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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:20 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America must hear these
00:30 three angels' messages.
00:32 These are stories that illustrate
00:37 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear, we are living in an unusual hour
00:47 the last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:51 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
00:59 We all have heard many, many messages
01:02 and I have given many messages about the urgency
01:05 of being on fire for Jesus.
01:08 My Bible tells me that only those
01:11 who are on fire for Jesus will be saved at last
01:14 so I think we all have an interest
01:16 in being on fire for Jesus. Can I hear an "Amen?"
01:19 But the question is, in practical terms,
01:22 in simple terms,
01:24 how can we get on fire and stay on fire?
01:27 I believe the answer is Revelation chapter 2.
01:32 All right, here we go... verse 4, Jesus speaking:
01:36 "Nevertheless I have this against you,
01:39 that you have left your first love.
01:41 But Jesus doesn't leave us there,
01:44 He gives us practical, specific instruction
01:48 of how to get your first fire back.
01:51 Verse number 5: Remember...
01:55 we remember the Sabbath day, but here's another "remember"
01:58 "Remember therefore from where you have fallen,
02:02 repent and... " what?
02:05 "do something about it"
02:07 do your part... is what Jesus is saying here.
02:12 In other words... the fire does not fall upon us
02:17 by default... but by decision.
02:19 It does not come upon us... just because we hope it will,
02:24 but because we seek the presence of God.
02:28 Jesus says here, "Do the first work... "
02:31 Remember what you did to get on fire for the Lord
02:36 in the first place and do it again.
02:38 "Or else I will come to you quickly,
02:41 and remove your lampstand from its place
02:43 unless you repent. "
02:45 So is it crystal clear, here at the outset
02:48 that we need to do something about
02:51 getting our first fire back,
02:53 getting on fire and staying on fire,
02:56 depends upon us doing those first works.
02:59 Now, we know that our character is made up of habits.
03:06 We are creatures of habits.
03:08 The question is, what kind of habits do you have?
03:13 Are they habits that promote that fire
03:16 and encourage that fire,
03:19 or are they habits that quench the fire?
03:22 Paul said in 1st Thessalonians chapter 5...
03:25 1st Thessalonians chapter 5...
03:27 he says there around verses 19, right in there...
03:31 He says, "Do not quench the spirit. "
03:34 That is... don't put the fire out...
03:37 so what happens sometimes is we get fired up
03:42 and then we go back to putting the fire out.
03:46 How many would like to stop
03:48 putting the fire out in your life?
03:50 Are you interested in that today?
03:52 I've come here to say something, the Bible makes it very clear
03:57 that we are to get ready for the Lord's return.
04:00 How? We got to get on fire and stay on fire
04:03 but take your Bible and turn with me
04:05 to Revelation chapter 19, Revelation chapter 19...
04:09 How can we as the church... as believers
04:14 get ready for the Lord's return?
04:16 It has everything to do with habits.
04:20 Look here in Revelation 19 verses 7 and 9,
04:23 "Let us be glad and rejoice, and give Him glory:
04:26 for the marriage of the lamb" would you agree?
04:29 marriage has to do with love, at least the last time I checked
04:31 "Love Relationship" we're married to Jesus.
04:35 Notice here, "the marriage of the Lamb is come,
04:38 and his wife hath made herself" what?
04:40 "ready... " how did she get ready?
04:43 What did she do? Notice verse 8,
04:46 "And to her it was granted to be arrayed in fine linen,
04:49 clean and white: for the fine linen
04:53 is the righteous acts of the saints.
04:55 What does it mean? "Righteous Acts"
04:58 that is... things that they think and they speak
05:01 and they do, these are the acts.
05:04 Amen... now we know,
05:06 according to the Scriptures, that these acts must become
05:11 habitual... it must be the trend...
05:13 it must be the norm... it must be the pattern...
05:16 it must become... habit.
05:19 Character development is how we get ready
05:23 for Jesus' return, and we must have a character
05:26 that is made up of habits that promote the fire.
05:30 In other words, we need to become...
05:33 not a person, who, once in a while has a fire,
05:35 but a person whose character is on fire for Jesus Christ.
05:40 And so the Bible says here
05:42 you and I need to develop a character
05:45 that is characterized by the habit
05:49 of doing what pleases God.
05:51 Righteous acts...
05:53 to do the first works
05:55 all through the power of the Holy Spirit.
05:56 I want you to notice here verse 9,
05:59 "Then he said to me, Write, Blessed are those
06:01 who are called to the marriage supper of the Lamb
06:03 and he said to me,
06:05 These are the true sayings of God. "
06:07 So we know we must put on the robe of Christ's righteousness.
06:12 If we put on the robe of Christ's righteousness,
06:16 that righteousness becomes a habit
06:19 and habits define who we are.
06:23 I repeat, "You can develop habits
06:27 to get on fire and stay on fire or you can develop habits
06:32 that are really anti-fire.
06:35 The habits that you have, will either promote or prevent
06:41 or put out that fire.
06:43 Now we all have habits.
06:44 How about your habit in shopping?
06:47 How is your habit in shopping?
06:49 I'm just using a little cursory illustration here.
06:53 Some have the habit of going to Wal-Mart.
06:56 Some say, "I wouldn't be caught dead in Wal-Mart,
06:59 I'm going to Target. "
07:00 Other people say, "You know what?
07:02 I'm high-class, I'm going to the Mall"
07:04 Some say, "You know what? I hate shopping,
07:07 I'm staying home and going online
07:09 to do all my shopping from now on. "
07:11 We're all creatures of habit.
07:12 Well, how you shop is not necessarily the biggest matter
07:17 right here before us but about this one?
07:20 What are your sleeping habits?
07:22 Are you a night owl an early bird?
07:25 Let me see the night owls... all right... very good...
07:28 at least are you awake here?
07:30 all right... anyway... how many of you are early birds?
07:33 All right... in Missouri we love to get up early
07:36 and so we have different habits.
07:38 How about the habits of eating?
07:41 How many like your dessert first?
07:43 How many actually eat your dessert first?
07:48 All right... how many are looking at your dessert
07:50 the whole time but you wait until the end...
07:51 all right... anyway, we all are creatures of habit
07:55 but some habits are good, and some are evil.
07:58 Look at Jeremiah... Jeremiah chapter 13...
08:02 Jeremiah 13... tucked away in the Old Testament there...
08:05 Jeremiah... the weeping prophet said this...
08:10 this morning in my hotel room, that is my RV...
08:14 I was woken up this morning
08:18 and the Lord spoke this Scripture into my mind
08:20 so I knew He wanted me to go to it... here this morning,
08:24 looking at Jeremiah chapter 13 and verse 23...
08:28 "Can the Ethiopian change... " everybody say, "change"
08:36 habits are hard to change...
08:40 "Can the Ethiopian change his skin
08:43 or the leopard its spots? then may you also do good,
08:50 who are... " what?
08:52 "accustomed" or being in the habit,
08:56 have a pattern, "have a trend of doing evil. "
09:00 So, we know that habits are hard to break
09:05 and you and I can hope
09:07 and long for change
09:10 and to change our habits but we will not
09:12 unless we make a decision
09:14 and ask Jesus to help us
09:16 because Jesus said, "Without Him we can do nothing"
09:19 John 15 verse 5.
09:20 So what are your habits in your relationship
09:25 with Jesus Christ?
09:27 Your habits with Jesus Christ define
09:30 what kind of relationship you have with Jesus Christ
09:33 and define your character because the Bible says
09:37 that He's at work in us, both to will
09:39 and to do of His good pleasure. Philippians 2 verse 13.
09:43 What do you think Jesus is wanting to accomplish?
09:47 He wants to develop in us a character like His
09:52 it's the only way to have preparation for translation,
09:56 our character development is the way we get ready
10:01 for Jesus' return
10:03 and if character is largely composed of habits,
10:06 would you agree?
10:07 We must focus on doing the first works,
10:10 doing the right habits to get the fire and stay on fire
10:14 is this beginning to make sense?
10:15 So you have to look and evaluate your habits
10:18 and say, "What habits need to change?"
10:22 Which habits need to go?
10:24 And the good news is Romans 12:21,
10:26 "We overcome evil with good. "
10:29 We replace bad habits with good habits,
10:32 evil habits with holy habits, and so,
10:35 I want you to take your Bible now and turn with me...
10:38 turn with me to Psalm 139.
10:42 I want to give you some practical steps
10:46 that you can take to get on fire and stay on fire.
10:50 Habit number 1: and you might want to get out a note pad
10:55 and have your wife take note or whoever... all right...
11:00 here we go... Psalm 139... Psalm 139...
11:04 someone in the family take notes if you can.
11:06 Number 1: make it practical Preacher,
11:09 all right... we will... verse 23...
11:13 Psalm 139:23 and 24 okay, let's look at that
11:17 and can we read it together please.
11:19 "Search me, O God, and know my heart:
11:21 try me, and know my anxieties:
11:24 And see if there is any wicked
11:26 way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. "
11:29 Number 1: If you want to get on fire and stay on fire,
11:34 develop the habit of searching your heart
11:37 with the help and the aid and the assistance
11:39 of the Holy Spirit because you don't know your heart.
11:43 You can say, "I want to be on fire for the Lord,"
11:47 but never be on fire for the Lord,
11:49 or maybe just have a little
11:50 flicker of a flame here and there,
11:52 or you can, every day, say,
11:53 "Lord, I don't even know my own heart,
11:55 please search my heart
11:58 and see if there are any anti-fire habits in my life.
12:03 Am I putting the Holy Spirit fire out?
12:08 Am I quenching the fire of the Holy Spirit?
12:11 Lord, what am I doing that I must cease doing?"
12:15 The Bible says, "Cease to do evil,
12:17 learn to do good. "
12:19 Develop those good habits of promoting the fire
12:23 so did you know that right now the Bible says
12:26 that judgment has begun at the house of God.
12:29 1st Peter 4:17 we are living in the hour
12:32 of God's judgment. Revelation 14 verse 7
12:35 and so the Bible makes it very clear
12:38 that we are Laodicea... which literally means
12:42 "ones who are judged" Revelation 3 verses 14 to 21
12:48 so we are living in a judgment time
12:51 and on the Day of Atonement, that is a type or foreshadowing
12:56 of the day in which we are living
12:58 when the Priest would go into the Most Holy Place,
13:01 and by the way our Great High Priest is
13:03 by the Ark of the Covenant, where's that?
13:05 In the Most Holy Place.
13:07 Where's that? In the Heavenly Temple,
13:08 in the Heavenly Sanctuary,
13:09 according to Revelation 11 verse 19
13:11 when the Priest in the earthly Sanctuary
13:14 would slip through behind the veil
13:17 and go in before the Ark
13:19 and sprinkled blood seven times on the Mercy Seat,
13:23 what were the children of Israel supposed to do,
13:27 what were they to be engaged in while he,
13:30 for that short little slice of time,
13:32 was there in the Most Holy Place
13:34 interceding on their behalf before God,
13:37 and this Priest... the type of our Great High Priest,
13:39 what was the church supposed to do?
13:42 What were the people of God supposed to do?
13:45 My Bible tells me in Leviticus chapter 23
13:48 that they were to afflict their soul,
13:51 they were to search their heart, they were to humble themselves,
13:57 and repent of any sin,
14:00 make any changes the Lord spotlighted in their life.
14:03 They were to confess and forsake their sins
14:07 in order to obtain mercy. Proverbs 28 verse 13
14:12 now follow with me... if they did not participate
14:16 in the searching of hearts they would be thrust,
14:20 expelled, kicked out of the Camp of Israel.
14:23 What would you call that in the house of God?
14:26 Judgment in the House of God.
14:29 We are living in parallel times.
14:32 We are living in the anti-typical Day of Atonement.
14:36 We are living, just now, while Jesus...
14:40 in a time when Jesus is engaged in His final work,
14:43 in the Heavenly Sanctuary,
14:45 and He is seeking to cleanse our hearts
14:47 as He cleanses the Sanctuary.
14:49 Is this making sense? Yes or No?
14:51 So, according to the Word of God,
14:52 Habit number 1: Humble yourself before God.
14:55 Search your heart, say, "Lord, are there any habits
15:00 if the way I get ready for your soon return
15:03 is by character development,
15:05 developing a character like Christ
15:07 by putting on the character of Christ,
15:09 putting on the righteousness of Christ,
15:10 by faith... righteousness by faith
15:12 Lord, if that's my preparation
15:14 and my character is largely made up of habits,
15:17 and habits define who I am,
15:19 then Lord... search my habits...
15:23 help me Lord Jesus
15:26 to have the habits that get the fire and promote the fire
15:33 not put out the fire. "
15:34 Does that make sense?
15:36 Habit Number 2: Psalm 4:4
15:41 "Be angry and do not sin; meditate within your heart
15:46 on your... " what everyone?
15:48 come on, yell it out... I know you all have one...
15:51 "on your bed... " even I have a bed in my RV, but
15:55 anyway... I won't tell you how high up I need to climb
15:59 but anyway, the bed...
16:01 "within your heart... on your bed"
16:03 and be what? Be still...
16:05 The Bible says in Psalm 46 verse 10, "Be still... "
16:10 be still... be still...
16:13 Oh... we need to hear that don't we?
16:15 In this generation that is stressed and stretched
16:18 and strained... pulled in all different directions,
16:22 deadlines and lists and going here and going there
16:25 rushing in all directions...
16:27 "Be still and know that I am God... "
16:30 and I believe... I believe... that before we get out of bed,
16:36 and I know this can be dangerous if you have a tendency
16:38 to go right back to sleep, but I recommend,
16:41 with the help of the Holy Spirit that when you wake up
16:45 you don't get out of bed,
16:46 now, if you have to have a bucket of ice water next to you
16:50 stay in bed there... do whatever listen to me...
16:53 be still... because I believe before we get out of bed
16:59 the Holy Spirit has something to say.
17:03 How many of you have children?
17:06 How many love to say something precious to them
17:09 when they wake up in the morning?
17:11 Our Father... His mercies are new
17:15 every morning, great is they faithfulness.
17:18 Lamentations 3:22 to 25.
17:20 Now listen carefully, stay in bed and be still
17:25 and it says there,
17:28 "meditate, reflect... dwell in your heart. "
17:31 My friend, Dr. Neil Nedley, has written a book
17:35 "The Lost Art of Thinking"
17:37 we don't spend a lot of time in reflective thinking.
17:42 We tend to go from one "to do... "
17:44 to another "to do"
17:45 and got to do this and got to do that,
17:47 I believe, listen to me, I believe that God has given
17:52 mothers...
17:54 "mother's intuition"
17:57 I believe it's a gift from God,
17:58 you want to be in touch
18:00 with what God is speaking into your mom?
18:04 Before you get out of bed,
18:06 let the Holy Spirit give you a heads-up
18:08 of how to help your children because He will do it.
18:12 How many mothers need Jesus' guidance in being "Mummy?"
18:15 How many grandmothers, grandpas, fathers?
18:19 Listen to me... "Be still... "
18:23 be still and quiet because it's in the quietness
18:27 before the TV goes on, the radio goes on,
18:31 before the phone goes off, be still...
18:34 and be in tune...
18:36 get your radio frequency just right,
18:39 and tune in and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit
18:44 like Samuel,
18:45 now this can also apply as you're going to bed.
18:50 Just quietly lie there and think about Jesus
18:55 and His love and think...
18:58 "Lord, is there any sin in my heart?
19:00 I don't want to go to sleep having anything
19:03 that would be an obstacle between us. "
19:07 Nothing between the soul and my Savior.
19:10 "Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us,
19:14 that we should be called the children of God" 1 John 3:1
19:17 and the Father wants to speak to us.
19:19 Our Savior wants to speak to us.
19:21 I love how Ellen White puts it:
19:23 "Christ is ever sending messages to those who will listen. "
19:31 And so, "My sheep hear my voice" John 10:27
19:39 Good times are here... it's at the beginning of the day
19:43 and at the close of the day, and I have, on many occasions,
19:47 as I'm... trying to go to sleep,
19:50 the Lord will bring into the forefront
19:53 some mistakes I made in my parenting
19:56 or maybe a wrong attitude I had towards my wife,
20:00 and let me tell you something,
20:02 sometimes I've cried myself to sleep,
20:04 that is... crying in the arms of Jesus,
20:06 is it okay to cry in the arms of Jesus?
20:07 saying, "Lord, help me... with my shortcomings...
20:12 Lord help me... "
20:13 and it's in that quietness because, would you agree?
20:17 sin will blind us and we need to listen to Jesus
20:21 because we don't even know our heart,
20:23 we can think... like... we're okay...
20:25 and we are missing the point
20:27 and so listen... so search your heart,
20:31 meditate within your heart even while you're in bed,
20:35 and this will help you to get the fire and stay on fire.
20:39 The third habit and you may not like me for this
20:44 but I'm going to throw it out anyway.
20:46 As a matter of fact, I'll let Jesus give it to you.
20:50 Matthew 26 and verse 40,
20:53 Matthew 26 and verse 40, developing habits,
20:58 our heart's on fire becomes who we are
21:02 comprises our character.
21:04 Matthew 26... Godly Gethsemane...
21:06 disciples sleeping...
21:08 "Then he came... " verse 40, Matthew 26:40...
21:12 "Then he came to the disciples and found them... "
21:14 and he finds us in the same condition... "sleeping... "
21:17 sleeping right on the evening of Jesus' betrayal
21:24 and trial... sleeping... sleeping...
21:27 and said to Peter, "What... " question mark
21:32 "What...?" in other words
21:33 there's an element of surprise
21:36 as Jesus staggered back to them...
21:38 as the blood was coming off of his brow
21:41 and spilling on the rocks and there...
21:44 amidst those gnarled Olive trees there
21:46 in the Garden of Gethsemane, beautiful garden,
21:48 Jesus had the habit of going to this select place of prayer,
21:52 and there he finds, to His dismay...
21:55 and just... heart saddened... he finds them sleeping
21:59 and He says, "What... what?
22:02 Why is he talking, by the way, to Peter?
22:05 Because Peter usually was the outspoken one,
22:07 and so He chose to speak to Peter here.
22:10 I want you to notice, He was speaking to all of them
22:13 but He said to Peter, "What... question mark
22:17 what... what...?" getting them to think...
22:21 getting them to reflect,
22:23 "What, could you not watch with me one hour?"
22:30 Question mark...
22:31 We are a secularized, materialized,
22:36 entertainment-saturated, pleasure-mad,
22:42 preoccupied generation and Jesus comes to us and says,
22:48 "What? couldn't you spend one hour in prayer with me?"
22:55 "One hour... you don't know how busy I am,
22:58 I've got kids... "
23:00 "Ah... maybe you need two hours... "
23:09 Martin Luther would spend
23:13 three hours, many times,
23:16 when he was going though the throes of a terrible trial
23:19 remember... trying to have him to recant...
23:22 he was being tried, everything was on the line,
23:25 he would spend three hours in prayer.
23:29 My Jesus got up early in the morning,
23:33 many times He would stay whole nights in prayer.
23:37 We are going to spend eternity with God.
23:40 You know, when we tell people,
23:42 keep a whole day with God, many times...
23:45 if they don't verbalize it, they're thinking it.
23:47 "What?
23:48 A whole day not buying,
23:51 not selling, not working,
23:53 I mean from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night...
23:56 that whole time? I mean... what do you do?"
23:59 My response many times is,
24:03 "All eternity... with God...
24:07 what do you do?"
24:09 How many agree? Eternity is more than heart...
24:11 and Sabbath is more than just going to church
24:14 and prayer... is more than just putting in the time.
24:18 Jesus found His greatest joy in communion with His Father.
24:26 How many want to have that character?
24:28 That habit in your character?
24:29 Would you agree?
24:30 Jesus just didn't pray once in a while, haphazardly...
24:33 in a disconnected way... how many agree
24:36 He had a pattern, He had a pattern,
24:39 he went from the mountain to the multitude
24:41 back to the mountain.
24:42 And the disciples made a connection
24:45 between His time alone with God
24:48 and His public miracles.
24:49 Don't you believe
24:51 that many will take knowledge you've been with Jesus,
24:53 and you will see miracles in your life
24:55 if you get alone with God, one hour each day?
24:59 Can you imagine, if every single one of us
25:03 here gathered together and those watching by television
25:06 can you imagine
25:07 if everyone would develop the habit
25:10 the what everyone...?
25:11 The habit of spending quality time... come on now...
25:14 you... who are interested in your marriage
25:17 your parenting... you've heard that term before...
25:19 "quality time... " how about developing in your...
25:23 the fabric of your habits, a habit of an hour,
25:26 quality hour, spending time in prayer.
25:30 I'm talking about... in addition to Bible Study...
25:33 Oh yes, I usually...
25:34 many times... well... when I'm praying,
25:36 I'll have the Bible either before me
25:37 or a 3-by-5 card because this helps you to pray.
25:41 You can even, at times,
25:43 not necessarily be in the mood to pray,
25:45 and Ellen White tells us that studying the Scriptures,
25:48 reading the Bible prepares you for communion
25:50 because it's entering in to the presence of God.
25:53 How many agree? This is the presence of God.
25:56 "The words that I speak unto you they are Spirit
25:59 and they are life. " John 6:63.
26:01 Now listen carefully to me,
26:02 Habit number 3 is: spend that hour with God in prayer.
26:09 "Those that wait upon the Lord
26:15 shall renew their strength... "
26:18 Do you know that your face...
26:22 now you're not going to want to look at me
26:25 but you can look at mine...
26:26 I have the same trials like you...
26:28 I'm going through trials just as you are...
26:30 the face is an index to the character,
26:35 plain and simple... that's why the Bible talks about
26:40 the righteous having shining faces
26:42 because the character is seen in the countenance
26:45 particularly the eyes.
26:47 Why do you think when a baby is born, immediately,
26:51 they're looking at... what?
26:53 They're looking right in the eyes.
26:56 Who made them that way?
26:59 They are studying mom and dad's character.
27:07 My Bible tells me
27:11 that as we take time alone with God,
27:15 like Moses, we come down from the mountain
27:18 with our face shining,
27:20 it becomes who we are, much prayer... much shining...
27:25 My Bible tells me,
27:27 "Arise, shine; for thy light is come,
27:29 for the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee. "
27:32 Isaiah 60 verse 1, listen carefully,
27:34 the Bible makes it clear, "Wait on the Lord:
27:37 He shall renew their strength:" are you interested?
27:40 I meet people all the time
27:41 and there are two groups of people
27:43 those who have given their burdens to the Lord
27:45 and have peace
27:47 and those who might be praying, they might be reading,
27:49 they might be going to church but for whatever reason,
27:52 they have not left their baggage
27:54 at the foot of the cross,
27:55 they are not unloaded at the foot of the cross,
27:57 and so what are they doing?
27:58 They're carrying around their burdens, now don't get me wrong,
28:01 you can give your burdens to the Lord,
28:02 but that does not mean that it is wrong for you
28:05 to share with your Christian friends
28:06 that they might pray with you.
28:08 How many agree? We must pray for one another.
28:11 And by the way,
28:12 that's why we should get together at Prayer Meetings,
28:14 that's why we should get together in small groups
28:16 why? because I don't know about you,
28:18 I need people to pray for me.
28:19 Now listen carefully... one hour.
28:25 When I accepted Christ after He delivered me
28:28 from smoking and drinking and drugs and the party lifestyle,
28:32 I was a high school dropout,
28:33 when I accepted Christ at the age of 20,
28:36 the Lord indelibly imprinted upon my mind
28:39 the urgent necessity
28:41 to develop the habit of going to the Lord in prayer
28:45 and not letting it be rushed
28:49 and the Lord impressed me, and I'm no better than you,
28:57 I'm just opening my heart to you,
28:59 the Lord impressed me, "Wait on me... "
29:03 wait before the Lord,
29:08 I believe some of the best part of praying during that hour
29:11 is when you're quiet.
29:13 Prayer is not only you just
29:15 talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, to God,
29:17 I believe the best part of prayer is when you say,
29:20 "Lord, here I am, I'm just in your presence. "
29:23 Sometimes people say, "an hour?
29:25 I don't know what to talk about for an hour. "
29:27 You get out your watch, you get out your cell phone,
29:32 you get out your time and you say,
29:33 "At six o'clock or seven o'clock in the morning
29:37 or five or eight... whatever,
29:39 this is my prayer time with God,
29:41 it's going to become who I am
29:43 why wait for a worse crisis?
29:45 I'm going to spend that hour with the Lord in flesh... "
29:50 sorry... you're not in control
29:52 the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing.
29:54 I'm going to spend that time with the Lord
29:57 not to earn salvation
29:59 but because I need Jesus more than I ever have.
30:01 Listen to me, prayer to God focuses, focuses, focuses,
30:10 focuses when our eyes are on Jesus,
30:13 you want to clear your head?
30:15 Pray to your father in heaven.
30:17 You want to unburden the heavy load?
30:20 Wait on the Lord,
30:23 and you will renew your strength
30:25 to be able to mount up with wings... as eagles...
30:28 to run and not be weary, walk and not faint,
30:32 because listen, young people, youth, teenagers and so forth,
30:35 even the youth shall faint and grow weary,
30:39 I'm here to tell you,
30:41 it's a joy to wait before your Father,
30:48 because if you wait,
30:51 you will be renewed,
30:54 now I wonder... just imagine if that becomes
30:58 a consistent habit of yours,
31:01 habitual communion.
31:03 You say, "I just pray all the time. "
31:05 I say, "Hallelujah"
31:07 but that never will take the place of seasons of prayer.
31:11 "Oh, I'm just too busy, I just pray on the fly... "
31:14 I'm just going to pray while I'm doing this... that...
31:18 and the other thing, that's good,
31:19 that's praying without ceasing. 1st Thessalonians 5:17
31:22 but would you like to learn how to pray without ceasing?
31:25 You have your season of prayer, would you agree?
31:27 When you get that jump-start in the morning
31:29 with that season of prayer,
31:30 it's much easier to keep a vital connection with God.
31:35 You want to be on fire?
31:37 If you're not on fire and you keep doing what you're doing,
31:41 you'll remain... not on fire...
31:43 you've got to do something about it.
31:46 Just like Jesus... when He came to resurrect Lazarus
31:49 would you agree?
31:50 That would be a breath-taking miracle
31:53 but He said, "Remove the stone"
31:55 if they didn't remove the stone and initially, they protested,
32:01 they said, "You know, he's been there dead
32:02 decaying for four days,
32:04 decomposing... I mean... you know... "
32:06 Jesus said, "Remove the stone"
32:09 what He was saying is, "Do your part,
32:12 you want to see a miracle, you want to see a breakthrough,
32:15 you want to see the move of God?
32:17 Do your part, remove the stone and when Jesus...
32:20 that's John 11...
32:21 In John chapter 2 you remember
32:23 Jesus was going to turn the water into... what everyone?
32:27 Into wine... that would be a dramatic miracle
32:30 at the marriage or the wedding celebration
32:33 at Cana and by the way that was His first miracle
32:36 and it was to celebrate love in marriage, how many agree?
32:39 If you're married, you'd better start celebrating, Amen.
32:41 Now listen carefully, Jesus told them
32:45 fill the water pots with what? the jars... with...
32:50 and it took two men to carry them,
32:52 "fill them with water, fill them with water. "
32:57 "What? fill them with water?
32:58 We need to go out and crush some grapes and so forth. "
33:02 "No, fill them with water. "
33:04 They had to do their part.
33:06 He told the disciples on two occasions.
33:10 "Here, take this bread and this fish
33:13 and start distributing them. "
33:15 Do your part.
33:17 "Lord, Lord, command me...
33:20 help me to be able to walk on the water like you,
33:23 like you, like you, like you...
33:24 I want to be like you... like you... "
33:27 "All right, then do your part. "
33:28 You want to have a character like Jesus,
33:31 you want to be like Him, do what He does,
33:33 act like He does, speak like He does,
33:34 do your part, get out of the boat...
33:37 get out of the boat... do something,
33:39 get those habits developed.
33:41 Do your part... I believe most people
33:46 comprising the Remnant Church
33:47 are waiting for something
33:51 to happen,
33:52 like the man by the Pool of Bethesda
33:55 who was waiting
33:56 for the moving of the water.
33:58 Tradition has it that,
34:00 you know, there was... I should say,
34:01 the Scripture does talk about
34:03 there was this moving of the water,
34:04 and so the first person they believed...
34:07 that the first person who arrived there
34:09 to get in the water,
34:11 was going to be healed and delivered,
34:14 whatever the paralysis
34:15 regardless of the debilitating disease or sickness
34:18 and so he was there... and in that condition...
34:21 he was in that condition for 38 years
34:22 we don't know how many years
34:24 he was there by the Pool of Bethesda
34:25 but he was without hope, he was in the pit of despair,
34:29 and Jesus came by...
34:32 you see, he was waiting for something,
34:35 he was waiting for the wrong thing.
34:37 I don't know what you're waiting for
34:39 but I say, "Wait no longer,
34:41 Jesus is here, bending over you,
34:43 like He did to the man at the Pool of Bethesda
34:46 and he said, 'Get up. '"
34:49 No... I take that back...
34:50 He first said, "Do you want to get better?"
34:55 Let's apply it... You want to be on fire?
35:00 You want to be on fire for Jesus?
35:05 Then do something, "Respond to my Word
35:11 because is not my Word, like fire?" Jeremiah 23.
35:19 Get up and walk "in the fire"
35:24 John chapter 5.
35:26 "he got up and he went forth" I don't know...
35:30 sprinting, hopping, jumping, I mean... he was renewed...
35:35 Why? He did his part.
35:37 Do the first works.
35:40 I want to tell you this, I believe this with all my heart
35:43 if you develop an hour of prayer each day
35:49 you will be so close to God
35:53 that you will hear the thoughts of God more readily.
35:58 How many believe that God has thoughts?
36:00 He says,
36:02 "... I know the thoughts I have towards you... "
36:04 Would you agree? Little by little
36:06 he reveals those thoughts.
36:07 How many want to know God's plan for your life?
36:10 You want to know... "God, why am I here?
36:13 What am I doing? What is your will?
36:15 Would you agree? When he speaks into your
36:17 perplexities, you're going to have peace.
36:19 Would you agree? When you know
36:23 that you're where God wants you to be
36:25 and you're doing what He wants you to do,
36:27 and He's spoken that into your heart,
36:29 because in prayer, come on now,
36:31 you got to have time in prayer
36:33 in order to recognize and hear the word of God.
36:37 Would you agree, when you hear His voice,
36:39 helping you in your parenting, because you spent that hour,
36:41 helping you with your marriage because you spent that hour,
36:44 helping you... let me tell you something,
36:46 that will give you "fire"
36:47 when He speaks to you, that will give you fire,
36:50 oh, how many times, I will go to the Lord in prayer
36:54 and the Lord will speak to me
36:56 of how to help Caleb,
36:58 my 10-year-old, my Fifth Grader,
37:00 how to help my Jordan,
37:01 I want to spend
37:04 eternity with my family,
37:06 but I cannot be the dad or the husband
37:12 that I am intended to be by God
37:14 without, I believe, much time in secret prayer.
37:18 Fathers, I know you love your kids,
37:21 but aren't they worth...
37:23 aren't they worth daddy spending time on his knees
37:28 for at least one hour?
37:30 I'm not trying to give you a guilt trip...
37:32 I'm opening my heart to you,
37:34 I do not know how to parent with fire and glowing face,
37:40 and a pleasant tone and a happy disposition
37:43 on a consistent basis without much prayer.
37:47 How many agree? Things will try us as parents
37:50 and grandparents.
37:51 How many agree? Your kids know the buttons
37:54 and Jesus... Jesus will help you...
38:02 The other day,
38:03 one of my children did something wrong,
38:08 I know it's hard to believe,
38:10 but they did something wrong,
38:11 and it was that something that they'd done before,
38:15 and it was something I told them clearly
38:19 I don't know... a thousand times not to do it,
38:21 had prayed with them, labored with them,
38:23 they did it again, just the other day,
38:27 and so I'm feeling a little frustrated,
38:31 dads get that way, moms get that way,
38:34 I'm feeling frustrated, I said, "Lord... "
38:36 but the Lord has impressed me, "Go pray... "
38:40 and so what I'm doing is,
38:42 I'm going to look for some Scriptures,
38:46 and I'm thinking, what can I say to my son
38:48 that's really... have you ever felt like that?
38:51 it's like "What can I say?"
38:52 Now what can I say?
38:54 I can say the same thing a thousand different ways,
38:56 you know your children can feel the atmosphere around you,
38:59 and the atmosphere around you
39:03 is a reflection of your character.
39:04 Adam and Eve had that holy light about them.
39:08 How many believe that was their holy character?
39:11 And so I sat down with one of my children
39:17 and they were surprised, you know,
39:22 I've handled it many times this way but not always
39:25 and they said, "Oh, you're not upset,
39:32 you're not going to lecture me" I said, "No... "
39:36 then I just said, "I do want to say this... "
39:39 and I just wrote it on a piece of paper,
39:41 "Now repent... "
39:43 I said, "Do you know what that is?"
39:45 and they took a pen I had, and began to write down
39:49 on the piece of paper,
39:52 and then I wrote something down
39:54 and then they wrote something else,
39:55 even more words than I was writing down
39:56 we were engaged in an impromptu Bible Study...
40:02 I believe the Holy Spirit helped me and my child
40:08 to bond instead of lecture.
40:11 Now don't get me wrong,
40:15 I was still able to get a point across
40:17 but it was done, really in the terms of the Holy Spirit.
40:23 Would you agree,
40:24 when you sense Jesus helping you in your parenting,
40:27 you can be on fire for Jesus,
40:30 because when you know
40:31 He's helping you with your children, how many agree?
40:33 That gives you a bounce in your step.
40:37 It gives you joy, would you agree?
40:40 I don't care what sermons you hear,
40:43 I don't care what good things you do,
40:47 if you don't feel like Jesus is helping you as a parent,
40:50 it robs you of your fire, don't get me wrong,
40:52 it doesn't mean your children respond
40:54 you need to know whether they respond or not
40:56 that you are walking in the spirit
40:59 and you're on fire for Jesus,
41:01 and you do whatever you can do and at the end of the day,
41:04 "Lord, I was walking with you as Enoch"
41:08 I don't know how to get that except that hour in prayer,
41:13 that secret prayer.
41:15 Mom, you... by and large set the pace and tone
41:21 of the home atmosphere.
41:22 Your children are studying your face,
41:26 they're evaluating your tone, it's not just what you say
41:30 it's the tone, would you agree?
41:32 Learn communication, it's not primarily the words
41:35 it's the body language, it's the tone.
41:37 Kind of like... sometimes...
41:40 my daughter will say, "I don't feel Caleb loves me"
41:47 because maybe they had a disagreement,
41:48 "I don't feel Caleb loves me"
41:50 I said, "No, he loves you. "
41:52 "No, I don't feel it... " feel... feel...
41:57 You know that love that is not felt
42:00 sometimes is not love, now listen carefully,
42:03 listen carefully, because, the hour of prayer
42:06 can help you with controlling your feelings
42:10 and having the right feelings.
42:12 Listen carefully to me, so, I said, "Caleb, you know...
42:15 you need to help Jordan know that she's loved. "
42:19 "I love her...
42:20 Jordan, you know I love you"
42:24 all right... that's not working too well
42:27 let's try something else.
42:29 Tone... is everything.
42:31 The hour of prayer changes everything about who we are.
42:39 Habits, tone, facial expressions,
42:43 atmosphere around us, our thoughts, our motives,
42:46 everything about us
42:48 it all is a result of spending time with your Father in heaven.
42:52 No wonder Jesus showed us
42:55 how to develop a character that is pleasing to God.
42:58 You have to be much in prayer and then from there
43:01 you go to the people, you go to your family.
43:04 Oh come on now... this is practical.
43:07 Nobody can mistake what is being said here today.
43:12 Spend time in prayer.
43:15 I think about now... the fourth habit.
43:19 The fourth habit: as our time is running out.
43:23 Fourth habit: and this is found in Daniel chapter 6
43:26 Daniel chapter 6,
43:29 Daniel chapter 6, go there with me,
43:35 Daniel chapter 6, when Daniel was in Babylon,
43:42 and ultimately the Medes and the Persians took over,
43:50 and under King Darius,
43:52 there was the decree that went forth
43:55 that every person was to only pray to the King, for 30 days.
44:02 There were conspirators... those who hated Daniel,
44:06 and they're trying to find fault with him
44:09 and the only thing they could figure out
44:11 is... he is so faithful and so consistent
44:14 and so habitual, in his commitment to God,
44:18 how are we going to possibly discover and expose
44:22 some fault with the Government to get him in trouble?
44:25 So they influenced and pressured the king
44:29 to issue this decree.
44:30 So there was a law in the land
44:34 that was passed with stiff penalties
44:37 to only pray to Darius.
44:39 But Daniel had a habit... everybody say "habit"
44:44 he had a habit that he would not alter.
44:48 Daniel chapter 6 and verse 10.
44:51 This habit was so ingrained and so consistent
44:55 that he would rather go to the lions
44:57 than give up his habit.
44:59 "Now when Daniel knew that the writing was signed,
45:02 he went home; and in his upper room
45:05 with his windows open toward Jerusalem
45:07 he knelt down on his knees three times that day,
45:11 and prayed and gave thanks before his God,
45:13 as was his... " what everyone?
45:15 Custom... what's another word there?
45:17 His habit... his trend...
45:19 his tradition... since early days.
45:22 Daniel had a habit, it was fixed, it was cemented,
45:28 it was in stone, he would spend time with God
45:31 three times a day, he would go and kneel before God
45:36 three times a day, and give thanks.
45:39 I tell people, "Start the day right,
45:42 end it right, but how about keeping it right?"
45:45 Because here... it is possible that you spend that time,
45:49 you have a good time with the Lord in the morning,
45:51 but then you leave everything, you forget everything.
45:53 How many agree? There's got to be a habit
45:56 of remembering to seek the Lord throughout the day
45:59 and praying three times a day and in your family,
46:03 there should be morning family worship
46:05 and evening family worship.
46:06 Now listen carefully to me, this is an important habit.
46:11 Psalm 55 verse 17... David said,
46:16 "Evening, and morning, and at noon... "
46:19 three times a day, "I will seek you Lord. "
46:22 we find it there as well, so pray three times a day.
46:26 now, listen to me, you, who are at work,
46:29 that may mean,
46:30 you need to go out to your car
46:32 during some coffee break they have
46:34 or maybe during your lunch break.
46:36 You need to find a time when you can cloister yourself
46:39 alone with God and wrap that mantle of communion around you
46:43 and spend time... even if it's for five minutes,
46:46 ten minutes, fifteen minutes,
46:48 take that time with God in prayer.
46:51 Isn't it true? Prayer must become habitual,
46:55 it must become...
46:57 not something we do once in a while,
46:59 but rather... who we are,
47:01 we are not people that just pray,
47:03 we are prayerful people.
47:06 Next and final habit:
47:09 next and final habit: Keep a journal of miracles
47:17 that Jesus is working in your life.
47:20 I have in my pocket, what really is precious to me.
47:24 I got this, I think, from Staples
47:27 or one of these office supplies places,
47:30 and I just started off here...
47:33 I started, I think, in this one... around April
47:35 and I started writing in there
47:38 miracles that the Lord has worked
47:41 and as I see the miracles that He works,
47:45 it gives me more faith.
47:47 I wrote this down, a couple of months ago
47:54 we were holding a crusade in Hammond, Louisiana,
47:57 we were down there in that area for seven weeks
48:00 and my family, praise the Lord, was with me... the whole time,
48:04 and I was in the Church Sanctuary towards the front,
48:08 I was praying... oh, let me back up...
48:09 one morning I woke up and before I went down to my knees
48:15 and so forth, when I was getting out of bed,
48:17 in the RV, all of a sudden the Lord spoke to me
48:20 and said, "Smile"
48:24 I just knew that was from the Lord.
48:26 Now, don't get me wrong, I believe I smile a lot
48:30 but I don't know about you
48:31 I'm sure there's room for improvement,
48:34 I need to smile more, how many are with me?
48:35 Come on, we all smile more... all right.
48:37 So, I said, "Okay Lord, I'm going to smile more"
48:41 and then I made a note that I need to smile more
48:46 I think it was on a 3-by-5 card or some piece of paper,
48:48 I made a note... I need to smile more.
48:50 So I took about, I don't know, an hour in prayer,
48:53 and I'm praying, and meanwhile while I was there,
48:56 eventually my daughter, Jordan, comes in
48:59 and she's kneeling down next to me
49:01 I think she's coloring or doing something, you know,
49:04 and writing, making notes or something like that,
49:08 and at the end of my prayer time,
49:10 the Lord led me to my note again,
49:12 and reinforced it once again at the end of my prayer time,
49:16 you know, just as I'm saying, "Lord, is there... "
49:18 I always think, "Okay Lord, I'm ending my prayer time
49:20 is there any final thing you want to say to me?"
49:23 And the Lord impressed me, "Smile... " second time...
49:26 while I'm looking at that,
49:28 she was not looking at that,
49:31 she's over here and so forth, but she's near in proximity,
49:34 she comes to me, at that very moment,
49:37 and says, "Daddy, how do you spell the word 'smile?'"
49:40 Okay Lord, I get the message.
49:44 I wrote it down in my prayer journal
49:47 or I should say, my miracle book.
49:49 I think about another time, my son, oh, I gave it away...
49:55 which one... all right...
49:56 my son
49:59 was not listening,
50:01 it happens once in a while,
50:04 we were there in Hammond, Seventh-day Adventist Church,
50:07 and it came time where we would eat there,
50:10 we would stay in the RV
50:11 but we would eat there in the Fellowship Hall,
50:13 and mommy was cooking and getting a lunch together,
50:17 and so, she called,
50:19 "Caleb, time to eat, come on, it's time to eat. "
50:22 Well, he was in one of the Sabbath School rooms,
50:24 "Come on, it's time to eat... "
50:26 and so, he didn't come right away,
50:28 after several calls...
50:31 and I think, I might have even thrown in a call there, you know
50:34 sometimes, I try to act... oh, mommy's voice...
50:36 where I'm saying, "Okay, it's your dad too... "
50:37 you know... and eventually... he came...
50:42 and I said, "Caleb, you did not come when we called you. "
50:46 "Oh, I'm sorry... da, da, da, whatever... " he said
50:49 and I said, "follow me"
50:51 so I took him to the back of the Fellowship Hall
50:55 where there was a door that leads to the hallway
50:58 and then leads out of the church,
51:00 I said, "follow me" so I took him,
51:01 I figured, "I'm going to put him in a corner,
51:03 and just let him have a time-out. "
51:05 And so,
51:07 wanting to be creative in this, I thought,
51:10 "You know what? if I let him stand in a corner
51:13 in the Fellowship Hall,
51:14 he's just going to be looking at us
51:16 and he's going to... kind of make the best of it. "
51:18 I thought, "No, that's not painful enough"
51:20 so I opened the door and I said,
51:22 "Here, you stand here behind the door,
51:24 right here in the corner and you stay there,
51:27 you stay there,
51:28 and do not even look out this window"
51:31 and I shut the door
51:32 and so I went over the table and I thought,
51:35 "Okay, that's a good spot,
51:37 this is a good creative punishment"
51:38 and so, sure enough,
51:41 I looked back and there he's peeping out there,
51:43 there's a rectangular window similar to these Sanctuary
51:46 door windows, and he's kind of... you know...
51:49 I said, "No, no, no, no, no," motioning to him
51:51 "ah... ah... back in the corner, no... no peeking"
51:54 so, he's there for a while
51:56 and he would... kind of kept peeking here and there,
51:58 and I said, "You're going to stay in there longer... "
52:01 Well, eventually, it came time to let him loose.
52:05 So I went there, to the door,
52:08 and I opened the door,
52:10 and lo and behold I couldn't believe it,
52:12 about right there by the rectangular window,
52:16 they had put up on the door,
52:18 actually to the side of the rectangular window,
52:22 they'd put on the door, on the back of the bulletin,
52:25 "Please keep this door shut"
52:27 "please keep this door shut"
52:30 well, what happened is that when I closed the door,
52:36 boom, the tape on the top let loose,
52:38 and when I closed the door,
52:40 the front of the bulletin came down
52:43 right in front,
52:44 remember the rectangular window is right there,
52:45 so he would have had to pass by the front of that bulletin
52:48 to look out the rectangular window.
52:50 You know, I'm always praying,
52:52 "Lord, could you please reinforce what I'm doing. "
52:54 How many need God reinforcing stuff?
52:56 And so, lo and behold,
52:58 I'm looking at that as I'm letting him out,
53:00 and I couldn't believe it,
53:01 the beautiful bulletin front said,
53:04 "Humbled and obedient"
53:07 and I said, "Caleb, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute...
53:10 hey, Caleb, look at this. "
53:12 And he even got it, and he was like, "Wow!"
53:14 "thank you Jesus," I wrote it down.
53:21 A number of months ago, we were with the Pathfinders
53:26 and we had just arrived and Caleb was all excited
53:31 and Jordan's excited,
53:33 and it came time for one of the main meetings
53:37 there in Texas, at their new Lake Whitney Camp,
53:41 and so, they were going to have a main meeting,
53:45 all the Pathfinders meeting together
53:47 with their Leaders and so forth, at the big tent,
53:49 and so, Caleb was getting ready to go there
53:51 and I wanted to give him some fatherly counsel
53:54 so I said to him, I said, "Caleb... "
53:57 I said, "remember, you have a special
54:00 calling upon your life,
54:01 I believe that God wants you to be a good Leader
54:04 and set an example,
54:05 I believe God wants to use you as a Leader,"
54:08 and so he went in to the tent,
54:10 and out of the... I don't know... probably...
54:13 went in the tent, a 1,000 or 2,000
54:16 I don't know how many were in that tent,
54:18 all of a sudden out of the whole big group,
54:20 he was asked to do the prayer
54:23 in confirmation of what his Daddy said...
54:27 I wrote it down.
54:29 I end with one more illustration,
54:32 because I can go on for hours about miracles,
54:35 miracles, miracles,
54:36 you want to get on fire, stay on fire,
54:38 open your eyes,
54:39 He's working miracles in your parenting,
54:41 in your marriage, in your health,
54:43 in your finances, how many agree?
54:44 Our God is an awesome God,
54:46 and so I'll tell you what happened in closing.
54:49 Ten years ago, when Caleb was born,
54:52 in 2001, we kept him home for a couple of months,
54:55 we didn't him to get exposed to all sorts of people
54:58 and so forth, until his immune system
55:00 was a little strengthened for a month or two,
55:02 then we took the train,
55:03 we didn't want to fly with a little baby,
55:05 so we took the train from...
55:07 we lived in Pennsylvania,
55:08 we took it from New Jersey all the way over to Oregon
55:11 where we were going to do a crusade in Sweet Home, Oregon
55:15 and when we arrived,
55:17 when we arrived there,
55:19 the first Sabbath that we took our baby, Caleb, to church,
55:24 I was holding him, cradling him in my arms,
55:28 and I went to the front of the church
55:30 after the church service, after the people were gone,
55:34 and I just knelt down there,
55:36 you know I was a...
55:37 late-blooming dad,
55:39 and I'm 53, and I got a ten-year-old
55:41 do some math... and I'm holding my baby
55:45 and saying, "Oh Lord... " very emotional moment
55:48 first Sabbath, first Sabbath in church,
55:51 so I took my Bible,
55:53 I took my Bible and I just...
55:56 "Lord, oh Lord, speak to me"
55:58 and I opened to Jeremiah 1 verses 4 and 5,
56:04 "Before you were born, before you were formed,
56:09 I called you and ordained you to be a prophet. "
56:15 "I've called you... "
56:17 and I knew what God was telling me,
56:20 "Mark, I'm calling Caleb as well. "
56:23 But it's not enough... if dad believes that,
56:27 and here recently, Caleb was asked to give a sermon
56:33 a number of months ago, this year,
56:35 he was asked to give the sermon, unsolicited,
56:38 he was asked to do the sermon and I told him,
56:41 "Caleb, we will never make you preach... if you want to do it,
56:48 if you want to do it, if it comes from your heart. "
56:51 Oh how encouraging,
56:52 and so, they had to do a practice,
56:55 they had to do a practice,
56:57 and there were a lot of kids going to do...
56:59 reading Scriptures and a play and singing songs and so forth
57:02 and then as they were going through,
57:04 there at the Louisville Seventh-day Adventist
57:05 Church School... as they were going through
57:07 in the afternoon... just prior to me picking them up
57:09 from school... Caleb and Jordan,
57:11 it came time for Caleb, I wasn't there,
57:14 but it came time for him to practice his sermon
57:17 and the sermon was to only be about 10 minutes,
57:19 but they were only going to let him practice
57:22 for just a couple of minutes,
57:23 and when he practiced, a teacher...
57:26 afterwards... came up to me and said,
57:30 "We were in tears... we were in tears... "
57:34 and then as we took off my son said to me,
57:38 "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,
57:40 I know what my calling is Daddy I know what my calling is. "
57:44 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:48 are sweeping across the globe,
57:50 you and your family can be prepared
57:52 to face the future with confidence.
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