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00:20 Denzil, you need to join this organization called ASI. And I
00:24 will tell you it changed our lives, didn't it?
00:27 Absolutely it changed our life and we are so grateful to God
00:32 for this opportunity to be involved in the ASI ministry.
00:36 When we went 30 years ago I thought there's about 300 people
00:41 there. What are we going to do? I realize that God has something
00:45 special for us as a family to do. There wasn't anything for
00:49 children at that time. I said Denzil, we have to have
00:52 something for the children and the youth. That's so important.
00:56 And as you saw last night, I was a beaming Grammy sitting on the
01:00 second row up here watching my grandson. Isn't it special that
01:05 we have something at ASI for our youth and our children. And you
01:09 know what, if you're not a member of ASI we think you should join
01:14 ASI. We would love to have you.
01:17 You know ASI has changed our family, changed our way of life
01:22 and changed how we look at how we can use our businesses and
01:27 our opportunities to share Christ in the marketplace.
01:29 And I invite each and every one of you to become involved and if
01:33 you're not a member please join. You'll not regret it. So you can
01:37 enjoy the same joys and privileges that we have had to
01:41 share Christ in our marketplace and be part of this great work
01:45 in seeing our Lord come because he's coming very, very soon.
01:49 Amen. Jesus is coming soon so please find out more about ASI
01:53 membership on our Website, We want you
01:57 to be a part of the family. God bless you and happy Sabbath.
02:01 The second coming of Jesus Christ just impels me to
02:06 understand how better to relate to people because I
02:11 believe Jesus is coming very soon. In fact, every morning
02:15 before I leave the house I have prayer with my precious wife
02:20 Nancy asking God to prepare us for the day, to bless particular
02:26 situations and just to understand what it is that God
02:29 wants us to do. I'll tell you, to be connected with the Lord
02:33 every day, to realize that he's coming back soon for you and for
02:38 me, that ought to tell of us we need to do something for the
02:44 Lord right now. ASI is one of those dynamic organizations that
02:49 just thrills you when you attend a convention, when you
02:54 get involved in sharing Christ in the marketplace every day.
02:58 ASI is something that will help you to understand better your
03:03 role in the great proclamation of the three angels' messages.
03:07 Let me tell you, the very core of the three angels' messages is
03:12 the righteousness of Jesus Christ. What a happy, wonderful
03:14 subject to share in the marketplace. So I want to
03:17 encourage each of you to become a member of ASI. It will not
03:22 only enrich you personally and your family it'll give you the
03:27 tools to really help you to know Christ and to share him as
03:31 we come to Christ's soon second return.
03:40 ¤ ¤ O Worship the King.
04:55 I'd like to invite you to stand for our morning prayer.
05:01 Our heavenly Father, as delegates of ASI and members of
05:07 ASI stand before you this morning, we pray that you'll
05:11 accept our praise, our thanksgiving. May it mingle with
05:15 that of the angels around your throne. May we see our
05:18 heavenly Savior, our precious Savior and his nail-scarred
05:22 hands interceding for us. Dear heavenly Father we thank you for
05:27 raising up this organization, for using it the past 70 years.
05:29 The untold, unseen good that's been done around the world
05:36 because of the dedication and commitment of the members of ASI
05:40 will only be realized when we get to the kingdom. So we want
05:45 to start praising you for that now. We pray you continue to use
05:50 us to advance your cause in the earth, to hasten the coming of
05:55 Jesus. Unite us as one like never before. We want to be
06:00 ready when Jesus comes. Father may our lives give evidence that
06:05 the living Christ is living in us and that his power through
06:11 us, our hands, our voices, is seen in the world. Father, thank
06:16 you for blessing ASI and now we pray that you pour out your
06:21 Spirit on this organization and all of us, our speaker and our
06:27 ears and hearts. In Jesus' name. Amen.
06:31 I invite you to remain standing as we sing our opening song,
06:37 Crown Him With Many Crowns
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09:45 You may be seated.
09:47 Good morning and Happy Sabbath ASI. I'm here before you again
09:57 and as we prepare for the morning's offering, we would
10:01 like to share with you three projects. The first is the
10:05 Ethiopian Union Mission for the funding of the providing
10:10 scriptures or Bibles, Spirit of Prophecy and training for former
10:14 Orthodox clergy. The second is a project named Kibidula,
10:19 in Tanzania in Africa and a third is our New Beginnings
10:24 picture rolls which you have seen posted here all week long.
10:29 The first is of a sensitive nature. It's the testimony of a
10:36 former Orthodox clergyman and because of the risk to his
10:42 safety I am telling you his testimony. In the order and the
10:49 community where they live they take a vow for simplicity so
10:54 they have very few belongings because they have devoted their
11:01 lives to religious things. And this particular clergyman, his
11:08 name is Elias, we'll call him Elias, came upon a Bible that
11:13 was translated by a local Adventist pastor. In reading the
11:18 Bible, which actually is forbidden among these clergymen
11:23 he discovered wonderful truths and he couldn't help believe
11:31 what he was reading. They have a Steps to Christ that he was
11:36 reading and he was reading these things and he was so overjoyed
11:41 he felt that he just had to share it with someone and so
11:45 with his closest confidants he would share these truths of the
11:51 Bible. He was discovered for these truths were not
11:56 necessarily well received by all They took him out into the woods
12:05 They removed his shoes and they beat the bottom of his feet.
12:11 Now you need to understand because they have this vow of
12:16 simplicity that they don't have many belongings and so the way
12:20 they travel and get around is by walking. So you can
12:24 understand how this disabled and this injury affected him. They
12:31 tied him to a tree and this was very disturbing for him because
12:36 he remembers that others who were under punishment were tied
12:42 to a tree and left for three days. And if they lived, if they
12:48 weren't eaten by wild animals, then they were admitted back
12:53 into the community. But he praised God because they tied
12:58 him to a tree just for an hour. But they threatened him and they
13:05 said you will not tell these truths. You keep these things to
13:13 yourself. But he could not. How could he? How could we keep the
13:21 truths of God to ourselves. So he continues in a very
13:27 clandestine and secret way to share with his brothers in that
13:31 community the truths, the full truths, present truth of the
13:38 Bible and what he's learned in reading Steps to Christ. We were
13:44 able to talk with another clergyman who indicated that
13:50 because of the sharing of these truths, and he was discovered,
13:53 they broke his arm and because they don't have much, he
13:58 didn't have the resources to seek medical assistance and so
14:04 for four months he lived with that broken arm. And it wasn't
14:10 until he was able to go out and visit the SDA pastor, the
14:15 Adventist pastor, that the pastor saw what happened and
14:19 was able to raise funds and get him the medical assistance. When
14:25 they went to the doctor, the physician looked at his injury
14:28 and exclaimed why have you now brought him to me. I don't even
14:32 know if I can save his arm. In examination he determine that he
14:36 needed to actually cut off part of the bone before he reattached
14:40 and reset the arm. So now this former clergyman has one arm
14:47 shorter than the other because he dared to share Christ with
14:53 another. Another clergyman wanted to give a specific
15:03 message to us here in the west let's say and he said this: Our
15:12 time of persecution is now for sharing the gospel, for telling
15:19 others about Jesus. Our time of persecution is now, speaking of
15:24 himself and his other brothers who have learned of these Bible
15:31 truths. But he says to the west, your persecution is not yet.
15:37 That to me is an admonition that while we still have time, while
15:44 we still have freedom, while we still have ability, while we
15:50 still have resources that we must take advantage of this time
15:56 now to share with our brothers and sisters. They say the west
16:02 doesn't understand what it means to be persecuted. We don't
16:06 understand trouble. We've heard some in the news, Christians
16:11 being beheaded, being killed for their faith just because they
16:17 call themselves Christians. We are so blessed but we have an
16:22 obligation that we must take advantage of this time to do the
16:27 Lord's bidding now, now, before it's too late. So as you
16:34 consider this particular project for former Orthodox clergymen
16:40 who have decided to remain in that environment so they can
16:45 reach out to their brothers, let us give them what they need
16:50 in order to share the gospel. Let us give them the full truths
16:55 of the Bible, the Spirit of Prophecy and good training so
17:00 that they will be able to tell their brothers and others that
17:06 Jesus is coming soon. For our second project I would like to
17:13 introduce you to a family. So as they come out here to stand
17:19 before me I'm introducing you to the Fournier's Their lovely girls
17:26 Tolisa, Emily and Shiloh and we have Jason and his wife
17:32 Antoinette. The reason I want to introduce them to you as a
17:38 family is that they run and work on a ministry in Kibidula in
17:43 Tanzania as a family and as only one family in the midst of many
17:48 families and many others who are ministering to other in the
17:52 Kibidula area. So I wanted you to meet them so that you would
17:57 know that this is a special collaboration. This is a
18:00 partnership that's important because it takes all of us,
18:05 family, and families to share the love of Jesus. So at this
18:09 time Antoinette is going to share more about that Kibidula
18:13 project.
18:14 Good morning ASI. Thank you so much for the opportunity to hear
18:19 what we have to say. Kibidula has been a part of our lives for
18:24 many years. Our children were born and raised there and we are
18:28 still laboring there. But what makes it so special is that in
18:32 process of reaching out to help others we ourselves are
18:35 receiving the help that we so desperately need and isn't that
18:39 just the beauty of the Christian walk? The Lord loves us very
18:44 much. Kibidula Mission is supportive ministry of the
18:48 Seventh-day Adventist church in Tanzania, East Africa and is
18:52 a long-standing member of ASI and Outpost Centers
18:55 International. If I could sum up everything we do and stand for
19:00 at the mission it would be this. Education. At the primary school
19:04 which is an English media primary school, 148 students
19:08 receive a Seventh-day Adventist Christian education as outlined
19:12 in God's word. These young students not only learn from
19:16 books but they work and they plant and they also learn to
19:21 make things with their hands. In a moment, I will return to
19:25 talk about the second school that we have for at risk youth
19:29 ages 14-22. The third school that we have is our lay
19:35 missionary training program where lay people from churches
19:39 in Tanzania come for five months to learn how to be effective
19:43 soul winners for Christ. We train about 65 lay people every
19:46 year and over the years we have chosen the very best of these
19:51 lay missionaries and 26 of them are laboring in unreached areas
19:55 of Tanzania where there is no Adventist presence. Can you
20:00 imagine that-no Adventist presence. And these missionaries
20:05 face privation and sometimes danger as they work in
20:08 especially difficult areas of the country. As I speak many new
20:13 companies of believers are worshipping in mud huts or under
20:17 trees because they don't have churches. You can only imagine
20:21 the blessing the one-day church program has been for these
20:24 believers because the cost of a roof is the greatest factor
20:29 hindering them from having their own church and it's with much
20:32 appreciation that they look to ASI and say thank you because
20:37 especially in Tanzania if you don't have a church you don't
20:40 have a message. By God's grace we have been able to build over
20:44 500 one-day churches in Tanzania. In July 2014, we
20:53 jumped at the opportunity to start a printing operation and
20:57 we started printing tracts from inside the garage. Thanks to the
21:01 support of ASI we have been able to build a new printing building
21:05 to house our two presses and folding and packing machines
21:08 that were donated to the mission In July of this year, we printed
21:15 one million Glow tracts in the Swahili language and in just
21:19 four days distributed them in the city of Dar es Salaam with
21:24 the help of local churches. Our publishing department stays busy
21:29 translating quality books into Swahili, doing the layout and
21:33 design, getting it printed in Poland, and selling it into the
21:37 colporteur system in Tanzania. Currently Dr. Hans Dielh's book
21:41 the U-Turn is a best seller. Kibidula also invests a lot of
21:47 time and energy into teaching the health message, not only to
21:51 our students but also to the community through public health
21:55 seminars and health expos and helping guests who come to our
21:59 lifestyle center. But all these programs to win souls to Jesus
22:04 cost money and it is our aim to become self-supporting. We
22:08 believe the time is coming when support from the outside will no
22:13 longer reach us and great drive currently to become self
22:17 supporting through an export business of avocados. Over the
22:21 last three years we have planted over 80 acres of avocados by our
22:26 own team grafting and growing these threes. Now to come back
22:32 to our second school. On July 10 I received a notification on my
22:36 Instagram feed from the Voice of the Martyrs. It was an urgent
22:41 call to pray for three young teenage girls who had been
22:45 rescued in Tanzania. These girls of whom one is a primary school
22:49 student and the two others secondary school students have
22:55 recently converted from Islam to Christianity. The girls were
22:58 captured and raped by their Imam and arrangements were made for
23:02 them to marry Muslim men. In Tanzania girls can be legally
23:06 married at age 15. Fortunately these marriages didn't take
23:11 place and these girls are now in good homes. Attention is being
23:16 given to the schooling options remaining for the two older
23:19 girls who became pregnant and were expelled from public school
23:25 for life unless new laws come into effect soon. In 2001, the
23:29 government established a primary education program which made
23:34 primary school attendance for children age 7-15 compulsory.
23:39 By also abolishing the mandatory primary school fees Tanzania has
23:44 made a huge change to education with 92 percent of boys and
23:50 girls attending primary school in 2012. However, when you come
23:56 to lower secondary education this number changes
23:59 significantly with only 32 percent of boys attending and
24:04 24 percent of girls. And when you realize that Tanzania is one
24:08 of the youngest countries on earth with 71 percent of the
24:13 population age 30 years and younger, this statistic is
24:17 staggering. There are many factors contributing to this
24:21 education crisis but one factor that demands scrutiny and
24:26 attention is the plight of the vulnerable girl. Boys are
24:30 vulnerable too. But statistics show that Tanzania has
24:50 Some research shows that mandatory pregnancy testing in
24:53 schools and the expulsion of pregnant students from primary
24:57 and secondary schools has been going on for over 50 years.
25:01 Between 5000 and 8000 girls have dropped out of school annually
25:05 between 2008-2011 due to pregnancy. This figure is a
25:09 gross underestimate because of unknown factors such as
25:13 abortion, suicide and girls dropping out of school before
25:17 they can be caught and publicly shamed. Public shaming is the
25:22 systematic tactic aimed at girls who have broken the law of
25:26 morality in Tanzania. The reasoning is that by making
25:29 these girls a public example and denying them further education
25:34 it will discourage other girls from being promiscuous. These
25:38 girls can't again attend public school without a letter of
25:42 good standing from your previous school and an explanation for
25:48 the time of absence from school. So rape, sexual harassment and
25:54 coercion from teachers, male students or other adults or
25:57 simply one bad decision on the part of a poverty stricken and
26:02 often desperate girl is the end of her educational life. The
26:05 only options remaining for these girls are to attend private
26:09 schools, which are unaffordable to the poor or to go to the
26:13 vocational training schools that require a certificate of
26:17 successful education of lower secondary education or to get
26:21 married. It is a fact that almost two out of every five
26:25 girls in Tanzania are married by age 18 and that 70 percent
26:30 are married by age 20. Women with no education tend to have
26:35 an average of 6.9 babies. Women with primary education 5.6
26:39 babies and women with secondary education and higher 3.2 babies.
26:47 Astonishingly statistics show that 53 percent of women in
26:50 Tanzania justify wife beating. Unfortunately I cannot take the
26:56 time here to talk about the research of international human
27:02 right groups such as antislavery highlighting the deplorable
27:06 issue of one million child domestic workers in Tanzania.
27:12 In 2004, Kibidula mission in partnership with _
27:17 Switzerland started a vocational training center for vulnerable
27:20 youth that is unique. It is an agricultural training school
27:24 that is specifically for primary school failures and secondary
27:29 school dropouts, giving them a second chance to become educated
27:34 contributors to society. This program is free so the poorest
27:38 student who wants to learn can attend. Students who pass
27:42 receive government issued certificate which enables them
27:46 to enter the work force as skilled labor. At the mission
27:50 these boys and girls live on three separate farm units,
27:54 two for boys and one for girls, where they put into practice all
27:58 that they learned in the classroom. They grow their own
28:02 food, keep their own livestock, have their own beehive, press
28:07 their own oil, plant their own avocado orchards and sell extra
28:11 crops and in addition to agriculture they learn carpentry
28:15 and sewing skills. The girls sewed this outfit that I'm
28:19 wearing for ASI and they do send their greetings to you here. But
28:25 the best news is that over 90 percent of these young people
28:29 accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and are baptized into the
28:33 Seventh-day Adventist church. But the need is so big that we
28:36 have outgrown the original perimeters set for this program
28:41 so that we can help more boys and girls. We are so thankful
28:45 for the extra classrooms that were added to the program last
28:49 year as well as six small houses for teachers. We have now more
28:54 girls attending than boys, but because we only have one girls'
28:58 dormitory we really feel the pinch. Currently the girls are
29:03 sleeping two to a single bed so the need for a girls' dormitory
29:08 that is secure from harassment, that is clean and neat is real.
29:12 And we just want to express our sincere appreciation to the Lord
29:16 and ASI for choosing this project to be part of the 2017
29:20 missions offering. This offering will enable us to build a new
29:26 girls dormitory to house and educate an additional 42 girls.
29:31 The foundations are already built. We're just waiting for
29:36 the building to start. I'm so excited to see how the Lord will
29:41 bless and help us to not only help these young people realize
29:46 their worth in this world but most of all to be a part of that
29:51 army of youth that will finish the work on this earth. Thank
29:55 you ASI for partnering with us and helping us to accomplish
30:00 this mission. Happy Sabbath.
30:02 Our last project is the New Beginnings Picture Roll. With
30:10 me is Norm Reitz who is the vice president for evangelism
30:16 and Norm I know that in your role the torch has been passed
30:21 to you to continue with the development and the perfecting
30:25 of materials and tools that we can use for lay evangelism as
30:30 well as for pastors. What does this mean for the world church
30:34 in the accomplishment of spreading the gospel around the
30:37 world to have these tools.
30:38 Well for New Beginnings, if you heard the numbers this morning
30:43 out of Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya they are historically huge
30:47 251,000 baptisms after three months of meetings. The new
30:51 development within ASI and the World Church is the picture roll.
30:57 When Desmond Doss's film Hacksaw Ridge came out if you saw it, he
31:02 is rescuing people, lowering them down the miano escarpment
31:08 and he prays, and he prays Lord give me one more, one more Lord.
31:15 In ASI our prayer is Lord, one more soul for the kingdom. One
31:21 more, Lord. The New Beginnings picture roll that's hanging here
31:26 on our hut is being introduced at ASI as a major part of our
31:32 offerings. We believe it is going to lead hundreds of
31:36 thousands, probably millions to the Lord. It is a child of New
31:42 Beginnings. There are 26 segments. Each one has seven
31:46 evangelistic pictures and one health poster. We are printing
31:53 two-sided on light weight, plastic water-proof paper.
31:58 They're to be put into rolls and carried to the field. There for
32:03 use in places where there's no electricity and no
32:06 infrastructure. We believe that these rolls will be preserved,
32:12 treasured and used and that many will come to know the God
32:18 of heaven and Christ as their savior and have a hope of heaven
32:23 because of them.
32:24 Amen. So at this time we would like to share with you a video
32:28 that gives you some more information right on the field
32:32 with the New Beginnings picture roll.
32:35 ¤ ¤
32:43 Over 100,000 evangelistic meetings have been held using
32:46 New Beginnings materials all over the world and our
32:49 opportunity to bring the gospel to the third world is greatly
32:53 enhanced by brining pictures to them.
32:56 This is the Kajero
32:58 District or county and this area is the Massai land. Now the
33:03 Massais are not drawn to reading or even listening to the
33:07 radio. They are people who move from place to place seeking for
33:12 pastures for the animals. But I think Massais would literally
33:18 magnetized by the picture rolls. It is awesome when you use a
33:23 picture roll in the _ to explain Biblical truth.
33:28 Imagine for somebody who has never seen and imagined how
33:33 Jesus will come and then he sees for the first time that picture
33:38 of Christ descending with angels surrounding his throne.
33:43 And the people looking up too at that. Oh it's just an
33:48 awesome picture. So convicting. It sends the message
33:53 powerfully into their mind.
34:09 There is nothing more important to God than the salvation of men
34:14 and women. That's why God used every way possible, every means
34:18 available to save them. I am so excited about the picture roll
34:22 project because it gives us a tool, it gives us an opportunity
34:26 for God to work. Think about it. God is going to use this project
34:30 to win 10s of thousands for his kingdom.
34:33 It's been inspiring to see all these beautiful works of art
34:38 produced by some of the best Christian artists on this planet
34:43 to become part of this picture roll.
34:47 I think what motivates me as an artist to do the type of art I
34:50 do is the awareness that a painting can have a profound
34:53 effect on people who see them. Evangelists often use art and
34:57 images to help convey the message of sharing the gospel.
35:02 To me a painting can be a very profound tool of evangelism.
35:16 With over 120,000 series of meetings this year this tool is
35:22 invaluable in putting it in the hands of lay people to help them
35:25 with evangelism. Many of those sites do not have access to
35:29 electricity. They need a way to share the gospel and to share
35:34 through pictures is an ideal way to help people understand more
35:38 about the sacrifice that has been made on their behalf.
35:43 In our Christian experience the word of God is so vital to all
35:48 that we experience with our Lord Jesus Christ. And many of us who
35:52 have availability to beautiful pictures and being able to
35:56 access things on line or in some kind of program, we have a
36:01 great advantage. However, there are thousands, yes millions, of
36:05 people who don't have that advantage and the picture roll
36:10 project is just for them. It's for people who will take this
36:14 precious project and they will used it in total member
36:19 involvement sharing Jesus with others, being a part of it.
36:23 ¤ ¤
36:36 Ah, that was very exciting wasn't it? Do you know that that
36:40 actually took place. That was not set up. That was actually an
36:44 evangelistic series Keith where people actually got baptized.
36:49 You know the area rivers were all dried up. But people wanted
36:54 to be baptized and so let's fill the cow troughs with water and
36:57 that's where they baptized people because they wanted to be
37:01 baptized. Amen. I just want to walk everyone through this so
37:05 that we understand exactly how this works. So that's beautiful.
37:09 For the first one, as you heard Norm say, we have something for
37:14 a health talk. So we actually have diagrams there and we have
37:17 a script so that individuals can follow that and actually teach
37:21 them about health practices. And then we go from picture to
37:24 picture that outlines a particular sermon. They have
37:29 sermon notes to follow and there are seven of those pictures that
37:33 actually go with each particular sermon. Thank you Kyle for
37:39 turning the pictures for us so anybody can get a real good
37:45 feel for how the picture roll works. So this must be really
37:50 exciting for you Keith. Keith is one who has grown up in the
37:55 Congo and in Tanzania. You've used the first generation
37:57 picture rolls and this must be exciting for you to see this.
38:01 How does this make you feel?
38:03 I am absolutely floored. This is just wonderful. I remember
38:05 growing up and my mom would go out under the trees and
38:08 sometimes I would translate for her in Swahili giving Bible
38:11 stories with these picture rolls My wife and I both have one at
38:14 out house. We take them out in our vehicle, on our motorcycle,
38:16 on a weekly basis and you know I've had so many good
38:20 experiences teaching from these. I remember teaching about heaven
38:23 at a funeral, actually it was my little sister who we brought
38:26 into our home, an AIDS orphan, and different experiences that
38:30 we've had sharing with such a simple beautiful tool. I'm so
38:33 excited that an entire evangelistic series can be
38:35 shared simply with these pictures.
38:37 That's wonderful. Now is this the only tool. You have
38:40 Something in your backpack that we can actually see that
38:45 complements or expands the possibilities for evangelism.
38:48 When I go out to preach I usually have in my backpack a
38:52 Bible, some sermon notes and a projector. And that's what I've
38:55 got today. This is an amazing little projector, reasonably
38:58 priced and I am excited that you can get it out there for less
39:01 than a hundred dollars actually. Well wonderful. And the sermon
39:04 notes go right along with the picture roll so even somebody
39:08 who just didn't have a lot of _ but they like to read
39:11 they can read. That's all it takes
39:13 All right. So who would use the projector. Do you have to
39:16 actually plug that into electricity?
39:18 Sure. And out in the bush I pull a generator on my motorcycle all
39:21 the time. We're always packing that thing up, it happens.
39:24 So I know we have the projector You can put the sermons actually
39:29 right in there through a USB port on a flash drive so that
39:33 can show and then you have the picture rolls, which is the
39:36 analogue representation and then you even have your phone so you
39:41 can download those sermons on your phone. So we have covered
39:45 every possibility for sharing the word of God in sermons for
39:49 everywhere around the world from as a friend of mine said the
39:53 artic down to the Congo.
39:54 Yes that's right. Praise the Lord.
39:56 That's phenomenal. So you're looking forward to getting these
39:59 This is wonderful material. We are just on fire about this. We
40:01 think about all the people that we are training. We're involved
40:04 in training people for total member involvement in Congo
40:06 right now. All the people that will be benefitted from having
40:10 these materials to preach from. I'm excited.
40:11 Oh that's wonderful. Now I just want to let you know... So we're
40:17 talking about the cost of these. Our first print run of 10,000
40:21 will be about 55 dollars each. That will be the cost for that
40:27 print run. So if you are able to sponsor 100 of those then that's
40:35 5500 dollars. You know I'm bad at math, right? Five hundred and
40:40 fifty dollars. (Laughs) and then if you want to do a thousand
40:44 that's 55,000 dollars. And we know that there are individuals
40:48 out there that can do all of these things. So we're just
40:52 tugging on your heart strings. The Lord just wants us to be
40:55 able to put these in your hands so that you can go out and share
40:59 the message. We look forward to giving these to you, Keith, so
41:02 that you can evangelize the world out of Congo and Tanzania
41:05 and in the surrounding area.
41:06 Praise the Lord. Thank you Debbie.
41:08 Thank you Kyle. Isn't this exciting. We have a tremendous
41:14 opportunity before us today. And I'm really excited about it
41:19 because it covers a whole breadth of opportunity.
41:22 But right now I think I want us to just zoom right in on this
41:30 picture. This is the second coming. So I want you to
41:34 imagine with me our former Orthodox clergymen standing here
41:41 watching Jesus come. I want you to imagine with me the young
41:47 ladies and the men who are at Kibidula Farm at Kibidula and
41:52 they're learning and they're being taken care of but they're
41:56 also being instructed about Jesus and they're giving their
42:00 lives to the Lord and they're standing there looking at
42:04 Jesus' coming. And then we think about the people in the Congo.
42:09 We think about the people in the arctic, we think about people all
42:13 around the world standing there watching Jesus come. But how
42:21 they know if we don't tell them? It's incredible opportunity for
42:27 us today that we can put in the hands of all the ministries that
42:32 we talked about, all the ministries that are in your
42:36 program guide. Give them the tools so that they can share the
42:40 love of Jesus with others. But we must fill their hands so that
42:45 they can help others. They can't do it alone. If we're unable to
42:49 go there then we can certainly support them so that they can
42:55 tell others. We need to tell others here. We need to let our
43:00 former Orthodox clergymen who said your persecution is not yet
43:06 We need to accept that admonition that we will take
43:09 advantage of the opportunity and make sure that we will let
43:13 others know that Jesus is coming Can you do that with me today?
43:17 Can you pledge your support to Jesus that we will be in
43:21 partnership with him and give all that we have because he gave
43:27 all that he had. At this time I want to ask the deacons to come
43:32 forward and I just want to appeal to our 3ABN audience as
43:37 well. You're not here in the convention hall, but you're
43:41 watching on TV or you're on your device and you want to say I
43:45 want to be a part of that. I want to join my brothers and
43:49 sisters at ASI and I want to give the tools to people around
43:53 the world so they can learn about Jesus and we can go home.
43:56 We want to look at Jesus' coming more than just a picture on a
44:00 picture roll. We want to see him break through the clouds, don't
44:04 we? So for those at home the address is on the screen and
44:10 you can go to Even those of
44:13 you here on your phone if that's your desire. You can go
44:18 to asiministries. org and hit Donate Now and place in your
44:22 donation. We pray that God has inspired you with everything
44:26 that you've heard and that you will give above and beyond you
44:31 can imagine because God said that he will give us above and
44:36 beyond what we can imagine. Let us pray. Father in heaven,
44:41 we thank you for the opportunity to work in service with you. We
44:45 ask you now that you would be with us, that you would press
44:48 our hearts that we would give as much as you would have us
44:52 give so that the work can be finished and we can go home.
44:55 Thank you Lord for blessing this offering and the projects that
44:59 will be recipients of it. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
45:18 ¤ ¤
47:25 ¤ ¤


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