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00:12 Welcome to Anchors Of Truth from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:17 When The Spirit Falls with Mark Finley.
00:24 We certainly had a wonderful beginning last night.
00:28 The Spirit did fall here.
00:32 And it fell on our speaker and it fell upon those that were
00:35 here in the audience.
00:37 And we had a meeting afterwards, an afterglow,
00:40 where we talked about the Lord for quite a little while
00:45 after our meeting last night.
00:47 And then we had a prayer with Pastor John Lomacang.
00:52 And tonight, we are again expecting the power
00:57 of the Holy Spirit in this series.
01:01 The title of the series is, When The Spirit Falls.
01:05 You know, tonight we're going to hear a warning.
01:09 It is, Which Spirit Is Speaking?
01:13 Because there is a true Holy Spirit and a counterfeit.
01:18 And tonight, we'll be talking about which spirit is speaking.
01:25 Pastor Mark Finley has had experience preaching
01:29 all over the world.
01:30 He has literally held crusades in almost every major city
01:37 of the world.
01:39 God has blessed His ministry.
01:42 And for so many years, he was also the Speaker/Directory
01:45 of It Is Written while he was holding those meetings;
01:50 in places like Moscow, and Helsinki, and Stockholm,
01:56 and other places around the world.
02:00 Tonight, he is going to be presenting our message to us.
02:06 And we were talking last night about some of the
02:10 books that has written.
02:11 But right now one of my favorite books that Mark has written
02:16 is called, Studying Together.
02:19 It's a question and answer book that's an ideal thing
02:25 for people to have.
02:26 And as I was talking about that last night,
02:28 he told our group afterwards that there is now an app
02:34 that you can get for your iPhone, for your iPad,
02:38 for any smart device that you have.
02:41 And you simply go on the app store and put in
02:46 "Studying Together" and it will come up.
02:50 It's only like $4.99.
02:52 It is invaluable.
02:55 You can use it to study wherever you are.
02:58 And it is a tremendous tool for answering questions.
03:04 And so I hope that you will make yourself, have the privilege,
03:13 of taking that into your computer.
03:17 You know, you've got some apps you've never used.
03:19 Get rid of some of those and get this one.
03:22 Because you're going to use the app, Studying Together,
03:27 by Mark Finley.
03:29 Well tonight before Mark comes to speak,
03:32 and again his subject is, Which Spirit Is Speaking,
03:37 tonight Danny Shelton is going to come
03:40 and he's going to sing one of my favorite songs,
03:43 an old favorite, Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.
04:02 O soul, are you weary and troubled?
04:11 No light in the darkness you see?
04:21 There's light for a look at the Savior,
04:30 and life so abundant and free.
04:40 Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
04:48 look full in His wonderful face.
04:57 And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
05:07 in the light of His glory and grace.
05:21 His Word will not fail you, He's promised;
05:30 believe Him, and all will be well.
05:39 Then go to a world that is dying,
05:48 His perfect salvation to tell.
05:58 Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
06:06 look full in His wonderful face.
06:15 And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
06:25 in the light of His glory and grace.
06:38 In the light of His glory and grace.
06:52 Amen.
06:53 The Holy Spirit's roll is to lead us to Jesus.
06:59 Jesus said, "If I go away, I will send Him unto you.
07:03 And I will abide with you."
07:07 The role of the Holy Spirit is to turn our eyes upon Jesus.
07:13 We're studying about the Holy Spirit in a five part series.
07:16 Last evening, we looked at the Person of the Holy Spirit;
07:19 the work in ministry of the Holy Spirit.
07:22 Tonight, we'll talk about the urgency of the Spirit.
07:25 Tomorrow night, true and false and counterfeit
07:27 manifestations of the Spirit.
07:30 And then on Sabbath morning and Sabbath evening,
07:33 we'll talk about the finishing of God's work
07:35 and what God wants to do through us
07:38 in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
07:40 Let's pray as we go into our presentation.
07:42 Father, we just thank You so much for the opportunity
07:47 of the gift of the Spirit.
07:49 Lord, in an age where so much passes for religion
07:54 that's sham and pretense, so much passes for religion
07:57 that's false and counterfeit, we are so thankful for the true
08:01 manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
08:03 We're so thankful for the promise that the Spirit is not
08:06 something that we can wait for in the future,
08:09 but it's a gift present for the church now.
08:12 That we can claim that promise of the Spirit now.
08:15 That we can open our hearts to receive the Spirit now.
08:19 And we pray Thee that this meeting would be
08:22 life changing for each one of us.
08:23 In Christ's name, amen.
08:26 Some time ago, I read quite a fascinating story.
08:30 A woman called up her insurance agent.
08:34 And she said to the insurance agent,
08:36 "I want to double the insurance on my house."
08:40 He said, "Well, I'm more than happy to help you.
08:42 I will be delighted, in fact, to come over and talk to you
08:47 about increasing your insurance on your house."
08:51 She said, "Look, this can't wait.
08:54 It has to be done now.
08:57 I want to do it over the phone.
08:58 I have my credit card, I can give you my credit card number.
09:02 I want to increase, I want to double my insurance coverage."
09:05 He said, "Look, I'll come tomorrow night."
09:07 But she didn't pay much attention to that man.
09:10 And he kept getting a little bit irritated with her and he said,
09:16 "Look, I told you I'd come tomorrow night.
09:18 We can't do it over the phone.
09:19 There is a lot that you have to sign."
09:21 She said, "Sir, you just do not understand.
09:25 Look mister, my house is on fire.
09:29 And I have to increase my insurance coverage right now."
09:35 There are some things that you have to do
09:39 that just can't be put off, right?
09:41 So things that you have to do, you have to do now.
09:45 One of those things is preparation
09:46 for the coming of Jesus.
09:48 Luther Warren, an early Seventh-day Adventist,
09:51 use to say this, "The only way to be ready for the
09:53 coming of Christ is to get ready today and to stay ready
09:57 for the coming of Christ."
09:59 The way to be ready is to get ready and stay ready.
10:02 There are some things that are urgent.
10:04 Some things it doesn't make any difference whether you do today
10:08 or do tomorrow or do the next day.
10:10 There are some things that you can put off.
10:13 There are some things that you cannot.
10:15 And that is, preparation for the coming of our Lord.
10:20 Jesus, in the book of Matthew, outlines the signs
10:24 of His return.
10:26 And those signs are all around us today
10:29 as we look at the signs.
10:30 Now there are two key chapters on the second coming of Christ
10:33 in the book of Matthew.
10:34 Entire chapters devoted to Jesus' return.
10:38 In Matthew chapter 24, we read the signs
10:43 of Christ's coming in the world.
10:45 In Matthew chapter 25, we read the preparation
10:48 for Christ's coming in the church.
10:51 So there are two distinct chapters about the
10:54 return of our Lord.
10:56 The signs in the world and preparation in the church.
11:00 As we go through Matthew chapter 24,
11:03 we observe there in the 24th chapter in the book of Matthew
11:06 that there would be wars and rumors of wars,
11:09 that there would be floods, that here would be natural disasters,
11:15 that there would be crime on every end.
11:18 As we look at those signs in the 24th chapter of the
11:22 book of Matthew, we see them being fulfilled
11:25 all around us today.
11:26 Lawlessness is abounding.
11:28 There is famine, earthquake, fire, flood.
11:30 There is terrorism.
11:33 And we stand on the knife edge of eternity.
11:38 Matthew chapter 24, though, concludes with a
11:42 solemn appeal by Christ.
11:44 And Christ says, let's read it together from the screen,
11:46 Matthew 24 verse 42.
11:54 Jesus says all these signs will be taking place around you.
11:57 We can know His coming is near, but we cannot know
12:01 the hour it is here.
12:03 We can know that it is... What, everybody?
12:06 ...near, but we cannot know the hour that it is here.
12:10 And so, Jesus shares with us the signs of His coming
12:14 so we'll be wise in preparation.
12:17 But He does not share with us the exact date of His return.
12:22 He says, "Watch you therefore, because you do not know the..."
12:25 What? ...hour of His return.
12:28 And He makes this appeal in Matthew 24 verse 44
12:30 when He says...
12:38 So the appeal of Jesus is not that we have a knowledge of
12:43 when Christ will come, but rather we are ready
12:47 when He comes.
12:48 Jesus outlines general signs of His coming.
12:52 But I get nervous when people begin to say,
12:54 "You know, I've been looking at a time chart
12:56 and I think I have all these dates figured out.
12:59 And He is going to come here or there or then."
13:02 That was not the emphasis of Jesus.
13:06 Jesus gives us the panoramic vision of signs.
13:11 He paints the big picture.
13:14 But then He appeals to our heart,
13:16 "Therefore, be also ready."
13:19 Matthew chapter 24 talks about the signs of Christ's coming.
13:24 Matthew 25 gives us three parables.
13:28 And in these parables, each one appeals to us to be ready.
13:34 The parable of the ten virgins talks about spiritual readiness.
13:38 The parable of the ten talents talks about using our gifts
13:42 that God has given us to serve others
13:44 in the context of readiness.
13:46 And the parable of the sheep and goats talks to us about
13:49 ministering to the needy and the poor,
13:52 being compassionate, in the context of readiness.
13:55 Let's look, though, at that first parable tonight.
13:59 And it's called, the parable of the ten virgins.
14:03 If you're a student to the Bible,
14:04 you remember the story well.
14:06 If you're not a Bible student, it's a story that Jesus picks up
14:10 from an ancient wedding.
14:11 As Jesus was talking to His disciples about the
14:13 signs of the times, Jesus looked out and He saw
14:16 an ancient wedding that was going to take place.
14:19 He saw these ten brides maids that would light the way
14:23 to the wedding.
14:25 Now in 14 of the 21 parables listed in the gospel of Matthew,
14:32 they refer to the kingdom of God.
14:34 They're kingdom of God parables.
14:36 Matthew wrote predominately to a Jewish audience.
14:40 And so he wrote about the church, the kingdom of God.
14:44 And the parable of the ten virgins is commented on by
14:49 Ellen White in "Review And Herald," August 19, 1890.
14:53 Notice this reference very carefully in which she says...
15:06 So here you have a divine comment on the
15:08 parable of the ten virgins.
15:10 And that this parable would be fulfilled to the divine letter.
15:13 And here you have a comment in which the messenger of the Lord
15:18 says to you and to me, to each church, and to the world,
15:21 that she was often referred to the parable of the ten virgins.
15:26 Now if God directed the mind of His special messenger,
15:29 the prophet of God, in this last generation
15:32 to the parable of the ten virgins, and if He brought it
15:34 back again and again and again, wouldn't that be a parable
15:38 worth studying for you and for me tonight?
15:41 This is a vital parable for a people preparing
15:44 for the coming of Jesus.
15:46 If Jesus Himself gave this parable as the first parable
15:51 after Matthew chapter 24 describing the condition
15:54 just before the coming of Christ and how to be ready for the
15:57 coming of Christ, this must be an incredibly vital story.
16:01 So let's look at it, Matthew 25 verse 1.
16:04 Read it together with me again, please.
16:15 Notice it's a kingdom of heaven parable.
16:17 So it's a parable that deals with the church.
16:20 It says, "The kingdom of heaven is likened to ten virgins."
16:25 Now when we look there at the idea of virgins,
16:28 in the Bible a woman represents the church.
16:32 You see this in the book of Revelation.
16:33 Chapter 12 in Revelation, you have the true church described
16:37 as a woman dressed in white, pure radiant garment.
16:41 Revelation 17, a harlot woman dressed in purple and scarlet,
16:46 and scantily clad.
16:47 So Revelation 12; the bride of Christ, the true church.
16:51 Revelation 17, the harlot woman.
16:53 So in the Bible, a woman represents the church.
16:56 A pure woman represents the true church.
16:59 A harlot woman represents a fallen church or apostasy.
17:04 Now there's something there that's very, very fascinating.
17:07 The Bible says, "The kingdom of heaven will be likened to..."
17:11 How many virgins? Ten.
17:13 Now numbers in the Bible are important.
17:15 Three indicates the Trinity; the Father, the Son,
17:19 and the Holy Spirit.
17:20 So in Revelation, you have the Father, the Son,
17:22 and the Holy Spirit.
17:24 You have the true Godhead, true Trinity, the Triumvirate.
17:28 In Revelation, you also have the dragon,
17:30 the beast, and the false prophet;
17:31 the false trinity, the false triumvirate.
17:33 So three represents the Godhead.
17:35 In the book of Revelation, seven represents what, everybody?
17:38 What does seven represent? Perfection.
17:40 Seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets.
17:43 You know, the perfect working of God through history.
17:46 And in the book of Revelation, twelve indicates completeness.
17:50 You have the twelve tribes, the complete
17:53 Old Testament believers.
17:54 The twelve patriarchs in the Old Testament.
17:57 You have the twelve disciples representing the New Testament.
18:00 In the book of Revelation, you have again "four"
18:05 representing universality.
18:07 What in the Bible does ten represent?
18:11 It's not so easy, is it?
18:13 In the days of Jesus Christ, there is something
18:17 very, very fascinating.
18:27 If Jewish men were going to start a new synagogue,
18:30 they would have to have at least ten Jewish men.
18:35 Why did Jesus use the term "ten?"
18:38 To let you and me know that what He was describing
18:43 in it was the church, the synagogue of believers.
18:47 His true church at end time.
18:49 We have pointers to that.
18:51 Kingdom of heaven parable; church.
18:53 Ten virgins; church.
18:56 The number ten again; church.
18:58 And so we see that throughout Jesus' description there.
19:03 These ten virgins, or this group of believers,
19:07 the church, has something in their hand.
19:10 It is what?
19:11 They go out with their lamps.
19:13 And throughout Scripture, you know it well,
19:15 Psalm 119 verse 105.
19:17 Let's read it together.
19:18 If you're at home, join in with us as we read
19:20 Psalm 119 and verse 105.
19:24 Local audience, let's read together.
19:31 I thank God that we don't have to guess at Bible symbolism.
19:35 I thank God that He has made the symbols in Scripture
19:39 abundantly plain.
19:41 Kingdom of heaven; church.
19:42 Virgins; true church.
19:44 Ten; smallest number of Jewish men that comprise a synagogue.
19:49 Lamps in their hand; the Word of God.
19:52 Now this is pretty incredibly good news.
19:54 Isn't it?
19:55 Here's a group of people, ten virgins,
19:57 representing God's church.
19:59 They have His word.
20:00 These are Bible believing, Sabbath keeping,
20:03 Adventist Christians.
20:06 Here, this group of people, are not out there
20:09 in apostasy some place.
20:10 They're not out in rebellion.
20:12 They haven't turned their back on God's Word.
20:15 This is His church.
20:17 Well they must all be very wise, right?
20:20 If they're all in the church, they must be very wise.
20:22 If they're all virgins, they must be all ready
20:25 for the coming of Jesus.
20:26 They all must be saved by His grace, living a prayerful life,
20:30 obeying God.
20:31 I mean, not one of these ten could possibly be lost,
20:35 could they?
20:37 Let's see what Jesus says as we go on in the parable.
20:40 Matthew chapter 25 verse 2.
20:47 That leads me to a very significant
20:50 and important question.
20:53 Why were the wise, wise?
20:57 If they were all associated together, if they were all
21:03 part of believers, why were the wise, wise?
21:07 And why were the foolish, foolish?
21:09 I think I know.
21:11 The wise were wise because they were wide awake.
21:14 And the foolish were foolish because they were asleep.
21:18 What do you think?
21:20 Is that what the Bible says?
21:22 The Bible puts it this way.
21:24 Verse 5 in Matthew 25, read it with me.
21:32 A few of the slumbered and slept.
21:35 Five of them slumbered and slept.
21:37 What does it say?
21:38 All of them slumbered and slept.
21:40 So the wise weren't wise because they were awake.
21:43 And the foolish weren't foolish because they were sleeping.
21:46 As time went on and as the coming of our Lord was delayed,
21:53 there was a spiritual lethargy that swept over both
21:59 the wise and the foolish virgins.
22:02 There is a danger that the Christian church faces
22:06 today, in general.
22:08 And there's an incredible danger that the Seventh-day Adventist
22:11 church faces.
22:13 The longer time goes on, the more one can declare with
22:19 their lips that they believe Jesus is coming soon,
22:23 but in their heart of hearts sleep.
22:28 The longer the time goes on, the longer the delay takes place,
22:35 the greater the possibility to enter into spiritual lethargy.
22:41 Isn't that what Jesus is saying in this story?
22:45 He is warning the entire church, wise and foolish,
22:50 not to fall into a deep sleep on the knife edge of eternity.
22:57 The message of Isaiah the prophet
22:58 speaks to this generation.
23:00 Here it is, Isaiah 60 verses 1 to 4.
23:02 Isaiah says, "Arise and shine."
23:05 Do what?
23:07 Arise out of your sleep and shine.
23:15 Are we living the time when darkness covers the earth?
23:17 The darkness of spiritualism.
23:19 The darkness of Satanism.
23:21 The darkness of demonism.
23:22 We are living at a time when darkness is covering the earth.
23:26 And Jesus is speaking to His entire church today.
23:29 "Arise and shine, for your light has come."
23:32 This is our destiny.
23:33 This is our time to share the light of Christ
23:37 with the whole world.
23:38 This is our time to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
23:41 Look, deep darkness will cover the people.
23:43 But the Lord will rise upon you, and His glory
23:47 will be seen in you.
23:48 Thank God, God is going to yet do something
23:51 with His slumbering sleeping church.
23:54 God is yet going to do something.
23:57 He's going to move with His Holy Spirit.
23:58 There will be a powerful spiritual revival
24:01 in these last days of earth's history.
24:04 And what's going to happen when that revival takes place?
24:06 The Gentiles. Who are they?
24:07 The heathen shall come to your light.
24:10 Kings to the brightness of your rising.
24:12 What a prophecy.
24:14 The church will not flicker and go out in darkness.
24:17 His people will not sleep forever.
24:19 There will be a mighty Holy Ghost spiritual revival.
24:23 Jesus' power will move through His church.
24:26 Men and women will be on their knees seeking God.
24:30 And the reason more people do not come to be part of
24:34 God's true church now is not because they don't have
24:37 spiritual longings in their heart.
24:40 It is because they have not seen the light of Christ
24:43 in the fullness of the Spirit in our lives.
24:46 God cannot do something...
24:49 ...with you until He does something for you.
24:52 God cannot do something through you until
24:54 He does something to you.
24:56 What a prophecy.
24:57 The Gentiles, the heathen, will come to our light.
25:00 The light of Jesus Christ rising in His people.
25:03 The kings to the brightness of their rising.
25:06 We have not yet seen what God is going to do.
25:10 Lift up your eyes all around and see.
25:13 Jesus says to His sleeping church, "Lift up your eyes
25:17 all around and see."
25:18 They all gather together.
25:20 They're going to come to you.
25:21 The greatest revival in history is going to take place.
25:25 The greatest soul winning initiative that this church
25:29 in this world has ever seen is going to take place.
25:32 Pentecost is nothing in comparison
25:35 to what's going to happen.
25:37 3000 baptized in a day.
25:39 The early rain, according to Hosea, was moderate.
25:43 If you saw 3000 baptized in a day, that wouldn't be
25:46 very moderate, right?
25:47 It's only moderate in comparison to what's going to come.
25:50 We have not yet seen what God is going to do.
25:54 Because it is written in Revelation 18:1,
25:57 the earth will be lightened with the glory of God.
25:59 It is written in Habakkuk chapter 2 that the
26:01 glory of God will go from one end of the earth to the other.
26:05 What a day.
26:07 Would it not be a shame to sell your soul cheap
26:11 when we are on the verge of the greatest
26:13 outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
26:15 This is no time for lethargy.
26:17 This is no time for spiritual drowsiness.
26:19 This is no time for Laodicean complacency.
26:22 This is no time to drop out of the church now.
26:26 This is the time to recognize that God is about ready
26:29 to do something that's unusual.
26:31 Empowered by the Holy Spirit...
26:44 Christ will come and return to this world.
26:48 But why?
26:50 Why are some spiritually drowsy on the knife edge of eternity?
26:55 Why are some sleeping?
26:57 What do the wise virgins have that the foolish virgins lack?
27:04 And how can you and I keep from being foolish virgins?
27:09 You see, these foolish virgins believed the same thing
27:12 as the wise virgins.
27:14 They're all together.
27:15 They attend church together.
27:18 They all are anticipating the coming of the bridegroom.
27:22 They all have lamps in their hand and believe
27:25 biblical doctrine.
27:27 What is the essential difference between the foolish virgins
27:32 and the wise virgins?
27:34 Is it possible that I think I'm a wise virgin
27:37 and I'm really a foolish virgin?
27:39 Is it possible that my perception of my
27:41 spiritual experience is greater than in actuality it really is?
27:46 Let's study our passage and see if we can discover
27:49 the difference between the wise and the foolish virgins.
27:52 Matthew 25 verse 3 says...
27:58 Now it's not that the wise were awake and the
28:00 foolish were sleeping.
28:02 It's not that at all.
28:04 All slumbered and slept.
28:05 They had this spiritual drowsiness.
28:07 But there is something that the wise had
28:10 that the foolish did not have.
28:11 What was it?
28:13 Oil.
28:14 Those who were foolish took their lamps and took no oil.
28:18 So they had some oil in their lamps before, didn't they?
28:22 But they ran out of oil.
28:26 I wonder what this means.
28:28 They had some oil, but their lamps burned dim.
28:33 They did not replenish the supply of oil
28:37 that they had previously had.
28:39 Now notice the text, Matthew 25 verses 5 to 13.
28:45 So there was this delay in the coming of Jesus.
29:05 Now this is a key point.
29:07 Their lamps have not yet gone out.
29:11 Their lamps have not yet gone out.
29:13 Don't miss that.
29:14 I read this parable for years, but I missed that point.
29:16 Their lamps have not yet gone out.
29:18 In other words, they still have a flickering
29:22 of spiritual experience.
29:25 They have not turned their backs in apostasy.
29:29 But their spiritual lamps are in the process of going out.
29:35 Their spiritual experience is waning.
29:39 Their prayer life is waved.
29:41 Their Bible study life is waved.
29:44 They have an intellectual knowledge of truth,
29:47 but their heart has not been transformed
29:50 by the grace of God and through the Holy Spirit.
29:53 The text goes on, "But the wise answered saying..."
29:58 The wise and foolish virgins are together.
30:01 One thing our parable teaches us is that whatever this oil is,
30:05 you cannot get it from somebody else.
30:07 A wife cannot get it from her husband.
30:10 A husband cannot get it from his wife.
30:13 Children cannot get it from their parents.
30:15 You cannot get it from your preacher.
30:17 You cannot get it from some TV program.
30:20 You can only get this oil from Jesus.
30:23 And every human being must come to Jesus
30:27 for an abundant supply of the oil of God's grace
30:29 and the Holy Spirit.
30:31 "Go rather to those who sell and buy for yourselves."
30:37 There will come a point that our destinies will be decided.
30:41 That either we will have fully committed to Christ
30:45 and been sold out for Jesus, or by repeated choices
30:50 we'll have anesthetized our brains spiritually
30:54 so we are locked in a Laodicean complacency.
30:56 Those that were ready went in with Him to the wedding.
30:58 And the door was what?
31:00 Shut.
31:02 Now the door of probation will not be shut
31:06 by some arbitrary act of God.
31:09 There are those Christians, and even some Adventists,
31:11 that say, "Oh, wait a minute.
31:12 What if the door has already been shut?
31:14 What if, what if... What if I'm lost?
31:16 What if, what if the door has been shut for me?
31:19 What if, what if my name has come up in judgment?"
31:21 Or, "Wait a minute.
31:22 Is it just some time on the calendar where God says,
31:24 'Okay, I'm going to shut the door.
31:26 If you're in, you're in. If you're out, you're out.'"
31:28 Not at all.
31:30 The door is shut when every human being on planet earth
31:36 has made their final irrevocable decision.
31:39 "He that is righteous, let him be..." What?
31:41 "...righteous still.
31:42 He that is holy, let him be holy still."
31:45 The shut door in the sanctuary of heaven
31:48 is the acknowledgement that if it were open any longer
31:52 nobody else would make a decision.
31:54 The shut door in the sanctuary in heaven
31:57 is God's acknowledgement that everybody has
32:00 sealed their destiny by the decisions they've made.
32:06 "He that is righteous, let him be righteous still.
32:10 He that is holy, let him be holy still.
32:13 He that is unholy, let him be unholy still."
32:16 Before the coming of Jesus, the events of this world
32:21 will catapult everybody in making some decision
32:26 for or against Christ.
32:27 And the decisions that we are making now
32:31 settle and determine our eternal destiny.
32:34 The decisions we make every day form grooves of character
32:39 in our brain.
32:41 Have you ever seen a sidewalk
32:44 that goes like this and like this?
32:46 It has a 90 degree angle.
32:48 But some people don't want to get that extra exercise
32:52 walking down the sidewalk like this, making the right turn,
32:55 and walking like this.
32:56 So this is what they do.
32:58 They walk down the sidewalk and they cut across the grass.
33:03 You ever see that?
33:04 And one person cuts across, and somebody else sees their
33:07 footprints and says, "I think I'm going to go there too."
33:10 Somebody else see their footprints and says,
33:11 "I think I'm going to go there too."
33:13 And after you do that long enough,
33:15 what happens over there?
33:18 You have a path down there, right?
33:20 In the neurons of the brain, every little decision you make
33:26 to compromise truth creates a pathway in the brain.
33:31 Every decision you make; not to pray when you get up
33:35 in the morning, to rush through your day, not to feast on
33:39 God's Word, creates a pathway of lethargy in the brain.
33:44 So I may be in church, I may believe the truth,
33:50 but something has happened in my spiritual life.
33:55 My soul has become barren.
33:58 My spiritual life has become empty.
34:02 The oil of the Spirit is gone.
34:06 That's the story of the foolish virgins.
34:09 They intellectually believe the truth.
34:13 They associate with the wise virgins, but something
34:16 in their heart is gone.
34:19 Because the pathway that they have worn in their brain
34:24 by conscious decisions that they have made
34:27 is one of spiritual complacency.
34:29 "Afterward, the virgins came and said,
34:31 'Lord, Lord, open to us.'
34:32 But he answered and said..."
34:35 This is the key to the whole parable right here.
34:37 "I do not..." What? "...know you."
34:40 They did not know Jesus.
34:44 The word "know" in the Bible is the intimate relationship
34:47 that a husband has with his wife and a wife has with her husband.
34:50 There was no intimacy with Jesus.
34:52 They had an intellectual knowledge,
34:54 but their hearts cold.
34:56 So Jesus says, "Watch therefore..."
35:01 Watch and pray.
35:02 Watch and study the Word.
35:04 Watch, lest your spiritual life be robbed
35:07 by the cares of this life.
35:08 Watch, lest the devil come and snatch away
35:12 your deep interest for Jesus and the things of God.
35:16 The foolish virgins lacked the all essential oil of the
35:20 Holy Spirit filling their lives and transforming their hearts.
35:24 What does the symbol of oil represent in Scripture?
35:29 And why does Jesus use the symbol of oil?
35:31 Now if I ask the average Christian audience
35:34 and the average Seventh-day Adventist audience,
35:36 "Why does Jesus use the symbol of oil
35:39 and what does oil represent?"
35:40 What is the typical answer?
35:42 The oil represents the...
35:44 Boy, I knew that this was a wonderful audience.
35:49 But I want to ask you a deeper question.
35:52 The oil represents the Holy Spirit.
35:54 The answer that you gave is correct.
35:58 I heard some of you saying it in your homes
36:01 and it came back.
36:04 But my next question is this.
36:07 Is fire a symbol of the Holy Spirit?
36:10 Is water a symbol of the Holy Spirit?
36:13 Why doesn't God use fire and why doesn't He use water?
36:16 Why does He choose oil?
36:19 You can only understand the impact of the parable
36:23 if you understand the three fold meaning of oil
36:26 in the Old and New Testament.
36:28 So let's look at it.
36:34 When the prophet comes to anoint David as king,
36:38 he sets him apart and anoints him with oil.
36:42 When the elements of the sanctuary are set apart,
36:47 they are anointed with oil, they're consecrated with oil.
36:53 When the high priest is set apart, oil is placed upon
36:56 his head, oil is placed upon his eyes, oil drips down his face,
37:00 oil is placed upon his hands, oil is placed upon his feet.
37:02 Why?
37:04 Oil is placed on his head; his brain is consecrated to Jesus.
37:08 Oil is placed on his eyes; the Holy Spirit symbolizing
37:11 that only he shall look at that which is anointed and holy.
37:15 And the oil is placed upon his mouth so he can only speak
37:18 that which is holy.
37:19 The oil is placed on his hands so his hands will reach out
37:22 in ministry of holiness.
37:24 Oil is placed on his feet so he shall go in the
37:26 pathways of holiness.
37:28 Oil is a symbol of consecration that this article,
37:32 this individual, is sold out totally consecrated
37:35 to Jesus Christ.
37:37 So the foolish virgins vacillated.
37:41 The wise virgins had one priority in their lives;
37:44 "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness."
37:46 They were totally consecrated to Jesus Christ.
37:50 Now there's a second aspect of healing.
37:52 You remember in the New Testament when the
37:56 good Samaritan went and he met that man by the
38:01 wayside, what did he do?
38:02 He poured in oil and wine.
38:04 Wine, there, was a symbol of the grace of Jesus Christ.
38:09 Oil was the symbol of the healing balm of Jesus.
38:13 Jesus' grace forgives us, but Jesus' grace heals us.
38:18 Oil is a symbol that the Holy Spirit has entered my life
38:22 and healed me from within.
38:25 That I am healed of anger.
38:27 I'm healed of bitterness.
38:29 I'm healed of resentment.
38:31 I'm healed of lust.
38:33 I'm healed of gossip.
38:36 When you come to Jesus and you consecrate your mind to Him
38:40 and open your heart to Him, and have an intimate experience
38:43 with Him, His grace flows into your life.
38:46 You're sold out for Jesus, you're consecrated to Him.
38:50 The healing balm of the Holy Spirit, the oil of the Spirit,
38:53 enters into your life.
38:55 It does a deep work of healing.
38:57 There is one other aspect of oil.
39:01 The candles in the sanctuary were illuminated
39:05 by the fuel, the oil.
39:07 So oil is a symbol of illumination,
39:09 or oil is a symbol of witnessing.
39:11 God longs to have a people that are filled with His Holy Spirit.
39:16 He longs to have a people that are totally consecrated to Him.
39:19 The oil has touched their head and their eyes
39:22 and their ears and their mouth, and the oil has set them apart.
39:25 God longs to have a people who totally are sold out for Him.
39:34 But they did not have a present experience with Jesus.
39:40 Matthew 25 verse 6 says...
39:43 You cannot get an experience when Jesus comes
39:45 that you don't have today.
39:47 You cannot get an experience then that you do not have now.
39:50 You cannot get an experience in the future
39:52 hoping and grasping for it.
39:53 Jesus invited us to know Him for today.
39:56 They said, "Our lamps are going out.
39:58 We do not have an experience sufficient for the time
40:02 of the coming of our Lord."
40:04 Look, Ellen White says, Gospel Workers, page 274...
40:14 I am not calling you tonight to the superficial.
40:16 I'm not calling you to wade to your ankles
40:19 in a kiddie wading pool up to your ankles to get pennies.
40:23 I am calling you tonight to something deeper, broader.
40:28 Something that is higher than you could ever imagine.
40:31 I'm calling you to dive for pearls.
40:33 To open God's Word.
40:35 Let God speak to you through His Word.
40:38 Let the Holy Spirit transform your life.
40:40 To be consecrated by the oil.
40:42 To be healed by the oil.
40:44 And let that oil fill your life, to illuminate you
40:48 to witness in a powerful way for Jesus Christ.
40:56 Does it?
41:04 Do you sense that presence of God closing you in?
41:07 The wise virgins do.
41:16 The wise virgins have one priority in their life.
41:19 And that's to know Jesus and to be filled with His Holy Spirit.
41:23 To be totally consecrated to Him.
41:25 To be healed within by the grace and power of the Spirit.
41:29 They long to have that intimate knowledge of Jesus.
41:32 Ellen White, in the book, "Christ's Object Lessons,"
41:35 which is probably the best commentary ever written
41:39 on the parables.
41:40 Christ's Object Lessons, page 411, describes
41:43 those foolish virgins.
41:45 And she says...
41:55 So are the foolish virgins hypocrites, yes or no?
41:58 No. Do they have a regard for the truth?
42:00 Certainly, they have a regard for the truth.
42:04 Have these foolish virgins advocated truth?
42:06 Have they preached truth? Yes.
42:08 "They are attracted to those who believe the truth."
42:11 Wow!
42:12 "But they have not yielded themselves
42:14 to the Holy Spirit's working."
42:43 What is the difference between the wise and foolish virgins?
42:48 The foolish virgins are content with something superficial.
42:53 They do not know God.
42:56 Look, we continue.
42:58 "They have not studied His character..."
43:13 Now notice, the wise and foolish virgins are together
43:16 in the church.
43:19 They are together doing service for God.
43:24 One class does service with their hearts burning within them
43:29 because they have an intimate relationship with Jesus
43:32 and His love flows out of them.
43:34 The other class still does service, but their service
43:39 degenerates into a... What?
43:40 ...form.
43:42 Because they have a superficial religion.
43:44 They're still in the church, but it is a formal religion
43:48 that they have.
43:50 Notice Ezekiel 33 verse 31, talks about the ancient Jews.
43:53 Ezekiel the prophet said...
44:11 So ancient Judaism; their experiences repeated
44:14 in God's last day church.
44:16 In ancient Judaism their mouth went after God,
44:19 but their heart drifted... What?...from Him.
44:22 You remember what Timothy says about the last days
44:24 of earth's history?
44:26 He says this.
44:34 Are we living in those last days?
44:36 Have perilous times come?
44:49 These are the foolish virgins.
44:52 They pontificate with their lips, but their hearts
44:55 are far from God.
44:57 These are the foolish virgins.
44:58 They have a form of godliness.
44:59 Oh Jesus...
45:01 ...break my heart.
45:03 Lord, I don't want any form of godliness.
45:07 I don't want some superficial religious experience.
45:11 I don't want to be playing church.
45:13 I don't want to be playing church.
45:16 Oh God, break my heart.
45:18 Is that the desire you have tonight?
45:19 Oh God, break my heart.
45:22 God, give me a knowledge of Jesus that is so deep
45:26 and so full that I reveal Your love to the people around me,
45:31 and that the light of Your love shines to the people around me,
45:35 and the power of Your Spirit works through me.
45:38 Oh Lord, let me be that light, because the oil of the Spirit
45:44 is filling my soul to illuminate a world in darkness
45:48 and prepare it for the soon return of Jesus.
45:51 See, there is a difference between...
46:02 There is a difference between an intellectual cognitive knowledge
46:08 in the head and a knowledge that gets into your soul
46:12 so you passionately love Christ.
46:15 Look, has the truth which you believe...
46:25 Are you a wise virgin?
46:29 Or is your experience superficial?
46:32 Do you remember the times you use to pray and you use to
46:35 study the Bible?
46:37 You had that passionate love for Jesus.
46:39 But things have changed and you're kind of
46:42 just going through the motions.
46:44 Look at this reference.
47:14 Signs of the Times, February 17, 1890.
47:17 Look at this.
47:57 Look, the devils believe that Jesus Christ
48:00 was the Messiah.
48:01 They believe that He died on the cross.
48:04 They believe that He is coming again.
48:06 They believe that He's coming shortly.
48:13 "But will this faith save the demons of darkness?"
48:16 Will it?
48:17 "They have not the faith that works by love
48:19 and purifies the soul.
48:21 That faith, and that alone, which cleanses the
48:23 soul-temple is the genuine faith."
48:25 Signs Of The Times, February 17, 1890.
48:28 Genuine faith reaches up and not only believes, but accepts.
48:35 It accepts Jesus' grace.
48:37 It accepts His power.
48:39 It accepts the promise of the Spirit.
48:42 And genuine faith says, "All the promises in the Book are mine.
48:46 Every chapter, every verse, every line."
48:49 Genuine faith takes what God has said and internalizes it.
48:54 Genuine faith takes what God has said and believes it.
48:57 Genuine faith says, "Jesus, You're not only the Savior,
49:02 You are my Savior.
49:03 Jesus, You not only forgive sin, You forgive my sin.
49:07 Jesus, You not only give strength, You not only
49:10 open the eyes of the blind and unstop the ears of the deaf,
49:14 and touched the withered man's arms and it was healed,
49:17 You touched my withered soul and it was healed.
49:19 You touched my blind eyes and they were opened.
49:21 You touched my deaf ears and I heard divine realities.
49:25 My eyes were opened and I saw divine things.
49:31 You touched my palsy body and my palsy soul,
49:35 and bitterness and anger and resentment were gone.
49:38 The wise virgins have a living experience
49:42 with the living Christ.
49:49 But you can't do it.
49:51 Knowing Jesus is a personal individual experience.
50:03 And the wise said, "Go and buy for yourselves."
50:07 The oil represents the sanctifying grace
50:09 of the Holy Spirit.
50:11 Not the Holy Spirit in some vague way.
50:14 Not the Holy spirit in some general way.
50:16 Not the Holy Spirit in some ethereal way.
50:19 The oil represents the sanctifying grace
50:22 of the Holy Spirit...
50:34 Here is the good news, here is the incredible news,
50:39 here is the wonderful news for you and me.
50:49 The oil that flows from heaven's sanctuary,
50:53 the Spirit that flows from heaven's sanctuary;
50:56 that oil is for you.
50:58 Heaven's supply never runs out.
51:01 And as you and I kneel before Him and His throne,
51:04 we say, "Oh, Jesus, Jesus, You promised your Spirit.
51:09 Jesus, I don't want a superficial experience.
51:11 Jesus, I don't want the form of godliness.
51:15 Jesus, I don't want merely something external.
51:19 I don't want to be going through the motions.
51:22 Lord, I'm opening my heart to You."
51:24 And He says, "My child, anybody who has ever prayed
51:27 that prayer sincerely I have poured My Spirit out upon
51:32 and they have been transformed."
51:34 We need not slumber and sleep on the knife edge of eternity.
51:40 The Bridegroom has been delayed and the appeal goes out
51:43 to you and to me to wake up.
51:45 The greatest danger that you and I experience is the
51:49 danger of delay.
51:51 The greatest danger that we experience
51:53 is the danger of procrastination.
51:57 You may be at home watching this broadcast
52:00 on Three Angel's Broadcasting and you have thought
52:03 in your heart, "I really need to make things right with God."
52:09 Or you maybe have thought, "You know, my Christian
52:13 experience is waning.
52:14 My prayer life is weak.
52:17 I'm not studying in God's Word like I use to."
52:20 Or you may be here in this audience
52:22 and you're thinking, "You know, I've got to
52:24 get that right sometime.
52:27 I've got to get that right sometime."
52:30 The story is told of these ten virgins.
52:43 Many people are waiting when they should be preparing.
52:47 Did you ever hear that story, fictitious of course...
52:53 It's alright if the preacher tells you a fictitious story
52:56 as long as he tells you it's fictitious.
52:58 You've got to watch the ones that tell the fictitious stuff
53:00 and they don't tell you it's fictitious.
53:02 Did you ever hear that story...
53:05 The devil is going out of business.
53:08 And he says, "Come, let's decide the best way
53:14 that I can leave you some final instructions."
53:18 And he says to his angels, "Tell me, Tell me.
53:22 What do you think is the best counsel I could give you
53:27 on how to deceive the largest number of people?"
53:31 And one angel says, "I know what it is.
53:33 I'll fly from here and I'll tell everybody there is no God."
53:38 The devil says, "That's a very foolish approach
53:41 because they can see God in the sun, moon, and stars.
53:43 You may convince a few, but you're certainly not going to
53:44 convince many.
53:46 God has His Holy Spirit working on their hearts."
53:49 "Somebody else," the devil says. Another said, "I know what.
53:51 I know the best counsel you could give us.
53:53 Here is the best counsel you could give us.
53:55 I will tell them there is no God.
53:59 Why don't you say...
54:01 The best counsel you could give us is just go tell them
54:03 there is no truth.
54:05 That's it's all relative in everybody's mind."
54:06 The devil says, "Well, that's going to deceive some.
54:09 But it won't deceive everybody."
54:13 One angel says, "Wait a minute.
54:15 Maybe Lucifer, maybe Satan, the best counsel that
54:17 you could give us all is this."
54:20 They go on and on and on.
54:22 The devil says, "None of you are right.
54:24 None of you are right.
54:26 The best counsel I can give you is leave here
54:30 in the bowels of hell, the regions of outer darkness,
54:34 leave here, go from here, and tell them
54:37 there is no hurry.
54:42 Tell them to wait.
54:44 Tell them to put off eternal decisions."
54:49 I was preaching one night in one of the southern
54:52 states of the United States.
54:56 I preached on the parable of the ten virgins,
54:58 the urgency of making a decision.
55:01 A young woman came up to me and said, "Pastor Mark,
55:05 I'm one of those foolish virgins.
55:08 Brought up in an Adventist Christian home, but my
55:10 experience with God is superficial.
55:12 I'm a university student.
55:15 And I've just got so much to do in my studies.
55:17 I don't pray anymore, don't study the Bible anymore.
55:19 Can you help me?"
55:20 We sat down together and we opened God's Word.
55:23 I shared with her how to know Jesus,
55:26 how to have a meaningful prayer life,
55:28 how to open her Bible on her knees and pray through
55:31 the psalms and pray through the epistles of Paul and
55:34 pray through the gospels.
55:36 She wrote in the flyleaf of her Bible these words,
55:40 "I once was a foolish virgin, but tonight I'm leaving here
55:45 a wise virgin."
55:47 Six months later, I was preaching at a camp meeting
55:50 up in the New England states.
55:51 A girl came down the aisle that I kind of vaguely recognized,
55:54 but I didn't know who it was.
55:56 She said, "Do you remember me?" I said, "No."
55:57 She said, "I'm the sister of the girl you saw
56:01 six months ago.
56:03 Do you know what happened to her?
56:06 This girl, my sister, that you saw six months ago,
56:10 she went back to school.
56:13 When she came home for Thanksgiving
56:16 she had a terrible pain in her heart and fell over dead.
56:22 When we went to get her Bible, written in the flyleaf of
56:25 the Bible was, 'I was a foolish virgin,
56:29 but now I'm a wise virgin.'"
56:32 There is no time to fool around.
56:39 You are one heartbeat away from eternity.
56:42 You don't know what's in your body.
56:44 God longs to give you the deepest most intimate
56:50 experience with Him that you can imagine.
56:53 Don't miss what God wants to do for you.
56:57 Wallowing around in Laodicean complacency,
57:01 when you can have a vibrant experience
57:04 filled with His grace.
57:06 Why not make that decision right now as we pray.
57:08 Dear Father in heaven, thank You so much for Jesus.
57:12 Thank You that You long to pour Your Spirit upon us.
57:15 Thank You that You long to fill us with Your grace.
57:19 And oh Jesus, we open our hearts to receive
57:21 Your Spirit right now.
57:23 We don't want to fool around with our Christian experience.
57:25 We don't want to have a superficial experience.
57:28 Oh Jesus, we want one thing; to know You,
57:31 for whom to know is life eternal.


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