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00:37 Overwhelmed by decade of deaths and civil war,
00:42 plagued with poverty and disease,
00:45 haunted by the evil spirits of ancient belief systems
00:49 the people of the small country of Cambodia in Southeast Asia
00:54 live lives gripped with fear, sadness, grief and pain.
01:00 Without the knowledge of love of God
01:02 and His wonderful salvation
01:05 the people of Cambodia
01:06 face lives of desperation without hope,
01:11 lost in a world of the broken and heavy-hearted.
01:16 However, just as Jesus
01:18 came to the poor and suffering of His day
01:21 He has also now coming again
01:23 to His lost children in Cambodia.
01:27 Beginning about 1995, a small handful of Cambodian people
01:32 who had come to know God
01:33 well, in the refugee camps of Thailand
01:36 began to return to Cambodia.
01:38 As they did they could not help but share the new hope and joy
01:42 that they had found with the people that they met.
01:46 Now thousands of people have come to know Jesus
01:49 and have accepted Him
01:50 as their Creator, Savoir and personal friend.
01:55 From the beginning of this wonderful new moment
01:59 Adventist Southeast Asia Projects
02:01 has been working in tandem
02:03 with the Cambodia Adventist Mission
02:05 to nurture these new believers.
02:09 By sponsoring church planter
02:11 and other national missionaries,
02:13 by providing Bibles and other evangelistic materials,
02:18 by building temporary churches,
02:20 by bringing security and opportunity to children
02:23 through literacy schools
02:25 and through humanitarian assistance,
02:28 ASAP is helping to heal the brokenhearted
02:31 in a country where people are in desperate need.
02:37 The Cambodian Adventist Mission recently sent
02:40 Adventist Southeast Asia Projects
02:42 an urgent message asking us to partner with them.
02:45 In faith, our ministry willing responded
02:48 and today many more dedicated
02:50 ASAP church planters are sharing God's light.
02:55 Another big challenge involves the fact that over 80%
02:58 of the newly baptized members are living in extreme poverty.
03:02 How can we turn our back on the poor
03:04 and the suffering and just preach the gospel?
03:08 Holistic approaches are needed.
03:11 You know, shortly after Jesus Christ began His ministry
03:15 He boldly stood up in the temple
03:17 and shared His mission statement.
03:19 He said, "The spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
03:23 because He has anointed Me
03:25 to preach the gospel to the poor.
03:27 He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,
03:30 to preach deliverance to the captives
03:33 and recover of sight to the blind,
03:35 to set at liberty those who are oppressed,
03:39 to preach the acceptable year of the Lord."
03:43 Christ fulfilled His mission not just by preaching
03:47 but also by lifting up the oppressed.
03:49 A brokenhearted Samaritan woman at the well,
03:52 the ten lepers, the demon possessed boy
03:55 and many others whose lives were transformed
03:57 by the light of His love
03:58 demonstrate His concern for the whole person.
04:01 The Cambodian missionaries we support
04:03 share the same mission statement
04:05 and daily they imitate their master's compassionate methods
04:09 of reaching the hearts of the people.
04:11 I'd like you to meet ASAP sponsor
04:13 church planter Thor Bohpal,
04:15 a missionary to his own people.
04:17 He shares Christ's commitment
04:19 to minister to the whole person.
04:28 Thor Bohpal is one of the church planters
04:30 sponsored by ASAP.
04:32 Before he came to know Jesus his primary goal in life
04:36 was to make money and become a rich man.
04:40 He has now become a dedicated worker for God
04:42 who has led many people to Christ.
04:46 Before he became a Christian
04:47 Thor Bohpal used to despise everything that had
04:51 anything to do with Christianity
04:53 especially the Bible.
04:56 I strongly resented the fact that my wife had become
04:59 a member of the SDA church.
05:02 From everything that I had read about them
05:05 I believe that they wear a coat.
05:07 Like most of the people in Cambodia
05:10 I followed, a belief system
05:12 that was a combination of Buddhism,
05:14 superstition, spiritism and ancestor worship.
05:20 Everyday before going to work
05:22 I would pleased the spirits by offering food
05:25 and incense to my idols and also stopping by temple
05:28 so the monk could bless me for good measure.
05:31 However, with all of my dedication to my beliefs
05:36 I still found my life was filled with nothing
05:39 but difficulty and misfortunes.
05:41 I began to study with Pastor Hondura
05:44 who showed me that only true power comes from God
05:48 and that His perfect love cast on all of us.
05:51 One morning Thor Bohpal woke up
05:53 and made his decision to accept Jesus as his Savior.
05:57 The first thing that he did
05:58 was destroy all of the idols in his house.
06:01 He says that it was an amazing feeling
06:03 to be free from Satan's grasp.
06:09 Now as Thor Bohpal goes about his work as a church planter
06:13 he often helps people break free
06:16 from the oppression of evil spirits.
06:20 Kim High is a lady who has been coming to church
06:22 and taking Bible studies for several months.
06:25 Her late husband worked as a sorcerer
06:28 and since his death she has been plagued with sickness
06:32 and has been tormented by spirits every night.
06:36 After she heard Thor Bohpal
06:38 tell how he had been freed by getting rid of his idols
06:41 she made the bold decision
06:43 to get rid of all of the idols in her home too.
06:47 Thor Bohpal came to her home, prayed for her
06:50 and thorough Gods power
06:51 release the hold of the evil one.
06:55 Together they claimed the promises of scripture
06:57 such as John 8:12 where Jesus told His disciples,
07:01 "I am the light of the world.
07:03 He who follows me shall not walk in the darkness
07:06 but have the light of life."
07:12 Together under the protecting power of heaven
07:15 they burned the idols.
07:17 They prayed that God would send His angels
07:19 to protect her and her daughter.
07:22 Their prayers were answered
07:24 and they were set free from the power of the spirits.
07:30 Kim High is so grateful to God
07:32 for delivering her from the heavy darkness
07:35 that used to fill every crack of her home.
07:46 Like many people in Cambodia,
07:48 Kong Sorn has tried to make a living
07:50 by starting his own small business.
07:53 He buys kerosene in the market place
07:55 and then with the small markup attempts to resell the fuel
07:59 to the people in his neighborhood.
08:01 His idea had not been very successful
08:04 and his wife had taken three of his five children
08:07 and had left him.
08:10 When Thor Bohpal began to visit him
08:12 he found a man filled with depression and grief,
08:15 barely able to provide food for his remaining two children.
08:19 At first, Kong Sorn
08:21 was not interested in learning about God
08:23 but as Thor Bohpal continue to visit him and befriend him,
08:26 helping him with food for his children
08:28 his fear and suspicion gave way to a sincere desire
08:32 to know more about this God of heaven.
08:36 He began to join the small group of believers
08:38 every Sabbath and soon accepted Jesus as his Savior.
08:43 As he continue to study with Thor Bohpal
08:46 and worship God with a small group
08:49 his faith grew and he began
08:51 to experience relief from his depression,
08:54 answers to prayer and a miraculous increase
08:58 in his sales of kerosene.
09:01 With help from the faithful supporters of ASAP
09:05 a small church has now been build
09:07 in Kong Sorn's neighborhood
09:09 to facilitate the growing interest there.
09:12 Kong Sorn was asked to be the caretaker of he property
09:15 and ASAP helped with funds to build a small house
09:19 next to the church for him to live in.
09:22 In time his wife and rest of the children returned
09:25 and they are now a happy family again
09:28 all rejoicing in their new faith in God.
09:32 Kong Sorn says,
09:33 I went from having nothing to having everything,
09:38 Jesus is everything to me.
09:42 My work in missions has taught me
09:43 how important it is to understand the culture
09:46 and language of the people you are reaching for Christ.
09:49 This is why ASAP finds it so effective
09:52 to use Cambodians to reach Cambodians,
09:55 Vietnamese to reach Vietnamese and Laotians to reach Laotians.
09:59 You know it's really exciting to see
10:01 how the Holy Spirit impresses the church planters to find
10:04 simple ways to reach out to people,
10:06 to make the gospel real, to touch lives.
10:09 So I have a lot of respect for these church planters.
10:12 They are planting strong faithful
10:14 Seventh-day Adventist congregations,
10:16 yet the work is not completed,
10:18 there is so much more to do,
10:20 so many more villages and towns with no Christian witness.
10:24 We need your help, we need your partnership.
10:27 So please pray for ASAP church planters,
10:31 many of whom still need financial support.
10:34 Ask God if He is calling you
10:35 or your church group to partner with
10:37 one of these church planters like Thor Bohpal,
10:40 to place a light of Christian witness
10:42 in many more towns and villages in Southeast Asia.
10:48 According to the World Bank, Southeast Asia
10:51 is home for approximately one half of the world's poor.
10:55 Millions of people are struggling
10:57 to survive on less than $1 a day.
11:01 In Cambodia thousands suffer and die
11:04 each year from serious diseases.
11:06 Over the last 10 years HIV and AIDS
11:10 has become an increasingly serious problem
11:13 especially among the poor of Cambodia
11:17 and yet even year God is working miraculously,
11:22 calling His children on to Himself,
11:25 bringing healing to the brokenhearted.
11:29 Meet, Seth Sinath, that she is alive today
11:33 is a direct answer to prayer.
11:37 I already knew that I was HIV positive
11:39 and now it looked as though I was reaching the end.
11:44 For weeks I had been so ill
11:46 that I could barely get up off my mat.
11:49 I heard that some Christians were coming to our village
11:52 to do a health screening but I was too sick to go.
11:56 My mother went and brought home a small broacher.
11:59 When I opened it I read the words,
12:03 "Jesus healed a lady who is bleeding for 18 years
12:07 and He can heal you too."
12:11 Even though I didn't know who Jesus was,
12:13 these words gave me a little bit of hope.
12:16 I urged my mother to call the number
12:19 on the back of the broacher.
12:21 A Seventh-day Adventist church planter
12:23 by the name of Oung Sophal
12:25 received the desperate call from Sinath's mother
12:28 and quickly responded.
12:31 Early the next morning I went by boat to Kodiak Island
12:35 and found Sinath lying
12:36 very still on a mat covered with sores.
12:39 Her family had put an idol of Buddha on her forehead
12:43 and friends and family were chanting a mantra.
12:46 When she saw me she weekly pleaded, please help me.
12:50 I bent down closer and said, only Jesus Christ can help you.
12:55 Sinath said, who is Jesus Christ?
12:58 I told her, Jesus is the true God
13:00 who can heal you and take your sins away.
13:03 I got close to her and asked, do you want me to pray
13:06 and ask Jesus Christ to help you?
13:09 Sinath slowly nodded.
13:11 After we prayed, it was amazing,
13:13 Sinath sat up and was able to eat
13:15 for the first time in two weeks.
13:18 The next day Oung Sophal brought me
13:21 to a Christian hospital in Phnom Penh
13:24 where they admitted me.
13:25 We seem hopeless for her
13:28 but on that day by treatment and some of the church member
13:34 and I, we pray for her.
13:37 After prayers she felt better.
13:40 It mean like God give His power to her and strength her.
13:46 Over the next few days
13:47 my new friends came and visited me regularly.
13:50 We sang songs about God and prayed together.
13:54 Each day I got better and better.
13:57 I was so excited about Jesus
13:59 I shared the stories from the Bible
14:02 and what God was doing for me
14:04 with 13 other AIDS patients in the clinic.
14:08 Four of them accepted Jesus as their Savior
14:12 and they are still alive today.
14:15 God healed them as He did me.
14:20 About six months later I returned to my doctor,
14:24 he was surprised to see me so healthy.
14:27 He was even more shocked
14:28 when he got my test results beck from the lab.
14:31 The report said, I was HIV negative.
14:36 Even though the doctor did not believe in God
14:39 he said, it must be a miracle.
14:42 Hearing this news made me very happy and I praised God
14:47 but the best day of my life came six months later
14:51 when I received a new spiritual life in Christ
14:55 by being baptized.
14:58 I met Seth Sinath shortly
15:00 after she was released from the hospital,
15:03 laying hands upon her we prayed for her complete healing.
15:08 God heard the many prayers and miraculously answered.
15:13 When we visited Cambodia again this last March
15:16 we found out that Sinath
15:18 is still sharing her miracle story
15:21 and introducing the great physician to many people
15:25 just as the Demoniac
15:27 who was healed by Jesus, became a witness.
15:30 Sinath too is telling her friends
15:33 what great things the Lord has done for her.
15:37 Because of her powerful witness 25 people now worship
15:42 in a new group in her home village
15:44 and 15 people are worshipping
15:46 in a small apartment in Phnom Penh.
15:53 In recent years AIDS has became a serious threat
15:57 in many lives in Southeast Asia including many new Christians.
16:02 As in the days of Jesus
16:04 its seems that it is the poor and the sick
16:07 that are most attracted to the wonderful new life
16:11 that can be found in Him.
16:13 A couple of years ago
16:15 we visited a new group of believers in Phnom Penh.
16:18 I was overwhelmed with sadness as I realize
16:21 that this group of women and children
16:23 were suffering in a very profound way.
16:27 After sharing with them about our compassionate
16:30 Lord and Savior I asked them,
16:32 do you have any prayer requests?
16:35 Without hesitation, every woman there raised her hand
16:39 as well as many of the children.
16:42 Without exception they all asked for healing
16:45 as they shyly presented their prayer request
16:48 I realized that most of them
16:49 were suffering from symptoms of AIDS and other diseases.
16:53 I remember one mother in particular,
16:56 she asked us to pray for healing
16:59 from AIDS for herself and five year old son.
17:03 She also asked if I could pray for her other four children
17:07 as they were all living on the street.
17:10 My heart broke as I saw her bright smile.
17:15 Can you imagine living on the street with five children
17:20 so sick that you find it difficult to work?
17:24 Living in a country
17:25 where there is no assistance of any kind,
17:27 where you are rejected by society,
17:30 struggling alone for survival of your children.
17:33 I fought back tears
17:35 as I listened to these poor women
17:37 offering their prayers of thanksgiving
17:39 to the Lord for His faithfulness.
17:42 I knew we could not ignore
17:44 the suffering of God's children.
17:46 We had to do something.
17:50 Honestly I approach the throne of grace
17:53 where the Lord promises mercy and grace in time of need.
17:59 After Judy met these poor members in my district
18:01 who was so sick and homeless,
18:03 she shared my dream of helping them,
18:06 she shared my belief that we can not preach to them
18:09 about God's love and now show them His love.
18:12 We dreamed together and pictured a safe place
18:16 for these people to lay their heads at night.
18:19 A place where they could healthy meals, worship God,
18:23 heal and spend time with their children.
18:27 We began to honestly pray for this dream
18:29 to become a reality.
18:32 As God always does in His infinite mercy
18:36 He answered, the Sda center, a refuge for those
18:41 who are HIV positive or have AIDS
18:44 opened through the generosity of ASAP donors.
18:49 Fifty one Seventh-day Adventist
18:50 adults and children now call this center home.
18:56 Greetings from the Sda center.
18:59 In my language Sda means to restore.
19:03 I think it is a good name
19:04 because through God's power and a safe place
19:08 these family's lives have been made like new
19:12 when they had no hope before.
19:15 I lead out in morning and evening worship everyday.
19:19 We're like a close family with Jesus at the head.
19:23 I teach school to the children,
19:25 I give Bible studies
19:26 and care for the sick residents.
19:30 I think it is beautiful how the church members
19:33 come and worship with the residents.
19:35 They love and encourage each other.
19:38 God is so good for providing this place.
19:47 We used to live on the street beside the market
19:50 because we had no place to go.
19:52 Our neighbors hated us,
19:54 our family did not want to see us
19:55 because they were ashamed we have AIDS.
19:58 They saw us as a burden.
20:00 We were so sick that we could not work
20:02 or get up from our mats, we could only pray.
20:06 When Pastor Horng Sophal brought us to the Sda center
20:09 our lives changed so much, God heard our prayers.
20:14 He gave us this new home.
20:16 We got well enough that we can now
20:18 go pick plants from the lake and sell them at the market.
20:22 We thank God.
20:23 We thank Seng Sopheak for her help.
20:26 We used to have a bad life but now we have a good life.
20:34 While HIV and AIDS
20:36 is an extremely serious problem in Cambodia,
20:39 the biggest killer is poverty.
20:43 In recent years many people have moved
20:45 to the capital city of Phnom Penh
20:47 with hop of finding an employment.
20:50 With no education and very few income opportunities
20:54 people end up living in squatter villages
20:58 or on the street.
21:00 Some move into a slum near the city dump
21:03 and try to make a living from salvage.
21:05 Instead of going to school
21:07 even young children spend their days in the hot sun,
21:11 picking through garbage to find small scraps of metal
21:15 or other recyclable material.
21:18 For other families it becomes even worse.
21:22 Desperation for survival often leads to desperate acts.
21:27 Parents sell their children into slavery,
21:31 girls as young as age five are sold into prostitution
21:35 and many are never seen or heard of again.
21:40 As the Adventist pastors and church planters
21:43 began to give Bible studies in these communities
21:47 it became obvious very quickly that the people
21:50 they were meeting had immediate needs
21:52 that went beyond spiritual hunger.
21:55 They began to think of ways
21:57 that they could assist the people,
21:59 protect the children and uplift the community.
22:03 I know how hard people work at the dump
22:05 because this is where I grew up and worked too.
22:09 Because of God's blessing in my life
22:11 I can now reach to my people and share Jesus with them.
22:16 Thanks be to God,
22:17 10 widows and their children are now worshiping with us.
22:21 As a way to improve the health and income of his widow friends
22:25 Ung Ham has made it possible
22:27 for them to get out of the dump.
22:29 Attaching their carts to his motorbike
22:32 he takes them to other areas of the city
22:34 where they are able to collect or purchase recyclable material
22:38 from wealthier neighborhoods
22:40 and resell it for a good profit.
22:44 As Ung Ham and others worked in this community
22:47 their hearts went out to the children
22:49 who worked so hard at the dump.
22:52 If only they could go to school,
22:54 perhaps they could break out of the cycle of poverty
22:56 that they found themselves trapped in.
22:59 However getting them enrolled
23:00 in a government school was just too difficult.
23:04 With registration fees, the cost of books and uniforms
23:07 and the daily tuition for the teacher,
23:10 regular school was just too far out of reach
23:12 for these poor families.
23:15 Ung Ham and other church planters
23:18 along with a district pastor from the Adventist Mission
23:21 began to pray to God for a way to free
23:24 these precious children from a life at the dump.
23:27 If only they could start their own school
23:29 right in their own community.
23:32 God heard their prayers and with help from ASAP
23:36 they were able to open several literacy schools.
23:43 I had the opportunity of visiting the literacy schools
23:46 in Phnom Penh last March.
23:49 It was a heart breaking
23:51 yet moving experience to say the least.
23:54 Every aspect of my being was assaulted
23:57 by extremer poverty I saw.
24:00 Even though I grew up in Thailand
24:02 and worked alongside my parents in refugee camps
24:05 I never encountered destitution in such a degree.
24:08 As I walk though this depressed slum area
24:11 my eyes taken the squalor
24:13 and the hungry looks of little children
24:15 and tattered threadbare clothing.
24:18 These precious children of God are living in conditions
24:22 not even suitable for farm animals.
24:25 I smell the raw sewerage running alongside the patch
24:29 which blended with the stench of rotting garbage
24:31 that permeated the area
24:34 but when I looked into the eyes
24:36 of the students in the literacy schools
24:38 all the sights, sounds
24:40 and smells of that area vanished.
24:42 I watched them eagerly respond to their teachers.
24:46 I saw their radiance smiles
24:48 and heard them sing whole heartedly to Jesus.
24:51 These students were a breath of fresh air.
24:54 In one location I asked church planter Choen Choun
24:57 and literacy teacher So Narin,
24:59 and why the students were meeting on a porch
25:01 under a simple tarp?
25:03 With my background in education I knew this was not ideal.
25:07 They shared the following story with me.
25:10 We really wanted to start a school in this area
25:13 but did not have the money to rent a building.
25:15 I felt impressed to visit the families
25:17 one afternoon, I came across a lady
25:20 who was respected in the village.
25:22 I asked her if she would let us
25:24 conduct a school on her bamboo porch.
25:27 Although she was not a Christian
25:29 she kindly agreed and we bought a blue tarp
25:31 to shed the children from the sun while they study.
25:35 However she was quite clear
25:37 that she did not want her daughter
25:40 to attend our Christian school.
25:43 Everyday her daughter went peek around the corner
25:45 and listen to me teach.
25:47 I would smile at her and beg them for to join us.
25:51 It wasn't long before
25:52 she became an important part of our class.
25:55 She loved the songs and storied about Jesus.
25:59 Her mother started to see a change in her
26:01 and she was happy and obedient.
26:04 When her mother asked her why she is a different girl now
26:07 she told her about Jesus.
26:09 Now the mother is interested in studying the Bible
26:12 with church planter Choen Choun.
26:16 We often observe the children sharing
26:19 Jesus with their mothers and fathers.
26:22 Many are now beginning to understand that
26:25 they can have a much better life with Jesus.
26:30 With the kind support of ASAP donors
26:34 a number of literacy schools are now being started
26:36 throughout Cambodia.
26:38 The meal provided by the program is the only food
26:41 that some of the children will get all day.
26:46 If you'd like to help the children of Cambodia
26:48 break free from poverty and help them
26:51 and their families come to know Jesus.
26:54 We invite you to be in contact with ASAP.
26:59 Your commitment of just $30 a month
27:01 could support a literacy school teacher.
27:05 A gift of $130 will sponsor a student
27:08 at Read and Feed program for a whole year,
27:13 $550 will build a literacy school
27:17 that can also double as a place of worship.
27:20 Your partnership with these programs
27:23 will not only bring new hope
27:24 and opportunity for these precious children today
27:28 but will also give them and their families'
27:31 new life and hope for heaven.
27:34 Many of you watching this program have joined in the work
27:37 that we are doing in Southeast Asia.
27:41 I wish to thank you so very much
27:44 for the support you have given
27:45 through your gifts and through your prayers.
27:49 Many precious souls have come to know the love
27:52 and salvation of God as a result of your kindness.
27:56 I ask you to continue to keep us in your prayers
28:00 and as the Lord impresses continue to partner with us
28:04 as we work to bring the love of God
28:06 to His children in Cambodia.


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