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00:26 It was Saint Teresa of Avila
00:29 who said "Christ has no body on earth
00:33 but yours, no hands but yours, no feet but yours.
00:38 Yours are the eyes through which Christ's compassion
00:41 for the world is to look out,
00:44 yours are the feet with which He is to go about doing good,
00:48 and yours are the hands
00:50 with which He is to bless us now."
00:53 I thank God for the ASAP national missionaries
00:57 who have completely committed
00:59 every aspect of themselves to the work God called them to.
01:04 Their Christ like deeds reveal hearts
01:06 that say "Lord I give You my life so that through it
01:11 You can pour out Your life to a lost and dying world."
01:15 I would like you to meet Saum Lak
01:18 one of ASAP's Cambodian church planters
01:21 who with a burning love for Jesus in her heart
01:24 is being used mightily by God.
01:27 This is her testimony.
01:31 Hello, my name is Saum Lak.
01:34 Before I became a Christian I had a very difficult life.
01:39 My family had disowned me and I was on my own.
01:43 When I found Jesus I gave myself fully to Him
01:48 and I found that I had a new large family
01:52 that accepted me and love me.
01:55 I decided that I wanted to work for God
01:59 and started going to all of the training seminars
02:02 that the church was offering.
02:06 After sometime Pastor Handura asked me
02:08 if I would like to work as a church planter
02:11 and I happily agreed.
02:14 I started visiting all of the people
02:16 in my area especially the poor.
02:19 I have done as much as I could
02:21 and told them about the love of God.
02:25 I praised God that many of them have already accepted Jesus
02:29 and have joined the church.
02:31 We now have 27 members
02:34 coming to the small church above my home.
02:37 I would like you to meet two of the ladies
02:40 that God has brought into my life.
02:42 And how simple acts of kindness
02:45 helped prepared a way for them to accept Jesus.
02:51 Before I met Jesus
02:52 I had many difficulties and worries in my life.
02:55 My husband has gone and I'm all alone.
02:58 I make a living by making small cakes
03:00 and selling them to people
03:02 who walk by me on the sidewalk close to my home.
03:05 The police don't like me selling there
03:06 and they often come by and give me a very hard time.
03:12 One day right after an angry policeman
03:14 had knocked over my stand,
03:16 Mrs. Saum Lak happened to be walking by,
03:18 she came over and talked to me and encouraged me.
03:22 She started visiting me at my home
03:24 and we became very good friends.
03:26 She introduced me to Jesus
03:28 and told me about the great love of God.
03:31 After I accepted Him into my heart
03:34 I received much joy and peace.
03:36 Life is still very hard for me
03:38 but I don't worry so much any more
03:40 and I'm no longer alone.
03:42 I love the fellowship of my church family.
03:49 Hello and thank you
03:50 for the opportunity to share my story.
03:53 I was once married but after I became pregnant
03:56 my husband abandoned me.
03:58 Even after the baby was born
04:00 my husband no longer wanted to accept me
04:02 or the baby, with no place to live
04:05 we wandered the streets of Phnom Penh
04:08 sleeping along the road or empty market stalls.
04:11 We would bath in the river
04:13 and get our drinking water from there.
04:15 Eventually, I send my baby away to live with my mother
04:19 and took a job at a nightclub.
04:21 I turned to the only thing that I knew
04:23 that I could make a little money
04:25 to send it to mother to support my baby.
04:27 I became a prostitute.
04:30 I knew that by doing this I would probably get HIV.
04:34 But at least I will be able
04:35 to make a little money to survive.
04:38 It was a horrible life.
04:39 It was not long before I tested positive for HIV.
04:43 But I continued my work anyway.
04:46 I was so angry at all men
04:48 that I wanted to pass on the HIV
04:50 to as many men as possible.
04:53 One day when I was on my way to work at the nightclub
04:57 I was so lost in my sadness
04:59 that I bumped into a lady on the street.
05:02 I was startled by the encounter.
05:04 She had two lovely young people with her.
05:07 There seemed to be something very different about them.
05:10 I was impressed that this lady
05:12 might have something that could help me.
05:15 I asked her who she was
05:17 and what she and her friends are doing.
05:20 Right there on the street
05:21 she began to tell me about how Jesus have changed her life
05:25 and how the Creator God knew me and loved me.
05:29 I wanted to hear more
05:32 and so instead of going to work that night
05:34 I invited her back to my room.
05:37 I was a little surprised
05:38 that these Christians were being willing
05:40 to come to my home.
05:42 Almost everyone in my neighborhood hated me
05:44 and would not speak to me
05:46 because of the work that I did.
05:48 And yet these three were not only talking to me
05:52 but were coming into my home.
05:55 Mrs. Saum Lak and her friends told me
05:57 that God loved me so much
05:59 that He sent His only Son to this world to save me.
06:03 And that He even gave His life for me.
06:06 They told me that if I only accepted Him
06:08 as my Savior repented off my sins and believed in Him
06:13 that He would forgive me and save me.
06:16 They told me that He is a powerful God
06:19 and that He would work in my life
06:21 to make everything better.
06:23 Right there I decided to accept Jesus as my Savior.
06:27 What a difference this has made in my life.
06:30 God has changed my life.
06:32 I'm no longer angry.
06:34 I have peace and joy in my heart.
06:36 My neighbors have noticed the change in me
06:39 and have asked me what happened to me
06:41 that I'm no longer going to work or angry all the time.
06:45 I have told them all about what Jesus has done for me
06:49 and that He can do the same for them.
06:52 Right now, I'm studying the Bible with seven people
06:55 and some of them have started coming to church.
06:58 I thank God for Saum Lak
07:00 and that I bumped into her that day.
07:04 I have much joy in my heart.
07:07 I'm so glad that I can be His servant
07:10 and share good news with the people
07:12 and help changed their lives.
07:15 Please pray for me that my church
07:17 will continue to grow and that I will be able
07:20 to bring many more people to Gods.
07:24 I always thought it would be
07:25 exciting to visit the Bible lands
07:27 and walk where Jesus walked
07:29 so I could have a better understanding
07:31 of what is life here on earth was like.
07:34 But actually I discovered from reading Desire of Ages
07:38 that I have already done so.
07:41 Ellen White writes "We shall find His footsteps
07:45 beside the sickbed, in the hovels of poverty,
07:50 in the crowded alleys of the great city,
07:53 and in every place where there are human hearts
07:56 in need of consolation.
07:58 In doing as Jesus did when on earth
08:02 we shall walk in His steps."
08:05 Would you like to experience the joy of walking
08:09 in His footsteps today?
08:11 You may do this by praying for God to open your eyes
08:14 to those in need right around you.
08:17 Also, please consider joining the ASAP family
08:21 through your prayers, your donations
08:24 or coming with us on our yearly mission trip.
08:28 You may contact us for more information
08:30 or visit our website to learn more.
08:53 It says in Matthew 9:36
08:56 "When He saw the crowds He had compassion on them
08:59 because they were like sheep without a shepherd."
09:04 As Jesus did ASAP compassionately
09:07 responds to the suffering in south East Asia.
09:11 One way is through a project called Stitches for Eternity
09:15 where struggling women learn how to sew
09:17 so they can make a meager living
09:19 for themselves and their children.
09:22 Meet Ly Sareth one woman whose life dramatically
09:25 took a turn after joining this program.
09:31 A few months after our son was born
09:34 my husband started getting sick.
09:37 After doing some tests we found out that he had HIV.
09:43 And we had to sell everything
09:44 we had to pay for the medicines for his onuses.
09:48 We even sold our little home.
09:51 He passed away when our son was just nine months old.
09:55 After my husband died I realized
09:58 I was also getting sick a lot.
10:03 I grew weaker and weaker.
10:05 When I got checked at the hospital
10:07 they told me I was also HIV positive.
10:12 When my family and friends found out
10:14 about my sickness they all abandoned me.
10:17 My own brother and sister did not even want to talk to me.
10:21 When I went out to the field to plant rice
10:24 none of the other field workers
10:25 would want to cook with me or eat with me
10:29 because they were afraid
10:30 that they would catch the virus from me.
10:32 One day I was asked if I would like to join a sewing school.
10:37 I had never sewed before.
10:40 But the other ladies and the teacher
10:41 were very helpful and friendly.
10:45 The other ladies in the program do not look down on me
10:49 because we are all sisters in Christ.
10:52 Most of them have HIV too.
10:55 We worship God together
10:57 and read His words every morning.
11:00 We eat together with joy in our hearts.
11:04 We are learning to sew,
11:06 the blouse I'm wearing I sewed myself.
11:10 One day I hoped to be able to use my new skill
11:14 as a way to provide for my son and myself.
11:18 I thank Jesus for saving my life.
11:21 God is faithful and He answers my prayers over and over again.
11:28 I have been in Cambodia for about five months now.
11:32 During that time we have seen
11:33 some incredible things happening.
11:35 We have seen people living in abject poverty.
11:39 People with next to nothing, no food, no home, no livelihood.
11:45 Many of them shelter under just a piece of tin.
11:48 Some are sleeping on the sidewalk.
11:50 Some are covering themselves with a bit of plastic.
11:54 Many of these people have no hope for the future,
11:58 no hope for education, no hope for a living
12:01 other than picking up rubbish of the dump
12:04 by the side of the road,
12:06 begging for a few pieces of food.
12:10 While we have been here we have seen out
12:12 church workers working for the Lord in amazing ways
12:16 touching peoples lives and impacting them
12:19 with hope for the kingdom of God.
12:21 Much of the work that's taking place here
12:23 is assisted by ASAP who is funding
12:27 literacy teachers and church planters.
12:31 These people are working together well with our pastors.
12:35 They're working together
12:36 to share the gospel of hope with people.
12:39 The work of sharing the gospel of sharing
12:42 the good news has past from Jesus to His disciples
12:47 to our church planters,
12:49 to our pastors, to our literacy teachers
12:52 and that work is made possible through donations to ASAP.
12:58 We want to thank each donor for their contribution.
13:02 And we want to say to you
13:04 that your contributions are making a difference
13:07 in the lives of men and women here in Cambodia.
13:11 Men and women and children
13:13 who are being touched by the gospel of Jesus
13:17 because of what you are doing.
13:19 Thank you for your support.
13:39 ASAP not only works in Cambodia
13:41 but its active in spreading the gospel in Vietnam,
13:45 Myanmar, Thailand and Laos.
13:47 It is exciting to see how the work of God
13:49 is growing in the communist country of Laos.
13:53 Back in 1992 there were not more than
13:56 20 Adventist believers in the whole country.
13:59 Today, there are more than
14:01 2,000 people who believe in God
14:03 and are now members of the Adventist church.
14:05 Even though ASAP missionaries
14:07 and believers face many hardships
14:09 and struggles for their faith
14:11 they enthusiastically work as Jesus did
14:14 with courage and compassion.
14:16 I would like to introduce to you
14:18 one of the many faithful lay pastors sponsored by ASAP.
14:22 He is from the Hmong ethnic group
14:24 of which there're more than 400,000 residing in Laos alone.
14:29 Pastor Shwedoo Malee once led a Sunday keeping church
14:32 and ministered to his people in the northern part of Laos.
14:36 He has suffered a lot for the Lord.
14:38 And has spent a number of years in prison for his faith in God.
14:43 This is Pastor Shwedoo Malee's story.
14:52 I grew up as an animist and worshipped the spirits.
14:56 I first heard about the good news
14:57 while I was listening to an evangelical radio broadcast.
15:01 I decided to pray to God and learn more about Him.
15:05 One day when I was harvesting my rice crop I was afraid
15:09 I was going to lose my harvest to a bad storm
15:11 that was about to hit.
15:14 I prayed to God for help and He heard my plea
15:17 and saved my harvest from the storm.
15:20 On that day I became a believer
15:22 and gave my life to God.
15:25 I began to study my Bible a lot
15:27 and was particularly impressed
15:29 by the gospel commissioned in Matthew 28:19.
15:33 I felt as though God was calling me through this passage
15:36 and I began to go from village to village
15:39 and telling people about God's love.
15:42 When the local authorities heard
15:44 what I was doing they arrested me
15:46 and put me in jail for a month.
15:49 When they released me they warned me
15:51 that if I continue to evangelize
15:53 then I would be arrested again
15:55 and this time sent to a larger prison
15:58 for a much longer time.
15:59 But I could not keep the good news inside.
16:03 I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit
16:05 to share the gospel and I immediately continued
16:07 my work of evangelism.
16:15 Many families accepted the message
16:17 and became Christians.
16:19 When the authorities heard what I was doing
16:21 they sent the police to arrest me
16:23 and this time I was sentenced to five years in prison.
16:28 This time they put me in chains
16:31 that were very dirty and rusty.
16:33 I still have the scars on my leg from these chains.
16:37 After a few months of being restrained like this
16:41 I was released from my chains
16:43 and sent to a large cell
16:45 where there were about 20 other prisoners.
16:48 During my time in prison
16:49 I had the opportunity to share my faith in God.
16:53 One time there was a young man who became very sick.
16:57 He was not responding at all
16:58 to the medications that they gave him.
17:01 We thought for sure that he was going to die.
17:04 I began to tell him about the power of God to heal.
17:07 And he asked me to pray for him.
17:10 The very next morning,
17:11 he woke up completely recovered
17:13 from his illness full of energy.
17:17 The young man praised God
17:18 and became a believer because of his experience.
17:25 When I was released after serving
17:27 my five year sentence people thought for sure
17:30 that this time I would no longer share my faith.
17:34 But I could not keep silent
17:35 about the joy that was in my heart.
17:38 I continued to tell people about the love of God.
17:41 When the local authorities heard about what I was doing
17:44 they began to look for me again.
17:47 I decided it was not safe to stay
17:49 and I moved to the capital city of Laos
17:52 where it was easier to worship God.
17:54 Someone told me about a church in Vientiane
17:57 that keeps the Bible Sabbath the Seventh-day.
18:00 I was very interested and decided to visit the church.
18:04 It was here that I met Pastor Boonpranee
18:07 who studied with me and taught me
18:08 many things from the Bible
18:10 that I had never known before.
18:13 Eventually I accepted the new teachings
18:15 and was baptized into the Adventist church.
18:19 I became concerned about my brothers
18:21 and sisters in my home village
18:23 because I knew that they were suffering
18:24 much persecution from the local authorities.
18:28 With the help of Pastor Boonpranee
18:30 we were able to find a place close to Vientiane
18:33 where we could all settle and live our faith peaceful
18:36 without opposition from the police.
18:39 Most of my evangelical friends
18:42 embraced the truth of the Sabbath
18:44 and became Adventist Christians.
18:47 Here in the provinces around Vientiane
18:50 the police are much more accepting of Christianity
18:53 and I have been free to carry out
18:54 my evangelistic work for the Hmong people
18:57 who have resettled here close to the capital.
19:02 As wonderful as it was to be able to share my faith
19:05 without fear of opposition from the police
19:07 I continued to have a heavy burden
19:09 for the people living back in my home villages.
19:13 Recently Pastor Boonpranee
19:15 and I made a trip there to visit and teach the people.
19:19 In one of the villages where we stopped
19:21 the people were very thirsty for the word of God.
19:24 They assembled the villagers and asked us to preach.
19:28 They had so many questions
19:30 that the meeting continued on into the night.
19:33 Pastor Boonpranee and I took turns
19:36 preaching the good news of God's gift of salvation.
19:40 Three of the families accepted Jesus
19:42 and asked us to help them destroy their spirit houses.
19:47 Knowing that we had to leave they plead with us
19:49 to baptize them before we left.
19:52 We found a quite place
19:53 and there in a mountain stream in the early morning light
19:58 these people gave their lives to God.
20:01 The other villagers then asked us
20:03 to stay another day and teach them some more.
20:07 As much as we wanted to continue to share with these people
20:10 the Holy Spirit impressed us
20:12 that it was no longer safe to stay
20:14 and that we must leave.
20:17 As we were driving back to the main town
20:19 to catch our bus back to Vientiane.
20:22 I received a phone call from the local authorities
20:25 that govern the area of the villagers
20:27 where we had been.
20:28 They said you need to report back to the police station
20:32 and talk to us about the religious work
20:34 that you have been doing in the village.
20:37 Pastor Boonpranee and I were both impressed not to return
20:41 and continued our way to the bus station
20:44 even then it did not seemed safe to get on the bus
20:47 for fear that the police might stop buses
20:50 along the way looking for us.
20:52 We managed to flag down a pick up truck
20:54 that was driving a load of bananas into Vientiane.
20:58 He was able to deliver us safely home.
21:01 We later heard that the police had stopped
21:03 all of the buses and taxis in the area looking for us.
21:08 Thanks to God we escaped on a banana truck.
21:12 I thank God for his protection and guidance.
21:16 I look forward to a day when I can return
21:19 and tell many more people in my village
21:21 about God's Plan of Salvation.
21:27 I would like to express my sincere thanks
21:29 to the donors in America
21:30 who support God's work here in Laos through ASAP.
21:35 It is only through the partnership
21:36 that we have with the ASAP family
21:39 that we are able to support lay pastors like Shwedoo Malee.
21:43 ASAP has given us a lot of help in the last year
21:46 in addition to the salaries of our team of 44 lay pastors
21:50 ASAP has started six new church building projects,
21:54 as well as providing water systems
21:55 for our church members.
21:58 God has truly blessed.
21:59 Your support not only helps us
22:01 with the cost of the evangelism
22:03 but gives us the encouragement
22:04 we need to carry on God's work
22:06 under very difficult circumstances.
22:09 God is using you to show His love
22:12 to the people of Laos
22:13 and we are determined to do our best
22:15 to reach every corner of the country for Him.
22:18 Thank you and may God bless you for your assistance.
22:35 When Jesus came to live on this earth
22:38 he found that people who largely misunderstood
22:41 the ruling principles of God's kingdom.
22:44 While He was here many of His greatest teachings
22:47 were devoted to leading people
22:48 away from a life of legalism
22:51 to a life filled with love and respect
22:53 for their Heavenly Father
22:56 and for their neighbors especially, those in need.
23:00 This is perhaps no better illustrated than in the parable
23:03 He once told about the end time
23:05 when all the nations shall be gathered before the throne
23:09 and how the people will separated
23:11 before Him like a shepherd
23:13 separates the sheep from the goats.
23:15 Once the separation is complete
23:17 the great shepherd will say with joy
23:20 to His friends and His right hand
23:22 "Come, you who are blessed by my Father,
23:26 take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you
23:29 since the creation of the world.
23:31 For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat,
23:34 I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink,
23:38 I was a stranger and you invited me in,
23:41 I needed clothes and you clothed me,
23:44 I was sick and you looked after me,
23:47 I was in prison and you came to visit me."
23:51 The people are surprised
23:53 for they did not remember ever doing these things.
23:56 And then Jesus explains
23:59 "Whatever you did for one of the least
24:01 of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me."
24:06 Have you ever wondered
24:07 what it would be like to be born
24:09 and raised in a different country?
24:12 What would you eat? What would your house be like?
24:15 Would you have the same hopes and fears?
24:18 Welcome to a Southeast Asian country called Cambodia.
24:22 In just a bit you get to meet a Cambodian girl
24:25 who will share what one day of her life is like.
24:29 And as you watch this
24:31 I ask you to think about this one question
24:34 why did God placed me right where I'm at.
24:39 My name is Srey Mao.
24:41 I live in a small house near the city dump of Phnom Penh
24:44 with my mother and two brothers.
24:46 My mother is very poor and the only way
24:49 that we know how to make money
24:50 is by searching for recyclable items
24:52 at the dump and in trash bins.
24:55 Everyday when I get home from school
24:57 I change my cloths and head up
24:58 with my brothers to look for things
25:00 that I can sell to the recyclers.
25:02 Sometimes we get enough to buy some rice to eat
25:05 but many times we do not.
25:16 A couple of years ago my life really changed
25:19 when a school was started near my home.
25:21 Because we were so poor I did not think
25:24 that it would ever be possible for me to go to school.
25:27 We had no money for a uniform and book fees
25:30 but this school is different.
25:32 All of the children in my community
25:34 were invited to attend without any fees.
25:37 They provide the books, supplies, school uniforms
25:40 and a wonderful hot meal everyday.
25:42 I have made many friends here.
25:44 I have learnt to read
25:45 and I'm now enjoying mathematics,
25:47 English and computers.
25:49 One of the things that I like to most about the school
25:52 is that they teach you all about Jesus
25:54 and the stories of the Bible.
25:56 I have accepted Jesus into my heart,
25:59 now I'm much happier in my life.
26:01 I love to sing the songs about Him.
26:04 I hope to be able to continue my studies
26:06 and one day becomes a nurse
26:08 so that I can use my life to serve God.
26:12 Let's go back to that question I asked you earlier.
26:15 Why do you think God placed you right where you are at?
26:18 Could it be that He knew
26:20 you would have a heart like Jesus,
26:22 a heart of compassion for children like Srey Mao?
26:27 You know, I want to see more children like Srey Mao
26:31 have a hope for today and hope for heaven.
26:35 Don't you?
26:42 I thank the Lord for the ASAP Feed and Read Schools
26:46 which show God's character of love
26:48 to the children in the slums of Cambodia
26:50 in such a tangible way that dedicated teachers
26:55 and those who donate to make this project possible
26:58 are fulfilling Jesus command given in John 21:15
27:03 where Jesus said "feed My lambs."
27:07 For $40 you can support a literacy teacher for a month
27:11 and to make it possible for a student
27:14 to attend a Feed and Read School
27:15 it costs only $20 a month.
27:18 To send a gift you can call ASAP right now
27:22 or go online at your convenience.
27:38 Friends, in the final analysis
27:41 we will not be asked if we attend a church faithfully
27:43 nor if we have memorized all the books of the Bible.
27:47 God will be looking to take His friends home,
27:50 those whose hearts beat as one with Him
27:54 those who daily surrender their lives to Jesus
27:57 and reflect His character of love
27:59 to the acts of compassion.
28:01 Jesus says "Inasmuch as you have done it
28:06 unto ye have done it unto me."
28:11 Why not show Jesus how much you love Him by supporting
28:14 one of His representatives in Southeast Asia.
28:17 For more information contact us or visit our website today.


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