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00:01 Music...
00:19 ASI 2018...
00:23 Andee, who thought we would ever see such a day.
00:25 Exactly, Ellen White thought we should have been home
00:27 a long time ago but here we are.
00:29 But here we are tonight...
00:31 Andee, why do you come to ASI anyway?
00:33 Well, you know, the Apostle Paul who I think wrote Hebrews
00:37 admonished us not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together
00:41 particularly as we see the day approaching
00:43 and I believe that the day is approaching
00:46 so I am here to fellowship with you all
00:48 as we see the day approaching.
00:50 Andee, we have a theme this year
00:52 and the theme is: Business Unusual
00:55 what does that mean to you?
00:57 Well, it's interesting, when we met together as a Retreat,
01:00 to plan for the theme, I was not really catching it
01:05 and as it dawned on me, it occurred to me
01:08 that there are a couple of things that we want to hopefully
01:11 impart to you before you leave,
01:13 one of which is Business Unusual includes examining ourselves
01:18 is there something that we need to do ourselves
01:22 to be ready and to be willing to serve the Lord,
01:25 is there something that we need to do ourselves
01:28 to understand better?
01:29 And Number Two... having done that
01:31 to go forth and serve the Lord
01:33 and witness to the best of our abilities
01:36 so I believe, this would be Business Unusual.
01:38 Thank you Andee,
01:40 Friends tonight, we want that you should leave this place
01:45 under the influence of the Holy Spirit.
01:47 We've been praying that God would bless this Convention
01:51 with the power of the Holy Spirit.
01:53 The Program Committee has worked hard and long
01:57 to prepare the event
01:59 but unless our hearts are ready...
02:02 unless we are willing to open our hearts
02:04 to the presence of the Holy Spirit,
02:06 we could leave this Convention the same way that we came in.
02:10 So, tonight, as we open our Convention,
02:13 we've asked Frank Fournier, former President of ASI
02:17 joining us here tonight, thank you Frank for coming
02:21 we've asked Frank to pray for us
02:24 that we would be under the complete influence
02:28 of the Holy Spirit
02:30 as we are here together this weekend, Frank.
02:34 Shall we bow our heads... "Heavenly Father,
02:37 such a blessing to be here.
02:40 It's a blessing to see as many people as are here now,
02:43 we know there's more coming,
02:45 Father, you've blessed us always in these convocations,
02:48 it's always been a blessing to come to ASI
02:51 so now, we can only ask for a double portion
02:54 of the blessing that we've received in the past,
02:57 so that not only do we get a blessing,
03:00 we want to be a blessing.
03:02 We want to leave this place better than when we came,
03:05 we want... isn't it time heavenly Father
03:07 that the Holy Spirit should be poured out upon us?
03:09 We're looking to you,
03:11 we ask you in these few days that we have together,
03:15 that our focus would be on you
03:17 and that you would fill us with your Spirit,
03:19 thank you for hearing our prayer and blessing us,
03:22 in Jesus' name, amen. "
03:24 What a privilege it is to address the 2018 ASI Convention.
03:32 Nancy and I would normally be there
03:35 but because of a change in scheduling,
03:38 I will be with the Global Youth Leadership Congress
03:44 in Kassel, Germany
03:46 with about 1,700 leaders in youth ministry
03:50 all over this globe.
03:52 Please pray for us, I will be praying for you
03:57 as you with your very special theme: Unusual Business
04:01 Unusual Unity... Unusual Focus...
04:04 Unusual Commitment...
04:05 as you focus upon how best to join hands together
04:11 with all those who are focused upon Total Member Involvement
04:15 looking towards Christ's soon coming
04:18 everyone doing something for Jesus.
04:21 I want to thank ASI
04:24 for the tremendous blessing you are worldwide
04:28 and in North America,
04:30 thank you for holding firmly
04:33 to God's precious Biblical principles.
04:35 Thank you for the proclamation
04:37 of sharing the incredible Three Angels' Messages
04:41 in everything that you do in the market place and elsewhere,
04:46 I want to also strongly appreciate
04:50 the tremendous projects...
04:53 I believe about 42 projects that you sponsored last year.
04:57 Thank you for what you're doing
04:59 to help the mission of the church.
05:02 Now, some of you may say,
05:04 "Well, Pastor Wilson... he looks a little bit different. "
05:06 Well, that's because we are focusing upon
05:10 Battle Creek Michigan
05:12 where our Annual Council
05:14 of the Executive Committee of the General Conference
05:17 will take place.
05:18 Normally, we hold it in Silver Spring, Maryland
05:20 but this time, we're going to Battle Creek
05:23 and encourage people to...
05:26 certainly we will be dressing in some period costumes
05:31 and those who wish to can grow a beard
05:34 not of any religious significance
05:37 but of highly spiritual connection in that
05:42 as we go to Battle Creek,
05:44 our theme will be, A Past with a Future...
05:50 looking back to move forward... mission.
05:55 Ellen White has told us in the Spirit of Prophecy
05:59 that we have nothing to fear for the future except
06:02 that we forget how God has led us in the past
06:05 and His teaching in our past history,
06:09 so, pray for us as we will be in Battle Creek
06:12 and as we will be focusing upon the mission of the church
06:16 remembering how God has led us in the past
06:19 and the same thing for ASI
06:21 as you focus upon this Unusual Business
06:25 that God has placed in your hands...
06:28 Unusual Unity and Focus and Commitment.
06:32 God bless each one of you in a very special way.
06:35 Thank you again for what you are doing for God's church.
06:39 We believe in ASI... let's look to the Lord
06:43 as He leads us towards that wonderful soon coming
06:47 of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Maranatha.
06:51 Well, I'm glad to be here this evening
06:55 with Leasa and with Josh
06:57 and they're going to tell us what's going on that's unusual
07:00 at ASI... or at Eden Valley.
07:02 Eden Valley... that's right... good evening,
07:06 well, this is Josh and I met Josh five years ago
07:10 I can't believe it's been five years
07:11 but I met him five years ago,
07:13 and Josh was... had a conversion experience
07:16 at Youth for Jesus right here in Orlando
07:20 and right after that, you were baptized
07:23 then what happened after that?
07:25 After that I was invited by Leasa to come to Eden Valley
07:29 and go to their Health Evangelism Training.
07:31 And part of the reason is because in your testimony,
07:37 you were saying that you didn't want to go back
07:40 to your environment.
07:41 Right, yeah, I didn't want to go back with my friends
07:43 and the whole group that I was associated with
07:45 and get stuck there, so...
07:47 So that was August like 3 or something
07:50 and where were you August 6?
07:52 Three days after talking to Leasa,
07:55 I was on a plane to Loveland, Colorado
07:57 where I went to Eden Valley.
07:59 And God worked everything out and He's amazing
08:03 so, what happened at Eden Valley what did you learn there?
08:05 At Eden Valley I learned Health Evangelism and Christ's method
08:09 and we did natural remedies, we did Massage,
08:13 we did Hydrotherapy...
08:15 a bunch of things that I'm using now in my ministry
08:18 and in reaching out to the community
08:20 using that in the Evangelism cycle.
08:22 So, as well as learning Medical Missionary work,
08:26 you learned how to bridge
08:28 from Medical Missionary to Evangelism
08:30 and we used what method?
08:32 Christ's method alone through Wellness Coaching.
08:36 Yeah, through Wellness Coaching
08:38 okay, so tell us what Wellness Coaching is
08:40 and how you're using that in your ministry now.
08:42 So, Wellness Coaching is
08:44 something that any lay person can do
08:47 and it's helping people achieve goals
08:50 following the 8 Laws of Health
08:52 and we use it as a bridge to all sorts of programs,
08:57 we're finding that it's a perfect bridge
08:58 to just about every program that the church does...
09:01 Cooking Classes, Depression Recovery,
09:03 all sorts of programs that we're doing so it's...
09:09 it's really, really nice.
09:11 Yeah, you know for a lot of church members
09:13 they want to do outreach but you're scared,
09:15 you know, doing Bible Studies
09:17 is sometimes intimidating for people
09:19 but you can...
09:20 we all have the health message, is that right?
09:23 And we know what... how people should live healthy,
09:27 and you can... if you're trained...
09:29 you can take what you know and go into people's homes
09:33 and coach them
09:34 and coaching them is different than advising them
09:39 and tell us how it's different.
09:41 So, there are two things that you need to know
09:43 to be a good Wellness Coach
09:45 and that's asking open-ended questions
09:47 and that's being a good listener
09:48 and so that's something that we really focus on in our training.
09:51 You're not telling the person what to do,
09:54 they're creating their own personalized plan
09:57 and so, it's something that is within their range...
10:01 something they feel comfortable with
10:02 and you're just there to guide them
10:04 and help them through the way.
10:05 Yes and all of our students that we've taught
10:07 and even the Wellness Coaching that I am doing
10:10 every single one...
10:12 100 percent of the clients turn into Bible Study Students.
10:16 So, it's a really easy way... you already have a relationship
10:21 and when... and every lesson or every session
10:26 there are spiritual components to it
10:27 so, how are you using this in your church?
10:31 I think there are some pictures of you doing your ministry.
10:36 Yes, there are pictures somewhere
10:37 we're using it through...
10:39 this is a Depression Recovery Class that we did,
10:41 we had seven people in that class
10:43 and four of them were actually doing Wellness Coaching
10:45 we got them doing it so a good number there,
10:48 there are some other slides.
10:50 This is a cooking class that we're doing at our church here,
10:53 we do it downstairs in the school
10:55 and we actually had a guy that the hospital said,
10:58 "You should go to the Adventist Church
10:59 because they're doing things on health
11:01 and as soon as he came in the door,
11:02 I mentioned Wellness Coaching
11:04 and he signed right up just like that...
11:06 this is a hands-on cooking class,
11:07 we were doing at our last church
11:09 and doing Christ's method there...
11:11 we actually became the fastest growing church
11:14 in the North Pacific Union per capita,
11:15 in two years we went from 40 on Sabbath to 90, yeah.
11:21 This is a lady we're working with now
11:23 she's a church member
11:25 and she was diagnosed with colon cancer,
11:27 we had been doing hydrotherapy with her,
11:29 fever treatments twice a week...
11:31 she's juicing... she's totally vegan
11:34 and she doesn't feel the tumor anymore,
11:36 there's no more pain, it's going down
11:38 so pretty soon she'll be going for a CT Scan.
11:41 This is a young lady that was... that is 19
11:44 and she was diagnosed with a fast-growing cancer
11:48 that was from her tailbone to her heart... and they found it
11:51 and within a month doing natural lifestyle...
11:55 following the eight laws of health and chemo
11:59 she is now cancer free a month later.
12:01 So, praise the Lord, it really sped things up
12:04 and helped her... helped it go.
12:06 So, this is...
12:07 this is one method that we teach at Eden Valley as well
12:11 as how to actually do the treatments
12:13 you had an experience recently with Pastor Mark Finley,
12:20 he came to Upper Columbia Conference Camp Meeting
12:23 and he found out that
12:25 your church was the fastest growing church
12:27 and asked you how... what did he ask you actually?
12:30 He wanted to know more about it
12:32 and he was really impressed with the method that we were doing
12:36 and so, as a ray of light as he said
12:39 and so he had us come out to Living Hope
12:42 and train his... his Bible Workers there
12:44 and set them on the path
12:46 and now the churches that are around there
12:49 are hearing about it
12:50 and they are wanting to be trained as well.
12:52 And you're going to be doing little bit of training?
12:56 Yes, so, my wife and I... we could come to the churches
13:01 and we can train on a weekend
13:02 and we are also training at Eden Valley as well
13:04 so if you want the short clip, we can come to your church,
13:08 if you want the extensive training that I got,
13:10 Eden Valley is the place to go.
13:12 All right, thank you.
13:14 Thank you so much, amen.
13:17 You've got someone who came to Christ through ASI...
13:22 has come back and is contributing at ASI,
13:26 that's exciting to me.
13:28 Sean Wycliff is here
13:29 and he's going to share a little bit about what they're doing
13:32 at The Fruit Tree.
13:33 What is The Fruit Tree?
13:35 Yes, so The Fruit Tree is an operation
13:39 based out of Berkeley, San Francisco
13:42 where we make and sell organic green smoothies
13:44 at Farmers' Markets.
13:46 We started this about a year ago
13:48 our goal was to figure out a way
13:50 where we could support ourselves financially
13:52 while doing evangelism in our community
13:54 and so we settled on making and selling green smoothies
13:57 initially door-to-door and it worked more or less
14:00 but then we started getting into Farmers' Markets
14:03 and so, now we're actually in 21 Farmers' markets
14:06 across the Bay Area.
14:08 If you show some slides
14:09 I can show you a little bit about what's been happening now
14:12 and so, again, this was founded about a year ago
14:16 we actually just passed over about $40,000 a month in sales
14:19 praise God
14:20 and we're actually selling over 3,000 of these smoothies
14:24 per month at this point,
14:25 and so, there are also six workers that are supported
14:28 as a full-time way of making a primary income
14:31 and so, God has really blessed us
14:33 even just over just the last 12 months.
14:35 Amen, so, tell me a little bit about how much that one costs
14:39 that you're holding in your hand.
14:41 Yes, so, you know, this is the Bay Area
14:43 and so our goal is to meet people where they're at
14:45 for better or worse and so,
14:47 this is a 32-ounce organic green smoothie
14:49 it's kale, spinach, strawberry, apple, pear, lemon and ginger...
14:54 no sugar added... nothing else added...
14:55 it's 14 dollars and we'll give you two dollars back
14:58 if you return the glass jar.
14:59 Wow!
15:01 So tell us why you're there,
15:04 we know what you're doing, tell us why you're really there.
15:07 What are you doing?
15:08 Absolutely, so it's really all about evangelism.
15:10 It's all about evangelism and so we wanted to figure out a way
15:13 where we could reach people where they're at
15:15 and we found that a lot of people at the Farmer's Markets
15:18 and a lot of people want to eat healthy
15:20 and so, I wanted to share a few things that we're doing,
15:22 we have so many things we're doing... but just a few
15:25 if you show the next slide,
15:26 I want to talk a little bit about what we call the
15:29 "Fruit Tree Philosophy"
15:30 and so, we all love Glow Tracts, I'm assuming
15:33 and so, we wanted to reach people with them
15:37 but we felt like there's too big of a jump sometimes
15:40 and so, we ended up developing our own Glow Tracts.
15:42 We call this "The Fruit Tree Philosophy"
15:44 people ask us, "Why do you do this?"
15:46 or "Why can't you make it to my Saturday Farmers' Markets?"
15:49 And so we get in a lot of conversations.
15:51 Well, we put that into a Tract...
15:53 it basically tells our testimony
15:55 and then it gets into a Bible Study on health
15:57 and then from there we invite them to discuss our philosophy
16:01 more with us, aka Bible Studies
16:03 and so, we've been really so excited about this...
16:05 we've handed out 1,000s of these so far
16:07 even over the last few months
16:08 and so, we're excited about what God has us going with that.
16:12 Very good, you know religion and business
16:14 are not two separate things, they're one
16:17 and this is an example of how someone is using
16:19 the gifts that God's given them
16:21 to both be in business successfully
16:24 and to reach souls for the Kingdom.
16:26 We should be excited to see more of that going on as well.
16:29 Amen, amen... and so there are two specific testimonies
16:32 I wanted to share with you,
16:34 if you go to the next slide,
16:35 because it's more than just handing out tracts,
16:37 handing out tracts is amazing
16:39 but it's really about reaching souls for Christ as well
16:42 and so, I want to tell you a little bit about Chorkin,
16:45 she is someone that graduated from UC Berkeley
16:48 she has a Buddhist/Agnostic background
16:51 and so, she needed something to do for work
16:53 and so, we basically gave her a job at The Fruit Tree.
16:57 We're actually now be able to give people jobs
16:59 we are actually recruiting now as well
17:01 and so, she started working with us...
17:03 she wasn't Adventist or Christian...
17:04 started interacting with a lot of the people working with us
17:07 well, long story short,
17:08 she gave her life to Christ after a few months
17:10 and about a month ago, I had the honor to baptize her
17:14 at our local church, amen.
17:15 Interviewer: Amen.
17:16 Amen, one other testimony I want to share,
17:18 the next person is on the next slide,
17:21 and his name's Nandu.
17:22 Now, some people think that's me... that's not me...
17:25 but he looks like me sometimes
17:27 and so, Nandu is a Hindu... or he was a Hindu
17:30 and so, we met him at the Farmers' Market.
17:33 He's selling Indian food
17:35 and so, through dialogue and conversation
17:37 the topic of religion came up
17:39 and through that, we told him what we believe in
17:43 and he told us a little bit about himself
17:45 and there was an invitation for Bible Studies,
17:47 well he accepted and he started studying the Bible with us...
17:50 this is all in real time,
17:52 this just literally happened a few months ago,
17:54 well, through that, he learned about the Sabbath
17:55 and then he said, "I'm going to tell my boss
17:57 that I will never work on Sabbath anymore"
18:00 and so, he did that
18:01 and then a few weeks later he became a Christian
18:03 and then a few weeks later,
18:04 he was baptized in the Seventh-day Adventist...
18:07 in our local church, amen
18:08 and so, this is really what this is about...
18:10 The Fruit Tree... yes, it's about green smoothies,
18:12 we want to spread the health message
18:13 but we want to spread the gospel with that...
18:16 we want to use the health message as the right arm
18:18 to reach people for the gospel, amen.
18:20 Amen, it's exciting to see an invasion of the devil's land,
18:24 we call it the post-Christian triangle
18:27 and he's being able to reach through simple means
18:30 people for the gospel, amen.
18:34 Amen, amen and so the last thing I want to share with you
18:37 is where we're at now and what's happening next.
18:39 If you go to the last slide, this actually talks about
18:42 where we could use help
18:44 and so, this is actually expanding so fast
18:46 by God's grace, and so, we need workers,
18:49 we actually need lots of prayer
18:51 and so, if you can help us with that,
18:53 we're also in the process of trying to secure some land
18:56 so we can not only make our green smoothies on there
18:59 but we can actually farm them as well
19:01 and so, we can have the full experience,
19:03 and so, we're looking for donations or even investment
19:06 on the business side of things for land or even for vans,
19:10 right now in some of the Farmers' Markets
19:12 we're packing a Honda Civic believe it or not
19:14 with the Farmers' Market tent
19:15 and a couple of coolers of green smoothies
19:17 and so, there's a lot of exciting things
19:19 that are happening but we have a booth as well
19:21 and so, it's Booth 1024,
19:24 we have a bunch of free samples for everybody
19:27 for the next few days
19:28 so come by and get your free sample,
19:29 we're also selling these, this is our large size,
19:31 we also have a medium and a small,
19:32 and if you know anybody else
19:34 that would be great for us to talk to,
19:36 we'd love you to connect us with them.
19:37 Very good, thank you so much.
19:40 Thank you so much.
19:41 See, I'm going to be working on getting that one
19:42 after we get backstage, you know.
19:44 Yeah, I'll hand it to you there, thanks.
19:46 Okay, our next group should be coming out any moment
19:48 and we're going to be looking forward to hearing from them.
19:51 We actually have them here all the way from Spain
19:54 and so, come on out guys
19:56 and let's tell them about what you do.
19:57 See, if I get these... these names right...
20:01 it should be Juan Surroca here on my left
20:05 and further over, his friend, Silvu Dema
20:08 and tell us guys a bit about what is Logos TV.
20:12 Logos TV is an Adventist TV channel
20:16 reaching 40 million people in Spain alone
20:20 and covering with the satellite Europe and North Africa
20:25 that means... that means large bills of course
20:28 but we trust in God every day,
20:31 working every day trusting the Lord will provide
20:34 through this Christian family.
20:36 Interviewer: Amen.
20:37 And now we can see the video, we have a two-minute video.
20:39 Interviewer: Sure, yeah,
20:41 if we can get the video running, that would be great.
20:42 Music.
20:46 Jesus said that nobody puts a lamp inside a drawer.
20:49 Instead, they put it up high to provide light for everyone.
20:52 Music.
20:54 There are many still in need
20:56 of hearing about Christ's soon coming.
20:58 Logos TV is a lay ministry focused on this task.
21:02 Music. Bell tolling.
21:08 In a Catholic country, the Adventists are now relevant.
21:12 Logos TV is an Adventist Channel
21:14 that reaches 40 million people in Spain alone.
21:17 April 2017 was a milestone in the Logos TV history.
21:21 Our channel started broadcasting on a new network
21:25 four times larger than an old one
21:27 in addition to Satellite and now work with 50 antennas
21:32 and a free Satellite Channel Hispasat
21:34 that covers Europe and the north of Africa.
21:37 It's more than we could ever have imagined when we started.
21:41 Music.
21:45 We are very pleased with the work Logos TV has done so far.
21:48 We have never had such a powerful ministry before this.
21:51 This network has touched the lives of 5,000 viewers
21:57 that have reached out to us and many have been transformed.
22:00 Music...
22:08 I am Angel Duo
22:09 and for five years I served as the President for ASI Europe
22:12 and I can joyfully say
22:14 that God has worked through this ministry.
22:16 There are Evangelical pastors
22:18 that keep the Sabbath at home now
22:20 while going to their churches on Sunday.
22:22 We wait for great things to happen.
22:25 Congratulations on your channel, so much more instructive
22:29 and educational than most things shown on the other channels.
22:34 Lightning...
22:37 Visible any time anywhere in the world...
22:40 Logos
22:43 Yeah, it's a privilege to take the message to so many people
22:50 so we want to continue with faith and courage,
22:53 please pray for us.
22:56 In the north of Spain in the city of Faro
22:59 the two pastors from an Evangelical church
23:03 came to see the Adventist Pastor and they said,
23:07 "The whole church is keeping the Sabbath
23:10 because we learned in our channel... our TV channel...
23:14 and we are ready to change... we decided to change"
23:18 and they decided to take the banner out
23:20 and put a new one saying, "Adventist Church. "
23:23 Interviewer: Amen.
23:24 The whole church became Adventist.
23:26 Yeah, Luthero was a Christian woman in Madrid
23:30 and Luthero... when...
23:33 when she passed by the Adventist Church,
23:36 she thought, "I hate Adventists"
23:38 because at her church,
23:40 she was told that the Adventists are bigoted people,
23:44 legalists and... and extremists and when she arrived home,
23:51 she was watching our channel and she enjoyed
23:55 and she was moved by the Holy Spirit
23:58 and she praised God for this channel
24:00 and later she discovered that it was an Adventist one.
24:04 Interviewer: Amen.
24:05 Yes... and she thought,
24:08 "Surprise, well, Adventists are not so bad. "
24:11 So, she was baptized in the Adventist church, Allucha Madrid
24:15 and her sister also.
24:18 Interviewer: The Lord sneaks right in people's TVs
24:20 sometimes... it's great.
24:22 Juan: Yeah, hmmm...
24:23 Interviewer: So tell us a bit about how it is
24:26 that this came to being
24:27 because you told us that you are doing a TV station
24:29 but TV station isn't something that happens like that,
24:32 how did it happen?
24:34 Yes, we started very small nine years ago in just in small city
24:37 but a miracle happened,
24:40 the Lord blessed every step growing
24:43 and last year in April the owner of a national network
24:49 called us and told us that
24:52 our channel has made an impact on him
24:56 and he wanted to make it easier for us to have a larger network
25:02 and he did it and it's working for now
25:05 and now more than 5,000 people reach out to us
25:12 asking for more information or calling with many questions
25:15 and we are making an effort with programming...
25:20 producing programming for the secular mind-set of Europe
25:24 here, Silvu Dema is the Production Director...
25:28 he's making a wonderful work with this.
25:30 Yes, just to tell you that Carmen, for example,
25:35 Carmen was a Jehovah's Witness and she was watching Logos TV
25:42 and she discovered the Bible doctrines
25:46 and then, Jehovah's Witnesses...
25:48 usually they reject information from other churches,
25:52 but when nobody is watching,
25:55 they enjoy our channel... many of them...
25:58 and... and Carmen was baptized and she said,
26:02 "I found the people of the Bible. "
26:04 In several cities, we have this same experience.
26:09 You can visit our Booth... we have a little present for you
26:14 and more information...
26:16 it's the Booth 728
26:19 to help you find your way
26:21 there's a satellite hanging over the booth.
26:23 Our motto is, "Everything is possible to those who believe. "
26:30 Amen.
26:31 Interviewer: Amen... so exciting to see all around the world
26:35 lay people rising up to do the work we're called to do
26:39 and so, be praying for them... encouraging them
26:42 and we hope that it inspires each person to find a way
26:45 to reach people for the kingdom of Christ, thank you so much.
26:48 Juan: Thank you.
26:51 I remember when I went to my first ASI Convention,
26:56 I actually didn't have any idea what ASI even was.
27:00 I only went because I had a friend that was going...
27:03 who invited me but when I went to ASI,
27:07 it opened my eyes to a world that I didn't know existed.
27:11 to be honest, I didn't know
27:13 that there were all these ministries...
27:15 all of these people just doing these different things
27:17 for the Lord and it made a strong...
27:19 strong impact on my life,
27:21 in fact, I can trace my first desires
27:25 to go into doing more ministry for God to...
27:28 to seeing at ASI...
27:30 and people that I met who were working with ASI...
27:33 working with the Youth for Jesus Programs
27:35 and other things like that
27:37 that I would have had no idea about...
27:39 had it not been for ASI.
27:42 I sense a need in our church
27:44 for a way that people can come together
27:48 for a place to... to belong in the church,
27:51 I feel like sometimes it gets portrayed
27:55 like the epitome of Adventism is going to church
27:58 and paying tithe
27:59 and maybe participating in outreach some time,
28:02 but in my personal experience, there's so much more than that
28:05 and there are so many of us that are striving in our daily lives
28:09 to do things for the Lord but... but where do we fit?
28:12 where do we come together,
28:13 I mean, how do we get re-inspired
28:16 and networked and get the support that we need
28:19 and I see that as a huge need, I see that as something that
28:24 if we could really form that kind of a network,
28:28 and do this together, that all of us could benefit,
28:31 that all of us could grow
28:32 and feel like we mean something in the church,
28:35 like, we have a purpose, we have a place in the church
28:38 and that God is really going to be able to use...
28:42 yeah, not just the pastors, not just the elders,
28:46 but those of us in every-day life to do something for him.
28:51 Pause.
28:58 Piano...
29:05 more piano
29:15 On Jordan's stormy banks I stand,
29:18 And cast a wishful eye
29:22 To Canaan's fair and happy land,
29:26 Where my possessions lie.
29:30 piano
29:33 I am bound for the promised land,
29:37 I am bound for the promised land,
29:41 Oh, who will come and go with me?
29:46 I am bound for the promised land.
29:50 Oh, the transporting, rapturous scene
29:55 That rises to my sight!
29:59 Sweet fields arrayed in living green,
30:03 And rivers of delight!
30:08 I am bound for the promised land,
30:13 I am bound for the promised land;
30:17 Oh, who will come and go with me?
30:22 I am bound for the promised land.
30:26 Piano...
30:33 more piano
30:40 Filled with delight, my raptured soul
30:44 Would here no longer stay;
30:48 Though Jordan's waves around me roll,
30:52 Fearless I'd launch away.
30:57 I am bound for the promised land.
31:02 I am bound for the promised land;
31:07 Oh, who will come and go with me?
31:11 I am bound for the promised land.
31:18 Oh, who will come and go with me?
31:25 I am bound for the promised
31:35 piano
31:40 land.
31:46 Audience: Amen.
31:49 For the past 40 years, Weimar Institute
31:52 has brought hope and healing to the world.
31:55 Today we are home to a variety of ministries
31:59 such as the Newstart Lifestyle Center and Weimar College
32:03 where we share health and education and spiritual truths
32:06 through mission trips.
32:08 Our focus is on our local community
32:11 through our total community involvement
32:14 as we strive to meet those needs.
32:16 We operate from aging buildings.
32:18 Time, use and environmental issues have taken their toll.
32:22 New housing for staff and students is needed
32:25 and multi-story housing unit is the answer to this dilemma.
32:29 ASI support for this project will enable us to attract
32:33 service-minded staff and students.
32:36 We want to also thank you for ASI's previous funding
32:40 of our college ramp addition
32:42 and for the many ways ASI enables ministries
32:46 to become a spiritual home for those we serve.
32:50 At Weimar College, just an hour north of Sacramento
32:55 here... not here... in California
32:57 and with me is Randy Bivens
32:59 who's the Chief Operating Officer
33:01 to share with us a little bit more about how our offerings
33:04 provided some assistance for that project there at Weimar.
33:08 All right, I don't know if you saw some of the Drone shots
33:10 right there at the end
33:12 but we're in the process of building
33:14 a 20-Unit Staff Housing Complex.
33:16 The cost of that building is 3.7 million dollars
33:20 and we're building and we have 1.2 million of it
33:23 and you ask...
33:25 well it's going to take about eight months to finish
33:26 and we believe that God will provide that...
33:28 He has before... He's going to do it again...
33:31 and that's a critical need for us on campus as we're growing
33:33 with an active Nursing Program and expanding college our...
33:38 our academy has pretty much closed applications
33:41 because we're completely full for the academic year
33:44 so we're just kind of busting at the seams
33:46 and we need the staff housing
33:48 and Weimar Institute has been the recipient
33:51 of multiple offerings from ASI...
33:53 the last one... the most significant offering
33:56 we've ever received last year was $200,000
33:58 toward this building
34:00 and we want to thank ASI for that.
34:02 Absolutely, well we're happy to do it.
34:04 Now, you mentioned...
34:05 we are expecting miracles from God
34:07 because He has done it before.
34:09 Can you share with us one experience
34:11 where God has done a miraculous thing to provide for Weimar.
34:14 I... you know it's... I should write a book...
34:17 someone said... I should write a book.
34:19 When I started there five years ago,
34:21 you may have heard this story but re-telling it doesn't...
34:23 doesn't hurt...
34:25 when I started, we had a three-million-dollar debt
34:27 and the big first Board Meeting they kept looking at me
34:30 thinking I was going to solve that problem for them
34:33 and I said, "Well, we can't even balance our budget,
34:35 how are we going to service a debt?"
34:37 And I said, "We have to give this to God,
34:39 if it doesn't work, we might as well lock the gate
34:42 and throw away the key... go home,
34:43 Within 12 hours, we'd received a letter from a Probate Attorney
34:47 granting us 25 percent of an 8.2 million dollar estate.
34:51 So God blessed before you even knowing
34:54 how and when He would... and very soon.
34:56 Absolutely, absolutely.
34:58 Now, you mentioned that... you mentioned Nursing...
35:00 there's a Nursing Program
35:01 and that's one that we've heard a little bit about,
35:03 tell us what has transpired
35:05 since the miracles that God has wrought
35:07 in the establishing of that program.
35:08 Well, when I started, we were in the throes
35:10 of trying to get accreditation for Nursing,
35:12 the State of California... the BRN...
35:14 The Board of Registered Nurses
35:15 actually comes and certifies us
35:17 independent of our accreditation process
35:19 and I actually believe from a financial standpoint,
35:22 it was stupid... I just thought there was no way...
35:24 no way we were ever going to get approved
35:26 and I remember going to the last meeting
35:29 down in southern California
35:30 where we were meeting the... the Committee
35:32 that was going to grant us approval
35:34 and they actually granted us approval and we... we...
35:36 and I remember Dr. Siebold and I went up and spoke
35:39 to the Chairman of the Committee...
35:40 and he said, "I know you Adventists... "
35:43 he goes, "I had an uncle who was a teacher at Oakwood College. "
35:46 God had gone before us
35:49 but since then, we actually started the nursing program...
35:52 we've now graduated our second cohort of nurses
35:55 and I have to tell you that I know
35:58 that there is not one other nursing program
36:01 with a higher success rate than we have had in the entire world
36:05 because 100 percent of our graduates
36:09 have passed their NCLEX on their first attempt.
36:12 Audience: Wow!
36:13 Two years running... praise God.
36:15 Now, I have to say, as a Nurse, that is remarkable
36:19 to have a brand-new nursing program... right out the gate
36:23 to have that level of success is not heard of.
36:26 In fact, the State of California said
36:28 that you have to keep your pass rate above 75 percent
36:31 or you'll be on probation
36:32 and I just wonder if we need our...
36:35 I hope our standards are not so high
36:38 that we're just admitting the most intelligent people
36:41 but I know there have been some struggles with some students
36:43 but God has blessed.
36:44 In fact, there are a minimum of 75 questions on the exam
36:47 and the computer knows that if you've already passed it,
36:50 it will stop asking questions at 75
36:53 and our last cohort of nurses that went through
36:55 every single one of them... at 75 questions, it stopped asking.
36:59 They had already done so well,
37:01 they knew they had already passed
37:02 because it wasn't asking them any more questions.
37:04 Audience: Amen.
37:06 Now, I want you to share with our ASI family
37:09 the experience that you shared with me
37:11 because these Nursing students didn't just learn "book stuff"
37:15 they learned how to really minister
37:17 and you have a great story about them.
37:19 Well, many of these students come to us
37:21 with already a Weimar philosophy of health evangelism
37:25 in fact, they go through an entire 18-Day Newstart Program,
37:29 and they go through an entire residential
37:31 Depression Recovery Program
37:32 as part of their Nursing Program and that's kind of amazing
37:34 because those questions aren't on the NCLEX...
37:36 I mean, that's in addition but we had...
37:38 we had a group of students who were on a clinical rotation
37:43 in Auburn... I believe it was in Auburn Hospital
37:47 and there was a pre-operative patient
37:50 who was very, very anxious and one of the...
37:52 the nursing students recognized that this was a problem
37:56 and she immediately knew what to do.
37:58 She got two or three of her other students around
38:02 and they sang a hymn to this pre-operative patient
38:06 who was so anxiety ridden and that calmed her down
38:10 and the Nursing Supervisor watched this
38:12 kind of like, "I've never seen this happen before. "
38:15 She actually called the entire group into her office
38:18 and she shut her door and she said,
38:20 "I want to tell you, I've never anything so amazing"
38:23 she goes, "You... any one of you
38:25 will always have a job here at this hospital. "
38:28 Audience: Happy to hear this.
38:30 We actually... our first cohort of nurses,
38:33 we had three hospital administrators
38:36 who were willing to hire the entire class
38:38 and so, we have had no lack of getting these...
38:43 these students in the position,
38:45 if they want a job... they've got a job
38:47 and California is one of the hardest markets
38:50 to actually get nursing jobs in
38:52 because the pay is so amazingly high
38:55 but they've all gotten job positions
38:57 that have wanted to be employed.
38:59 So the Lord is using Weimar College and its programs
39:02 to tell about Him by their experience
39:05 and their witnessing to others...
39:07 that's just incredible.
39:08 Is there anything else you want to share with us in 30 seconds?
39:10 I just want to thank ASI in general... five years running
39:14 we have been the recipient of offerings
39:16 and some of the offerings were for the Nursing-Program Startup
39:19 and I just want to thank all of you
39:20 because it's often sacrificial
39:22 and the nice thing about ASI is when you give an offering
39:26 it actually goes...
39:27 and this year, 38 different projects
39:29 but they've all been vetted...
39:30 they've all been carefully tracked
39:33 and... and there is very little administrative overhead,
39:36 it's probably the best place to put your money
39:38 and I just want to thank ASI and all of the members
39:41 for continuing to contribute to all of our programs.
39:44 Thank you very much Randy, God bless Weimar.
39:47 Now coming to the podium is Jeffrey Cobb...
39:50 Jeffrey Cobb runs...
39:52 is the Founder of Shelter from the Storm.
39:55 It's a transitioning housing complex
39:58 in Gainesville, Florida
40:00 for men who have been released from prison
40:03 and you're going to have to catch us up,
40:06 some of us who have been with you a long time know the story,
40:09 but there are some who don't know the story
40:11 so tell us how all of this started.
40:14 How it started was, I was incarcerated
40:17 living in Miami... robbing, kidnapping, shoot outs
40:21 down with crooked lawyers, judges and police officers
40:26 for 20 years so after that I got arrested
40:30 and I was faced in 30-to-life in prison
40:33 so I told the Lord, if He got me out of that one,
40:36 He didn't have to worry about me no more getting in trouble
40:41 so, by God's grace...
40:44 it's been 21 years I've been out and clean.
40:47 Amen, amen... now when is it that...
40:51 Audience: Clapping.
40:53 Interviewer: Yes, amen.
40:54 Where did you meet Jesus in that journey?
40:59 I met Jesus... I was in Miami County Jail
41:02 and a guy came in and he was like...
41:05 I said, "Man, you're going to church Sunday?"
41:08 He was like, "Man, you're going the wrong day?"
41:11 I was like, "Man, you must be getting drunk
41:14 and drugged in prison. "
41:15 You know they got the drugs in the prison
41:17 just like on the street,
41:19 I said, "This guy must be high, he's talking about Saturday"
41:22 so after that, I got mad with him,
41:25 I told him... he wasn't my friend no more,
41:27 as a matter of fact,
41:28 I will finish stabbing him with a knife in prison,
41:31 I said, "He's trying me talking about Saturday... "
41:33 I said, "He got it twisted. "
41:35 And so, you found out that you had it twisted.
41:40 I had it twisted.
41:41 Okay, so then, you met Jesus
41:45 and you actually were released from prison
41:47 and when you were released from prison,
41:49 because you were now new in the Seventh-day Adventist faith,
41:52 you were looking for a specific kind of environment.
41:55 Yes, once you know, you Adventists
41:59 beat me across the head with the Word and about the Sabbath,
42:02 so, when I got ready to get out,
42:05 I was like, "Okay, these people are talking about...
42:07 they got the truth and the Sabbath, okay, I'll accept it. "
42:11 so when I got ready to get out,
42:13 I didn't want to go back to that lifestyle
42:15 because I know if I got back in trouble,
42:18 it was going to start with 30 years on up to life...
42:21 so, I went to the Prison Ministry guy, I said,
42:25 "Hey, do you all have a transition house?"
42:27 And he looked at me and said, "No. "
42:30 I said, "Then he must not have the truth then
42:33 you done brought the Word to me and talk about this truth
42:38 now I done accept the message,
42:40 we became like family... a relationship...
42:43 now it's time for me to get out,
42:45 now you're telling me you don't have no place for me to go. "
42:48 So, fast forward to actually 16 years ago,
42:54 when Jeffrey realized
42:56 that there isn't a place for Adventists to come,
42:58 even if they're coming out of prison,
43:00 then that's not good,
43:02 then they're going to another place
43:03 and getting their support from... from others...
43:07 and leaving the truth,
43:09 so you started Shelter from the Storm.
43:12 Amen, the Lord just put on my heart.
43:14 I said, "Lord, we need a transition house. "
43:17 The Lord said, "I want to use you to start one then. "
43:20 So, I was like, "Okay. " I didn't know what I was doing
43:23 you know, I was like, "All right Lord"
43:26 and I was continuing to go forward with the Lord
43:30 because it helped me so much
43:32 going through a transition house.
43:34 These guys getting out of prison,
43:36 they'd been there for 15 years and they get out with $50.
43:40 By the time they come from the prison
43:44 and you know how the Greyhound Bus makes 50 stops
43:47 before they get you to your destination,
43:50 they have been then ate them $50 up.
43:53 So, when they get to their destination,
43:55 they ain't got nothing
43:57 so what they do is, go back to what they know
43:59 because I did it about four or five times,
44:02 so, I was like, "Okay, I need to counteract that"
44:06 so I was saying, "Once we have a transition house,
44:09 they have a place to live, we provide them food,
44:13 we provide them a job and we have them a support group"
44:17 so I was saying, "If somebody don't want to...
44:20 can't do right with that...
44:22 then they don't want to do right. "
44:23 So, you've been operating Shelter from the Storm for men
44:28 for the last 16 years,
44:29 we've got a couple of minutes,
44:31 I want you to share a little bit about
44:33 what this year's offering is going to do
44:35 because there's still a need, but a different need.
44:37 For women...
44:40 when I head north is the largest women facility in the Nation.
44:47 Over 4,000 women
44:50 and a lot of Adventists work in Administration
44:54 and they witnessing to the women
44:57 and then when the women... time to go home...
45:00 they come up to them and say,
45:01 "Hey, do you all have a place for me to go?"
45:05 And they said they feel like they're letting the girls down.
45:09 And I just want to share a quick story.
45:12 One time, I was with the Lawn Service,
45:15 I was doing this Realtor and Broker's lawn,
45:18 and he said, "Jeff, why you don't do women?"
45:21 I said, "Man... "
45:23 I said, "Man, I don't have no money to get a place. "
45:26 He said, "I'll tell you what you should do,
45:28 I got a townhouse,
45:30 I'm going to give you six months to use it free. "
45:33 And I took in three women.
45:36 Two of the women still in the church
45:39 and one of the women... she was a Catholic...
45:42 every Friday she called me, said, "Jeff, we got to talk,
45:46 I don't know about this Sabbath thing... "
45:49 every Friday...
45:50 I said, "But you signed the rules to come to the Program"
45:53 and now you can't beat her out of the
45:55 Seventh-day Adventist Church.
45:57 Every time I go to the church where she goes,
46:00 "Hi Jeff... "
46:01 and then she said,
46:03 "Jeff, when are you going to do a Women's House?"
46:05 She said, "Because I want to give back"
46:07 and there's a lot of women in Gainesville... over three years
46:12 because I'm not free to deal with it.
46:14 So in three years, I've been hearing,
46:17 "Jeff, why don't you get a women's house...
46:19 why don't you start a Women's House?"
46:21 So, about three Sundays ago, they interviewed me...
46:27 Channel 20... our local news
46:29 interviewed me to work that out with Dawn
46:31 so, then I started getting calls from everywhere
46:35 and it's just been a blessing.
46:38 Yesterday, the State Senator of Gainesville,
46:41 he called me and said,
46:42 "Jeff, I heard you're going to start a women's house. "
46:44 I said, "Yeah. "
46:46 He said, "Call me in a week and I want to give a donation
46:49 towards the ministry. "
46:50 Amen, so... Lord will provide and we can help.
46:53 Thank you very much Jeffrey.
46:55 Jeffrey: Amen.
46:57 Audience: Clapping.
46:59 In Matthew 18:19 we're told that if two of you shall agree
47:04 as touching anything that they ask,
47:06 it shall be done for them of our Father which is in heaven.
47:09 Now, regarding this Bible promise,
47:11 Ellen White actually makes an interesting statement,
47:14 she said, "This promise is made on condition
47:16 that the united prayers of the church are offered
47:19 and in answer to these prayers
47:21 there may be expected a power greater
47:23 than that which comes in answer to private prayer
47:26 but this is the key,
47:28 the power given will be proportionate
47:30 to the unity of the members and their love for God
47:33 and for one another.
47:34 I have a couple of pictures
47:36 I want to share with you briefly this evening.
47:38 The first one is from a group of young people in the Philippines
47:42 meeting together to pray every morning at 5:00 o'clock.
47:46 You can see the picture there
47:48 and as you can see there are 100s of them
47:50 gathered there to pray.
47:51 Now, why would these young people
47:53 be willing to get up so early
47:55 to sacrifice sleep and time to pray?
47:58 I believe it's because they recognize
48:01 that we are living in unusual times in earth's history
48:05 and they also recognize their unusual desperate need
48:10 for a closer walk with God.
48:12 Now, it's really exciting to me
48:15 because of what I see happening in the Philippines
48:17 and other countries around the world,
48:18 I also see happening here.
48:20 The second photo that I want to share with you this evening
48:22 from this past GYC Conference this last December.
48:26 We had over 800 people meeting together to pray every morning
48:30 at 6 o'clock in the morning.
48:32 There were so many people... they were actually overflowing
48:35 into the hallways.
48:37 As we are beginning this ASI Convention this evening,
48:41 I have a question for you.
48:42 It's obvious that business cannot continue as usual
48:46 any longer...
48:48 but do we recognize
48:49 that the unusual times in which we're living
48:53 also call for unusual unity and unusual humility
48:57 and these gifts we are only going to find
49:00 as we come together to the foot of the cross.


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