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Participants: C.A. Murray (Host), Pr. Taj Pacleb


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00:12 Welcome to Anchors Of Truth,
00:15 live from the 3ABN Worship Center.
00:24 Good evening, and we do welcome you to our
00:27 first night of what we anticipate will be a
00:30 thrilling and spiritual treat for us all for this last
00:34 Anchors Of Truth for 2015.
00:37 We've done about 180 of these Anchors Of Truth,
00:40 and each one has been different and unique
00:43 and informational and inspirational.
00:45 And we expect no less than that this very evening.
00:48 I welcome you, I am C.A. Murray, and welcome you
00:50 to the Thompsonville Seventh-day Adventist Church,
00:53 the 3ABN Worship Center here in beautiful downtown
00:58 Thompsonville, Illinois.
01:00 It is a warm night for December.
01:02 And our hearts are warm inside as the weather is warm outside.
01:06 Our guest speaker is Taj Pacleb.
01:09 And we are so happy to have this international
01:12 evangelist with us.
01:14 He is a young man.
01:16 But a consecrated young man.
01:18 He was born in the islands of Hawaii.
01:21 So you will see an interesting lei around his neck.
01:24 That is sort of his signature.
01:26 And he had them brought in today, and we get a
01:29 chance to see that.
01:30 But as a young man, in reading his bio, Taj was
01:36 one of those kind of young people who got involved in
01:38 drugs and partying, and that kind of thing.
01:40 And when I see that kind of background, I always have to
01:44 smile, because he's just another proof that God can snatch
01:49 from the burning any soul that yields itself to Him.
01:52 So when you hear of a fellow who's gotten himself
01:54 into a little hot water and sort of run after the devil,
01:57 then you see them being used in such a mighty way
02:00 for Jesus Christ, it's just another testament to the
02:03 fact that no one can run too far or too fast for Christ
02:07 to catch them and then use them in a marked and mighty way.
02:12 At age 16 he went to a Bible prophecy seminar,
02:17 and that began his road to Jesus.
02:19 And if you look at him, you almost think that 16 was a
02:22 couple years ago, because he is a young man and he looks young.
02:25 He's got that healthy Adventist lifestyle glow about him.
02:29 But now he's serving the Lord; Revelation of Hope Ministries.
02:33 And if you watch 3ABN Proclaim,
02:34 you've seen Taj many, many times.
02:36 He's a powerful preacher,
02:37 and a powerful young man of the Lord.
02:39 He is here in the company of his wife.
02:42 Wati is here. What a pretty name.
02:44 She is from Fiji and was a teacher at SOULS West,
02:50 and has the same love for evangelism.
02:52 She is a registered nurse, so she is a good partner for him.
02:55 And together they make a formidable team
02:58 for the cause of Christ.
02:59 They both have evangelistic zeal and evangelistic DNA
03:04 in their blood, and they love serving the Lord.
03:07 So we are expecting great things from our speaker,
03:10 Taj Pacleb, during the next several sessions.
03:14 And we know that God is going to bless us as we give ear
03:17 to the word of the Lord.
03:20 The title, as has been mentioned, for tonight's
03:23 messages is, The Face Behind The Veil.
03:26 And the Anchors Of Truth is, Almost Home, which is
03:29 the overall theme.
03:30 And we are just very, very excited for Taj
03:34 and for the team that he has brought with him.
03:37 Our music is coming from Jacqueline Jewel.
03:40 She is going to be singing, I Want To See Jesus.
03:43 We will pray first, we will have Ms. Jewel sing,
03:46 and then the next voice that you will hear
03:49 will be that of our friend, international evangelist,
03:52 young man for the Lord.
03:54 And you like to see these young men stand up for the Lord,
03:56 because you know that the work is in good hands
03:59 for those of us who are fading off the scene.
04:02 God is bringing a whole new group of young people in
04:05 to take up the mantle and lift up the name of Jesus.
04:07 So we will pray now, Jacqueline Jewel will sing,
04:11 and then you will hear from Taj Pacleb.
04:13 Shall we pray?
04:15 Gracious Father, how we love You and thank You tonight
04:20 for the privilege that is ours to sit and hear the word of God.
04:26 We thank You, Father, for the call that brought us
04:28 from darkness to light, and from error to truth.
04:31 We are thankful for the word that is preached with power.
04:35 And we're thankful for the promise that comes from You
04:38 that Your word will never return void,
04:41 but it will accomplish the mission where unto it is sent.
04:46 We ask for an anointing on Your speaker this night,
04:49 and each night may You speak to him so that he can speak to us.
04:56 May You bless him so that he can be a blessing to us.
05:00 May You work through him and use him as an instrument
05:04 to turn our hearts towards home.
05:08 Thank You, dear Lord, for the pastor.
05:11 Thank You for the church.
05:12 Thank You for the movement.
05:14 Thank You for the promise that one day Christ is coming soon.
05:19 May each of us be prepared this day for that day.
05:25 And we thank You, my dear Father, in Jesus' name.
05:28 Amen and amen.
05:51 There is One who loves me so that for me He died;
06:02 He's my dear, precious Savior so true.
06:10 On the cross for my sins, He was crucified;
06:19 I want to see Jesus, don't you?
06:29 I want to see Jesus, don't you?
06:37 He's my dear, precious Savior so true.
06:46 On the cross for my sins, He was crucified;
06:54 I want to see Jesus, don't you?
07:03 When I'm weary and faint, He is always there;
07:11 with His songs, He my strength does renew.
07:19 And He comforts my heart singing words of cheer;
07:27 I want to see Jesus, don't you?
07:37 I want to see Jesus, don't you?
07:45 He's my dear, precious Savior so true.
07:53 On the cross for my sins, He was crucified;
08:01 I want to see Jesus, don't you?
08:11 I want to see Jesus, don't you?
08:36 Good evening and aloha to all those, my brothers and sisters
08:39 here in this sacred studio.
08:42 As well as all of those who are joining us from online
08:44 and around the world on television.
08:46 We want to welcome you to this special broadcast,
08:50 Anchors Of Truth.
08:51 Our theme for the next few days is very simple, just two words;
08:55 Almost Home.
08:57 And these two words are the words that many parents
08:59 have said in response to restless children who
09:04 can't wait to get out of the car after a long road trip.
09:07 Almost Home.
09:09 And you know, we've been living in this world
09:12 for over 6000 years now.
09:14 And many restless generations have asked the question,
09:17 "Are we there yet?"
09:18 "When are we going home?"
09:20 "How much longer will it take?"
09:22 And heaven's answer to us is that we're almost home.
09:25 As we see terrorism rearing its ugly head in our streets
09:28 and neighborhoods, and even knocking on our door,
09:31 We often wonder how many more people have to die?
09:33 When will all the pain be finished?
09:35 Heaven's answer to us, "We're almost home."
09:38 As we see natural disasters ripping up the foundation
09:41 of our homes and stripping the stability of our lives,
09:45 we cry out, "When will we ever be safe?
09:48 How much more people have to die?"
09:50 Heaven's answer, "We're almost home."
09:52 As our loved ones are taken from us by cancer,
09:55 stripped away from us by disease and death,
09:58 and our hearts groan with pain and agony too heavy
10:02 for human ears to hear, and we ask God,
10:05 "Why have You allowed this to happen to me?
10:07 When will You come back to put an end to the
10:10 pain and suffering?"
10:11 Heaven's answer to us is that, "We're almost home."
10:15 These two words which is our theme for this weekend
10:17 reminds us that this world is not our home.
10:21 We're just passing through, amen?
10:23 We're on our way to the Promised Land.
10:25 And so these words, "almost home," inspire us with the
10:28 holy faith to hang on, to hold on, and keep moving forward,
10:32 because heaven is just around the corner.
10:34 We're almost home.
10:36 But friends, before we can enter into our heavenly home,
10:39 there is an earthly preparation that we all must be
10:41 engaged in this evening.
10:44 The prophet wrote these words over a hundred years ago
10:47 in the book, Evangelism, page 219.
10:50 It says, "All heaven is astir..."
11:17 And friends, as we consider the condition of our world,
11:21 we realize that these words are more true now
11:23 than it's ever been before.
11:25 For we live in a world that is in the midst
11:28 of a terrible crisis.
11:30 We see natural disasters quickly increasing
11:33 in intensity and frequency.
11:35 We see moral and political corruption all around us.
11:39 Economic instability that is stripping our fiscal
11:42 and financial freedom and security.
11:44 Religious relativism sweeping the Christian world
11:47 into compromising ecumenism.
11:49 We see terrorism stripping away our sense of peace and safety.
11:53 And national and international unrest
11:55 that's awakening within people a blind desire
11:58 for peace and safety, but it's at the cost
12:02 and the sacrifice of civil and religious freedom.
12:05 And friends, as things are rapidly getting worse and worse
12:08 down here, the intensity of the salvation operation
12:13 is escalating up there.
12:15 Like the quote we just read.
12:17 It says that all of heaven is engaged in preparing
12:20 for the day of vengeance and deliverance.
12:23 And so in light of that quotation, which basically
12:26 builds the foundation for our theme this weekend,
12:29 we want to ask two questions.
12:30 Question number one, what exactly is heaven doing up there
12:35 in preparing for the day of God's vengeance?
12:37 And then question number two, what is God calling us
12:40 to do down here to prepare for the day of our deliverance?
12:44 And we want to answer those two questions
12:46 in that sequential order.
12:48 Because, friends, only as we first understand what
12:51 heaven is doing up there will we then be able to understand
12:54 what God is calling us to do down here.
12:57 And so in the next few nights we will address subjects
13:00 that give a very solid answer to those two questions.
13:04 And it is my earnest prayer and desire that as we hear
13:07 the Word of God, as we pray together, as we fellowship
13:10 one with another, that we would leave this weekend
13:13 with a renewed sense of urgency that truly
13:16 we are almost home.
13:17 And even more importantly, that we might be better
13:20 prepared to actually go home when the Lord Jesus comes.
13:22 Can you say amen?
13:24 And so with that in mind, our foundation, our topic tonight,
13:27 is entitled, The Face Behind the Veil.
13:31 I invite you to take your Bible and open with me
13:33 to the book of Psalms, the 80th division.
13:36 In the book of Psalms, the 80th division,
13:38 we find a very powerful prayer of desperation.
13:43 And I want you to notice what it says.
13:45 Psalms, the 80th division.
13:47 For those who are watching at home, as well as here
13:48 in this studio, I encourage you to take out your Bibles,
13:51 bring out a notebook, a writing utensil,
13:53 I encourage you to write down the Scriptures
13:55 that we'll be sharing.
13:56 We're going full circle in this presentation this evening.
13:59 Psalms, the 80th division.
14:00 Oh Father in heaven, please speak to us
14:04 and give us spiritual ears to hear Your voice tonight.
14:07 This is our prayer.
14:08 In Jesus' name, amen.
14:11 Psalm 80:1, the Bible says...
14:38 Here, we find the psalmist is appealing to the great
14:42 God of heaven to lend His ear.
14:44 He pleads with the sweet Shepherd of Israel,
14:46 the One that leads Joseph like a flock.
14:49 He invoking the one that dwells between the two cherubims
14:52 in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary.
14:55 And his prayer is simple and profound at the same time.
14:58 He's asking for God to shine His face upon him.
15:02 And this prayer is so urgent, so desperate, that he actually
15:04 repeats it three times in the chapter.
15:07 Again in verse 7 and again in verse 19, his prayer,
15:10 "Turn Your face upon us.
15:13 Cause Your face to shine.
15:15 And we will be saved."
15:16 You see, the psalmist understands
15:19 that salvation is found when we see the face of God.
15:24 But what exactly does it mean to see the face of God?
15:28 What about the face of God brings eternal salvation?
15:32 The Bible gives us the answer in the book of Proverbs 16:15.
15:37 Please write it down.
15:48 So the Bible tells us that in the countenance of the king
15:51 is three things: there's life, light, and the latter rain.
15:56 And so as we look upon the face of God,
15:59 everything that we need in order to survive in these last days
16:02 is actually found in God's face.
16:04 We need His light in this world of darkness.
16:07 We desperately need the life of God in this
16:09 world full of decay and death.
16:11 And we need the latter rain in this dry and thirsty land
16:16 where it seems to have no spiritual water.
16:18 And so, I invite us this evening to look upon the face of God
16:24 by faith, that we might behold the King
16:27 in all of its beauty, that we might receive the light,
16:30 the life, and the latter rain of the Lord.
16:33 You see, friends, from the very beginning of time,
16:36 God desired for us to see His face.
16:39 This was His original plan when He created us.
16:43 It was the privilege of our first parents Adam and Eve
16:46 to be able to look into the face of their kingly Creator.
16:50 There was no veil of separation between God and man.
16:54 And this is how God meant it to be.
16:56 But unfortunately, this face to face relationship
16:59 was short lived.
17:00 Sadly and tragically, sin severed this relationship
17:03 and erected a veil of separation between God and man.
17:07 And that's the reason why the Bible says in Isaiah 59:2,
17:11 notice what it says...
17:23 Because of our sins, we were separated from God.
17:26 No longer were we able to look into the face of God and live.
17:30 Because of sin, God's presence would be to us
17:32 like a consuming fire.
17:34 Sin made us unfit for fellowship with Him.
17:37 And so as a result, the salvation operation
17:40 was set in motion to restore this face to face communion
17:45 and fellowship with God.
17:47 You see, friends, what God wants to do,
17:49 He wants to remove the veil so that He can kiss His bride.
17:52 He wants to see us face to face.
17:54 He wants to give us His light, His life, and the latter rain
17:59 that's found in His face.
18:01 How many want to see the face of God tonight, amen?
18:04 And so we want to find out what does this mean
18:06 practically and personally.
18:10 What does the face of God reveal to us?
18:14 The Bible gives us the answer in 2 Corinthians 4:6.
18:35 Here, the Bible tells us that when you look into the face
18:38 of Jesus Christ, you see the light of the knowledge
18:41 of the glory, or the character, of God.
18:44 So to look into God's face simply means to understand
18:48 the knowledge of who God is, His glorious character of love.
18:53 You remember the story when Moses was upon the mountaintop.
18:56 And he said, "Lord, show me Your glory."
18:58 And God showed him His face.
19:00 Not His literal face, but He showed him His character.
19:03 And that's what it means when the Bible says that
19:05 Moses had a face to face relationship with God.
19:08 He did not see the literal face of God,
19:10 but he beheld the beautiful character of God.
19:13 And so the question is, what has God given to us
19:18 that reveals His face or His glory to us?
19:22 It's the Bible. Can you say amen?
19:24 The Bible is God's book that reveals the face
19:28 of Jesus Christ.
19:30 The written Word is none other than a reflection of
19:33 the living Word.
19:34 It shows us who God is and it reveals His face.
19:37 I like to say that the Bible is God's facebook.
19:40 Can you say amen?
19:41 It reveals pictures of who the Lord is.
19:44 When you look into the facebook of God, the Bible,
19:48 you understand God's update status.
19:51 You learn where Jesus is and what Jesus is doing.
19:53 You get to know the likes and the dislikes of God.
19:56 You get to know who all the friends of God are.
19:59 You see, friends, we need to spend more time in the
20:01 facebook of God rather than the Facebook of man.
20:03 Can you say amen?
20:05 And that's what the Bible does.
20:07 Because as we behold God's face in the Word of God,
20:11 the Bible tells us we become changed
20:13 into that same image.
20:15 Notice what it says here in 2 Corinthians 3:18.
20:19 The Bible says...
20:34 The Bible says that by beholding we become changed
20:36 to whatever it is that we are beholding or thinking about.
20:40 And so as we look upon the glory of God,
20:42 as we study His character and His ways,
20:45 we begin to experience a change, a transformation,
20:48 a sanctified experience, so that like Moses who came
20:51 off the mount to the valley below,
20:53 his face was shining with the glory of God,
20:55 we'll have that same experience in our lives.
20:58 People will see the difference
21:00 if they see God's character reflected in us.
21:02 But I want you to notice the verse.
21:05 It tells us that this transformation
21:08 does not happen overnight.
21:10 But rather, it says that it happens from glory to glory.
21:14 This, my friends, implies that there is a progressive
21:17 process of one phase of glory to a much brighter
21:21 and higher phase of glory.
21:24 And so my question tonight is simply this:
21:26 What exactly is this process, "from glory to glory"?
21:30 The process of the removing of the veil that separates
21:34 us from God so that we might behold His face and live.
21:40 Well friends, the answer to that question
21:42 is found in the Sanctuary of God.
21:45 In Psalm 77:13, it says, "Thy way, O God,
21:49 is in the Sanctuary."
21:51 The Sanctuary reveals to us the ways of God.
21:54 It's the way in which God is seeking to remove the veil
21:57 that we might come back into His glorious presence.
22:01 When the Israelites were wondering in the wilderness,
22:03 God said to Moses, in Exodus 25:8,
22:07 "Let them make Me a Sanctuary, that I may dwell among them."
22:13 You see, my friends, that Sanctuary was God's way of
22:15 coming close to the human race without us being consumed
22:19 by His glory in the process.
22:22 Because our God, friends, is an intimate God.
22:24 He's a God of connection, a God of communion.
22:26 A God that simply wants to be close to you and to me.
22:31 The Sanctuary veiled His glory so that He could draw close,
22:35 and we could draw close to Him and not be consumed
22:37 by His presence.
22:38 And everything that took place in the Sanctuary, friends,
22:40 was God's visual aid, it was an object lesson,
22:44 to teach us about the plan of salvation.
22:46 Everything that took place in that Old Testament tent
22:49 pointed to our only hope in Jesus Christ.
22:53 And I just want to take a few moments to review
22:54 what we already know about God's way of salvation
22:58 found in the Sanctuary.
23:00 That Sanctuary had three main parts to it.
23:02 How many parts?
23:04 Three main parts.
23:05 And these three parts represents the three phases of the
23:09 salvation experience.
23:11 There is the outer court, the Holy Place,
23:13 and the Most Holy Place.
23:15 And so when the sinner first came to the Sanctuary,
23:17 they entered into the outer court
23:19 where the first phase of salvation is experienced.
23:22 And that's what we call, justification.
23:24 There were two articles of furniture in the outer court.
23:27 The altar of sacrifice where the lamb was slain and the
23:30 blood was shed, which was a symbol of Calvary's cross
23:33 where Jesus would die and shed His blood for the remission
23:36 of the sins of humanity.
23:38 But then after the altar of sacrifice was the laver,
23:44 which was a basin of water where the priest would
23:46 wash himself just before going into the Holy Place.
23:50 And that basin of water was a symbol of baptism,
23:54 which is the next step in the salvation experience.
23:56 You see, when we have accepted the death of Christ
23:59 in our hearts that took place at the altar,
24:02 the next logical step is the outward expression
24:06 of the inward experience.
24:08 And the outward expression is simply water baptism.
24:11 And that took place in the outer court.
24:13 It's where the sinner was justified.
24:15 Justified.
24:16 Never sinned before.
24:18 It was the work of an instant.
24:19 It had nothing to do with behavior, but it had
24:22 everything to do with faith in the blood that was shed;
24:25 as well as in the waters of baptism.
24:28 But then after that, we find the second phase;
24:32 which is the Holy Place experience.
24:34 And in the Holy Place experience, there are only
24:36 three articles of furniture.
24:38 On the side of the north was the table of showbread,
24:41 representing Jesus, the bread of life.
24:43 But also how that man shall not live by bread alone,
24:46 but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.
24:49 It represents Bible study.
24:51 It's the table where we feast upon the very life of God
24:54 and we study His words and as the word is made flesh
24:59 in our experience.
25:01 That table, when we feast upon the bread,
25:04 is partaking of the life of Christ
25:07 in the experience of Bible study.
25:09 Now opposite to that you know is the golden candlestick
25:12 filled with oil that caused the fire to burn brightly
25:15 that brought light in the Holy Place.
25:17 And that candlestick also represents Jesus,
25:20 the light of the world.
25:21 But also how God is calling us to be the light of the world
25:25 as witnesses for Him.
25:27 And as we are filled with the oil of the Holy Spirit,
25:31 it enables us to be on fire for the Lord
25:34 causing us to burn brightly in this world of darkness.
25:36 That candlestick represents the church on fire as witnesses
25:41 and missionaries and evangelists in the last days.
25:45 And notice, they're side by side.
25:47 Because you can't have one without the other.
25:50 You can't just eat the Word of God
25:52 and not share the Word of God.
25:53 And the only way you can share the Word of God
25:55 is if you have spiritual calories by eating the bread
25:59 that causes you to burn brightly for Him.
26:02 Can you say amen?
26:03 And so, table of showbread; Bible study.
26:05 Candlestick; witnessing.
26:07 And then you have before the veil the altar of incense,
26:09 representing our prayers ascending to heaven
26:12 mingled with the incense of the righteousness of Jesus Christ.
26:16 And so in the Holy Place, the second part of the Sanctuary,
26:19 you find Bible study, prayer, and witnessing.
26:22 And as we partake of these things every single day,
26:26 God is enabling us to experience the second phase of salvation,
26:29 which is sanctification.
26:31 Setting apart for holiness.
26:34 And this is not the work of an instant.
26:36 It's the work of a lifetime as God makes us holy
26:40 and separates us from the world unto Himself.
26:43 And then you have the third part of the Sanctuary,
26:45 the Most Holy Place.
26:49 That's where the glory of God was shining the brightest.
26:51 It's where we receive the final atonement.
26:54 And that's the third phase of salvation.
26:56 What we call, glorification.
26:59 It's the place where the bride and Groom are made one.
27:02 At-one-ment. Atonement.
27:04 It's the secret place of the Most High.
27:06 It's the bedroom chamber of God.
27:08 It's the place of ultimate intimacy.
27:11 And in that Most Holy Place was the ark of the covenant.
27:14 A chest-like piece of furniture overlaid with gold
27:17 containing the Ten Commandments.
27:18 Just above that, the mercy seat; representing the throne of grace
27:22 where the Shekinah sat between the two angels.
27:26 And that, my friends, is the place of ultimate intimacy.
27:30 It's the place where we see our God face to face.
27:33 Oh, there's so many beautiful truths in the Sanctuary.
27:36 How many of you appreciate the Sanctuary message?
27:38 So many things that we don't have time to go through tonight.
27:41 But I want us to notice, as we highlight and zero in on
27:45 something interesting about the Sanctuary.
27:48 In the Sanctuary, there were two main veils
27:52 that represents our separation from God.
27:58 The first one was the veil, or the door, that was
28:01 the entrance to the Holy Place.
28:02 And you can find that in Exodus 26:36.
28:06 The second veil or door was the entrance to the Most Holy Place.
28:10 And you can find that in Exodus 26:33 and Hebrews 9:3.
28:15 The Bible calls that second veil...
28:18 The entrance into the Most Holy Place was called,
28:22 the second veil.
28:23 Now there was another veil at the entrance to the outer court.
28:26 But we like to call that, the ever open veil.
28:29 It was a door that was always open.
28:31 An open invitation.
28:33 Friends, the reason why is because no matter
28:35 how sinful we may be, no matter who we are,
28:39 or what we've done, we all have access to Calvary's cross.
28:43 Can you say amen?
28:44 And so if you're wandering out there in the wilderness
28:47 and you have no shelter, you have no refuge,
28:49 come to the Sanctuary, come to the altar of the cross.
28:53 You're not going to be turned away at the door.
28:55 Because Jesus promised, "He that comes to Me,
28:58 I will in no wise cast out."
29:01 It's a safe place, friends.
29:04 In the wilderness of this world, there's access,
29:07 there's an open door for us.
29:09 I'll never forget when I first came to God.
29:12 I came as a young 16 year old druggie.
29:14 Burning up my brain cells, chasing the world,
29:16 and messing up my life.
29:18 But I'm thankful that when I came to God,
29:20 He accepted me just as I was.
29:23 But He loved me enough not to leave me in that condition.
29:26 He was the one that brought the change and
29:28 transformation in my life.
29:30 And so there's an ever open veil right there at the entrance.
29:33 But I want us to notice that after the cross,
29:36 the altar of the cross, there are still two veils;
29:40 representing man's separation from God.
29:44 And these two veils, it shows that there was still
29:47 a work to be done after the altar of the cross.
29:49 There's the Holy Place veil and the Most Holy Place veil
29:53 that needs to be removed before we can get back
29:56 into the presence of God.
29:58 And these two veils are opened three times
30:01 in the book of Revelation.
30:04 And so what we want to do right now is we want to
30:05 ask the question, what does it mean
30:09 when the veils were removed in Revelation?
30:11 What is the prophetic personal and practical application
30:16 of the opening of these two veils?
30:19 And friends, we're going to discover that the books of
30:22 Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John reveal the story of
30:25 Jesus' work in the outer court.
30:27 But the book of Revelation expounds upon the work
30:30 of Jesus in the Holy and the Most Holy Place.
30:35 Those two veils are opened three times in this end time book.
30:39 And so notice with me as we go to Revelation chapter 4,
30:42 as we take a look at what happened after the cross.
30:45 Revelation chapter 4 beginning with verse 1,
30:47 the Bible says this...
31:11 Here we see John in prophetic vision.
31:15 He sees a door that's opened in heaven.
31:17 And as John enters in through this veil, he sees a familiar
31:21 Sanctuary scene.
31:22 In this compartment of the Sanctuary
31:24 John said that he saw a throne, and One sitting upon the throne.
31:28 Now question, which throne is this?
31:31 Where is this throne specifically placed
31:34 in the Sanctuary?
31:35 Verse 5 has the answer. Notice what it says.
31:38 Revelation 4:5
31:52 So here we see, friends, that this throne, just before it
31:56 is the seven branch candlestick.
31:59 Now friends, where exactly is the seven branch candlestick
32:02 in the Sanctuary?
32:03 It's in the Holy Place.
32:05 And so in this vision of Revelation 4, John is
32:08 actually looking into the Holy Place.
32:10 That candlestick, friends, represents the church
32:13 that's on fire because they're filled with the oil
32:16 of the Holy Spirit, and they're on fire for the Lord.
32:20 But the question is this:
32:21 When exactly did Jesus, our High Priest,
32:24 enter into the Holy Place of the heavenly Sanctuary
32:27 and light up the early apostolic church?
32:32 He only did it after He was finished with His work
32:35 in the outer court.
32:37 And so you remember, friends, Jesus died at the altar
32:41 of sacrifice; the cross.
32:43 And then after that, He resurrects at the laver
32:46 of baptism; which is also a symbol of resurrection.
32:49 Because in Romans chapter 6, the Bible says that when we're
32:51 baptized, we're baptized both into the death
32:54 and resurrection of Christ.
32:57 So Jesus dies at the altar of the cross,
32:59 resurrects at the laver, and then enters
33:02 through the door, through that first veil,
33:05 into the Holy Place, and He sees the throne.
33:07 Now what exactly does this mean?
33:11 Where did Jesus go after He resurrected?
33:15 The book of Hebrews tells us that He endured the cross,
33:18 despising the shame, and then is sat down at the
33:21 right hand of the throne of God.
33:23 So the next stop for Jesus after the laver
33:26 would be the Holy Place.
33:28 And in that Holy Place He sees the throne.
33:30 And the article of furniture that symbolizes that throne,
33:34 I believe, is the table of showbread.
33:37 Now friends, something interesting about this
33:38 table of showbread.
33:40 It was located on the side of the north,
33:42 which is the same place that God's literal throne is
33:44 in the Bible.
33:46 Around the table of showbread was a golden crown molding.
33:49 A crown fit for a king.
33:51 There were two stacks of bread upon the table,
33:53 representing the Father and the Son, who is our bread of life.
33:57 This is the throne that's placed right before the candlestick.
34:00 And we don't have the time to study it in detail.
34:03 But you can read more about the two thrones of God
34:05 in the book, Early Writings, and on page 55.
34:08 The point is simply this, friends.
34:10 This verse in Revelation 4 is pointing to us
34:13 the time that Jesus entered the Holy Place for us.
34:17 And it's very significant what took place.
34:20 Before the door was opened in heaven,
34:23 the disciples on earth anticipated that something
34:26 great was about to happen.
34:28 Towards the end of the ministry of Christ,
34:30 they thought that Jesus would take His seat on an earthly
34:33 throne as the King of glory.
34:35 They thought, "Now our enemies will be vanquished.
34:37 Now Israel will rule the world."
34:39 But they saw that Jesus, instead of going to the throne,
34:43 He went to the altar.
34:45 They saw their King crowned, not with a royal diadem,
34:49 but a crown of thorns.
34:51 They saw Him nailed to the cross instead of
34:52 exalted on the throne.
34:54 And when the disciples saw that, their hopes were
34:57 shattered and their dreams were dashed to pieces.
35:00 They experienced a bitter, devastating disappointment.
35:05 The reality is, friends, that cross should have been
35:08 the source of their greatest rejoicing.
35:11 Because that cross, friends, brought them one step closer
35:14 to seeing God face to face.
35:17 You see, the moment Jesus died, the veil in that earthy temple
35:20 was torn from top to bottom, signifying the heavenly ministry
35:25 is now replacing the earthly ministry.
35:27 And so mankind, in Christ, is brought one step closer to God.
35:32 And the disciples should have rejoiced because of that.
35:35 But instead, they were disappointed.
35:37 They were devastated.
35:39 And why? Here's the reason.
35:41 Because they misunderstood Bible prophecy.
35:45 You see, those early disciples, they had the prophecy
35:47 of Daniel 9, the 70 week prophecy, pointing to this
35:51 event of the cross.
35:52 That in the middle of the 70th week Messiah would die
35:56 by crucifixion, that He would be cut off.
35:58 Not for Himself, because He never sinned before.
36:00 He would be cut off for the sins of humanity.
36:03 Cut off so that we could be reconciled back to God.
36:07 They had that prophecy, but they did not understand it.
36:10 They misinterpreted it and misunderstood it.
36:14 And as a result, they suffered a bitter,
36:16 devastating disappointment.
36:18 You see, it was like there was a veil before their eyes.
36:20 They did not see the glory of the cross.
36:23 But thank God, friends, that after that devastating
36:25 disappointment, they went into the upper room
36:28 and they began to pray and study like they never did before.
36:31 And as a result, God sent light to penetrate the darkness
36:34 of their confusion.
36:36 They understood that Jesus had to go to the altar
36:40 before He could go to the throne.
36:43 And as a result, they understood the significance of the opening
36:47 of that first veil.
36:49 They understood where Jesus was
36:51 and what Jesus was doing for them.
36:53 And as a result, it began to rain with the former rain.
36:58 Fire came down from heaven and the prophecy
37:01 of Revelation 4:5 was fulfilled.
37:04 John said that from the throne was lightning,
37:06 thunders, and voices.
37:08 For what?
37:09 It was to light up the seven branch candlestick
37:10 just before the throne.
37:12 Here is the early apostolic church on fire
37:15 at the day of Pentecost.
37:17 They're filled with the oil of the Spirit sent from Jesus
37:19 who's at the throne for them.
37:21 Like the sound of a mighty rushing wind,
37:23 with tongues of fire, the disciples began to preach.
37:26 And the thunder of their message and the lightning of their
37:29 witness caught the ear and the eyes of the people
37:32 as the voice of God was heard speaking
37:35 through the early church.
37:37 Revival and reformation took place
37:39 from prayer and prophetic study.
37:42 The first veil opened to their understanding.
37:44 They understood where Jesus was and what Jesus was
37:48 doing for them.
37:49 And so now humanity is brought one step closer
37:52 to seeing God face to face.
37:55 But friends, after that there was still another veil
37:57 that was to be opened.
37:59 Another revelation and revival that was yet to take place.
38:03 And that's the Most Holy Place veil
38:06 that separates us from seeing God face to face.
38:10 And I want us to notice now as we go to Revelation chapter 11
38:12 where this second veil is opened and another revival takes place.
38:17 Turn with me to Revelation chapter 11,
38:19 and notice what it says in verse 19.
38:24 Revelation 11:19, the Bible says...
38:40 So here we find, friends, this veil, this door is opened
38:43 in heaven, and John now sees the ark of the testament.
38:46 Well when was this passage fulfilled?
38:49 Listen carefully, friends.
38:51 Just as the early apostolic church had the 70 week
38:55 prophecy of Daniel chapter 9 pointing to the opening of the
38:59 first veil in the year AD 31, so too the remnant of the
39:05 early apostolic church had the 2300 day prophecy
39:10 of Daniel chapter 8 pointing to the opening of the second veil
39:14 in the year 1844.
39:18 And friends, what happened around this prophetic date
39:20 was very significant.
39:22 Revival, history tells us, was sweeping across the churches.
39:26 As people studied the 2300 day prophecy
39:28 pointing to the cleansing of the Sanctuary,
39:31 they believed that this was pointing to the return of Jesus
39:34 in the fall of the year 1844.
39:37 A sweet anticipation and expectancy
39:39 swept over the people.
39:41 They thought that the final veil would be removed
39:43 and now they would see God face to face.
39:46 But we know that 1844 came and went.
39:49 And those pioneers were bitterly disappointed.
39:52 That which was at first sweet in their mouth
39:55 became bitter in the belly.
39:57 What specifically took place in 1844?
40:01 It wasn't that Jesus was going to return.
40:03 But rather that He would step into the Most Holy Place
40:06 of the heavenly Sanctuary to begin the investigative
40:09 judgment, the blotting out of sin.
40:11 You see, friends, rightly understood,
40:13 1844 should have been a cause of great rejoicing.
40:16 Because what Jesus was doing, He was bringing humanity
40:19 one step closer to divinity.
40:22 Those pioneers, for them it wasn't rejoicing.
40:26 It was the source of a bitter disappointment.
40:29 The reason why is because they, like the early church,
40:32 misunderstood and misapplied Bible prophecy.
40:36 But afterwards, even though they were devastated,
40:41 they went into the upper room and they began to pray
40:44 like they never prayed before.
40:45 They pleaded for light from the Lord from above.
40:48 They would spend even entire nights
40:50 in prayer and Bible study.
40:52 And upon further investigation, they realized that they had
40:55 the right date, but the wrong event.
40:57 They thought that the Sanctuary was the earth,
40:59 but they were wrong in that assumption.
41:00 However, the Spirit led them to the book of Hebrews
41:03 where they learned that there was a Sanctuary in heaven.
41:06 And when they understood that, they realized that Jesus
41:09 was blotting out their sins;
41:11 preparing His people for His soon return,
41:15 to begin a work of cleansing, to secure the final atonement.
41:19 And now they understood the true significance of 1844.
41:23 And as a result, was born the remnant church
41:26 of Bible prophecy.
41:27 A movement that would sweep across the whole world
41:30 to restore all truth in these last days.
41:32 These three angels would shake the world
41:34 like a mighty earthquake.
41:35 And just like the early church, lightnings, and thunderings,
41:38 and voices was heard once again as this movement spread
41:42 spirit-filled truth to every nation, kindred,
41:44 tongue, and people.
41:46 Revival and reformation took place.
41:49 And the rain began to fall.
41:51 The second veil now is opened to their understanding.
41:55 They knew where Jesus was and what Jesus was doing for them.
42:00 Can you say amen, friends?
42:02 There is deep prophetic significance
42:04 of the opening of the first and second veils.
42:07 And there are very profound parallels between the two.
42:12 But here's the thing, friends.
42:14 We're still not back in God's presence.
42:17 We are still unfit to see our Lord face to face.
42:22 And why is that?
42:24 Because that second veil, the Most Holy Place veil,
42:27 must be opened one more time.
42:32 And when that happens, the final revival
42:35 is to take place.
42:36 And that veil is opened in Revelation chapter 15.
42:39 Notice with me Revelation chapter 15
42:43 as we read about the second veil being re-opened
42:46 and as we understand it's prophetic significance.
42:49 Revelation 15:5, it says...
42:58 So it's opened.
43:00 The veil is opened.
43:02 John sees the tabernacle of the testimony.
43:04 This is the Most Holy Place.
43:06 But then notice what happens next in verse 6.
43:08 "And the seven angels came out of the temple...
43:17 I want us to notice, friends, that when this veil
43:20 is re-opened, the traffic is flowing out.
43:24 It's not flowing in.
43:25 Seven angels with the seven plagues are exiting
43:28 that Most Holy Place.
43:32 They're going to pour out the seven last plagues
43:34 upon the world.
43:35 And as they go out, no one can come in.
43:37 Notice verse 8.
43:39 It says in verse 8...
43:53 The Bible says that as the angels go out,
43:55 no one can come in.
43:56 And here's the reason why.
43:58 Because by the time this veil was opened the second time,
44:00 by the time the angels leave, probation is closed.
44:04 And if you've not entered in beforehand,
44:07 now it's too late.
44:09 The angels pour out the seven last plagues.
44:12 It is the final storm that hits the world by surprise.
44:16 And friends, in this final storm, we need an anchor
44:19 of truth to steady us.
44:21 And where is this awesome anchor of truth?
44:24 It's found, friends, within the veil.
44:27 Notice what it says in Hebrews 6:19-20.
44:32 The Bible says, "This hope we have as an anchor..."
44:48 You see, friends, before this final storm hits,
44:52 we must by faith follow Jesus into the Most Holy Place.
44:56 That is the Sanctuary, the shelter, in the time of storm.
45:00 It's a Sanctuary of refuge in an hour of crisis.
45:03 Just like the song says, "When darkness seems to veil His face,
45:07 we will rest upon His unchanging grace.
45:10 And every high and stormy gale,
45:12 our anchor holds within the veil.
45:15 On Christ the solid Rock we stand,
45:18 all other ground is sinking sand."
45:21 The question tonight is, what is your foundation?
45:24 What are you building your life upon?
45:27 Is it the solid rock?
45:29 Friends, in times like these we need to be very sure
45:32 that our anchor holds and grips the solid Rock
45:36 behind the veil.
45:38 Because those on the outside, by the time the angels leave,
45:41 have no foundation, no Sanctuary, no shelter,
45:45 no safety, no salvation.
45:47 You see, friends, the re-opening of the second veil
45:50 is a lot more serious than its previous openings.
45:53 Now what is the significance of this vision?
45:57 When will the second veil be re-opened?
46:01 You see, in the Old Testament Sanctuary...
46:07 The first time was when the high priest entered into the
46:10 Sanctuary to cleanse it and to secure the final atonement.
46:15 And then the second time was when the high priest
46:17 exited that Sanctuary to bless the people waiting for him
46:22 on the outside.
46:24 And friends, that represents the coming of Christ.
46:28 Soon and very soon, our great High Priest
46:30 will lay off His priestly garments,
46:33 and He will clothe Himself in the regal robes
46:35 of King of kings and Lord of lords.
46:38 He will come back to the earth to give us an eternal blessing.
46:41 And when that takes place, it will remove the veil,
46:44 every single veil, completely that separates God and man.
46:49 It's then that we will see our Lord face to face.
46:51 The Bible says in Revelation 22, "They shall see His face..."
46:59 Oh friends, I want to see the face of Jesus.
47:00 How about you?
47:03 Only faintly now we see Him with a darkening veil between.
47:08 But a blessed day of coming when His glory shall be seen.
47:12 Face to face with Christ our Savior,
47:15 face to face to see and know;
47:17 when with rapture we behold Him,
47:19 Jesus Christ who loves us so.
47:22 I want to see the face of Jesus.
47:24 How many are looking forward to the opening of the second veil?
47:28 But friends, before we close tonight, we must consider
47:32 some serious implications about the re-opening
47:37 of the second veil.
47:39 Just as there was a revival surrounding the opening
47:43 of the first and second veil with the early church,
47:45 as well as the early remnant church,
47:48 so too the greatest and the final revival will surround
47:52 the re-opening of this second veil.
47:54 The revival of the last days is just upon us.
48:00 And I want you to notice, Great Controversy, page 646, says...
48:07 Before the seven last plagues.
48:09 Before the angels leave the Most Holy Place.
48:21 The opening of the first veil.
48:28 And friends, God is not calling us to be passive spectators.
48:32 But He's calling us to be active participants
48:34 in praying for, pleading for, seeking for, and yearning for
48:38 this final revival in these last days.
48:42 And the question is, will you be a part of it?
48:45 Will you be an idle spectator or an active participant?
48:49 I want us to notice, friends, the difference
48:51 between what happened in the opening of the first veil
48:54 and the first opening of the second veil
48:57 in comparison to the re-opening of that last veil.
49:02 There are many powerful parallels,
49:05 But there are also some alarming differences.
49:07 And here's the difference, listen carefully.
49:09 Both the early apostolic church, as well as the early remnant
49:14 church, had a time prophecy pointing to the opening
49:18 of that first and second veil.
49:20 The apostles had the 70 week prophecy,
49:22 the pioneers had the 2300 day prophecy,
49:25 pointing to the exact date that those veils would be opened.
49:28 But both of them misinterpreted those prophecies
49:32 and were disappointed.
49:33 But thank God that both of them were able to rebound
49:36 from their disappointment.
49:38 They went into the upper room and they prayed and they
49:40 understood, and they learned from hindsight.
49:43 But for us in these last days when that second veil
49:45 is about to be re-opened, we do not have a time prophecy
49:49 pointing to the event.
49:51 Because no man knows the exact day or hour of His coming.
49:55 And because of that, we do not have the opportunity
49:58 to learn from hindsight.
50:00 Once that veil is re-opened and the angels come out,
50:05 no one can come in.
50:06 It is too late, friends.
50:08 He that is unjust will remain unjust still,
50:10 and he that is righteous will remain righteous still.
50:13 And therefore, friends, before that veil is opened
50:15 the second time, we must get it right, right now
50:18 before it's re-opened.
50:20 And that's why we've been told, friends,
50:22 "We have nothing to fear..."
50:32 God wants us to look back at the past so that we don't
50:35 repeat the mistakes.
50:37 Those who fail to learn the lessons of history
50:40 are bound to repeat it.
50:41 But we can't afford to make this mistake, friends.
50:44 In the book, Early Writings, page 71, the prophet wrote...
51:05 What a challenge!
51:23 Why no shelter?
51:24 Because they did not enter into the veil when the door was open.
51:27 They did not follow the High Priest in the secret place
51:30 of the Most High.
51:32 They were waiting for a sign instead of watching the Savior.
51:35 And therefore, there is no Sanctuary, no refuge, for them.
51:39 Friends, it's a challenge for us
51:41 to keep our eyes on Jesus, to follow Him wherever He leads.
51:46 He's not only the Lamb that died for us in the outer court,
51:49 but He's the High Priest that lives, and ever lives to make
51:52 intercession for us in the Holy Place
51:54 and the One that blots out the sin in the Most Holy Place.
51:57 Blotting it out from the record above,
51:59 but He's also seeking to blot it out from the experience below;
52:03 from our hearts.
52:05 In the book, Great Controversy, page 488, it reads,
52:10 "Satan invents unnumbered schemes..."
52:21 What work is that?
53:02 And so my question, friends, is this:
53:04 Where are you?
53:06 Are you in the place where God wants you to be?
53:10 What are you doing?
53:12 Are you doing the things that God is calling you to do?
53:15 Those who do not know where Jesus is and what Jesus is doing
53:19 for them right now are not going to be able to know
53:22 where they need to be and what they ought to be doing
53:24 right now in this solemn time that we live in.
53:27 And friends, when the Lord comes, there's going to be a
53:29 group of those people, they're going to run to the
53:31 rocks and mountains, and they're going to cry,
53:33 "Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him
53:39 who sits upon the throne."
53:41 What a terrible tragedy, friends,
53:43 hiding from the face of God.
53:47 But then there's going to be another group
53:50 who will follow the Lamb whithersoever He goes.
53:52 Not just to the altar in the outer court,
53:55 but beyond that first veil into the Holy Place,
53:57 and then that second veil into the Most Holy Place, by faith.
54:01 And so when Jesus comes, when that second veil is re-opened
54:05 and the High Priest comes as King of kings and Lord of lords,
54:08 notice what's going to happen next.
54:09 Isaiah 25:7-9. We're almost finished.
54:12 It says here...
54:21 That veil is removed for eternity.
54:34 "And it shall be said in that day..."
54:48 Oh what a day that will be, friends,
54:50 when our Jesus we shall see.
54:54 When we look upon His face,
54:56 the One that has saved us by His grace;
54:59 when He takes us by the hand
55:01 and leads us to the Promised Land;
55:03 what a day, glorious day, that will be.
55:07 And this solemn prophecy tonight points us to the
55:09 reality that that day is right around the corner.
55:13 We're almost home, friends.
55:15 So hang on.
55:16 Get back up, keep moving forward, don't give up.
55:19 We're almost home.
55:20 We're too close to give up now.
55:23 Keep holding on to Jesus.
55:25 Keep your eyes on Christ.
55:26 Take your eyes off of yourself, your circumstances,
55:29 and others; look upon the Lamb.
55:31 Behold the Lamb of God that died in the outer court,
55:34 and behold the High Priest that cleanses the Sanctuary above.
55:38 And as we behold His face, we will become changed.
55:43 But why isn't He here yet?
55:45 What prevents Him from removing that veil and coming back?
55:50 We're not home yet, friends, because Jesus is not home yet.
55:55 What do we mean by that?
55:57 Revelation 3:20, here's what Jesus is waiting for.
56:01 He's not waiting for a time prophecy to be fulfilled.
56:03 Since 1844, time no longer.
56:06 What Jesus is waiting for is you and me
56:09 to open our door and our homes to Him.
56:13 Revelation 3:20 says, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock..."
56:25 Why are we not home yet?
56:27 Because Jesus is not home yet.
56:30 He's waiting for us to open the veil of our hearts to Him.
56:33 Jesus wants to make our hearts His home.
56:36 And so, my friends, let's open the door of our
56:39 hearts to Jesus today.
56:40 Let's let Him make our hearts His permanent residence
56:46 that we might look upon His face and receive His light, His life,
56:51 His latter rain, so that we can go home.
56:53 Oh my friends, I plead with you, let us turn our eyes
56:56 upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face.
57:00 And the things of this world will go strangely dim
57:03 in the light of His glory and grace.
57:07 How many of you want to go home?
57:10 Really, the question is, how many of you
57:13 will let Jesus come home into your heart tonight?
57:18 We want to go home, but let's first let Jesus come home.
57:22 Let Him take full control of our lives today.
57:25 And when that happens, it won't be long.
57:28 It won't be long.
57:30 I invite you to bow your heads and close your eyes.
57:33 Listen to the chorus of this song.
57:36 Then we'll close in prayer this evening.
57:40 I want to see Jesus, don't you?
57:49 He's my dear precious Savior so true.


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