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The Return of Elijah!

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet,
00:22 every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these Three Angles' Messages.
00:34 These are stories
00:36 that illustrate the kind of fabric of character
00:38 and perseverance that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour.
00:48 The last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shot.
01:00 It's the last prophecy of the Old Testament,
01:03 it is startling, stunning, prophetic and practical.
01:07 Go with me to the last page of the Old Testament.
01:12 If you don't know where that is,
01:13 go to Matthew, all right and then back up.
01:17 All right, Malachi 4:5-6,
01:22 "Behold, I will send you Elijah The Prophet
01:27 before timing,
01:30 the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord,
01:34 what would be his mission
01:36 and he will turn or transform
01:40 or convert the hearts of the fathers to the children
01:47 and the hearts of the children to their fathers,
01:51 lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.
01:56 These are packed words.
01:59 This is the concentrated passage of scripture
02:05 that really has a lot to do with our day
02:10 and understanding what God wants to accomplish
02:14 through each one of us
02:16 because God wants us to be
02:18 part of his Elijah movement.
02:23 Would you agree, God is on the move,
02:26 God is up to something and what is He up to?
02:29 He is moving us to be part of his movement.
02:36 Does that make sense?
02:37 How many agree, got to move
02:38 if you want to be part of his movement.
02:40 You got to move in to his movement,
02:41 it's the Elijah movement.
02:43 Now listen carefully.
02:45 I'll read it again.
02:47 Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet,
02:51 would agree if God sends a prophet,
02:54 you better let him sit at your dinner table.
02:57 If God sends you a prophet, you better show him respect.
03:01 If God sends you a prophet,
03:03 you better listen up and take some notes, amen.
03:05 And so Elijah is sent to us to planet earth,
03:10 and so the Bible says,
03:11 behold, I will send you Elijah not just anybody,
03:15 I will send you Elijah, this lone, rugged,
03:18 singular prophet, that stood tall in his day,
03:22 he was towered for the cause of God,
03:24 he was bold with his message.
03:26 The Bible says, before the coming
03:29 of the great and dreadful day of the Lord,
03:32 that sounds ominous, that sounds like serious stuff.
03:36 And so the Bible makes it very clear
03:38 that this Elijah has a work to do.
03:42 He has a mission, he has a message,
03:45 he has something to accomplish
03:47 and it must be accomplish
03:49 in preparation for the day of the Lord
03:53 in proximity of time, in sequence of time.
03:56 All right, would you agree timing is everything?
03:59 Here's the sequence of final events.
04:02 First Elijah returns, he does his work,
04:07 his preparatory work and then, the Lord comes,
04:11 before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.
04:15 Now we will discover
04:17 that, that has a dual application
04:23 for the Lord's first coming
04:26 and in preparation for the Lord's second coming.
04:29 All right, I just let the bird out of the cage, all right.
04:33 You know, I am just helping you get the pace
04:36 and tone of our topic tonight.
04:39 What will he accomplish?
04:41 He will turn, he will change, he will turn.
04:43 Would you agree, when you are driving,
04:45 turns are important?
04:47 He will turn when you are walking with the Lord,
04:50 turns are important.
04:51 How many agree, the Bible says we follow Jesus.
04:55 The Bible says you will hear a word
04:57 behind you saying this is the way,
04:59 walk in it, when you turn to the left
05:02 or when you turn to the right.
05:03 How many of you agree, if the Holy Spirit turns right,
05:05 you go right,
05:06 Holy Spirit turns left, you go left.
05:08 How many agree, you go where the Holy Spirit leads you.
05:10 It's called being led by the spirit,
05:13 Romans 8:14 and the other scripture
05:15 about letting the Holy Spirit guide you,
05:17 that's Isaiah 30:21, so watch this.
05:21 He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children,
05:24 we sing to him faith of our fathers."
05:29 Well, we know that many young people
05:31 are leaving the churches, leaving the Christian church.
05:35 What's happening? What's happening?
05:37 They are saying, I don't want the faith of my father,
05:40 I reject the faith of my fathers.
05:42 Would you agree that's the ultimate insult
05:44 to mom and dad,
05:46 that they don't want mom and dad's religion?
05:48 They don't want mom and dad's understanding of Jesus.
05:52 Well, let me tell you, if mom and dad
05:53 had a false understanding then the kids are justified,
05:56 but if it's Jesus, if it's truly Jesus,
05:59 would you agree it's a travesty,
06:01 it's a tragedy to leave the faith of you fathers,
06:04 when it's a genuine faith.
06:07 He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children
06:09 and the hearts of the children to their fathers.
06:11 In other words to go back to the truth
06:13 that was trampled upon.
06:16 Go back to the truth,
06:18 the truths that were being trampled upon,
06:20 go back to that truth.
06:22 Go back, let it be restored.
06:24 Go back to the faith once delivered to the saints.
06:27 It say in Jude verse 3,
06:29 "Earnestly contend for the faith
06:31 that was once delivered to the saints."
06:34 Go back to that girl fashion religion, amen.
06:37 Go back to the true revival.
06:40 And so notice here it says,
06:41 in the hearts of the children to their fathers,
06:43 lest I come and strike the earth with a curse.
06:45 Would you agree, there is a curse upon this earth
06:48 because we have left the faith of our fathers?
06:52 And would you agree our world is cursed.
06:55 Come on now, in my backyard in Texas,
06:59 there are thorns, but I mean we got there,
07:01 everything's big in Texas they say but guess what?
07:04 Big thorns.
07:06 You know, really I think about thorns
07:08 that must have been placed on Jesus' head,
07:10 they must have been like Texas' thorns.
07:12 I mean they are unbreakable.
07:15 They are like this long, they are like nails.
07:17 I mean these are thorns.
07:20 And so I'm here to tell you, it's a symbol of curse.
07:23 Our world is cursed
07:25 because we have left the faith of our fathers.
07:28 Would you agree,
07:29 if we are going to be ready for Jesus to come,
07:31 there must be preparation for translation,
07:35 and Elijah was translated without tasting death.
07:39 Are you interested, yes or no?
07:42 He had preparation for translation.
07:46 We are not just going to go floating up to the sky
07:50 unless we are prepared to meet Him in glory.
07:53 The Bible makes it very clear, without holiness,
07:56 no man shall see the Lord, Hebrew 12:14.
07:59 There is preparation for translation
08:03 and that's where the return of Elijah comes in with importance
08:07 and relevance and practical application,
08:10 we need to unpack this.
08:11 We need to unfold this
08:13 how does the Elijah message impact my daily life.
08:18 How many agree, if it's not practical
08:21 then it doesn't affect your life.
08:22 How many agree, prophecy must be made practical.
08:26 If you're in agreement, say amen.
08:28 And so the Old Testament
08:31 contains this power punched prophecy,
08:35 so is Elijah, I get that out,
08:39 is Elijah alive and well on planet earth, is he?
08:43 Well, maybe you've heard of Yom Kippur,
08:47 Orthodox Jews to this day celebrate Yom Kippur.
08:51 And did you know, on the day of atonement,
08:54 Yom Kippur, Orthodox Jews set a place at their supper table
08:58 for none other than, who they are anticipating,
09:01 who they are expecting, who they are longing for,
09:04 praying for, Elijah.
09:05 You remember when Jesus was on the cause
09:07 and he cried out my God, my God,
09:09 why hast thou forsaken me.
09:10 And he said that in Aramaic, remember.
09:13 And what happened?
09:15 They said, oh, he is calling for Elijah, you remember.
09:20 And so, they are looking for Elijah.
09:23 And by the way, you remember at the transfiguration
09:27 who showed up, Moses and Elijah,
09:31 and so they expected the literal return of Elijah.
09:36 And guess what?
09:37 Did you know that ultimately Elijah will literally return.
09:43 Would you agree when Jesus comes,
09:45 the Bible say in Revelation 8:1,
09:48 there is silence in heaven, the space of half an hour,
09:50 that's prophetic time for seven days,
09:53 that translates seven days.
09:54 Seven days when Jesus comes down here
09:56 and then we go on that space journey
09:59 that will last seven days.
10:00 Are we going to have fun, yes or no?
10:03 This is the ultimate kids day by the way.
10:05 Come on now, don't kids just love
10:08 to do some fun things like this.
10:10 Come on, there is a kid in all of us,
10:12 I don't know about you
10:13 but I'm looking forward to just you know fly.
10:15 Do you have-- Do you still--
10:16 Do you all still have dreams about flying?
10:18 I do and I'm thinking to myself while I'm doing that,
10:21 I'm thinking to myself, this is real.
10:24 I'm really hoping this is not a dream, this is real.
10:26 Anyway I do a fly over, okay.
10:28 Anyway so, when Jesus comes again,
10:30 Elijah will come, Elijah will literally return,
10:35 but that's not the focus.
10:37 The focus is figuratively not literally,
10:42 spiritually and not physically,
10:46 they expect the literal return of Elijah,
10:48 is the prophecy of Malachi 4:5, 6 literal or symbolic?
10:53 Let me validate that it's symbolic.
10:55 What does it means that Elijah will return
10:57 before the coming of the Lord?
11:00 This is our probing question.
11:02 So what is the message?
11:04 This is the fundament basic question
11:07 that launches us into this topic.
11:09 What is the message
11:11 and mission of Elijah in the time of the end?
11:16 If it's not to be applied literally, physically
11:19 but rather figuratively and spiritually,
11:23 then we must ask the question, all right,
11:26 what was the message of the man?
11:29 What was the mission of the prophet?
11:32 Because it's going to be repeated
11:34 before the Lord returns.
11:35 So therefore,
11:37 the stories of Elijah
11:39 illustrate the prophecy of Elijah.
11:44 Elijah is like a walking, living prophecy
11:49 because his life
11:51 was a foreshadowing of Jesus in some sense,
11:57 John the Baptist and God's church
12:00 and its remnant in the last days.
12:02 I'll validate that in a moment.
12:04 Come with me back to the time
12:07 when Israel was steeped in idolatry.
12:11 They had backslidden big time.
12:14 They had stumbled into the pit of absolute rebellion
12:20 and rejection of the faith of their fathers.
12:23 They were backslidden.
12:26 Now remember, Elijah is a type of the church.
12:31 Would you agree the Christian church
12:33 now has backslidden big time?
12:37 Would you agree the Christian church of today
12:40 has drifted into the world?
12:45 Elijah is a type of the church.
12:50 Would you agree, we need Elijah more than ever before.
12:53 What was his powerful ministry?
12:55 1 Kings 16:30.
12:58 Let's go there together.
13:00 Are we ready to learn tonight.
13:01 1 Kings 16 and looking there at verse 30.
13:08 The Bible says "Now Ahab son of Omri
13:11 did evil in the sights of Lord
13:13 more than all who ever before him."
13:16 What a notorious reputation.
13:20 What a checkered legacy.
13:23 I want you to notice that
13:25 this man really outdid all his predecessors,
13:28 when it came to evil.
13:30 And so he was the king of Israel.
13:36 So "Ahab son of Omri did more evil in the eyes of Lord
13:40 than any of those before him."
13:42 He not only considered it a trivial thing
13:47 to commit the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat,
13:51 but he also married Jezebel."
13:54 Would you agree that was match made in hell.
14:00 "Married Jezebel daughter of Ethbaal,
14:03 what does that sound like Eth what?
14:05 Baal. Ball was the sun god.
14:07 They worshiped the sun.
14:09 I love the sun but you are not to worship the sun.
14:13 You worship the one who made the sun, SON, amen.
14:17 So he married Jezebel, daughter of Ethbaal,
14:23 king of Sidonians,
14:24 and began to serve Baal and worship him.
14:26 Hey, I wonder why, because he was influenced
14:31 by his wife, so therefore,
14:34 "He set up an altar for Baal in the temple of Baal
14:37 that he built in Samaria.
14:38 Ahab also made an Asherah pole
14:41 and did more to provoke Lord, the God of Israel,
14:44 to anger than did all the kings of Israel before him."
14:47 And so point, you must not overlook.
14:52 Sometimes loved once
14:54 can influence you to not follow the truth.
14:59 And that doesn't mean they are terrible people,
15:01 it means that, well, in this case
15:02 Jezebel was a terrible person
15:04 but sometimes your loved ones,
15:06 who love you can actually give you counsel,
15:11 that's not biblical.
15:13 They don't mean to,
15:14 it wasn't intentional but bless their heart,
15:17 they just didn't have the truth,
15:19 by which to counsel you correctly.
15:22 And so you must tell them,
15:24 I love you but you know, got to go by my conscience,
15:27 I'm bound to follow
15:28 what I understand in the word of God,
15:30 because now I know the truth
15:31 and it has set me free, John 8:32.
15:34 So listen carefully.
15:35 On one occasion Peter told Jesus,
15:37 I'm not going to let you go up and be crucified,
15:39 and Jesus said get behind me Satan,
15:41 Luke 9, Matthew 16.
15:43 What was that all about?
15:45 A loved one that was trying to talk Jesus
15:48 out of doing what he was called to do.
15:50 How many agree he was born to die for our sins
15:53 and so you know,
15:54 sometimes loved ones can give you wrong counsel,
15:58 so how many agree, Bible says here,
16:01 if you love father or mother or son or daughter more than me,
16:06 you are not worthy of me, that's Matthew 10.
16:10 Bible says, sometimes that the enemies are found
16:14 in the household, Matthew 10.
16:17 And so, however the Bible says love your enemies.
16:20 Can you say amen. Okay.
16:21 Sometime loved ones can influence you
16:24 to not follow the truth.
16:26 Now Elijah, here comes Elijah, stepping into the story.
16:29 "Now Elijah the Tishbite, from Tishbe in Gilead,
16:32 said to Ahab, 'As the Lord,
16:34 the God of Israel, lives whom I serve,
16:37 there will be neither dew nor rain
16:38 in the next few years except at my word."
16:41 Bombshell exploding there at the feet of King Ahab
16:47 there in the royal palace
16:49 as the king sat on the edge of his chair.
16:52 And I can see him looking a little irate, red face,
16:57 furiated but there he is nonetheless,
17:01 captivated by every syllable
17:03 that came from the lips of this lone prophet Elijah.
17:08 So the Bible makes it very clear
17:10 that Elijah had the bravery, the courage to go in there
17:15 and tell him something he didn't want to hear.
17:18 He told him, it's judgment time.
17:21 Elijah's message was the message of judgment
17:26 and Elijah is a type of the church.
17:29 Would you agree, the Elijah movement the last day,
17:32 it's all about preparation for the coming of the Lord,
17:35 we've already established that.
17:36 If you're going to be ready for the coming of the Lord,
17:38 you must hear a message of judgment.
17:41 How many agree it's judgment in the house of the Lord,
17:43 just as surely as there was judgment
17:45 in the house of the Lord, in the time of Elijah.
17:48 Are we understanding this tonight.
17:49 All right, let's keep marching forward her now.
17:52 It takes courage to stand up for the truth before the King.
17:57 Elijah had the truth, the king didn't really want to hear it
18:01 but Elijah was bold, he was courageous,
18:05 he was loyal to God,
18:07 no matter how tall and challenging the duty,
18:10 he performed it
18:12 and so he went in before the king,
18:14 stood up before the king.
18:16 Now the king can, you know, snap of a finger get the guards
18:20 and have spears and, you know, history...
18:25 Elijah just did what he was told to do,
18:28 and let the chips fall where they may.
18:31 Would you agree, it takes courage
18:33 to stand up for the truth?
18:35 Certainly when the powers that be,
18:39 for example your boss might not want to hear you say,
18:44 I need the Sabbath off.
18:46 I need to have the Sabbath off.
18:49 You know, I meet thousands of people,
18:51 and people will come to me,
18:53 you know, I believe the scriptures,
18:56 it says don't work on the seventh day Sabbath,
18:59 but I got to work
19:02 and my boss, I said, well, wait a minute,
19:04 who's your boss.
19:05 Well you know, I work at Wal-Mart
19:07 or I work, you know, I'm attorney or whatever.
19:10 I said, well, who's your boss.
19:12 They'll tell you who the boss is.
19:14 I say but who is your ultimate boss.
19:17 Well, I guess God.
19:19 I say, well, have you talked to your boss about that?
19:23 You see, it requires faith
19:25 and courage to stand up for doing what's right
19:28 even though the boss may vent out like that of rage king,
19:31 you want Saturday off?
19:35 Why not stand up for the Lord's day,
19:38 and tell your boss you will not work
19:40 on the seventh-day Sabbath.
19:42 Would you agree, you got a take the prophecy
19:44 and apply it
19:46 and you must be willing to stand up
19:49 for the truth of Elijah,
19:50 the truth, the undiluted truth is,
19:53 God wants us to obey Him at any cost.
19:56 But you know what?
19:58 What you're hearing today are smooth things.
20:00 It doesn't matter what day you keep.
20:04 What?
20:05 I just read in the Ten Commandments,
20:07 it says the seventh-day don't work on that day.
20:09 Oh, Jesus did away with that.
20:14 Or they will say like this, you mean to tell me
20:17 we are all wrong in this little group of--
20:19 what does they say their name,
20:22 the issue is this, not who is better than others
20:26 because God has His people in all churches.
20:30 The question is where is the truth?
20:35 Where is the truth?
20:37 And so "Then the word of the Lord came to Elijah:
20:41 'Leave here, turn, eastward
20:42 and hide in the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan.
20:48 You will drink from the brook,
20:49 and I have ordered the ravens to feed you there.''
20:52 In other words, God is saying,
20:54 you are faithful, I've got you covered,
20:57 I've got you back covered.
20:59 Is isn't just like God
21:00 when he's asked you to do something very difficult,
21:03 very challenging, very dangerous or risky
21:06 and he's asked you to follow Him no matter what.
21:09 And you stand up for Him, let me tell you something,
21:10 He is there to prove Himself, 1 Chronicle 16:9,
21:16 it says, "He shows himself strong
21:19 in behalf of those whose heart is loyal towards him."
21:24 How many agree, these days not too many people that are loyal.
21:28 God wants us. What does it mean to be loyal?
21:30 It means no matter what you go through,
21:32 you remain loyal.
21:33 Amen.
21:35 All right, so I want you to know,
21:39 God says, I am going to send the ravens.
21:42 Hey, can you imagine that.
21:43 Hey, Elijah seeing in and coming out there
21:46 to interview him out there in the wilderness.
21:48 Hey, Elijah we hear you are out here hiding out,
21:51 you know, how you eating.
21:53 He said, look up, look up.
21:54 Yeah, yeah, and the cameras go up.
21:56 Yep, here comes those ravens.
21:57 Yeah, there are gonna bring me my breakfast.
21:59 They are bringing my breakfast, say what?
22:01 Zoom in, zoom in,
22:02 you know, can you Imagine,
22:05 Hollywood can't keep up with these stuff.
22:07 "So he did what the Lord had told him.
22:10 He went to the Kerith Ravine,
22:12 east of the Jordan, and stayed there.
22:14 You know, many times people will say to me
22:17 or they will imply, well, if I follow this,
22:22 you know what repercussions are going to be.
22:24 If I say I'm going to keep the Sabbath,
22:26 you realize how that's going to alter my life.
22:28 Do you realize what my family is
22:30 going to say, I'll be ostracized.
22:33 It doesn't happen in all cases, but sometime it does.
22:36 Well, I say this,
22:38 the Bible says Elijah did what he was told.
22:41 He didn't say, well, Lord,
22:42 let me calculate and let me contemplate,
22:45 what's going to happen if I do this,
22:47 because I am not so sure.
22:48 No, he just said, Lord, you give me my marching orders
22:51 and I'm going to march.
22:54 And so I want you to notice, the ravens brought him bread
22:56 and meat in the morning,
22:58 bread and meat in the evening and he drank from brook,
23:01 1 Kings 17:5, 6.
23:04 God took care of this faithful, lonely prophet.
23:10 Then came 'A Test of Faith,' another test of faith.
23:13 "Some time later the brook dried up.
23:15 Bad things happen to good people.
23:18 Lord, if you were leading me then why did my job dry up?
23:22 I took a stand for the Sabbath and now I lost my job.
23:26 It happens sometimes.
23:28 Some times your brook will dry up
23:30 but God will take care of you.
23:33 God led you to--
23:35 Do you think Elijah said, now the brook dried up,
23:38 God you forsook me, I though you led--
23:40 No, it's just that when there is a setback is a set up,
23:44 God is in transition with his prophet, amen.
23:47 You know, when God closes a door,
23:49 he is opening a window
23:52 or whatever he wants to do, amen.
23:54 God is never, never, never inactive.
23:59 The Bible says He doesn't sleep.
24:02 I can picture Him pacing the floor though at times,
24:05 thinking, oh, my child when will you listen to me.
24:11 And if you, you doubt that,
24:13 my Bible says that Jesus is the man of sorrows
24:16 and he is the same yesterday, today and forever.
24:18 Let me tell you something, my Jesus sweeps at times.
24:21 Oh, but there is joy over one sinner who repents,
24:24 how He is able to do both,
24:25 I'll ask Him when I go to glory.
24:27 Some time later, the brook dried up
24:29 because there had been no rain in the land.
24:32 Why, because Elijah prayed there wouldn't be any rain.
24:35 How would you like that?
24:38 He prayed there would not be prosperity.
24:40 He prayed there would not be crops.
24:42 He prayed that they would all wither up and dry up.
24:44 He prayed that they would be humble.
24:47 He prayed that they would return
24:49 to the faith of their fathers,
24:51 mighty man of prayer that's who he was.
24:53 He prayed and he got mighty answers.
24:57 You have not because you asked not, James 4:2.
25:00 Ask anything in my name and I will do it,
25:03 John 14:13 and 14.
25:05 I say this, you start, you go to Wal-Mart
25:09 and you get yourself a miracle book,
25:11 and you start recording miracles
25:13 that God is working in your life.
25:17 You going to do it?
25:18 Those who're watching by television,
25:20 I'll challenge you, and write down those miracles
25:24 and then you get back with me, you email me,
25:26 you call me, you write me and you tell me,
25:28 you know what, I know what you are going to tell me.
25:30 Why didn't I do this
25:32 when I first became a Christian?
25:34 Why, you know, what happens,
25:36 God works miracle, after miracle,
25:38 after miracle in our life
25:39 and we don't mean to but we forget it
25:43 or it becomes kind of a blur, which is kind of a hazy,
25:45 you know, I think he did a miracle.
25:47 No, we got to keep him fresh in our mind end of parenthesis.
25:52 All right, here we go.
25:53 Some times later the brook dried up
25:55 because there have been no rain in it,
25:57 and 1 Kings 17:7, so God wanted them to move on.
26:01 God is a God that can say it anytime, all right,
26:04 time to make a change.
26:07 Are you telling me I should leave the church
26:09 that I am going to?
26:11 Are they keeping Sunday instead of the seventh day of the week.
26:13 God says it's time to become part of the Elijah movement
26:16 and move on
26:18 because God has your best interest in mind.
26:23 God has something special for you.
26:26 You know, the Bible says
26:28 in 1 Peter 2:9 and 10,
26:34 you know, what it says there?
26:36 It says there that we are His own special people.
26:42 All right, let me tell you something.
26:43 My Jordan and my Caleb
26:45 and my wife are very special to me.
26:48 I thank God we are very close
26:50 and my mom and dad, very close with my mom and dad,
26:53 they are very special to me,
26:56 but Jesus say to us, you are the apple of my eye.
27:02 Would you agree, that's as special as it gets.
27:03 Well, the Bible says he carries us on His heart.
27:06 All right, we got to move on.
27:08 God wanted him to move on.
27:09 How long was Elijah hiding in the wilderness?
27:12 Remember, remember, remember,
27:14 Elijah is a type of the church.
27:18 Did the church ever go in hiding,
27:21 we read in a Revelation 12,
27:23 they went into hiding for three and a half prophetic years.
27:27 Elijah would go into hiding
27:29 for three and a half literal years.
27:31 Is there a match?
27:33 There it is.
27:34 There you have it.
27:35 So listen, Elijah was a man, this is New Testament.
27:39 "Elijah was a man just like us."
27:41 Oh, that's encouraging, where is he?
27:43 He is in heaven, we have hope.
27:45 Look to your neighbor and say, I think he got a shot.
27:49 "He prayed earnestly that it would not rain,
27:52 and it did not rain on the land" for how long?
27:54 How long timing everything, there and a half years.
28:00 This is not a coincidence.
28:01 You understand that he is a type of foreshadowing,
28:08 a living prophecy of the church,
28:12 God's remnant church.
28:14 And so, for three and a half years
28:16 not only of the remnant church
28:17 but God would have a faithful people living in hiding
28:21 but then he would come out at the end of that hiding.
28:23 I am getting ahead of myself.
28:25 "Again he prayed, and the heaven gave rain,
28:27 and the earth produced its crops."
28:29 James 5:17, 18.
28:32 "I tell you the truth,' he continued,
28:33 'no prophet is accepted in his hometown.
28:36 I assure you that there were many widows in Israel
28:38 in Elijah's time,
28:40 when the sky was shut for three and a half years
28:44 and there was a severe famine throughout the land."
28:48 Luke 4:24, 25.
28:50 Well, the Bible makes it very clear.
28:52 This was three and a half literal years.
28:54 Did you know that for three and a half prophetic years,
28:56 which is 1,260 days, which translates,
29:01 "I have appointed thee each day for a year" Ezekiel 4:6.
29:04 So in Bible prophecy a day equals a year, very good class.
29:08 And so therefore 1,260 days or 1,260 what?
29:13 Years.
29:14 This is spending the Dark Ages and during that time,
29:18 God's people were in hiding in seclusion
29:22 and obscurity in the caves,
29:25 in the woods, hiding out just like Elijah.
29:30 God was taking care of them in hiding.
29:33 And so the Bible made it very clear
29:34 there was a famine and during the Dark Ages,
29:37 was there a famine of the word of God,
29:40 Amish 8 made it very clear,
29:43 that there would be a famine in the land.
29:49 Daniel 8:12 says that the antichrist,
29:51 the Roman papal power, the Roman Catholic Church
29:53 would cast truth to the ground, Daniel 8:12.
29:58 And so there was a severe famine
30:01 for three and a half years, Elijah a type of the church,
30:04 "After a long time, in the third year,
30:07 the word of the Lord came to Elijah: 'Go
30:09 and present yourself to..." Oh, not him again.
30:13 Ahab, wasn't he the guy
30:15 that was wanted to kill Elijah probably,
30:18 well, not probably he was,
30:20 "And I will send rain on the land
30:21 So Elijah went to present himself to Ahab."
30:24 Do you noticed, how he was a man of dispatch,
30:27 a man of diligence, a man of just prompt obedience.
30:33 Those of you have children,
30:35 do you like it when your children
30:36 are prompt with obedience.
30:39 I'll tell you that is wonderful.
30:42 It happens once in a while in the fact.
30:44 Okay, here we go, "And Ahab went to meet Elijah.
30:48 When he saw Elijah, he said to him,
30:50 'Is that you, you troubler of Israel?'
30:53 Lets apply it, God's church in the last days
30:56 would be called a cult or all sorts of name calling.
31:00 Jesus was called names.
31:02 He's born of fornication.
31:03 He is Beelzebub, he is not legitimate,
31:09 he is an imposter, he has a devil,
31:11 they said all sorts of different thing about Jesus
31:14 and Jesus said if they treated me this way,
31:16 they are going to treat my people,
31:17 my church that way.
31:19 So the Bible says that the devil
31:20 is the accuser of the brethren, Revelation 21:10.
31:23 So let me tell you something,
31:25 Jesus said if everybody likes you,
31:28 there is something wrong.
31:30 So listen carefully.
31:32 If Elijah is a type of the church,
31:35 then the apostates
31:38 and the Sunday churches
31:40 are going to look down on the remnant,
31:44 and talk disparagingly,
31:46 trying to discredit
31:48 God's Elijah movement in the last days.
31:52 "And Ahab went to meet Elijah.
31:54 When he saw Elijah, he said to him,
31:55 'Is that you, you troubler of Israel?"
31:58 And what was Elijah respond,
32:00 he was no pushover, he was not spineless,
32:02 he was stalwart
32:04 and he said, "I have not made trouble for Israel,
32:06 Elijah replied.
32:07 'But you..."
32:09 Oh, oh, he was bold, finger pointing
32:12 "But you and your father's family have."
32:16 Notice here is the issue, here's the core issue.
32:19 What was at the core, the center of the apostasy?
32:24 And this is the type of what the remnant church
32:27 would seek to call people out of.
32:29 Here it is.
32:30 "You have abandoned the Lord's commands
32:34 or commandments and have followed the Baals."
32:36 False worship.
32:39 So Elijah said you have cause this apostasy
32:44 and the nature and scope of this apostasy is number one.
32:49 You are breaking the commandments of God.
32:51 Number two, you are engaged
32:54 in false worship among God's people.
32:58 What is Sunday observance?
32:59 False worship that break the commandments of the God.
33:03 That's what it is, are you saying that
33:04 all those people who keep Sunday are going to be lost?
33:06 No.
33:08 I'm saying that God has His people
33:10 in all different folds but He is calling them out.
33:13 How many agree, God doesn't want people
33:14 to stay in falsehood all their life.
33:16 He wants to call them out.
33:18 And so listen carefully,
33:19 and I know this may be new and stunning
33:21 but what did you expect is the Elijah message.
33:25 So "what was the cause of trouble?"
33:28 "You have abandoned the Lord's commands."
33:31 You have abandoned the Lord's commands.
33:34 The popular churches will consider the Commandment
33:37 keeping church as the source of trouble,
33:40 the eye sore, the problem.
33:44 "Now summon the people from all over Israel
33:47 to meet me on Mount Carmel.
33:49 And bring four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal
33:52 and four hundred prophets of Asherah,
33:55 who eats at who's table, jezebel's table."
33:59 You think they were influenced
34:00 by the one who was feeding them.
34:03 So I want you to notice here.
34:05 You can do the math,
34:07 compute 850 false prophets.
34:12 What an assortment they were,
34:14 850 false prophets, false prophets,
34:19 saying things that are not true
34:22 and people believing them being gullible
34:25 against this one prophet.
34:29 "So Ahab sent word throughout all the Israel
34:32 and assembled the prophets on Mount Carmel."
34:34 Number of years ago, I went to Mount Carmel,
34:36 it's not a very impressive mountain
34:38 but they called it about."
34:41 And Elijah went before the people and said."
34:43 Are you ready,
34:45 so this is, when you are talking
34:47 about the return of Elijah,
34:48 you are talking about the return of the spirit
34:50 and the power and the mission
34:52 and the message of Elijah being replicated,
34:55 duplicated, repeated.
34:58 Moment of truth came...
35:01 assembled on Mount Carmel.
35:04 Essentially he said, it's time for a showdown.
35:08 It's time to put truth and false teaching to the test,
35:14 that's the nature of Elijah.
35:18 God wants people to put everything to the test.
35:24 Okay, is Sunday observance the truth?
35:26 All right, let's test it.
35:28 Let's go to the Bible, let's test it.
35:29 Where is it in the Bible?
35:31 How many agree, this is the test.
35:33 This is the test.
35:34 Elijah said, let's have a showdown test.
35:38 Let's see if your way is God's way
35:41 or if it's of the devil.
35:45 So Elijah said, all right, let's see.
35:53 Here is his message.
35:56 "How long will you waver in," decision,
36:02 "between two ways, two opinions?
36:07 If the Lord is God, follow him,
36:11 but if Baal is God, follow him.'
36:14 But the people said nothing."
36:16 I believe they were under conviction.
36:21 "Then Elijah said to them,
36:24 'I am the only one of the Lord's prophets left,
36:27 but Baal has four hundred and fifty prophets.
36:30 Get two bulls for us.
36:31 Let them choose one for themselves,
36:33 and let them cut into pieces and put it on the wood
36:36 but not set fire to it."
36:39 These are the specific instructions of prophet
36:42 that is proposing this test
36:44 then as they are orchestrating it,
36:46 he says as they're preparing in their mind for this,
36:49 "I will prepare the other bull
36:50 and put it on the wood but not set fire to it.
36:53 Then you call on the name of your god..."
36:55 Who is their god?
36:58 Baal, Baal is the sun God.
37:01 So what is he saying here?
37:04 "You call on the name of your god"
37:06 that has to do with, how many agree,
37:08 the sun, another word for sun is fire.
37:12 "Then you call on the name of your god,"
37:15 that claims to be the sun god, fire.
37:19 "And I will call on the name of the Lord."
37:21 The god who answers by fire-he is god.'
37:25 Then the people said, 'What you say is good."
37:27 Yeah, we serve, you know, Baal worship, sun.
37:29 Yeah we worship the sun, our sun is gonna put up.
37:33 You are right, let's put it to the test,
37:36 and then he emphasizes no cheating guys,
37:38 you can't trust the false prophets.
37:40 "Elijah said to the prophet of Baal,
37:42 'Choose one of the bulls and prepare it first,
37:44 since there are so many of you.
37:45 Call on the name of your god, but do not light the fire.
37:50 So they took the bull given them and prepared it.
37:52 Then they called on the name of Baal from morning till noon."'
37:57 That was the long religious service,
37:58 'O Baal, answer us!'
38:00 they shouted."
38:01 That was a loud church service.
38:03 "But there was no response; no one answered.
38:06 And they danced around the altar they had made."
38:09 Some people think in some churches
38:11 that the more you move around and dance around
38:13 and flare your arms and everything,
38:15 the more you have the Spirit of God,
38:16 not necessary.
38:19 However some churches are so dead.
38:24 If you hear somebody say amen,
38:25 they crane their neck like that must be a visitor.
38:29 They all go, well, I have to get used to things.
38:31 All right, anyway that's another sermon.
38:33 "At noon Elijah began to taunt them.'
38:37 Shout louder!' he said."
38:39 Can I say this, Elijah was a man of heavenly humor.
38:44 "'Shout louder!' he said.
38:45 Surely he is a god!
38:47 Perhaps he is deep in thoughts, or busy traveling.
38:49 Maybe he is sleeping and must be awakened.
38:52 So I justify the little bit of heavenly humor,
38:55 it's okay to laugh, amen.
38:57 "So they shouted louder
38:59 and slashed themselves with swords
39:00 and spears, as was their custom,
39:02 until their blood flowed."
39:04 This is orated.
39:07 "Midday passed,
39:09 and they continued their frantic prophesying."
39:11 It's wearing me out to read this,
39:13 "Until the time for the evening sacrifice.
39:15 But there was no response, no one answered,
39:17 no one paid attention."
39:19 Like all that for nothing,
39:21 I mean, there you know,
39:23 blood is spilling on to this altar,
39:25 then Elijah said to all the people come here to me.
39:27 He was the only one that seem to make any sense now.
39:31 All the others their voice is hoarse.
39:33 They are just utterly tired out,
39:36 licking their wounds, no pun intended,
39:38 "They came to him and repaired the altar of the Lord,
39:41 which was in ruins.
39:42 So the false prophet had ruined the altar of worship,
39:45 but Elijah repaired it.
39:47 If he is the type of the church,
39:48 God's remnant church is going to restore things
39:51 that were destroyed by false prophets
39:54 and false churches.
39:57 God's church is a church of restoration
40:01 to restore truths that were once delivered
40:04 to the faith of our fathers.
40:06 How many agree we need to go back
40:09 to the truth of the Word of God,
40:10 back to the commandments of God,
40:12 back to the Bible Sabbath,
40:14 back to Bible immersion, not sprinkling.
40:18 And so I want you to notice here,
40:19 notice that Elijah's work,
40:24 the churches work,
40:25 last day's restoring, repairing, repairing.
40:30 Go very quickly and I'll show you
40:32 what God's church would be repairing in the last days.
40:35 Are you learning something tonight thunder out?
40:38 All right, Isaiah 58,
40:41 this is my wife's favorite message.
40:44 I think you can see the import of this.
40:47 Isaiah 58:12 and onward.
40:52 "Those from among you"
40:54 speaking of God's people
40:55 "shall build the old waste places,
40:58 you shall raise up
41:01 the foundations of many generations,
41:05 you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach,"
41:09 the breach in God's law.
41:11 Particularly the Sabbath
41:13 as you will see the restorer of streets to dwell in.
41:15 What was the breach?
41:16 What was knocked down?
41:18 What was knocked down that would be,
41:19 that would be built up?
41:21 Would you agree, these prophets want top of the altar
41:24 and they were trampling on the altar, right.
41:26 They were trampling on these 12 stones, right.
41:30 They were trampling upon it knocking down these stones,
41:35 leaving them in disarray.
41:37 And so Elijah came to put it
41:40 back together build it up, restore.
41:43 Well, here is the same kind of language here,
41:46 it's talking about,"
41:48 If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath,"
41:51 that's what was being knocked down.
41:53 Would you agree the Sabbath has to do with worship?
41:55 Worshiping our Creator,
41:57 worshiping Jesus who died for us
41:59 had rested on the seventh day?
42:02 So by creation and the cross
42:05 it's inseparably linked to the Sabbath.
42:08 The word Sabbath means rest.
42:09 How many agree, when you believe He made you
42:12 and He died for you, you can really rest?
42:14 The Sabbath is a reminder of your rest in Jesus.
42:18 I want you to notice,
42:19 "If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath,
42:21 from doing your pleasure on My holy day,
42:23 call the Sabbath a delight,"
42:26 something that you delight in
42:27 is something you look forward to.
42:30 The Sabbath is something you need to anticipate.
42:34 "The holy day of the Lord honorable,
42:36 you shall honor Him, not doing your own ways,
42:38 nor finding your own pleasures."
42:39 It's not a day to go to the flea market.
42:42 It's not a day to go to the mall.
42:43 You got six days to do that.
42:46 Why even Saturday night
42:47 after the sun goes down then you can do it.
42:51 But my friends, some things are still holy.
42:54 The Word of God is holy, God's house is holy,
42:57 and God's day is still holy.
42:59 How many agree, don't come in here
43:00 and play sports in God's house?
43:02 You don't throw the Bible
43:06 on the bottom of all the books you have
43:08 put it on the bottom.
43:10 No, you know, you don't stand on your Bible
43:14 and you don't do whatever you want
43:16 on seventh day Sabbath.
43:17 How many of you agree, some things are still holy?
43:21 And so I want you to notice here,
43:23 then you shall--
43:24 oh, notice "Nor finding your own pleasure,
43:26 nor speaking your own words,
43:27 then you shall delight yourself in the Lord,
43:29 and I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth,
43:31 and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father.
43:33 The mouth of the Lord has spoken."
43:35 Is it clear that God will have a church
43:37 that are restoring the Bible Sabbath?
43:40 I want to be part of that Elijah Movement in last days.
43:42 Can you say, amen?
43:44 Repair the altar of worship in your home, family worship.
43:48 This is the faith of your fathers.
43:50 How many agree, fathers must rise up
43:52 and if you don't have the father in the home
43:53 mothers rise up and begin to erect the altar of worship
43:57 that time has knocked down.
43:59 How many agree, Jesus said,
44:01 watch out the cares of this world
44:02 they are just crowded all out.
44:04 Don't let that happen.
44:06 "Elijah took twelve stones,
44:08 one for each of the tribes descended from Jacob,
44:11 to whom the word of the Lord had come, saying..."
44:13 12 the number of the church.
44:14 "'Your name should be Israel.'
44:17 With the stones he built an altar
44:19 in the name of the Lord,
44:20 and he dug a trench around it large enough
44:23 to hold two seahs of seed.
44:25 He arranged the wood, cut the bull into pieces
44:28 and laid it on the wood.
44:30 Then he said to them, 'Fill four large jars with water
44:33 and pour it on the offering and on the wood.'
44:35 'Do it again,' he said, and they did it again.
44:39 'Do it a third time...'"
44:41 By the way what's three times four?
44:45 Twelve, twelve is a number associated with the church.
44:48 "He ordered, and they did it the third time.
44:51 The water ran down around the altar
44:53 and even filled the trench."
44:55 Now, you know, this may seem paradoxical,
44:57 may seem contradictory.
44:59 You know, think about it,
45:00 you go out camping here in Missouri
45:02 and you are going out camping
45:03 and you get out to your camp site,
45:05 you are gonna think oh, it's cold, man,
45:07 we got to build our self a nice fire
45:10 and hang around that fire for a while.
45:12 And you say, okay, we got to start a fire.
45:14 All right, boys and girls, go out and get some water.
45:16 Get a lot of water
45:18 because we need to pour water all over these logs.
45:20 We got to have a good fire tonight.
45:23 No, if anything you go to your vehicle
45:26 and pour out some kerosene, right.
45:30 Wrong, don't do that.
45:32 But you see,
45:34 what Elijah was trying to demonstrate is
45:38 you cannot explain this away.
45:41 You know why, because false prophets
45:43 love to explain things away.
45:45 Do you see that the Bible says
45:47 you need to not work on the Sabbath?
45:49 You see, it says go to church on the seventh day Sabbath.
45:51 What will they do? Oh, no, no, no.
45:53 Paul says this and Jesus said that and so forth.
45:56 Find way of setting aside the commandments of God
45:59 that you may keep your tradition.
46:02 Paul's teaching is very slick.
46:04 How many agree the devils that snakes slithering in,
46:07 slithering about.
46:09 And so at the time of the sacrifice by the way,
46:12 the sacrifice represents Jesus, represents Jesus.
46:16 The Elijah Movement is all about the sacrifice.
46:20 How many agree, you can't separate Elijah
46:22 from this big showdown on Mount Carmel
46:26 that's reminiscent of the great showdown on Mount Carmel
46:29 that had to do with the Mount Calvary,
46:32 that had to do with the sacrifice.
46:33 How many agree? Can you see the parallels?
46:37 There was a fire at the end of three and a half years
46:41 consuming the sacrifice
46:42 and after three and a half years of Jesus' public ministry
46:46 there was a fire.
46:47 Our God is a consuming fire.
46:48 How many agree Jesus sacrificed Himself
46:51 on the altar of sacrifice on Mount Calvary?
46:55 The fire consumed the sacrifice
46:59 after three and a half years.
47:01 "At the time of sacrifice,
47:02 the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed..."
47:05 Oh, listen to this moving touching prayer.
47:10 "O Lord, the God of Abraham..."
47:12 He is not praying wildly like the other.
47:14 Some people think if you pray really, really loud
47:17 that really gets God its attention.
47:20 No, it makes the angels go like,
47:21 could you not-- all right, anyway.
47:25 "O Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel,
47:28 let it be known today that you are God in Israel
47:31 and that I am your servant
47:32 and have done all these things at your command.
47:35 Answer me, O Lord, answer me,
47:36 so these people will know that you,
47:38 O Lord, are God, and that you are" what?
47:41 "You are turning their hearts back again."
47:44 Revival of the commandments of God.
47:46 Revival the worship and the creator.
47:48 Revival in the church. Revival in the land.
47:51 "The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective."
47:55 James 5:16.
47:56 "Then the fire of the Lord fell and burned up the sacrifice,
48:00 the wood, the stones and the soil..."
48:01 And I love that.
48:02 "Also licked up the water in the trench.
48:04 When all the people saw this,
48:06 they fell prostrate and cried out,
48:09 'The Lord-- he is God!
48:11 The Lord-- he is God!'"
48:13 Our God's presence was manifest
48:17 on that day in a dramatic unprecedented way
48:20 when the fire fell, would you agree
48:23 fire is just a symbol of the presence of God.
48:27 On the day of Pentecost,
48:29 they had cloven tongues of fire hovering over them
48:31 because they were being filled with the Holy Spirit,
48:35 the baptism of fire.
48:37 And so the fire was falling all to God
48:40 that we might be baptized
48:41 in the fire of the Holy Spirit everyday.
48:44 How many agree,
48:45 you get the fire at the altar of sacrifice?
48:49 When you sacrifice your heart you are filled.
48:52 How many agree, this was an altar of sacrifice
48:54 where this was happening?
48:56 What does the Bible say,
48:57 "Present your bodies a living sacrifice
49:00 holy and acceptable unto God,
49:01 which is your reasonable service."
49:03 Romans 12:1, 2.
49:05 How many want to just say, Lord, consume me
49:09 and fill me with Your holy fire?
49:12 Oh, the parallels,
49:13 the applications are just boundless.
49:16 Listen to what it's saying there, they fell prostrate.
49:19 "When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate
49:21 and cried out, O God, I will follow him.
49:25 And the Lord-- he is God! The Lord-- he is God!"
49:27 This gave Elijah's message a powerful impact!
49:31 Oh, I'm telling you, I may, when I get up here
49:34 and preach, I look forward to the time
49:37 when there will be fire coming down behind me.
49:39 But you know what,
49:41 if it doesn't happen fire is falling in your life.
49:46 How many sense the fire
49:47 of the Holy Spirit in this seminar?
49:49 How many sense the fire of the Holy Spirit?
49:50 How many agree that is powerful
49:52 because that's the presence of Jesus,
49:55 that's the presence of Jesus.
49:56 You get the fire at the altar of sacrifice
50:00 that is to say you get the power at the cross.
50:03 How many agree, the cross
50:04 is the altar of sacrifice of Jesus?
50:08 Elijah's message was against sun worship,
50:11 against false worship,
50:12 against willfully breaking the Ten Commandments,
50:14 against wavering between God and Baalim,
50:16 it's against indecision.
50:18 You know what the Elijah's message is,
50:19 you are hearing at thunder tonight,
50:21 make up your mind.
50:23 Is what you heard in the seminar truth?
50:25 Then follow it.
50:26 If it's not truth, then don't follow it
50:28 but make up your mind.
50:30 The Elijah message I bring it to you tonight.
50:33 It's a message of,
50:34 are you gonna keep the commandments of God
50:36 or the commandments of man?
50:38 How many agree, when you hear--
50:39 when you are on Mount Carmel
50:40 you can't say, oh, I'm not here
50:43 when you are in I bring you tonight to Mount Carmel.
50:46 You are on Mount Carmel right now
50:48 and its decision time and the decision is
50:51 between the commandments of God or the commandments of man.
50:54 Who else worked in the spirit and power of Elijah?
50:57 His name, cousin of Jesus, John the Baptizer.
51:01 "Many of the people of Israel will he bring back,
51:04 bring back to the Lord your God.
51:06 And he will go on before the Lord,
51:07 in the spirit and power of Elijah,
51:12 to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children
51:14 and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous--
51:17 to make ready a people prepared for the Lord."
51:20 Elijah's message, John the Baptist's message,
51:23 the remnant's message
51:24 is all about preparation for translation.
51:29 Well, in the time of John the Baptist
51:30 it was preparation for Jesus return and first coming.
51:36 "And if you are willing to accept it,
51:38 he is the Elijah who was to come.
51:40 He who has ears, let him hear."
51:42 Matthew 11:14.
51:44 Okay. So we move on.
51:45 "The disciples asked him,
51:47 'Why then do the teachers of the law
51:48 say that Elijah must come first?'
51:50 Jesus replied, 'To be sure, Elijah comes
51:53 and will restore all things.'"
51:55 God's church, John the Baptist,
51:58 Elijah do the same thing, restore true worship.
52:02 Restore the truths of law side up.
52:04 Elijah's message called people to obedience
52:07 to God's commandments.
52:09 Elijah's message restored true worship.
52:12 What is the third angels' message?
52:14 Go with me to Revelation 14.
52:16 Do you want to see Elijah's message in the last days,
52:19 it's the Three Angels' Messages,
52:23 this constitutes Elijah's last call,
52:27 Revelation 14 and you know what,
52:29 God is calling us out of every church
52:32 and there are many false prophets,
52:34 many false churches that have God's people in them
52:37 and God calls them out and into His one Elijah,
52:43 one true church, one fold, one woman,
52:47 one remnant, one faith.
52:49 The Bible says that He is calling them out of Babylon,
52:53 the mother church, the Roman Catholic church
52:55 and our apostate Sunday keeping Protestant churches
52:57 and He is calling them out and He is calling them in.
53:00 "Other sheep I have, which are not of this fold,
53:02 them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice,
53:04 and there shall be one fold,
53:05 and one shepherd" John 10:16.
53:08 And if you are His sheep you hear His voice
53:10 and you follow that voice
53:12 no matter how challenging it may be.
53:15 No matter what kind of changes you must make
53:17 I say, make it for Jesus, that's the Elijah message.
53:20 It's the message of change, it's a message of change.
53:23 And so God is calling every person,
53:26 every believer out of churches
53:28 that are not preaching Elijah's message.
53:31 How many agree, you don't want to be part of a church
53:33 that's not preaching Elijah's message
53:35 and here you see the scope of it.
53:38 God's message is clear.
53:40 "Come out from among them and be separate."
53:43 2 Corinthians 6:16, 17.
53:46 "Come out of her, my people."
53:48 Revelation 18:4.
53:50 Come out of mystery Babylon, the mother of harlots
53:53 and having daughters of apostate Protestant churches.
53:56 And so to come out, come out of every church expect the one
53:59 that's preaching the Three Angels' Messages
54:02 and there is only one.
54:03 Verse 6, "Then I saw another angel
54:05 flying in the midst of heaven,
54:07 having the everlasting gospel to preach
54:09 to those who dwell on the earth--
54:10 to every nation, tribe, tongue, and people
54:12 saying with a loud voice,
54:14 'Fear God and give glory to Him,
54:15 for the hour of His judgment has come."
54:17 that's Elijah's message.
54:19 "And worship Him who made heaven and earth,
54:22 and the sea and springs of water."
54:25 In contrast to verse 9,
54:28 "Then a third angel followed them,
54:29 saying with a loud voice,
54:30 'If anyone worships the beast and his image,
54:32 and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,'"
54:35 Would you agree in the last days
54:37 Elijah's message is still the same?
54:39 Worship the creator or worship the beast,
54:42 make up your mind.
54:45 To worship the beast
54:46 means you go along with beast teachings
54:49 and one of the beast teachings is Sunday observance.
54:51 It came from the beast,
54:53 Bible makes that's clear verse 12.
54:55 Who is gonna preach these messages?
54:57 Here is the patience of the saints.
54:59 Here those who keep the commandments of God
55:01 and the faith of Jesus.
55:05 Now go to Revelation Chapter 12.
55:07 How many want to be in that group
55:09 that keep the commandments of God
55:10 and have the genuine faith of Jesus?
55:12 How many agree there is a spurious faith?
55:15 The Bible says, he that says I know him
55:18 and does not keep his commandments is a liar
55:20 the truth is not at him" 1 John 2:6,
55:24 I'm sorry 1 John 2:3, 4.
55:27 Revelation 12:6,
55:31 "Then the woman fled into the wilderness,"
55:33 like Elijah "where she has a place prepared by God,
55:38 that they should feed her there
55:39 one thousand two hundred and sixty days."
55:41 Twelve hundred and sixty years, dark ages.
55:44 Then the woman would come out of hiding
55:47 and here is she is in the last days the remnant.
55:50 Verse 17, "Then the dragon was enraged with the woman,
55:55 and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring,"
55:58 the remnant "who keep the commandments of God
56:02 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ."
56:04 Do you see how simple that is, brothers and sisters.
56:07 I've come here to Missouri with a message...
56:11 and it's very clear come out from Babylon,
56:17 come in to the remnant.
56:20 It's just that simple.
56:22 Elijah's message makes up your mind,
56:25 make up your mind.
56:27 Commandments of God, commandments of men.
56:28 Worship the Creator or worship Baal?
56:31 In the last days worship the beast
56:33 or worship the Creator?
56:35 Those who preach it
56:37 they keep the commandments of God
56:38 including the seventh day Sabbath.
56:40 Who preaches it they have endurance.
56:42 Who preaches it they have the faith of Jesus.
56:44 Who preaches it the church that came out of hiding
56:47 sometime after 1798,
56:50 remember that when the pope was taken into captivity.
56:52 Listen here...
56:55 Elijah came out of hiding after three and half years
56:58 and gave his last call.
57:02 God's remnant church comes out of hiding after the dark ages,
57:06 after 1798 and gives the last call.
57:12 Commandments of God, testimony of Jesus.
57:17 Do you see, beloved, God has led you into the truth.
57:24 "If you know these things,
57:27 happy are you if you do them" John 13:17.
57:33 "I made haste,
57:35 and did not delay to keep thy commandments"
57:40 Psalms 119:60.
57:43 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:46 are sweeping across the globe
57:48 you and your family can be prepared
57:50 to face the future with comforts.
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