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00:19 In many countries throughout Southeast Asia,
00:22 the highland regions are settled by semi nomadic people groups
00:27 known as hill tribe people or ethnic minority groups.
00:31 The mountainous areas of Vietnam
00:33 are home to 15 different ethnic groups...
00:38 not restricted by cultural or family ties to Buddhism
00:42 and spiritual by nature,
00:44 these minority groups are very receptive to the gospel message.
00:49 Whole villages are accepting Christ as their savior
00:52 and are worshiping God together
00:55 as a result of God working through national missionaries
00:58 sent out by Adventist Southeast Asia Projects.
01:04 Hi, my name is Jee Wong
01:06 and I'm one of the many ambassadors
01:08 that are representing the ASAP Ministry.
01:12 What is the truth?
01:14 Do you know the truth?
01:17 How do you know what you believe in is the truth?
01:21 Is it that beautiful hymn that you listen to
01:24 that brought tears to your eyes?
01:27 Or is it the sermon that makes your heart tremble?
01:32 Many people in this world are asking what is the truth?
01:38 I did when I grew up as a Buddhist
01:42 there are many, many different gods
01:43 in the world that I lived in
01:45 and I was not convinced that any of them could give me salvation
01:50 until I found a Savior Jesus Christ.
01:53 I knew that He come to save me and to redeem me.
01:58 Just very recently I have the opportunity
02:01 to visit Southeast Asia
02:03 and to listen and to share many, many of my testimony
02:09 to the people in Southeast Asia.
02:13 And in return these people shared their testimonies with me
02:18 and here are their testimonies.
02:29 One night a few years ago I had a very unusual dream.
02:33 In my dream I saw a long line of elephants coming to my home.
02:38 They were being ridden and lead by people
02:40 from the ethnic villages in the mountains.
02:44 They came so close to my wife and myself
02:46 and I feared that we might be trampled.
02:49 I was strongly impressed that this was no ordinary dream
02:52 and that God was trying to send me an important message.
02:56 I decided to share the dream with my regional leader
02:59 to see if he could help me sort out the meaning.
03:02 The truly remarkable thing
03:04 is that my wife had the very same dream the very same night,
03:09 and had also gone separately to see our regional pastor.
03:13 We were all impressed that God was leading us
03:16 to start a work with the ethnic villages.
03:19 As these tribal people live in areas that are very sensitive
03:23 and the government is not like people
03:25 from the outside visiting the villages.
03:27 We wondered how we might go about
03:29 entering this region of the country.
03:31 For the next two years we fervently prayed for guidance
03:35 as to how we might start a work there.
03:40 The very first ethnic group
03:42 that we were able to make contact with,
03:44 we received opposition,
03:46 the police threw tear gas into the place
03:49 where we were meeting to disperse us.
03:51 We did not feel it was wise to go back
03:53 and work with these people right away,
03:55 but we were not discouraged, we just prayed.
03:59 Later, as we started up our work again,
04:02 we encountered the police opposition many times.
04:05 We made a number of trips into remote areas
04:08 where we had to hike up treacherous mountain slopes
04:11 in order to reach the villages.
04:13 We had many near death experiences,
04:16 but we were confident
04:18 that angels were watching over us the whole time.
04:22 God continually gives us wisdom in how to do this work.
04:25 Sometimes, I would disguise myself as the chicken seller
04:29 in order to get into the villages.
04:32 God opened up the way for me to do much teaching and training
04:36 to build up leaders who were strong in the truth.
04:40 After sometime we felt impressed
04:42 that in order to be truly effective
04:44 we would have to go and live and work among the people.
04:48 We are now seeing the results of patiently praying
04:51 and holding on to the dream God gave us.
04:54 My wife and I cannot thank the Lord enough
04:58 even now as we think of all that has happened
05:01 in these past four years,
05:02 we know that we could not do this ourselves.
05:05 It has to be power of the Lord.
05:08 Yes, only God could bring about the miracles
05:12 that occurred in the past year in Vietnam.
05:15 I believe this was a result of fasting and prayer.
05:18 Even though pastor and Mrs. Bai
05:21 and the ASAP partners were half a world away,
05:25 God's spirit united us as we earnestly pleaded
05:28 on behalf of the many souls seeking for truth in Vietnam.
05:34 You just saw the amazing way
05:36 God revealed His plan to pastor and Mrs. Bai in a dream.
05:40 One dream would be easy to dismiss
05:43 but the same dream
05:45 given to both husband and wife on the same night,
05:48 now that one must take notice off.
05:51 In the rest of this video you get to see the results.
05:55 You will meet four secrets of truth,
05:58 earnest students of God's word.
06:00 Pastor and Mrs. Bai studied the Bible with these individuals
06:05 and they in turn shared the truth
06:07 from God's word with their people.
06:10 Do you believe God's promise
06:15 which says, "You will seek Me and find Me
06:18 when you search for Me with all your heart."
06:21 If you have not found Christ,
06:23 I encourage you to seek Him with all your heart
06:27 and you will find Him as many are in Vietnam.
06:31 This promise took on a new dimension for me
06:34 after I heard firsthand the stories
06:37 you will see in this video.
06:39 It's hard to describe this experience.
06:42 And for their safety we had to blur the images in this video,
06:45 but one thing I can say
06:48 their quest for truth touched my heart.
06:51 I could not hold back the constant stream of tears
06:54 that flowed down my cheeks,
06:56 tears of sadness as they relayed the suffering they experienced.
07:01 And tears of joy as they shared the difference
07:04 finding the truth made in their lives.
07:08 I praise God that in a matter of eight months
07:11 over 2,000 ethnic tribal people
07:15 accepted the truth of the Sabbath
07:17 as a result of God working through pastor and Mrs. Bai.
07:23 I encourage you pray and ask God.
07:26 Lord, what can I do to share with those who are seeking?
07:34 I have always believed that
07:37 there must be a God in this universe,
07:38 but I didn't know who that God was.
07:41 When I was in high school my friend's son taught me
07:44 that the Supreme Being and Jesus were one.
07:47 This was hard for me accept,
07:49 but I still held on to my belief
07:51 in a Supreme Being who looks over all.
07:54 One day I received the news that my baby daughter was not well
07:58 and needed medical attention.
08:01 I rushed home and when I saw that my daughter's condition
08:04 was very serious, I cried out in desperation.
08:08 If there is a God please heal her.
08:11 If You heal her she is Yours.
08:14 If You don't heal her, I'll accept that too.
08:20 My daughter got better and we praised God together.
08:24 Sometime later she got sick again.
08:28 My family members believed
08:29 that it was because of some bad spirit in her,
08:32 they wanted to worship the demons
08:34 and ask them to heal her.
08:37 When I heard that I got very upset
08:40 and destroyed their altars
08:42 before they could conduct the ritual.
08:45 After I stood for the truth and got rid of the idols,
08:49 my daughter immediately got well.
08:52 Right then and there, I resolved to keep my promise
08:56 and serve Jesus the rest of my life.
08:59 I began to study my Bible and pray a lot.
09:03 I was convicted that God wanted me to share my faith.
09:06 I began talking to people one by one.
09:10 I started a small group that has now grown to eight church groups
09:14 with a total membership of 350 people.
09:25 I've encountered much persecution
09:27 since I decided to work for God.
09:29 We've been beaten severely by the local authorities.
09:33 Even though I have documents from the government,
09:36 it doesn't seem to mean anything to them.
09:39 They come to my house and check on our activities.
09:42 In the past they would hang my members up
09:46 by a rope with their arms tied behind their backs.
09:49 They would do this for hours and then abruptly let them go.
09:54 When they would fall to the ground they would yell.
09:57 Will you give up your faith?
09:59 We would say no,
10:00 then they would string us back up for another couple of hours.
10:04 This happened again and again.
10:08 My members had no option
10:10 but to flee from the area to a neighboring village.
10:14 The Bible teaches us to forgive our enemies
10:17 and I don't have any harsh feelings towards them
10:19 for what they have done.
10:21 I used to have nightmares about these experiences,
10:24 but I don't anymore.
10:26 It is my prayer that all the ethnic people
10:29 in my country will become believers.
10:31 Please pray for this.
10:34 The Bible says, "That if we trust in the Lord,
10:38 He will protect us."
10:41 I praise God that four of my groups are now Sabbath keepers.
10:46 Please pray for me
10:47 as I carefully teach the other four groups
10:49 about the truth of the Sabbath.
10:56 Before I was a Christian I worshiped my ancestors.
11:00 I had pictures of my grandparents
11:02 and great grandparents on front of an altar.
11:05 I tried to communicate with them
11:06 and believed that they would bless me.
11:09 I believed that they had a super power to protect me.
11:12 After I became a believer in Christ I had a new life,
11:16 but it was hard in the beginning because I was without a Bible.
11:20 I prayed and asked God that He would help me find one.
11:24 I felt so happy and so blessed
11:26 that the Lord gave me a Bible after six months time.
11:31 It is the most precious book that I had.
11:33 One of my favorite text is John 14:1-3 which says,
11:39 "Let not your heart be troubled,
11:41 you believe in God, believe also in Me.
11:44 In My Father's house are many mansions,
11:48 if it were not so, I would have told you.
11:51 I go to prepare a place for you.
11:53 And if I go I'll prepare a place for you,
11:55 I will come again and receive you unto myself,
11:59 that where I am, there you may be also."
12:03 This passage gives me peace and hope for a better life.
12:10 When I first became a Christian,
12:12 believers were often put in jail.
12:14 When I became a worker for the Lord,
12:17 I was persecuted and fined heavily.
12:20 The officers would ask me questions like,
12:23 why do you believe in God?
12:24 How do you pray?
12:27 I would answer.
12:28 I kneel down and pray and call on God.
12:33 Because I said I would kneel and my turn head heavenward,
12:37 they forced me to my knees
12:39 and put a bowl of water on my forehead
12:41 and ordered me to pray
12:43 so that my God would keep the bowl of water from falling.
12:48 I knelt as long as I could but when I lost my balance
12:52 they kicked me and beat me.
12:55 At moments like this I thought seriously
12:58 about moving away from the area,
13:00 but I could not leave the faithful members under my care.
13:04 I trusted in the power of the Lord,
13:06 God's promises in the Bible
13:08 gave me the strength I needed to go on
13:10 and do the work of spreading the gospel.
13:14 When the members saw
13:15 how I endured these trials with the police,
13:18 their faith grew and so the authorities realized
13:21 that there was nothing that they could do
13:22 to stop us from worshiping God.
13:24 They also saw that we were gentle and harmless to them.
13:29 They are now letting us worship in peace.
13:33 After further study I became a Seventh-day Adventist Christian.
13:39 I found out about the church
13:40 from listening to the sermons of Pastor Isaiah
13:43 on the Peace and Happiness radio broadcast.
13:46 After some time I felt prepared to share the Sabbath truth
13:51 with the four church groups that I care for.
13:54 We studied the word of God intently together
13:56 on this new teaching that I had learned.
13:59 Now, all 300 of my members have accepted
14:02 the truths of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
14:10 Recently on my way to a Bible study,
14:13 my moped caught on fire because of mechanical problems.
14:18 I was able to jump off quick and was not hurt,
14:21 but my moped was damaged beyond repair.
14:25 My church members are so spread out
14:28 that it really limited what I was able to do for a while.
14:32 It was a real answer to prayer
14:34 to receive a new moped from ASAP.
14:37 Now I'm able to easily visit
14:39 all of the church members in my district.
14:42 You know, that in Southeast Asia that the minority people
14:47 still receive a lot of discrimination and oppression.
14:52 During the past 12 years I have many evidences
14:56 how these people have been treated by the authority.
15:00 They don't have the privilege, they are not human being.
15:03 They are very poor.
15:06 Education, they don't have the opportunity for that.
15:09 And they are very limited in their movement
15:14 from one area to another.
15:16 At this moment I have many requests in Vietnam.
15:21 Now only in one language group,
15:23 but we have at least 10 language groups request for Bibles,
15:29 for DVD, for Megavoice
15:31 so they can learn the message of the Bible in their area.
15:35 You know, one village with a 150 members,
15:38 there are only two Bibles available for these people.
15:42 It is very hard to buy Bible through the government,
15:46 even though the government permits to print a Bible,
15:49 but somehow with our house-church movement
15:53 because we are spreading so fast,
15:56 wherever we come in we want to buy the Bible,
15:59 they refuse to sell to us.
16:01 So we have to have a way to have the Bible for our people.
16:04 So if you are touched by the Holy Spirit
16:10 to help in these areas of the gospel,
16:15 I pray that the Lord will guide you, will lead you,
16:18 will impress your heart, to help these people.
16:23 I promise you that every donation,
16:27 I will make it possible for the Bible
16:30 going to these people groups.
16:33 Every materials that I can develop,
16:36 we will use every cent for this,
16:39 to bring the message of our God to these people.
16:44 And may the Lord bless you and thank you so much
16:48 for your prayer, for your support.
16:51 Without your support and your prayer,
16:53 we couldn't make it.
16:54 Together, we can do this for our heavenly Father.
16:58 Thank you so much.
17:03 We met Pastor Bai and his wife from family friends
17:07 who had been taking Bible studies from them.
17:10 I studied the truths of the Sabbath with them
17:12 for three weeks praying and asking God what was the truth?
17:16 They gave me DVD's and other materials to study.
17:21 I understand Vietnamese,
17:22 so I was able to read the books that they gave me,
17:25 but at first it was like a giant puzzle.
17:28 Little by little the pieces came together.
17:32 After careful study of all of the Bible passages
17:34 that were presented in the study materials,
17:36 my heart was convicted and I accepted it as truth.
17:41 I was excited to teach the members in my six churches,
17:45 four of my churches with a total membership of 600
17:49 have accepted the teachings and now worship on Saturday.
17:53 The remaining two villages are in remote areas
17:56 and it is hard to reach them,
17:58 but we are praying that they too will accept the truth.
18:04 I'm a farmer and grow rice, corn and yucca.
18:09 We do not have any irrigation system or a well in our village.
18:13 We depend completely on the blessing of the Lord.
18:17 When I became a Sabbath keeper,
18:19 I made a commitment to rest on the Sabbath.
18:22 The Lord has blessed me with a good harvest
18:24 ever since I started keeping His sacred day.
18:28 Many in my village often suffered
18:30 from shortages of water and food.
18:32 It is not unusual for the people
18:34 to be out of food for three to four months.
18:37 When this happens they have to dig for roots in the forest.
18:42 My church members and I along with other lay pastors
18:45 and believers have all suffered for our faith.
18:49 Vietnam is run by a communist government.
18:52 They are saying to the world
18:54 that they are giving religious freedom for people
18:56 to worship according to their faith.
18:59 Unfortunately, these freedoms are not shared
19:02 equally to all people throughout the whole county.
19:06 Ethnic people still suffer a lot of restrictions and persecution.
19:11 The military here have burned our members' houses.
19:14 People are forced to flee deeper into the jungle.
19:18 When the government finds out
19:20 who the Adventist Church members are
19:22 they cut off their benefits and they no longer receive food.
19:25 When they find out that we do not drink, smoke or eat pork
19:30 they try to force us to do these things to make fun of us.
19:34 I praise God that the members stay faithful to Him
19:37 and hold on to their beliefs.
19:40 Another way that the police try to discourage our faith
19:43 is to fine us if they catch us worshiping God together.
19:48 Recently, when a large group of believers
19:50 were meeting in my house,
19:52 officers charged in and fined me 500,000 Vietnamese dong.
19:58 Fortunately I was able to borrow some money and pay the fine.
20:02 They let me go that time,
20:04 but told me that if I gather people together to worship again
20:07 they would fine me 1 million dong, which is about $130.
20:13 This is about the amount of money
20:15 that my members make in a whole year.
20:18 If we cannot pay the fine
20:20 they force us to work in the forest chopping wood.
20:23 It takes about six months of work to pay off the fine.
20:28 This is a heavy burden on the members
20:30 and we do everything that we can to avoid the police.
20:33 We rotate our place of worship and keep a close watch.
20:38 Many times we have to flee into the jungle to avoid capture.
20:46 I'm taking care of two groups with a total of 150 members
20:51 that are now all keeping the Sabbath.
20:54 I praise God that brother Bai and his wife
20:57 taught us about the Sabbath truth.
20:59 Here's how it happened.
21:01 One day I was cutting bamboo at my brother's house
21:05 when Pastor Bai stopped in to visit him.
21:08 I was curious why he was there,
21:10 so I stopped working and I went over to where they were.
21:13 When I saw that they were studying the Bible together
21:16 I asked if I could join them.
21:18 The things that they were talking about
21:20 I had never heard before.
21:22 As we study together
21:23 the Holy Spirit moved upon my heart
21:26 and I began to understand more about God
21:28 and that the seventh day was the true day of worship.
21:32 When Pastor Bai asked me who my leader was,
21:35 I eagerly told him and together we went to visit my pastor
21:39 and study with my church group in a nearby village.
21:43 I wanted Pastor Bai to explain these exciting beliefs to them.
21:53 Someone must have reported their visit to the police
21:56 because during our meeting they came and arrested brother Bai.
22:00 They also brought me into the police station
22:03 and interrogated me about his visit.
22:06 They released brother Bai but notified the city police station
22:10 to arrest him and his wife again at the foot of the mountain.
22:14 They withheld their documents
22:16 and required them to pay 2 million Vietnamese dong
22:19 as a fine for doing evangelistic work without license.
22:24 The pastor and I gathered our group of 100 people together
22:27 to pray for pastor and Mrs. Bai.
22:30 To our surprise later that same day
22:33 who should walk into our church but Pastor Bai and his wife,
22:37 right after being released
22:39 they had come right back up the mountain to visit us.
22:42 They patiently explained
22:43 the truths found in the Bible with us.
22:47 I could not believe that I had never seen these truths before,
22:50 but I'm confident that it was the Holy Spirit
22:53 who revealed these things to us through Pastor Bai.
22:57 Ever since we became Sabbath keepers
22:59 my family has been happy and at peace.
23:01 I definitely believe that it is the blessing of the Lord.
23:06 As of now about half of my members
23:08 worship on the Sabbath day
23:09 and half that still worship on Sunday.
23:13 Please pray that the other half will come to accept the truth.
23:16 Ever since we started worshiping on the Sabbath
23:18 the police have tried to catch us
23:20 but they have not succeeded yet.
23:23 Twice they have come to arrest me
23:25 since I'm the leader of the group.
23:27 But both times I've been away for training.
23:31 One of these times they searched my house
23:34 and found one of my cell phones.
23:36 From the phone they were able to gather the numbers
23:40 of Pastor Bai and other Adventist leaders.
23:43 Please pray for their safety.
23:46 I will always trust God and thank Him for revealing truth
23:49 about His character and His law to me.
23:53 I will always follow Him.
23:55 I hope you have been inspired by the stories
23:57 about how the Holy Spirit revealed truth
24:00 to our faithful Vietnamese brothers and sisters.
24:03 My heart has moved when I hear their stories.
24:06 The ASAP missionaries have heard the call of Christ.
24:10 For them to respond to Christ call
24:12 means to leave all, sell all and forsake all.
24:16 They make tremendous sacrifices to follow Christ
24:20 and to bring the light of truth to those who are seeking.
24:24 In Testimonies Volume 9, Page 103, it says,
24:28 "It was the Savior's purpose that after He ascended to heaven
24:32 to become man's intercessor,
24:34 His followers should carry on the work that He had begun.
24:38 Shall the human agent show no special interest
24:41 in giving the light of the gospel message
24:43 to those who sit in darkness?
24:45 There are some who are willing to go to the ends of the earth
24:49 in order to carry the light of truth to men,
24:51 but God demands that every soul
24:54 who knows the truth shall seek to win others
24:56 to the love of the truth.
24:58 If we are not willing to make special sacrifices
25:01 in order to save souls that are ready to perish,
25:05 how can we be counted worthy to enter into the city of God?
25:11 Friends, we want to invite you
25:14 to partner with ASAP in taking the gospel to Vietnam.
25:20 Most are not called to make the same kind of sacrifice
25:23 that the missionaries are making in Vietnam.
25:26 Nevertheless there are sacrifices that we all can make.
25:31 We can seize the great opportunities
25:33 we have to help save the lost
25:35 now while we can by whole heartedly
25:38 giving of our financial resources and of our time.
25:43 Your dollars go far in Southeast Asia.
25:46 It cost only $5 to supply
25:49 the word of God to a seeker of truth.
25:52 It takes only $70 to send a missionary
25:54 into the right fields of Vietnam.
25:56 $65 will provide a house-church
25:59 a DVD player and a set of DVD's filled with God's truth.
26:04 $850 will purchase a moped for a lay pastor
26:08 and bring the gospel
26:09 to many more neighboring towns and villages.
26:13 For questions and donations
26:15 please contact Adventist Southeast Asia Projects.
26:20 I thank the Lord for Jee Wong,
26:22 a gifted pianist who finds great joy in using his talents,
26:26 to spread the word about what God is doing through ASAP.
26:30 Our ambassadors are people
26:33 with a passion and a spirit of volunteerism.
26:37 We are grateful for each one
26:39 who uses their time and talents for God's glory.
26:43 Our ASAP ambassadors work in many ways.
26:46 We have prayer partners,
26:47 people that host benefit concerts,
26:49 mission trip participants,
26:51 speakers and camp meeting representatives.
26:54 ASAP would not be what it is today without our ambassadors.
27:00 If you feel that God is calling you
27:02 to serve as an ASAP ambassador please contact us.
27:06 As you hear Jee play "Savior, like a Shepherd Lead Us.
27:10 It is my prayer that Jesus would be the shepherd of your life
27:14 and that He would guide your steps.


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