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00:20 Our opening song sermon is Marching desire.
00:22 I invite you to stand as we sing our opening hymn.
00:40 Come, we that love the Lord And let our joys be known
00:47 Join in a song with sweet accord
00:51 Join in a song with sweet accord
00:55 And thus surround the throne And thus surround the throne
01:02 We're marching to Zion Beautiful, beautiful Zion
01:10 We're marching upward to Zion
01:14 The beautiful city of God
01:18 Let those refuse to sing Who never knew our God
01:26 But children of the heavenly King
01:29 But children of the heavenly King
01:33 May speak their joys abroad May speak their joys abroad
01:41 We're marching to Zion Beautiful, beautiful Zion
01:49 We're marching upward to Zion
01:53 The beautiful city of God
01:57 The hill of Zion yields A thousand sacred sweets
02:05 Before we reach the heavenly fields
02:09 Before we reach the heavenly fields
02:14 Or walk the golden streets Or walk the golden streets
02:21 We're marching to Zion
02:25 Beautiful, beautiful Zion
02:29 We're marching upward to Zion
02:33 The beautiful city of God
02:38 Then let our songs abound
02:42 And every tear be dry
02:46 We're marching through Immanuel's ground
02:50 We're marching through Immanuel's ground
02:55 To fairer worlds on high
02:59 To fairer worlds on high
03:04 We're marching to Zion
03:09 Beautiful, beautiful Zion
03:13 We're marching upward to heavenly Zion
03:18 The beautiful city of God
03:24 Thank you so much for singing. You may be seated.
03:30 Good evening, ASI.
03:32 You know, the ASI experiences
03:33 all about meeting in the hallways,
03:36 seeing people you haven't seen since last year.
03:39 It's about going to various meetings
03:41 like this one tonight.
03:42 It's about worshiping, sharing.
03:44 I see people in the corners, praying together,
03:46 having their Bibles out.
03:48 ASI experiences are awesome,
03:49 and Thursday night is one of the special times.
03:51 We're just glad to welcome you here tonight.
03:53 Hope that you enjoy everything that happens in this place
03:57 this evening.
03:59 Now I want to just think about some of the things
04:03 that have gone on today.
04:04 There have been seminars.
04:06 How many were in seminars today?
04:07 Okay. They were excellent.
04:08 All over the place, there were different things happening.
04:10 We were in one of the seminars today
04:11 and enjoyed it very much.
04:14 And one of the things that we're praying for
04:16 and always happens at an ASI Convention
04:18 because of prayer is the Holy Spirit comes down.
04:23 And I was talking with our prayer coordinator,
04:25 and she was saying that this morning,
04:27 there were over 75 people.
04:29 It's 5 or 6 o'clock in the morning to go to prayer
04:32 to just pray for the outpouring
04:34 of the Holy Spirit in this place.
04:36 And that's our prayer as we start
04:38 the Thursday night program,
04:41 which we filled with inspiration, and ideas,
04:45 and things that will draw us
04:46 closer into relationship with Jesus Christ.
04:49 It's our prayer that as that happens this evening
04:52 that you will experience everything
04:53 that God has in store for you.
04:55 And, Karen, would you please pray for us
04:57 as we open Thursday night.
04:58 Let's bow our heads.
05:01 Father in heaven, we're so thankful
05:03 we can be here tonight
05:04 to worship and praise Your name.
05:07 I asked that You would be with each speaker
05:09 that presents tonight as they share
05:12 how You have led in their lives.
05:14 Now I asked that You would fill us
05:16 with Your Holy Spirit,
05:18 and bless us, and make us a blessing.
05:21 I ask it all in the name above all names,
05:24 Jesus Christ, amen.
05:30 If I ask you
05:31 how many of you know the Adventist Review,
05:34 I suspect just about every hand would go up.
05:37 The Adventist Review has been part
05:40 of your family's traditions for perhaps decades.
05:43 We're now at almost 170 years,
05:46 but do you really know the Adventist Review?
05:50 You may have thought of it as a print journal,
05:52 you may be getting it in your home.
05:53 I hope you are.
05:54 But the Adventist Review is a lot more
05:56 than a print journal today,
05:59 it's an on-demand television network,
06:01 it's a brand new series of podcasts,
06:05 it's social media pushing these messages
06:07 about Adventist truths widely around the world.
06:11 It's a media lab.
06:13 It's a variety of ways of taking
06:15 the same central messages of Adventism
06:17 and putting them out there for new audiences
06:19 on new platforms.
06:21 One of those new platforms is our ARTV platform,
06:23 and Rico Hill's going to tell you about that.
06:25 ARTV, what is that, Bill?
06:28 ARTV? Well, you're going to tell.
06:30 That's the question that people ask
06:32 when they come to our `booth.
06:33 What's ARTV?
06:35 Well, ARTV is a new platform, a new digital platform
06:40 where we have over 700 pieces of Christian programming
06:45 in our catalog.
06:46 But we're not just programming and publishing,
06:49 we're actually doing original content as well.
06:53 We have things that we are producing and developing
06:56 and with a strong emphasis on development,
06:59 making sure that what we produce
07:02 is more outward facing
07:04 than just speaking to ourselves.
07:06 So we're creating content that is uniquely
07:09 and definitely evangelistic.
07:12 Amen.
07:14 I want to share with you about what we're doing
07:15 in some of the other areas, one of those is listening.
07:19 We're finding that more and more of us
07:21 may not have as much time as we used to
07:23 to sit down and enjoy a piece of content.
07:26 So we're finding ways
07:27 of how do you get that into audio form.
07:29 So as you're driving or exercising,
07:31 you can listen to podcasts of different interviews
07:34 and different topics
07:35 on some of the things where we're publishing.
07:38 Another area is what we're calling
07:39 the AR Media Lab,
07:41 augmented reality and virtual reality.
07:44 So we'd love to have you come by our booth,
07:47 if you've got a smartphone and if you have a child
07:50 or grandchild, bring them by
07:52 because our newest issues of kids view,
07:54 you have the ability to pull out your phone,
07:57 download our new app and pointed at the magazine
08:00 and outgrows the statue of Nebuchadnezzar.
08:03 And you can walk around it, and you can learn about
08:06 lots of different details.
08:08 We got this in a lot of different areas,
08:09 also a project with voice of prophecy
08:11 launching next week at the Teachers' Convention.
08:14 The last thing I want to share with you
08:15 is our new fundraising program.
08:18 I just want to invite you.
08:19 If you know of a school that is in need of funding,
08:22 we want to talk to you about a new fundraising program,
08:25 we've got launching next week
08:27 that we think can help schools and students afford tuition
08:32 and also help advance the advent message.
08:36 Every year, we come to the ASI Convention,
08:39 between us, I think I was figuring out today,
08:41 we probably got more than 40 years
08:43 of attending ASI conventions between us,
08:46 and I've got about almost 17 of those myself.
08:48 We come here because this is where
08:51 creative, innovative people who are willing to take risks
08:54 for the gospel show up every year.
08:57 That's our kind of audience.
08:59 And that's why every year we take the opportunity
09:02 with the addition of the Adventist Review
09:03 you see in front of you this evening
09:06 to partner with ASI, to share the stories of ASI,
09:10 not just with those of you here or those of you watching,
09:13 but with tens of thousands of people around the world
09:15 on our websites, in our print journals,
09:17 and our social media.
09:18 We do that because we believe
09:20 this is one of the creative heart of Adventism
09:23 continues to speak in fresh contemporary ways
09:27 to the world to the marketplace.
09:28 If you haven't taken the opportunity,
09:31 pull out our most recent issues of Adventist Review
09:33 or go online, go to the Documentaries,
09:36 go to the Podcasts at,
09:39 you're going to find yourself in the middle
09:40 of a 7-part series called Digging Deeper.
09:44 And Digging Deeper is exactly what it implies
09:47 going at core Adventist messages.
09:49 The first one in that series was Mark Finely interview
09:52 on the Mark of the Beast.
09:54 Mark's been preaching this message for 50 years.
09:57 He's, by the way, also a member
09:59 of the Adventist Review editorial staff.
10:01 Mark's been preaching this message,
10:03 fascinating interview with him,
10:04 but an even more intriguing documentary
10:07 that Rico and Jared helped produce.
10:09 And a podcast, whatever your preferred platform is,
10:12 you'll find Digging Deeper
10:14 a place you'll want to spend time.
10:15 The second one in that series on the Trinity, this month,
10:18 on Great Deception at the End of the Time,
10:21 Investigative Judgment, Sabbath, State of the Dead,
10:24 all of these topics focused on an Adventist Review.
10:27 We think this is a place you're going to find the ideas
10:30 that will inspire you to witness.
10:33 Thank you.
10:48 When I saw what laid
10:53 Before me
10:56 Lord, I cried
10:59 What will You do?
11:05 I thought He would just remove it
11:12 But He gently led me through
11:20 Without fire there's no refining
11:28 Without pain no relief
11:34 Without flood there's no rescue
11:41 Without testing no belief
11:51 Through the Fire
11:57 Through the Flood
12:02 Through the Water
12:07 Through the Blood
12:12 Through the dry
12:17 And barren places
12:23 Through life's dense
12:27 And maddening mazes
12:33 Through the pain
12:38 And through the glory
12:43 Through will always
12:47 Tell the story
12:52 Of the God
12:58 Whose power and mercy
13:03 Will not fail
13:11 To take us
13:19 Through
13:32 Good evening, ASI.
13:37 I have with me tonight a very diverse group of people
13:41 from Weimar College.
13:43 I have administrators, faculty, and students,
13:46 and they've launched a very unique program
13:50 that is actually a spin-off of Total Member Involvement.
13:54 Most of our audience is probably familiar
13:57 with Total Member Involvement,
13:59 but what they've done is taken that idea
14:03 and launched what's called Total Community Involvement.
14:06 Would you, first of all, tell me who you are,
14:09 and each of you, I'll let you introduce yourselves,
14:12 and then I'd like for you to tell us
14:15 what TCI is all about.
14:18 Welcome.
14:20 I am Verlyn Benson,
14:21 Vice President for Academic Affairs at Weimar.
14:25 I'm Anita Benson,
14:26 the Executive Secretary at Weimar.
14:30 Hi, my name is Laura Boyer Nedley,
14:32 and I am a business faculty member.
14:35 My name is Rebecca Wong,
14:37 and I teach in the education department
14:39 as a faculty.
14:41 Hi, my name Joletta Red.
14:42 I am a business student at Weimar
14:45 focusing on organizational management.
14:48 So back to Benson, tell us what is TCI?
14:51 What are you actually doing?
14:54 My wife and I are just new at Weimar.
14:56 We arrived in January of this year.
15:00 We came in November to interview,
15:02 and I asked, "What is TCI?"
15:05 "I don't know myself, I'd never heard of it."
15:07 Well, you can tell that this is a new program.
15:10 In fact, just less than a year ago,
15:13 Elder Wilson came and helped launch this program.
15:18 And this is to get out into the community,
15:20 Total Community Involvement, instead a total member.
15:26 And so we are reaching out to the community.
15:29 And I think it's such a good program
15:31 because we all get in ruts in life.
15:34 And this is something to begin making a habit
15:37 early on in life.
15:38 We always talk about when you graduate,
15:40 when you're out there in the real world,
15:42 someday you'll begin witnessing,
15:43 you'll have a witnessing program,
15:44 it's never going to happen unless you start building now
15:47 those habits.
15:48 So you're out in the community.
15:50 So tell us what exactly are you doing in the community?
15:56 Well, we are reaching out to the community itself.
15:59 And I'd like Laura just to talk
16:00 about how we got started,
16:02 find out what the needs of the community are.
16:05 And so, Laura.
16:07 So we first learned how to do surveys.
16:10 So the faculty and students, we would go through a survey
16:13 and kind of survey each other.
16:15 But then we were able to be equipped
16:17 to go door-to-door and survey our neighbors
16:21 and find out what their needs were.
16:23 And so it could be anything from yard work, babysitting,
16:28 just someone who needed company,
16:29 people who needed moved,
16:31 basically just meeting people's basic needs.
16:34 So you actually have students that are going out
16:36 and doing yard work,
16:37 and do the faculty participate in this as well.
16:41 Absolutely.
16:42 In fact, my wife is a trained nurse
16:45 and she has gone out with the students.
16:48 I first became acquainted with TCI
16:50 when Pastor Don came over
16:52 and brought us his own group over to our house
16:54 and helped us move in.
16:56 And I said, "I want to belong to a group like that."
16:58 So I joined the nursing TCI group,
17:00 and we've been able to go out to the community shut-ins
17:04 out around our community,
17:05 and have been able to sing with them,
17:07 and pray with them, and have had
17:09 really good reviews for it.
17:10 So how often do you do this program?
17:14 We do it once a week, once every Wednesday afternoon.
17:17 So you've got a school full of busy students,
17:22 how do you manage to find one day a week
17:25 to do community service?
17:29 Well, we have had some kickback with it.
17:32 And we had one student in particular
17:35 that was in my group.
17:36 And every week she would come
17:39 with not really an attitude to serve.
17:41 And this one particular week,
17:43 she had a test the following day.
17:46 And I just felt impressed to ask her to be my partner,
17:50 even though her attitude,
17:52 you could just feel it in the bus.
17:54 And so I asked her to be my partner.
17:56 And I think she ended up getting caught up
17:59 because I caught her smiling,
18:01 and she seemed to be enjoying herself
18:04 going door-to-door,
18:06 and she seems to forget about her tests,
18:08 and her attitude totally changed.
18:11 And the next day, she did better on that test
18:14 than she had on any of her tests
18:16 the whole semester.
18:17 Wow!
18:18 So you got a little pushback at first,
18:20 but after people got involved, they found out,
18:22 "Hey, this isn't so bad after all.
18:24 In fact, this is actually a blessing."
18:26 So let's talk about that.
18:28 What kind of impact
18:29 has this program had on your community?
18:33 Well, it's had a really big impact on the community
18:36 and on the student body as well.
18:38 I can speak for myself.
18:40 My TCI group, we're a group of introverts.
18:44 And first day going out, very quiet on the van,
18:48 we prayed together, we sang together,
18:50 that was about it.
18:52 But throughout the year, throughout the semester,
18:55 we began to talk with each other,
18:57 we work together,
18:58 and we began to bond into a cohesive group.
19:01 And now I think we may be
19:03 one of the most vocal groups that we have
19:06 because we've had so much fun getting to know each other
19:09 as well as members of our community.
19:12 Let me just add to that just for a moment.
19:15 We came in January,
19:17 and one of the first things we had to do
19:18 is get our cars registered for California,
19:21 which means smog test and all the different things.
19:24 And I went to three different dealerships
19:27 for auto repairs.
19:29 Every one of them when they saw the registration
19:31 was going to be Weimar, California,
19:32 they said, "Hey, are you part of Weimar
19:36 in that TCI program?"
19:38 Now this is 12 miles away.
19:41 And they said, "We know about that program,
19:43 and you couldn't be doing a better thing.
19:45 In fact, I have a brother that lives close to you,
19:48 I want you to go see him.
19:49 I think your young people are the only ones
19:52 that could reach him socially."
19:54 So you're making an impact in the community.
19:57 Well, thank you so much for the work that you're doing.
20:00 May God bless you.
20:01 And I know that this program is going to have
20:04 a tremendous, tremendous impact
20:07 not only for here, but for eternity.
20:10 Thank you so much.
20:18 Joining me on the stage
20:19 are two very energetic young people
20:22 from New York.
20:23 They have a multifaceted ministry
20:26 called Heidi's Health Kitchen.
20:28 And they're just doing any number of things,
20:31 they're both Bible workers,
20:33 they are also passionate about health.
20:35 So, Heidi, tell us
20:37 what is Heidi's Health Kitchen all about?
20:41 Just tell us about that.
20:42 Sure, so Heidi's Health Kitchen is a health food ministry.
20:46 We give cooking classes, Bible studies, help lectures,
20:49 and we operate a pop-up restaurant,
20:52 an Adventist pop-up restaurant, and we're also a caterer,
20:55 and we do many things.
20:57 How do you find the time to do all of that?
21:01 Only by God's grace.
21:03 Amen. All right.
21:04 Well, I believe you brought a video to show.
21:06 Yes.
21:07 And so I think that will give us
21:09 a little bit of insight into what you're doing.
21:11 Sure.
21:14 It's a pleasure for me to have Heidi's Health Kitchen
21:18 as part of the Plant Pure Communities Restaurant family.
21:23 Four years ago in Brooklyn, God gave Ivan the ministry
21:27 and business model for Heidi's Health Kitchen.
21:31 Grace and I have been working with Heidi's Health Kitchen
21:33 for the past two years,
21:35 and it's been a blessing for me,
21:36 and a blessing for the community.
21:39 God gave Heidi the wisdom to develop CARUBIES,
21:43 a Carob Spread,
21:44 and several other delicious and healthy foods.
21:52 In 2016, Heidi's Health Kitchen began operating
21:56 as the first Adventist owned pop-up restaurant.
22:00 Highly recommend anyone trying it,
22:02 whether they are vegan or not vegan.
22:04 I'll share is that everything is natural and healthy for you.
22:09 The food was great.
22:10 The idea is heaven's file.
22:18 Heidi's Health Kitchen was started to fund
22:22 our ongoing Bible work in New York City,
22:25 which has now become a worldwide ministry
22:29 with Bible students from nine countries
22:33 on four continents leading to baptisms.
23:24 We've seen on something that was mentioned in there
23:26 talked about pop-up restaurants.
23:29 Now we've heard of pop-up posters,
23:31 we've heard of pop-up campers,
23:33 but what is a pop-up restaurant?
23:36 So a pop-up restaurant is something
23:38 that operates periodically.
23:40 We, although our goal is eventually to open
23:42 an Adventist restaurant, especially in New York City,
23:45 there hasn't been one for over nine years,
23:47 we're just not there yet.
23:49 And so a couple years ago, Ivan and I were praying
23:53 about what we could do
23:54 with what God has put in our hands
23:56 and God impressed Ivan.
23:57 God gave this idea to me.
24:00 And I contacted a gentleman
24:02 or actually a couple who owned a coffee house
24:05 because God impressed upon me in a dream
24:08 to go and talk to this couple who in the restaurant
24:11 to rent the restaurant when they are closed
24:13 and operate as a Heidi's Health Kitchen,
24:15 Adventist pop-up restaurant.
24:17 Wow! So this is a heaven inspired idea.
24:20 Amen.
24:22 All right, so we only have a few minutes remaining,
24:25 and I want to be sure
24:26 that we talk about another aspect of ministry.
24:28 Yeah.
24:30 Ivan, I understand that your ministry extends
24:33 far beyond New York, in fact, into the Middle East.
24:37 Please tell us about that. Sure.
24:39 So as you all would have seen,
24:41 we have Bible students around the world.
24:43 We offer Bible studies over phone or social media.
24:46 And we received or I received a message
24:50 on a Facebook page for which I was a Facebook admin.
24:53 It was a Facebook page
24:54 of a church named Bicholim Seventh-day Adventist Church,
24:58 and it was from a Muslim gentleman,
25:02 and he asked where we are gathering
25:04 and when we are gathering.
25:05 I said, we are gathering in Manhasset on Saturdays.
25:08 And then I asked him, "Where are you from?"
25:10 And he mentioned the name of his location,
25:12 and turns out it was from Middle East.
25:14 He lives in Middle East, and he has a group,
25:16 and they are Sabbath keepers.
25:18 And they from the Sabbath truth while researching the Bible.
25:22 They left Islam and they are now Christians,
25:24 and they thought no one else in the world
25:27 knows about the Sabbath message.
25:29 So how did he happen upon this particular website?
25:34 Because he was searching for a Jewish synagogue
25:37 'cause he couldn't find
25:38 any Christian places of worship on Saturday.
25:41 And when he searched Bicholim Seventh-day Adventist
25:43 Facebook page popped up in the search result.
25:46 And you just happen to be able to respond to him.
25:48 Yeah.
25:50 So I understand there's a group there that's meeting.
25:51 Yes.
25:53 Tell us about that.
25:54 Yes, we also have sent them
25:56 some literature in Farsi and Arabic to that country,
26:00 and we also have sent...
26:01 It is written Bible studies in Farsi and Arabic.
26:04 And we actually have a conversation over the phone
26:09 or Bible studies over the phone,
26:10 actually a video call.
26:12 And we also have translators from their own community
26:15 who were Muslims until two months ago,
26:17 and now as they start translating,
26:19 when they found,
26:20 especially the deep love that God has for His children
26:24 that touched their hearts.
26:25 Wow.
26:26 And the translators are also interested
26:28 in coming to the truth.
26:29 And we right now have over 31 of them
26:32 gathering in that region in the Middle East.
26:34 Wow, 31. Thirty one.
26:36 So where do you see all of this leading to?
26:41 When God gives us means, we would like to do two things.
26:43 One for the business, we would like to,
26:45 of course, have food truck in New York.
26:48 The next point is to have a business setup
26:51 of Heidi's Health Kitchen in the Middle East,
26:54 and if possible, have a cultural center as well,
26:57 so that people in the region
26:59 will not be afraid to connect with Christians.
27:01 Wow!
27:03 Well, may God bless you
27:04 in the ministry that you're doing,
27:05 and God has certainly opened doors
27:08 that too many of us are closed,
27:12 but thank you for allowing Him to use you.
27:15 Thank you for having us. Thank you.
27:16 We have many more testimonies that we could share,
27:18 so we encourage you to come to our booth number 216,
27:21 try our Carob products
27:22 and we'd love to share some stories with you.
27:24 Yes, their carob products are yummy.
27:26 And I understand, before I let you go,
27:28 there's something coming up next.
27:30 Well, actually, it's this month.
27:32 So would you like to tell us about that?
27:33 September 23rd.
27:34 It's actually September 23rd,
27:36 the very first New York City Plant-based summit
27:39 hosted by Heidi's Health Kitchen.
27:41 And we have Rico Hill as our health evangelist.
27:45 And also the Brooklyn borough president
27:47 has agreed to be the keynote speaker for this event.
27:50 All right, so visit them in their booth,
27:52 and you'll find out more about them.
27:54 Yeah, absolutely. Thank you so much.
27:56 Thank you.
28:01 Our next guests are no strangers to ASI.
28:06 I have here with me Brent
28:09 and Brenda Palmer.
28:11 Brenda actually serves as ASI's financial vice president,
28:17 and they've been involved with ASI for some time.
28:22 But they've had some, a series of traumatic events
28:26 that have happened over the past few months.
28:27 So, Brenda, tell us beginning in September 2016,
28:33 what began to happen?
28:36 Well, Brent was traveling to a job site in Texas,
28:39 and he totaled our car.
28:42 And then in January 2017, when he went to do the job,
28:47 a young man hit him and totaled our pickup.
28:50 So then later on, after we've replaced our car,
28:55 somebody hit him on Friday afternoon also.
29:00 So did you ever wonder,
29:04 is somebody out to get me or why me,
29:06 why is all this happening?
29:08 Well, Brent's a good driver.
29:10 So yes, I did.
29:11 In fact, that Sabbath after he got hit,
29:15 the third time I talked to the Lord about,
29:19 I said, "Is the devil trying to do something
29:21 or what is actually happening here?"
29:23 And it was kind of like in my prayer that God said,
29:26 "You know, Brent belongs to me,
29:29 and whatever happens is my will."
29:32 That was quite a Sabbath afternoon.
29:34 Amen.
29:36 Okay, so then June 23rd comes, it's the middle of the night,
29:41 you're fast asleep, and the phone rings.
29:45 The phone rings, and I wake up and I barely hearing it.
29:49 And it's, "This is the emergency room in Amarillo,
29:52 your husband has just been airlifted in,
29:55 and I will hop back to that Sabbath afternoon
29:57 when I had given Brent's life to God
30:01 and I said, "It's okay."
30:03 And then she handed the phone to Brent,
30:05 and I had him back.
30:09 So despite that, you were trusting and believing
30:14 that God was with you
30:16 and with him and that saved his life.
30:19 It was.
30:20 We spent 15 days in Texas,
30:22 which is 15 hours from our home.
30:28 Then to get him home,
30:29 we had to take an 18-hour ambulance drive
30:32 straight through.
30:33 We got home at 4 o'clock Sabbath morning,
30:37 and we had no medical attention for another 3 or 4 days
30:40 before all the paperwork caught up from him.
30:42 It was a very interesting experience.
30:46 And it's been a long road to recovery, hasn't it?
30:49 Yes, it's been a year.
30:51 He has 22 pins in his left arm.
30:57 He has several pins and metal in his leg,
31:00 and his left hip is...
31:03 The doctor says it's healed enough
31:04 that we can do a hip replacement after ASI.
31:08 But it's been a journey.
31:11 So something like this not only has
31:13 obviously an emotional and physical impact,
31:16 but it can also have a financial impact.
31:19 Tell us about that.
31:20 Well, I really don't know how all this happened.
31:24 Someday, I'm going to go back and look and see
31:26 how the bills got paid, insurance covered everything.
31:30 But of course, we have a business
31:32 and I had to cover our employees all along too.
31:35 And so any medical disability checks that he was getting
31:39 weren't even covering our payroll.
31:42 So this was in June 23, by the time of October,
31:47 1st of November, I thought, "You know, we're contractors,
31:51 Brent's doing a little better, home health it's done, let's...
31:55 I'm not going to pray about something, it was jobs,
31:57 but I'm going to ask the Lord that we need some now.
32:00 I'm ready."
32:01 So I went out hiking and said,
32:04 "Dear Lord, thank you for some jobs."
32:05 Well, you know, by the time I got home,
32:08 Brent was on the phone, he had a job
32:10 that need to be done right then.
32:11 We do very large nursing homes and retirement centers.
32:15 So we're not talking about a little job,
32:16 these are big jobs.
32:18 And by that evening, he had a second job,
32:21 by Sabbath, we had a third job, and by the next Thursday,
32:23 we had four jobs, all of which had to be done by Christmas.
32:27 Amen. God is good. But the story's not over yet.
32:31 So if all this wasn't enough,
32:35 what was the next thing that happened?
32:38 The next step in our journey,
32:42 I've taken Brent to outpatient therapy
32:45 that morning,
32:46 after we've gotten our fourth job.
32:48 And in the meantime,
32:50 we'd had a little electrical problem in the shop,
32:53 we manufacture hardwood moldings
32:55 and then install them.
32:56 So anyway, the equipment was going bad.
32:59 And so as I picked him up, I got a phone call,
33:03 and the shop was on fire.
33:06 We lost everything that day,
33:11 except each other and God.
33:14 You know, a lot of people would be very discouraged
33:18 having gone through something like that.
33:20 Some people even give up on God.
33:22 What kept you going?
33:23 I mean, you're always smiling, you're always positive.
33:27 And what is your secret, Brenda?
33:31 My secret is giving it all to God.
33:34 You know, another thing that morning,
33:37 it's always important to ask God.
33:38 The morning that Brent got ready
33:40 to leave for Amarillo,
33:43 I had thought, "You know what, I'm caught up,
33:44 I got ASI taking care of.
33:46 I'm going to go with him,"
33:47 because we didn't have a job then.
33:49 So I ran up to the office, I was going to get ready to go
33:51 and I thought, "No, I need to ask God."
33:53 And I asked God, sort of kind of off the top of my head.
33:56 "I'd like to go with Brent,"
33:57 and immediately I had the impression, "Don't go."
34:00 And I spoke out loud.
34:02 I said, "God, I didn't want to hear that."
34:04 What would have happened if I'd gone with him?
34:08 So, Brent, tell us
34:10 how has this whole thing impacted you,
34:12 and what has carried you through this experience?
34:16 Well, for myself, I wanted to say thank you to ASI.
34:20 You've been very supportive during this time,
34:23 and sent leadership out to the hospital there in Texas.
34:27 And I really appreciate that.
34:30 There is a statement that I learned
34:31 at oak cabin many years ago.
34:33 It says, "Above the distractions of earth,
34:35 God sits enthroned,
34:36 and from His great and calm eternity,
34:38 He orders that which His providence sees best."
34:42 Whatever happens in our life...
34:44 Yes, we have Business Unusual going on in our life this year.
34:47 We do.
34:49 It's a little bit different unusual.
34:51 I really don't know what God has next for us
34:53 completely at this point.
34:55 But I know the other point
34:57 that I want to make very quickly
34:58 is that at a time that you think not,
35:02 the Son of Man cometh.
35:04 I had the second coming that night,
35:05 I did not anticipate it, I was awakened.
35:10 I never knew I had the wreck until I was awakened.
35:12 And that would have been the Second Coming if Christ
35:15 did not awaken me.
35:16 So each of you, I hope that we'll all live our life
35:19 because the Second Coming is an instant away
35:23 and He's always there.
35:24 Amen. Thank you. Thank you so much.
35:25 You are both an inspiration. Thank you so much.
35:27 I appreciate all the support of ASI.
35:29 Amen, what an amazing testimony,
35:31 isn't it?
35:33 This evening, you know, ASI is made up of more
35:36 than just chapters
35:37 here in the United States of America.
35:39 I have with me delegation from Europe.
35:42 Christiane is the ASI Europe President,
35:45 Gabriel is the Vice President
35:47 and Michael is the Treasurer there
35:50 for the ASI, Europe.
35:51 We're so happy to have you here tonight.
35:53 Thank you for coming all the way
35:54 to join us here at ASI.
35:56 Christiane, you're the president of ASI, Europe,
35:59 what is your vision as you think about
36:01 what needs to be done to finish spreading the gospel in Europe?
36:04 What is your vision?
36:06 My personal vision and the vision of the team
36:09 is that we are really getting your back
36:12 and fire for evangelism.
36:14 Amazing.
36:16 Christiane, how did God lay that burden on your heart
36:19 personally?
36:20 It's a few years ago I had a sports accident,
36:23 and this was followed
36:25 by a life threatening brain surgery.
36:28 Just before the surgery, I made a deal with God
36:30 that if you still need me, please give me recovery.
36:34 And it was only during an evangelistic campaign
36:37 in the Philippines,
36:38 while I was preaching that I realized,
36:40 it was not God who needed me, it was that I was not ready.
36:45 So since...
36:47 When you say you were not ready,
36:49 what I assume you're saying is at that point,
36:51 your heart was not really right.
36:53 You would maybe you questioned your salvation
36:56 even at that point?
36:57 Yes, yes.
36:59 But God gave you another chance.
37:00 Yes.
37:02 And through evangelism, what happened?
37:03 Yes.
37:05 He actually really brought me in fire
37:06 to spread the gospel right where I live in Europe.
37:10 Amen.
37:12 So what's happening there
37:13 as you're getting your team ready now,
37:15 you want to set Europe on fire for evangelism...
37:17 Yes.
37:18 You're coming together,
37:20 what have you done this last year
37:21 as you prepare for that?
37:23 First of all, we turned a board meeting of ASI Europe
37:27 that's consisting out of 18 chapters
37:29 into a mini-convention,
37:32 and we realigned all chapters for evangelism.
37:35 Amen.
37:37 And secondly, we went...
37:38 I took a team of ASI Europe
37:40 to the TMI evangelistic campaign
37:43 to Zambia to preach there.
37:45 Okay, so you say, we're going to get ready for this.
37:47 And in order to get ready,
37:49 we're going to go do some evangelism.
37:50 Yes.
37:51 Michael, tell us, how did that change your life?
37:54 How did that affect you to go to Zambia and do evangelism?
37:58 Zambia, a month ago,
38:00 an outpouring of the Holy Spirit,
38:03 I could hear with my ears, but then my eyes saw it.
38:08 I saw the Holy Spirit coming down,
38:09 and in one day, 10,000 people got baptized.
38:13 Amen. Amen.
38:15 Praise God.
38:16 And how did that affect your life,
38:18 and even your wife?
38:20 The real converts were we.
38:24 Now wait a minute, you just said,
38:25 the real converts were you.
38:27 Yes, the real convert was me because now
38:30 I am a converted believer in the power of God.
38:33 Amen, amen.
38:35 So as you're preparing now, you're thinking about this,
38:38 you take your team to do evangelism.
38:40 How many meetings did you end up
38:42 doing there in Zambia?
38:45 All together, we as a team of ASI,
38:48 we covered six sites.
38:49 Six different sites.
38:51 But at the same time, there were 1000 sites.
38:52 Wow, it's amazing.
38:54 And you covered six of those. Yes.
38:55 And God really blessed through that effort.
38:58 But you're not stopping there, you have plans now,
39:00 tell us what are your plans for next year.
39:02 We have huge plans for Europe.
39:07 We are so excited to share Christ
39:10 with a secularized population of North France
39:13 that we have planned for next year,
39:15 April 20 to 27 to have an evangelistic campaign
39:19 in North France in the Paris area.
39:22 And because there are so many people
39:25 who need to know Jesus,
39:26 we have thought that each one will win one.
39:30 We need the church members, we need the pastors,
39:32 we need you, we need everybody who wants to help us.
39:36 Well, I heard you say
39:37 you're planning an evangelistic campaign.
39:40 How many series of meetings
39:42 you're planning to do simultaneously in Paris
39:45 next year in the month of April.
39:47 We are planning to have simultaneously 100 sites
39:52 where evangelistic campaigns will be presented.
39:55 Amazing.
39:57 So next year, April in the city of Paris,
40:00 100 series of meetings happening simultaneously.
40:03 Yes.
40:04 Wow, can you believe what God is going to do with that
40:07 in a secular city like Paris
40:08 to do something amazing for His name.
40:11 So we have the opportunity to do several things tonight.
40:14 Christiane, tell us how can people help now.
40:16 What is it that someone can do in helping
40:20 with what you're doing there in Europe?
40:22 We need people who'll help us to prepare the ground.
40:25 That means being trainers
40:27 to show how to run Bible studies,
40:30 and we also need speakers for the evangelistic campaign,
40:34 not only in French, but also in English,
40:36 in Romanian, in Croatian, in Russian, just name it.
40:41 So that's where you can support us in Europe,
40:44 in France in 2019.
40:48 So you have an opportunity to participate in this event.
40:51 My friends, you can go there, you can get involved,
40:52 you can sign up.
40:54 You have a website?
40:55 We have a website,
40:57 you will find the project Seed.
41:00 And what's going to happen tonight
41:02 if you're interested in getting involved,
41:04 this team is going to be at a main ASI booth
41:06 in the exhibit hall,
41:08 and they have a little packet of seed there,
41:10 the title of their event there, they're naming it Seed 2019.
41:15 And they want you to take that packet of seed home
41:17 and pray for this event,
41:19 and considering participating in this event.
41:21 Thank you so much for sharing
41:22 what God is doing in ASI Europe.
41:24 Thank you so much for your support.
41:34 When the night is long
41:38 He is the dawn
41:44 Light that never fails though other hope is gone
41:52 He is the balm for every wound
41:56 For every sorrow great or small
42:01 He is my strength, He is my song
42:05 He is my all
42:16 When my world is troubled He is peace
42:25 When my soul is burdened
42:29 He is my release
42:32 He is my solace when I weep
42:37 He is my rescue when I call
42:41 He is my strength, He is my song
42:46 He is my all
42:50 He is my way, my truth, my life, my joy in living
42:58 He is my comfort when I fall, and sweet forgiving
43:06 He is my fortress and the rock that cannot fail
43:14 He is my strength, He is my song, He is my all
43:24 So through all my days
43:27 He is my King
43:33 Source of endless love and all the praises I sing
43:40 And when at last I kneel before Him
43:45 Safe at home in heaven's halls
43:48 Then as before, and ever more
43:52 He will be my all
43:59 He is my Savior, sure and strong
44:03 He is the light that leads me on
44:07 He is my strength, He is my song
44:16 He is my all
44:36 Amen, amen, ASI.
44:38 Thank you, Beth and Heidi.
44:39 How many of you like to be a guinea pig?
44:44 Okay, maybe I should rephrase that.
44:46 How many of you like to be the Lord's guinea pig?
44:49 Okay, little more brave, brave hands there.
44:52 Well, the programming team decided
44:54 that they wanted to start having the chapters
44:58 share some short testimonies
45:01 of things happening in their chapters.
45:03 So they, I guess, reviewed the various chapters,
45:08 and they decided that
45:09 since you're in the southern union,
45:11 that they would make the southern union
45:13 the guinea pig for this first series of reports.
45:17 So this evening, we're going to share with you
45:19 just a mash up of just some short testimonies
45:22 from five or six of the ASI Southern Union chapter members.
45:28 So let's take a look.
45:43 It was pretty tough.
45:44 It was much more than I expected.
45:46 You guys are amazing.
45:47 I might have a chance to recover.
45:48 And that was like, like weeks worth of work.
45:51 He was just so happy that we came.
45:53 And when I came home, we all were here.
45:56 We're really being the hands and feet of Jesus.
45:58 They were so grateful.
45:59 It fills my heart up with a bunch of happiness.
46:01 Thank you. Thank you.
46:03 He just don't know
46:04 what a blessing these people are.
46:06 Like shivers went up and down my back,
46:07 and they just like felt like God was right there.
46:10 Being a media missionary can mean many different things.
46:13 It means the love of the whole at the heart of the planets,
46:17 the intrepid spirit of a village,
46:19 and the vibe of a great metropolis.
46:22 It means camera one and camera two.
46:26 It means transforming a school, orphanage or hospital,
46:30 it means fire, rain, ice, and snow.
46:34 It means gifts by the dollar, and by the check.
46:38 It means donations that roll, and donations that fly.
46:43 It's a movement on a trail or down a motorway.
46:48 It means family.
46:51 All of us together.
46:52 And individually.
46:54 It's who you are or who you are becoming,
46:58 and to her, it's a simple gesture
47:01 that means hope.
47:02 Whatever it means to you, being a media missionary,
47:06 it means more than you might think.
47:17 The sun comes up It's a new day dawning
47:25 It's time to sing Your song again
47:31 Whatever may pass And whatever lies before me
47:40 Let me be singing When the evening comes
47:47 Bless the Lord oh my soul Oh my soul
47:54 Worship His Holy name
48:00 Sing like never before Oh my soul
48:08 I'll worship Your Holy name
48:14 I'll worship Your Holy name
48:27 Have you ever faced a trial or a problem
48:30 that seems so hard to handle on your own?
48:32 Well, I certainly have.
48:34 In fact, I face problems that have made me give up.
48:37 That has also made me feel like I'm not good enough.
48:40 After giving up and failing over and over again,
48:44 eventually I realized there's some things
48:47 I just can't get through on my own.
48:50 There's a great verse quoted in the book of Deuteronomy
48:53 that says, "Be strong, and of good courage,
48:56 for the Lord, your God, He is with you."
49:07 Welcome to the video Bible study series
49:09 where we will explore a variety of Bible topics
49:12 using video and print.
49:14 What is humility? Do we need God's law?
49:18 Can I understand the Holy Spirit?
49:19 Yes, you can.
49:21 And we're going to solve that today
49:22 in five minutes or less.
49:24 They're designed to engage you by watching a five-minute video
49:26 having a discussion on the topic,
49:28 and diving deeper into it with a lesson study.
49:33 Each study asks questions as discussion points
49:37 and/or has activities.
49:40 Overall, we develop this project for you
49:42 to have a closer walk with Jesus
49:44 as you explore relevant topics
49:46 either in a group setting or on your own.
49:48 We hope you find these a blessing.
49:50 If you want more information go to
49:55 or find us on your favorite social media platform.
51:39 ASI Southern Union has been a vital supporter
51:41 in the mission of AudioVerse
51:42 to take the three angels messages
51:44 to the world using online technology.
51:46 One of the exciting projects sponsored by ASI SU
51:49 is the creation of AudioVerse Courses,
51:54 an online school with helpful classes
51:56 on how to make our faith practical.
51:58 Thanks, students can learn include
51:59 personal and public evangelism,
52:01 natural remedies, organic gardening,
52:03 reversing heart disease naturally and more.
52:06 These courses are conducted
52:08 in partnership with various other ministries
52:09 and more courses are being developed all the time.
52:12 Students from all over the world have enrolled
52:14 and are being challenged and prepared for service.


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