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The Unpardonable Sin!

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet, every village,
00:23 every man, every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these Three Angels' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour,
00:48 the last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shut.
01:00 On the night of Sunday, 14 April 1912,
01:05 the moon was not visible in the clear sky
01:07 being two days before new moon,
01:10 the temperature had dropped to near freezing
01:12 and the ocean was flat calm, Captain Smith,
01:16 in response to iceberg warnings received via wireless
01:19 over the preceding few days, had drawn up a new course
01:23 which took the ship slightly further southward
01:28 because there were no ice bergs
01:31 that could survive down there when it would be warmer.
01:34 And so that Sunday at 1:45 p.m.,
01:39 a message from the steamer "America"
01:44 warned that large icebergs lay in "Titanic's" path,
01:49 but because wireless radio operators
01:52 Jack Phillips and Harold Bride were employed by Marconi,
01:58 and paid primarily to relay messages
02:02 to and from the passengers,
02:04 some of which would pay a whopping amount
02:07 to get their message to the--
02:10 to land, they were not focused on relaying
02:13 "non essential" ice messages to the bridge.
02:19 Later that evening, another report
02:22 of numerous large icebergs, this time from "Mesaba,"
02:28 also failed to reach the bridge.
02:33 In the time of the end, most are too busy
02:39 to pause to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
02:43 Our world is going down.
02:47 We've already hit the big ice bergs.
02:50 This world is already sinking
02:54 because people have violated their conscience,
02:57 resisted the Holy Spirit, rejected the truth,
03:01 this world is sinking and sinking fast.
03:04 How many believe we are living
03:06 in the last moments of this sinking world?
03:09 And so the enemy is desperately trying
03:12 to drown out, the voice of conscience
03:16 and the voice of the Holy Spirit.
03:20 The sinner must be aware today,
03:24 of fatal distractions that preoccupy the soul
03:27 with things of the world
03:29 while the world is sinking fast.
03:34 Well, we know that this whole world
03:37 is on course to commit the unpardonable sin.
03:45 This whole generation of ours
03:47 will commit the unpardonable sin
03:51 as they did in the days of Noah.
03:54 Take your Bible and turn with me
03:56 to Genesis Chapter 6, looking there at verse 3.
04:02 "And the Lord said, 'My Spirit,' What every one?
04:07 'My Spirit shall not strive with man forever,
04:13 for he is indeed flesh, yet his days
04:16 shall be a hundred and twenty years.'"
04:20 Verse 5. Why?
04:22 With the Holy Spirit be withdrawn from the earth.
04:25 Why would the Holy Spirit be withdrawn?
04:27 Because the Holy Spirit was being resisted, rejected,
04:30 maligned, derided, ridiculed.
04:33 The Holy Spirit was using mighty Noah
04:37 to preach the powerful messages of preparation for the deluge,
04:41 for the flood.
04:43 And so this powerful call from God
04:47 was being preached by Noah.
04:49 Noah was giving the last call
04:52 to get in that truly unsinkable boat.
04:56 Can you say amen?
04:58 That boat would float amidst 40 days of torrential
05:04 and upheaval.
05:05 And so the Bible makes it very clear
05:08 that the Holy Spirit was being withdrawn.
05:11 So there were only eight people
05:14 that were responding favorably positively to the Holy Spirit,
05:20 Noah and his family went in that boat,
05:24 that unsinkable boat whereas the rest of the world,
05:29 antediluvians committed the unpardonable sin.
05:35 They stayed on land
05:39 while the others went into the boat.
05:41 Why?
05:43 Because they refused
05:45 to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
05:48 They resisted, resisted, resisted
05:51 until they went to the point of no return.
05:54 Jesus says it will be just like that in the day
05:57 "as was in the days of Noah,
05:59 it will be like that in the time of the end."
06:01 Matthew 24, Luke 17, makes it clear.
06:03 There is this eerie, sticking parallel
06:06 between the social conditions
06:09 that prevailed in the days of Noah and our day.
06:12 And one of the beacon warnings
06:14 that we could receive here now, the course of time is this,
06:18 they refused to listen to the Spirit of God
06:21 'cause will need to make a decisive change in their life
06:25 whereas people today
06:27 are repeating this checkered history.
06:29 And I want you to notice here, what were doing?
06:32 What were they guilty of in the days of Noah
06:35 that would lead this entire generation
06:38 to commit the fatal sin, the unpardonable sin?
06:42 Look at Genesis 6 and see if we are on course
06:47 to commit the unpardonable sin here in America
06:50 and in earth's final generation.
06:52 Look at verse 5, "Then the Lord saw
06:55 that the wickedness of man was great in the earth."
06:58 And the Bible says, "And that every intent,"
07:02 that is thought, "of the thoughts of his heart,"
07:06 the thoughts of his heart, "was only evil continually."
07:11 That is all day long evil.
07:14 And so the Bible says here, "And the LORD was sorry
07:16 that He had made man on the earth
07:18 and He was grieved,"
07:19 notice here, "grieved in His heart."
07:24 Grieved or hurt in His heart.
07:27 So the Lord said "I will destroy man
07:30 whom I have created from the face of the earth,
07:32 both man and beast, creeping thing
07:34 and birds of the earth
07:35 for I am sorry that I have made man."
07:37 Or made them.
07:39 "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD."
07:42 So while the Holy Spirit was filling Noah and his family,
07:48 the rest of the world was losing the Spirit of God
07:51 because they were grieving the heart of God,
07:53 grieving the Spirit of God.
07:55 Do you notice the connection between
07:57 God's heart being grieved
08:00 and the Holy Spirit being withdrawn?
08:02 How many could see that connection there?
08:04 That God's heart was being grieved
08:07 and the Holy Spirit that comes from His heart
08:10 was being withdrawn.
08:12 That is happening today. How many agree?
08:15 People are grieving the heart of God,
08:18 they are grieving the Holy Spirit.
08:20 A matter of fact, take your Bible
08:21 and turn with me to Ephesians.
08:23 So how were they grieving the Holy Spirit?
08:25 By not listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
08:28 That's how they were grieving the Holy Spirit.
08:30 They were refusing to listen to the Holy Spirit's voice.
08:34 Does the Holy Spirit have a voice?
08:36 Absolutely.
08:37 Now we are going to Ephesians Chapter 4.
08:41 Ephesians Chapter 4,
08:43 these verses are just setting the pace and the tone
08:46 to unlock the mysteries that shroud
08:48 this subject of the unpardonable sin.
08:51 This subject is prophetic and it is practical.
08:54 Ephesians Chapter 4,
08:56 looking there in verses 25 and onward.
09:01 "Therefore, putting away lying,
09:02 Let each one of you speak truth with his neighbor,
09:05 for we are members of one another.
09:07 Be angry, and do not sin, do not let the sun go down
09:11 on your wrath, nor give place or opportunity to the devil.
09:16 Let him who stole steal no longer,
09:18 but rather let him labor, working with his hands
09:21 what is good, that he may have something to give
09:23 who has need.
09:24 Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth,
09:29 but that which is good or necessary for edification,
09:33 that is building up that may impart grace to the hearers.
09:37 And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God,
09:42 by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.
09:46 "Let all bitterness,"
09:47 that can grieve the Holy Spirit,
09:49 "wrath," that can grieve the Holy Spirit,
09:51 "anger," that can grieve the Holy Spirit,
09:53 "clamor," that is loud quarrelling
09:55 can grieve the Holy Spirit, "and evil speaking,"
09:58 of foolish talk can grieve the Holy Spirit,
10:01 "be put away from you, with all malice."
10:03 And be kind to one another, tenderhearted,
10:06 forgiving one another,
10:07 even as God in Christ forgave you."
10:10 So can you and I see readily here tonight
10:13 that there are variety of ways
10:15 that you can grieve the Holy Spirit
10:18 and that would put you on track
10:20 to ultimately connect the unpardonable sin?
10:23 How many of you agree?
10:24 There is a road, a dangerous road that leads to the--
10:27 ultimately to the unpardonable sin,
10:29 the point of no return or the point
10:32 where there is no turning back.
10:34 We don't want to get on that road.
10:35 How many agree?
10:37 We want to go the opposite direction
10:39 or might I say, maybe a different road.
10:41 You see the Bible makes it crystal clear,
10:44 the whole world is on course
10:46 to commit the unpardonable sin just like the antediluvians.
10:51 And so just as that door they are closed on them.
10:55 So the door by the Ark of the Covenant,
10:57 the intercession of Christ is about to close.
11:00 Probation is about to close and it will be said,
11:04 Revelation 22: 11 and 12.
11:06 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still,
11:09 he that is righteous, let him be righteous still."
11:11 You are either in or you're out.
11:13 And that happens before Jesus comes,
11:15 just as the door of the Ark was closed
11:17 before the flood came,
11:18 seven days before the flood came.
11:21 So before Jesus comes,
11:23 before the plagues are poured out,
11:26 it will be determined in heaven's throne room,
11:29 it will be determined in this judgment
11:31 that is going on now that begins with the house of God.
11:34 This judgment will reach a verdict
11:38 and the destinies of man
11:40 will be fixed for time in eternity.
11:43 It happens before Jesus comes because when He comes
11:46 He knows who He is coming of for.
11:49 And so the Bible makes it very clear.
11:50 The whole world is on course
11:53 to commit the infamous unpardonable sin.
11:56 I was gonna say mark of the beast.
11:58 Well, then yeah, people would commit
11:59 the unpardonable sin in the last days
12:02 is because they receive
12:03 the mark of the beast would you agree?
12:06 Get the mark of the beast, that is the unpardonable sin
12:08 because when we get the mark of the beast,
12:10 you can't say, "Oh, I changed my mind,
12:12 I don't want the mark of the beast,
12:13 I want the seal of God."
12:14 Too late, you committed the unpardonable sin.
12:16 And so the Bible makes it very clear.
12:18 If you want to avoid the unpardonable sin,
12:21 you got to listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
12:25 Well, what is the unpardonable sin?
12:28 Let's see. Matthew 12:31.
12:30 What is the sin that God cannot forgive?
12:33 I already set the pace and tone but let's go to it.
12:37 Matthew Chapter 12, Matthew Chapter 12,
12:42 looking there at verse 31.
12:45 The Bible says, "Therefore I say to you,
12:49 every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men,
12:53 but the blasphemy against the Spirit
12:56 will not be forgiven men.
12:59 And anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man,
13:01 it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against,"
13:06 what does it say there?
13:07 "Against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him,
13:13 either in this age or in the age to come."
13:16 So therefore, what is the unpardonable sin?
13:19 This verse is worth reading at least ten times.
13:24 We must ponder and probe the depth of its meaning.
13:29 Comparing scripture with scripture,
13:31 we can unlock the mystery
13:35 and understand the truth of this matter.
13:39 So we must not jump
13:40 to conclusions about this topic.
13:42 We must guard against preconceived opinions
13:45 because this is a serious, hard hitting,
13:48 straight shooting, sobering warning from Jesus.
13:51 This is a fearful awesome warning
13:54 especially for earth's final generation.
13:58 Therefore it is too important to guess about.
14:02 Now there is both good news and bad news
14:06 in this troublesome passage.
14:08 We read about things that can be forgiven
14:11 and one thing that cannot be forgiven.
14:14 The good news is that God forgives abortion,
14:17 killing, stealing, greed, adultery, lying,
14:20 cheating on your taxes, cursing God,
14:23 worshipping of a false god, backsliding, denying Jesus,
14:26 I mean, you can add to your list here.
14:29 God forgives if we confess our sins.
14:33 Let's say that together.
14:34 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful
14:37 and just to forgive us our sins
14:40 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
14:42 1 John 1:9.
14:44 I don't know about you but I would have,
14:45 Mark Fox would have no hope if I didn't believe
14:47 in a forgiveness of Jesus Christ.
14:49 How many need a whole lot of forgiveness
14:51 besides Mark Fox?
14:52 All right. So listen.
14:53 What does the Bible say about sin and blasphemy then?
14:57 Well, just think it is the sin
15:01 that is irreversible and unforgivable.
15:04 It is a point of no return. It is a point of no return.
15:09 Many wonder if they have committed
15:11 the unpardonable sins.
15:12 Sometimes people will come to me
15:14 as a Criss-Cross North America,
15:15 they'll come to me and say, you know what,
15:17 I'm kind of wondering
15:18 if I've committed the unpardonable sin.
15:20 Well, the enemy of our soul wants us to think
15:23 we have committed it so that we will feel lost
15:26 and hopeless and thus rob us of faith
15:29 and salvation and end up being self fulfilling prophecy.
15:34 Now I wonder if I committed it.
15:36 "Oh, on, I might as well give up."
15:37 Well, you just committed the unpardonable sin
15:38 if you stay that way.
15:41 I'm gonna agree, the devil may knock you down
15:43 but don't stay down, can you say amen?
15:46 And so or another deception
15:48 would be for our enemy to make us feel comfortable
15:51 while we are on the forbidden path
15:53 that leads ultimately to the unpardonable sin.
15:56 Isn't that true?
15:57 So in other words, the unpardonable sin,
15:59 you got to recognize it and avoid it.
16:02 And so the sin against the Holy Ghost
16:05 is rejecting the work of a Holy Ghost.
16:09 How many of you agree that Holy Spirit is at work?
16:11 Philippians 2:13.
16:14 It says, "God who works in you,"
16:16 through the Holy Spirit,
16:18 "both to will and to do what His good pleasure."
16:21 In other words, the Holy Spirit is working.
16:25 I'm just thankful that the Holy Spirit is working
16:27 for you, not against you.
16:30 The Holy Spirit is for you.
16:33 We must be for the Holy Spirit, can you say amen?
16:36 So what is the primary work of the Holy Spirit?
16:40 If indeed you do not want to grieve the Holy Spirit,
16:43 you do not want to resist the Holy Spirit,
16:45 you do not want to reject the Holy Spirit,
16:48 you want to cooperate with the Holy Spirit,
16:50 you want to response favorably to the Holy Spirit,
16:52 then you and I need to discover
16:54 what is the primary work of the Holy Spirit.
16:57 Does this make sense? Yes or no.
16:59 So let's continue.
17:01 The comprehensive skill or nature
17:05 or work of the Holy Spirit would include,
17:07 the Holy Spirit draws us, the Holy Spirit comforts us.
17:13 The Bible says in John 14: 26,
17:16 let's go there and then we'll go back to the screen.
17:18 Let's go there. John Chapter 14.
17:22 I love the Holy Spirit tonight. How about you?
17:24 I know you do. John 14:26.
17:30 There's a song that goes, "Come Holy Spirit,
17:33 I need you."
17:34 Amen. "Come Holy Spirit, I pray."
17:37 Amen. John 14 and verse number 26.
17:42 "But the Helper," so the Holy Spirit is a Helper.
17:46 The Holy Spirit, the Helper,
17:48 it is also the Holy Spirit is called the Comforter.
17:51 "The Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send
17:53 in My name, He will teach you all things."
17:55 So the Holy Spirit comforts because the Holy Spirit
18:00 is as called Helper but also that word
18:03 can also be rendered Comforter.
18:05 So Holy Spirit is known as the Comforter or the Helper,
18:09 "whom the Father will send in My name.
18:13 He will teach you."
18:14 So the Holy Spirit is our teacher.
18:16 Now even though right now,
18:18 Mark Fox is up here preaching and teaching, come on now,
18:22 who is the ultimate teacher, really?
18:25 I can get up here and I can say words
18:27 but they are not gonna resonate in your heart.
18:29 They are gonna be nothing
18:30 without the help of the Holy Spirit.
18:32 How many of you agree?
18:33 You need the guidance, the assistance,
18:36 the impressions of the Holy Spirit
18:38 to make the word come alive
18:39 otherwise it's just the dead letter, right?
18:42 We don't understand.
18:43 The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 2:14,
18:45 "Spiritual things are spiritually discerned."
18:49 Spiritually recognized, spiritually discovered.
18:52 The Holy Spirit puts your glasses on, right?
18:55 Like, you know, spiritually glasses, all right.
18:57 Now I want you to notice here,
18:59 Holy Spirit is our teacher, "teaches us all things"
19:03 and I love this.
19:04 "Brings to your remembrance all things that I said to you."
19:08 How many of you had the experienced
19:10 going through the throws of a trial?
19:11 You are in the crucible of a trial,
19:13 I mean, it's terrible, it's thick, it's horrible
19:16 and as you are brooding over this trial
19:19 and you are wondering
19:20 how am I gonna endure this trial, bam,
19:23 the Holy Spirit flashes into your memory,
19:27 brings to your remembrance some song,
19:30 some scripture, some gem of thought.
19:34 Maybe it can be even like a little allegory about
19:37 footprints in the sand.
19:39 I think you are familiar, many of you with that one
19:41 or hymn like "Amazing Grace"
19:44 or hymn like "How Great Thou Art"
19:46 or a scripture like "He will never leave you,
19:50 nor forsake you."
19:51 Hebrews 13: 5 and 6.
19:53 Or "Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the ages."
19:56 Matthew 28:20.
19:59 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
20:02 Philippians 4: 13.
20:03 How many agree the Holy Spirit
20:04 will bring those up on the computer screen of mind?
20:09 How many are thankful
20:10 that the Holy Spirit works for you.
20:14 And so think about it.
20:16 The Holy Spirit is continually at work in us,
20:20 teaching us, reminding us, comforting us.
20:24 And let's go back to the screen.
20:27 The Holy Spirit draws us, the Holy Spirit comforts us,
20:30 the Holy Spirit converts us.
20:33 You can't change your heart in your own self.
20:36 But look at me.
20:37 You cannot change your evil heart.
20:41 "Our heart is desperately wicked."
20:43 It says in Jeremiah 17: 9 and 10.
20:46 It says "Who can know it?" Who can know it?
20:49 God knows it.
20:50 And the Holy Spirit converts us.
20:53 The Holy Spirit-- when we ask Jesus
20:55 to come into our heart,
20:57 He comes in through the Holy Spirit.
20:59 And the Holy Spirit changes us, the Holy Spirit transforms us.
21:05 Again, the Holy Spirit-- back to the screen,
21:08 inspires us.
21:10 "All scripture is given by the inspiration of God."
21:13 It is God bree through the Holy Spirit.
21:16 How many agree, there is no inspiration
21:20 without the Holy Spirit.
21:22 Who is our inspiration?
21:25 And so Holy Spirit-- back to the screen.
21:29 The Holy Spirit impresses us.
21:31 The Holy Spirit, you know, let me say this,
21:35 night by night, Holy Spirit has been taking
21:39 what is being said here and impressing you heart.
21:45 Think about it.
21:47 The Holy Spirit impresses us. Have you ever said this?
21:51 "Oh, I feel impressed to,
21:54 oh, I felt impressed to give you a call
21:56 or somebody calls you, "I felt impressed to call you."
21:58 All right.
22:00 You know impressions of the Holy Spirit
22:02 are very, very important.
22:05 You don't want to ignore the Holy Spirit.
22:09 You want to recognize and respond to the Holy Spirit.
22:12 So the Holy Spirit will impress us, you know.
22:16 The Bible makes it very clear
22:18 that "All the scriptures are inspired."
22:21 It says holy men of God spoke
22:24 and wrote "as they were moved by the Holy Ghost."
22:30 As they were impressed by the Holy Spirit.
22:33 That's in 2 Peter Chapter 1: 19-21 in there.
22:39 So the Holy Spirit moved the patriarchs and prophets
22:43 and the apostles.
22:45 And the same Spirit that moved them
22:47 to write things down,
22:49 is a Holy Spirit that's moving us
22:51 to accept what was written down by the Holy Ghost.
22:55 So thank God for impressions.
22:59 So we go back to the screen. The Holy Spirit refreshes.
23:05 All right, take your Bible and turn with me
23:07 to Acts Chapter 3.
23:09 I love the Holy Spirit tonight, amen.
23:12 I love the Holy Spirit. What is the unpardonable sin?
23:17 It's resisting, resisting, resisting, resisting,
23:20 resisting the Holy Spirit
23:22 until you cannot even respond anymore
23:24 because you have lost the ability to respond,
23:27 because your heart has become so hard,
23:29 you don't even recognize the voice of the Holy Spirit.
23:32 That's the unpardonable sin. What's the unpardonable sin?
23:35 It's the sin that you refused to give up
23:38 because all sin can be forgiven if it's confessed and forsaken
23:42 through the help of the Holy Spirit.
23:44 How many agree the Holy Spirit
23:45 is like a flash light shining any sin your heart?
23:48 We'll get to that in a moment.
23:50 So the Holy Spirit will refresh us.
23:56 How many get--
23:58 it overwhelms sometimes you get a little tired
24:02 and maybe all of a sudden you start to feel nagging fears
24:05 or fear a little inundated with guilt
24:09 or whatever the emotion, anyway you just feel,
24:12 start to get a little tired
24:14 even though you shall think, the Bible says in Isaiah 40.
24:17 But the Bible says here, listen, listen, listen.
24:19 Acts 3:19. "Repent."
24:22 And we can only do that
24:24 through the help of the Holy Spirit.
24:25 You cannot repent in your own flesh.
24:28 "The flesh profits nothing."
24:32 That's what the scriptures teach.
24:34 That's what Jesus said in John 6,
24:35 "The flesh profits nothing."
24:39 John 6: 63.
24:41 And He said it is the Spirit that gives life.
24:46 The Spirit gives life. There's no life in the flesh.
24:49 Oh, yeah, you know, you got the physical life
24:50 but there's no spiritual life.
24:52 The Bible says in Ephesians 2, "We are dead in sin."
24:59 And so that's our dilemma. Our deplorable condition.
25:02 We are dead in sin so we need the inspiration
25:05 and the refreshing, the renewal,
25:07 the reviving of the Holy Spirit.
25:09 How many agree the Holy Spirit
25:11 is needed every moment in our existence?
25:14 The Holy Spirit connects us with God,
25:16 the Holy Spirit supports us.
25:19 You want a support system, you got the Holy Spirit.
25:23 The Holy Spirit is our Counselor as well,
25:25 our Comforter and so forth.
25:27 So let's look at this.
25:28 Acts 3, so the Holy Spirit,
25:31 "The Holy Spirit will help us to repent."
25:36 The Holy Spirit will help us to repent.
25:38 Look here at verse 19 back there.
25:40 "Repent, therefore and be converted
25:42 that your sins may be blotted out
25:45 and so that times of refreshing
25:48 they come from the presence of the Lord."
25:50 Well, is the presence of the Lord here?
25:52 Huh, there is healing in this house.
25:55 The presence of the Lord is here.
25:58 But you don't see Jesus.
25:59 It's through His unseen third person
26:02 of the God head, the Holy Spirit.
26:07 The Holy Spirit is not an air of force.
26:09 The Holy Spirit is a person.
26:11 Jesus said, when "He, the Spirit if truth is come,
26:14 He will guide you in all truth."
26:16 He, Jesus called the Holy Spirit,
26:17 not an it but He.
26:19 Now watch this, watch this. So Jesus made it very clear.
26:23 Then He said, "You ask the Father in my name,
26:26 then He's gonna give you the Holy Spirit.
26:29 And the Holy Spirit is gonna bring to us
26:31 the presence of Jesus.
26:33 Do you remember in one occasion,
26:35 Jesus in John Chapter 20, after He was risen,
26:38 the disciples were gathered together in the upper room?
26:41 And the Bible says in John 20.
26:42 It says there "He breathed on them the Holy Ghost."
26:47 So the Holy Ghost, you don't see the Holy Spirit
26:50 but what is this, what is He talking about?
26:53 You know, breathe on them the Holy Spirit.
26:56 Uh, the Holy Spirit is refreshing.
26:59 Amen. The Holy Spirit is refreshing.
27:01 It's compared, the Holy Spirit is compared to water,
27:04 the Holy Spirit is compared to wind.
27:06 How many of you agree?
27:07 The wind, uh, refreshing, water, refreshing,
27:11 the presence of God is refreshing.
27:15 And so the Bible makes it very clear.
27:17 That's what we need.
27:18 When we go through burdens, the trials,
27:20 the temptations that are formidable and fierce,
27:23 let me tell you something.
27:24 We need to go in the presence of God
27:26 and say "Refresh me, Holy Spirit
27:28 and fill me Holy Spirit."
27:30 The Bible says in Ephesians Chapter 5
27:31 "Be filled with Spirit."
27:33 How many agree if you are being
27:34 filled with the Spirit, that's the opposite
27:37 of going towards the mark of the beast
27:39 and the unpardonable sin and all that?
27:40 How many agree? "Overcome evil with good."
27:43 Romans 12:21.
27:44 "Be filled with the Spirit of God"
27:46 And so the Bible says here
27:48 "Refresh from the presence of the Lord."
27:51 Refreshing form the presence of the Lord.
27:54 I love that, refreshing from the presence of the Lord.
27:57 You know, the disciples were gathered together
27:59 for 10 days seeking the gift of the Holy Spirit.
28:05 Now I believe in some degree they--
28:07 You know, they had the presence of Jesus.
28:09 The Bible says in John 20,
28:10 "He breathed upon them the Holy Spirit.
28:13 So they had some measure of the Holy Spirit
28:15 because, you know, without the Holy Spirit,
28:16 you wouldn't even have a desire for God
28:18 because there's no good thing in our flesh.
28:25 Paul said in Philippians, he said,
28:27 "I put no confidence in the flesh."
28:31 There's only one thing that the flesh is good for.
28:34 The Bible says, "crucify."
28:37 It's because the flesh cannot rule,
28:39 the Holy Spirit must rule.
28:41 Surrender to the Holy Spirit. Amen.
28:44 And so I want you to notice here, refreshing.
28:48 The disciples prayed for ten days
28:50 and after ten days,
28:52 it was like a mighty rushing wind.
28:56 The place was shaking, the wind of the Holy Spirit.
28:59 Jesus compared the operation, the function, the work
29:02 and the presence of the Holy Spirit in John 3
29:04 when He was talking to Nicodemus
29:06 in that night time conference there
29:08 in the Garden of Gethsemane.
29:09 Do you remember, He compared the new birth,
29:12 He said "You got to born of the Spirit."
29:15 And He said "It's like wind."
29:17 You don't see the wind but you see what it does.
29:22 You see the move of wind in terms of what it does.
29:25 It's a fact. It's powerful.
29:27 How many agree wind is powerful?
29:30 And so I want you to notice here,
29:31 the refreshing, the refreshing,
29:33 oh, how we need the refreshing of the Holy Spirit.
29:36 How many agree let's have Jesus breathe up on us
29:39 the Holy Spirit on us tonight?
29:41 And that we might really be revitalized and refreshed.
29:46 And so the Bible makes it very clear.
29:48 Let's go back to the screen.
29:51 The Holy Spirit gives wisdom. The Holy Spirit gives wisdom.
29:55 I love that. And the Holy Spirit empowers.
29:58 That's how we get the power.
29:59 "Not by might, nor by power,
30:02 but by My Spirit," said the Lord.
30:04 Zechariah 4: 6. How many agree?
30:06 The Holy Spirit has ample power for the weakest believer?
30:12 Have you ever fell like you are just like weak?
30:15 Come on now, I felt that way as well.
30:16 And if you think you are week I would argue with this
30:18 and I'm more weak than you are.
30:20 But the Bible says in Joel 3:10.
30:22 "Let the weak say, 'I am strong.'
30:25 "That's a quote from scripture.
30:28 By the way there is power in the word
30:30 because the Holy Spirit is in the word,
30:32 because the Holy Spirit--
30:33 The words that I speak they are spirit and they are life.
30:36 This is not a dead letter through the Holy Spirit.
30:38 In Hebrews 4:12 says, "The Word of God is alive."
30:43 Amen. "The Word of God is alive."
30:47 Where this is known as the table of showbread
30:49 which was the table of His presence.
30:52 You want more of the presence of God
30:53 you open this book and say,
30:55 Lord, I'm going into Your presence
30:57 speak to me a timely word and He always will.
31:04 And so listen to me, Holy Spirit,
31:08 Holy Spirit empowers us to resist temptation.
31:13 The Holy Spirit enlightens,
31:16 helps us to understand God's will.
31:19 The Holy Spirit supports us. The Holy Spirit sustains us.
31:23 The Holy Spirit protects us and on and on and on
31:27 this is just the tip of the iceberg
31:29 in terms of explaining and articulating
31:33 how wonderful the work and operation
31:36 and function of the Holy Spirit is.
31:38 Now can you see that we must praise God
31:42 for the Spirit of God for the Holy Spirit, amen.
31:45 Now keep this in mind
31:46 we don't glorify the Holy Spirit.
31:48 The Holy Spirit, the Bible says in John 16,
31:50 that the work of the Holy Spirit is to glorify Jesus.
31:55 So the Holy Spirit's work,
31:56 when the Holy Spirit comes within us
31:58 we just want to praise Jesus.
32:00 Oh, it's okay to say, come Holy Spirit,
32:03 thank you Holy Spirit
32:04 but ultimately we are praising Jesus, amen.
32:08 We praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
32:11 but the Holy Spirit exalts Jesus.
32:14 I love this scripture and what book of the Bible?
32:16 Revelation 3:20 read it together with me.
32:20 I love this book and I'm gonna thunder out
32:23 one particular word there.
32:26 "Behold, I stand at the door and knock.
32:28 If anyone hears My voice and opens the door,
32:34 I will come in to him and will what?
32:37 And dine with Him, and He with me"
32:40 sitting down with Jesus in sweet fellowship.
32:43 You know, when you want to get close to someone
32:46 what do you do?
32:48 Hey, come on over and eat or let's go out to eat
32:50 or can I come over and eat.
32:53 The idea is let's eat together.
32:55 Let's doesn't talk, let's eat
32:59 because when you eat it kind of open up, right,
33:03 depending on the food.
33:05 All right, anyway, so the Bible makes it very clear
33:09 Jesus says I'm knocking, I'm knocking on the door.
33:13 How does He knock?
33:15 Through the Holy Spirit, through the Word of God,
33:17 through His providential leading, through people.
33:20 How many agree people?
33:21 God gonna use people to knock on the door of your heart.
33:24 And so He knocks on the--
33:26 What's the door? That's our heart.
33:28 If anyone hears My voice,
33:30 that's how He knocks through His voice.
33:32 "If anyone hears My voice and opens the door,"
33:35 that's our part, we got to open the door.
33:37 "I will come in to him
33:39 and dine with him, and he with Me."
33:40 Now I want you to think about this,
33:42 that's the Book of Revelation.
33:45 I want you to think about this.
33:47 Our eternal salvation based on the scripture
33:52 depends upon recognizing that knocking voice
33:57 and opening the door saying,
34:00 Jesus, I don't want to listen to any other voice
34:03 except that lovely, pleading, tender, melodious,
34:09 life giving voice.
34:11 Would you agree when you feel that
34:14 God is speaking to your heart personally,
34:17 calling you by name as it were.
34:19 Would you agree that strengthens you?
34:23 What if you never heard the voice of God speaking to you?
34:28 You heard the Word of God
34:30 but just you didn't, there was nothing.
34:37 Would you agree that would be the ultimate tragedy?
34:43 Thank God we can learn to get in tune
34:47 on the right frequency to heaven.
34:50 I'm gonna agree there is a frequency.
34:53 Jesus wants us get tuned in
34:56 so that we can hear His still small voice.
34:58 I think about go with me to 1 John.
35:01 I'm sorry, 1 John, 1 Kings,
35:04 1 Kings Chapter 19,
35:07 1 Kings 19:11
35:12 about the experience of Elijah at the mount.
35:16 "Then He said, 'Go out,
35:17 and stand on the mountain before the Lord.'
35:19 And behold, the Lord passed by,
35:20 and a great and strong wind tore into the mountains
35:25 and broke the rocks in pieces before the Lord."
35:28 Well, that would have got His attention right.
35:30 I mean, that would get your attention
35:32 riveted on what was taking place.
35:35 "But the Lord was not in the wind,
35:39 and after the wind an earthquake.
35:44 "Can you imagine that?"
35:46 I will get your attention
35:47 when the whole mountain is shaking
35:49 "but the Lord was not in the earthquake
35:52 and after the earthquake a fire,
35:55 but the Lord was not in the fire,
35:57 and after the fire a still small voice."
36:03 And I have in my Bible, I have in my Bible
36:08 and after the fire a still small voice."
36:12 And it's rendered here a delicate whispering voice.
36:17 A delicate whispering voice
36:21 like the sound of the breeze.
36:27 Lofting through the leafs in the fall
36:31 but still small voice of the Holy Spirit.
36:36 But we got the TV on, we got the music on,
36:40 we got our iPods and iPhones and iPads whatever,
36:45 we've got commotion, we have got a lot of noise
36:48 and toys and we've got so many deadlines
36:52 and this sort that,
36:55 Jesus speaking that still small voice.
36:58 And for those who are not recognizing it
37:01 because you are too busy with their toys
37:04 and their noise and deadlines and everything
37:07 that aren't listening even in their leisure,
37:09 they've got much barraged noise,
37:12 they are not listening...
37:17 because they are not listening
37:19 to the still small voice of Holy Spirit.
37:21 You are on track to commit the unpardonable sin.
37:26 On the way we can make sure that
37:28 we are not resisting or rejecting any phase of work
37:32 of the Holy Spirit it's by being into
37:35 what that still small voice of the Holy Spirit.
37:39 So Bible makes it very clear Elijah,
37:42 Elijah he heard the voice
37:49 and Elijah was ultimately translated to heaven.
37:53 Anybody interested in that?
37:58 Elijah recognized and followed that voice
38:03 and it led him to be translator.
38:08 We must if we want to be translated
38:12 the preparation for translation
38:15 is lesser than the still small voice of Holy Spirit.
38:24 Listen, I'm sure that you that--
38:28 microphone tonight you could come up here
38:31 and I could ask you whether are there different times
38:34 in you life where you felt that Holy Spirit speaking to you,
38:37 the Holy Spirit speaking that still small voice.
38:39 I want to go ahead and raise your hand if you've had.
38:41 You know, you kind of sense, maybe not an audible voice
38:43 but you just sense, wow, that's a Holy Spirit speaking to me.
38:47 We must listen.
38:51 Every time we study the Bible,
38:53 every time we get up in the morning
38:55 we must always ask, Jesus,
38:58 what are You saying to me?
38:59 The Bible says in Psalms 4,
39:01 when you are laying down on your bed
39:03 be still and meditate within your heart.
39:06 What are you tying to do?
39:08 You are tying to listen, get in tune with Jesus
39:10 while you are still, even before your day starts
39:12 and as your day ends just be there still
39:15 and be like Samuel and when the Lord calls your name
39:19 Samuel, Samuel, Mark, Mark,
39:23 you can immediately say, Lord, I'm here.
39:28 I'm listening. I'm listening.
39:32 Now because I used to blast Led Zeppelin into my head
39:37 during the hippy era I am known to say, huh.
39:43 I'm gonna tell you how many times I say, huh.
39:45 I'm just saying, I say, huh.
39:49 I need to get another hearing check up
39:52 but let it go down on record I'm not in a rush.
39:56 Hearing aid will come I guess sometime.
39:59 Well, I might be able to get by with that
40:01 but one thing that Mark Fox cannot get by with,
40:05 I need a daily hearing check up spiritually.
40:12 Go with me to the Book of Revelation,
40:14 you want to relate this to Bible prophecy we will.
40:17 You want to make sure you don't,
40:19 you don't give into the Mark of the Beast
40:21 and we've identified what is the Mark of the Beast.
40:23 The beast is the Roman papal system
40:25 and the mark of their authority.
40:26 They say the mark of their authority is Sunday observance.
40:29 Nobody has the mark of the beast
40:31 because it has not been enforced
40:32 but soon in the horizon according to Bible prophecy
40:36 there will be a national Sunday law
40:38 and everyone will be forced to make a decision
40:42 for or against God's law or man's law.
40:47 Look here Revelation Chapter 14, 13,
40:53 in the context of talking about the beast, verse 9.
40:58 "If anyone has an ear,"
41:00 what book of the Bible? Revelation.
41:02 "Let him hear."
41:04 Look at Revelation Chapter 1, Revelation Chapter 1
41:09 looking there at verse 3,
41:11 "Blessed is he who reads and those who
41:14 hear the words of this prophecy,
41:17 and keep those things which are written in it,
41:18 for the time is near."
41:21 So the Bible makes it very clear.
41:22 In the Book of Revelation you got to hear
41:25 what Revelation is really saying and how many agree?
41:28 That's more than the ear that's the heart ear.
41:32 Just like, come on ladies,
41:33 when you are talking to your husband
41:34 would you agree you want them to hear more than this ear,
41:37 you want them to hear with the heart ear.
41:38 Can you say amen, ladies?
41:40 And that applies to man. Can you say, amen?
41:43 Like, you know, you want your wives to listen and say amen.
41:46 All right, you got that.
41:48 All right, we cannot see Jesus but we can hear His voice
41:55 through the Holy Spirit speaking to us every hour,
41:59 every hour.
42:02 I said, Jesus talking to me constantly, constantly.
42:09 Correcting?
42:11 Oh, Holy Spirit will correct you.
42:12 Rebuking?
42:13 Oh, I get rebuked by the Holy Spirit.
42:16 Comforting? Oh, thank God.
42:21 You know, sometimes I'm without my family
42:22 as I go on the road.
42:25 It gets a little lonely and so I just seek the Lord
42:31 and somehow His comfort is there.
42:34 Home sickness can liberally leads you to seek the Lord
42:38 and receive the comfort.
42:39 Some of you have lost the loved one.
42:42 Maybe some of you are a widower.
42:45 Let me tell you something you are never alone.
42:49 The Holy Spirit is there just that Jesus is with you
42:55 as though you could actually see Him
42:57 because my Bible tells me He is always at my right hand.
43:00 That's when I ask, that's why when I ask my children
43:04 where is Jesus they will do this.
43:09 I'm glad, let's do it.
43:13 So somebody says, what do you believe about Jesus?
43:18 Say what?
43:20 Hallelujah. Amen.
43:24 "The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin."
43:28 Take your Bible and turn with me to John 16,
43:30 John 16 going there quickly.
43:34 John wrote the Book of Revelation as well.
43:36 We are looking here at John 16, John 16,
43:41 give you moment to locate that.
43:43 John 16, we are looking there at verse 8.
43:48 Well, work of the Holy Spirit.
43:50 You want to make sure you don't resist, reject, refuse,
43:53 grieve the Holy Spirit
43:54 then you got to know what Holy Spirit wants to do
43:57 and you must yield the right away, right.
44:03 You got to yield. Everybody say yield.
44:06 You got to yield in the Holy Spirit.
44:08 That means surrender. Say, Holy Spirit, you guide me.
44:12 Holy Spirit, you lead the way.
44:14 Holy Spirit, you tell me what you want me to do.
44:17 I'm not in the driving seat.
44:20 Notice John 16:8,
44:22 "And when He has come, Jesus said
44:25 He notice he, he, not it.
44:27 He will convict the world of sin,
44:32 of righteousness, and of judgment of sin,
44:35 because they do not believe in Me of righteousness.
44:38 Because I go to my father and you see me no more
44:41 of judgment because the rule of this world is judged.
44:44 So what is Jesus saying there?
44:45 I want to zero in on this aspect.
44:47 Jesus says that the Holy Spirit
44:49 will put to squeeze on your heart.
44:52 The Holy Spirit will make you feel uncomfortable in any sin
44:58 or a false teaching that has been exposed
45:01 as being just that.
45:03 And so the work of the Holy Spirit is to convict.
45:07 Now when the convicting power of the Holy Spirit
45:11 comes upon you seizes your heart,
45:14 do you think that your natural response is gonna be,
45:17 hippy, I'm under conviction.
45:22 Time to celebrate. No.
45:25 You might get little squirming if the preacher is preaching
45:28 and all of the sudden the Holy Spirit says,
45:30 "hue, you go to make a change and you start squirming,
45:34 prospering, you know, the heart starts start's racing,
45:36 you say, honey, I want to get out of here.
45:39 Why, because the flesh always rebels against
45:43 the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.
45:48 Our flesh is always talking to us
45:51 and the Holy Spirit says, flesh, be quiet.
45:55 I'm in control here. And there is this war.
45:57 Galatians 5 talks about the war between the spirit and flesh.
46:00 Say, oh, so, that' what going on.
46:02 Lord, there is a war against truth and error,
46:06 there is a war against sin and righteousness
46:08 and the Holy Spirit will make me feel miserable
46:13 in sin or false teachings.
46:19 My Bible tells me come out from among them
46:22 and be separate says the Lord.
46:25 And we apply that in two ways, that 2 Corinthians 6:16, 17.
46:29 Would you agree God wants us to come out of sin?
46:31 We just read it.
46:32 But He also wants us to come out of something else.
46:36 Take your Bible and turn with me to John 16:13.
46:40 He wants us to come out of sin.
46:42 Everybody say sin.
46:44 Come out of the world of sin and be separate.
46:46 "Sanctify them in the truth, thy word is truth."
46:49 So there is another way,
46:51 another way the Holy Spirit guides us
46:53 John 17:17 and this is John 16:13.
46:57 "Howbeit when he, the Spirit of"
47:00 so does the Holy Spirit have anything
47:01 to do with the truth, yes or no?
47:04 You cannot separate the truth from the Holy Spirit
47:06 because the Holy Spirit inspired the truth
47:08 and the Holy Spirit will not comfort you with error.
47:11 The Holy Spirit will comfort you with truth.
47:15 So the Holy Spirit does not want you
47:17 to feel comfortable in false teachings.
47:22 Let me give you an example, a person says,
47:25 when you die you go right to be with the Lord.
47:29 That's false comfort.
47:31 Listen what Paul said,
47:33 "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven
47:35 with a shout, with the voice of the archangel,
47:37 and with the trump of God, and the dead in Christ"
47:42 I like that, death, that's not too great.
47:44 In Christ, okay, death but they are in Christ.
47:47 "Dead in Christ shall rise first,
47:50 then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up,
47:53 taken up together with them to meet the Lord in the air
47:57 and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
48:00 Wherefore comfort one another with these words"
48:06 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. What is that saying?
48:09 Paul is saying comfort people with the truth.
48:15 The Holy Spirit wants you and I to know
48:17 when you die you don't go to be with the Lord,
48:19 you will go to be with the Lord
48:21 when Jesus raises the dead in Christ.
48:23 Is this making sense tonight?
48:25 So the idea is the Holy Spirit
48:28 wants you to feel uncomfortable in sin,
48:30 leave it and leave it now.
48:32 Any addictions you got to give up,
48:35 the Holy Spirit is making feel uncomfortable with them?
48:37 Make the Holy Spirit feel at home in your heart
48:41 and you will be all right.
48:45 And so the Holy Spirit will guide us into truth.
48:49 I'm wondering we've been together
48:51 four and half weeks marathon
48:59 and you probably told yourself
49:00 as you were coming to the meeting
49:02 or maybe after opening night,
49:05 now I'm only coming once or twice you got hooked.
49:10 The Holy Spirit got you, halleluiah.
49:14 Let me tell you something.
49:16 The Holy Spirit guides us into truth
49:20 unvarnished, undiluted, unpopular truth
49:24 but the truth always demands a change to leave error
49:28 because the truth shuts you free
49:31 if you know it by obedience.
49:34 John 8:32.
49:36 So would you agree if the Holy Spirit is leading us,
49:38 notice here, "Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come,
49:43 he will guide you into all truth."
49:45 So does the Holy Spirit
49:47 want to guide me into truth, yes or no?
49:49 All truth and noting but the truth.
49:51 So if the Holy Spirit is guiding me into truth
49:54 well, that necessitate
49:55 and require some changes along the way
49:58 because there is a learning truth on having to see,
50:01 oh, I was following a false teaching here
50:04 and a false teaching there.
50:05 Oh, I thought Sunday observance was okay,
50:07 but now I realized the seventh day is the Sabbath
50:11 and that is Saturday,
50:12 sundown Friday night, sundown Saturday night,
50:14 this is the Lord's day, Revelation 1:10,
50:17 I was in the spirit on the Lord's day,
50:18 the Lord still has the day.
50:21 That's New Testament, Book of Revelation.
50:24 And so the Bible makes it very clear
50:26 that the Holy Spirit is wanting to guide me into truth.
50:29 I must say, Holy Spirit, I will follow
50:32 because to be guided into truth
50:34 is not just intellectually, it's spiritually.
50:38 How many agree the Holy Spirit first get your head,
50:40 then it goes for your heart and then it says, okay,
50:42 it's time to bring this down to the feet.
50:49 I know the words just like the Sabbath,
50:51 there is something you do there.
50:53 You don't work on that day.
50:55 You go to church on that day.
50:56 You know, why?
50:57 Because the Holy Spirit tells you to do it.
51:01 How many agree the Holy Spirit will speak to you
51:04 and the Holy Spirit will bring to remembrance,
51:07 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.
51:08 That's what the new covenant is all about.
51:10 When the Bible says the Holy Spirit writes it on your heart,
51:13 Hebrews 8:10 what does that mean?
51:15 The Holy Spirit writes it and talks it.
51:17 It says, now remember, remember what the Bible says,
51:20 remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy
51:22 and you are laying in bed saying
51:23 I don't want to go to church today
51:25 and the Holy Spirit says, let's get up.
51:29 Now you can do what you do
51:31 with your alarm clock to the Holy Spirit.
51:33 You know, you can just turn the thing off and say,
51:35 hey, that's about enough for you.
51:38 Throw it out the window or whatever.
51:40 How many agree, you can't afford
51:41 to do that with the Holy Spirit.
51:42 You could get ultimately on the track,
51:45 the bad, dangerous road
51:48 that leads ultimately to the unpardonable sin.
51:51 How many agree?
51:53 You don't want to get on that road.
51:54 I'm not saying that if you make a mistake,
51:56 you fail, you sin against God.
51:59 No, that doesn't mean you have committed the unpardonable sin
52:02 but it does mean that you are numbing your conscience.
52:05 It does mean that you are hardening your heart.
52:08 Hebrews 4:7 says, "Today if you hear his voice,
52:12 do not harden your heart."
52:14 Well, you know, how hardening of the arteries takes place.
52:17 It doesn't take place over night.
52:20 But I will tell you it can happen fast, you know.
52:23 Get a accustomed to those big old big max.
52:25 I mean, what do they make and I know how higher they are now.
52:27 Two feet or I don't know.
52:30 You know, get that super sized milkshake
52:34 and I don't shake you up.
52:37 You know, you put that stuff in there
52:39 it starts clogging, clogging.
52:43 By the way, they have actually done research
52:45 that after a meal like that they can actually see
52:48 the detrimental effects of that right away.
52:52 And so what happens, you go to the doctor
52:54 and the doctor says, you know, we got to do some surgery
52:57 to start to open up those arteries,
53:01 they are all sticky and it's narrowed
53:04 and you got blockages.
53:06 You got hardening of the heart.
53:12 I'm here to tell you there is a lot of surgery
53:14 that needs to take place in the house of God
53:16 because we have hardened our heart,
53:17 we are lukewarm, we think we are fine
53:18 when we are really not.
53:20 Would you agree, that's a hardening?
53:21 That's called gospel hardening.
53:24 You hear the gospel but don't do a thing,
53:27 you remain lukewarm, that's gospel hardened.
53:31 Beloved, we don't want to be like that.
53:33 We want to be moved to the Holy Spirit,
53:35 we want to be able to shed a tear once in a while
53:37 when we hear about what Jesus did for us.
53:39 How many agree, we got to be moved, amen.
53:42 But we are not moved unless
53:44 we listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.
53:48 I'm gonna agree you listen to that Holy Spirit,
53:50 the Holy Spirit will make you weep sometime.
53:52 Holy Spirit will make you tremble sometime.
53:54 The Bible says in Isaiah 66, it says,
53:56 we ought to tremble before the Word of God.
53:59 How many agree, when you are in the presence of God
54:01 you don't say, hey, buddy, how you doing?
54:03 No, no, no, no, no, we don't do that.
54:06 God is not our buddy, He is our Holy Father.
54:11 Jesus is not our buddy, He is our Savior.
54:16 Oh, He is our best friend, I can tell you that.
54:19 But we must recognize that still small voice
54:22 and not do as the Bible says, "Don't grieve the Holy Spirit"
54:25 Ephesians 4:30, "Don't do despite to the Holy Spirit."
54:30 Bible tells us in Hebrews 10:29
54:36 and then do not, do not grieve, do not resist the Holy Spirit.
54:41 As Steven when he was preaching he said,
54:44 you're always resisting the Holy Spirit.
54:46 You know, what they did?
54:47 The Bible said they closed their ears and they stoned them
54:50 All the prophets that's Acts 7:51 by the way.
54:54 He said, "You stiff-necked people!
54:58 Your got the law but you don't keep it.
55:01 Not happens all the times in my seminars.
55:03 People hear the law of God but they won't keep it.
55:07 They do this, they close their ears and close their eyes
55:11 and Steven said your stiff next,
55:14 you are always resisting the Holy Spirit.
55:16 And the Bible says, his face was shining like an angel.
55:20 And he was preaching and these people did not want to, what?
55:25 Hear it.
55:28 They were closed minded.
55:29 You share the Sabbath with some people
55:31 and guarantee some of them I are gonna be like,
55:35 I don't want to hear it.
55:36 Can you just be quiet about that?
55:38 Because they might need to go to the boss and say,
55:40 you know what, I'm not gonna work today.
55:42 Say, what?
55:44 Beloved, we need to learn to hear the voice of God
55:48 and not care about these other voices.
55:51 And so Steven said your stiff neck...
55:56 well, come on you see even in kids.
55:59 Johnny, come here, come here,
56:01 you got to return those toys to Sally.
56:03 You just took them, come, come.
56:05 What does Johnny do, I don't want to.
56:09 I don't know what is it about this neck,
56:11 it has to be stiffen, you know, it might get broken.
56:15 You stiff neck people...
56:18 you are always resisting the Holy Spirit.
56:20 Every prophet was mistreated.
56:26 Prophets were stoned and what did they do,
56:29 what did we do with Jesus who is the truth?
56:34 We crucified Him.
56:35 And the way we treat the truth that we have been hearing
56:38 night by night in this seminar is the way we treat Jesus
56:42 and the Holy Spirit.
56:43 Jesus is the way of the truth and life, John 14:6.
56:47 And the Holy Spirit is the author of truth,
56:49 the spirit of truth.
56:51 Would you agree we need to tremble
56:53 lest we resist the Holy Spirit in any--
56:56 How many agree if you accept the Bible Sabbath
56:58 but you don't except, you need to come out of Babylon
57:01 and get into the remnant.
57:03 You are in partial blindness and you resist.
57:06 How many agree, you got to get the whole truth?
57:10 And so I want you to notice here beloved,
57:12 where is the Holy Spirit gonna lead us
57:14 and the dragon was in rage with the woman
57:18 and he went to make war with the rest of her off-spring
57:20 the remnant who keeps the commandments of God
57:24 including the Seventh-day Sabbath
57:25 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
57:27 Don't you think the Holy Spirit
57:29 wants to lead you in right, there?
57:34 How many agree God is up to something
57:37 and it's through the operation of work of the Holy Spirit.
57:41 He's led you this seminar.
57:44 He prepared you for the seminar before you came to the seminar.
57:49 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:52 are sweeping across the globe
57:54 you and your family can be prepared
57:56 to face the future with comforts.
57:59 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies on DVD
58:02 are available for a gift of $60 or more.
58:05 Call us at 1-855-336-FREE
58:10 or send your check or money order to
58:12 Forever Free Ministries,
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58:21 If you would like to have Mark Fox hold
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