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00:20 Hello again, and welcome again to this segment of
00:23 ASI Members in Action, where we are listening to what ASI
00:27 members are doing in their part of God's vineyard.
00:29 Have you enjoyed the stories so far this evening?
00:32 Each one of these gentlemen represent different ministries,
00:36 so welcome to all of you who are joining me here on the
00:39 platform also this evening.
00:40 Vaughan Sparrow is the President of Wildwood Institute and
00:47 Lifestyle Center in Clinock.
00:48 Vaughan welcome. We're going to be talking about Wildwood for
00:53 just a minute, but before we do that I'd like to maybe introduce
00:58 you, and perhaps you could tell us where you're from,
01:00 and how you got involved, and how long you've been involved
01:03 as President there at Wildwood.
01:05 I've noticed a little Southern accent in your speech,
01:09 but not the kind of Southern accent that you'd run
01:12 into here in Texas.
01:13 It comes from the deep South.
01:15 Deep South! Okay. Ha!
01:16 South Africa. South Africa.
01:18 I was born to farming parents in South Africa.
01:23 At the end of my high school my father wanted us to
01:28 get some education.
01:29 Went to Heidelberg College in South Africa.
01:31 When I graduated there we went farming.
01:34 And the Lord convicted us to get involved in
01:37 medical missionary work.
01:38 Worked it out that we could come to Wildwood, and we've been
01:42 there for about twelve and a half years.
01:45 Wonderful! Give me a birds-eye view of what Wildwood
01:48 is and what you do there.
01:49 Wildwood is a ministry of dedicated lay people, volunteers
01:56 to service trying to spread God's love and His Word
02:01 to hasten His soon return.
02:03 We have a video that will explain a little bit more about
02:06 what Wildwood does.
02:07 And so perhaps if we could roll that video at this moment,
02:10 and it will give you a good idea as to what Wildwood's about.
02:13 Thank you.
02:18 Hidden among the outskirts of Chattanooga there is a place
02:23 called Wildwood; a community of Seventh-day Adventists that
02:28 focus on the ministry of Christ by claiming lives for His
02:32 Kingdom through medical missionary work,
02:35 health evangelism, and social interactions.
02:38 Ah, the involvement, the mindset of the place is beautiful.
02:44 It's not the money, it's the love, the understanding,
02:48 the person in general; the physical part,
02:51 and the spiritual part.
02:52 We can't come here and not be smiling.
02:55 Everybody waves to you: Hi!
02:58 So it's new, but I love it.
03:00 I hope I can use that to change myself, my people I came from.
03:09 What I love about Wildwood is that Wildwood is so much more
03:13 that what happens here on this campus.
03:15 It may start here, but then people go out from here,
03:18 and they go out and they start lifestyle centers,
03:22 they start projects, they do mission work, they change their
03:26 communities, they work with their churches.
03:28 Wildwood is basically like a launching pad.
03:31 It's somewhere that people come, they get inspired,
03:34 they get trained, but then they go to all corners of the world
03:37 and do amazing things for the Lord.
03:40 How does something like this happen?
03:43 Wildwood is the result of many miracles.
03:46 It's inspiring reading and hearing about those miracles
03:50 from the many resources that we have available.
03:53 The men and women who started Wildwood had a vision.
03:57 They believed in ministry that would impact the world,
04:00 as well as their local community.
04:02 We are now living in the consummation of that vision
04:05 as Medical Missionary work has extended across the globe.
04:15 Vaughan you recently, you celebrated an
04:17 Anniversary there at Wildwood.
04:18 What was your... What year was it?
04:20 75 years. 75 years.
04:22 And in that time there've been many miracles that have
04:24 happened, but some challenges also.
04:27 I understand that this year there was a challenge,
04:29 but you were able to overcome that with God's help.
04:32 Tell us a little bit about it.
04:33 I believe that we are blessed but challenged.
04:38 And this past year we've had challenges on our education
04:43 front with our medical missionary training program.
04:46 We were seeking a different type of Visa, and as we asked
04:51 questions the state decided that they needed to shut us down.
04:56 And they told us to remove our web page, and they did some
05:02 further investigation.
05:03 But by the Lord's grace, we were able to get legal opinion.
05:09 And as we sought that legal opinion we were eventually
05:12 granted religious exemption for our education program.
05:16 I mean that was a real blessing.
05:18 You see the Lord's hand in that decision then? Amen!
05:22 Amen. So the Education Department is
05:24 back up and running?
05:25 Back up and running, and we're training missionaries
05:27 that go all around the world.
05:28 And there is a project that ASI is helping you with.
05:32 What's that all about?
05:34 We have a Community Center that we've started.
05:36 It's a project, and thanks to ASI and our donors, we were able
05:41 to start this project.
05:42 We've had many challenges in location, in licensing, weather,
05:47 but we are ready to roll.
05:49 And, hopefully, by the end of this summer we will have
05:53 at least the earthwork done.
05:55 And so it's been a real blessing.
05:56 And, again, we want to thank you, ASI, for the support that
06:00 is being given to us.
06:02 In that 75 years, again, many, many stories that couldn't be
06:08 recounted, but perhaps you have just one that you
06:10 could share with us.
06:12 We have so many and this; on the education front we have
06:17 lives being changed, character's being formed.
06:20 In our Lifestyle Center though we get to see
06:23 firsthand God's healing.
06:25 And Michelle was experiencing numbness, tingling in her arms,
06:31 hands, and feet, and legs, and eventually she
06:34 was diagnosed with MS.
06:35 And after a lot of medication, a hospital stay, she decided
06:42 that she didn't want to continue with this the rest of her life.
06:44 After she was released from the hospital she decided to go on a
06:49 juice fast, and take things into her own hands.
06:51 She experienced healing in a significant way,
06:54 but a short time after she started to slip again.
06:57 And her own words here: We called Wildwood, and within a
07:01 few hours we arrived.
07:03 I did not think that I could financially afford to stay the
07:05 twenty-five days, but God opened the door.
07:09 It was such a blessing under the care of doctors who are not
07:11 trying to push poison into your veins, but who use God's method
07:15 of healing, combined with a knowledge of the body to
07:18 facilitate healing and restoration.
07:20 And she says, I appreciated the fact that the doctors took time
07:23 to pray with each of us as patients.
07:26 I've seen Him work some miracles in my life, and in the lives of
07:29 the other guests that were with me.
07:31 Before I left Wildwood my symptoms had abated.
07:34 During my time at Wildwood I received not only physical
07:37 healing, but also emotional, and spiritual healing.
07:40 And as we listened to these testimonies of these lifestyle
07:43 guests, it's a highlight every two weeks in our program
07:46 to hear how the Lord is actively healing people,
07:49 and changing lives.
07:51 It's... the physical healing is important. Right.
07:53 But it's the spiritual healing that we're really after,
07:55 isn't it? That's right.
07:57 Well, Vaughan, it's been a pleasure speaking to you.
07:58 Thank you so much.
07:59 John Davidson is the President of Eden Valley.
08:02 Perhaps you could tell me, was let's say five years ago,
08:09 being the President of Eden Valley something that you were
08:12 planning to do, and was on the top of your list?
08:15 Well, five years ago I wouldn't, excuse me.
08:20 Oh, I'm sorry about that.
08:22 Five years ago? No.
08:23 I... one year ago, No.
08:25 Really? Okay.
08:27 It wasn't on... It was not on the radar.
08:29 Okay, tell us how it happened.
08:30 Well, it kind of is a longer story, but it happened by
08:38 Lisa Hodges coming to my house and asking me to do that.
08:41 But there is kind of a lengthy story that goes along with that.
08:45 Yeah, we don't have time for the whole story, of course,
08:49 but the key here is when God calls, you need to be
08:57 ready to answer it.
08:58 And we discussed just a little bit about what
08:59 that means for you.
09:01 Okay, well, being born in a Seventh-day Adventist home,
09:04 and baptized at twelve years old, like many of us,
09:07 you grow up being a Seventh-day Adventist, but really not
09:11 dedicating your life to the Lord.
09:14 You do all the right things, but you don't dedicate yourself.
09:17 And my dad would tell me as I grew up, and even he would tell
09:21 me today, You have to dedicate yourself unconditionally.
09:25 And that's the hard part, isn't it? unconditionally?
09:29 Think about that for a second.
09:31 When a military army surrenders unconditionally; and that's your
09:37 heart giving that to God and saying, Whatever You want
09:40 me to do, I will do.
09:42 Amen. Now we've got a video that explains just a little bit
09:45 about what Eden Valley is about.
09:46 And also you've had some challenges
09:48 in the last year or so.
09:49 And so we want to know what those are.
09:51 But if we could look at the video that will explain what
09:54 Eden Valley is and what you do there.
10:01 In 1962 Eden Valley Institute of Wellness was founded
10:06 at the foothills of the Rocky Mountain National Park.
10:14 A Lifestyle Center was started a few years later to reach out
10:18 to those who were in health crisis.
10:20 Implementing God's natural laws of health outlined in the Bible,
10:24 and our treatments, our guests experience rest, healing,
10:28 and peace in the beautiful nature settings
10:32 surrounding the property.
10:33 More importantly, they were brought to the knowledge of
10:36 Jesus, who only can give true healing,
10:39 both physically, and spiritually.
10:42 Today Eden Valley is blessed with more than thirty dedicated
10:46 volunteers on staff.
10:48 Our two week natural remedies program has helped hundreds of
10:52 people to restore their health, and their faith.
10:55 Our three month educational program, which combines medical
10:59 missionary work and evangelism has provided our students with
11:03 knowledge and tools that have been used to improve the lives
11:06 of believers, and non-believers all across the globe.
11:11 In 2017 we also started a new program geared towards
11:16 health professionals.
11:17 The Natural Remedies program for Health Professionals is an
11:21 intensive one month program designed to equip individuals
11:24 with medical background.
11:28 Here at Eden Valley our mission is to
11:44 But the challenges are big and ever changing.
11:47 In 2010 Eden Valley operations were threatened by some
11:51 requirements imposed by the county.
11:53 Included in their list was a
11:58 By God's grace, since August 2016 the new sewer plant
12:04 has been fully operational.
12:05 The boy's dormitory has been recently renovated with funds
12:09 donated for this purpose.
12:10 All rooms received new carpet, a fresh coat of paint,
12:14 and new furniture.
12:16 Eden Valley's Lifestyle Center must be expanded.
12:19 More space and new equipment means we can accommodate more
12:23 guests and perform treatments and programs that are not
12:26 possible with our current structure.
12:30 Until our Lord and Savior returns, many people still need
12:35 to be touched by the medical missionary work.
12:37 Please pray for Eden Valley as we continue in our journey
12:42 to share God's love through the gift of better health.
12:49 Now John, the video mentioned one challenge,
12:53 but there's another challenge that you mentioned also,
12:55 and you're a recipient of the project offering that will help
12:59 with that challenge.
13:00 Tell us what it is.
13:01 Yeah, that challenge is a new kitchen.
13:04 The county came, just like they did with the sewer plant there,
13:08 and they said we needed to make a change.
13:10 And the change is we needed a commercial kitchen.
13:13 We are cooking there and it's not legal, if you will.
13:19 And so we are working towards building a brand new
13:23 commercial kitchen.
13:24 So they said, We love what you're doing;
13:26 you just need to be legal.
13:27 So we can be legal.
13:28 Okay. It wouldn't be complete if you didn't tell us a little
13:31 bit of a story about what's going on, and what the Lord's
13:35 doing at Eden Valley right now.
13:36 Well you saw a little bit about the education department's
13:39 students learning to do what we do there at Eden Valley,
13:42 our Lifestyle Center.
13:44 I'm just going to tell you a quick story
13:45 at the Lifestyle Center.
13:47 There was a group of people that came.
13:50 It was about a month ago.
13:52 We do an outreach session.
13:54 It's one week long.
13:55 And there was a man there that talked to me, and he said,
13:57 I really didn't have a good picture of God.
14:00 I had a picture in my mind of what God was like.
14:03 But after dealing with our people there in the
14:06 Lifestyle Center, and studying the Bible each morning.
14:10 We have worship at 6:30 each morning.
14:11 He says, Now I have a new picture of what God is.
14:15 God is love. The way that you treat me here
14:19 shows what God is like.
14:22 And so his complete picture of God has changed.
14:24 I see a loving God, a God who wants me to
14:29 spend eternity with Him.
14:30 Yeah. That's the picture that we need to leave
14:32 with people, isn't it?
14:33 In fact whether they're Bible believing Christians or not
14:36 Bible believing Christians, they still need to have that picture
14:39 at all of our institutions.
14:40 John thank you for talking to us this evening. Thank you.
14:44 The next organization is a new organization called
14:48 Adventist Help, and in fact it's a, I guess you could say,
14:53 actually a fast moving, up and coming entrepreneurial,
14:56 rough-and-tumble kind of organization.
14:59 And so you're doing some exciting work.
15:01 I'd like to introduce to some of you, probably most of
15:04 you know Kim Busl.
15:06 He's been in mission work for many decades, and a good friend.
15:10 And also a new friend, Dr. Michael Von Horsten.
15:14 I think I mangled your name appropriately.
15:16 And you are also involved in this new work.
15:22 I'd like for Kim to take just a moment to give us the cliff
15:25 notes version of what the work is,
15:28 and how it really came to be.
15:29 It's something that's fairly brand new,
15:31 and just always evolving.
15:33 So give us an overview of it Kim.
15:35 Two years ago at the ASI Europe of Convention
15:38 we went to Budapest.
15:40 We found 3,500 refugees sleeping in the local train station.
15:44 An ASI member from North America came to me and said, Kim,
15:47 can you get me ten minutes with your board? Said, Sure.
15:51 He presented to the board an opportunity to serve these
15:55 hundreds of thousands of people in a tangible way as they were
16:00 fleeing war and terror in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan.
16:05 And we had no idea what would happen.
16:08 Three months later, what you see here, Adventist Help
16:12 initiative was created.
16:14 We ended up with a bus turned into a clinic,
16:16 on the shores of Lesbos.
16:18 This facility was the one and only medical emergency
16:23 facility on that island.
16:25 As you see the picture of the boats here, people coming in,
16:28 just imagine yourself having lived in a
16:31 desert, you end up here.
16:32 We all know that thousands of people have
16:34 drowned on their way.
16:36 The Lord led wonderfully in this ministry.
16:39 Thousands of people have been ministered unto.
16:42 Volunteers from around the world fly themselves,
16:46 they pay for themselves to be there, and they serve
16:50 the needs of these folks.
16:51 When they closed Turkey so the boats couldn't come out,
16:56 they closed the gates of Greece so the refugees
16:58 couldn't enter Europe.
17:00 They asked us to establish a facility at a refugee camp.
17:04 And you saw in that slide a 40 foot container.
17:07 A person whom we all know, Elder Neil Wil... Elder...
17:11 Did I say that right?
17:13 Ted Wilson, sorry Ted!
17:15 I remember your Dad.
17:16 ...heard about Adventist Help.
17:18 He appealed to Vereotho Filao, the President if ASI Europe.
17:22 He said, Can Adventist Health come to Iraq?
17:24 There's a great need in Iraq for this type of ministry.
17:29 We kind of drew sticks to see who would win the trip to Iraq,
17:32 and I won, so I got to go to Iraq.
17:35 And shortly thereafter my good friend here,
17:37 Dr. Michael von Horsten, from South Africa,
17:40 came to spearhead that work in Iraq.
17:43 He was a great strength to us in Greece.
17:47 And so in Iraq, which you're going to see, is a partnership
17:51 between Maana, the Middle East North Africa, right?
17:57 And ADRA, and Adventist Health, and volunteers
18:01 from around the world.
18:03 Dr. Michael, maybe you can give us an idea of what
18:07 typically is going on at this...
18:10 Well, it's a hospital there in Iraq.
18:12 And also how did it get going exactly there in that vicinity?
18:18 And did you do it all by yourself?
18:20 No, definitely not.
18:21 So this has been one of the most exciting projects I've ever
18:24 been involved in my medical career.
18:26 So we came to Iraq in February of this year.
18:30 I went there to possibly open up a small clinic like we've
18:33 opened in Greece; possibly two or three beds.
18:36 And I walked into the ADRA office and we talked about
18:40 the possibilities for opening up this unit, and collaborating
18:43 with ADRA Kyrgyzstan.
18:44 And from there it just skyrocketed.
18:47 I actually don't even know how it all happened.
18:48 But the facility that we have on the ground now is a 45 bed
18:54 hospital, a 6 consultation room Primary Care Units,
18:57 a Mental Health Unit, a Dental Unit that's busy being developed
19:02 at the moment, and 9 bed Emergency Unit with a 3 bed
19:06 Heart Care Unit, and X-ray Units, an Ultrasound Facility,
19:09 and a Laboratory, plus a Pharmacy, which is absolutely
19:13 nothing short of a miracle.
19:14 So, yeah, we're really excited to be on the ground.
19:17 Just to give you an idea of the location, we're actually
19:21 20 kilometers east of the... 20 miles east of the city of
19:25 Morcell, so for those of you who have been following the
19:28 Middle Eastern... Things events happening in the Middle East,
19:31 this is one of the strongholds of Isis.
19:34 And the deliberation process that's been underway for the
19:37 past two months in the area has displaced
19:39 hundreds of thousands of people.
19:41 And currently we... There's a cluster of five IDP,
19:45 Internally Displaced Persons, camps with collected populations
19:49 of 100,000 people; that's 20,000 children sitting with no
19:54 access to emergency care, inpatient
19:56 facilities on the ground.
19:58 And that's where ADRA and Adventist Health have stepped
20:01 in and put this facility together.
20:03 So, yes, it's incredible to be there.
20:06 We, just to give you an idea of people we're dealing with,
20:09 this is a population that has had absolutely no medical
20:12 care for three years.
20:13 You know, there every day we've seen children that are,
20:16 have been starving to death.
20:17 They've been living on rice water.
20:20 The parents have been eating grass, which they buy
20:23 for $12 a kilogram.
20:25 They've been eating cat meat that they buy
20:28 for $45 per kilogram.
20:29 They've been starving.
20:31 It's been a siege of Biblical proportions.
20:33 And so we're dealing with children with miasmas,
20:36 severe acute malnutrition.
20:37 We're dealing with people with severe mental health issues.
20:40 We're dealing with people who've seen crucifixions
20:43 on a day-to-day basis, people that have had their children
20:46 beheaded, and people who've had their brothers and sisters
20:49 thrown off buildings, and who've been sex slaves, who've been
20:52 tortured, and we see children in our clinics that have been
20:55 electrocuted and tortured by Isis.
20:58 So this is a group of people that are incredibly vulnerable.
21:02 These are not terrorists, these are victims of terrorism.
21:05 And we are here to reach out to them.
21:08 It's a beautiful entering wedge into the 10/40 window. Yeah.
21:12 This type of work is something that you could probably tell
21:16 us stories for hours.
21:20 Unfortunately, we only have a few seconds left.
21:23 So if someone wants to get involved in the work that you're
21:26 doing; if someone here is listening and they'd like to
21:28 get involved, how can they get involved in what you're doing?
21:31 Well, right now we have an Adventist Health booth here
21:33 at the Convention, and I invite you to come see Claus,
21:36 see Michael, see myself.
21:37 This has been a faith venture from day one,
21:40 where we responded to a call that God put before us,
21:43 and it's been a miracle to watch it happen.
21:46 Every two weeks we have bills to pay, and we have no money
21:48 in the bank account.
21:49 We need volunteers from around the world to keep
21:52 this hospital open.
21:53 We went from a 40 foot clinic to a 45 bed hospital.
21:56 We have no administration; we have no paid help.
22:00 It's simply a miracle that we see God working to touch the
22:03 lives of people, to share the love of Christ in a tangible way
22:07 in countries where we have not had success in years past.
22:11 Please come by the booth, or you can visit
22:14 www. AdventistHelp. org
22:16 Thank you so much gentlemen.
22:18 And ASI is praying for each one of your ministries.
22:21 We'll keep you in prayer.
22:23 And we know that God is blessing, and He will continue
22:25 to bless in the future.
22:26 Thank you so much. Thank you, Cal.
22:29 I do what I do because I believe that the gospel is
22:34 compelling thing there is, and at times I don't believe that we
22:38 communicate it as beautifully as we can.
22:40 So I design for ministries of the Adventist Church because
22:44 the message is beautiful.
22:46 The audience doesn't always see it.
22:48 I think ASI is really great because it provides
22:51 an opportunity for me to meet a bunch of really great people
22:55 who have been doing very inspiring work in the church.
22:58 And as I want to work with Adventist ministries,
23:01 and help them communicate what they are doing, I love knowing
23:04 what they are doing, and it inspires me to be a better
23:08 Christian, and I think that's something that we can all
23:11 see as having really
23:21 We're delighted to be here tonight, and to talk about some
23:25 fantastic things that God is doing in the lives of people
23:28 who are ministering right out on the front lines.
23:32 I want to get right to it.
23:34 Fred and Jill Cornforth are here.
23:37 I want you to know that Fred is our new Chapter President
23:40 for the North Pacific Union Conference and ASI,
23:44 our ASI Chapter up there.
23:46 Fred, you were a part of ASI a long time ago, but tells us.
23:49 Yeah, no, it's remarkable to think, to be back involved with
23:53 ASI the last two or three years.
23:55 There's been so much good done by ASI that we felt drawn back
24:00 to it, and we've become very involved, very involved.
24:04 And it's been a wonderful experience.
24:06 We just see so much potential.
24:08 And, as you can tell from all the other people before,
24:11 just wonderful miracles of God happening in
24:13 people's lives every day.
24:15 So in Boise, which is where our home is, we just completed
24:20 an Amen Clinic where we had just under 1,400 people that
24:26 came over a three day period.
24:28 And I think one of the most remarkable things to me was
24:31 that over half of our volunteers were in their 20's and 30's.
24:37 So it was a younger group.
24:39 But it was really remarkable to see these people getting
24:41 involved in people's lives.
24:43 And my wife has some stories that she'd like to tell that
24:46 came from the clinic itself.
24:49 What a pleasure it was to work in the mission field of Boise.
24:53 I know that we hear about the mission field being so far away,
24:57 but really in our home towns you can find mission
25:00 fields wherever you live.
25:01 So, yes, it was a privilege for us to serve there in this
25:05 capacity at this medical clinic.
25:07 I am a Pediatric Nurse by education, and by training,
25:12 and so I gravitate towards the children.
25:14 And one of my stories is about a little girl.
25:17 Her name was Nomi, and her mother, actually their whole
25:22 family; there were three kids, and a mother and a father,
25:25 that came to my attention because they were a
25:27 very special family.
25:29 They had waited in line for five hours to finally get her
25:32 daughter to be seen for vision, only to find out that she didn't
25:35 quite make the age bracket that we'd advertised for,
25:39 and so were turned away.
25:41 Long story short, we... they went back in line and waited
25:46 again, and waited the three hours to get to dental,
25:50 because she also had a toothache.
25:52 So they made it to the front of the line only to find out that,
25:55 you know, it was getting to be the end of the day,
25:57 and these people were so gracious and beautiful about
26:01 having to wait this whole time.
26:03 They weren't angry.
26:04 So we ended up getting them in because we realized she
26:08 really needed her vision done.
26:09 We got her through the process really quick, and she just was
26:13 so excited about finally getting glasses.
26:16 She just said, I just want to see!
26:17 I just want to see!
26:19 So upon testing found out that she had such horrible vision
26:24 that we couldn't help her that day.
26:26 And she was just sobbing, you know, I just want to see!
26:30 Come to find out her family, her parents, her mother was a
26:34 stay at home mom, but her dad had three jobs, and they were
26:38 all part time, so they didn't have any health insurance.
26:40 And she wasn't going to be able to get screened for vision till
26:43 second grade, and she was only six years old.
26:46 So she was going to have to wait several
26:48 years to get screened.
26:50 So we ended up giving her the strongest prescription glasses
26:54 that we could and sent her home.
26:56 So she couldn't still see very well, but she was just sobbing
27:00 when she put on her bright yellow glasses
27:02 that she had picked.
27:03 She was so excited.
27:05 So we know in a few weeks later she got her real glasses.
27:07 So we know that we just helped this one family.
27:10 They came back the next day and got all their dental work done.
27:13 And it was just such a privilege to be placed in her life.
27:18 Another super-fast story is we had, it seemed like a lot of
27:22 our people that came for the dental needed extractions,
27:26 and a lot of them had job interviews that they were really
27:29 looking forward to doing, so wanted to do their best.
27:32 So we just really felt like we were empowering people
27:34 by helping their health.
27:36 Our theme in Boise was Love Heals.
27:39 And that's going to be the title of our Northwest Convention
27:43 in the Spring of 2018.
27:46 But we had a home that our company had built
27:50 that was on the market.
27:51 And a realtor had showed the home and had noticed that the
27:54 crawl space cover was not quite in there straight and correct,
27:59 and after the showing went back and looked and found in the
28:02 crawl space that there was a sleeping bag and some clothes.
28:07 And we found out that a young man, 18 years old, who had aged
28:11 out of the foster care program, and was still just a junior in
28:14 high school, had nowhere else to live, and so he had somehow
28:17 found his way into the home and lived there at night.
28:20 And then when he'd go off to school during the day, he would
28:23 put his stuff in the crawl space.
28:24 And so that impacted us.
28:27 And we're setting up some homes in the area that have an older
28:31 couple that will have two or three of these kids that have
28:34 aged out of the foster care system.
28:36 And we're hoping that they're going to be able to live there
28:38 for two or three years till they get on their feet,
28:40 maybe even get into college, is our hope.
28:42 We're also helping with a number of orphanages around the world.
28:46 It's been a huge blessing to us.
28:48 There's been about thirty or so orphanages that we have helped
28:52 in different places.
28:54 And there's just... You know, sometimes there's so much need.
28:57 And I think that's one of the positive factors about ASI is
29:01 that, you know, you can't do it alone.
29:03 And there's so much encouragement that comes when
29:05 you're with people that have that like-mindedness of being
29:08 a conduit for God's love.
29:10 And that's something that Jill and I both, we have committed
29:13 ourselves to, is seeking out people that are like-minded,
29:16 that are like-hearted; and whether it's a clinic,
29:19 an orphanage, a foster home.
29:21 One, two last little things that we're involved with too,
29:26 and I shouldn't say little, but I don't know if we have the
29:30 slide about human trafficking.
29:32 There's millions of people that are caught up
29:34 in human trafficking right now, and only 1% are actually rescued
29:39 from that environment.
29:41 Can you imagine that?
29:42 Just 1% are actually rescued.
29:44 And we, our area in Boise, which has the community of Boise,
29:50 about 700,000 people, has over 70% church attendance,
29:55 but we have one of the highest hit rates for reported
29:58 human trafficking.
30:00 So even though you would think it would be a Christian
30:02 community, we've got a real problem on our hands.
30:05 And we're also reaching out and trying to do
30:06 something there as well.
30:08 So, Fred and Jill, you are actually in the business of
30:12 commercial real estate.
30:13 That's correct.
30:15 But you are finding every way that you can to do ministry.
30:18 Every minute!
30:19 Amen, that's awesome.
30:20 Dee Casper, Dee glad to have you here.
30:23 Now, Dee, it's my understanding that you grew up in the shadow
30:29 of a big satellite dish.
30:30 Ha ha ha, that's true!
30:32 Tell us about that.
30:33 Yeah, I grew up about 25 to 30 miles away from the 3ABN
30:36 world headquarters, and had never actually heard of a
30:38 Seventh-day Adventist for 21 years, and found it on
30:41 television in the Fall of 2006.
30:43 Okay, so the television station next door
30:46 you discovered in 2006.
30:48 So what programs did you start watching?
30:51 Doug Batchelor's, Most Amazing Prophecy series that he did
30:55 at Berrien Springs was the first thing.
30:56 It was super helpful.
30:58 I remember thinking, I wasn't doctrinally rooted.
30:59 I remember thinking, I've never heard this before,
31:01 but that's what the text says.
31:02 And the more I was hearing...
31:04 After that was David Asscherick's,
31:05 Discover Prophecy series.
31:07 And from there I went to find anything of David's that I
31:10 could on the Internet to just learn more.
31:11 You were baptized when?
31:13 At December 4th, 2010.
31:15 Okay, December 4th of 2010 is your Anniversary, and you became
31:18 a Seventh-day Adventist because of the television station next
31:21 door, and their ministry.
31:22 And then you've became involved in ministry.
31:25 In fact, I believe you are now leading a ministry
31:28 right next door to 3ABN.
31:29 Yeah, where the ministry is actually located
31:31 is on Miracle Lane.
31:32 We're on Miracle Lane right next to the original TV studio.
31:35 So UnScene Media Group, the ministry I work for,
31:38 that's where we're located. Yeah.
31:39 Okay, now tell us a little bit about that ministry.
31:42 So we are a professional film making organization,
31:44 so we create content internally, but we're doing a lot of work
31:47 for other organizations.
31:49 So this picture here is some devotional videos that GYC's
31:52 been releasing through Facebook.
31:53 We produced those for them.
31:55 There's another video we, or a picture we have right after
31:57 this of a cooking program we did for a physician here in
32:00 Texas, Dr. Donna Cooper Dockery.
32:03 And she has a television program encouraging people to get
32:07 healthy, and how to use food as medicine.
32:09 And so we actually filmed some cooking programs for those
32:11 television shows that she has while we were down in
32:14 Texas earlier this year.
32:16 We've done stuff for like NET School of Evangelism.
32:18 We made their promo video in other places.
32:20 So that's the industry that we use to raise funds to
32:24 do a lot of ministry.
32:25 So we do film making professionally, but our burden
32:28 is to raise funds to use internally,
32:31 to be able to do a lot of ministry.
32:33 So we have, basically our burden is to make content to reach
32:36 young people through social media that's principled,
32:39 that's Christ centered, that's modern, but we also have
32:43 training programs to equip young people to do media.
32:45 So the next picture we have here is from
32:48 our Summer Film Camp.
32:49 Basically we have 13 to 17 year olds for two
32:52 weeks in the summers.
32:53 They get a chance to actually learn how to make
32:55 their own short film.
32:56 We teach them how to write the script, how to do the story
32:58 boarding, how to film with 4K cameras, how to edit
33:02 on Final Cut Pro, and we let them use
33:04 MacBook Pros to do that, and then we have a film festival
33:07 through the 3ABN church at the end of those two weeks,
33:09 for them to show what they've made.
33:10 It was a huge success the year that we did it, last year.
33:13 And then we also have a nine month internship training
33:16 program called Idea.
33:17 This is one of our Interns actually giving a devotional
33:20 at Harvard Hills Academy, where we did a
33:22 Week of Prayer this last Fall.
33:23 And the next picture is of small groups happening in Texas,
33:28 where we had a youth event called War Plans,
33:30 basically training churches to start small groups,
33:33 and particularly to grow their youth groups in their community
33:36 dealing with heart issues for young people, short and to the
33:39 point like Ted Talk format.
33:40 Then they break into small groups and start
33:42 to digest even more.
33:43 And then we kind of leave them with materials to watch
33:45 together, then do small groups for the following weeks
33:48 to grow their youth group.
33:49 So that's our burden is media and evangelism.
33:52 The Idea program, the nine months training program is
33:55 basically like film school, and a school of
33:57 evangelism put together.
33:58 So if people have an interest in digital media,
34:01 but also have an interest in how to give a Bible study,
34:03 how to preach, how to share their faith.
34:05 We teach them all of that, and it's an internship format.
34:08 So it's not just sit in a classroom all day, and learning.
34:11 It's very, very hands on.
34:13 So when I travel and do a Week of Prayer, and speak at a
34:15 school somewhere, they come with; they share too.
34:17 When we travel and do film, for GYC and others, our girls last
34:21 year actually filmed that, and did the editing for it.
34:23 So you get to work on hands on projects to advance the
34:26 world church's mission.
34:28 It's an awesome opportunity.
34:29 We're really excited for it.
34:30 So that's the ministry side that we're doing.
34:32 We travel and speak in churches, we do weekends, Week of Prayers,
34:37 and any youth event; things like that.
34:38 That's one of our biggest burdens is to not just make
34:41 content, but also be involved in personal ministry.
34:44 And probably the most amazing testimony I've witnessed in the
34:48 time that I've been at UnScene, since of August of 2015 is
34:52 someone that was given a DVD of a sermon I shared
34:55 at the church locally.
34:56 So running this filmmaking industry has allowed us to do
34:59 lots of personal ministry, and preach in churches,
35:02 and do other things.
35:03 That's what keeps the doors open.
35:04 So one opportunity that came from this was I preached in a
35:06 church, and a family member gave them the DVD, The Message.
35:08 And I covered the sufferings of Christ
35:10 from Gethsemane through the cross.
35:12 And this person has wrestled with homosexuality for years,
35:16 since they were a young person.
35:18 And they heard this message, and they had the most profound
35:22 response to the gospel I've ever seen in my life.
35:24 And they could not turn this message off.
35:28 They literally put it on repeat when the message ended,
35:30 and put that on nonstop repeat for days.
35:33 They even left this thing playing for their dogs to listen
35:36 to when they left their house.
35:37 They couldn't turn it off, because for the first time
35:40 in his life he saw that he could be saved.
35:42 First time in his life!
35:44 He had an awful experience in religion;
35:45 not in Adventism, another church.
35:47 But he'd just been, had received a whole lot of scrutiny,
35:50 and unbelief being heaped upon him by Christians.
35:53 And so he thought, If this is the way Christians feel
35:56 about me, this must be the way that God feels about me.
35:58 But to hear this message he saw that God is not hate,
36:01 and that God actually loves and cares for me.
36:04 And what ended up happening was...
36:06 He told me the most profound thing I've
36:07 ever heard in my life.
36:09 He said, That message separated me from being gay.
36:13 It literally separated him from a former identity he'd had.
36:18 And he said that it was, For the first time in my life I saw
36:20 that I don't have to identify myself as a homosexual;
36:23 that Jesus doesn't see me that way.
36:25 And just an amazing, an amazing story that has continued to
36:30 strengthen my faith in the gospel, and to know that because
36:33 of the work that God has allowed us to do in filmmaking,
36:35 we can actually see this make a difference in people's lives
36:37 all around the country.
36:39 Dee, if I'm hearing correctly, and it's very moving. Thank you.
36:43 There's two really good good passions,
36:46 two really strong passions you have: one is training. Yes.
36:50 You want to train other people, especially young people,
36:52 to be able to utilize the passion that God has given them
36:56 in their skill development, but you're also reaching out and
36:58 touching specific people through your ministry.
37:01 Yeah, personal ministry 100%.
37:03 That's awesome! Thank you very very much for what you're doing.
37:05 Thank you.
37:06 It's my privilege to introduce my good friend Radim Passer.
37:09 Radim hails, he comes from the beautiful city of Prague,
37:15 Czech Republic, and Radim is a businessman.
37:20 He actually is in commercial...
37:22 He makes his living in commercial real estate.
37:24 We have two commercial real estate people up here today.
37:26 But Radim, several years ago you discovered that your passion
37:32 was to see people come to Christ, and evangelism.
37:36 And you heard about a little program called New Beginnings.
37:40 And I want you just to tell us a little bit about how you have
37:45 used New Beginnings, which of course, all of you know is
37:49 the DVD project where we actually teach
37:52 laypeople to preach sermons.
37:55 You've used that extensively in Prague. Tell us about it.
37:58 Good evening guests.
38:01 We would like to thank the ASI family for the amazing tool,
38:06 which is New Beginnings.
38:07 Using this project typically two ways: one of them is public
38:15 meetings, typically five times a week,
38:17 which we are doing once a year.
38:20 And we started about one and a half years ago to do something
38:24 for the business people.
38:25 Because business people very rarely can attend all
38:29 these meetings five times a week.
38:31 So we decided to prepare for people from the business
38:34 community during three days, all 26 lectures,
38:38 plus the life story of the preacher.
38:40 And things got... It's feasible.
38:44 That's awesome. So two ways.
38:46 I just want to point out, the traditional way of preaching
38:48 you've used, where you do the regular programs,
38:51 but also the intensive, and that intensive is something new.
38:55 We've all been very impressed watching that three
38:58 day intensive, Radim.
38:59 You've tested that out.
39:01 Sometimes the Europeans lead the way.
39:03 And we're glad for that.
39:05 But, you know, there was an experience that you had.
39:08 You took a group down to Tanzania.
39:11 And in Tanzania you were going to do a mission trip from
39:15 Central Europe, and you were going to go on that project.
39:19 Tell us a little bit about how many people you took,
39:21 and how this guy sitting next to you, Richard...
39:24 Richard, glad to have you here, too.
39:26 Richard got involved in this.
39:28 I worked with Richard's father a long time for private
39:32 videos, and for the corporation videos for us.
39:34 And his father asked me before we went to Tanzania to take
39:41 also his son with us.
39:43 And my decision was immediate, because I hoped it would be
39:48 a great experience for him.
39:49 Okay, now Richard, I want to direct the question to you now.
39:54 You got to go on this trip.
39:55 What was your situation right at that time in your life?
40:00 Well, Dan, my situation, I can tell you at that
40:04 time I was a big mess.
40:05 I was a big wreck. In my high school years I ended up
40:09 experimenting with some drugs and I ended up being addicted
40:13 for about ten years of my life.
40:15 And right around the time that I met Radim is about the time
40:20 that my Mom had enough with me over here in the
40:22 United States, and she said, Go back to your father and work
40:26 with him for some time.
40:27 Maybe he'll straighten out.
40:28 So thinking that I would just go back to the Czech Republic
40:32 and kind of escape this addiction...
40:35 Um, that did not happen.
40:37 Actually it got even worse.
40:38 I ended up using Heroin and methamphetamines over there.
40:41 I did end up meeting Radim, and started doing some video
40:46 work for him with my father.
40:48 And some of the first work that we had the opportunity to do
40:52 was the New Beginnings.
40:54 And when we started the New Beginnings I started seeing
40:57 some very revolutionary things that I never heard of.
41:01 I mean I've heard of Jesus before, but just as, you know,
41:04 some maybe mythical character.
41:06 But the things that I heard there, the whole 25 lectures
41:10 we had, I mean my world got flipped upside down.
41:13 And so that was the beginning of maybe some sort of at least
41:19 a mental transformation.
41:21 So then soon enough I heard the theory, because I did
41:25 three of those seminars.
41:28 And after that... But my addiction kept
41:31 getting worse and worse.
41:32 I mean I was just a wreck.
41:34 I mean I could still video tape, I could still function and all
41:37 that, but as long as I had my dose.
41:40 That was priority at that time.
41:41 That was my God. So what ended up happening, my father already
41:45 knew of that, so he asked Radim, He said, Look, can I take
41:49 my son with me to Tanzania?
41:51 Maybe that will have an influence, because, I mean,
41:53 trust me, he was hopeless with me.
41:55 I mean he didn't know what to do anymore.
41:57 So Radim said yes, and I appreciated that a lot,
42:00 because they knew about my situation and, you know,
42:02 I was sketchy to say the least.
42:04 So we have, you know, risk takers.
42:06 One of the things about ASI; business people
42:08 have to be risk takers.
42:10 So, Radim, you took a risk that this guy could come and
42:14 still contribute, right?
42:15 Are you glad you did that risk?
42:17 We are all risky people for Jesus.
42:20 That's right. We're looking for Jesus.
42:21 So you were grateful that he took the risk on you, Richard.
42:24 And you recognized that he was taking a risk?
42:26 Yeah, I did recognize that.
42:28 I mean it was a big risk, but at the same time, what ended up
42:31 happening is that I was there for about one month.
42:34 And that was the first time that I was actually in a
42:37 community with Seventh-day Adventists for one month.
42:40 I mean you couldn't go anywhere, you know.
42:42 And I met this other guy, Bill, and he had the same experience;
42:45 or he went through an addiction as well.
42:47 So I talked to him, and he was the first person I
42:50 actually opened up to.
42:51 Because at that time I was kind of hiding it.
42:53 I mean I was kind of embarrassed about it.
42:54 So Bill was like, Man, I was, you know, I was an addict
42:59 as well with my wife, but we gave ourselves to the Lord,
43:01 and from day to day it was just gone.
43:03 From that time, I mean, I was just going through hopelessness.
43:06 I thought it was never going to end.
43:08 I mean they tell you, you know, at all these meetings in AA,
43:10 and all that, that like, Oh, you're an addict for life.
43:12 So that's a very helpless situation.
43:15 But, so he was like, Just give yourself over to Jesus.
43:19 Just talk to Him. Pray.
43:21 So I went back to the Czech Republic after this
43:23 whole inspiring moment.
43:25 And about... It still took me about another two years.
43:27 I mean it was quite some time.
43:28 And I went to rehab there.
43:30 And I did just that when that big withdrawal came through,
43:34 because that was seven years of opiates.
43:35 And I can tell you right now that's, it's rough.
43:39 So over there in the detox I said, Lord, I was like,
43:43 if You're out there, and if You're listening to me like
43:45 all these people said that You were, I promise
43:49 I will go the right way.
43:50 Just get me out of this situation.
43:52 And I can tell you that the next day He did just that.
43:55 Amen! Amen! I want you all to know...
43:57 Yeah, thank you! Go ahead!
43:59 Say, express your feelings!
44:01 Um, there's a two part formula that Richard has shared.
44:07 And I want all of you, both those of you who may be watching
44:10 from home right now, those of you who are in the audience,
44:12 you may have struggled with addictions yourself.
44:17 You may have a family member that struggles with addictions.
44:21 Addictions are everywhere in our society.
44:24 But I want you to know that here's a man that had a
44:26 two pronged approach: one was give your heart to
44:30 Jesus and pray, right?
44:31 When a man gives, or a woman gives their heart to Jesus,
44:34 and prays, things happen.
44:35 Secondly, you got professional help, and went into rehab.
44:38 And the prayers were answered, and you have had an incredible
44:42 journey since that time.
44:44 Now I want to take a few more minutes and just talk about
44:46 your journey, okay?
44:49 Now in that journey, since you had that victory, and you began,
44:52 your life has been full of all kinds of things.
44:55 Tell us a little bit about that.
44:57 Okay, so the first thing was after this miraculous healing
45:02 that came about, and this is just after one prayer.
45:05 That, I mean I didn't do anything else, I just prayed.
45:07 So the next day I felt like I was maybe ten years younger.
45:11 So, and I had this like tingle in my spine, and I just knew
45:14 that this was the way.
45:16 I mean everything just clicked from what I learned from the
45:19 New Beginnings, and everything just clicked in altogether.
45:22 And so what happened then is that, obviously, I went through
45:24 the whole rehab and I came out fresh.
45:26 I mean I went out of there, I was like,
45:28 I'm drug free for life.
45:29 I mean people were like, Oh, you're crazy.
45:31 You know, you'll be back here again.
45:32 And, you know, they're doubting, you know that.
45:34 But I knew already in my heart that once I followed Jesus,
45:37 that He'll be able to get me out.
45:39 And, you know, frankly I was like, Well, what I was doing
45:43 back then was bad, so I needed to go the totally
45:45 opposite direction, not just stay off of drugs.
45:47 I mean I needed to go the whole nine yards,
45:50 as far away as I can.
45:51 And I was like, Well, the best thing to do is to follow Jesus.
45:55 I mean He was sinless.
45:57 I mean, you know, He was the definition of good.
45:59 Yeah. So I did just that.
46:02 And from then on I figured, I was like,
46:04 I've got to tell more people about this.
46:06 I mean, obviously, I mean this is, if I would have known this
46:08 earlier I would have done this way back.
46:10 So what ended up happening is I ended up going back to the
46:13 rehab, because there were these AA meetings that you're
46:15 allowed to go back to as a member of
46:18 the rehab; Prague's finest.
46:20 I was able to go back over there and share my
46:25 testimony with them.
46:27 During the wintertime I go there at least once a week, so...
46:30 Okay, good! My last question.
46:32 I just want to ask, If you...
46:34 Lots of people are listening to you right now.
46:36 And your testimony is a very powerful one, Richard.
46:39 If you could say anything you wanted to any of these people,
46:41 or anybody who might be watching on television,
46:43 what would you say?
46:44 Okay, well I would say that we do have to understand that
46:49 it's really difficult with addicts.
46:50 I mean you can't trust them, which is why I was even
46:54 surprised that Radim did.
46:56 I mean knowing that, I would, I could cause a lot of trouble.
46:59 I was very unreliable.
47:01 So I would say to them definitely have
47:05 compassion, and a lot of love.
47:07 You know, the trust part you always have to keep an eye out,
47:11 nut the prayer, I think, is very important.
47:14 The prayer is really important, because I know that Radim and
47:17 a bunch of people from the organization were praying for
47:19 me, because my dad reached out to them.
47:21 I didn't know that until later.
47:23 And so the prayer is definitely very important.
47:25 And then, like you said in the beginning, the involvement
47:29 in the community, I think, was very strong for me.
47:31 I mean that was a big testimony, because you can hear a lot of
47:34 things, let's say on the street, but when you involve somebody
47:38 in like a Seventh-day Adventist community,
47:41 that they can see the true love.
47:43 I mean I was telling myself, I was like, These people have
47:46 something that I've never had.
47:48 I mean they have some kind of love that I really, really want.
47:51 And that's what ended up happening.
47:52 That's what ended up drawing me near to that.
47:55 So the prayer and then the involvement.
47:58 Amen, can you say Amen? Amen!
48:00 Thank you all. Now Radim are you...
48:01 Last question. Are you glad that you invited him to Tanzania?
48:04 I am grateful to God, because He is so good, and always,
48:09 this is experience, by experience.
48:12 He's overcame our expectations.
48:15 Amen, Amen! Thank you!
48:18 I remember once upon a time I was...
48:21 I started Pastoring very early.
48:24 I was about 21 years old.
48:26 And I remember sitting in my first board meeting.
48:29 And I asked them... I didn't know about
48:33 or anything of that kind, and I said,
48:37 That board meeting started at about 6:00 o'clock, and we ended
48:40 at 10:00 o'clock that evening: 4 hours!
48:43 I learned an important thing about organization, and that is
48:50 before we expect to have a great outcome, we must be willing
48:54 to work beforehand.
48:55 The reason why that board meeting took about four hours
48:58 is I realized that I had not, I didn't have the tools to do
49:03 something great, or to organize the meeting.
49:05 And as a result we dragged on and wasted time.
49:09 And I really think things like ASI, GYC,
49:12 help with those things.
49:13 They give you tools.
49:14 They give you a vision so that you're able to work well
49:18 and not waste people's time, and really have a great outcome,
49:22 idea, and be efficient.
49:23 And that is my tip that I want to leave with you: work, and
49:28 work, and work well.


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