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00:04 We are racing towards the global crisis at the close.
00:09 God is going to set up His kingdom on earth.
00:13 Preparation for the tribulation and the translation
00:18 is to develop a character like Jesus Christ
00:21 to reach every hamlet, every village, every man,
00:24 every child, every person in India,
00:27 every person in South America
00:28 must hear these three angles' messages.
00:34 These are stories that illustrate
00:36 the kind of fabric of character and perseverance
00:39 that we need to go through the tribulation
00:42 just as certainly as they did.
00:44 The Bible makes it very clear
00:45 we are living in an unusual hour.
00:48 The last grains of sand
00:49 are trickling through the hourglass of time
00:52 and the door probation is about the swing shot.
01:00 If we would appreciate the miracles that God,
01:04 that Jesus, the Holy Spirit are doing in our life right now
01:08 it would prepare us to receive and expect greater miracles.
01:12 How many agree if you want to see some bigger stuff
01:14 thank God for the things
01:16 He's already doing in your life.
01:17 Does this resonate in your heart, yes or no?
01:20 Let's believe in those miracles.
01:22 Let's believe in those miracles and I love to begin
01:24 with this singular passage for five weeks
01:28 we usually customarily begin with this what I believe
01:31 is a precious promise and a powerful prophecy
01:35 all concentrated in this one singular verse.
01:38 Psalms 102:13, come on balcony and everybody let's go.
01:42 "You will arise and have mercy on Zion,
01:45 for the time to favor her, yes, the set time, has come."
01:50 I believe that this is a set time
01:53 for God's people.
01:55 We are living in the hour of God's judgment
01:58 and it is to be in favor of God's people
02:01 who are trusting in Jesus.
02:03 Revelation 3:5 it says, I won't blot you out My book,
02:06 I will confess you before the father
02:08 if you're trusting in My blood and in My merits
02:11 and in My grace the judgment is in your favor,
02:14 the judgment is in your favor.
02:16 Would you agree
02:17 this is a set time for God's favor?
02:19 This is secondly a time
02:21 to receive the early and the later rain.
02:23 How many agree that's the favor of God?
02:24 Thirdly this is a sealing time.
02:27 We are to receive the seal of the living God,
02:29 Revelation 7.
02:30 How many agree,
02:32 that's the favor of God to get the seal of God.
02:35 So we are living in the judgment time.
02:37 We are living in the time of the early rain
02:42 in preparation for the later rain
02:44 and then in addition to that
02:45 we are living in the sealing time
02:47 but now let me bring it home.
02:49 God has us in different seasons in our life
02:54 and I believe that wherever you are in your life,
02:57 wherever you are at in your walk with Jesus
02:59 this is your time.
03:03 The power of the Lord is present to heal.
03:07 There is healing in this house.
03:09 I don't know what kind of healing
03:10 you are praying for in your marriage,
03:12 in your parenting, grand parenting
03:16 I don't know if the bills are stacking higher
03:18 than the check coming in but I'm here to tell you
03:20 there is healing in this house.
03:22 We receive Matthew 9:29,
03:24 we receive according to the measure of our faith
03:28 than let's ask God to increase our faith, Luke 17:5, 6.
03:34 So look to your neighbor once again
03:36 and this time really mean it, this is your time.
03:44 So what can we expect right now?
03:47 What can we expect right now?
03:50 It's been said that if you want to be happy
03:52 you need three things.
03:54 Number one, somebody to love
03:56 and if you can't think of somebody to love
03:59 I'm available you can love me.
04:02 Number one, you love your family of course,
04:05 before that you put God first and your family
04:09 and loved ones you love.
04:11 This life is all about love.
04:13 And secondly, if you want to be happy
04:15 you need something to do.
04:17 Thirdly, if you want to be happy
04:19 you need to have something to look forward to.
04:22 How many agree we are Adventist
04:25 who are focusing on the coming of Jesus Christ?
04:28 We pulsate with the blessed hope
04:30 which is the glorious appearing of our Lord and Savior
04:33 Jesus Christ, Titus 2:13.
04:35 How many agree we are going somewhere,
04:36 we are looking forward to something.
04:38 We forget the things that are behind
04:40 and we press on Philippians 3:13, 14.
04:43 How many know where you are going?
04:44 You are going to heaven, this is not our home.
04:48 What else can we expect?
04:50 Right now, I love how, one of my favorite authors
04:54 Ellen White said this, "The baptism of the Holy Ghost
04:58 will come upon us at this very meeting
05:04 if we will have it so."
05:08 How many would have it so?
05:10 What does God promised to do
05:13 right in this most important hour of the week?
05:16 To pour out His presence that there might be refreshing
05:20 in His presence, Acts 3:19.
05:23 I believe that there--
05:24 that this your time while we are in God's house of prayer
05:27 to receive a miracle.
05:29 I pray that everyone here would leave this place today
05:34 having received by faith some, some kind of miracle.
05:41 How many believe
05:42 you all be able to leave with something.
05:44 Can you say, amen?
05:45 And remember faith is a substance of things
05:48 you are hoping for the evidence of things not seen
05:50 but faith takes hold of it
05:52 and you go on your way rejoicing
05:53 because what things, whatever you desire
05:56 when you pray believe that you receive them
05:58 and you shall have them, Mark 11:24 and Hebrews 11:1.
06:03 So don't miss your time.
06:05 The day that shook the world
06:07 it was the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.
06:11 The Dust Bowl of the 1930s it would go down
06:14 in the American history books.
06:17 Here is the dust storm approaching Stratford, Texas.
06:21 What an ominous picture.
06:23 And the Dust Bowl, or the Dirty Thirties,
06:27 was a period of severe dust storms
06:29 causing major ecological and agricultural damage
06:32 to American and Canadian prairie lands
06:34 from the 1930 to 1936.
06:38 Maybe some of you--
06:39 is there anyone here that lived through that?
06:41 Is there anyone? Okay, several of you.
06:43 And here's the picture that tells it all of a farmer
06:46 walking in dust storm there in Oklahoma with his two boys.
06:53 And here is a picture of the devastation
06:57 that was left in the aftermath of the dust
06:59 as it swept across the prairies
07:02 there in Dallas, South Dakota 1936.
07:07 There was a severe drought.
07:09 Decades of extensive farming without crop rotation.
07:13 There was deep plowing of the virgin topsoil
07:16 and it all coverless,
07:17 that all combine to reek havoc upon the prairies.
07:22 It was a blinding and destructive time,
07:26 the Dust Bowl.
07:27 Do you know that the devil is trying
07:31 to blow his dirt in your face?
07:34 Do you know that he is trying to blind you from something?
07:38 Because he knows if you see something clearly
07:42 you will be converted and new every single day.
07:46 What is he trying to blind you from?
07:49 Take your Bible and turn with me to 2 Corinthians.
07:53 What is the devil trying to blind us from?
07:57 What is he trying to bind us from?
08:02 Second Corinthians
08:04 and looking here at 2 Corinthians 4
08:09 and lookinh here at verse number 3,
08:14 "But even if our gospel is veiled,
08:17 it is veiled to those who are perishing," veiled?
08:22 Veiled? Not being able to see it?
08:27 "Whose minds the god of this age has blinded,
08:32 who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel"
08:38 and the gospel is what?
08:40 "Of the glory" are you with me?
08:43 "Of the glory of Christ, who in the image of God,
08:49 should shine on them.
08:51 For we do not preach ourselves,
08:53 but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves
08:56 your bondservants for Jesus' sake."
08:58 Verse 6, "For it is the God who commanded light
09:02 to shine out of darkness," how many agree
09:04 this whole world is a Dust Bowl?
09:07 "Who has shone in our hearts
09:10 to give the light of the knowledge
09:11 of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ."
09:14 You say, Pastor Fox, could you please translate that?
09:18 I will make it very clear the devil knows
09:21 that if you can get a glimpse each day
09:25 about the personal love of Jesus
09:28 if you can really see the face of Jesus
09:32 by studying the good news of Jesus.
09:34 If you can look at His face by faith
09:38 you will fall in love with Jesus.
09:40 How many agree this life--
09:41 hey, we are called
09:43 at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.
09:44 I think marriage has something to do with love
09:45 last time I checked.
09:47 The Bible says, "The wife has made herself ready"
09:49 Revelation 19:7-9.
09:50 How did she make herself ready? By falling in love with Jesus.
09:54 But the devil is trying to blind us
09:55 so that we don't see the Christ righteousness is everything.
10:00 He is trying to blind us from the good news
10:02 that I can look to the face of Jesus by faith.
10:05 How many see Jesus face by faith right now?
10:08 We go by faith.
10:10 We walk by faith and not by sight,
10:11 2 Corinthians 5:7.
10:13 If we walk by faith and not by sight
10:15 then that means you must set the Lord always before you
10:18 like David did in Psalms 16:8.
10:20 So the Bible makes it clear
10:22 this world is like a big Dust Bowl
10:25 that characterize the 1930s there in the prairies.
10:28 The devil trying to blind our eyes and the Bible says
10:31 Laodicea's are generally blind because they don't realize
10:36 their desperate need, I mean, Revelation 3:14-21.
10:39 How many agree Jesus will open our eyes
10:42 and when we see, when we really see the love of God
10:47 manifested through Jesus it will change our heart?
10:50 So I've got a question for here, you beloved,
10:53 how many want to say right here, right here,
10:55 right this very moment at this crossroads
10:58 Jesus open my eyes
11:03 that I might see glimpses of truth
11:07 of the gospel that you have for me?
11:10 How many believe that God has a message for you?
11:14 This is your time.
11:17 Last year we were doing a series of meetings,
11:21 actually doing two concurrently if you can believe that
11:24 in Trinidad and Lamar and we were staying at a dentist home
11:29 there in Lamar and he lived way out of town.
11:34 This was last summer when we held a crusade in dry,
11:37 dry, dry, Lamar, Colorado.
11:40 You think you have a drought there,
11:41 you ain't see nothing.
11:43 This has been familiar American history town there
11:47 they have some very familiar American history
11:49 of the Dust Bowl.
11:51 It was a place that was hard hit by the Dust Bowl
11:53 of the 20th century there in the 1930s.
11:55 Well, one day, you know, he lived way out of town
11:59 and he lived down a long, long, long, dirt road,
12:02 I mean, the dirt road continue to past his house
12:04 and when you would go to his house,
12:06 I mean, dust would fly everywhere.
12:08 If there was car come on the opposite direction
12:10 talk about dust bowl there they were.
12:13 Well, one day I was jogging down a long dusty dirt road
12:17 way out of town in the middle of no where.
12:19 It was a hot, hot, hot day and after jogging
12:22 over two miles in the scorching, searing heat,
12:24 I'm not gonna lie, I was thirsty.
12:26 I mean, very, very thirsty. My throat was parched.
12:31 I was sweating profusely.
12:33 I was still a distance from the house
12:34 where we were staying and I'm thinking to myself,
12:37 oh, Lord, I'm so thirsty help me to make it.
12:41 Then I saw a van fast approaching
12:44 kicking up dust as it rambled down the lonely road toward me.
12:49 Suddenly the van slowed down and stopped right next to me
12:53 and the dust flew past me and the man driving
12:56 rolled down his window and said,
12:58 "Are you having a good time?"
13:01 Now there were two men in the van.
13:03 Next thing I knew he reached out the window
13:05 holding a bottle of cold water.
13:09 And I was suspicious when he handed it to me.
13:12 I thanked him and with that they took off
13:15 leaving a trail of dust and I'm left here
13:18 with parched throat, cold bottle of water
13:22 and I'm thinking okay, as I twist this
13:24 if I don't hear some I'm not drinking it.
13:28 And I heard that beautiful snap, snap, snap
13:31 and I said this is the real deal.
13:33 I was left with the bottle of cold water.
13:35 I quickly opened it and drank it down
13:37 with refreshing delight.
13:39 I had no doubt that God had provided me with cooling,
13:42 reviving water in the middle of nowhere
13:45 amidst that dust bowl when I needed it so much.
13:49 I was thirsty, really, really thirsty.
13:52 Well, I'm here to tell you if you are really,
13:54 really thirsty God has a drink for right now.
13:59 How many want to be refreshed,
14:01 refreshed by the presence of Jesus?
14:04 Refreshing water, refreshing water.
14:08 The day that shook the world
14:10 was when Jesus died on the cross.
14:15 When He died that miserable, horrible death
14:19 you cannot however understand the immensity,
14:23 the enormity, the magnitude of the sacrifice of Christ
14:28 unless before the cross you first where everyone?
14:34 The Garden of Gethsemane.
14:38 The last supper in the darkness of the night
14:44 while the disciples banded together
14:46 in that upper room with Jesus, Jesus knew His hour was at end
14:51 and He dropped the bombshell on the dinner table,
14:53 "one of you will betray me."
14:57 And moments later
14:59 Judas Iscariot took the fatal action.
15:02 The disciples did not realize really what was going on,
15:06 their minds were still hazy and foggy
15:10 but Jesus said, Jesus said, I'm gonna die.
15:14 It's not they wanted to hear but He said the hour has come.
15:18 Jesus knew the exact hour when He would die,
15:22 Daniel Chapter 9.
15:24 He studied these prophecies. He was born to die.
15:29 And so number of years ago I had the privilege
15:32 of going to the Garden of Gethsemane
15:35 amidst gnarled olive trees
15:36 and cypress trees there at the--
15:39 in the what was known as Kidron Valley
15:41 there at the base of the Mount of Olives.
15:45 This was the place
15:47 of the greatest prayer struggle ever.
15:51 Here Jesus struggled with the most costly decision.
15:57 Now what dramatic changes, now follow with me carefully
16:01 because this is the heart of the gospel.
16:05 What dramatic changes
16:06 did the disciples noticed about Jesus
16:09 when they approached the Garden of Gethsemane?
16:11 Number one, His countenance changed.
16:15 Number two, His steps became more protracted.
16:20 His form was swaying back and forth.
16:24 Every step seemed to be with labored effort
16:27 and they noticed in addition to that
16:30 that His words were more and more enfold
16:32 than ever before.
16:34 They noticed these dramatic changes that swept over Him
16:38 and what more enfold words
16:39 did Jesus utter to the disciples
16:42 as He entered the garden.
16:43 This is one of my favorite scriptures
16:46 in terms of understanding what's in the heart of God.
16:51 The Bible says in Psalms 40:17, "I am poor and needy,
16:55 but the Lord thinks about me."
16:57 Would you agree what gives us hope and encouragement
17:00 as when you know the Father is thinking of you?
17:03 What happened in the Garden of Gethsemane
17:05 and the cross reveals what is on the mind of God,
17:10 you, always you.
17:14 And so listen to this, this is powerful.
17:18 "I feel as though I am dying"
17:24 Contemporary English Version.
17:28 I want you to think about that.
17:29 These are most thought provoking revelations
17:33 that I think we could ever ponder.
17:36 "I feel as though I am dying."
17:40 Was that a lie or was that the real, real naked truth?
17:48 What was crushing out His life in the Garden of Gethsemane?
17:53 Sins of the world. Your sis, Isaiah 53.
17:57 Yet it pleased the Lord to bruise
18:00 or that bruise meaning crush Him.
18:02 He has put Him to grieve
18:05 when you make His soul an offering for sin.
18:08 Jesus was what? Crushed. Everybody say crushed.
18:12 Keep that word in mind we will use it Isaiah 53:10.
18:17 Why was Jesus feeling such mental anguish?
18:22 What prayer seem to be forced from the lips of Jesus?
18:25 Matthew 26, it's the next the verse 39,
18:29 "My Father, if it is possible," this is coming
18:33 from the pale quivering lips of the suffering Jesus.
18:39 The shadows of that light, don't make me drink
18:42 from this cup but do you want and not what I want.
18:49 Why that such agony? He knew He was born to die.
18:53 Why now the apparent, the apparent hesitation?
18:58 What was in that bitter cup? The wrath of God.
19:03 Oh, then "What is the wrath of God against sin?"
19:05 Romans 1:28.
19:07 What is the result of the wrath of God upon the sinner?
19:09 "God gave them over" abandoned them,
19:14 left them in their sin and the consequences of sin.
19:17 This is the ultimate manifestation
19:20 and experience of the wrath of God, Romans 1:28.
19:23 Well, how does the Bible describe
19:25 how Jesus experienced the wrath of God?
19:28 Isaiah 63:3, "I have trodden" or what?
19:33 What happens at a winepress? Crushed grapes.
19:37 Grapes die that somebody might have a sweet drink.
19:44 And the Bible said He trogged that winepress alone.
19:49 No wonder He used the emblem of the pure blood
19:53 of the grape unfermented wine.
19:55 And so what was He experiencing?
19:59 Eternal separation.
20:05 You know, when I'm separated from my family
20:08 don't tell anybody
20:09 but sometimes I have separation anxiety.
20:14 I'm a dad, my son 10-years-old.
20:17 You say, oh, no, here is the evangelist
20:18 going on again with how much he misses his family, oh, no.
20:22 How many miss your family when you are not with them?
20:25 How many just like to get a break?
20:26 No, don't say that you rule my illustration.
20:29 Separation anxiety when you are separated
20:33 it can put a heaviness on you.
20:36 Think about what Jesus experienced.
20:39 This was not a little vacation that Jesus was on.
20:42 This is not just, okay, Father, I'm going down here
20:45 I'll be right back.
20:47 He was experiencing
20:48 the throws of eternal separation.
20:52 I highly recommend this book by Ellen G. White,
20:56 when I accept the Christ after being delivered
20:58 from drugs and drinking and smoking and toking
21:01 when God delivered this former hippy and Mark Finley
21:04 playing a major role in that when I attended
21:06 his Radiant Living seminars in Springfield, Massachusetts
21:11 God took this high school dropout
21:13 after I dropped out after the ninth grade.
21:16 He took me and He said, Mark, I want you now
21:19 to get up early in the morning and to read the Bible
21:22 and Desire of Ages.
21:23 And at first I read very slowly
21:26 but, you know, when you fall in love with Jesus
21:28 you want to get to know Jesus
21:30 even if that means you got to learn how to read.
21:33 Listen to this a book written on the life of Jesus.
21:37 "Christ felt the anguish which the sinner will feel
21:41 when mercy shall no longer plead for the guilty race."
21:45 Well, then what is the fate of the wicked, the lost?
21:48 Here's a little, little laundry list,
21:50 little litany here of fate of the wicked.
21:53 God's wrath, Second Death, Depart from Me, Weeping,
21:57 there is more, Outer darkness and Weeping, Tormented,
22:00 Everlating punishment, Cursed, eternal destruction,
22:04 Jesus tasted it all.
22:07 It required, you want the gospel truth,
22:11 the gospel is the power of God unto salvation here it is.
22:15 It required, my dear brother, my dear sister,
22:21 it required eternal death
22:25 to bring eternal life.
22:30 I can't fully comprehend it but my soul is drawn to it.
22:35 Love begets love and we love Him
22:39 in response to Him loving us, 1 John 4:19.
22:42 Now why was Jesus feeling the wrath of God?
22:45 Second Corinthians 5:21 "Because he who knew no sin
22:49 became sin, that we might be made
22:51 the righteousness of God in Him" 2 Corinthians 5:21.
22:55 Listen carefully I've come here to say something,
22:58 Jesus was now becoming sin.
23:03 Identifying Himself with sin he who knew no sin became sin.
23:09 Jesus took all of our nagging guilt,
23:12 all of our formidable condemnation
23:16 and all of our horrible sins upon Himself.
23:19 What was being withdrawn from Jesus
23:22 in His greatest time of need, therefore Jesus was suffering
23:25 from the sins of the withdrawal of,
23:28 what sustained Him now it's being withdrawn.
23:31 God's love, His Father's love and our probation and light.
23:35 "Could mortals have viewed
23:37 the amazement of the angelic host
23:38 as in silent grief they watched the Father
23:40 separating His beams of light, love, and glory
23:43 from His beloved Son, they would better understand
23:46 how offensive in His sight is sin."
23:50 So what was Jesus greatest fear while He was in the garden?
23:54 "And being in agony, He prayed more earnestly.
23:57 Then His sweat became like great drops of" what everyone?
24:01 "Blood falling down to the ground" Luke 22:44.
24:05 And so "They saw His face marked
24:07 with bloody sweet of agony, and they were filled with fear.
24:10 His anguish of mind they could not understand.
24:13 And a quote from Isaiah 52:14 and Desire of Ages 738,
24:17 "So His visage" his face, His countenance "was marred"
24:20 disfigured "more than any man,
24:22 and His form more than the sons of men."
24:24 Why? Why?
24:27 He feared
24:28 and His soul was being ravaged by the temptation,
24:33 harass by the tormented by the temptation
24:36 He would never be united with His Father
24:39 ever, ever, again.
24:43 Was Jesus praying that He would not have to die?
24:47 He had offered a prayers and supplications
24:48 with vehement cries and tears to Him
24:51 who is able to save Him from death.
24:54 Well, wait a minute.
24:56 He was born to die but He appears to be changing
24:59 His min in the Garden of Gethsemane.
25:01 He did not changed His mind but He was tempted
25:04 to change His mind and our salvation
25:07 was hanging in the balances, Hebrews 5:7.
25:14 Now I want you to walk with me carefully through this.
25:18 Did Jesus know He would suffer and die for our sins?
25:21 He did.
25:22 John the Baptist at the Jordon River said
25:24 there He is, behold the lamb of God that what,
25:27 takes away the sin of the world.
25:29 He was introduced as being the lamb sacrifice.
25:31 He was born to die, He know it and then,
25:36 and then that voice came when Jesus submitted Himself
25:39 identifying Himself with sinners
25:41 and He bowed His head, He knelt down there
25:44 by the muddy banks of the Jordon River
25:46 and He said the most moving prayer
25:48 and then in response to His Son submission to go forth
25:52 and live a perfect life and die a horrible death for us,
25:58 you are my beloved son in whom I'm well pleased.
26:02 Well pleased with what?
26:03 That you are now presenting yourself as the lamb to die.
26:10 Fast forward,
26:12 Peter and the disciples are now stunned
26:19 when Jesus said, I'm going up to Jerusalem
26:23 and I'm going to be crucified
26:24 and I will rise again on the third day
26:27 and He said that several times.
26:29 And Peter's response he outspoken,
26:32 spokesman for the disciples
26:36 said, no way.
26:40 I love You too much is what peter was saying
26:43 but it was misled love.
26:45 I will not let You go through this
26:47 I'm gonna stand in the way.
26:48 I will protect You, You can't do this.
26:51 We love You too much.
26:52 There is too--
26:53 we have too much expectations
26:56 in regard to how You're gonna liberate us
26:58 from the Roman yoke of oppression.
27:00 No, no, no, these plans cannot be broken.
27:04 And Jesus response
27:06 was very, very swift and seemingly harsh.
27:12 Listen to the tone Satan,
27:18 leave Him alone.
27:21 Satan, get behind Me.
27:25 Jesus was basically saying, essentially saying nobody
27:29 not even My closest disciples are going to talk me
27:33 out of dying for the sins of the world.
27:36 Father, take this cup from me.
27:41 Do you hear a little bit of seeming contradiction,
27:45 a paradox?
27:47 Nobody is gonna talk me out of this.
27:49 Father, do I have to go through with this?
27:54 Fast forward,
27:56 Mary Magdalene is there at the feet of Jesus
28:02 and you know that there
28:06 she is pouring out that perfume,
28:09 that expensive perfume is wafted through the air.
28:13 It gets everybody's attention.
28:15 How many agree you can't hide your love for Jesus?
28:17 Can you say, amen?
28:19 And the sweet fragrances enveloping the room
28:22 and they were harassing Mary, they were bothering Mary
28:28 and then Jesus spoke up in her defense.
28:31 No, she is preparing for my, what? For my burial.
28:36 This was upper most in the mind of Jesus
28:39 and He was not talking about well,
28:43 I don't know if I want to go through with this.
28:44 now take your Bible and look with me John 12,
28:48 John 12 I find this so powerful in the extreme.
28:52 John Chapter 12, I love these verses.
28:56 It helps us to understand the heart of God,
28:59 the heart of Jesus.
29:01 God suffered in the person of His Son.
29:03 Amen. Isn't that true?
29:05 John 12:27,
29:10 "Now My soul is troubled, "
29:13 and matter of the fact, let's get the context,
29:15 let's go back to verse 23.
29:16 "The hour has come that the Son of Man
29:18 should be glorified.
29:19 Most assuredly, I say to you," remember we said,
29:21 we saw that the devil is trying to hide us,
29:24 blind our eyes so we don't see the glory of God
29:27 and the face of Jesus Christ
29:29 because that's the glory of God,
29:31 the character of God and Jesus being crucified,
29:34 Jesus going through His passion,
29:35 His sufferings reveals the glory of God,
29:38 the character of God and as we behold it
29:40 we become changed so that we can truly fear God
29:42 and give glory to Him because His love is in our heart
29:46 and shining in our faces.
29:47 Is anybody hearing this today?
29:51 And so notice, the Bible says in the last days,
29:53 Isaiah 60:1 "Arise, shine, for the" the Bible says the--
29:58 I'll get this right.
30:00 Isaiah 60:1 "Arise, shine, for thy light has come!
30:03 And the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee."
30:07 Gross darkness is gonna cover the earth
30:09 but how many agree while the earth and the wicked
30:11 are becoming more and more dark and evil and wicked
30:15 God will have people
30:17 becoming more and more and more like Jesus.
30:19 You know, how that's gonna happen?
30:21 You got to study the cross, focus on the cross,
30:24 be drawn by the cross, it's the heart of Jesus
30:27 and as you look and probe in what's in His heart
30:30 it changes your heart.
30:34 "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat
30:36 falls into the ground and dies"
30:39 His talking is, He is illustrating His death
30:43 and "It remains alone; but if it dies,
30:45 it produces much grain" fruit.
30:47 "He who loves his life will lose it."
30:49 Okay, let's go down to verse 27,
30:50 "Now My soul is troubled, and what shall I say?
30:54 'Father, save Me from this hour?' "
30:56 It's rhetorical.
30:57 He is saying, you know, Father, should I pray this prayer,
31:00 you know, same Me from this hour?
31:02 Fast forward, Father, Father,
31:04 take this cup from Me, take this cup from Me.
31:08 Why? What happened?
31:14 But for this purpose I came to this hour and then He said,
31:21 "Father, glorify Your name."
31:24 Watch this, watch this, watch this.
31:27 "Then a voice came from heaven, saying,
31:30 'I have both glorified it and will glorify it again.'
31:34 And Jesus said, 'This voice did not come because of Me,
31:36 but for your sake.'
31:38 Now is the judgment of this world,
31:40 now the ruler of this world will be cast out."
31:42 In other words now Satan has no power
31:45 with his accusations Revelation 12:10.
31:49 "And I, if I am lifted up" crucified "from the earth,
31:53 will draw all peoples to Myself."
31:55 What did we just read?
31:56 What we read right there this is so powerful.
32:00 The Father's voice when Jesus said, should I say,
32:05 Father, save me from going through with this death.
32:08 No, glorify your name.
32:10 I have both glorified it and will glorify it.
32:14 How it would be glorified?
32:16 By the cross.
32:18 Would you agree if we are gonna fear God
32:19 and give glory to Him we got to be champions of cross.
32:22 We carry our cross and we talk about His cross.
32:27 How many agree this should be all consuming
32:29 that I have a Savior that love me more than Himself?
32:33 I don't know some people get excited about a ball game
32:36 and let me tell you some, some time your team wins
32:38 and sometimes they loses, Jesus always wins.
32:43 If you are going through a personal crisis in your life,
32:46 if you are facing financial challenges,
32:49 if you are suffering from health problem,
32:51 if your marriage is needing a miracle,
32:53 if you have a special concern for your children?
32:56 Whatever you need maybe give us a call
32:58 and we will pray with you.
32:59 For your prayer requests call us at 1-855-336-FREE.
33:05 "If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed,"
33:08 John 8:36.
33:18 And there is another scripture,
33:22 on the Mount of Transfiguration,
33:24 come with me,
33:27 Mount of Transfiguration a number of years ago
33:29 I had the privilege of driving up
33:31 on our tour group up there to the top of what they call
33:34 Mount of Transfiguration,
33:35 there is little bit of speculation
33:36 that was the exact mountain but none the less
33:39 we reminisced about what happened that night,
33:42 what happened on that night.
33:43 Well, the Mount of Transfiguration
33:45 remember we had Peter, James and John,
33:48 Jesus was praying and all of a sudden
33:52 the mountain was lit up with the glory of God
33:56 shining in the person in the face of Jesus
34:00 and next to Him the disciples are wiping the sleep
34:03 from their eyes and they can't believe it
34:05 it's almost, it's so breathtaking.
34:09 They actually see Moses and Elijah
34:14 both had ascended to heaven.
34:16 One without tasting death, a type of the church
34:19 it will be alive when Jesus comes,
34:21 translated without seeing death.
34:23 How many would like to be in that group?
34:25 And then Moses a type of those who die but be resurrected.
34:30 And they were both had,
34:31 they both had something in common.
34:32 What was the paramount common denominator?
34:35 Both were willing to die
34:37 for the salvation of God's people.
34:40 They were willing to be used and spent to the utter most.
34:43 They put God's people before themselves.
34:46 They had invested their all energy, their time,
34:50 everything to very life.
34:53 Remember Moses said, if you gonna destroy them
34:56 blot me out of the Book of Life.
34:58 He interceded for the people of God and would you agree
35:01 Moses is not greater than what who is a type of?
35:05 How many agree Jesus was willing to go through
35:08 everything in order to save us?
35:10 He paid the ultimate price.
35:13 We are bought at a price, 1 Corinthians 6:19, 20.
35:15 Now watch this,
35:17 do you know that the Bible actually shares--
35:20 I find this absolutely riveting.
35:23 The Bible actually shares, tells us
35:28 that the disciples apparently were able to eves
35:31 drop a little bit either that of the Lord,
35:33 you know, shared little bit of what happened.
35:37 Do you know that just the subject,
35:40 the topic of conversation what was a key component
35:45 of that conversation that insured
35:46 between Moses and Elijah and Jesus.
35:49 Wouldn't you like to know, wow, what did they talk about?
35:52 The Bible says, they talked
35:54 about the upcoming deceased of Jesus.
35:58 They talked about the sacrifice of Christ
36:02 that was just fast approaching in the horizon.
36:07 I can see Moses and Elijah hugging Jesus and with tears
36:11 saying, Jesus, we love You.
36:14 We wouldn't be in heaven
36:16 unless You were willing to do this.
36:18 Jesus, don't give up
36:20 because there are others that love You like us.
36:23 Jesus, hang in there, don't give up.
36:25 And then the voice came, this is My beloved Son.
36:30 Three times that voice came to confirm
36:33 when Jesus submitted to the sacrifice
36:36 to die that horrible death to taste even the second death,
36:41 this is My Son, this is My Son, this is My Son.
36:45 And would you agree when we offer up our self
36:48 a living sacrifice that voice comes from God,
36:52 you are My beloved Son because we are accepted in the beloved.
36:57 Christ lives in me and gave Himself for me and died for me.
37:04 Now watch this,
37:08 was Jesus overwhelmingly surprised
37:10 by the reality of the wrath of God?
37:12 Well, what are two examples of surprise
37:15 that many people experience?
37:18 When-- let me choose the one on the right first.
37:21 Have you ever gotten sick? How many of you ever been sick?
37:24 And then all of a sudden some herbalist
37:27 and don't get me wrong I will say this parenthetically
37:29 I take herbs, I believe in herbs but, all right,
37:32 and the parentheses and say come and they say,
37:35 you know what, you got that sore thought
37:36 I know just the remedy.
37:38 There are these five bitter herbs
37:40 mixed with raw garlic a little few other things
37:43 and if you just drink it down I'm telling you it has a punch.
37:46 It's a little bitter but it will help you get better.
37:49 I know what I'm talking about.
37:51 It has been offered to me, I tried it.
37:53 I'll do just about anything to get better.
37:56 I tried it but I must admit it was more poison--
37:59 I mean, it was more powerful
38:02 and bitter than what I ever imagined.
38:05 It's just a small little illustration.
38:08 Jesus knew He would have to taste the bitter cup
38:11 but when He tasted it Father, Father, eternal separation.
38:18 Father, take this cup from Me, take this from Me.
38:25 When my wife became pregnant with Caleb
38:29 all of a sudden she had a glow, I don't know
38:33 and I start to get glow is contagious.
38:35 We were both absolutely thrilled.
38:38 Even though I'm a late blooming dad
38:40 but I tell you what happened.
38:42 We went for a nice romantic stroll there in the Pocono
38:45 where we lived at the time 2,000 foot elevation,
38:49 looking up at a ski resort place that we never went to
38:52 and, and see a lake below.
38:55 It's just breathtaking get away.
38:57 And so we are walking around and the snow is falling
39:00 just beautiful and she is fully expecting
39:03 but still 10 days prior to the due date
39:06 and, you know, I'm sure she had told,
39:08 you know, it's not gonna be the easiest thing necessarily.
39:11 And so we arrived back home and lo and behold next thing
39:15 I know she is outside shoveling snow off of our massive deck.
39:21 And I come out, honey, would you please get in here.
39:24 You are not supposed to be doing that.
39:25 Come inside, come inside.
39:28 I don't know exactly--
39:29 she eventually came in and then next thing I know
39:33 I hear furniture moving upstairs,
39:35 I walk upstairs and like
39:36 what is this about expecting moms
39:38 all of a sudden they have super human energy.
39:42 How many have been there done that?
39:46 Meanwhile the father's are flipping out.
39:50 And so all I know she is upstairs
39:54 one of the bedrooms
39:56 and while we are moving furniture,
39:58 oh, I feel something.
39:59 Yeah,
40:02 17 hours of contractions intense,
40:08 intense, hat's off to moms.
40:12 Seventeen hours then when my son was born
40:15 I pulled out my promise book
40:17 "Weeping may tarry for the night,
40:19 but joy comes in the morning" Psalms 30:5.
40:22 Okay, so as little afternoon
40:25 it was worse than what she was told.
40:29 "Fearfulness has surprised,"
40:32 everybody say the word surprise.
40:34 "Surprise the hypocrites."
40:36 You say, Mark, Jesus was not a hypocrites,
40:38 is apocalypse a sin?
40:40 It is.
40:42 And Jesus took all of our sins, I believe that the big,
40:47 one of the biggest surprise
40:48 is when Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane.
40:53 It required eternal death to bring eternal life.
40:57 So what is Jesus basically pleading with His Father for?
41:01 I don't want to die this way.
41:03 I'm willing to die but, Father, please not eternal separation.
41:10 Was Jesus changing His mind?
41:11 He was tempted to. He was tempted to.
41:14 What did Jesus feel all through His life?
41:18 I always do those things that My Father wants Me to.
41:23 The Father has not left me alone
41:26 because I always do those things that please Him.
41:29 In other words, Jesus believed the Father was always with Him
41:33 but now in the Garden of Gethsemane
41:35 His Father was abandoning Him.
41:39 Jesus felt totally abandoned. Jesus could only see darkness.
41:45 Don't get me wrong. Don't get me wrong.
41:50 The Father has perfect love for His son
41:56 but "He that spared not His own Son,
42:01 but delivered Him up for us all,
42:05 how shall He not with Him
42:06 also freely give us all things?"
42:08 Romans 8:32.
42:09 Listen, He Himself, stay with me,
42:13 "He Himself has suffered being tempted."
42:17 The temptations were powerful
42:19 and causing Him to be prostrated.
42:22 So what was Jesus greatest temptation?
42:24 I'll tell you what it was.
42:25 Christ might even now refuse to drink the cup of portion
42:28 He gave to man.
42:30 It was not yet too late.
42:31 He might wipe the bloody sweat from His brow
42:33 and leave man to perish of his sin
42:36 and I will go back to My Father.
42:37 Don't you think that was a formidable temptation,
42:40 to just go back to His Father but His decision is made.
42:43 He will save man at any cost.
42:50 I love Jesus today.
42:54 Having made His decision, love is a decision.
42:57 Sometimes couples will come to me and say, it's over.
43:01 We have no feelings of love for each other.
43:04 I said, you believe in Jesus? Oh, yeah.
43:07 Love is a decision and love grows by expression.
43:12 "Having made His decision" everybody say decision
43:15 "He fell" what everyone?
43:17 At first He said, I feel as though I'm dying.
43:20 Guess what?
43:22 After three times praying this prayer and submitting
43:25 "He fell dying to the ground
43:29 from which He had partially risen."
43:33 Dying before the cross,
43:37 Jesus could have died in the Garden of Gethsemane
43:45 but it was prophesied that He wouldn't.
43:51 Who did God send to revive Jesus and to help Him
43:54 to have strength to endure separation with God?
43:58 An angel.
44:00 Oh, the conversation, I look forward to go into heaven
44:04 and asking Jesus and the angel,
44:07 what did the angels say?
44:09 I believe the angels said probably something like this.
44:13 I believe that angel was crying,
44:16 I believe that angel was crying with Jesus who had been crying.
44:21 And I believe He scooped to help His head
44:25 and held His bloodied face, His sweaty face
44:30 and I see him saying, Jesus,
44:33 the angelic host loves You more because of this.
44:40 The decision to save man at any cost to Himself
44:43 was finally and full then tested on the Cross.
44:50 Why is it so important to understand
44:51 the struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane
44:54 because you go through struggles
44:56 and you have not sweat blood yet, Hebrews 12:4.
45:00 So why was Jesus forsaken?
45:02 Because of sin, because He was cursed.
45:05 He receive the cruse and the thrones on His head
45:07 with symbolic of the fact that He took all of our sins.
45:11 Sudden changes are about to catch the world by surprise.
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46:08 You can also visit us online at
46:21 Christ died for our sins.
46:23 "Thou shall call his name Jesus,
46:24 for he shall save his people from their sins."
46:26 Now watch, watch, I saved the best for last.
46:33 What kind of death did Jesus die?
46:39 The wages of sin is eternal death ultimately.
46:45 The second death from which there is no resurrection,
46:49 Romans 6:23, no grater death.
46:52 Jesus tasted the second death for every man, Hebrews 2:9.
46:57 My God my God--
47:02 My God, My God, why have you temporarily left Me?
47:12 So what you would say?
47:14 I want to understand it so we are so accustom
47:18 to hearing these, these things as like,
47:20 oh, I've heard this and we become gospel harden.
47:23 How many agree you can hear the cross
47:24 and it won't move you at all unless you say,
47:27 "Lord, break up my follow ground."
47:30 Break up my heart, break Me that you might remake Me.
47:36 What is He saying there?
47:38 He is saying
47:41 My God,
47:43 you have forever left me.
47:48 Was He joking?
47:51 Was He just kind of going through a celestial script?
47:53 You know, these are the words
47:55 and I need to say these words so I just--
47:56 or I will say them.
47:58 How many agree he felt poignant sorrow.
48:02 Behold, "If there is any sorrow like my sorrow,"
48:06 Lamentations 1:12.
48:08 Jesus was experience despair.
48:14 The wicked will experience despair why
48:17 of eternal separation.
48:20 He required eternal death to bring eternal life.
48:26 How did Jesus die? How did he died?
48:29 You know, when they came to him
48:33 and they came to the soldiers they broke their legs
48:37 and either franking him on either side.
48:40 But they didn't break Jesus legs why
48:42 because He was already dead.
48:44 That just simply did not happen.
48:47 He had only been up there for six hours
48:49 and by the way He rested on the seventh hour
48:51 from His work of redemption
48:54 and He rested on the seventh day.
48:56 A perfect sacrifice so that we can have perfect rest.
49:02 Oh, Sabbath rest keepers do you have rest?
49:05 You find it in the bosom of Christ.
49:08 Think about it.
49:10 They noticed that Jesus was already dead.
49:13 Criminals would be hanging on these crosses publicly
49:17 as a spectacle of warning, as a beacon of warning.
49:20 You know, why?
49:23 This was a horrible torture.
49:25 They would linger in agony
49:28 four days up on the cross at times.
49:31 Jesus died suddenly of a raptured heart.
49:35 His heart was broken for our sins.
49:40 Now watch this, "Jesus died of a broken heart
49:44 that he might heal the broken hearted"
49:46 Psalms 69:20.
49:49 When the trust in the spear what came out?
49:53 Blood and water.
49:54 Number one, signaling the fact that He had already died
49:59 secondly that He died of a broken heart.
50:02 Now listen carefully, Ellen White says,
50:05 "It was the sense of sin, bringing the Father's wrath
50:07 upon Him as man's substitute, that made the cup
50:10 He drank so bitter, and broke the heart of the Son of God."
50:14 Behold, Jesus, dying of a broken heart
50:18 because His Father left Him.
50:23 Oh, what amazement...
50:26 this is to me.
50:30 But I want you to think of something.
50:32 What about the sign of Jonah?
50:35 No sign will be given to this skeptical generation
50:39 except the sign of the Prophet Jonah.
50:43 Jonah said that he was cast out of sight forever
50:46 but it turned out to be three days, what does he,
50:49 you know, can't get things straight, is He confused,
50:51 I mean, He just you know, misprint,
50:53 of what happened there lapse in his memory?
50:58 That boat that was tossed by those angry waves.
51:02 Would you agree the wrath of God was upon that boat
51:06 and Jonah it's my fault, it's my sin you should--
51:12 I don't want you to suffer for my sin.
51:14 I only want the wrath of God
51:16 because I want to see you guys safe.
51:18 Throw me overboard
51:20 I'm volunteering to die for you.
51:23 Throw me over board and they threw him overboard
51:27 and when he plunged into the angry waves
51:30 he wasn't thinking like, well, I hope I can swim to shore.
51:33 He wasn't thinking like,
51:35 well, I hope I can just float until somebody comes by.
51:40 He was being plunged into the water
51:42 and in his mind it was forever.
51:48 It gonna turned out to be three days, it was both.
51:53 Jesus said, I'm gonna be crucified
51:55 and risen on the third day.
51:57 My God, why, why have you forsaken me forever
52:01 and yet it was three days.
52:04 He could not see beyond the porous of the tomb.
52:09 He couldn't see it but he was willing to say,
52:12 I love Mark Fox
52:15 more than myself what ever it takes
52:19 but they he said to the Father in so many words.
52:21 "Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him.
52:23 Jesus is the ultimate Job."
52:26 And He said, Father,
52:29 you remember He said, it is finish.
52:31 He said, Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit
52:37 and he bowed his head upon his chest and he died.
52:41 There are been many martyrs but Jesus died for our sins
52:44 and experience eternal separation from God.
52:46 Many have suffered,
52:49 been tortured longer than Jesus was.
52:53 So you might be thinking
52:54 of Mel Gibson's movie Passion of Christ.
52:58 Let me tell you something, it's not the blood,
53:02 it's the broken heart.
53:04 Oh, it was the physical pain was horrible
53:07 but He didn't die from the physical torment
53:09 he died from a heart broken because of your sins.
53:15 Why Jesus, would You be willing to die
53:18 for a broken heart for the likes of me?
53:22 The Savior could not see I need to close.
53:25 Savior could not see the portals of the tomb.
53:27 Hope did not present to Him.
53:29 He is coming forth from the grave of conqueror
53:31 or tell Him of the Father's acceptance of the sacrifice.
53:34 He feared the sin was so offensive to God
53:35 that their separation was what?
53:38 Eternal. No wonder Jesus was tempted.
53:42 If you are the Son of God come down and save yourself.
53:44 Oh, it was a temptation to go back to His Father.
53:48 While He was on the cross no angel to help Him,
53:49 no confirming voice from God, no Moses and Elijah,
53:52 no comfort from His followers, no understanding from anyone.
53:55 It was a thief on the cross though that accepted Him.
53:59 No smile from His Father. Just darkness and lightening.
54:01 Just condemnation and despair.
54:03 Behold and see if any sorrow like is my sorrow.
54:07 His heart broke
54:08 so that He could heal the broken hearted.
54:10 It required eternal death to bring eternal life.
54:14 I close with this.
54:17 What is going to keep you from sinning?
54:20 If God takes you to heaven does He take away
54:24 your power of decision, your power of will?
54:27 You still have it.
54:29 What's gonna keep you from sinning
54:30 a zillion years from now?
54:33 Listen, then is the glorious of the eternal home
54:37 burst upon and raptured senses we shall remember
54:40 that Jesus left all this for us
54:43 that He not only became an exile
54:44 from the heavenly chords
54:46 but for us took the what everyone
54:48 the risk of failure and eternal loss.
54:54 I can't understand it but I accept it.
54:58 Then we shall cast our crows at His feet and raise the song,
55:02 worthy, worthy is the Lamb that was slain.
55:07 "One reminder alone remains.
55:10 Our Redeemer will ever bear the marks of His crucifixion.
55:14 Upon His wounded head, upon His side, His hands and feet,
55:18 are the only traces of the cruel work
55:20 that sinners has wrought."
55:21 Now follow along carefully.
55:25 Son, I'm making an appeal.
55:33 Throughout the ceases ages of eternity
55:38 Jesus will bare the marks of His love
55:44 but there is a wound that speaks louder
55:51 than the wounds on His hands and His feet, on His head
55:56 it's the wound that reveals...
56:01 how He died.
56:04 This doesn't say everything, this doesn't say everything,
56:09 this does.
56:11 I look forward to feel it that side for me
56:17 bowing at His feet while touching that wound
56:23 because that reveals His heart.
56:26 For me one reminder, upon His wounded head,
56:31 upon His side, His hands and feet
56:34 are the only traces of the cruel work
56:36 that sinners wrought.
56:37 Says the prophet behold in Christ in His glory.
56:41 He had bright beams coming out of his side
56:45 and there was the hiding of His power
56:48 to keep us from sin.
56:51 The power of the gospel.
56:54 Habakkuk 3:4 and Ellen White
56:57 refers to the margin of the side.
57:01 Bright beams coming from His side,
57:04 "That pierced side whence flowed the crimson stream
57:08 that reconciled man to God, there is the Savior's glory
57:12 there 'the hiding of his power.'"
57:14 Mighty to save through the sacrifice of redemption
57:17 or His highest honor through the eternal ages.
57:20 The wounds of Calvary will show forth His praise
57:23 and declare His power.
57:27 Behold, Jesus.
57:31 Feel His side. Feel His heart.
57:36 Sense His personal love
57:39 and fall at His feet with me like that.
57:46 Although sudden and alarming changes
57:48 are sweeping across the globe
57:50 you and your family can be prepared
57:52 to face the future with comforts.
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