51:01 mixing some truth with error.
51:03 Who are these daughter churches?
51:06 Would you agree?
51:07 There was no guesswork about the mother,
51:09 there's no need to guess about her daughters.
51:12 It was clear about the mother, it's clear about her daughters.
51:16 God says, "Come out of the Mother church,
51:19 and come out of the daughter churches
51:23 that are teaching truth mixed with error.
51:28 It's the wine of Babylon that's intoxicating,
51:33 that blurs things,
51:36 God gives the Ten Commandments, it's very clear,
51:40 but when people have been sipping the wrong cup,
51:43 the Commandments... it becomes a little hazy,
51:46 it becomes, "Well, do we need to keep that or...
51:49 I'm not so sure. "
51:51 How can we guess about the Ten Commandments of God?
51:55 Would you agree, the devil has pulled a fast one on us.
51:59 They are the Protestant Churches who are still teaching
52:03 some of her errors and creating some of their own!
52:06 It does matter what you believe!
52:11 It matters... and sometimes people say,
52:15 "Well, it's just a matter of interpretation... "
52:17 Matter of interpretation?
52:19 You'd better believe it's a matter of interpretation
52:22 and the Bible says,
52:23 "if you add to it... you take away from it"
52:25 it can cause you your eternal salvation.
52:28 Now at times of ignorance, God winks at it.
52:31 Acts 17 verse 30
52:33 but God wants to lead people into a knowledge of the truth
52:36 and He's calling His sheep out of those folds
52:40 that are teaching half-truths that make a whole lie.
52:42 God is up to something.
52:45 He is leading His people out of the churches that are teaching
52:51 smooth things and He's leading them
52:53 to hear... are you ready?
52:56 Sobering truth... the truth will sober you up
53:02 because you will realize on judgment day
53:05 Matthew 7 says, let's go there, very quickly,
53:09 were some sobering Scriptures, Matthew chapter 7...
53:13 Matthew chapter 7... Thank God for the Word of God.
53:17 Matthew chapter 7,
53:19 Mathew 7 looking there at verse 13,
53:22 "Enter by the narrow gate: for wide is the gate,
53:26 and broad is the way, that leads to destruction,
53:29 and there are many who go in it," in by it...
53:31 "because narrow is the gate, and difficult"
53:34 or confined is the way,
53:35 "which leads to life and there are few who find it. "
53:38 How many want to be among the remnant?
53:40 Now look... drop down to verse 21,
53:42 "Not everyone who says to me," this is sobering...
53:45 "Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven;
53:48 you got my attention...
53:49 but he who does the will of my father in heaven. "
53:52 the part of the will of God,
53:54 the Word of God contains the Ten Commandments.
53:57 How many agree? That's part of the will of God.
53:59 Those Ten Commandments tell us what's right and wrong
54:02 and I want you to notice here
54:05 many will say to me on that day,
54:08 "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name,
54:11 cast out demons in your name,
54:13 and done many wonders in your name?
54:15 And then I will declare unto them,
54:17 I never knew you: depart from me,
54:18 you who practice... " what?
54:20 "lawlessness. "
54:22 What's that? Breaking the Law of God...
54:24 Lawlessness...
54:25 now I want you to notice here...
54:29 God's people in the last days
54:32 are going to have a bold, straight message.
54:35 You see when people are sober,
54:39 they are able to walk a straight line.
54:41 When people have been drunk by the wine of Babylon,
54:44 it's hard to walk a straight line
54:45 "I don't think I need to keep the Sabbath,
54:47 I think it's done away with... "
54:49 but the truth, straight and narrow truth,
54:56 gives us a clear vision,
54:59 Jesus is standing by His Ten Commandments.
55:02 Jesus is coming again, Jesus is pleading His blood,
55:09 and Jesus is calling me out, Jesus is calling me in,
55:15 "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold,
55:18 them also I must bring. "
55:19 I need to close, let's go to Revelation 18,
55:22 Revelation 18 verses 1 and onward...
55:27 "And after these things I saw another angel
55:30 coming down from heaven having great authority:
55:32 and the earth was illuminated with the glory of God there...
55:35 and he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying,
55:38 Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen,"
55:40 that's the Roman Catholic Church
55:42 and the Apostate Sunday-keeping churches in the last days
55:48 it says, "Babylon is fallen is fallen,
55:50 and has become a dwelling place of demons,
55:53 and a prison for every foul spirit,
55:55 and a cage for every unclean and hated bird. "
55:57 This is how God feels about false teachings.
55:59 "For all the nations have drunk
56:00 of the wine of the wrath of her fornication,
56:02 and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her,
56:05 and the merchants of the earth have become rich
56:06 through the abundance of her luxury.
56:08 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying,
56:11 Come out of her... " come out of her,
56:14 "come out of her, my people... "
56:16 tender, endearing, personal, passionate,
56:20 "Come out of her, my people," evacuation orders...
56:23 exit orders, part of the gospel,
56:25 last call, in the last days,
56:27 to God's people, He says,
56:29 "Come out of the Roman Catholic Church,
56:30 come out of the Sunday-keeping churches... "
56:33 "But I'm the Choir Director," and "I'm the preacher there,"
56:36 Thank God today,
56:37 many are coming out and coming in.
56:40 My Bible tells me, "God is up to something. "
56:44 God says, "Forget the former things,
56:45 behold I will do a new thing;" Isaiah 43 and verses 18 and 19.
56:50 In closing, "Listen, come out of her, my people,
56:53 lest you share in her sins,
56:55 and lest you receive of her plagues. "
56:56 My Bible tells me if you remain in Babylon,
57:00 you will receive the plagues that Babylon will receive.
57:04 You mean to tell me, "My people"
57:07 believers, Christians, are going to receive the plagues
57:11 if they don't evacuate from churches
57:13 that they have discovered,
57:14 and then shocked with the revelation...
57:17 are teaching false teachings, if they don't leave,
57:20 they are a participant in sin,
57:22 because now they're not flying, now they know better.
57:24 Would you agree the truth sets us free
57:28 if you know it, by following it.
57:31 Not just knowing it here, how many agree?
57:33 You got to know it here,
57:35 the truth must go from your head to your heart
57:37 and to your feet, can you say, "Amen. "
57:40 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:43 are sweeping across the globe,
57:45 you and your family can be prepared
57:47 to face the future with confidence.
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