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00:20 Welcome to the 70th ASI International Convention.
00:25 And I'll greet you warmly
00:27 on behalf of the Texas Conference,
00:29 50,000 to 80,000 members here in Texas
00:32 and we greet you and will walk with you
00:36 is our prayer that at the end of this convention
00:39 that we'll leave this place feeling more called,
00:42 more chosen, and more committed
00:44 to do what God has called us to do
00:46 and to haste in His soon coming.
00:48 I welcome you here to Houston
00:50 and may God bless you in your stay here.
00:54 It's a privilege tonight
00:55 to welcome our ASI family to Texas.
00:57 Thank you for allowing us to join you here.
01:00 And the Texas Conference has been busy
01:04 helping us actually prepare for this event.
01:06 We had a Health Expo here today,
01:07 a lot of stuff is going on in preparation for the meeting.
01:11 So we're just happy
01:12 that each one of you has joined us here
01:13 this evening.
01:15 And we're praying
01:16 that God will grant us a special blessing.
01:18 You know, Texas is a big place, isn't it?
01:20 Is that what I heard? I heard a rumor.
01:22 That the Lone Star...
01:24 Everything's big in Texas.
01:26 Well, we're looking for a big blessing in Texas.
01:28 Amen.
01:29 And just, again, we're happy that each one of you
01:32 have come here to join us for this convention.
01:35 And we are also praying
01:38 that the Holy Spirit will do something
01:41 in a very individual way.
01:43 A general way to...
01:45 We want the Holy Spirit to be present here with us
01:47 in our meetings.
01:48 But we want the Holy Spirit to do
01:50 something in your life individually.
01:53 We want the Holy Spirit to take over your heart
01:56 and to impress you personally
01:58 about what you should be doing for God's work.
02:01 And so tonight, again, we just thank you that you have come.
02:04 We welcome you.
02:06 And if you are here and you run across something you need,
02:11 contact one of the ASI staff members
02:13 and have them assist you with that.
02:16 We're also gonna pray for you tonight.
02:18 Elton is gonna pray for us
02:19 as we begin our session tonight.
02:21 Thank you so much for joining us
02:22 and for praying for us.
02:24 Amen.
02:25 Let us all bow our heads together for prayer.
02:28 Our most gracious Heavenly Father,
02:30 we come before You this evening in the name of Jesus.
02:34 And we're thankful that You brought us here safely,
02:37 we're thankful that You brought us here,
02:38 Father, to this convention so that we can have more tools
02:42 to continue to work for you.
02:44 And, Lord, I pray that you will bless us
02:47 during our time together that in everything we do,
02:50 Father, may You be present.
02:51 And we pray for Your Holy Spirit
02:53 to touch our hearts in a mighty way
02:56 that when we leave this place, this convention,
02:59 Father, we will leave with the desire
03:01 to continue to work for You, to finish the work,
03:04 so You can come and take us home.
03:06 So bless each participant,
03:07 bless each individual that are here tonight,
03:10 and those who are still traveling, Father,
03:12 we pray for traveling mercies,
03:14 we place this convention in Your hands.
03:16 In Jesus' precious name we pray, amen.
03:19 Amen.
03:36 Have you ever wondered where we began?
03:40 The spark to begin this movement?
03:46 Remember.
03:48 It took me a long, long time to learn to really believe
03:52 that all things worked together for good
03:55 to those who love the Lord.
03:58 I still will have to learn many more things,
04:01 but I have been led over a path
04:05 that has helped me to stabilize my faith
04:12 that great truth can be depended upon
04:18 if one will only stay by the Lord.
04:22 Under her guidance, this college was established.
04:26 Self-supporting, inspiring, educating,
04:29 the foundation was laid.
04:32 Ministries sprang up all over the world,
04:34 lay members and church leaders
04:36 burned to join ministry with the church,
04:39 ASI was born.
04:43 Today,
04:44 ASI continues with the example of the Apostle Paul,
04:48 sharing Jesus Christ in the marketplace.
04:52 Business professionals were needed on the team
04:55 and as ministry and business united
04:57 in the efforts, a dynamic network was formed.
05:01 Every day ASI members and ministries
05:04 carry the light to mission fields
05:06 across the North American division
05:08 and the whole world.
05:14 It's important to be a part of ASI
05:16 because I'm able to share my gifts
05:18 with the team of people in so many ways worldwide.
05:22 It's not just a blessing to the people I teach,
05:24 it's a blessing to me as well.
05:28 Building a One-Day Church is a really special experience
05:34 because you get to come in here
05:36 and these people sometimes don't even have a church
05:39 or whatever they built for themselves
05:41 and it's really special,
05:44 you see them come to you, they're all happy,
05:46 they come shake your hand and say,
05:47 "Thank you, thank you."
05:49 They value the church so much.
05:51 And building it, you know,
05:52 it's a good build, it's not hard,
05:55 I didn't have to go through any special training to do it,
05:58 but the rewards from it are incredible,
06:01 such an experience.
06:03 It's a great opportunity to be part of ASI
06:06 as a business
06:08 because it's God who gave us these businesses
06:10 in the first place.
06:12 And now being a part of the ASI family,
06:15 I can work together in a strategic way
06:17 to use my business to multiply the kingdom of God
06:20 in a way that I never could have done before.
06:23 Well, you know, I think that this whole program
06:28 says two or three important things.
06:29 Number one, it says, I can be involved,
06:34 no matter who I am, no matter what my skill level
06:37 or what my talents I can be involved.
06:38 And that really is a message for the whole church.
06:41 The takeaway is we can work together,
06:45 we can build a community
06:48 that goes beyond what differences we have.
06:54 Healing,
06:56 teaching,
06:58 training,
07:00 sharing,
07:02 proclaiming,
07:05 building faith,
07:07 restoring,
07:09 this is what we do.
07:11 This is who we are.
07:13 The tribulation will bring about good
07:18 and mellow one.
07:21 Make one more efficient,
07:24 and more capable working for the Lord
07:29 is a hard experience to learn.
07:33 If I'd had my way when I started out,
07:36 I never would have traveled
07:39 or would never have chosen to travel over a road
07:43 that had in it tribulations.
07:45 I would have always looked for a road
07:47 that was free from those, because as a young man,
07:53 I'd dodged every time I could
07:56 anything that was hard and difficult.
07:59 And when I was in medical school,
08:01 I found that even young people that were old enough
08:05 and had developed enough to take a medical course
08:09 could become quite famous in dodging a good many things
08:13 that they only could get away with if you understand?
08:16 Your wisdom is sufficient,
08:19 that you will not dodge any hard thing
08:24 and take an easy road
08:25 because if you get in the habit of doing that,
08:28 you're going to have a hard time.
08:31 We are a team in business and ministry together
08:36 focused on Christ,
08:38 passionate about the mission of the church
08:40 just like you.
08:42 Join us in spreading the light of the Advent message
08:46 to the world.
08:49 What the world needs is Jesus, remember.
12:33 Amen.
12:37 Good evening, ASI.
12:39 It's time for a very special feature,
12:42 members in action.
12:44 And it's my privilege tonight
12:45 to be able to share a three of them with you
12:47 as we begin our ASI Convention tonight.
12:50 I have with me, Svitlana Alekseichuk Koka...
12:54 Kokabyuff.
12:57 I'm glad you said that.
12:58 Kokabyuff.
13:00 And from Kazakhstan right now.
13:04 Maybe I just go back a little bit
13:05 before she shares to tell you that it was in 1997, 1996
13:10 when we were in Ukraine,
13:12 conducting the first Wildwood
13:14 medical missionary training program,
13:16 she was one of 30 students
13:18 that the conference sent to train with us.
13:21 And out of those 30,
13:22 we chose two to come to the Wildwood
13:24 for training for 2 years,
13:26 and then returned to carry on a work
13:29 in that country of Ukraine.
13:31 Svitlana was one of those.
13:33 So she returned to Ukraine
13:35 and had the privilege of helping to pioneer
13:38 what has become a major health institution
13:40 there in Central Ukraine, Novi Obihody.
13:43 And for 10 years, you ministered there.
13:46 After that time, she was called for a while to pilot a program
13:50 in Tajikistan in Central Asia in 2004 and 2005.
13:56 And there you began to experiment
13:58 and to demonstrate the power of medical missionary work
14:01 among Muslims.
14:02 Tell us something about that experience
14:04 that you had there in Tajikistan.
14:07 Well, it was really a blessing for me.
14:09 It was the first time to be in Central Asia.
14:12 And to use the right hand of the gospel,
14:15 the medical missionary work to reach the Muslim for Christ.
14:19 And you can see the map, so this is the Central Asia
14:23 and we were in that time in Tajikistan,
14:25 right now our ministry in Kazakhstan.
14:28 But when we came to Tajikistan,
14:30 we were doing different health programs
14:33 like cooking classes, high blood pressure seminars,
14:36 different seminars in the church building.
14:39 And, you know, there was some programs like,
14:42 for example, cooking class we had 250 people
14:45 came to the church building.
14:47 So that was amazing.
14:49 I think I remember sometimes they would come to the building
14:52 and they would look around to see
14:53 if anybody was watching them.
14:54 And they would just sneak there.
14:56 To sneak in a little bit. Yes.
14:58 If I remember right,
15:00 the conference leader said that
15:02 the result of that short period of time
15:04 that you were there,
15:05 they had more baptisms in that year
15:08 than they'd had in three years previously.
15:10 Or even more years. Even more.
15:12 Yes, we had 19 people baptized in 7 months.
15:15 That was...
15:17 Did you hear that 19 people in a Muslim country
15:19 in seven months using medical missionary work.
15:21 Amen? Yeah. Amen.
15:23 So after you were in Tajikistan,
15:27 you returned to Novi Obihody
15:29 and ministered there for a while longer,
15:32 but that burden for Central Asia never left you,
15:35 did it?
15:37 Yes.
15:38 And during that time,
15:39 God brought into your life Doveglet
15:41 and you were married.
15:43 And she looks so happy about it.
15:45 She had her third baby two weeks ago
15:47 here in this country.
15:49 And you can meet Nathan later.
15:52 Anyway and so he laid a burden on you
15:55 to return to Central Asia,
15:57 in fact, one of the conference presidents
15:59 in Kazakhstan kept knocking on the door and said,
16:02 "Come over and help us."
16:03 Yes.
16:05 And we received the call in 2011,
16:08 and we accepted the call.
16:10 Actually we were praying with my husband
16:12 to go back to Central Asia.
16:14 We had really the burden and we have been praying
16:17 that God will open the doors for us to go there.
16:20 And so you went back there and the huge city,
16:23 the capital city of El Monte,
16:24 and you went there with no equipment,
16:27 no property, no buildings,
16:30 but you had a call to come and help.
16:31 Yes, exactly.
16:33 We came there as medical missionaries
16:35 to the conference building
16:37 and it was such a blessing to work with the church.
16:40 And that church leaders provided for us the four rooms
16:44 where we were able to set up for them health consultations,
16:49 health treatments,
16:51 and we were doing also different programs
16:53 in the conference building.
16:55 And I had an opportunity to visit there several times.
16:58 And they were actually putting...
17:00 They use office rooms,
17:03 converted them in with bunk beds
17:05 and had up as many as 10 ladies in one room
17:08 who desperately want to come to your lifestyle program.
17:10 Yes.
17:12 So our health room, you know, has been running all the time,
17:15 so we would receive patients, people for consultations
17:19 and we would do the treatments, but also from time to time,
17:23 we would conduct the lifestyle sessions
17:26 in the conference building.
17:28 That's amazing.
17:29 So you had a number of lifestyle sessions.
17:31 Yeah, during the four years when we were in El Monte,
17:34 this big city,
17:36 we had 11-day lifestyle sessions
17:40 and we had around 160 patients
17:42 only for the lifestyle sessions.
17:44 It was amazing to see in a conference office building
17:48 to be able to do all that in such a little bit of space.
17:50 Well, now God has called you to have a real lifestyle center
17:53 and you found property
17:55 and you have been starting to do the building
17:58 and I remember now and seeing that property
18:00 out in the country there
18:01 and the river in the background,
18:03 you had this little house on the property,
18:05 that's all it was on the property,
18:06 we would probably call it a shack,
18:09 but it became a home to you.
18:10 You remodeled that and tried to live in it for a while,
18:14 no bathroom, no electricity, pioneering with two babies.
18:19 And then it wasn't big enough,
18:21 you know, how they made it bigger?
18:23 They took one of these metal containers
18:25 that you ship overseas with, those big metal things,
18:28 and they attached to the building
18:30 and that became your dining room and...
18:33 Two bedrooms.
18:34 Two bedrooms and...
18:36 People were just saying,
18:37 "Please let us come to your lifestyle program."
18:39 Yes, because we used to run the lifestyle programs
18:42 all the time during those four years,
18:45 and people ask us, "Please continue."
18:48 So we decided that we will have lifestyle programs
18:52 at our place.
18:53 So in the meantime,
18:55 then they're building their new center.
18:56 The building is up, it's three stories high,
18:59 it's got the roof on it just a week or two ago,
19:02 and they have enough construction help
19:04 that if they have enough funds,
19:07 this building will be
19:08 ready to be fully occupied in two months.
19:10 Yes.
19:11 We're praying for that to happen.
19:13 Thank you so much.
19:18 Our next interview, Members in Action
19:21 is from a member that many of you know,
19:23 Richard Bland from United Prison Ministry.
19:26 Hello, Brother, good to see you tonight.
19:27 Praise the Lord. Wonderful.
19:29 You have a wonderful ministry,
19:30 it reaches all across to our country.
19:32 You made a mistake, it's not mine,
19:33 it's God's ministry.
19:34 Oh, thank you for correcting me.
19:36 I believe you.
19:37 And you're reaching across the whole United States.
19:38 That's correct.
19:40 And virtually, you have access somehow
19:43 to almost every prison in this country.
19:44 Well, we do.
19:46 We send material to everyone I think 400 prisons.
19:49 You had an interesting experience
19:52 I think in Washington, D.C.
19:54 was that where you were sharing books
19:56 and so forth and it made the news.
19:57 Well, I think I was in New York.
19:59 New York.
20:00 Yeah, that was a prison in New York
20:02 where they ask for about 28,000 books from us
20:04 in one time.
20:05 In one time. And you have a video of that?
20:06 Yeah, let's see that clip real quick.
20:08 Let's see that. Okay.
20:11 That's my wife and I there, just found and started in 1980.
20:19 For the first time ever,
20:21 United Prison Ministries International
20:23 delivered 28,000 books to Rikers Island.
20:26 There were 14,000 copies of the book,
20:28 Bible questions answered,
20:30 and another 14,000 copies of the Desire of Ages.
20:33 A chaplain on Rikers Island requested the books
20:36 after seeing Richard bland,
20:38 President of United Prison Ministries International,
20:41 interviewed on Three Angles Broadcasting Network.
20:44 Bland says, his organization gives Bibles
20:46 and other life-changing books to prisoners free of charge
20:50 and says, it has a very positive effect.
20:53 And I said, "Why that book?"
20:55 He said, "That book will change the lives."
20:56 He said, "Everybody he's known to him,
20:58 read that book,
20:59 their life will change from crime to Christ."
21:01 Antonio Hall community chaplain
21:03 of the United Prison Ministry says
21:05 he has been incarcerated more than a dozen times
21:08 in several different states
21:10 before he got his hands on a Bible.
21:12 He says it changed his life.
21:15 When you have time in prison to study God's Word,
21:18 you will be able to know the truth,
21:20 and the truth will make you free
21:21 right there in the institution.
21:23 Bland says, United Prison Ministries International
21:26 is able to distribute the materials
21:28 due to the generosity of its supporters
21:30 who believe the Word of God
21:32 will transform prisoners' lives.
21:47 That particular Bible lessons has been developed
21:50 that you're looking on the screen here
21:52 over 37 years of it,
21:54 prisons have had us to put together a Bible lesson
21:57 that nobody turns down.
21:59 Stop by booth 100,
22:01 you get a copy of it and you see what I'm saying.
22:03 And we won't have to be here another 70 years.
22:05 Amen.
22:06 Because this book here
22:07 covers 25 of the most important questions
22:10 that have been asked.
22:12 We have put in this one book here
22:13 and it's designed for everybody to get one.
22:16 I understand that through these many years
22:18 that you've been ministering,
22:19 you've put out something like
22:21 72 million copies of different books.
22:24 That's correct. Truth filled books.
22:26 And that's not only here in America to,
22:27 you know, Romania, Indonesia, Russia, Africa.
22:32 Now I understand in just a few days of time,
22:34 you're going to be attending a very important conference
22:37 that that is a prison chaplain people
22:39 all over the country.
22:40 No, that is prison work period
22:43 is they got about 30,000 members,
22:45 the American Correctional Association.
22:47 And we belong to that.
22:48 And the reason why I want to mention that
22:50 because we are the only ministry
22:53 they tell us that stays by the Bible,
22:55 that's why they came to put us out of prison,
22:57 unless they put the Bible out of prison
22:58 because everything we do is out of the Bible.
23:01 They have tried, but when they come to it,
23:02 they can't do it because we go by the book.
23:05 I see. Praise the Lord.
23:07 So you've got these new lessons,
23:08 and in the lessons,
23:10 I've looked at it with you a little bit,
23:12 you saw some on the screen there.
23:14 They cover specific Bible topics with texts.
23:18 Yeah. The most 25 asked questions.
23:20 People like, for example, here on the top right here,
23:24 stress, defeat loneliness,
23:26 healing the sorrow, living with loss,
23:28 and pull your marriage, take control of smoking,
23:31 all those are right here.
23:32 Now we give them the first 15 of what they want,
23:35 the next 10 Bible lessons what they need.
23:37 Okay.
23:38 It tells them about who wrote the Ten Commandments.
23:40 What happens when a person dies,
23:41 where are they?
23:43 What day is the Sabbath day?
23:44 What food to eat. All that's in here.
23:45 They have the right answers out.
23:47 So therefore, it's foolproof.
23:50 And your goal is to take this Bible lesson now
23:54 after this conference
23:56 and actually before Christmas time
23:58 to get them, where?
24:00 At all the prison, we've...
24:01 What's all the prisons mean?
24:03 Well, every prison in the United States,
24:04 every state and federal prison.
24:05 All throughout the United States.
24:07 Yeah, we don't deal with jails because they move so fast,
24:08 but all state and federal.
24:09 In fact, we committed ourselves
24:11 to give them 2,500,000 of these.
24:14 Of course, our friends are going to help us
24:15 by Christmas.
24:16 Okay. Are there some of the friends here?
24:18 Oh, yes. They've always been there.
24:19 ASI has been my friend since 1980.
24:21 Okay.
24:22 And when Harold Lance was the president
24:24 and I think only a few of us left here now.
24:28 I see Ellsworth Mckee sitting over there and
24:31 a few other people, most of them have,
24:33 you know, retired.
24:34 So your goal then is to print these lessons,
24:37 get them out before Christmas
24:39 so that these can go to all the inmates
24:40 all over the country.
24:42 Yes, but our second goal is for everybody
24:43 here to get them too.
24:45 They're designed for every household,
24:47 every house.
24:48 Nobody has turned us down
24:49 in the last three or four months,
24:51 we've tested it.
24:52 These aren't just prison designed?
24:54 No, no.
24:55 You know, any of us could use this?
24:56 Anybody who want to go to heaven.
24:58 Well, that sounds like...
24:59 Anybody who want to go to heaven.
25:00 And then there... So that's going to work.
25:02 And anybody that they want to go.
25:03 I want to speak this to you, Charles,
25:04 I wish all of our Christian friends
25:06 will read Ezekiel 3:17, 18, 19, it says this.
25:10 It says that, "We have been chosen
25:14 by God's people as watchman.
25:16 And if we don't speak to warn somebody,
25:19 and they are lost, we are lost too."
25:22 And this lesson is designed so we can speak to everybody.
25:24 Amen.
25:26 And give them 25 Bible studies with over 500 questions in it.
25:29 Right here. Stop by the booth,
25:30 you'll be convinced yourself when you got one,
25:34 just like I showed it to you.
25:35 Thank you so much.
25:37 So booth number? One hundred.
25:38 All right, that's easy enough to remember.
25:40 One hundred. Stick with one hundred.
25:41 You can't win with the method that we...
25:43 Come by and get a free lesson.
25:45 Oh, yes, yes.
25:46 And learn more about how to...
25:47 And I can show you how to get more lessons too
25:49 that's going to cost you...
25:50 And by the way it's supposed to be $5 to people,
25:51 we let have people for dollar a piece, just a dollar.
25:53 Okay. But we've got boxes of 100.
25:55 We're getting ready to print 125 million of these.
25:58 Did you hear what I say?
25:59 A 125 millions. Not just 2.5 millions?
26:01 No, that's how many people in America, every home.
26:04 Oh, okay.
26:05 And we got ex-prisoners that's getting out,
26:07 it's going to be delivering these.
26:08 Amen. They're working for it.
26:10 Well, you have a fantastic ministry.
26:11 I love how you...
26:13 No, not manmade. God has a fantastic ministry.
26:14 Now you're talking.
26:15 And I love how you involve the prisoners
26:17 to help other prisoners.
26:18 Well, we do that. Thank you, Brother Bland.
26:20 'Cause that's what it's all about.
26:21 May God bless you.
26:22 Thank you so much. God bless you too.
26:24 Our last Member in Action.
26:26 Pattie Guthrie is coming to us from the West Coast.
26:29 And she is gonna be sharing something
26:31 that's very precious on her heart
26:33 and her husband's heart, who is a...
26:35 Todd, is a physician, right?
26:37 And so tell us the burdens you have,
26:41 you don't run an institution,
26:43 you don't have a ministry like the United Prison Ministry,
26:46 but you do have a special burden.
26:47 God's laid something on your heart, hasn't He?
26:49 Yeah, I'm here as a spokesman or a spokesperson for people
26:55 who don't have a lot of talents.
26:57 I homeschooled my children and when they left home
27:00 I was trying to figure out, "Now what?"
27:02 Sitting in my house, it's kind of empty.
27:04 And the Lord placed a burden on my heart to share
27:07 and begin giving Bible studies
27:09 and doing more health ministries.
27:11 So that's what I've been doing.
27:12 I see.
27:14 And so you have just sort of found a way
27:15 to mingle with people in your community.
27:16 Right.
27:18 And we have some fun talking in ahead of time
27:20 about different stories that you've had.
27:22 I was fascinated by the one that some Pentecostal church
27:27 actually recognized that you and your husband
27:29 were reaching out to the community, they said,
27:31 "Come and join us with a festival,"
27:32 I believe it was.
27:34 Right.
27:35 In our community, we have an interesting community,
27:37 a lot of different religions, most of them not Christian.
27:41 And our Pentecostal friends invited us to come
27:43 and provide literature
27:45 for their organic gardening booth
27:47 that was gonna be held at this outdoor festival
27:49 in our city park.
27:51 And so we agreed, I was really excited, she said,
27:54 "Yeah, bring some health literature
27:55 and also please bring a gospel literature
27:58 that we can share as well."
28:00 Oh, she asked you to bring that.
28:01 She did.
28:02 I sensed that she wasn't interested
28:04 maybe more doctrinal stuff,
28:05 but I found a beautiful copy of Steps to Christ,
28:08 took that, and we also had a lot of tracks about health,
28:11 so we took those as well.
28:13 So this festival was a kind of a new age...
28:19 Pretty much, all of the booths were...
28:22 The theme was healing,
28:23 but it was through sorcery or witchcraft
28:27 or some other method,
28:29 people are searching for answers
28:30 and there was a lot of using crystals to heal people
28:33 or light shields or trance,
28:36 and people are in all kinds of different states.
28:39 And so we were there at that little organic gardening table,
28:42 and not too many people were coming by.
28:44 So I just decided to take some of the tracks in my hand.
28:47 And we started walking around,
28:49 and in whatever state people were in,
28:51 I just said, "I have some good news for you,
28:53 would you like, can I share something?"
28:55 And I would just put the track in their hand
28:56 and I'd look at them right in the eye,
28:58 and I'd say, "You are loved by the God of the universe."
29:03 And so people would say, "Yeah!"
29:06 And so I pretty much was able to...
29:09 Some of them would look at it and see it and said,
29:11 "A love letter from Jesus."
29:12 And maybe 1 in 10 would just say, "No, thanks."
29:15 But most of them were quite open.
29:17 I think they thought
29:18 I was probably part of what was happening there
29:21 may be on their page.
29:23 So they were receptive,
29:25 and as that I pretty much covered
29:28 all of the different booths,
29:29 had some really amazing conversations.
29:31 Then in the back, I met another gentleman
29:35 who was just sitting kind of watching the whole situation.
29:38 Kind of off by himself there somewhere?
29:39 Right.
29:40 And so I went up, did my little spiel with him,
29:42 and I thought maybe he was also part of it,
29:45 but he said, actually, he's a Christian
29:48 and he's been trying to reach these people
29:50 and he's kind of discouraged
29:51 because he's tried to helping with the homeless and so on.
29:55 He's tall gentleman and I looked at him and I said,
29:58 "Well, are you homeless?"
29:59 And he said, "Far from it."
30:03 He had a simple disguise,
30:05 but he actually is a man of means
30:08 and it ended up being an amazing contact.
30:11 While we're standing there, another young man came through,
30:14 who's obviously searching, and he believes he is God
30:18 and he was explaining that to us.
30:20 And my husband meanwhile came looking for me
30:22 and so we were both there sharing with him,
30:25 but long story short,
30:27 we invited them both to come to prayer meeting.
30:29 And our prayer meeting is an outreach,
30:31 so we provide a free vegan supper every Wednesday night.
30:34 And people are welcome to come from the community,
30:37 and so the older gentleman has already come
30:39 and he's promised to bring the young man with him as well.
30:42 So we're excited about that.
30:43 So this is a "retired home school teacher,"
30:47 who's shy or whatever she projected here,
30:51 but notice where she goes to witness,
30:53 it's amazing, and the simple way
30:56 that you're reaching out to people.
30:57 It's just...
30:59 I praise the Lord for the opportunity.
31:01 It's wonderful.
31:02 Now you and your husband
31:03 have done a Diabetes Undone program.
31:07 Right.
31:09 And that's a new program by Life and Health Network.
31:11 And I've done it three times.
31:13 Last fall was the first time we ran it in our church.
31:15 And the format is such that you have people
31:17 seated around tables,
31:19 you show a video for a few minutes,
31:20 and then you have a discussion.
31:21 And one of the ladies
31:23 who had come is Buddhist and from China,
31:27 and she's been living in our town for a while,
31:29 and I went to the table
31:31 just to find out how things are going.
31:32 And she looked at me, and she said,
31:34 "Does your church offer Bible studies?"
31:37 And the lady sitting next to us says,
31:39 "Yeah, you should get her to be your teacher."
31:42 And so that started a relationship with her,
31:46 our follow-up for the diabetes undone class,
31:49 we did a breakfast Sabbath morning at the church,
31:52 a vegan breakfast,
31:54 and invited our attendees to come before Sabbath school.
31:57 And so she was one of the ones
31:59 who came and then she stayed for Sabbath school.
32:01 And that day, our lesson study was on Job,
32:04 and she said she'd never held a Bible in her lap before.
32:07 And so she was just reading the Bible the whole time,
32:10 while we're having the discussion about Job
32:12 and the terrible things that happened to him.
32:14 After the Sabbath school class, she said,
32:18 "I am amazed
32:20 at what I've just learned this morning."
32:21 She said, "For 30 years,
32:22 I've struggled with the concept of karma,
32:25 and how if you do something bad,
32:26 something bad will happen to you
32:28 or if you do some of the good, good things will happen.
32:30 And that doesn't seem fair
32:32 and it feels like a religion of fear.
32:34 And today for the first time, I have peace,
32:36 I found out that sometimes some things happen
32:40 because there's a test, there's another reason."
32:43 And so that initiated our relationship with her.
32:48 She went to Taiwan for three months,
32:50 she connected with some Chinese folks over there,
32:52 came by...
32:53 You sent her some literature I think.
32:55 Yes, she got some... We got...
32:56 Chinese literature? Literature for her in Chinese.
32:58 And she also got a Bible in both languages,
33:01 English, Chinese.
33:02 And so we've been studying now
33:03 for several months doing Bible studies,
33:05 we have a small group Bible study ladies.
33:07 And she's given her heart to Jesus and she is thrilled,
33:10 she's there every Sabbath for Sabbath school church
33:13 and sharing her faith with people
33:15 who come over from China.
33:16 So praise the Lord.
33:18 Thank you so much, Patti,
33:20 for sharing these beautiful stories
33:22 about just being willing to be used of God,
33:24 be sensitive to God's opening doors for you,
33:27 and seeing the results of these people.
33:30 Your church is amazing.
33:31 You're doing meals for Sabbath school,
33:34 you're doing the vespers,
33:36 and using all this just as a way
33:38 to make people comfortable and get to know them.
33:41 Yeah.
33:42 Thank you so much for sharing that tonight.
33:48 I am glad to be able to bring you
33:49 the first of our Offering in Action segments.
33:53 This is a time when we discover more about the projects
33:57 that we are funding for this year
33:59 during this year's offering.
34:00 And an interesting thing that you will notice
34:03 is that many of the projects
34:04 that we're highlighting this year,
34:06 show you that there is a lot of partnership,
34:08 there's collaboration that's happening.
34:10 And we're recognizing that when we work together,
34:13 our effectiveness is enhanced.
34:16 So we're happy to be able to bring that to you
34:18 so that you understand
34:19 how ministries and organizations
34:21 are working together.
34:22 So first here with me is Julia O'Carey
34:25 she's the director of ASAP.
34:28 Julia, tell us what does ASAP stand for?
34:30 And tell us a little bit about your ministry.
34:33 Debbie, ASAP stands for
34:34 Advocates for Southeast Asians and the Persecuted.
34:38 So basically, what we do is reach out to the poor,
34:41 the persecuted, the unreached,
34:43 and refugees in the 10/40 Window.
34:46 Oftentimes, that's women and children.
34:48 And our main goal is for them to know Jesus,
34:52 and to spread the gospel
34:54 in a very difficult part of the world
34:56 where there's many Muslims, Buddhists,
34:58 very few Christians, less than five percent.
35:01 Now you have a distinct privilege
35:03 of having been a recipient last year
35:06 as well as a recipient this year.
35:08 And so I'd like you to tell us first,
35:10 how were the funds
35:11 that were granted you for last year?
35:12 How were those used?
35:14 Was it a benefit for the ministry
35:15 that you're running?
35:16 First I just wanna say, we are so grateful to God
35:21 and to ASI
35:22 because the funds that were given
35:24 have been used extremely well
35:27 because we have close to 500 ethnic missionaries
35:30 in these countries,
35:32 and they only get a small stipend of about $120
35:36 depending in which country.
35:37 And if they have a medical emergency,
35:41 their little stipend could never cover.
35:44 And so the funds from ASI
35:46 went to help them for medical emergencies,
35:49 and also to help with training.
35:51 A lot of these workers have just a basic education,
35:55 they've never gone to seminary,
35:57 and so the trainings are so, so important for them.
36:01 And I can tell you, just couple weeks ago,
36:05 one of our workers in Myanmar...
36:07 We get these urgent emails, he's having kidney failure,
36:11 we rushed him to Thailand to the hospital
36:14 because he would have died,
36:15 and because we had the funding
36:18 he could get this surgery that he needed.
36:21 And I mean, we get so close to these missionaries.
36:24 And to think that he almost lost his life,
36:28 I mean, he's working in the harshest conditions
36:30 in this village in Myanmar,
36:32 but now him and his young family
36:34 are going to be able to continue doing their work.
36:37 And I love seeing the pictures, he's doing fine,
36:40 and God is really blessing.
36:42 Oh, praise God. We're glad for that.
36:45 Tell us now about
36:46 what's happening with this year's project.
36:49 Well, this year we have two new exciting projects
36:54 that we're praying for.
36:55 And the offering that will be taking this weekend
36:59 can go towards it.
37:01 One is for helping lepers in a close country,
37:06 and in this particular country,
37:08 there's over a quarter of a million lepers
37:13 in over 600 colonies.
37:16 And ethnic missionaries, medical missionaries reach out
37:21 and give just simple care to these lepers.
37:24 They're not contagious,
37:26 the government gives them enough medicine for that.
37:28 But they don't have anybody to help them
37:31 with basics like cutting their hair
37:33 and, you know, just wound treatments.
37:38 They stay so incredibly busy.
37:40 So we can take a look at the slides.
37:42 I have a couple pictures to show you.
37:46 Oh, this one, I mean,
37:47 they will do just whatever to help the lepers
37:51 like clean their toilets.
37:53 And look at the smile on this missionary's face.
37:57 I mean, it's just such an honor and joy for her to do things
38:00 for the lepers
38:01 because what she does for the lepers,
38:03 she does for Jesus.
38:05 And this volunteer here doing the wound treatments,
38:10 he would lay down his life for the lepers.
38:12 One quick story.
38:15 If we go to the next slide, we'll see that.
38:19 The lepers, some of them have gardens,
38:21 and one day, one of the lepers fell in this tank,
38:26 and there was no water in it,
38:27 but there was no way he could get out.
38:29 And the lepers around couldn't do anything
38:32 because almost all of them are handicapped.
38:35 So somehow one of them made their way to the missionary
38:38 that you just saw a picture of and said,
38:40 "Please come help us."
38:41 This man ran over there, grabbed the leper,
38:45 put him on his shoulders, got him out of there,
38:47 brought him to the hospital, stayed with him night and day,
38:50 he had broken his arm.
38:52 And the leper said,
38:54 "You know, my family wouldn't have done this,"
38:57 'cause society has totally abandoned them.
39:00 They're isolated from family.
39:03 They've experienced a lot of loss, a lot of trauma.
39:07 And he was so grateful to this volunteer.
39:11 He said, "Tell me more, why are you here?
39:13 What are you doing?"
39:15 Here he is.
39:16 He was crying when he was telling me about it.
39:18 And then they have
39:19 such an open door to tell him about Jesus.
39:22 And so many of these lepers
39:25 have come to know the Lord in such a short amount of time.
39:28 When I went to visit them,
39:30 I would just hug them and shake their hand
39:33 and they said, "Wow, you'll touch us?"
39:37 You know, it just touched their hearts.
39:40 They said, "You are my sister in Christ."
39:43 And it was so beautiful.
39:45 This leper here, he was the happiest man
39:48 I have ever met in my life.
39:51 Blind, totally bedridden, wounds,
39:56 but singing, claiming scripture, praying.
40:00 I mean, he grabbed my hand
40:01 and he said, "Can I pray for you?
40:02 I hear you're going back to America."
40:04 I went to pray for him.
40:05 I mean, what a beautiful contrast
40:07 between the physical and the spiritual.
40:11 And I just praise the Lord
40:13 for this opportunity for ASAP
40:15 to reach out to the least of these
40:16 because these are the greatest in God's eyes.
40:19 Oh, that's wonderful.
40:20 So these missionaries
40:21 are actually being befriending them
40:23 and meeting their needs.
40:24 So they're following Christ model,
40:26 meeting their needs, and then they opens up their heart
40:28 so they can tell them about Jesus.
40:29 Yes. That's great. That's wonderful.
40:31 Now when we talk about the second project,
40:34 it has to do with an initiative
40:38 that actually started under ASAP
40:40 called Reach the World Next Door.
40:42 So for, by way of introduction,
40:45 I think we'll go ahead and run that video.
40:48 Welcome to the mission field.
40:50 It's North America, it's Texas, it's Houston,
40:53 it's seven million people
40:55 in America's fourth largest metro area.
40:58 But is that really the mission field?
41:00 Isn't it India?
41:01 Isn't it Bhutan and Pakistan?
41:03 That's the amazing point.
41:05 There are 29,000 Urdu speaking Muslims
41:08 from Pakistan in Houston.
41:11 There are tens of thousands of Hindu, Punjabi, Gujarati
41:15 all of them from India.
41:16 Hindus, Sikhs, who need to know Jesus.
41:19 And if Houston was its own country,
41:21 it would be the fourth largest nation receiving refugees,
41:25 4,000 arrived recently.
41:27 This is the mission field.
41:30 Ellen White helped us to see what was happening
41:32 when she said, "God in His Providence has sent men
41:35 to our very doors and thrust them,
41:37 as it were, into our arms,
41:38 that they might receive the truth.
41:41 It is a divinely appointed means
41:43 of rapidly extending the third angel's message
41:45 into all nations."
41:47 So ASAP Ministries
41:48 and the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
41:50 decided to start
41:52 a cross cultural missionary training center last year.
41:55 I'm standing on the property that god is found.
41:58 We came not knowing where we're going,
42:00 but he has provided a place with two shops,
42:03 two houses, and five cabins.
42:05 Praise the Lord.
42:06 You can hear about it at
42:10 Our specific focus will be to train young adults
42:13 to be cross culture missionaries
42:15 anywhere in the world.
42:16 They will learn how to reach out
42:18 by doing practical missionary work among refugees,
42:21 international students, and immigrants.
42:23 At the outpost center,
42:25 we'll practice skills for befriending
42:27 and sharing with Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus.
42:30 God has provided the staff with missionary experience
42:32 among those groups.
42:34 At the outpost center,
42:35 we'll learn agriculture and medical ministry
42:37 with an eye to the least reached,
42:39 and they will learn how to go then into the city
42:42 making friends with international students,
42:45 befriending and helping refugees to resettle,
42:48 and doing whatever we can
42:50 to share Jesus with the immigrants.
42:52 I'm so excited to see what God will do
42:54 through Reach the World Next Door.
42:56 Will you join us with your prayers?
42:58 Because they're your neighbors too.
43:00 You can learn more at
43:09 God, so tell me why...
43:11 I can tell in your voice in that video
43:14 that you just are really excited about this ministry,
43:16 why are you so excited about Reach the World Next Door?
43:19 I'm so excited because I know God is going to use
43:22 all of us in reaching the immigrants,
43:25 the refugees, the international students
43:27 because He wants to come home, Jesus wants to come back,
43:30 and so He's just brought those least reached countries,
43:33 those people right where we can reach them so easily.
43:36 I know this is part of His major strategy
43:38 for finishing the work.
43:39 Now I know that the video talks about a place
43:42 where you can actually conduct the training.
43:44 And so how many students can come there,
43:46 and do you have to come there
43:48 in order to be trained to do this?
43:50 We planned out 12 to 16 students there,
43:52 there's still opening for students to apply,
43:55 if you know some young people
43:56 that you think really want to give their lives
43:58 to missions,
43:59 let them come and we will mentor them
44:01 as we go out together and reach out.
44:03 But no, not everybody can come,
44:05 and we are all in different places
44:07 where we are in workplaces, neighborhoods, families
44:11 where there are people who are the least reached.
44:14 And so, yes, we can learn how to do that too.
44:16 And so how can we get our hands on materials
44:18 that tell us how to befriend individuals
44:22 that we might be uncomfortable approaching?
44:24 At the ASAP Ministries booth,
44:26 we have a special prayer guide to place in your hands
44:29 called Praying for the World Next Door.
44:31 He will get you praying for them,
44:33 God will place them on your heart
44:34 so that you will see them wherever you go,
44:37 and then there's also some ideas there
44:39 and at the website.
44:40 Plus there's a whole training kit
44:41 that a church can do,
44:43 just talked with someone in Oregon
44:44 who got her church together about 10 of them,
44:47 and they begin to go through the kit
44:49 which led them out to make friends with refugees
44:52 who had just arrived from overseas.
44:54 So it gives them the confidence and the tools
44:57 to be able to go out and befriend individuals?
44:59 Yes. And it's so simple. Okay.
45:01 I mean, just talking to people this weekend
45:04 as you see somebody
45:05 and maybe there's a little bit of an accent,
45:07 you can say to them,
45:08 "So do you speak another language besides English?"
45:10 And when they say,
45:12 "Yes, five, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi, Hindi and..."
45:14 In other words, you wouldn't recognize.
45:16 You can say, "I've got a card for you,
45:21 And hand them a card with over 150 languages
45:25 of Seventh-day Adventist Biblical materials.
45:28 Excellent. Excellent.
45:29 Scott, thank you so much for what you're doing.
45:31 I can feel your passion for Reach the World Next Door.
45:34 And I know you're passionate for ASAP.
45:36 We can all be passionate together
45:38 and collaborate with them
45:39 and support them in their ministry.
45:41 Thank you very much. Amen.
45:46 Our next interview
45:47 is with two of my friends Robert Kuczek,
45:51 he is the president of Springs of Life.
45:53 Come little closer now, I said we were friends.
45:56 Thank you.
45:57 And Jason Fournier
45:58 who is the president of Kibidula in Africa.
46:01 So first, I want to talk a little bit
46:02 about Springs of Life.
46:04 So tell us about Springs of Life,
46:05 where is it located
46:07 and what's the main focus of its ministry?
46:09 Okay, we work in a small country of Poland
46:12 that is located in the geographical
46:15 center of Europe.
46:17 There is about 5,000 Adventists in Poland, 40 million people,
46:23 so one Adventist for about 7,500 non-Adventist people.
46:29 And we work in the area of health and publishing.
46:33 As far as health is concerned we do NEWSTART programs.
46:37 As far as publishing is concerned,
46:39 we publish electronically on a 14 different web pages
46:43 as well as in the traditional way,
46:45 on printed pages.
46:47 Now you don't publish things
46:48 that are just distributed in your country,
46:50 they're actually distributed worldwide.
46:53 What other countries do you send materials to?
46:56 Basically we're actually
46:58 focusing on the Polish materials,
46:59 but because all the ministry
47:01 is supported by printing services,
47:04 so we do offer a printing services
47:06 to other countries and we print in many languages,
47:09 all over Europe and recently in Africa.
47:12 Okay, we're gonna get to Africa in a minute.
47:14 But first tell me a little bit about this particular project
47:17 that is in the offering for this year.
47:20 Our goal is to prepare and produce
47:23 very inexpensive Bible since...
47:29 The Bibles are quite expensive in Poland to get you...
47:33 If you would like to understand this picture of the situation,
47:38 if we keep the same ratio between the price of the Bible
47:41 and the income of the average person in Poland,
47:45 and the Bible would have to cost about $160,
47:48 US dollars to, you know, so it's quite expensive.
47:52 Our goal is to prepare less expensive Bibles
47:57 about four times less expensive.
47:59 And aren't there some issues
48:01 with accuracy of message in the Bibles
48:03 that you're trying to correct in translation then?
48:06 We are actually using
48:08 the old translation of the Bible
48:10 that is like a King James.
48:13 And we are just changing the grammar
48:16 and making it into a modern language,
48:20 but we keep the accuracy of the Bible.
48:23 Okay. Excellent.
48:24 Now you mentioned that
48:26 you provide some of those printing services
48:28 to other countries.
48:29 Right. All right.
48:31 Enter Kibidula. Right.
48:33 Before we actually start working with Kibidula,
48:37 we have been printing for different countries
48:40 in Europe, Sweden, France, Germany, Portugal,
48:46 we printed the glow tracks
48:48 for different languages but recently,
48:51 of course, we are very happy with that close relation
48:56 with Kibidula and printing the materials for them.
49:00 So, Jason, tell me a little bit about this relationship
49:03 that you have with Springs of Life.
49:05 They're printing materials and sending them
49:07 from Poland to Africa.
49:10 Why don't you just print the materials
49:13 that you need in Africa?
49:14 Yes, it would seem like it would make sense
49:17 to print in Africa
49:18 since there are printing presses around.
49:22 Unfortunately, the government charges taxes on paper
49:26 but we can import the books tax free,
49:29 so that's one aspect.
49:32 But over the past two years,
49:34 we've been working closely with Springs of Life
49:37 and printed well over half a million books now.
49:41 And they've been very helpful on working with us on layout
49:47 and how to just get the right size and everything.
49:51 But another challenge
49:52 we've been having is not credit,
49:56 but how to deal with payments.
49:58 It takes us quite a while
50:00 if we're printing abroad to get a book ordered,
50:05 laid out, printed, in a container,
50:07 shipped to Africa, cleared, distributed, and then paid for.
50:11 And our money ends up tied up
50:13 for months on end before we see it back.
50:17 And Springs of Life has offered us a very helpful...
50:22 We can order our books, they print them,
50:25 they pack them, they ship them before we've made any payment.
50:28 And that's been very helpful in being able to get...
50:32 I like that kind of partnership, don't you?
50:35 Half a million books out in two years.
50:37 And they print them all in Swahili.
50:41 And I have a couple of here, Steps to Christ,
50:44 and You-Turn by Hans Diehl.
50:46 And these books have just been selling like hotcakes.
50:49 We ordered...
50:50 I think...
50:52 Or they delivered 30,000 or something like this
50:56 and they were gone in two weeks,
50:57 and we've got another 100,000 on order now, so...
51:01 That's incredible. Amen.
51:03 That's wonderful. I'm glad to hear that.
51:05 So tell me, Robert,
51:08 how do you know that you're making a difference?
51:10 If you're just distributing books all the time,
51:11 do you have any stories that you can share with us?
51:13 I have many stories.
51:15 But there's not enough time to share all of them.
51:18 So I will tell you one story
51:20 that the Lord gave me just recently.
51:22 About three years ago,
51:23 we've been on a short weekend vacation
51:26 with my family.
51:28 And we went to my parents' apartment
51:30 that most of the year nobody's there
51:33 because my parents are with us now.
51:35 And just during these three days,
51:38 phone ring, and my wife pick up the phone,
51:40 and there was a lady on the other side.
51:43 She asked if she could speak with me.
51:46 But I wasn't home at this moment,
51:48 so my wife wrote her number
51:52 and told her that I will call her back.
51:54 And when I came home,
51:56 she gave me this paper and I looked at the name,
51:58 and I recognized that this is my math teacher
52:01 from 30 years ago.
52:03 And I was wondering
52:05 what does she wants from me after 30 years.
52:09 And she was giving me actually her time,
52:11 you know, so I thought, "What!"
52:14 But I called her,
52:16 and she asked me actually to come to her house
52:21 to share and to talk with me.
52:23 I remember when just before graduating from primary school,
52:27 I gave her a copy of Desire of Ages.
52:30 And when I came to her house,
52:32 she told me that for most of the years,
52:36 the book was just sitting on the shelf doing nothing
52:40 until her husband died,
52:41 and she was little bit depressed
52:43 and she was looking for meaning in life.
52:46 She discovered the book, she opened it,
52:48 she started reading it,
52:49 then she started reading the Bible,
52:51 and she actually was calling me to give her Bible studies.
52:55 Wow.
52:56 And of course, in few weeks, she was baptized.
52:59 Amen.
53:01 So, you know, if you think about it,
53:03 30 years, the book was not in use,
53:07 but yet after this long time,
53:11 she found the time, she read it,
53:12 and she became Adventist.
53:14 Amen. Amen.
53:15 So we have 30,000 gone in two weeks in Kibidula,
53:20 30 years later,
53:21 we have a testimony of a convert
53:24 from Great Controversy.
53:27 I tell you that's a great collaboration,
53:28 we're happy to hear that.
53:30 And so we want to lift their hands
53:32 and be partners with them
53:33 to continue their ministry in Kibidula in Africa
53:36 and Springs of Life in Poland.
53:39 Wonderful. Thank you very much.
53:40 Thank you very much.


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