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00:02 Music...
00:19 In your Programs is a Bio for our opening Speaker.
00:24 Pastor John Bradshaw
00:27 so I'm not going to read the Bio to you
00:29 but I'll give you some things from my own experience.
00:31 I've known Pastor Bradshaw since let's see...
00:36 I'm General Manager now, before that, I was an employee,
00:39 I was on the Board and a Partner of: It is Written
00:43 and I was actually on the Committee
00:45 that got to vote him in
00:47 as Speaker/Director for It is Written.
00:48 He is a writer... he's a voice and video artiste,
00:53 he's a husband and father,
00:56 now, I should warn you, he does have a bit of an accent
00:59 okay... he's... he's from the deep south
01:03 and I mean... the really deep south...
01:06 he's from New Zealand.
01:08 As a friend, I can tell you something
01:11 that he would never tell you and that is that...
01:14 that John is entirely dedicated to serving God entirely.
01:19 He's committed to spreading the everlasting gospel,
01:23 this isn't just a job to him...
01:25 it's not "just a good thing to do... "
01:28 it's who he is... it is absolutely who he is
01:32 so after our special music tonight,
01:34 the next voice you'll hear will be Pastor John Bradshaw.
01:38 Piano...
01:47 more piano...
01:55 Last night I lay a-sleeping
01:58 There came a dream so fair,
02:02 I stood in old Jerusalem
02:06 Beside the temple there.
02:09 I heard the children singing,
02:12 And ever as they sang,
02:16 Me thought the voice of angels
02:20 From heaven in answer rang
02:24 the voice of angels
02:30 From heaven in answer rang.
02:35 Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
02:42 Lift up your gates and sing,
02:47 Hosanna in the highest!
02:56 Hosanna to your King!
03:02 Piano.
03:11 And then me thought my dream was changed,
03:16 The streets no longer rang,
03:20 Hushed were the glad Hosannas
03:24 That the little children sang.
03:28 The sun grew dark with mystery,
03:33 The morn was cold and chilled,
03:37 As the shadow of a cross arose
03:42 Upon a lonely hill.
03:46 As the shadow of a cross arose
03:52 Upon a lonely hill.
03:58 Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
04:05 Hark! How the angels sing,
04:10 Hosanna in the highest!
04:17 Hosanna to your King!
04:23 Piano...
04:28 more piano...
04:34 And once again the scene was changed;
04:39 New earth there seemed to be;
04:43 I saw the Holy City
04:47 Beside the tideless sea.
04:51 The light of God was on the streets
04:56 and the gates were open wide,
05:00 And all who would might enter,
05:04 And no one was denied.
05:09 No need of a moon or the stars by night,
05:16 Or the sun to shine by day;
05:21 It was the new Jerusalem
05:26 That would not pass away.
05:33 It was a new Jerusalem
05:41 That would not pass away.
05:48 Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
05:55 Sing for the night is o'er!
06:01 Hosanna in the highest!
06:06 Hosanna for ever more!
06:12 Hosanna
06:15 in the highest!
06:24 Hosanna
06:29 for ever
06:35 more!
06:40 Piano.
06:44 Audience: Clapping.
06:48 Amen... amen... good evening everyone.
06:51 Audience: Good evening.
06:53 Welcome to Rain S I 2018.
06:55 Audience: Laughter.
06:56 Enjoyed that little display we had earlier?
06:57 For all I know it might be still going on.
06:59 I thought tonight we could be competing
07:01 with the thunder in here,
07:02 I could hear it earlier.
07:04 I think it's okay, I mentioned it to somebody
07:06 and that person said,
07:07 "It's like the Holy Spirit coming down like the rain. "
07:10 I said, that's okay, that's what we want.
07:13 Well, let's pray and expect God to bless us tonight, shall we?
07:17 To bless us more tonight, let's pray.
07:19 "Our Father in heaven, we come to You in the name of Jesus
07:23 and we are grateful that we can.
07:25 We thank You that we can be in this place tonight
07:29 where the focus is on salvation
07:32 and seeking the lost
07:35 and blessing the lives and lifting people up
07:39 and being involved in ministry on the front lines...
07:44 financially invested... we are grateful.
07:48 We thank You for soul winning and evangelism...
07:52 Your great gift to the end-time church
07:56 and we pray that because we being here tonight
08:00 we would hear your voice and we would be encouraged.
08:03 Lord, I pray knowing that You will not rely
08:08 on the limitations of fallen humanity tonight
08:12 and I pray Your Spirit would not be restricted by that,
08:16 but that You would speak to us and bless us.
08:20 We love You... we thank You... we praise You
08:24 and we pray in Jesus' name,
08:26 please say with me, amen. "
08:29 Audience: Amen.
08:30 Every so often you meet somebody who will admit
08:35 to things that certain other people wouldn't admit to.
08:39 I was in a Camp Meeting earlier in the year
08:41 and spoke with a Pastor who happened to mention
08:43 that he was a musician
08:44 and as you do, we talked a little more
08:46 and I said, "What is it that you played?"
08:48 Or "What is it that you play?"
08:50 He said, "Played... played. "
08:52 I said, "Okay, what was it that you played?"
08:54 And he said, "I was a drummer. "
08:56 He didn't look the type...
08:59 I said, "You were... you were a drummer?"
09:02 I mean, "What sort of drummer?"
09:03 He said, "I was a drummer in a heavy metal band. "
09:05 Ha ha... ha... and he didn't look the type
09:08 which I think, on the balance, is a really good thing.
09:11 Not everybody wants you to know
09:13 about some things from their past...
09:14 I'm not trying to suggest that would be the most shameful thing
09:17 by any means but it was interesting.
09:19 There are some things people won't admit to.
09:22 Many of us here are old enough to remember 1977,
09:26 that's when Saturday Night Fever came out
09:28 and you won't find a person at this Convention
09:30 who will admit to have "bought the double album. "
09:32 Audience: Laughter.
09:35 And some of you did,
09:37 many of you thank God...
09:39 because you walked a better path... didn't
09:41 but some of you did but you won't admit it,
09:43 there aren't many people who will admit
09:45 to having worn once a powder-blue polyester suit...
09:48 Audience: Laughter.
09:49 Or bell bottoms.
09:51 Audience: Laughter.
09:52 I don't think you should admit to that, frankly,
09:54 better that you admit to being a heavy-metal drummer.
09:56 Audience: Laughter.
10:00 1975...
10:02 a craze swept the United States,
10:06 I just wonder how many people would admit
10:08 to have been part of this.
10:09 A business man...
10:11 well he was an Advertising Executive to begin with,
10:14 his name was Gary Dahl... D A H L.
10:17 Gary Dahl grew sick and tired of hearing his friends
10:21 talk about the trouble they were having with their pets,
10:24 cats that roamed the neighborhood,
10:26 dogs that dug in the garden,
10:29 dogs that shed and left hair or fur
10:33 or whatever it was they left everywhere they went
10:35 he said, "Man, you all should get a better pet"
10:38 and that's when he came up with the idea...
10:41 a pet you don't have to feed...
10:43 a pet that doesn't shed,
10:45 a pet that doesn't make noise in the middle of the night
10:47 or any time at all for that matter,
10:48 a pet that won't cost terribly much to buy
10:51 and if you wanted to buy one, you could buy it from him
10:55 and along with a bed of straw and a cardboard box...
10:59 a little carry container...
11:01 for just $3.95 Mr. Dahl started marketing "The Pet Rock. "
11:06 Audience: Silent.
11:09 Did you buy one?
11:12 Audience: Laughter.
11:15 Out yourself... one honest person here...
11:18 Audience: Laughter.
11:20 Two... I'm concerned for this year's Convention.
11:24 Audience: Laughter.
11:25 Because some of you all are sitting on your hands.
11:27 Audience: Laughter.
11:29 The Pet Rock... what a craze, huh?
11:31 Now, he made a lot of money,
11:33 he ended up losing a lot of money,
11:35 in his words, "Wackos" came out of the woodwork to sue him
11:38 and he spent money on lawsuits that, I think,
11:40 were largely frivolous,
11:41 he would drive to Rosarita Beach ten miles south of the border...
11:45 the California border... into Mexico,
11:47 he'd load up with the rocks... bring them back
11:49 and... and it was just like that...
11:51 he was selling rocks...
11:53 he tried to sell a few more fascinating things after that
11:56 one... one... he would this is interesting...
12:00 he told a tube of sand... and you don't remember this
12:03 because for some strange reason, it wasn't successful,
12:06 and next to it there was another tube of sand,
12:09 he said, "This is the male tube and this is the female tube"
12:12 and he says, "This is... you know...
12:14 you can grow your own beach
12:15 if you just put the sand together. "
12:17 Audience: Laughter.
12:22 He demonstrated... lightning does not always strike twice.
12:25 Of course people bought pet rocks
12:27 because what they were doing is, buying into the gimmick...
12:29 buying into the fad...
12:31 a pet rock...
12:33 you know, you like to think
12:36 when you get together with other business types
12:38 or entrepreneurial types
12:39 that you come away with great ideas...
12:41 great ministry ideas...
12:42 maybe some good business ideas
12:44 maybe some... I don't know...
12:45 ideas to enhance your personal life,
12:48 Pet Rock... who would have thought that would fly
12:51 but the Pet Rock was business... finish the phrase...
12:55 it was "Business... "
12:56 Audience: Unusual.
12:57 Yes it was... it was Business Unusual
13:00 and sometimes, "Business Unusual" comes along
13:03 because somebody just has a bright idea,
13:06 it might be motivated by making money,
13:08 it might simply be...
13:10 be... because you looked at something
13:12 and you said, "Wait, there's a better way"
13:16 and you can think of many products that you think...
13:20 "I could have thought of that"
13:21 or "I might have thought of that"
13:23 somebody looked at what you'd been looking at for years
13:26 and just saw a difference... business unusual...
13:29 sometimes "Business Unusual" is pressed upon us
13:33 by the simple fact that the times they are... are changing
13:36 pause...
13:37 then so... a few years ago,
13:39 you could do your shopping without even leaving home...
13:41 the Internet came along...
13:42 and what is so fascinating is that you can go online
13:46 and order your groceries
13:49 and your food could be delivered to your doorstep.
13:54 What an amazing concept!
13:57 When I was this big,
14:00 my mother used to get on our telephone,
14:02 which was a telephone connected to the wall with a curly cord
14:05 and she would call Phyllis at the IGA downtown...
14:10 make her order over the phone
14:13 and the man who ran the supermarket would deliver it.
14:15 So, business unusual isn't always very unusual
14:19 but we started to shop online
14:20 and Amazon changed the world
14:22 after Walmart changed the world,
14:23 business unusual...
14:25 you know what's odd?
14:27 I remember when... a... a few years ago
14:31 when the kids were younger than they are now
14:32 and we explained to them, we said,
14:35 "We used to stay at this hotel... "
14:38 it was all that happened to be back there,
14:39 we used to stay at this hotel,
14:41 we would go to Conventions at this hotel.
14:42 "Oh, would you?" "Yes, we would. "
14:43 And let me tell you this,
14:45 when we were looking for restaurants,
14:46 in fact, this was at a town that later on we lived in
14:49 and so there was a point of reference
14:51 and when we looked for a place to eat
14:53 we would go downstairs
14:55 and we'd go to the foyer and go to the front desk
14:58 and they had a card with recommendations on it
15:01 and you read it and you took down the address
15:04 and then somebody either had a map or you asked for directions
15:08 and they looked at us like we had two heads
15:10 not between us but two each...
15:12 then they looked at us and they said,
15:15 "You didn't just Google?"
15:17 Audience: Laughter.
15:19 Things changed... Business Unusual...
15:22 it's all different now.
15:24 Pause.
15:26 Sometimes, our business practices change
15:30 because of great ideas or because of circumstances.
15:33 Here we are... it is 2018,
15:38 I'd like to hope that nobody watches this 20 years from now
15:44 and says, "2018... remember that?"
15:47 I'd like to think that doesn't happen.
15:49 I'd like to think we're going to be out of here by then.
15:52 Audience: Amen.
15:53 So, we all like to think we're going to be out of here by then,
15:58 that's what we all wanted to think,
16:00 so, the question we've got to ask ourselves is,
16:05 "What are we doing to ensure
16:08 that we're going to be out of here by then?"
16:10 You see, if you're producing... let me try to think of something
16:16 shoes... no one here is doing that...
16:20 if you're producing shoes
16:22 and you're producing a 100 pairs of shoes a day,
16:27 and yet, you want to take California by storm
16:32 with your shoes,
16:34 you know you're going to have to produce
16:36 more than a 100 pairs of shoes a day,
16:38 something's got to change
16:39 and so, you know that you needed an injection of cash
16:43 and you need to hire more staff
16:45 and you've got to buy more equipment...
16:46 things have got to change
16:48 because if you don't do something different
16:51 in the way you do your business,
16:52 you are going to end up
16:54 with exactly the same results am I right?
16:55 Absolutely!
16:57 So here we are... these many years
17:00 after the church was called into existence by God
17:02 and we're doing what we're doing
17:03 and we're doing it how we're doing it,
17:05 and it would seem then
17:08 that what we have done that has brought us this far...
17:11 if we're on a trajectory like this
17:13 and I know there are some variables
17:15 I will consider those with you,
17:16 if we're on this trajectory, then, the likelihood is,
17:20 we're going to stay on this trajectory
17:22 if we just keep doing what we're doing
17:26 so that in 20 years, we can come back here
17:29 and hear somebody say,
17:32 "I hope we're not here in 20 years"
17:34 and we could all say, "Amen" all over again.
17:35 Ladies and Gentlemen,
17:38 there is no way in the world we can be satisfied
17:41 with the status quo... we just cannot
17:44 and that's not to criticize the status quo,
17:46 that's not to say that what we're doing is bad
17:49 or wrong or foolhardy,
17:51 it's simply to say,
17:53 "If we are serious about getting out of here
17:56 and getting home to where we belong,
17:58 we are going to have to change gears,
18:01 we are going to have to kick it up a notch. "
18:03 We just must because the Law says,
18:06 "If you keep doing what you're doing
18:09 how you've been doing it,
18:10 you are damned to achieve the same results
18:14 that you've been achieving. "
18:15 So, with that in mind, let's consider a Bible story,
18:18 we're going to the book of Numbers and chapter 11,
18:21 Numbers chapter 11,
18:23 we're going to start at the beginning of the chapter,
18:25 that would be verse 1 in most chapters,
18:26 Numbers chapter 11 and verse 1
18:29 and while you're turning, I'll start reading,
18:31 if you have a Bible, open it up,
18:32 if you have a Device, turn to Numbers chapter 11
18:34 and we'll begin in verse 1, where the Word of God says,
18:38 "And when the people complained"
18:40 now, that's something that doesn't happen in church today,
18:41 that was yesterday...
18:43 it's an old-fashioned concept,
18:46 "And when the people complained, it displeased the LORD."
18:50 Oh, my Brother, my Sister,
18:52 we could take an hour to talk about that.
18:54 "When the people complained, it displeased the LORD:
18:59 and the LORD heard it; and His anger was kindled... "
19:04 I read that... and I think about me to be honest with you
19:10 and I say, "Oh, my goodness,
19:12 Lord there has to be a better way than the complaining I do"
19:15 and if we all thought like that
19:17 and if we all gave our complaining to God,
19:19 and invested a fraction of the energy
19:22 we invest in complaining... in ministry,
19:25 I tell you what... it would be business unusual
19:27 it would be business unusual
19:29 and so the Word of God says that people complained...
19:31 the Lord heard it... He was not happy...
19:33 "the fire of the LORD burnt among them, and consumed them
19:36 that were in the uttermost part of the camp. "
19:37 Can you imagine if that happened today?
19:39 Why did God do that?
19:41 Why did God incinerate people who were complainers?
19:44 I shall tell you why God did that... because He loves us.
19:47 God did that because He is good...
19:50 it's not because He was unkind or ruthless
19:53 or hateful or spiteful...
19:55 God knows... He wants us to get to heaven
20:00 and He'll do whatever it takes to get our focus off ourselves
20:04 and off our unpleasant circumstances
20:07 and on to the only One who can do anything meaningful about it.
20:11 "And fire came... "
20:13 and this was God's way of saying,
20:15 "Look up... don't look down... look to Me... not to yourselves,
20:18 look to God and not those unpleasant things
20:21 that you don't like. "
20:22 They cried to Moses, Moses prayed,
20:24 the fire was quenched
20:25 and he called the name of the place, Taberah...
20:27 that mean "burning"
20:28 you don't even need to be a scholar to know that
20:31 because the fire of the Lord burned among them,
20:33 that's what happened
20:34 and so, we come down and what do you read?
20:36 You read some amazing things...
20:38 I'm losing my Monitor...
20:39 I don't know if that was playing or not... but it was describing
20:41 and we read in Numbers chapter 11
20:43 and... and... and... and verse... we'll find it...
20:46 oh my goodness... verse... man!
20:52 the "mixed multitude" at least we can blame them...
20:57 pause...
21:00 "they fell a lusting"
21:02 and the children of Israel caught the disease,
21:05 "and they wept again, and said,
21:08 who will give us flesh to eat?"
21:10 Here they were on their vegetarian diet
21:12 that God had them on...
21:14 preparing them for the Promised Land...
21:16 I see a parallel... I hope you do too.
21:18 Audience: Agreeing.
21:20 "We remember the fish, which we did eat in Egypt freely... "
21:23 and then they spoke about the cucumbers and the melons
21:25 and the leeks and the onions and the garlic...
21:26 "But now our soul is dried away"
21:28 listen to this...
21:29 this is one of the most staggering statements
21:33 that you'll read in the whole Bible,
21:34 "there is nothing at all,
21:36 beside this manna, before our eyes. "
21:42 Can you imagine that?
21:43 It was their lifeline and they were saying,
21:46 "We've got nothing to eat" except, of course, for this
21:49 which is given to keep us alive. "
21:51 Isn't that remarkable
21:54 some of the things that we complain about.
21:55 You complain about the Pastor, thank God you have one,
21:58 I mean, in most cases... thank God you have one.
22:00 You complain about your spouse, you're lucky to have her, man!
22:05 Audience: Laughter.
22:09 How spoiled for choice were you back in the day?
22:12 The things we complain about...
22:15 you complain about your kids...
22:17 ah, what if you didn't have any? You'd complain about that.
22:20 And here they were complaining about the greatest blessing
22:23 that God was giving to them, other than the gift of life
22:27 and this was sustaining life...
22:28 they complained...
22:30 and God describes the manna and so on
22:32 and then, Moses in those days...
22:36 "here's the people we... that complain"
22:38 Moses was unhappy and he cries out to God,
22:40 he said, "Why You're doing this to me?
22:42 Why have I not found favor in Your sight?
22:44 You are laying the burden of all the people upon me... "
22:46 it was Moses' turn...
22:47 "have I... did I give birth to these people?
22:50 Have I begotten them that you should say to me,
22:53 'Carry them in your bosom,
22:54 as a nursing father beareth a sucking child?'
22:57 Man! how am I going to find food?
23:00 There are too many people, it's too heavy,
23:02 if you deal with me like this, kill me, I pray thee,
23:08 out of hand, if I have found favor in Your sight. "
23:12 Can you imagine praying that prayer?
23:14 Pause.
23:16 Well, the Lord said to Moses,
23:18 "Get 70 men of the elders of Israel,
23:21 people you know to be the elders of the people...
23:24 officers over them,
23:25 bring them to the tabernacle of the congregation,
23:27 that they may stand there with thee,
23:28 and I will come down and talk with thee there:
23:30 and I will take of the spirit that is upon thee,
23:32 and I will put it upon them;
23:34 and they shall bear the burden of the people with you,
23:37 that you will bear it not thyself alone. "
23:40 God promised something great was going to take place
23:44 and he demonstrated to Moses that He was with Moses
23:47 at every step in that journey.
23:48 Well, let's drop down here, they talk about the meat
23:51 that God's going to provide it for them somehow,
23:54 those 24... we're narrowing in our point here,
23:56 "And Moses went out and told the people the words of the LORD,
24:00 and gathered the seventy men of the elders of the people,
24:03 and set them round about the tabernacle. "
24:06 "And the LORD came down in a cloud and spoke to him,
24:14 and took of the spirit that was upon him... "
24:17 that is... that was upon Moses...
24:20 "and gave it to the 70 elders:
24:24 and it came to pass, that, when the spirit rested upon them,
24:29 they prophesied, and they did not cease... "
24:34 which is interesting because
24:35 most every other translation of the Bible says,
24:37 they prophesied and that was it...
24:39 they were one and done...
24:40 they stopped prophesying and they prophesied... so no more,
24:43 you can work that one out in your own time.
24:45 Pause.
24:47 So, this was a blessing, there are a number of things
24:49 that we could deduce from this, let me tell you this...
24:51 let me tell you this, church member,
24:53 let me tell you this Christian friend,
24:55 there are times when you will look around and...
24:57 and you are going to be convinced
24:59 that you have "just cause" to complain.
25:01 You are convinced that the church is going to hell
25:04 because of what you see in your little corner of the world.
25:06 You are convinced that everybody is mad except you
25:09 and when you have those thoughts...
25:10 it's probably good to double check.
25:12 Audience: Laughter.
25:14 You are convinced that it's not like it was in the good old days
25:18 and it may well be that it's not
25:20 but I want you to see what God demonstrates here in the Bible.
25:24 Moses hears them complaining and they are complaining
25:29 and he's done with carrying the burden
25:31 and he goes to God and cries out and what does God do?
25:35 In the midst of his distress,
25:39 in the midst of his discouragement,
25:42 God pours out his Holy Spirit in a marked way...
25:48 in an unusual way...
25:50 in a meaningful way and God is saying to Moses,
25:53 "Hey Moses, I am in the middle of this thing,
25:57 this is still my people,
25:59 you don't have to like what you see,
26:02 you don't have to agree with everything that's going on
26:04 but it's my people
26:07 and if you want to transpose that to another key,
26:09 God will be saying to you today,
26:11 "You may not like everything that you see...
26:13 but it is still my church. "
26:17 I believe that.
26:19 If I didn't believe it, I would leave.
26:21 This is still God's church
26:25 and it doesn't matter where on the color palette
26:29 you color yourself,
26:30 you can hear people next to you...
26:32 nearby you bellyaching like nobody's business,
26:35 listen... if we simply coveted to get our noses down
26:40 and our tails up
26:41 and put our shoulders to the grindstone,
26:43 it would be Business Unusual.
26:46 We would see a flurry of soul-winning activities
26:49 like we've never seen before
26:51 and I want to point out something here
26:53 that I think is crucial.
26:54 "They prophesied and... "
26:56 they either did cease or they didn't cease...
26:57 depending on which version of the Bible you are reading
26:59 "But there remained two of the men in the camp,
27:02 the name of the one was Eldad,
27:05 and the name of the other was Medad:
27:08 and the spirit rested upon them;
27:12 they were of them that were written,
27:14 but went not out unto the tabernacle:
27:16 and they prophesied back in the camp. "
27:19 Moses called 70... for some reason 68 came.
27:22 These two fellows were detained or they didn't get the message
27:26 or something and they prophesied back there,
27:29 "And then, a young man ran and told Moses, and said,
27:34 Eldad and Medad do prophesy in the camp"
27:36 we don't know what tone of voice he was using,
27:39 we simply know that he was reporting the facts
27:43 and of all people, Joshua the son of Nun...
27:45 Moses' number two...
27:47 "One of his young men, answered and said,
27:52 My lord Moses, forbid them. "
27:56 And Moses... we're going to read in just a moment,
28:01 did not want to do that.
28:02 In fact, let me read that verse, I'll make this point
28:05 and then I'll double back around and make another one.
28:07 "Moses said to him, Enviest thou for my sake?
28:11 would God that all the LORD's people were prophets,
28:14 and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them!"
28:17 Now there's...
28:18 I think, at least two points that we can make here,
28:20 Number 1 is this, if you have anything to do with the work,
28:23 it is not your role to limit the activity of others,
28:28 of course you want to provide guidance,
28:30 pause
28:33 I find it interesting... we're in a place here
28:34 where there are a lot of people representing
28:36 supporting ministries
28:37 and yet you can go to... sometimes in the field...
28:39 and you define the field,
28:41 and you can discover that among leadership
28:43 there is no love for supporting ministries,
28:45 you know,
28:47 that attitude has got to be an abomination in the sight of God.
28:52 It just has to be...
28:54 as though there is any group of leaders
28:56 who can actually get the work done all by themselves...
28:59 it's madness...
29:00 what God is saying here is,
29:02 "Don't envy because there's somebody
29:06 not in your direct jurisdiction...
29:09 who is getting on and doing the work,
29:12 don't do that,
29:14 thank God for what God is doing wherever God is getting it done,
29:19 wherever He is getting it done,
29:21 we don't need less Eldad and less Medad... we need more,
29:26 we need more people in more places
29:29 who are filled with the Holy Spirit of God,
29:31 can you say "Amen"? I know you can...
29:33 we need more... we need more people raising up,
29:36 now, I don't want you to take my remarks out of context
29:39 obviously, we are all part of a whole
29:42 and we need to plug into that "whole"
29:44 and understand where we fit into that "whole... "
29:46 understand that unity in the church is absolutely essential
29:50 but God isn't bound by our boundaries
29:53 and God wants to work in unusual ways.
29:56 This was unusual... so unusual that Joshua said,
29:59 "We got to put a stop to that. "
30:01 But Moses, as wise as he was said,
30:03 "No you don't want to put a stop to that"
30:06 and I want you now to notice what Moses said,
30:08 he said, "would God that all the LORD's people were prophets,
30:13 and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them!"
30:17 You know what Moses was praying for?
30:20 He was praying for Business Unusual.
30:22 Moses knew... here we have 68 men... 69...
30:27 two over there who are prophesying,
30:29 what about the others...
30:31 what about the others?
30:32 What if God had so many people in such a powerful way
30:36 that His Spirit did something the likes of which
30:39 we have never seen before?
30:40 Can you imagine it?
30:43 Listen, if we go on the way we're going on
30:47 with a few people active
30:50 and a bunch of people who are just spectators,
30:53 if we go on with churches where people come
30:56 merely for the performance
30:58 and not to plug in and be active,
31:00 if we continue to educate people
31:03 that church members are consumers
31:05 and the... I'm going to use the word "clergy... "
31:08 the clergy... because I think it fits the concept,
31:10 the clergy are the producers...
31:12 we are going to be wandering in the wilderness
31:14 for another 1,000 years.
31:16 It's God's plan to pour out His Spirit on everybody
31:21 so that everybody takes her or his meaningful place
31:25 in the front lines of the work sharing one's faith
31:30 and this is what I love about the church,
31:32 there are places where people clamor for office,
31:35 they want to be the Pastor or the Senior Pastor
31:38 or the Elder or the Head Elder or the Deaconess
31:40 or the Head Deaconess or the Choir Leader or whatever it is
31:43 and there are people... some of them who get a little miffed
31:46 when they don't get to be what they wanted to be.
31:48 Well, here is the wonderful thing,
31:50 The highest you can climb in church
31:51 is sharing your faith with somebody else,
31:53 that's the highest you can climb
31:55 and you don't need anybody's permission to do that.
31:58 You don't need the permission...
31:59 you don't need a position to do that,
32:02 you can share your faith wherever you are
32:05 at any time... day or night you have God's permission.
32:09 Moses said, "Would God that He would pour out His Spirit
32:14 on everybody... "
32:15 and the fact of the matter is,
32:16 "God wants to pour out His Holy Spirit,
32:19 He has said, "If you then being evil
32:21 know how to give good gifts to your children,
32:23 how much more will your heavenly Father
32:27 give the Holy Spirit to them that ask. "
32:30 Moses knew...
32:32 Business Unusual... it's not better plans...
32:35 although better plans are great,
32:37 it's not more workers on the payroll,
32:39 although that may be a blessing too,
32:42 it's not better programs...
32:44 although better programs never hurt nobody,
32:46 it is more of God's Holy Spirit
32:50 coursing through the veins of the church,
32:53 coursing through the veins of church members,
32:56 it is people on fire for God whose primary urge...
33:01 whose number one priority is sharing Christ when they can,
33:06 any place they can...
33:08 because we know Jesus said, "This gospel of the kingdom
33:11 shall be preached in all the world,
33:13 for a witness to all nations
33:15 and... " what's the next word?
33:17 "and then shall the end come. "
33:19 That's when... and as long as we sit around like bumps on a log
33:24 the work won't ever get done except...
33:28 my last statement of course doesn't take into account
33:32 that God has a plan...
33:33 God's going to get the work done,
33:35 you know what I read some place?
33:37 I read that the Holy Spirit is going to pour down
33:39 with such great measure...
33:40 in such great measure
33:43 that many people are going to look around
33:45 and see this outpouring of the Holy Spirit
33:48 and call it fanaticism.
33:50 Can you imagine what that looks like?
33:53 Can you imagine being part of that?
33:56 Can you imagine?
33:58 You know God wants to see the church rise up
34:02 and do something different.
34:05 That's my statement,
34:08 you can check the validity of that
34:10 and I think that's true
34:12 because I've read what you all have read in the Bible
34:15 about the gospel going to earth's remotest boundary,
34:17 we haven't done that yet
34:19 and it's not just that God wants to see the gospel go
34:23 go to the earth's remotest boundaries,
34:24 if we really believe that that's what God wanted,
34:28 we'd crank up the printing presses
34:30 and send The Great Controversy and a set of Bible Studies...
34:33 It is Written Bible Studies to everybody in the world.
34:36 Pause.
34:38 We'd just had a great big offering
34:41 and then mail them out and we'd say,
34:43 "That's it... the gospel has gone to the world. "
34:44 But you know that that's not exactly what God's asking.
34:48 We could mail them all DVDs...
34:50 there it is, the gospel's gone all over the world,
34:53 if we really believed,
34:55 that's what God was trying to get done.
34:57 Bible Studies... DVDs...
35:01 that's it... Jesus is coming back
35:03 but we know there's more to it than that.
35:08 I was really fascinated to read that in Nebraska...
35:13 about five miles from Union College,
35:17 scientists at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln,
35:21 produced... I believe this was last year,
35:23 might have been this year,
35:25 a flash of light or a beam of light
35:26 that was... let me read it, I wrote it down here,
35:30 one billion times brighter than the surface of the sun.
35:34 I wonder how they did that.
35:37 Now... now, that only lasted
35:39 for 30 billions of a millionth of a second,
35:41 but still, that's a really bright light
35:44 and when we talk about light,
35:46 we know how vital light is.
35:49 First day of creation, what did Jesus say?
35:52 "Let there be... "
35:55 that Jesus is the light of the world.
35:58 Now we know that
36:00 but the plot thickens when we listen to Jesus say
36:04 in Matthew chapter 5,
36:06 "You are the light of the world. "
36:08 That's when the plot thickens.
36:10 Jesus never said, "You are the Preacher of the world. "
36:15 Pause.
36:17 Although I'll be the last one to say,
36:19 "Let's sack all the preachers" I'm in favor of preachers
36:21 but he said, "You are the light of the world. "
36:25 He didn't even say, "You are the Bible Study of the world. "
36:29 Pause.
36:30 Although we know that
36:32 sharing the Word of God is sharing light.
36:33 It was David who wrote,
36:35 "The entrance of Your Word gives light... "
36:37 "God's Word is a lamp to our feet and a... " tell me...
36:40 "a light to our path. "
36:41 God is calling for Business Unusual.
36:46 We just can't go on doing exactly what we've done
36:50 the... the same way... "
36:52 now see, when I say, "the same way"
36:54 that didn't cause our methods into question
36:56 and our methods have got us this far.
36:58 Pause.
37:00 It's not the message or the method,
37:02 it's the messenger...
37:04 Jesus said, "You are the light of the world. "
37:08 The Prophet Isaiah wrote this,
37:11 "Behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,
37:14 gross darkness the people:
37:16 but the Lord shall arise upon thee,
37:18 and His glory shall be seen upon thee. "
37:23 And when you go to Revelation chapter 18 and verse 1,
37:26 you'll read that God's Spirit is poured out into His people
37:29 with such amazing power that the earth is lit up
37:31 with the manifestation of the glory of God.
37:34 That's the fourth angel's message.
37:36 The earth lit up by God's Spirit shining out of God's people.
37:44 My friend, I would say to you that is Business Unusual.
37:48 It seems to me, of course,
37:51 there are plenty of people committed to that ideal
37:52 but so many that are not...
37:54 so many that are not
37:56 and this is why the shaking will come
37:58 and tribe after tribe will go out
38:00 and company after company will come in
38:02 and then we'll have a people that are radiant.
38:04 I'm not... I'm not angling for that day
38:06 but it's going to take place.
38:07 Business Unusual...
38:09 Moses was there with 68 of his brothers,
38:12 the Spirit of God was poured out,
38:15 two more over there in the camp...
38:17 not right there with Moses and the boys,
38:19 "Ah, there's a problem. "
38:20 Moses said, "No problem, we need more of that not less. "
38:23 We need more of God's Spirit being poured out... not less.
38:26 We need more people being raised up by God
38:30 under the unction of the Holy Spirit of God... not less.
38:33 Not less... the world must see in God's people
38:39 a revelation of the character of God.
38:42 It must...
38:43 you can imagine then, can't you if we...
38:46 if we possess Christ in our hearts by faith
38:48 and then we share the Word of God,
38:50 can you imagine that?
38:52 Can you imagine sitting down with a Bible Study
38:55 and God's Spirit has you...
38:56 it's no guarantee... but it makes this book irresistible,
39:02 when God has you...
39:03 and you indeed are the light of the world,
39:06 not just talking about it, not thinking about it,
39:08 not hoping for it but experiencing it...
39:11 Business Unusual...
39:13 it has to be the missing link, it has to be...
39:16 our doctrine is solid...
39:18 sorry if you don't like it, it's solid.
39:22 Sorry if you're busy finding fault with it,
39:25 it's you who's wrong not the church.
39:27 It's solid... so it's not the doctrine that's the problem.
39:31 Is it the methods that the...
39:33 we simply haven't come up with a new program,
39:35 E.M. Bounds said, "The church is looking for better methods,
39:38 God is looking for better men. "
39:40 We just came back from Manila,
39:43 we led a team of 41 on a It is Written Mission Trip
39:45 it was fantastic...
39:47 three-and-a-half-thousand people were baptized...
39:48 that's credit to the work of the church in Manila,
39:50 Central Luzon Conference... it was fantastic.
39:53 I'm standing in the pool baptizing people
39:56 just this last Sabbath and as they come...
39:59 I... I've never seen so many pastors in a pool
40:01 baptizing at one time
40:03 and as they would come to me, I would say to them,
40:04 "How did you hear about God?"
40:07 And person after person... I'd like to tell you "everyone"
40:12 not every one... only 90% or so,
40:15 90% of them said, "My friend told me. "
40:19 "My friend invited me... "
40:21 I should have... "Did you come to the meetings?"
40:23 "Yes. "
40:24 "How long have you been coming to the church?"
40:26 "Ten years. "
40:27 I said, "What took you so long?"
40:29 She said, "Well, you know, I just was never ready but...
40:31 but now I'm ready and
40:33 I'm just so glad to be getting baptized today. "
40:35 I said, "How did it begin?"
40:37 she said, "My friend asked me. "
40:39 "My friend... "
40:41 You know here in the United States,
40:43 we talk about the Philippines,
40:45 we talk about places like Peru as though they're aberrations,
40:48 well they are,
40:50 inasmuch as people are willing to share their faith,
40:53 of course it's not one world and one field is different
40:55 and the other field is different... understand that...
40:58 but can you imagine,
40:59 if everybody in your church including you,
41:02 was praying and looking for ways 24 hours a day
41:05 seven days a week to share Jesus with others.
41:08 Would it change things?
41:10 Man! it would change things, it would be Business Unusual.
41:14 Unfortunately, we... we... we're too often like the squid,
41:18 that 20 million people have watched this on YouTube.
41:21 In a restaurant somebody gets served a bowl of food
41:24 and a squid is on top of it, it is a dead squid, of course,
41:27 that I never had figured out why anybody wants to eat squid,
41:30 I tried octopus once... not lately...
41:32 Audience: Laughter.
41:35 and I would... I would have been better off
41:36 chewing on my rubber boots, it was terrible stuff
41:39 and so the person reaches for the soy sauce...
41:42 what is it I said? It was a squid...
41:46 the squid is there looking squid-like
41:49 just sitting on the... on the food
41:52 and the person... the diner... you ought to look at this...
41:56 it will creepy you out...
41:57 the diner takes the soy sauce and sprinkles soy sauce on it,
42:01 and the squid comes to life.
42:03 It looks like one of these...
42:05 one of these boys on the cardboard on the street
42:07 break dancing,
42:09 it is just all over, like Michael Flatley...
42:12 it's just... it's river dance on the plate...
42:14 pause...
42:16 there's a lot of activity in that bowl but the squid is dead
42:22 and I wonder if far too often,
42:27 we don't confuse activity and life.
42:31 Pause.
42:33 Jesus told us, "You are to be the light of the world"
42:39 that can only happen one way.
42:42 As Christ pours His Spirit out as we yield to that...
42:48 and pray, "Lord, fill me up,
42:50 fill me up... "
42:53 if we got a 100% of the people in church
42:56 praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit,
42:58 Business Unusual...
43:00 Yes, we ought to plan bigger, we ought to strategize... plan,
43:04 get your brightest minds,
43:06 come up with better resources and pro-action...
43:08 think about the technology and the times...
43:10 of course, but without the Holy Spirit of God
43:14 it's just business as usual.
43:17 Same song... different verse...
43:19 that's all it is...
43:21 pause
43:24 we are standing as close to the edge of eternity as we want.
43:29 The X-Factor, of course, is God's timetable
43:33 and what God is going to do
43:35 but we are standing as close to the coming of Christ as we wish,
43:38 if you want to be filled up with the Holy Spirit of God,
43:40 you can be... today...
43:42 tonight... you may be...
43:43 and you may receive more tomorrow,
43:46 no matter who you are, where you're from,
43:48 what your background, what your educational level
43:50 or your attainments in this world
43:51 and God would use all of us,
43:53 every one of us in the most powerful way.
43:56 Business Unusual...
43:59 I think it's time... and if the Holy Spirit has us
44:04 if Eldad and Medad rise up and we don't try and push them down,
44:10 and if there are more Eldads and more Medads
44:14 who are prophesying in the camp or wherever it is they are
44:17 because they are filled with the Holy Spirit,
44:18 it's a new day.
44:21 Thank God this is not a mystery, thank God it's not unattainable,
44:26 he's not asking us to climb the highest mountain,
44:28 simply yield and let Christ fill us
44:32 and let His Spirit empower us
44:34 and let the power of heaven re-make us
44:38 and then use us in incredible ways
44:40 God will do it, the work will be done.
44:42 You know, some time ago,
44:45 Alexander Graham Bell had a vision... not even a vision...
44:48 a dream...
44:50 he said, "I have heard articulate speech
44:53 produced by sunlight
44:54 I've heard a ray of the sun laugh and cough and sing. "
44:57 What Alexander Graham Bell had done with the telephone...
45:01 he believed could be done with a photo phone.
45:03 He said, "You ought to be able to send a message with lights"
45:07 and now with fiber optics, that's exactly what happens,
45:11 your text message
45:12 goes to a "receiving station" let's call it...
45:15 that electro-magnetic wave is converted to light
45:18 and then along with millions of messages,
45:20 it travels across the Pacific Ocean...
45:23 let's say to China from where we are here,
45:25 some messages getting off along the way...
45:28 the process is converted at the other end
45:31 and it happens in 1/20th of a second
45:34 pause...
45:36 because your message is sent as light.
45:39 We have a wonderful message,
45:42 here it is... the Three Angels' Messages.
45:46 Sell it... never... keep it... always...
45:49 love it... share it...
45:51 but I tell you something,
45:52 when it goes forward as light,
45:55 the message will be accompanied by a power
45:58 the likes of which we have never seen.
46:02 Let us pray tonight that God would have us
46:06 and use us and pour out His Spirit upon us
46:10 and that as Jesus wished,
46:12 we truly would be the light of the world.
46:16 Piano...
46:24 more piano...
46:28 piano...
46:37 O Love... O Love...
46:43 O Love that will not let me go
46:53 O Love...
46:56 I rest my weary soul in thee;
47:02 I give thee back the life I owe,
47:09 That in thine ocean depths its flow
47:16 May richer, fuller be.
47:22 Piano...
47:28 O Joy... O Joy...
47:35 O Joy
47:38 that seeks me through the pain,
47:45 I cannot close my heart to thee;
47:52 I trace the rainbow through the rain,
47:59 And feel the promise is not vain,
48:05 That morn shall tearless be...
48:11 That morn shall tearless be,
48:19 O Love...
48:26 O Love
48:31 that did not let me go...
48:39 O Love...
48:42 I rest my weary soul in thee;
48:52 I give thee back the life I owe,
49:00 I give thee back the life I owe...
49:08 I give thee back the life I owe,
49:16 That in thine ocean depths its flow
49:24 May richer, fuller be.
49:33 That morn shall tearless see...
49:42 O Love... O Love...
49:50 O Love...
49:57 O Love... O Love..
50:05 O Love
50:09 that will not let me go
50:17 go...
50:21 that will not
50:29 let me go.
50:37 Music.


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