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Showdown in Babylon! Part 1

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00:03 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:21 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angels' messages.
00:32 These are stories that illustrate
00:37 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear, we are living in an unusual hour
00:47 the last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time and the door of probation
00:53 is about to swing shut.
00:58 In this edition of Amazing Prophecies,
01:02 we are going to explore my topic tonight,
01:05 "Showdown in Babylon. "
01:07 Showdown in Babylon.
01:10 Before we go to Ancient Babylon, however,
01:13 let's go to Ancient Egypt. Are you ready?
01:16 It's the cheapest ticket you'll ever get.
01:18 Were the ancient Egyptians healthy?
01:21 What do you think is the resounding answer to that one?
01:24 In 1975 a team of specialists performed autopsies
01:28 on Egyptian Mummies at the Manchester Medical School
01:32 in England in that museum
01:35 and these mummies, they discovered,
01:38 dated back to 1900 years B.C. what does that mean?
01:42 Before Christ...
01:43 The ancient Egyptians suffered
01:46 from many illness that are common to man today.
01:50 They discovered that the prevalent diseases
01:53 in Ancient Egypt run parallel today, of course,
01:56 Heart Disease, Cancer, Obesity, High Blood Pressure,
02:01 Diabetes, Arthritis, Hepatitis, so then,
02:05 Egypt was the educational and cultural center of the world
02:11 during Moses' lifetime
02:13 and Ancient Egyptian medical knowledge and remedies were,
02:18 if you don't mind me making it plain,
02:21 they were downright crazy.
02:22 As a matter of fact, in 1552, the famous medical book
02:26 written in Egypt was Payrus Ebers
02:28 and this book lists scores of remedies or "cures"
02:33 for a host of diseases, infections and accidents
02:38 and this was barbaric medicine, I must say.
02:41 Ancient Egyptian medicine and health is an interesting,
02:45 fascinating study, as a matter of fact this book
02:49 recommends
02:51 a prescription for slivers
02:53 all you have to do is a combination
02:55 of rubbing worm's blood and horse dung into the wound
02:59 and you should be all set... according to this book.
03:03 For a snake bite... no problem...
03:05 drink water... just pour it over an idol first,
03:08 and for lost hair... listen up men...
03:10 rub into the scalp a tonic of horses' hoofs, date blossoms
03:15 and dog heels... it's got to be boiled in oil
03:17 and you'll have your remedy for the day.
03:19 Well, Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians
03:26 according to Acts 7 and verse 22.
03:29 However, consider the stark contrast
03:32 between his inspired first five books of the Bible
03:36 and the prescription for optimum health and vitality...
03:40 compare that to what was prevalent knowledge
03:43 of medical cures among the ancient Egyptians.
03:47 Their cures there... contrast
03:49 with the prevention mode of health in God's Word.
03:53 Consider this, "Moses was one hundred and twenty years old
03:59 when he died. His eyes were not dim
04:02 nor his natural vigor abated. " Deuteronomy 34:7
04:08 As a matter of fact, this man Moses,
04:10 at the age of a hundred and twenty,
04:13 you remember... he climbed the mountain
04:16 and then after that long hike up that mountain
04:21 at the age of one hundred and twenty,
04:23 what's your excuse?
04:24 He, there at the top, fell asleep
04:26 the Bible calls death but a sleep...
04:29 fell asleep in the Lord's arms, as it were,
04:32 his mental acuteness, his mental rationing power,
04:37 his discrimination, his memory, his eyesight were just fine.
04:44 How many would like to be like Moses?
04:48 Amen... well, you'd better start hiking.
04:51 You know, we spend billions and billions of dollars
04:56 on healthcare but it seems like
04:58 we're no better off than the ancient Egyptians.
05:01 We'll spend $500 billion by 2020 according to a source:
05:08 United Health: US of Diabetes November 2010,
05:12 so we are in a financial crisis and a financial crunch
05:16 largely due to our unhealthy habits,
05:20 our unhealthy lifestyle practices... it is costing us...
05:24 well, it sky rocketed.
05:27 On an average day...
05:29 2,000 Americans die of heart disease,
05:31 1,000 Americans die of cancer, 400 Americans die from strokes.
05:36 That's a day in the life in America.
05:38 Do you want some sobering facts?
05:40 I've got them here for you tonight.
05:42 Americans are profoundly unhealthy
05:44 1 in 5 smoke... I was among them.
05:47 1 in 4 adults is obese.
05:49 1 in 5 adults has cholesterol levels above 200 mg/dl
05:54 and preventable illnesses make up approximately 80%
05:58 of the burden of illness and 90% of all healthcare costs.
06:04 We are digging our grave with our fork, here in America,
06:08 and indeed most diseases are preventable.
06:13 Diabetes statistics,
06:16 By 2020, an estimated 52 percent of the adult population
06:21 will have diabetes or pre-diabetes.
06:24 Wow! we're no better off than the ancient Egyptians.
06:28 The cost of Diabetes... a whopping $174 billion:
06:32 total costs of diagnosed diabetes
06:35 in the United States in 2007.
06:38 So what is one of Americans'
06:41 most nagging fear about their health?
06:44 That horrible fear-inducing word: Cancer.
06:51 How many have known someone who have died of Cancer
06:56 or... who have been diagnosed
06:57 with Cancer raise your hand...
06:59 that's far the most majority of us.
07:02 Many turn to pills with names they cannot pronounce
07:09 and with side affects they cannot compute.
07:12 The big question is:
07:13 Is health a matter of chance or choice?
07:17 What do you think? Yell it out...
07:19 Choice... Do our lifestyle choices
07:22 really make a decisive difference?
07:25 Our greatest need is not a pill.
07:28 Our greatest need is for a lifestyle.
07:32 So, therefore, there are simply and only
07:36 two types of approaches to life:
07:39 Indulging in the flesh and destroying your health,
07:44 trashing your health,
07:46 or have a life of self-discipline
07:48 and self-control in the Spirit.
07:51 How many agree... you can't go both ways.
07:53 It's either the Spirit or the flesh that will rule...
07:56 Is that clear? Yes or no?
07:58 The evidence is clear that this is a generation
08:02 of instant gratification
08:05 and lack of all self-restraint and self-discipline.
08:09 "We reap what we sow to the flesh and the Spirit. "
08:14 Galatians 6 verse 7 makes it very clear,
08:17 "God is not mocked: a man will reap what he sows. "
08:21 So, let's sow right... what do you say?
08:23 So, what is in the news everyday?
08:26 Health news... relatively I know it can be confusing
08:31 the building during the raid
08:32 the barrage of all sorts of research,
08:35 incredible physicians getting honored,
08:39 credible medical researchers
08:41 saying this... that and the other thing,
08:42 they seem to contradict... but through it all...
08:44 the average American has an opportunity
08:47 to know a lot about how to be healthy.
08:51 Well, guess what...
08:53 Front page Time Magazine, a while back,
08:56 "The Science of Staying Healthy,
08:59 Want to keep the doctors away?
09:01 New discoveries can help prevent everything
09:04 from obesity to cancer to heart disease. "
09:07 I mean, come on, it's in the news... Front page!
09:10 so I got a question for you.
09:12 Despite all the knowledge about health,
09:15 we are still an unhealthy society!
09:18 Because knowledge... we're not following it,
09:22 there's a contradiction, would you agree...
09:25 our generation is a personification of contradiction
09:29 Why? What did the Apostle Paul predict
09:33 would be one of the chief characteristics of people
09:35 in the last days that impacts their health?
09:39 Well, go with me to 2nd Timothy chapter 3,
09:42 you want to learn something tonight? Say you do.
09:43 2nd Timothy chapter 3,
09:47 "But know this that in the last days... "
09:50 that's where we're at, "perilous times... "
09:53 that is... "times of... "
09:54 in my Bible it says, "times of stress... "
09:57 but what causes the stress?
10:00 Would you agree? Stress is a killer.
10:04 Stress can kill you... if it's excessive.
10:07 "Brothers, but know this that in the last days
10:11 perilous times will come"
10:13 and then he gives a litany...
10:15 a catalogue of 19 prevailing sins that will permeate
10:20 the "last-day generation. "
10:23 "For men will be lovers of themselves,
10:26 lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers,
10:29 disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,"
10:31 unloving... unforgiving... keep that in mind...
10:34 "unforgiving... " Hmmm...
10:36 Does that have an impact on health?
10:38 Can a bitter person result in bitter health?
10:41 Notice here, the Bible says here as we continue with this litany
10:46 in this long laundry list of prevailing sins,
10:49 without self-control, slanderers...
10:51 without self-control.
10:54 That really sums up what's going on here in America?
10:57 We are without self-control, we have gone wild,
11:01 out of bounds, notice here...
11:03 unforgiving, unloving,
11:06 would you rather be an unforgiving person
11:10 and really, really wreck havoc on your health
11:13 and take a toll on your body?
11:15 I want you to notice here because love is healing, amen,
11:18 love is healing.
11:19 Say that with me... love is healing, amen,
11:22 and I want you to notice here slanderers... without...
11:25 listen to this... without self-control.
11:29 Brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty,
11:33 notice that headstrong...
11:35 that's kind of like you know better but you're headstrong...
11:39 going in the wrong direction.
11:40 Notice here, headstrong, haughty...
11:43 lovers of pleasure, that's the problem.
11:46 We love pleasure so much
11:48 we don't care what it's doing to our health.
11:51 Notice here... "lovers of pleasure,
11:53 rather than lovers of God; having a form of godliness,
11:56 but denying its power
11:58 and from such men or from such people... turn away. "
12:01 What is Paul saying? He's saying that these people
12:04 that are without self-control,
12:06 even many of them have a form of godliness
12:09 but they don't have the power of a transformed changed life.
12:12 Would you agree...
12:14 we need to have power to have self-control,
12:16 power to take care of our body,
12:19 power to overcome addiction,
12:23 power to resist the pull of indulging in unhealthy appetite
12:27 and so I want you to notice here,
12:30 I want you to notice here the American Standard Diet
12:33 is a... here's an acronym for you,
12:35 American Standard Diet
12:38 or the Standard American Diet is a "SAD Diet. "
12:42 "Americans eat an average of,"
12:46 and I just find this absolutely astounding,
12:49 "an average of 32 teaspoons of sugar
12:53 each day in their foods. "
12:55 Now, some of you all are eating my share of sugar,
12:58 it got quiet all of a sudden,
13:01 you're saying, "don't be messing with my chocolate. "
13:03 Our U.S.
13:05 Department of Agriculture,
13:07 well, let me tell you something
13:08 one little piece of chocolate isn't going to ruin you
13:12 but we go beyond that apparently,
13:14 "32 teaspoons of sugar each day in their food"
13:19 can you say, "Sugar high leads to sugar low
13:24 which leads to sugar blues"
13:26 no wonder jazz is popular,
13:28 "Smoking-related diseases
13:33 claim over 393,000 American lives each year.
13:40 Cigarette smoke contains over 4,800 chemicals,
13:47 69 of which are known to cause cancer. "
13:51 And I am just appalled that
13:55 I actually was a "chimney" at one time.
13:57 You know... smoke coming out of every crack and crevice.
14:03 I mean... I smoked two packs of cigarettes named Viceroy...
14:09 I don't know if they make it anymore.
14:11 I don't know... but all I know is...
14:14 let me tell you something,
14:15 even though they tasted horrible sometimes,
14:19 I was addicted.
14:20 I know what it's like to be addicted.
14:23 I know what it's like to be ruled and controlled,
14:26 I had this passion of the flesh to inhale smoke.
14:30 I thought you call the Fire Department
14:34 when there's smoke in the house.
14:35 All right... we are a generation of addictions.
14:40 By the way, you can overcome smoking.
14:44 I overcame smoking by the power of decision.
14:50 I wish I could say that I'd given my heart to the Lord
14:53 and then quit smoking,
14:55 but even before I gave my heart to the Lord,
14:58 I made a decision...
14:59 "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired,
15:01 I am through with smoking, and at the same time I quit...
15:05 basically almost like an alcoholic... I quit drinking,
15:09 I quit smoking, I quit toking,
15:11 I quit those illicit drugs,
15:13 I did it all in one shot.
15:16 I know that there is power in decision.
15:20 Thank God that I have Jesus Christ
15:23 to keep me that way, amen,
15:25 because many people, you know, they quit...
15:27 but then they lapse back into it,
15:29 how many agree... Jesus keeps you from falling.
15:32 Jude verse 24,
15:33 so there's a generation of addictions... of today...
15:37 you know there are two big lies that are very prevalent
15:40 you know, the Bible says in Revelation chapter 12,
15:42 Revelation 12 verse 9 says that the devil...
15:46 the devil was kicked out of heaven
15:49 and what does the Bible tell us?
15:51 He came down here to earth, we opened the door to him,
15:54 and opened the floodgates of woe and sin and suffering
15:58 and what happened as a direct result of this?
16:00 He is deceiving us, he is the deceiver.
16:04 Revelation 12:7 and 9 make it very clear
16:08 that he deceived one third of the celestial host.
16:12 Would you agree... he's really got the science of deception
16:17 he's got it really perfected
16:19 and so there are two big lies that he has hatched.
16:23 "It doesn't matter how I treat my body.
16:27 Number two, I can't have victory over these bad habits. "
16:34 Would you agree... "the truth shall set us free"
16:38 if the Son sets you free... you are free indeed!
16:42 I like to say... "forever free"
16:44 can you say, "Amen" that's John 8 and verse 36.
16:47 So, what did Jesus say about those living in the end of time?
16:51 Well, take your Bible and turn with me
16:54 to Luke chapter 21,
16:55 we got to keep our foot on the accelerator tonight,
16:58 is that okay... and so we're going to cover
17:00 a lot of territory here on this very important subject
17:04 so we're looking here at Luke chapter 21 and verse 34,
17:08 "But take heed to yourselves,
17:10 lest your hearts be weighed down with carousing,
17:13 that is... dissipation,
17:14 drunkenness... that is affecting your thinking,
17:19 your thinking is not clear, drunkenness...
17:22 and drunkenness is not just from consumption of alcohol,
17:26 you can eat in such a way where you cloud your brain.
17:31 Hmmm... is that true? How many agree...
17:34 you can eat so much sugar that you can go into shock.
17:37 It doesn't just take alcohol to impair your reason and judgment.
17:43 People are, I believe, not only drunk today
17:47 because of alcohol consumption but they are also being drunk
17:50 by their poor lifestyle choices in their customary diet
17:56 and what they're eating there
17:58 there's death in the kitchen, that's all I can say,
18:00 and so, I want you to notice here,
18:02 drunkenness... drunkenness...
18:04 in other words... it's possible for a person
18:07 after they go there and have five big Macs
18:10 and a couple of milk shakes and French fries and so forth,
18:13 it's possible... after that you know what?
18:16 You cannot even think straight,
18:18 all you want to do is "lie down in front of the TV"
18:21 I call that "drunkenness"
18:23 "and cares of this life... " that sounds like stress
18:27 "and that day come on you unexpectedly,
18:30 for it will come as a snare
18:32 on all those that dwell on the face of the whole earth.
18:34 Watch therefore, and pray always,"
18:37 the main idea about taking care of our body
18:40 is so that we can pray always lest we enter into big-time,
18:44 end-time deceptions and temptations.
18:48 Would you agree? You need to have that clear mind
18:50 you need to be able to have a clear mind
18:52 to discern temptation and resist it,
18:54 and to be able to discern the voice of God
18:57 and to pray to God, morning, noon and night,
19:00 to pray without ceasing, pray always,
19:03 pray always... would you agree...
19:04 it helps to have a clear mind when you want to pray.
19:06 And so I want you to notice here
19:08 this is the anti-thesis of drunkenness,
19:12 and carousing...
19:14 Notice, "pray always, watch, stay alert, stay sober,
19:18 that you may be counted worthy
19:19 to escape all these things that will come to pass
19:21 and to stand before the Son of man. "
19:23 All right, now take your Bible, turn with me to Luke chapter 17,
19:27 Luke chapter 17...
19:29 So, Jesus was talking about earth's final generation
19:33 and the deplorable social condition
19:36 that would exist in the last days.
19:39 I want you to notice here, Luke chapter 17,
19:42 Luke chapter 17... we're looking there now
19:46 at verses number 26 and onward,
19:49 "And as it was in the days of Noah,
19:52 so it will also be in the days of the Son of man.
19:55 They ate, they drank, they married wives,
19:59 they were giving in marriage,
20:00 until the day that Noah entered the ark,
20:03 and the flood came, and destroyed them all. "
20:06 Same thing in the days of Lot.
20:09 "Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot;
20:11 they ate, they drank, they bought, they sold,
20:14 they planted and built;"
20:16 I want you to notice now Matthew 24
20:18 go with me to Matthew chapter 24
20:21 where we have... kind of a parallel to this here
20:23 and Matthew 24 verse 37 "But as the days of Noah were,
20:28 so also will the coming of the Son of man be.
20:30 We're talking about the second coming of Christ.
20:32 The climax of the ages,
20:34 how many are pulsating "with a blessed hope
20:36 the glorious appearing of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ;"
20:39 Titus 2:13.
20:40 But as the days of Noah were
20:42 so also will the coming of the Son of man be,
20:44 for as the days before the flood... "
20:46 What were they doing,
20:47 what were they doing? "They were eating... "
20:50 "oh! he got to eat... "
20:52 Yeah, but they were taking it to excess,
20:54 not only that... they were eating the wrong things,
20:57 I believe, many times,
20:58 and drinking... you got to drink...
21:01 your body consists largely of water,
21:03 what about 80% of our body is water
21:06 and much of the illnesses common today,
21:09 I believe, are attributable to us walking around dehydrated.
21:12 We don't drink enough, and so...
21:15 drink enough... water, that is,
21:18 and so, I want you to notice here,
21:20 by the way, you need about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day
21:23 and when it's hot out
21:25 and you're outside sweating, you need more than that.
21:27 Notice here... notice here, "eating and drinking,
21:30 marrying and giving in marriage,
21:32 until the day that Noah entered the ark,"
21:34 notice that... "and giving in marriage"
21:36 notice... "and did not know until the flood came
21:39 and took them all away; so also will it be
21:42 when the Son of man comes,
21:44 will the coming of the Son of man be. "
21:47 Jesus makes a striking, ominous parallel
21:50 between the social conditions
21:52 that prevailed in the time of Noah
21:55 and the days of Lot in Sodom and Gomorrah,
21:58 and our day, our generation, American culture,
22:03 in our Society.
22:04 We have much social ills because we are mirroring
22:08 or mimicking, or should I say, a repeat performance
22:13 of what was in existence in the days of Noah.
22:16 Jesus predicted it and it's happening, would you agree?
22:21 You can take the Bible in one hand
22:22 and your remote control to CNN, Fox News or whatever
22:25 with the other hand and you can see an eerie match.
22:28 I'm going to agree, we must be willing to be different
22:31 "come out from among them and be separate" says the Lord,
22:34 "and then I will receive you, and be a father to you
22:37 you shall be my sons and daughters. "
22:40 2nd Corinthians 6 and verses 16 and 17,
22:42 and so, what are two major problems with how Americans eat?
22:48 You know, I told one man... I was in a home and...
22:53 I don't know... somewhere along the way,
22:55 I said, "You know, you are what you eat"
22:57 and he said, "Well then, I'm a potato chip. "
23:00 All right... that was in Rolla, Missouri,
23:03 by the way... all right...
23:05 "Eating the wrong food... " that's what we're doing,
23:07 that's what we're guilty of.
23:08 Eating the wrong food or eating too much food
23:12 or both... you know Esau was tested over appetite
23:18 and foolishly, he put food before his love to God
23:23 and was willing to give up his birthright,
23:25 in other words, he was willing to say,
23:27 "I don't care about the future, I give it all up.
23:30 I'll give everything up
23:32 if I can just go ahead and have instant gratification
23:36 in the here and the now. "
23:38 If everyone would make decisions
23:40 based on time and eternity and destiny,
23:44 let me tell you something, we would make better choices.
23:48 We have to make choices that our seed is sown in a positive way
23:55 in character development.
23:57 The only thing we take to heaven
23:58 is our character and the choices we make
24:01 including lifestyle choices, a "make" of who we are.
24:05 Our character is made up of the sum total of our choices
24:10 and our choices are a reflection of where the heart is
24:16 and the Bible's very clear that God will have a people
24:21 that have put on the robe of Christ's righteousness
24:26 and they want to do what pleases Jesus,
24:30 they put on His robe... the wife hath made herself ready
24:34 what is that robe? Revelation 19:7 to 9
24:37 we have focused on that several times.
24:39 What is that robe? That's Christ's righteousness.
24:41 How does she get ready? By putting that on.
24:43 What does that mean? She wants to be like Jesus.
24:46 Oh, did Jesus have self-control? Did Jesus indulge in appetite?
24:52 No, would you agree, Jesus is our shining example.
24:56 His power is in our heart.
24:58 "greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. "
25:01 1 John 4:4.
25:03 You could overcome, because He overcame.
25:05 People are throwing it all away, come on now,
25:08 our character consists largely of... what defines us?
25:14 Our habits... you know... some habits,
25:18 that are not necessarily the most critical habits
25:22 like... what shoe do you usually put on first,
25:26 what's your habit? It really is of no consequence.
25:31 Do you exercise or not?
25:35 Now we're getting in the big leagues.
25:37 Do you drink water?
25:40 Now, we're talking major concern here...
25:43 I want you to think about this, what is the connect
25:47 between the books of Daniel and Revelation
25:50 and healthful living?
25:52 You say, "Mark, you got to really show me this one. "
25:54 Well, I want you to notice, very clearly,
25:57 that it was Jesus who said that in the last days...
26:00 there would be drunkenness, there would be Paul said,
26:03 stress, lack of self-control,
26:05 it all translates into daily lifestyle choices,
26:09 so, that's connected with Bible prophecy,
26:12 would you agree... Jesus saying... about our day
26:14 would be like the days of Noah,
26:15 that is prophecy, but let's go now to Revelation.
26:20 Let's go now to the book of Revelation,
26:22 let's go to the book of Revelation,
26:25 all right... and let's look there...
26:27 Revelation chapter 14...
26:29 Revelation chapter 14, verses 6 and 7,
26:32 in the center of the book of Revelation,
26:36 you have here depicted in graphic, symbolic language
26:39 earth's final call, earth's final call...
26:44 God's last messages of mercy
26:47 that are pictured by these three angels
26:49 that are doing flyovers on Planet Earth
26:52 and these are messages,
26:54 these are messages that must go to earth's remotest boundaries
26:57 they must circle the globe swiftly before Jesus comes
27:01 and included in these messages is what?
27:06 Is it prophetic? It is. Is it practical? It is.
27:10 Is it the gospel? Yes, the eternal gospel.
27:14 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven
27:17 having the everlasting gospel... " to do what?
27:20 "Preach to those who dwell on the earth
27:23 and to every nation, tribe, tongue and people
27:25 saying with a loud voice... it's compelling... it's urgent.
27:28 "Fear God and give... " what?
27:31 "glory to Him
27:33 for the hour of His judgment is come"
27:36 and here it is... underline it, highlight it,
27:38 memorize it... "worship Him who made"
27:42 or created... "heaven and earth,
27:44 the sea and the springs of waters,"
27:45 would you agree? He made you...
27:47 He created you...
27:48 and here we are "called to worship the one who made us
27:52 after His image. "
27:53 How many are thankful He made you like Him?
27:56 Can you say, "Amen" after His image...
28:00 I want you to notice here, this is the "Everlasting gospel
28:04 to preach to every nation"
28:07 but what is embraced
28:09 in that gospel message, what is embraced?
28:14 The health message. A healthy lifestyle.
28:18 Doesn't God want us to be healthy,
28:23 full of vitality,
28:25 be able to have concentration ability,
28:28 be able to think clearly
28:29 have some vitality,
28:31 some whim and vigor and energy?
28:34 How many would like a little more energy
28:35 can I hear an Amen... if you can have enough energy?
28:37 All right... very good...
28:39 "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper
28:44 and be in health. "
28:47 God wants us to be healthy.
28:49 3rd John verse 2.
28:51 Jesus said, "... I am come that they might have life,
28:54 and that they might have it" what everyone?
28:57 "more abundantly. "
28:59 John 10 and verse 10, that's in the heart of God,
29:01 so does God want us to celebrate our health every day?
29:04 Psalm 146 verse 2, read it together with me.
29:07 "While I live I will praise the Lord:
29:09 I will sing praises to my God
29:12 while I have my being. "
29:13 Would you agree...
29:15 our being is made for praising God
29:18 because He's worthy of our love, He's worthy of our worship,
29:21 the Lamb was slain, we were made by our Creator,
29:24 He is worthy of our adoration and our praise
29:27 and would you agree...
29:29 the way you take care of your body
29:31 that is one way you honor God,
29:33 you worship God, you obey God,
29:35 and so, what was one of the primary ways
29:38 Jesus ministered to people
29:40 in conjunction with Him preaching the good news?
29:45 Jesus is the same yesterday, today... forever...
29:50 Hebrews 13 verse 8,
29:51 Jesus is the lover of the sinner
29:55 Jesus is the lover of our soul and Jesus cares about our health
30:02 He cares, He feels...
30:05 the Bible says in Isaiah 63 verse 9
30:07 it says, "in all our affliction He was afflicted. "
30:10 How many agree that Jesus has feelings?
30:12 When you hurt... He hurts...
30:16 now, I don't understand
30:18 how there is going to be joy in heaven
30:19 over one sinner that repents... in one second
30:21 and another person is suffering...
30:23 dying on their bed with Cancer I don't know,
30:26 I'll ask God and you'll ask God,
30:28 "How were you able to do that, you know...
30:29 be happy and sad at the same time... " I don't know...
30:31 but all I know is I will not limit God.
30:34 But let me ask you this.
30:35 If you have children,
30:37 who suffers more,
30:39 when your child suffers, who suffers more?
30:41 Your child or you? The parents.
30:44 Think about that when the Bible says,
30:47 "For God so loved the world
30:48 that He gave His only begotten Son," how many agree?
30:50 the Father suffered with His Son.
30:52 So what was one of the primary ways Jesus ministered to people?
30:56 Look at the Scripture in Matthew 4 verse 23,
30:59 "Now Jesus went about all Galilee,
31:02 teaching in their synagogues,
31:04 preaching the gospel of the kingdom,"
31:06 and what's the next word? "and" everybody say "and"
31:10 and... in other words, by implication that's saying,
31:13 "we're not done yet, we're not finished yet,
31:16 we're not finished with the full gospel... "
31:19 how many want the whole gospel
31:20 and nothing but the gospel truth?
31:22 What is included in that preaching,
31:26 and healing... preaching and healing...
31:29 healing and preaching... preaching and healing...
31:33 all kinds of sickness and all kinds of diseases
31:37 among the people. Matthew 4 verse 23...
31:41 no wonder crowds gathered around to hear Jesus preach.
31:45 "So ought now this woman, being a daughter of Abraham,
31:49 whom Satan has bound... "
31:51 that's where suffering comes from,
31:53 "... think of it... for eighteen years,
31:56 be loosed from this bond on the... "
31:58 on what day did He work this miracle?
32:00 Sabbath... the Sabbath is a day for miracles.
32:05 Amen... so that's Luke 13 verse 16
32:08 healed on the Sabbath,
32:10 and He got a bad rap for that you remember...
32:13 What did Jesus tell the disciples to do
32:17 in addition to their preaching of the gospel?
32:21 What did He tell them? "... heal the sick"
32:24 remember He dispatched, He commissioned,
32:27 He mobilized the disciples... the 70 were to go out
32:31 and preach and teach,
32:33 and they came back all happy and joyful,
32:36 I mean... just unbridled joy
32:38 at what they were able to accomplish
32:40 in the mighty name of Jesus, and so, Jesus told them,
32:45 "Don't just preach... you go out and you heal,
32:48 you work miracles in my name. "
32:51 "preaching the gospel and healing everywhere. "
32:56 Luke 9:6... that's what Jesus did
32:59 that's what the disciples did
33:01 and that's what is included in the three angels' mission
33:07 and message that must go around the world before Jesus comes
33:12 to prepare a people ready to meet the Lord
33:16 in all His blazing glory because without holiness,
33:19 no man shall see the Lord.
33:21 Hebrews 12 verse 14, so listen carefully,
33:25 take your Bible and turn with me
33:27 to a book that's easy for me to remember,
33:29 Mark... all right, let's go to the book of Mark
33:33 chapter 16... the last chapter in that book,
33:36 okay, we're going to go there, if you have it,
33:40 that's Mark chapter 16,
33:42 Mark chapter 16,
33:44 all right... all right... Mark chapter 16
33:48 and this is powerful,
33:50 are we learning something tonight?
33:51 Amen... Mark 16 verse 15,
33:56 "And he said to them, 'Go into all the world,
33:58 and preach the gospel to every creature. '"
34:01 Isn't that what we read there in Revelation 14 verse 6 and 7,
34:05 about the eternal gospel, the three angels' messages
34:08 going around the world before Jesus comes.
34:12 Notice here, this is the gospel commission.
34:15 "He who believes and is baptized will be saved,
34:18 but he who does not believe will be condemned. "
34:21 Now, during this series of Bible prophecy lectures,
34:25 we've already had a couple of baptisms,
34:27 and I'm going to invite you
34:29 I'm going to invite you,
34:31 we're going to have another baptism this Sabbath
34:34 and I invite you to be part of that baptism,
34:36 either A... you've never been baptized like Jesus,
34:39 or B... you want to be re-baptized just like I was
34:43 and so, I want you to notice here
34:45 that preaching and baptism are inseparable here.
34:49 Do you see that... the preaching of the gospel
34:52 and the response of the gospel is baptism...
34:55 taking a stand for Jesus... but that's not all
34:59 and these signs were followed...
35:01 those who believe in my name.
35:03 They will cast out demons,
35:05 they will speak with new languages,
35:07 those were real languages that were there,
35:11 in Acts chapter 2, Acts chapter 10,
35:14 Acts chapter 19...
35:15 these were real, authentic languages
35:18 that were understood
35:19 by these various language groups
35:23 that were gathered together in the day of Pentecost,
35:25 for example, and we have a little book
35:28 if you're interested in that particular subject,
35:30 that you can receive, but let's go on here,
35:32 "They will take up serpents;
35:34 and if they drink anything deadly,
35:37 it will by no means hurt them;" notice the next part,
35:41 "they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover. "
35:45 What is this telling us?
35:47 The Bible is telling us,
35:49 "Preach the gospel, baptize, cast out demons,
35:56 lay hands on the sick... "
35:59 James chapter 5 talks about that...
36:01 "anoint them with oil,
36:02 and the prayer of faith shall save the sick. "
36:05 And so, here we are talking about healing of sickness,
36:10 healing of diseases,
36:12 healing of whatever physical maladies,
36:15 or physical disability someone can have.
36:18 God is still in the business of healing.
36:21 However, parenthetically,
36:24 we don't always understand God's will.
36:27 Why does He heal some and others He doesn't heal?
36:30 Is it just because...
36:32 "well, some lack faith and some don't"
36:34 well, there might be a little element of truth in that
36:36 but let's be careful,
36:38 the Apostle Paul...
36:39 do you think he had faith, yes or no?
36:41 He had a "thorn in the flesh" as he called it,
36:45 in 2nd Corinthians 12: 9 and 10 in there... you remember
36:50 he sought the Lord and pleaded with the Lord
36:53 to deliver him from this thorn of the flesh,
36:56 this problem... this physical ailment that he had
37:00 and he prayed that he would be delivered from it three times
37:05 and the Lord said, "My grace is sufficient for you"
37:08 He was not healed of that disease liability,
37:13 he wasn't healed... I don't understand all that
37:17 we don't have answers to every question that nags us
37:22 but we have enough answers to keep walking by faith
37:26 and not by sight. 2nd Corinthians 5:7.
37:29 Yes, we're going to have a millennium
37:32 to ask questions, how many are thankful?
37:34 The books are going to be opened
37:36 and we are going to ask any question and get those answered,
37:39 and then, the New Jerusalem shall descend
37:42 with the tree of life in it,
37:43 that has leaves for the healing of the nations.
37:46 All right... let's go on... so can you see the unique,
37:50 unbeatable combination: preaching the gospel,
37:53 baptism in the name of the Father, Son Jesus Christ,
37:57 and of the Holy Spirit, by immersion,
38:00 and in addition to that, the healthy lifestyle healing
38:06 program of God.
38:07 You say, "Mark, what are you talking about?"
38:09 Healing Program and so forth.
38:11 How comprehensive is the healing of Christ?
38:14 How comprehensive is it? You remember on one occasion,
38:18 once again on a Sabbath, there was a man paralyzed
38:22 that was lying down by the pool of Bethesda
38:25 and he was in a paralyzed condition
38:29 for 38 long, horrible years,
38:32 Jesus came to him and said,
38:34 "Would you like to get better,
38:36 would you like to be made well?"
38:39 That's an ultimate rhetorical question
38:41 but I think Jesus needs to ask it of all of us.
38:45 Do you really want to get better
38:47 because some people really don't want to get better
38:49 and the proof is...
38:50 they just keep doing what they're doing
38:52 digging their grave, so He said,
38:56 "Get up and walk. "
38:58 And this man responded to the word of Christ.
39:01 He responded to the command of Jesus to get up and walk.
39:05 In other words, he set his will in motion.
39:09 He made a decision,
39:10 "I will follow the word of Jesus. "
39:13 There is healing in the Word of God.
39:16 By His stripes, we are healed.
39:20 Where did you learn that? The Word.
39:22 Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing of the Word of God.
39:25 Romans 10:17.
39:26 "We receive according to our faith. " Matthew 9:29
39:30 So, we must have faith to receive healing.
39:34 Let me make it clear,
39:35 "Faith is healing,
39:37 it's healing. "
39:39 Don't get me wrong, Paul had that...
39:42 that didn't remove his thorn of flesh, but I'll tell you what
39:45 there was still healing in his heart,
39:46 still healing in his heart
39:49 because some people who come down with a physical disease,
39:52 they become bitter towards God and then it really eats them up.
39:55 And so, we are in an imperfect world
39:58 but listen to what He said to this man,
40:01 "See, you have been made well. "
40:03 This was the follow up to the miracle,
40:07 "See, you have been made well.
40:09 Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you. "
40:13 What was Jesus saying to this man?
40:15 He's saying, "Now you're better, you've been delivered,
40:20 you have your health restored, now don't go back
40:24 to the destructive habits that got you in that deplorable
40:27 condition in the first place. "
40:28 Don't go back to your unhealthy lifestyle choices.
40:34 Whatever sins he was committing before,
40:38 led him into this paralyzed condition,
40:41 this paralysis, and so the Lord said,
40:45 "Don't destroy your health that has now been restored. "
40:50 Well, you know what happens all the time.
40:52 Somebody will quit smoking, they'll get their life together,
40:57 they start exercising but once they start to see,
41:00 "Hey, I think I'm going to be all right... "
41:01 they go right back to those bad habits
41:03 and then they end up dying prematurely,
41:05 it happens all the time.
41:07 So what is God's healing Program?
41:09 This is a thrilling, fantastic,
41:11 all encompassing healing program.
41:14 Does God heal? He does.
41:17 As a matter of fact, speaking about Egypt,
41:19 I want you to take your Bible and turn with me
41:21 to Exodus... Exodus... All righty...
41:26 You know, Jesus, is the same yesterday,
41:31 today and forever.
41:33 Well, basically, here's what the Scripture says in Exodus.
41:36 Well let's go to it, Exodus 15... Exodus 15 all right
41:40 turn there... are we learning something tonight?
41:43 Exodus chapter 15... Exodus 15...
41:46 All right... look at it here together,
41:50 Exodus chapter 15... and looking there... verse 26
41:53 and said, "If you diligently heed the
41:58 voice of the Lord your God,"
41:59 there's healing in the Word of God...
42:01 if you obey... and do what is right in his sight,
42:05 give ear to his commandments and keep all his statutes,
42:09 I will put none of the diseases...
42:13 none of the diseases on you
42:15 which I have brought on the Egyptians:"
42:17 everyone together...
42:18 "for I am the Lord who heals you. "
42:21 How does He heal us?
42:23 By obedience to His Commandments,
42:26 and His Commandments are written
42:29 on every fiber of our being.
42:32 There are laws that govern our body.
42:35 There's a law... a law that governs your digestion.
42:41 When you break those laws, guess what?
42:43 You get indigestion and you say, "Pepto-Bismol. "
42:49 There are laws that govern our Central Nervous System
42:54 and when you drink too much caffeine,
42:57 that attacks the Central Nervous System
43:01 and you say, "I got shakes" or "I'm wired"
43:06 and so we know that there are laws that cover our being,
43:13 there are laws that govern our being in terms of needing rest.
43:16 There are laws that govern our being
43:18 in terms of the use of our muscles
43:20 would you agree... "you use it or you lose it"
43:23 it's the law... atrophy... right?
43:26 Instead of the muscle going up, it starts to go down.
43:29 All right go ahead and hide your arms.
43:32 God's healing program is obedience to His Word.
43:39 Obedience to His commands, His commands are promises.
43:44 Would you agree...
43:46 you can't do anything without His power,
43:48 when He commands you to do something...
43:50 Jesus said, "Without me you can do nothing"
43:52 John 15 verse 5... but Paul said,
43:54 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. "
43:56 Philippians 4 verse 13.
43:58 "My grace is sufficient for you: for my strength is made perfect,
44:02 my power is made perfect in weakness. "
44:04 2nd Corinthians 12:9 and 10.
44:06 "Let the weak say, 'I am strong. '"
44:08 Joel 3 verse 10, now listen carefully...
44:10 We must obey God's law in order to have health,
44:16 these are "Health Laws. "
44:19 Now, God's Healing Program...
44:22 it adds life to your years and years to your life!
44:25 Physical, Spiritual, Mental,
44:28 Emotional, Social creatures... would you agree?
44:30 Not only monkeys are social creatures... we are...
44:34 amen... we are spiritual creatures,
44:39 physical creatures, made after the image of God,
44:42 we're dealing with mental health, physical health,
44:46 spiritual health, emotional health,
44:49 and social health.
44:51 So, physical and spiritual healing
44:56 are embraced in the gospel, in Christ, in His Word.
45:02 The Bible talks about... in Psalm 103 it talks about
45:09 "... forgives all their sins, and heals all their diseases. "
45:14 Guilt can sap your energy and your vital force
45:23 and wreck havoc to your immune system...
45:25 guilt can kill you.
45:27 When your mind is at less ease, you come down with disease,
45:37 when your mind is restless, you end up with sickness,
45:43 and so forgiveness is healing, would you agree?
45:47 There is healing in the gospel
45:49 and there is healing in this house tonight,
45:51 there is restoration in this house tonight,
45:53 there are miracles in this house tonight,
45:55 because, perhaps, some of you need to be once and for all
45:59 liberated from the shackles and the debilitation
46:03 of guilt and shame and remorse,
46:07 it's time to go on with a sure step,
46:09 knowing it's all left at the foot of the cross,
46:12 unburdened at the foot of the cross,
46:14 you go on your way, dancing and praising God.
46:17 You've been delivered, you are forever free.
46:20 Would you agree? That's healing...
46:21 You and I need that healing, it affects us,
46:24 would you agree, when you accept Jesus Christ,
46:26 it affects you positively, physically, mentally,
46:29 emotionally, spiritually, socially... would you agree?
46:32 Oh yeah, you might be persecuted but you still have joy
46:34 because you're being persecuted,
46:36 because the joy of the Lord is our strength.
46:38 Depressed and discouraged people
46:41 are more likely to become addicted.
46:44 Is that true? Because we lose our will.
46:47 Were we going to say, "Oh well, come on... "
46:50 that's what I did... I... you know...
46:52 I was living... shacking up with my girlfriend,
46:56 as a matter of fact,
46:58 Mark Finley, I understand, recently,
47:00 about a couple of years ago, shared my testimony
47:02 on Discoveries 08... and it's true,
47:05 I was living with a girlfriend and I wanted to marry her,
47:11 but she didn't feel the same way I did...
47:14 and you say, "humble pie"
47:16 I was a broken man and had a broken, shattered heart,
47:20 I wasn't following Jesus, I was living in sin,
47:23 my parents, my father... a pastor,
47:25 that didn't look good,
47:26 he and his associate pastor there in Hartford, Connecticut,
47:30 were trying to tell me,
47:32 "Mark, if you want God to bless this relationship,
47:34 you got to cease living in sin, you got to move out of there,
47:36 start going back to church, I remember, I remember...
47:42 I decided... I'm going to quit smoking and drinking
47:47 and drugs for the relationship, I figured it would help,
47:49 she didn't ask me to... but I thought, you know,
47:51 "this is bound to benefit this relationship... "
47:54 one week after I did that,
47:56 she said, "I need time to think, I'm going... you know... "
48:00 I don't know how it came out, but it kind of leaked out,
48:04 she was going away to see her old boyfriend
48:07 so she could have time to think.
48:09 I called up my buddies,
48:12 and I said, "Come on over... "
48:14 and this was one week
48:16 after I quit all that stuff.
48:17 Would you agree, when you begin to have victory
48:20 the devil gets angry and enraged
48:22 and so I gave in... why?
48:25 because I was discouraged, I was depressed,
48:29 and I was not going to be alone in that apartment,
48:32 brooding over and licking my wounds
48:35 I said, "Man! I'm going to party and try to forget all this... "
48:38 I called my buddy, you know...
48:40 drinking buddies are always available,
48:42 always... 24/7...
48:46 especially in the night or early morning.
48:49 So I called them up, you know, and of course they had drugs
48:52 and we went out to a bar and drank and I smoked
48:55 and I toked... and came back and she was gone still...
48:58 and I practically passed out, woke up in the morning
49:02 and I was sick as a dog, visiting the restroom
49:05 my mind...
49:07 my ceiling spinning around spinning around,
49:09 and I'm making trips to the rest room
49:12 and I am trying to blast rock music to drown out the pain
49:15 because now I had two prevailing problems:
49:17 she was gone, and I had a hangover.
49:21 The devil's way never solves problems,
49:26 it compounds it,
49:27 but I never touched smoking and drinking and drugs
49:33 ever since that lonely, lonely moment.
49:36 I said, "I am sick of it" and I started attending...
49:42 eventually when I moved out
49:44 I told her, "We've got to have God in our relationship,"
49:46 I thought... maybe God can straighten her out.
49:49 He ended up straightening me out
49:51 leading me and her to separate, God is in control.
49:56 Depressed and discouraged people
49:59 are more likely to become addicted.
50:01 Many diseases originate in the mind.
50:04 Thank God for the healing of the everlasting gospel,
50:08 and the healing of Jesus Christ,
50:10 depression is the epidemic of our day
50:14 and I'm here to tell you the strongest antidote,
50:19 the strongest remedy,
50:21 the strongest way out of depression,
50:24 is knowing that Jesus Christ has set you forever free.
50:31 Free... let go of bitterness,
50:37 let go of bitterness, would you believe,
50:39 bitterness has to do with not letting go of the past.
50:41 Paul said, "Forget the things that are behind,
50:45 press on... press on... " Philippians 3:13 and 14
50:48 Front cover story of Newsweek Magazine
50:50 a number of years ago,
50:52 "The New Science of Mind and Body"
50:54 Forgiveness and health... Stress and Infertility,
50:58 Rethinking Hypnosis," no thanks...
51:01 "Cures to Heart Disease"
51:03 in other words, there is a connection
51:04 between forgiveness and health.
51:07 No surprise...
51:10 that a healthy marriage is extremely good
51:12 for your total health, I've done my research.
51:16 You know, men, for example, men... for example,
51:19 who feel that their wife loves them,
51:23 their heart ticks better.
51:24 Go ahead, do the Google, do the search,
51:27 they are better off healthwise.
51:31 Same with women who have a troublesome marriage,
51:34 a stressed out marriage and so forth,
51:36 it does take a toll on their health as well,
51:39 so, all I can say is, "Kiss up and make up,
51:41 it will give you longevity. "
51:43 Stress is a killer.
51:46 "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden
51:50 and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28"
51:54 "Peace I give to you,
51:56 not as the world do I give to you,
51:58 let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid,
52:02 I give you my peace. " John 14 verse 27
52:07 How many are thankful
52:10 for "this peace that passeth understanding"
52:12 Philippians 4:6 and 7
52:14 If you give Him all your anxieties...
52:16 "casting all your care upon Him; because He cares for you. "
52:21 1 Peter chapter 5 and verse 6 and 7.
52:27 "A merry heart... a merry heart does good like a prescription. "
52:33 This is a prescription from Dr. Jesus.
52:35 By the way, I hope you have a regular visit with Dr. Jesus
52:40 to get a check up... every day,
52:42 how many agree with mental health issues,
52:44 you need to get a check up everyday with Counselor Jesus.
52:47 Somebody is going to go home with some good news tonight.
52:50 "A merry heart does good like a healing medicine,"
52:55 like a healing medicine. Proverbs 17:22,
52:58 You want to know a fact?
53:00 Children laugh over 200 times a day.
53:02 I know that, I have two children I know that.
53:05 Sometimes, I have to tell them, "Don't be so silly. "
53:10 And some of it is just... just good humor, you know,
53:14 sometimes it goes overboard
53:15 but nonetheless, we go underboard.
53:17 The average adult laughs about 12 or 13 times a day
53:22 and you've really done... probably more here tonight...
53:25 I don't know, listen to me, Jesus said,
53:31 "Except you become like children,"
53:34 humble, and perhaps so
53:39 light-hearted in Jesus' love
53:41 that you actually find a desire to laugh with joy.
53:47 I'm not talking about dark jokes,
53:50 I'm not talking about off-colored humor,
53:54 I'm talking about going to the zoo and laughing your tail off.
53:58 I don't know... if you don't laugh when you go to the zoo,
54:02 something's really wrong, you need some counseling,
54:05 see me afterwards, come on now,
54:08 you cannot look at an ape with a serious face
54:14 and when it's swirling in your mind
54:16 "you came from apes" you think...
54:19 you got to laugh at that one... right?
54:21 Say, "I am much better looking. "
54:26 What does it mean to glorify God?
54:31 Remember it says there, in Revelation 14,
54:33 it says, "Fear God and give glory to Him"
54:35 Paul said in 1 Corinthians 10:31,
54:38 "In all that you eat or drink or whatever you do,
54:42 do it to the glory of God. "
54:45 So giving glory to God includes, making wise decisions
54:50 in regard to what I take into my body
54:52 because 1st Corinthians 6:19 and 20,
54:55 let's go there... 1st Corinthians 6:19 and 20,
54:58 are we learning something tonight,
54:59 1st Corinthians 6:19 and 20, this is Paul speaking
55:04 and we're going there, all right...
55:07 1st Corinthians 6:19 and 20, "What? do you not know
55:10 that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit,"
55:15 does the Bible say in the last days
55:17 people would be grieving the Holy Spirit, Ephesians 4:30,
55:21 just like they did in the days of Noah,
55:23 they grieved the Holy Spirit,
55:26 and the Holy Spirit was withdrawn... Genesis 6:3
55:28 and one of the reasons why the Holy Spirit was withdrawn
55:31 is because they were trashing
55:33 and trampling the temple of the Spirit of God.
55:37 They were ruining their bodies with foul practices
55:41 and eating and drinking the wrong things
55:43 and eating and drinking to excess,
55:44 so that the Holy Spirit could not dwell in their temple
55:48 and so the Bible makes it very clear,
55:51 the Bible makes it very clear
55:53 that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
55:56 Would you agree? That's holy...
55:58 "who is in you, whom you have from God,
56:00 you are not your own. "
56:02 You know, sometimes people say, "Well, it's my body"
56:04 no it's not... it belongs to God,
56:06 it belongs to God, just like we call this temple,
56:09 what do we call it? God's House.
56:11 This is not your house, this is not my house,
56:13 this is God's house,
56:14 How many agree... this is holy?
56:16 You don't just do anything in this house
56:18 and we don't just do anything we want with this house...
56:20 the temple of God, can you say, "Amen. "
56:22 If you want more of the Holy Spirit,
56:24 then respect the temple of the Holy Spirit.
56:27 Would you agree, we need the early and the latter rain
56:29 and that means, you'd better make room
56:31 for the Holy Spirit in your temple.
56:33 "For you were bought at a price" that's the "cross"
56:36 I need to close... that "you were bought at a price
56:40 therefore glorify God in your body,
56:43 and in your spirit, which are God's. "
56:45 Is it clear? In light of the cross,
56:48 in light of the blood of Calvary
56:50 in light of the sacrifice of Christ,
56:52 what does the Bible say?
56:54 In light of the fact you've been bought
56:56 at an infinite price,
56:57 the price of Christ's precious life,
57:01 in light of that price, that was paid for your body,
57:04 it was paid for your entire being,
57:06 in light of that, glorify God in your body
57:09 because it's the temple of the Spirit,
57:12 it belongs to God, so, nobody can tell me,
57:15 "Oh, that's legalistic... what you're talking about"
57:17 or "You're putting a yoke over us. "
57:19 No... no... no... in light of the cross,
57:22 "Thank you Jesus that you set me free
57:25 from being ruled by wrong eating,
57:28 wrong drinking, bad habits, destructive practices... "
57:32 How many agree,
57:33 if the Son sets you free, you are free... forever free...
57:39 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:41 are sweeping across the globe,
57:43 you and your family can be prepared
57:45 to face the future with confidence,
57:48 the complete set of Amazing Prophecies on DVD
57:51 are available for a gift of $60 or more.
57:54 Call us at 1-855-336-FREE or send a check or money order
58:01 to: Forever Free Ministries, 2001 Munro Park,
58:06 Corinth, TX, 76208.
58:09 If you would like to have
58:14 Mark Fox hold an Amazing Prophecy Seminar
58:17 or a Marriage Seminar weekend in your church,
58:19 contact us today at: markfox@ foreverfreeministries. org.


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