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The Day that Shook the World!

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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:17 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ.
00:21 To reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America must hear these
00:30 Three Angles' Messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate the kind of
00:37 fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour.
00:47 The last grains of sand are trickling
00:50 through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door of probation is about to swing shot.
01:01 I want to share with you something very, very powerful
01:04 to set the pace in the tone of tonight's presentation
01:10 it's entitled "To Touch a Volcano:
01:12 A Filmmaker's Story of Survival."
01:18 May 18, 1980,
01:21 the world was stunned by the raw power
01:25 that tore the top off Mount St. Helens.
01:29 I joined a film crew attempting to capture
01:33 the first ground level shots of the devastation.
01:38 Common sense told me not to go.
01:41 The mountain could erupt again at any moment.
01:45 But eager for my first big break,
01:49 I soon found myself,
01:51 the youngest of a team of five, camera-ready,
01:54 leaping from a helicopter into a wasteland
01:58 of flattened timbers.
02:00 A three-hour school soon became, a three,
02:04 I'm sorry a three-hour shoot
02:07 soon became a three-day struggle for survival.
02:12 We stumbled in hot ash, eventually in circles,
02:17 our compass rendered useless by magnetism in the ash
02:23 and our contour maps made meaningless
02:26 on the altered slopes.
02:28 We were terrified and now hopelessly lost
02:33 when a second eruption of Mount St. Helens
02:36 shook the ground.
02:39 The atmosphere was charged with electricity,
02:42 but it was deathly quiet.
02:44 The blast rocketed over our heads
02:47 to be heard by people 200 miles away.
02:51 Cold, hungry and injured, we became the story.
02:57 Unknown to us, we had been declared missing
03:01 and presumed dead.
03:03 Morale plummeted as the possibility
03:07 of never getting out became a reality,
03:11 it was then that I called out to God
03:14 in my desperation.
03:16 Broken trees lay scattered around me,
03:20 one of them making the shape of a cross.
03:24 I heard an audible voice say,
03:28 'Michael, look up to your left.'
03:32 It scared me because no one was near.
03:36 Minutes later I saw the blades of a rescue helicopter
03:42 rise over the hill
03:43 exactly where the voice had told me to look.
03:48 We were saved.
03:51 Today, the volcano
03:53 is an awe-inspiring national monument.
03:57 But for me, Mount St. Helens is also a personal monument,
04:00 a landmark which graphically reminds me that
04:04 in any of life's disasters, the One who made the mountains,
04:09 Jesus Christ, can be my rescuer.
04:12 The One who moves the mountains
04:14 offers the only solid ground to stand on.
04:18 Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed,
04:21 yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken.
04:25 "Isaiah 54:9-10.
04:27 I am here to tell you, the cross saved this life.
04:30 The cross, the voice at the cross
04:34 saved his life.
04:38 Tonight, I bring you to the wilderness.
04:42 Take your Bible and turn with me to Numbers 21.
04:47 There was a voice of hope in the wilderness.
04:53 Wilderness, a barren desolate place.
04:56 Numbers 21.
04:59 Numbers 21.
05:07 And we're going to look there
05:09 beginning at verses number,
05:14 Numbers 21
05:16 and we're looking there at verse 4.
05:19 All right. Numbers 21.
05:24 If you have it, say amen.
05:26 All right.
05:28 Numbers 21, looking there at verse 4.
05:35 "Then they journeyed from Mount Hor
05:37 by the Way of the Red Sea, to go around the land of Edom,
05:42 and the soul of the people became very discouraged."
05:47 The word discouraged could be rendered impatient.
05:52 "They became just very discouraged on the way."
05:55 They were on their way to a better land,
05:59 to the Promised Land,
06:00 the land flowing with milk and honey,
06:02 Canaan's land.
06:04 They were on their way.
06:05 They were journeying through this wilderness
06:08 and they became discouraged.
06:10 "And the people spoke against God
06:13 and against Moses,
06:16 'Why have you brought us up out of Egypt
06:19 to die in the wilderness?
06:22 For there is no food and no water,
06:26 and our soul loathes
06:28 or detest this worthless bread."
06:32 So here you have the children of Israel
06:35 going around in circles.
06:37 As a matter of fact they were literally backtracking.
06:41 They were retracing their steps
06:43 and they became very discouraged
06:46 because it seemed from all appearances
06:49 that they were making no progress.
06:53 They were frustrated and they vented it.
06:58 All they could imagine is that we are going nowhere fast.
07:03 This is meaningless.
07:05 We were better off in Egypt.
07:08 Their mind raced wildly.
07:12 They were in the throes of discouragement.
07:16 I mean, they were upset.
07:21 And they took it out on God and Moses
07:24 as they were retracing their steps.
07:26 Are we on the way to the Promised Land?
07:29 Are we on the way to a better land?
07:32 And does it seem that going around in circles?
07:38 How many were raised with the message
07:40 that Jesus is coming very soon?
07:43 How many were born who were hearing that message
07:47 or still hearing?
07:50 Would you agree, it seems as though there's been a delay?
07:55 I ask you this question.
07:57 Don't you think that Jesus wanted to come
07:59 perhaps a long time ago?
08:03 But His people are going around in circles
08:08 when the Lord wants them to go
08:09 right into the Promised Land that was promised.
08:15 And so, I want you to notice that on their way
08:19 they became discouraged because they were not making
08:23 any physical progress or spiritual progress.
08:30 It's easy to be discouraged, it really comes by default.
08:34 Discouragement is very easy to lapse into, to succumb to.
08:41 This world is full of negativity,
08:45 pessimism, skepticism.
08:48 Would you agree, people are not becoming more positive,
08:51 more negative?
08:53 They're not becoming more upbeat but downbeat.
08:56 I'm here to tell you that it's infiltrated and invaded
09:00 the very consciousness of the church.
09:03 We've become discouraged.
09:05 We may not verbalize it in that way
09:07 but by our conduct and our lack of getting together
09:11 with our brothers and sisters in praying
09:13 and talk about Jesus,
09:14 instead we are gravitating to the world.
09:19 And it seems the rumor mill is more popular
09:22 than talking about Jesus.
09:24 Certainly we have become discouraged along the way.
09:28 And when you get discouraged, like the disciples,
09:31 the Bible says that the disciples went to sleep,
09:34 in the Garden of Gethsemane,
09:36 they started out praying.
09:38 Why did they give in to the pool of slumber?
09:42 Why?
09:43 The Bible tells us that they were exceedingly,
09:47 they were sorrowful.
09:51 They were discouraged.
09:53 They saw Jesus demeanor change, they heard him say,
09:58 one of you is going to betray me,
10:00 I'm going to be crucified.
10:03 They became discouraged.
10:04 And the discouragement led to rather sleep it off
10:09 than to keep on praying.
10:11 Have you ever felt that way?
10:13 Have you ever felt so discouraged
10:15 you just don't feel like praying?
10:16 When you get discouraged,
10:18 that is the time to pray the most.
10:21 When you don't feel like praying,
10:23 you make a decision, you know what?
10:26 I'm going to pray
10:27 because I don't want to be an easy prey.
10:30 I want you to notice here, they became very discouraged.
10:34 And what would make you discouraged?
10:37 What would make you discouraged?
10:39 How about bills you can't pay?
10:43 How about losing your job?
10:45 How about when you don't feel that your communication
10:50 is working in your marriage?
10:52 Or your communication is broken down
10:54 in order to have that bond
10:56 with your children anymore it seems.
10:58 It seems that things are just not working in the home front.
11:02 Things are falling apart
11:03 in your interpersonal relationships.
11:05 I mean, there are lot of sources
11:08 and precipitators of discouragement.
11:11 Maybe you take a look at your health
11:13 and it seems to be getting worse
11:16 and your health is diminishing.
11:18 It's easy, there's a lot of sources of discouragement.
11:22 But my Bible tells me, this is no time
11:25 to give in to the discouragement.
11:27 How many agree, that discouragement
11:29 may come to your door
11:31 but you don't have to let discouragement come in,
11:34 and have a comfortable bed at night?
11:38 My Bible tells me, let us not grow weary
11:43 in well doing for we shall reap
11:47 if we do not give in to discouragement,
11:51 if we do not give up."
11:53 Galatians 6:9.
11:55 I've got a word from the Lord tonight, don't give up.
12:01 Keep pressing on.
12:05 Don't look to the left, don't look to the right,
12:07 don't look back,
12:09 look straight ahead at the guiding light.
12:12 Bible says here, they became discouraged.
12:15 Jesus was a man of sorrows but He wouldn't give up.
12:20 Aren't you glad that He didn't give up
12:23 in the Garden of Gethsemane?
12:24 Aren't you glad He didn't give up on the cross?
12:27 They said give it up, come down from the cross.
12:30 You know, and the temptation was just
12:32 go back to your father.
12:35 He didn't give up.
12:39 So I don't know what's discouraging you,
12:40 but I'm here to tell you, God does not want you
12:43 to focus on your circumstances but on Christ.
12:47 He doesn't want you to focus on circumstances
12:50 because they can look very bleak,
12:52 very dark, very ominous.
12:56 I mean, when you look at your circumstances
12:58 you say, this is it, this is curtains.
13:00 I mean, we're going nowhere with this.
13:03 I'm here to tell you that
13:05 faith is a substance of things you're hoping for
13:07 but the evidence of things not seen.
13:11 You can't see how you're going to pay the bills,
13:14 be faithful with your tithes and offerings
13:16 and I'm here to tell you,
13:17 He will multiply the loaves and fishes.
13:20 You don't know how your health
13:22 is going to be improved.
13:23 Come on now, have a little faith
13:24 and do what you got to do.
13:26 Go for a jog, go for a run,
13:28 eat right, sleep right, do your part
13:31 and expect something great to happen in your life.
13:34 Don't be discouraged.
13:35 Move on, move forward.
13:38 "We don't walk by sight, we walk by faith."
13:41 2 Corinthians 5:7.
13:43 "Faith, the substance of things,
13:44 hoped for the evidence of things not seen."
13:46 Hebrews 11:1.
13:48 How many are willing to walk by faith?
13:49 You'll make it to the Promised Land.
13:51 It's the only way you'll make it
13:52 to the Promised Land.
13:54 Caleb and Joshua made it to the Promised Land
13:57 because they had faith.
13:59 And the Bible says, let us go on with faith.
14:01 Amen.
14:03 You're going to get in,
14:04 you're going to have an entrance into heaven
14:05 because you've got some faith.
14:07 Faith is yours to use, nobody can use it for you.
14:11 God will not have faith for you,
14:13 you got to have your own faith,
14:15 but the faith that He wants you to exercise is a gift.
14:20 It's a gift.
14:23 And all he's asking us to do is use the faith
14:27 that He gives you and then ask Him to increase it.
14:33 And the Bible says, Jesus said,
14:35 if you have faith the size of a mustard seed,
14:37 you can say to a mulberry tree,
14:39 you pulled up by the roots, it will obey.
14:42 You can say to a mountain, get out of my way,
14:44 it will obey.
14:46 How many of you agree, mountains,
14:47 mountains of difficulty, mountains of discouragement,
14:50 faith, faith removes mountains.
14:54 Faith doesn't just move mountains,
14:58 I said it gets them out of the way.
15:03 I am here to tell you,
15:06 if you're willing to use some faith,
15:09 great things can happen.
15:12 You say, Mark, you don't know my circumstances,
15:16 I may not.
15:18 My Bible tells me that these people in the Scriptures,
15:23 thrown in a fiery furnace, thrown in prison,
15:26 they had faith.
15:28 And this is your faith book.
15:31 We are to say, you know what,
15:32 I don't care what the devil throws at me,
15:34 I will have faith.
15:37 You know, if you talk faith, you have faith.
15:40 So let's go on to the next point,
15:42 you're in the store, what did they do?
15:44 Discouragement loves to talk.
15:48 Hey, you know, we just feel like
15:50 when the discouragement is brimming up,
15:52 we just have to say, how you doing?
15:54 Ah, horrible.
15:57 Okay, did that feel good to get it out?
16:00 Now you just made somebody else feel miserable.
16:05 Misery likes...
16:07 you know it here too.
16:12 But if you would do this, I'm going to praise the Lord
16:18 when I feel miserable.
16:20 I'm going to praise the Lord
16:22 when everything seems to go wrong.
16:24 Take your Bible and turn with me to Habakkuk.
16:27 The Book of Habakkuk. You say, where is Habakkuk?
16:30 It's in the Bible.
16:31 And you might need to search a little bit for it,
16:34 but let me tell you, it's after the Book of Daniel.
16:36 Go to Daniel,
16:37 and we're going to look here at Habakkuk.
16:40 You can go to Matthew and back up too,
16:41 I suppose for that matter.
16:43 And we're going to look here Habakkuk.
16:46 Habakkuk. All right.
16:48 We're going to look there at Habakkuk 2.
16:53 We got to have faith.
16:55 We got to have faith. We got to trust Jesus.
16:58 Notice here, Habakkuk 2:2,
17:00 "Then the Lord answered and said:
17:02 "Write the vision and make it plain on tablets,
17:04 That he may run who reads it for the vision
17:07 is yet for an appointed time."
17:10 Does God give you a vision?
17:12 You better believe that God wants you to have a dream.
17:16 God wants you to have a vision.
17:18 You got to have something to look forward to.
17:21 You got to have a vision.
17:22 You got to have a dream.
17:23 You got to have some goals.
17:25 You got to have some plans and you submit it to the Lord
17:28 and He will give you the desires of your heart,
17:30 if it's His will beloved.
17:32 Notice this, "For the vision is yet for an appointed time,"
17:35 God has His timing.
17:37 "But at the end," Notice here,
17:39 "But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie.
17:42 Though it tarries, wait for it in faith."
17:45 That's what the Bible saying.
17:47 "Because it will surely come, it will not tarry.
17:51 Behold the proud, His soul is not upright in him
17:53 but they just shall live by faith,"
17:56 a faith that will take you into the Promised Land.
17:59 You're not going to the Promised Land
18:01 except by faith.
18:02 You're not going to make it except by faith.
18:04 You cannot get out of that discouragement
18:07 except by faith.
18:08 You got to have faith to overcome.
18:10 You got to have faith to overcome sin,
18:12 self, and Satan.
18:14 You got to have some faith to get you above the world.
18:17 Because if you don't have faith,
18:20 you don't have peace, you don't have joy.
18:23 You don't have a closeness with God.
18:26 You don't have any power.
18:27 Faith is what connects us with Jesus.
18:31 Christ dwells in our heart by faith.
18:34 Ephesians 3:17 says,
18:36 Christ dwells in your heart by faith.
18:38 Now you see why the devil's trying to discourage you.
18:41 Because if you can let go your faith, you know what,
18:43 you are not allowing Jesus to have room in your heart.
18:47 How many agree, this is no time for unbelief
18:49 in the camp?
18:51 This is no time for us to start being discouraged
18:55 and start, you know, voicing our complaints
18:58 and just going wild with our thoughts
19:01 and wild with our words.
19:02 No, no, no, death and life
19:04 are in the power of the tongue.
19:07 You speak faith, you get your faith multiply
19:10 and you bless somebody in the process.
19:13 Talk faith, and you'll have faith.
19:15 Talk to Jesus, and you'll have more of Jesus.
19:18 If you and I talk more about Jesus,
19:21 we would have more of His presence.
19:26 Why do you think He's given us His word?
19:28 That we might speak it.
19:30 How many of you agree, this is not just for the head,
19:32 this is for the mouth?
19:33 The Bible says in Romans 10, that you believe in your heart
19:36 and a confession with your mouth.
19:39 And it's all part of salvation.
19:41 "If you confess me before men,
19:43 I'll confess you before my father," Matthew 10:32.
19:46 How about if we start talking about Jesus?
19:49 "Oh, I long for revival among God's people,
19:53 I long for the time
19:55 when we feel that the presence of Jesus
19:58 is so pronounce that where the spirit of the Lord
20:01 is there is liberty."
20:03 2 Corinthians 3:17.
20:05 But we're in bondages,
20:06 slavement and discouragement, and unbelief.
20:09 We got to break those shackles with the help of Jesus
20:11 and start praising Him
20:13 and start being happy in Jesus.
20:15 Amen.
20:17 They say, you know, the preachers
20:18 have preached himself happy.
20:20 Well, I did that early on here tonight.
20:22 I want you to notice, "Live by faith."
20:24 That's how you live. Can I make it plain?
20:27 If you don't live by faith, you're not really living,
20:32 you're not really living, you're just existing.
20:33 And most people are content to just get by with existence.
20:38 Beloved, don't just survive, thrive.
20:42 Don't just exist, make progress.
20:47 Make progress, take.
20:49 How many of you agree, you can live the promised life
20:51 now in preparation for the Promised Land
20:53 in the near future?
20:55 Your promised life, you can live it now.
20:58 He's come that we might have life in heaven
20:59 more abundantly.
21:01 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
21:04 if you are facing financial challenges,
21:07 if you are suffering from health problem,
21:09 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
21:11 if you have a special concern for your children?
21:13 Whatever you need maybe give us a call
21:16 and we will pray with you.
21:17 For your prayer requests, call us at 1-855-336-FREE.
21:23 "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed."
21:26 John 8:36.
21:33 Look here at Habakkuk 3.
21:36 Habakkuk 3, all right.
21:37 Give you a moment to locate that, verse 17.
21:40 This is powerful.
21:41 You're going through trial, so am I.
21:44 All right.
21:45 I want you to notice some negatives in this passage
21:49 and how the negatives are turned into a positive.
21:52 All right. Are you ready?
21:54 "Though the fig tree may not blossom."
21:56 All right. Problem number one.
21:59 And of course, he's kind of just echoing
22:03 and repeating himself.
22:04 But okay, that's number one.
22:05 "Nor fruit be on the vines."
22:07 That's another negative.
22:09 "Though the labor of the olive may fail."
22:10 Another negative.
22:12 "And the fields yield no food."
22:13 That's a negative.
22:15 "Though the flock may be cut off from the fold."
22:18 Another negative.
22:19 "And there be no herd in the stalls."
22:20 Another negative.
22:22 "Yet I will rejoice in the Lord."
22:27 All right, let me translate that,
22:30 though you lose your job,
22:33 though your marriage is having problems,
22:38 though your children don't give you respect,
22:41 though it seems that some don't like you,
22:45 though your health is not the best,
22:48 you can continue.
22:49 Yet, I will rejoice in the Lord.
22:53 Because if you can learn the song in the night,
22:55 you will always sing it.
22:58 If you will praise Him in the tough times,
23:00 you will always praise Him.
23:02 Come on, don't you want to know who you are in Christ?
23:07 Don't you want to know--
23:08 the Bible says, examine yourself.
23:11 You know, God's examining us,
23:13 testing us because He loves us.
23:15 But the Bible says, don't just do that.
23:17 You examine yourself to see if you're even in the faith,
23:20 2 Corinthians 13:5.
23:22 How many of you agree, you got to examine to even see,
23:24 are you really trusting Jesus?
23:26 Because that will keep him in perfect peace,
23:29 whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee.
23:31 What's the point? I love that scripture.
23:33 Listen, Isaiah 26:3.
23:35 Another words, what helps us to keep our mind on Jesus?
23:40 How many of you agree, our mind wanders,
23:41 there are so many distractions.
23:43 How do you keep your mind on Jesus?
23:46 That will keep him in perfect peace
23:48 whose mind is stayed in thee.
23:51 That will keep him in perfect peace
23:53 whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee.
23:57 When you say, Lord, here's my problem.
23:59 Lord, here's my perplexity.
24:01 Lord, here's my confusion.
24:02 Lord, here's my heartache.
24:04 Lord, here's my burden. You know what?
24:06 You're giving it to Jesus, you're trusting in Him.
24:08 And you know what?
24:10 When you're giving it all to Jesus,
24:11 give it all, give it all to Jesus.
24:14 You know what, it helps you to keep your mind on Him.
24:16 But if you're not giving it to Him, you know what?
24:18 You're left with what?
24:20 Your problems to dwell upon, and brood over,
24:22 and think over, and given in to self-pity,
24:24 and murmuring, complaining and so forth.
24:26 Where the Lord says, tell me about it,
24:28 give it to me, give it to me, give it to me.
24:30 And what are you left with? Peace.
24:32 The passive understanding.
24:35 Joy unspeakable, full of glory.
24:38 How many are thankful that He carries you?
24:40 The Bible says in Isaiah 46:4,
24:43 it says, I will carry you even to grey hairs.
24:49 I want you to notice here, back to Numbers.
24:51 Let's go back to Numbers now.
24:53 We're back there in the wilderness.
24:54 Go there quickly, Numbers 21.
24:57 Number 21 and let's look there now once again a verse 5.
25:02 "And the people spoke against God, against Moses."
25:05 They became unreasonable.
25:08 Their situation,
25:10 you know, not being able to have just the right bread
25:12 and being out there.
25:14 They were seeing things,
25:16 listen, in an exaggerated light.
25:21 Be careful because when you get discouraged,
25:24 the devil magnifies your problems.
25:29 The devil is in the business of inflating your problem.
25:35 The Lord is in the business--
25:38 Psalm 61, David said, when my heart is overwhelmed,
25:41 lead me to the rock that is higher than I,
25:45 Psalm 61:1-3.
25:47 You know we go around sometimes,
25:48 talking as if we had no savior.
25:51 "My savior is at my right hand,
25:54 I have set the Lord always before me.
25:57 Because He's at my right hand, I shall not be moved."
26:00 Psalm 16:8.
26:01 The power is in Jesus
26:03 but you got to have faith in Him.
26:07 I live by faith of the Son of God who love me
26:09 and gave Himself for me, Galatians 2:20.
26:11 Now watch this.
26:14 Bible makes it very clear
26:15 they went on a complaining spree.
26:18 I mean they just open the hatch
26:19 and out came all the complaints.
26:22 Beloved, that grieves the Holy Spirit.
26:26 And what happened?
26:27 God allowed them to have something to complain about.
26:31 Be careful
26:32 because, if you think you have a hard life,
26:35 you begin to start to complain,
26:37 that's not going to get you out of your circumstances,
26:39 it just makes things worse.
26:43 I want you to notice what happened.
26:45 The Bible says here in verse 6,
26:48 "So the Lord sent fiery serpents,"
26:50 that is He allowed them, "among the people."
26:52 Question, where the serpents there already?
26:55 They were, they were in the crevices,
26:57 and in the rocks and so forth.
26:59 Would you agree, God was there to protect them?
27:06 God was there to sustain them and to be with them.
27:09 But when they begin to complain,
27:11 the protecting hand of God was withdrawn to some extent.
27:16 And I want you to notice, these venomous serpents,
27:19 these death inducing serpents came out of every crevice,
27:24 they infiltrated every tent
27:26 and there was terror in the camp.
27:30 "The Lord sent fiery serpents among the people
27:35 and they bit the people,
27:36 and many of the people of Israel died."
27:38 I don't know how many
27:40 but there was death in the camp of Israel.
27:43 I can hear shrieks of terror,
27:46 shrieks of horror, screams of death,
27:51 screams of grief and heartbreak,
27:54 his children were dying and moms and dads were dying.
27:59 Can you imagine the gravity of the situation,
28:02 the abject horror of the situation?
28:06 Yelling and screaming, no hope, just death.
28:14 Do you think that they were thinking at that time,
28:17 we're tired of this bread, we're tired of Moses?
28:20 We want to go back to Egypt.
28:22 They were only thinking about one thing.
28:26 We don't want our children to die.
28:29 We don't want mommy to die, we don't want daddy to die,
28:32 we don't want to die.
28:34 Oh, God, save us from death.
28:38 When you start to complain,
28:40 you have to put it in perspective.
28:44 What if you had no hope of salvation?
28:48 How many are thankful
28:50 that you've got a chance that there's hope?
28:55 If you're breathing, your heart ticking,
28:57 there's still a window of opportunity,
29:02 there's still hope for tomorrow.
29:05 But we've all been bitten by sin,
29:08 we've all been bitten,
29:09 we've all felt the venom going coursing through our veins.
29:13 The Bible says, the heart is deceitful
29:15 and desperately wicked, Jeremiah 17:9.
29:19 That sounds like the potency of the bite of sin.
29:25 We bit into that apple and the serpent bit us.
29:30 We have all sinned and come short of the glory of God,
29:32 and you know what, in our world,
29:34 there are shrieks of terror, there is terror in the camp,
29:38 there is terror in the world, there is terror in the church.
29:42 You know what?
29:43 There's only one hope.
29:45 There's only one hope.
29:46 I want you to notice here, they were bit.
29:50 "Therefore the people came to Moses,
29:53 and said, 'We have sinned,
29:55 for we have spoken against the Lord."
29:57 All right, here comes confession.
29:59 If you want to turn your situation around,
30:02 if you want to have re-conversion,
30:04 if you want to have revival in your life,
30:06 you have to make some confession.
30:09 And that is a daily basis because the closer we come
30:12 to Christ, the more unworthy and defective
30:16 and faulty we'll appear in our own eyes.
30:19 So this confession business,
30:20 the repentance business just deepens, and deepens,
30:23 and deepens.
30:27 Feel unworthy, you qualify for Savior.
30:31 Feel you're desperation, qualify for a Savior.
30:34 You feel like you're the chief of sinners,
30:36 you qualify for Savior.
30:39 Our Savior saves people who despair outside of Christ.
30:45 Realize there's no hope outside of Christ,
30:47 like the thief on the cross...
30:51 Who said, vwe deserve what we're getting, this man,
30:55 this man doesn't deserve this.
30:57 Would you remember me?
31:00 It was his only hope.
31:02 It was his only hope.
31:04 He looked to Jesus,
31:08 he looked away from himself to Jesus.
31:13 He knew he was a condemned criminal
31:15 but he looked to Jesus and said,
31:18 you know, he's a perfect man.
31:20 Would you remember me?
31:21 I mean, you're going to go to heaven.
31:22 I mean, you're the son of God.
31:24 Would you remember me?
31:26 Salvation is looking away from yourself,
31:30 we're all criminals condemned to die.
31:33 We're all like the children of Israel,
31:35 we've all been bitten.
31:37 Not all of the children of Israel were bitten
31:41 but those who are bitten died.
31:44 There was no antidote until something happen.
31:49 There was no hope, no detour around death.
31:54 I want you to notice here, "We have sinned."
32:01 When was the last time you broke down and cried
32:02 before the Lord?
32:05 You know what the devil does.
32:07 He keeps us so busy.
32:08 We don't even have time to be touched by the Lord
32:12 because the devil knows if you pause and spend time,
32:15 quality quiet time with God you will be touched,
32:20 you will be moved, your heart will warm
32:24 with the love of God
32:25 and your heart will be transformed.
32:27 The devil knows that God can save you.
32:30 The devil knows that God can give you
32:32 revival in your life.
32:33 The devil knows the good things can happen
32:35 within your heart so he just got to keep you busy
32:38 and distracted.
32:40 I'm here to tell you, you've been bitten,
32:43 you better look fast.
32:44 You've been bitten, don't be distracted.
32:46 It could be a fatal distraction.
32:49 So the lethal bite,
32:52 there was only one antidote.
32:55 They came to Moses,
32:57 we sinned, we really sinned.
33:02 "For we have spoken against the Lord and against you."
33:06 Confession is specific.
33:09 Don't just say, hey, Lord, forgive me for all my sins.
33:11 Now it's true, you know, Lord,
33:13 I just want to cover all bases, you know, Lord,
33:15 if there's any other sin, just forgive me.
33:17 And if you bring something to your mind
33:19 though you want to specifically confess it.
33:23 Confession must be of a specific nature.
33:27 And you can't rush it because you don't even know
33:31 your own heart.
33:33 We don't know our own heart.
33:35 We must spend time before the Lord,
33:37 searching our heart because the bite of sin
33:40 is worse than you ever imagine.
33:42 Look at what happened to Jesus when
33:44 He received the bite of sin for you and me.
33:47 He never sinned but He got, He felt the venom.
33:51 He never sin. Thank God, He never sinned.
33:54 Hallelujah.
33:56 My Jesus is perfect, but He took it all for us.
34:00 I want you to notice here,
34:02 "Pray to the Lord." Moses is that type of Christ.
34:05 How many agree, we can pray to God
34:07 in the name of Jesus.
34:11 "Pray to the Lord that He take away
34:13 the serpents from us.
34:15 So Moses prayed for the people."
34:19 Do you have loved ones that have been bitten?
34:22 How many of you know loved ones
34:25 that are not ready to die but they have been bitten?
34:27 You need to tell them, look to Jesus.
34:32 And they need to see Jesus in you.
34:36 They need to see and feel Jesus in you.
34:39 You say, when I bring up Jesus, man,
34:42 it just goes wild.
34:43 I mean, it deteriorates.
34:45 They don't want to hear about it.
34:47 But you can shine for Jesus without saying one word.
34:52 You can pray, Lord, help that glory to shine so much
34:55 in my face that they see a powerful sermon
34:58 right there in my face.
35:01 And then in the very tone of my voice
35:03 they can tell it subdue.
35:08 People don't like to be preached to.
35:11 But they do like to be loved.
35:15 And let your love be a sermon.
35:18 And by the way, people like to listen to people they like.
35:22 Be a likable person,
35:23 be a loving, lovable Christian
35:26 and point people dying in their sins
35:30 to look at Jesus by looking at you reflecting Jesus.
35:38 Look, the Bible says here,
35:43 "Then the Lord said to Moses, 'Make a fiery serpent,
35:47 and set it on a pole and it shall be
35:49 that everyone who is bitten, when he looks..."
35:52 Notice here, "When he looks at it, he shall live.".
35:57 Look and live.
35:58 Now I want you to notice the simplicity of this.
36:00 I want you to notice symbolism of this.
36:02 I want you to notice the antidote in here.
36:05 They were bitten, they were died.
36:08 The bite lead to certain death.
36:12 But the look would lead to a certain life.
36:15 It wasn't-- there's a possibility,
36:17 there wasn't just a chance one in a million
36:21 that if you look, you know, a good percentage or say,
36:24 let me tell you something, my Bible is telling me
36:27 something about Jesus.
36:29 My Bible is telling me something about the good news.
36:31 My Bible is telling me something
36:33 that if you've been bitten, it's not complicated,
36:36 look away from your bite,
36:38 look away from your sinful self,
36:41 look to Jesus because in the gaze,
36:44 there is fullness of salvation.
36:46 In the look upon Jesus, there is salvation
36:50 because salvation is all from beginning to end,
36:53 looking on to Jesus there is salvation,
36:57 not knowing about Jesus, but looking to Jesus.
37:02 That's why the devil is so busy.
37:04 So many distractions, television programs.
37:06 I'm not saying it's wrong to watch television,
37:08 I'm just saying let Jesus and you
37:10 make that joint decision.
37:11 Can you say amen?
37:14 I'm just saying, you got to make sure
37:16 that you pray without ceasing.
37:18 And if you watch programs and listen to music
37:20 that seems they interrupt your communion with God,
37:22 don't watch it, don't listen to it.
37:24 There's nothing more important than making sure
37:28 that you give your bite to Jesus.
37:31 You give those wounds the Jesus.
37:32 I'm here to tell you, you got to let Jesus
37:35 heal will you of your wounds.
37:38 Because it festers and it gets worse
37:40 when we're not looking to Jesus.
37:44 Look and live.
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38:49 Now watch this, this is powerful.
38:51 I want you to notice here,
38:54 "Then the Lord said, 'Make a fiery serpent,
38:59 this bronze serpent,
39:01 and set it on a pole."
39:04 Why?
39:05 So anybody from any direction on the compass,
39:10 wherever they got bit,
39:12 they can be told, look that way,
39:16 there's the cross,
39:19 there's the serpent on the pole.
39:22 Look.
39:23 Would you agree,
39:25 that sentence seem to make any sense whatsoever?
39:30 Looking at a snake?
39:31 I just got bit by a snake.
39:35 Why am I going to look at a snake
39:36 when the snake is killing me?
39:41 Because Moses said that God told them to do it.
39:45 And they had no other hope.
39:52 So in faith, in God's word,
39:58 they obeyed.
40:00 Those who obeyed and they looked,
40:04 instantaneously they were healed.
40:11 They were restored.
40:14 One look. Steady gaze.
40:20 I can see them there,
40:21 I bet you, they weren't distracted.
40:24 I bet you, they weren't kind of looking over there
40:26 and looking up.
40:27 Let me tell you something.
40:28 When you're dying and they're told,
40:32 if you look you can live,
40:33 I bet you that was a focused look.
40:38 You've been bitten, beloved.
40:40 I've been bitten. You got to focus.
40:44 You got to rivet your attention on Jesus.
40:47 You got to sharpen your focus by studying the Word.
40:50 You got to read the scriptures to the point
40:53 where scriptures are just like a well of water
40:55 springing up unto everlasting life.
41:00 Look, and live.
41:04 You know when they looked,
41:06 and you could see it in their face.
41:10 How many of you agree, when they were bitten,
41:11 you could see death in their face?
41:14 But when they were restored, how many of you agree,
41:16 they saw it in the face, they saw it in the face.
41:19 Beloved, when you are looking to Jesus,
41:23 it's written all over your face.
41:29 Bible does not say, make your life shine,
41:31 it says let it shine.
41:34 Abide in Me and I in you.
41:36 The branch cannot bear fruit of itself
41:38 except it abide in the vine.
41:41 Neither can you, except you abide in the vine.
41:45 Without Me you can do nothing.
41:47 Now listen to me, all what we need in the camp
41:53 is men and women and boys and girls
41:56 who've gone to the Lord,
41:57 confess their sins on a daily basis,
42:00 giving their heart to Jesus, praising Him
42:02 no matter what their adversity, no matter what their problem,
42:05 they're praising God and they come forth
42:08 from their chambers of prayer and quiet time with Jesus,
42:10 they come forth, shining, shining, shining for Jesus.
42:16 Let me tell you something.
42:18 There will be conversions, there will be revival,
42:21 there will be reformation, there will be baptisms,
42:24 there will be re-baptisms.
42:25 Come on now, if we begin to shine, that's contagious,
42:31 that's contagious.
42:32 Don't you want people to want what you have?
42:37 You got to look and live.
42:39 Otherwise you know what, if you're not looking to Jesus,
42:41 you have death written all over your face.
42:43 Come on now. Would you agree?
42:46 You can look at certain people, just glance at them
42:49 and you can tell them, they are death warmed over.
42:52 You can look at some people,
42:54 I don't care they might be wealthy,
42:56 but in their face you can see they have no hope.
42:58 Or you can see a person
43:00 that's just all caught up in themselves.
43:01 The face is an index to the heart.
43:07 The face is an index to the heart.
43:10 You've been bitten, it's written on your face.
43:12 But when you look, your face shows
43:16 that you've got life in here now.
43:18 You got some life in there.
43:20 Because you look at Jesus, He puts His spirit in you.
43:26 Hallelujah.
43:28 It's just that simple, look and live,
43:33 and receive the vibrancy of the Holy Spirit,
43:36 the buoyancy of faith, an increase in trust,
43:39 and more joy in the Lord which is your strength.
43:44 I want you to notice here, "So Moses made
43:47 a bronze serpent, and put it on a pole and so it was,
43:50 if a serpent had bitten anyone, when he looked
43:53 at the bronze serpent, he lived."
43:54 One of the most familiar Scriptures is John 3:16,
43:57 for God so loved the world and so forth.
44:00 But the preceding verses, let's go there very quickly,
44:03 John 3.
44:04 John 3, in that nighttime conference,
44:07 in that nighttime conference with Nicodemus.
44:12 I want you to notice what Jesus said
44:14 preceding that most familiar passage of John 3:16.
44:17 We look here verse 14.
44:19 "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness,
44:22 even so must the Son of Man be lifted up,
44:26 that whoever believes in Him should not perish."
44:30 Now do you understand the word perish?
44:34 Now do you understand the word perish?
44:35 What were they doing in the wilderness?
44:37 Perishing.
44:38 What does that mean? Death. Death.
44:42 The wages of sin is death, eternal death, Romans 6:23.
44:46 Now watch this, I want you to notice here,
44:50 "That whoever believes in Him." All right?
44:53 Listen carefully.
44:55 What does it mean to believe in Him in this context?
44:58 To look to Him.
45:00 Why a serpent? Because Jesus was cursed.
45:04 Cursed is anyone that hangs on a tree, Galatians 3:13.
45:08 He was cursed for us, he who knew no sin
45:10 became sin for us that we might be made
45:13 in the righteousness of God in Him, 2 Corinthians 5:21.
45:16 Now watch this, what came up after sin?
45:21 Thorns.
45:22 Those thorns, symbolic of the curse
45:24 were on the head of Jesus.
45:27 What happen to the serpent? Cursed.
45:30 What went on the pole? A serpent. Why?
45:33 Because Jesus took the curse of sin for us.
45:38 And the Bible says, we've all been bitten.
45:40 Now watch this, this is powerful.
45:42 Watch this, we've all been bitten.
45:43 And the Bible says, that bite, you will perish
45:46 unless you believe in Him.
45:48 What's the opposite of the perishing?
45:51 Looking. Looking is believing.
45:55 Looking to Jesus, dwelling upon Jesus,
45:58 talking of Jesus, think about Jesus,
46:00 this is salvation, this is looking on to Him
46:04 who is the author and finisher of our faith,
46:06 Hebrews 12:2.
46:07 Salvation is a gaze.
46:11 Salvation is that look.
46:17 Many people know about Jesus
46:20 but they'll die an eternal death.
46:28 I want you to notice, he's speaking to a church goer,
46:32 Nicodemus was a devout man, who is a respected man,
46:36 a renowned man.
46:38 But I want you to notice here, he's telling him,
46:41 you need to experience this or you going to perish.
46:46 "Whoever believes in Him should not perish
46:48 but have everlasting life."
46:51 Now I want you to think about this.
46:54 I want you to think about this with me,
46:56 go with me in the scriptures, go with me to Ephesians 2.
47:02 Ephesians 2, go there with me very quickly if you would.
47:07 Ephesians 2.
47:14 When you have it, say amen.
47:24 All right.
47:29 Ephesians 2. This is very powerful.
47:38 "And you He made alive,
47:41 who were dead in trespasses and sin."
47:45 What a deplorable despairing situation, dead in sin.
47:51 What does it mean to be dead in sin?
47:52 You can't get out of it.
47:55 Can a dead person move, yes or no?
47:58 Can a dead person change where they are at?
48:01 Dead means that's the way you are,
48:04 that's the way you stay.
48:06 Dead in sin.
48:08 You and I cannot change our sinful heart,
48:12 that venom is too lethal, too potent,
48:15 too death inducing but Jesus can.
48:19 I don't know how He does it but He comes into our heart
48:23 and makes us hate sin.
48:26 And not only hate sin,
48:28 you know, there are many people in the bar,
48:30 they hate what they're doing but they're going to do it
48:31 anyway because they are slave to it.
48:35 But you cannot only hate sin
48:37 but now you can have victory over sin.
48:41 Victory in Jesus.
48:44 Come on now, somebody talk to me about victory in Jesus.
48:49 Somebody tell me that you can be an overcomer.
48:52 Somebody tell me that you have conquered the dragon,
48:55 that Jesus has given you the victory.
48:58 Thanks be to God who give us the victory
49:00 through our Lord Jesus Christ, 1 Corinthians 15:57.
49:04 The demons cannot hang around this kind of language of faith,
49:07 the devil can't hang around.
49:08 The Bible says resist him. How do you do that? By faith.
49:11 Let me tell you something, you want to be happy?
49:13 Talk faith and you'll have faith.
49:15 Even let the weak say I am strong, Joel 3:10.
49:19 My grace is sufficient for you.
49:21 Come on now, let's talk scripture,
49:23 let's pray scripture, let's be the walking Bible.
49:26 Can you say amen?
49:29 Ephesians 2,
49:31 even the babes will cry out and praise the God.
49:33 Amen.
49:34 Look at here now, "And you He made alive,
49:37 who were dead in trespasses and sins,
49:40 in which you once walked according to the course-- "
49:43 the course, notice here, of this world.
49:48 "According to the prince of the power of the air,
49:50 the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience."
49:55 But notice here, verse 4, "But God,
49:58 who is rich in mercy, because of His great love
50:01 with which He loved us, even when we were dead
50:04 in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ,
50:10 by grace you have been saved."
50:11 And I love this, "And raised us up together,
50:15 and made us sit together
50:17 in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus."
50:20 Beloved, do you know what you just read?
50:22 By faith we are right up there with Jesus.
50:26 We're right up there with Jesus.
50:28 How many agree, you don't ever want to leave Jesus?
50:30 So stay with Him by faith. Amen.
50:33 By faith we are right there. Can you hear His voice?
50:36 Can you hear Him pleading His blood
50:37 in the heavenly sanctuary?
50:40 It's almost over, beloved.
50:41 He's not coming as a priest, He's coming as a king.
50:43 We are living in the hour of judgment.
50:45 It's time to keep your eyes on the prize.
50:48 It's time to keep your eyes on Jesus.
50:50 It's time to give your bite and your wounds to Jesus.
50:53 You don't have time to focus on your faults.
50:56 You don't have time to focus on the faults of others.
50:58 You don't have time to talk junk.
51:00 You don't have time to think junk.
51:02 You only have time, a little bit of time
51:05 to look to Jesus and get to know Him.
51:07 Because this is life eternal that they might know thee,
51:10 the only true God and Jesus Christ
51:13 whom he has sent, that's life eternal, John 17:3.
51:17 Now listen carefully.
51:19 My Bible tells me that He's made us alive.
51:22 So why don't we walk and act like we are alive?
51:24 How do you think those people acted after they were bit
51:27 and they were dying,
51:29 and then they looked and they were alive?
51:30 Do you think there was a party there?
51:32 At least in that tent.
51:33 Do you think there was a celebration there?
51:36 Do you think that they were praising God?
51:38 Do you think they were continuing to complain?
51:41 Eventually they go back to it, but at least for them,
51:43 were they happy, were they joyful?
51:45 How many agree, you must never forget
51:47 how He's delivered you?
51:48 How can you and I ever go back to complaining,
51:51 no matter what our lot,
51:52 when we have been delivered from the venom.
51:55 We have been delivered from that bite of the serpent.
51:58 I don't know about you, but I'm just praising God here tonight
52:01 because I've been set free, for ever free in Christ.
52:05 Can you say amen?
52:06 He whom the Son has set free shall be free indeed.
52:10 I believe he set us free.
52:12 I believe, oh, yeah, we got to face temptations
52:15 and they are fierce and formidable and frequent.
52:19 But Jesus' grace.
52:21 You know the Bible says, you put up that shield of faith.
52:23 How many agree, nothing can get by that shield of faith,
52:25 nothing?
52:27 The Bible say, use the shield of faith
52:28 to guard your heart.
52:30 And the Bible says, you need to guard your heart,
52:32 keep your heart with all diligence,
52:34 for out of it are the issues of life.
52:35 Guard it with faith.
52:36 When you let down your faith, your heart is exposed,
52:38 the doubt, unbelief, cruel unbelief.
52:42 Once you open the door to unbelief,
52:44 no telling what you're going to be thinking and saying.
52:46 You know, you got to put up that shield of faith.
52:49 You say, Mark, I want more faith.
52:51 Faith comes by hearing, and hearing of the word of God.
52:56 You don't have faith in your faith.
52:59 Many are putting the burden on themselves
53:02 when the burden is on Jesus.
53:06 The faith is not by feelings. Faith is not feeling.
53:12 Feelings change, faith says.
53:16 You see, faith has a language. Faith says something.
53:20 Faith always has something to say within the heart
53:24 and wherever we go we have a language.
53:27 It's the language of heaven. Trusting Jesus.
53:32 Faith has a language.
53:35 Faith speaks, faith expresses.
53:40 Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.
53:44 Would you agree when you have faith,
53:46 it brings you close to Jesus and you can't hide Jesus.
53:50 You can't hide Jesus.
53:53 In 1918, mid 1918, my father,
53:59 my grandfather, a lieutenant in the infantry,
54:03 my dad shares this, shipped overseas
54:06 and after training many others to fight
54:09 on the battlefields of Europe.
54:11 At the age 23, he felt called to take the battle
54:15 to the enemy, in person he pleaded,
54:17 I want to get out where the big guns are.
54:21 In September 1918, his wish was granted.
54:26 One morning at daybreak
54:29 he let his platoon out of the trenches
54:32 and he told me years later,
54:34 that it seemed there were so many bullets,
54:38 so many bullets zinging through the air
54:40 that you could reach out and grab a handful anytime.
54:44 No surprise then that one of those bullets
54:47 struck him in the foot, he fell into a shell hole.
54:52 Canadian stretcher bearers picked him up
54:55 attempting to get him out of harm's way
54:57 but responding to the wine of a big shell,
55:01 they dropped the stretcher and drove for cover,
55:04 leaving my future father exposed on the battlefield.
55:08 That's my grandfather.
55:10 When that big shell exploded, it ripped
55:12 my father's right arm off four inches from his shoulder.
55:17 The shrapnel also tore off
55:19 the index finger on his left hand
55:21 and nearly destroyed his one remaining thumb.
55:25 That day, in a few minutes of time,
55:28 his entire platoon was killed.
55:32 And though he was the first to be wounded,
55:36 he was the only survivor.
55:40 A few days later he wrote to his fiance,
55:44 my grandmother, Helen Fox.
55:48 That letter was written
55:50 with a pen clenched in his teeth.
55:55 His words are heart rending.
55:57 He says, as I recall,
56:01 "I am not the man I was when I left you,
56:04 pieces of me are left on the battlefield.
56:08 If you feel the need to look elsewhere I will understand."
56:13 But my future mother, my grandmother
56:15 had already at age 18, developed a loyal
56:20 and courageous love.
56:23 She was in the Navy, working at the Brooklyn,
56:25 New York Naval Base as a Secretary,
56:28 and when the word of the arrival
56:31 of his hospital ship got to her,
56:33 she went A-wall.
56:35 So she would be the first to greet him
56:38 and affirm her undying love
56:40 for her grievously stricken angel,
56:43 she loved his appearing.
56:47 Their eight children
56:49 are beneficiaries of an uncommon love.
56:54 I'm here to tell you that very soon
56:57 we're going to look up, we're going to see the scars,
57:00 we're going to see the battle wounds,
57:02 and we're going to say, You have come to save me,
57:06 I waited for You and I love Your appearing.
57:10 And we're going to go to that marriage celebration.
57:14 Oh, bride, get ready, it's time to look up,
57:19 for your redemption draws nigh.
57:22 Shall we pray?
57:24 Oh, my loving Jesus, we're almost home.
57:29 Hallelujah.
57:30 In Jesus' name, amen.
57:34 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:36 are sweeping across the globe you and your family
57:39 can be prepared to face the future with comforts.
57:43 The complete set of Amazing Prophecies on DVD
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57:50 Call us at 1-855-336-FREE
57:54 or send your check or money order
57:56 to Forever Free Ministries,
57:58 2001 Munro Park, Corinth, Texas, 76208.
58:13 If you would like to have Mark Fox
58:14 hold an Amazing Prophecy seminar
58:16 or a marriage seminar weekend in your church,
58:19 contact us today,
58:21 markfox @foreverfreeministrie


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