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00:01 Music...
00:19 Good evening ASI.
00:21 It's one of my favorite parts to do: Members in Action
00:26 and this evening I have with me Joshua Holly
00:29 who is a student at Ouachita Hills College,
00:33 Joshua, tell us a little bit about Ouachita Hills.
00:37 Ouachita Hills is a very small self-supporting college
00:41 in Amity, Arkansas
00:42 and I'm actually studying Theology there
00:44 and they offer many different degrees on education,
00:49 theology, business...
00:50 and it's a... it's a beautiful.. it's a special place.
00:52 Interviewer: That's fantastic Joshua,
00:55 now, why are you studying Theology?
00:57 Tell us little bit about the background,
00:59 you have an amazing story of how God has led you to that point,
01:04 what happened?
01:05 Well it's a... it's truly a miracle story.
01:08 I wasn't raised in church,
01:11 I wasn't raised a Christian at all,
01:14 I'd never heard of Seventh-day Adventists
01:15 and was actually involved in drugs
01:17 and gangs and things like that from a very young age
01:21 and I actually ended up going to the penitentiary
01:24 when I was 17 years old
01:26 and after being in prison for about seven years,
01:29 I had an experience with God.
01:32 God truly did reveal Himself to me
01:34 and He let me know He was real
01:35 and I started studying my Bible
01:37 and I was locked down to a maximum-security penitentiary,
01:41 so I was locked down in a cell
01:43 and there was no Bible Workers, there was no Colporteurs
01:47 and it's amazing how the Lord still finds a way
01:51 to reveal His truth to you because... after...
01:56 when I started studying my Bible,
01:57 this book right here, "Patriarchs and Prophets"
02:01 appeared in my cell...
02:03 and when I say, "it appeared" I mean, it did...
02:04 it was just... one day it was there underneath my television,
02:07 I picked it up and I began to read it
02:09 and I was amazed at what I was reading,
02:12 I knew that God was speaking to me
02:13 through this book right here
02:15 and I still didn't know anything about Seventh-day Adventists.
02:17 And that book... the Patriarchs and Prophets
02:20 was just not any copy, it was the ASI Edition
02:24 of the "Patriarchs and Prophets" book.
02:27 Praise the Lord,
02:28 however it got there, God put it there,
02:30 go ahead, tell us more.
02:32 Amen and... and what's amazing is
02:35 I read the book twice and a year later,
02:39 I got moved to a different cell and I was in this new cell
02:43 and there were some books that were underneath my bed
02:46 that were taped together, two stacks of books
02:48 somebody was using them to work-out with
02:50 and do push-ups on them
02:52 and I pulled the books out
02:54 and I started working out with them
02:55 one day, I was doing push-ups
02:56 and contemplating all these things,
02:58 I was reading the Bible, especially... and about prophecy
03:00 and as I was looking as I was doing push-ups,
03:03 I noticed there was The Great Controversy
03:05 right in the middle of these books...
03:07 Interviewer: And The Great Controversy
03:08 in the stack of books that you're doing push-ups on.
03:11 Joshua: It was this... this copy...
03:13 this version right here... the ASI book...
03:14 Interviewer: The ASI Edition of The Great Controversy again,
03:18 this is a new way to share The Great Controversy, isn't it?
03:21 Amazing... doing push-ups on The Great Controversy...
03:24 continue to tell us the story.
03:26 Joshua: So that's how I learned about this message
03:30 and I got out of prison still fully unconverted
03:33 I still struggled letting go of the world... I did...
03:36 and I actually ended up going to a Drug Rehabilitation Program
03:41 called "The City of Hope" in Oklahoma City
03:44 and it's a beautiful place,
03:45 it's a Wellness Center/ Drug Rehab/Homeless Shelter
03:49 and that's where I learned about the spiritual nature of Christ
03:52 and I actually got to learn about a Colporteur Ministry,
03:55 when I heard about a Colporteur Ministry,
03:56 the Lord told me that I could go door-to-door
03:58 with these ASI books and share my testimony,
04:00 I started doing that, I was blessed from the beginning
04:02 and I was very untactful doing it,
04:04 I would go and knock on some of these doors
04:06 and start telling about Jesus
04:07 and telling about how I found these books in prison
04:09 and they will change your life
04:10 and the Lord blessed, though,
04:11 people were blessed by doing that... and...
04:15 Interviewer: That's... that's fantastic,
04:18 it's so encouraging,
04:19 thank you ASI for the support with these books
04:23 it's absolutely tremendous.
04:25 Audience: Clapping.
04:26 Now, please tell us because you have a real passion
04:29 for these books now,
04:30 tell us more about your plans
04:33 and what you just finished doing just this last week.
04:37 Well, we just got done doing a ten-week canvassing program
04:40 in North Carolina...
04:42 going door-to-door with this literature
04:44 and there... there's something special
04:46 about sharing these books with people
04:47 and it's changed my life
04:49 and I know that God is going to use me
04:51 on doing this for a long time
04:53 and that's the beautiful thing too
04:55 about being in Ouachita Hills School
04:56 as this is actually how we pay for our scholarship
04:59 is, we get to go door-to-door and sell these books to people
05:02 and it's been a... been a blessing,
05:04 it's been a... it just changed my life.
05:05 That is so encouraging Joshua,
05:08 we are just so glad that God has led you
05:11 through the ministry of the printed page,
05:15 this evening, our interviews are going to focus
05:18 on the way that God has used media...
05:20 through the printed page... through television...
05:23 through internet...
05:25 and through the websites that are available.
05:30 So, Joshua again, we want to say,
05:32 "Thank you so much for your time,
05:35 coming here and sharing your story,
05:37 we'll be praying for you at Ouachita Hills
05:40 and may God richly bless you
05:42 as you continue your journey for Christ. "
05:46 And Ouachita Hills does have a Booth
05:48 and I'll be in the Booth after the Service today
05:51 if you want to come and maybe hear more of my testimony
05:53 hear more in detail,
05:55 you're welcome to come by and do that...
05:57 it's the Booth on 528.
05:59 Okay, so come and see John, he told me that his testimony
06:02 is really more like 30 minutes or an hour long
06:05 so, stop by the Booth,
06:07 you can hear more amazing stories
06:09 about how these books really do make a powerful impact.
06:13 Again, thank you Joshua, we're so glad you came.
06:17 Next, we're going to have Remnant Publications.
06:21 We have Dwight Hall coming and Mike Casey
06:24 and I am so excited about this particular interview
06:29 because it really touches my heart personally
06:33 Dwight, tell us a little bit about Remnant Publications,
06:37 I know many know
06:38 but some are here for the first time, so tell us.
06:40 Well, I started Remnant Publications
06:42 around 33 years ago,
06:44 boy, it doesn't seem like that long
06:47 but my kids tell me I got gray hair
06:49 and I'm getting older but it's really been a blessing
06:52 and I made a promise over 33 years ago
06:55 as I re-dedicated my life to the Lord,
06:58 that I would put life-changing books out
07:01 to the best that I could
07:02 that would help change the world one book at a time
07:05 and God started blessing... not at...
07:08 He always blesses but not big at first...
07:10 through humble beginnings but one...
07:13 there are a number of projects, Rodney, that I think is...
07:15 one that I think would resonate with you,
07:17 but we got a book out a number of years ago called,
07:21 "The Passion of Love"
07:22 how many of you have ever seen that book?
07:24 I know a number of you have.
07:26 We were told many times that you can give books out
07:30 to Seventh-day Adventists and some Christians
07:32 but you'll never get these kinds of books out to,
07:35 like, the Walmart's of the world or all these chain stores
07:38 and you know what?
07:39 It's not that we did anything
07:42 but it's because God uses every one of you
07:44 without you, we could not do anything...
07:47 it's partnerships...
07:48 we got a pallet of books out in Arkansas
07:51 and I was just backstage and... and sharing that...
07:53 Rodney said, "I was a part of that"
07:55 and there was a pallet of books that got shared in Arkansas
07:59 where the Walmart Distribution Plant is out there
08:02 and they passed books out...
08:04 the buyer there at the Walmart Store
08:07 called us up and said, "I just got done with this book,
08:12 would you be interested
08:13 in getting it into the Walmart stores?"
08:16 I said, "Nah, not really... "
08:18 no...
08:20 you see how God works things out?
08:22 And because of that faithfulness with the Remnant staff,
08:26 over 1.8 million books were gotten out
08:30 of that Passion Book and over a 1,000 Bible Studies
08:33 came directly from the Walmart Stores... it's tremendous.
08:37 That is just an incredible thing and as I mentioned
08:41 that story really touches me
08:43 because I was pastoring in Northwest Arkansas at that time
08:46 and it was one of our church members
08:48 that was at the Walmart that was passing out this book,
08:51 praise the Lord, what else...
08:53 what are some other projects?
08:54 Well, another big project was...
08:56 we partnered with 3ABN a number of years ago
08:58 and "10 Commandments Twice Removed"
09:00 that was written by Danny Shelton and Shelly Quinn
09:02 and I know, to this day,
09:04 there's probably at least over 12 million
09:06 of those books that have gotten out
09:08 and I know that there were whole churches
09:11 that got that book
09:12 and church pastors became Seventh-day Adventists
09:15 after reading that book.
09:17 I met one for sure... so that was a big project
09:20 we've gotten, "Hero of Hacksaw Ridge"
09:23 was a newer project
09:25 over 1.2 million of those
09:27 and a huge project which is dear to my heart
09:29 is the "The Great Controversy"
09:30 and we partnered with Ron Goss, a tremendous friend of mine
09:33 project restored...
09:35 in the last few years we've gotten well over 12 million
09:38 full-version Great Controversies out,
09:41 now, that's a lot of Great Controversies
09:43 and we mailed them out...
09:45 we've gotten them into San Francisco, to Chicago,
09:47 the Chicago Tribune called us up,
09:49 we've been on Television Stations
09:51 and... lots of Bible Studies from this.
09:55 Now, I will have to say that we would love it
09:58 that everybody that would write us back
09:59 that would just love the free book that they got
10:02 but one time, we actually got a book, Rodney,
10:04 that had six bullet holes in it
10:06 so, not everybody likes what you do, of course,
10:10 but it doesn't deter us
10:11 but God has... has blessed tremendously
10:13 and it's a team effort...
10:15 it's all because of all of you and others...
10:17 that help make this tremendous ministry.
10:19 Well, thank you very much Dwight, for sharing
10:22 and if your church has not yet received
10:24 a pallet of Great Controversy books,
10:26 please call Remnant and order your pallet for sure.
10:30 Now, we have Mike Casey with us,
10:32 Mike, we want to hear some more stories...
10:36 some personal testimonies
10:37 of how this literature is really touching people's lives.
10:40 Do I have three hours?
10:42 You have three minutes.
10:44 Well, there are a lot of stories and one of the projects that
10:48 that Dwight didn't mentioned is "Hope for the Hurting"
10:50 and what this is... this is "Steps to Christ"
10:52 but it has a title of "Hope for the Hurting. "
10:55 It's a full-color edition and it's wonderful...
10:57 doing a tremendous work
10:58 and we have been sending these out everywhere,
11:01 in fact, in Las Vegas, after that shooting there,
11:03 over 600,000 went out to every home there
11:06 and we would like to thank Amazing Discoveries
11:08 for helping to partner with us on this... on this project.
11:10 In fact, in the first two weeks,
11:13 we had over 40 Bible-Study requests
11:15 and one really neat one I'd like to share...
11:18 there's a lady... she called...
11:19 a couple of months after this mailing
11:21 because sometimes, we don't get results right away
11:23 and she was like, nearly in tears,
11:25 she actually... she was in tears,
11:26 I was nearly in tears on the phone,
11:28 she was telling me... tell us how this book changed her life
11:31 and not only did she want Bible Studies
11:33 but she wanted Bible Studies for her children as well
11:36 and that's what makes this book so successful
11:39 and this version of "Steps to Christ"
11:42 also has... through our partnership with Amazing Facts,
11:45 introduction of free Bible Studies there
11:48 and through our partnership with 3ABN,
11:49 an introduction to the...
11:51 to their station to view Adventist Broadcasting,
11:54 So, this book, when you leave it,
11:56 it continues to work,
11:57 it's just the beginning when you drop it off
11:59 so this is... this is...
12:01 this is one of many wonderful stories,
12:02 this book has also been sent out all through the Sutherland area
12:06 after that shooting in Texas,
12:08 we've sent several pallets to Houston
12:13 after the hurricane there,
12:14 but most importantly, right here in Florida
12:16 after the Parkland shooting
12:18 in partnership, again, with the Florida Conference,
12:20 and we thank them
12:22 we were able to send every household
12:23 in the Parkland and Coral Springs area this book
12:26 and it says right on here, "In Memory of the Lost"
12:29 so it really touches home
12:31 and we've had some fantastic results
12:33 and speaking of Florida, we've had... just last week...
12:36 just before I came here, from the Panama City area,
12:39 a Pastor had gone around
12:41 and handed out, "Hero of Hacksaw Ridge"
12:43 how many have handed out "Hero of Hacksaw Ridge"?
12:45 Is that the funnest book you have ever handed out?
12:47 It's tremendous, isn't it?
12:49 Well, the lady called and she was so thankful and grateful
12:53 and again, she signed up for Bible Studies.
12:55 Isn't that wonderful?
12:56 If I have time for one quick story.
12:57 Interviewer: Go ahead. Mark: It's an amazing story.
13:00 This gentleman was walking down the street
13:03 and he was a... he's a cripple and so he had a cane
13:05 and as he's walking down the street,
13:07 he sees a book on the ground
13:09 and with his cane, he kind of flips it over
13:12 and then he reaches down and he picks it up
13:14 and it's our "Noah" book
13:16 and so, he takes it home and he reads it
13:18 but what's so beautiful... we didn't know about this story
13:21 for this had happened years before,
13:23 he was calling us up
13:25 for cases of this book to distribute...
13:28 he's is a baptized Adventist today, is that beautiful?
13:31 Interviewer: Amen.
13:33 Mark: And... and these are the real heroes...
13:34 the ones that are getting the books out...
13:36 you are the heroes,
13:37 printing the books is easy,
13:39 I mean, that's... that's the easy part...
13:40 what you're doing... that's what really makes the difference.
13:43 We thank you for that.
13:45 Interviewer: Now, before you go, the last thing is,
13:46 you have something at your Booth,
13:48 what do you have at the Booth
13:50 for everyone here at ASI?
13:51 We have this in the Booth.
13:53 Interviewer: And what are we supposed to do with that?
13:54 Mark: I'll tell you what... everyone that comes by
13:56 is going to get one of these for free
13:58 but it's not for you, please go hand them out,
13:59 okay, let's pass the favor,
14:01 let's go hand it out, let's change lives,
14:03 and it takes every one of us
14:05 and also, for those that aren't here,
14:07 please go to remnant publications. com
14:09 you can learn more about what we're doing
14:11 and please "Like" us on Facebook.
14:13 Thank you so much, God bless you.
14:15 Music...
14:19 In the 10/40 window... live three billion unreached people.
14:23 80% of the world's poor
14:26 and millions are persecuted for their faith.
14:30 ASAP Ministries believe ethnic missionaries
14:33 empowered by the power of the Holy Spirit
14:36 are the key for reaching the 10/40 window for Christ
14:39 that's why 23 years ago,
14:42 we began training lay people in Southeast Asia
14:45 as Church Planters, teachers and medical missionaries
14:48 to fulfill the great commission among their own people groups
14:52 using Christ's compassionate methods.
14:55 Today, with God's blessing,
14:58 ASAP supports nearly 600 ethnic missionaries
15:02 and 1,000s of impoverished and at-risk children
15:05 are learning about Jesus in ASAP-funded schools
15:09 across southeast Asia and elsewhere in the 10/40 window.
15:13 Along with our ongoing projects, recently ASAP has broken ground
15:18 on the first Seventh-day Adventist Academy
15:21 in the Communist country of Laos...
15:22 support a new Lifestyle Center Ministry to Muslims
15:26 in a closed country
15:28 and launched the "Reach the World Next Door"
15:30 Training Program in Houston, Texas
15:32 to equip young adults to reach refugees and immigrants
15:36 from the 10/40 window living in North America.
15:39 Thanks to an ASI Grant,
15:41 we also started a secret missionary training program
15:44 serving an outcast population in a closed country
15:48 and by faith, we began producing sermon series
15:52 for some of the world's least-rich people groups
15:55 so that they can hear the gospel in their heart language
15:58 for the very first time.
16:00 We are driven by a single purpose...
16:03 to reach the world ASAP
16:06 because Jesus is coming soon,
16:08 now more than ever, mission matters.
16:13 Praise the Lord for what ASAP is doing.
16:17 Saeng, it's so good to see you.
16:19 Saeng: It's good to see you Brother.
16:21 Interviewer: And I wanted to ask you, what does ASAP stand for?
16:26 Saeng: Adventist... it used to be called...
16:28 ASAP used to stand for:
16:30 Adventist Southeast Asia Projects
16:31 that's probably what you've heard in the past
16:34 but we have changed to:
16:36 Advocates for Southeast Asians and the Persecuted.
16:39 Interviewer: Okay, so this is what we really want to focus on
16:43 in this particular interview,
16:45 tell us a little bit about how you got involved in ASAP.
16:50 Well, I got involved with ASAP a while back
16:53 when I was just a new Christian.
16:55 ASAP had partnered with another ministry
16:59 that helped me pay for my Christian education
17:03 at Weimar Academy
17:04 and then, through Weimar College to study Theology.
17:08 In those days, there was no Seventh-day Adventist Pastor
17:13 in North America for the Laotian people.
17:16 and I felt... God was calling me
17:18 but the problem...
17:20 but the problem for me was that I came from a refugee family
17:23 and there was no way my parents could have helped me
17:26 to have a Christian education
17:29 so, ASAP and some of the Organizations had stepped in
17:33 and helped me be able to go to Adventist schools
17:38 and... and... and finished Weimar College
17:41 as the first Seventh-day Adventist Pastor
17:44 in North America.
17:46 And are you still the only Laotian Pastor in North America?
17:51 At the present time, I am.
17:52 So, how are we possibly going to change that?
17:55 What is ASAP's vision, what is your vision for that?
17:59 When I was at the Seminary, I prayed many times...
18:02 many times, I could not go to sleep
18:04 because I see this... I feel this load on my shoulders.
18:07 There are nearly one million Laotian refugees
18:11 in North America...
18:12 not counting Australia and parts of Europe
18:15 and so, there were nights when I couldn't go to sleep
18:19 and one night, I happened to pray to the Lord
18:21 late in the night... early in the morning...
18:25 and I was inspired by... by a DVD I watched.
18:29 And that DVD inspired me to... to start...
18:33 to have a vision to share the gospel to multiply myself
18:37 so that I could... I could cover more grounds
18:40 with just being one... one pastor... one preacher...
18:43 and so, through that inspiration,
18:46 I've been involved with ASAP...
18:48 I've been involved with Media Ministry
18:51 and thanks to ASI Grants in 2008,
18:54 I was able to launch the Laotian TV Ministry
18:58 for my people here for North America
19:01 and I found that Media Ministry
19:04 not only touched the Laotian-speaking people
19:07 in North America,
19:08 just last year, I went to Laos, for the first time in ten years
19:12 and I was surprised how... how famous I was over there
19:16 and I was shocked...
19:17 I didn't know what to do with myself,
19:18 everybody seems to know who I am
19:21 and so... and... and I come to realize
19:24 that they had distributed...
19:25 distributed my DVDs across the country
19:28 and many people have come to the Lord through the...
19:31 through the TV and DVD evangelism...
19:33 projects that we've... we've done.
19:35 Amen, so, we heard the power of the printed page
19:38 at the other interviews,
19:40 here we're hearing the power of Media and DVD ministry.
19:44 Tell us a little bit more, Saeng about some other projects
19:50 that ASAP has... specifically to help reach the refugees.
19:54 So, here, since I've learned from the experience...
19:57 the few years I've done with Media ministry
19:59 among my own people
20:01 and I've seen the success that the Media Ministry has
20:04 on my ministry,
20:05 I have joined ASAP a year ago
20:09 and part of my work is to help inspire other pastors
20:13 and church planters here in North America
20:15 to... to be involved in Media Ministry
20:17 because some of these language groups
20:19 that have come here to North America...
20:21 sometimes there is no pastor, no... no trained pastor
20:27 among these different people groups
20:28 and so, my... my desire...
20:32 my goal is to help inspire those...
20:33 those few workers that we have to utilize Media
20:37 so that they too can spread the message to their people
20:41 that are scattered throughout the world,
20:43 many refugee groups have come to the United States as you know
20:46 and... and it is such an opportunity for us
20:49 here in North America, we have the freedom to share...
20:52 freedom to preach
20:53 and the message that we share with the refugees here
20:56 will not just stay here,
20:57 eventually, the refugees will send this message home,
21:00 send these DVDs home so that their people in...
21:03 in other countries... in their home country
21:06 could hear and could be reached
21:08 and so, ASAP Ministries believe that Ethnic missionaries
21:12 in these very last days,
21:14 ethnic missionaries are key... and that's... that's...
21:17 we believe that it's the most effective... cost effective
21:20 and that's how we can reach the world ASAP.
21:22 We agree with you.
21:24 In ten seconds tell us what is happening in Houston.
21:27 In Houston, we do have a training center...
21:29 training school... to train North American young people
21:33 to reach out cross-culturally... to reach out to other faiths...
21:39 Muslims... Hindus... Buddhists,
21:41 un-churched people
21:44 so if you have some young people who want to train
21:47 how to reach the refugees and immigrants
21:49 that have come to this country...
21:50 send them to Houston, we have a Center...
21:52 training center called "Reach the World Next Door. "
21:56 If you want more information, go to Booth number...
21:59 515...
22:01 515 and go and talk to ASAP Ministries.
22:04 Thank you so much, Saeng, God bless you.
22:07 Audience: Clapping.
22:11 Our last interview this evening
22:13 is going to be a very exciting one,
22:16 Mark, so glad you could join me here, thank you so much.
22:19 Mark is from Oak Haven and Country Life
22:22 and they have an incredible ministry in Michigan,
22:26 tell us a little bit about what happens at Oak Haven.
22:29 Okay, well, we operate a health-food ministry
22:32 and a health ministry,
22:33 we're located in southwest Michigan on 1,200 acres.
22:38 We distribute food nationwide and a little bit of export,
22:41 we like to support health ministry in all we can
22:45 sometimes, it's in a...
22:47 in the form of sending food to a church
22:50 that has a Co-op that schedules a Supper Club
22:54 that can invite neighborhood people... community people
22:57 and then schedule an event
22:59 where they can get to know their neighbors
23:02 month after month after month when the food delivery comes.
23:05 Now, you are also involved very specifically
23:08 in an evangelistic kind of effort,
23:11 tell us a little bit about that.
23:13 Yeah, so, in our local outreach...
23:14 we... we do a number of different programs...
23:16 some things we prepare ourselves...
23:18 sometimes we use like, Nedley's Program,
23:21 Dr. Guthrie's Diabetes and different things
23:23 so we were doing an "Optimize Your Brain Program"
23:26 and we met this young man named Jeremiah Holmes
23:29 which you'll see in Skype in a few minutes.
23:31 But before we get there, let us...
23:34 there was a mailing that went out, right?
23:37 Okay, right, we... we as a church
23:40 we were at the Pullman Church in Michigan,
23:42 Oak Haven Country Life... the Pullman Church...
23:45 we worked together with evangelism,
23:47 with the Conference...
23:48 and Michigan Conference has a wonderful program
23:50 called: biblestudyoffer. com
23:53 so our local church sent a postcard to the community...
23:56 3000-or-so homes...
23:58 and Jeremiah responded in an interesting way at first,
24:02 he threw it in the trash...
24:04 and he'll tell you about what happened afterwards.
24:07 Yes, we're going to actually at this time,
24:10 bring Jeremiah here to our auditorium on Skype
24:13 so, we're going to bring in a live interview now,
24:17 if everything works well,
24:19 Jeremiah, are you there with us this evening?
24:22 Jeremiah: I am here.
24:24 Interviewer: There he is...
24:25 Jeremiah say, "Hello" to the audience here in Florida.
24:28 Jeremiah: Hello, praise the Lord.
24:30 Interviewer: Oh, praise the Lord,
24:32 we are so glad that we're able to have this interview,
24:35 so, Jeremiah, we just left the story,
24:38 you got a card in the mail for Bible Studies
24:42 and we heard from Mark
24:44 that you tore it up and threw it in the trash.
24:47 Tell us a little bit more, what happened?
24:50 Jeremiah: Well, I had been studying...
24:52 reading a lot of other books to try to become a better person
24:55 and so far that was working, I was pretty busy with that,
24:58 being an IT guy, I recognized the cost of DVDs
25:01 and on this card I saw that there were free DVDs
25:04 and so, I thought about it,
25:05 thought I'd want to do something with it,
25:07 a few days went by and I just threw it in the garbage,
25:09 said, "I don't have time for this. "
25:10 Well, it stayed in the garbage for about three or four days
25:13 and I decided I really did want to know more about that,
25:15 so, I pulled it out of the garbage...
25:17 taped it back together and I called the phone number
25:19 so that I could find out what was going on
25:21 and that's when I'd asked the...
25:23 about the... "It Is Written" versus the DVDs
25:26 and they told me that "It Is Written"
25:28 was going to be more on the New Testament
25:30 and I said, "I want to know more about the history"
25:32 and they said, "Well, then you want the DVDs. "
25:33 And so, I registered for that and began watching those.
25:37 Interviewer: That is fantastic, now, tell us a little bit
25:40 about your religious background before this point.
25:44 Jeremiah: When I grew up I...
25:47 I suppose I was a typical Christian American
25:50 who went to various churches,
25:51 didn't really have a specific denomination
25:53 that I sat with or was devoted to
25:56 and that was for most of my life
25:58 and so I'd heard some Bible Stories and...
26:00 and things that... sermons out of the Bible
26:02 and in 2003 I as searching for my life-meet... my life partner
26:08 and met my wife online and she's from Bangladesh
26:11 and so, I was learning about her
26:13 and I was learning about Bangladesh
26:15 and that most people are Muslim over there...
26:17 I was learning a bit about Muslim
26:18 and based on my understanding
26:20 of how I had a relationship with God,
26:23 I felt that that matched on point
26:25 with where I was in my heart and in my mind
26:28 and so, when I went over there in April 2004,
26:31 I got married to my wife
26:33 and at the same time, I converted to a Muslim
26:36 and so, it wasn't until 2017 in February
26:40 where that Bible Study Offer card came in the mail.
26:42 Interviewer: That is an amazing story, so Mark... or Jeremiah,
26:49 you were a Muslim basically
26:52 and you received this card in the mail,
26:55 tore it up, threw it in the trash
26:57 and then received the...
27:00 how many sets of Bible Studies did you go through
27:03 after you...?
27:05 Jeremiah: I went through three Bible Studies total.
27:07 Interviewer: How many?
27:09 Jeremiah: Three total.
27:10 Interviewer: Three total sets of Bible Studies through this,
27:14 now, we left the story with Mark
27:18 and he came to a Seminar at Oak Haven.
27:23 Mark: Okay, right, so as Jeremiah corresponding by mail
27:27 on these Bible Studies,
27:28 we inserted an invitation to come to our local outreach
27:33 which was, as I mentioned, "Optimize Your Brain"
27:35 and this really resonated with Jeremiah
27:38 who said... he was looking to better himself
27:41 and not from a "give God the glory" standpoint
27:44 but to something that it really touched him
27:46 and so, he started attending "Optimize Your Brain"
27:49 for six weeks and was really...
27:50 the point is... really engaged...
27:52 really applying everything that he learned.
27:54 Interviewer: That's fantastic,
27:56 Jeremiah, can you tell us a little bit
27:57 about your experience then, going to "Optimize Your Brain"
28:00 and then, starting to attend the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
28:04 Pause.
28:05 Jeremiah: Okay, yeah, the "Optimize Your Brain"
28:07 was really awesome,
28:08 I was into taking food supplements
28:11 to have optimal health
28:13 and with the mentorship program I worked with,
28:16 I was also looking to expand my circle of influence
28:18 and I knew that there were people
28:20 that wanted to better themselves
28:21 that would actually attend the "Optimize Your Brain" course,
28:23 while I was attending that course,
28:25 I learned a lot of very important details
28:28 about the various vitamins and the fruits that provided them
28:30 so that our bodies can be with ultimate health
28:33 and... and essentially the brain to... to think clearly
28:36 and so, taking the class really changed my life
28:40 and at the same time I went there,
28:41 I found out that the person
28:43 from the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Pullman
28:45 who was mailing the Bible Studies...
28:47 "Landmarks of Prophecy" to me
28:49 attended the class as well and that's how I learned
28:51 that the church was right across the street
28:54 and so, I was able to increase my frequency
28:56 of going through that
28:58 "Landmarks of Prophecy" Bible Study
28:59 and finished both courses and immediately after that,
29:02 it was May of 2017
29:04 and I'm now Wednesday and Sabbath attendance
29:07 at the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
29:09 Interviewer: Can you say, "Amen" to that?
29:11 Audience: Clapping. Interviewer: God is so good.
29:13 Thank you for joining us, Jeremiah,
29:15 thank you for being with us, Mark,
29:18 if people want to learn more about Oak Haven,
29:20 where can they go?
29:21 Mark: Yes, we're at Booth Number 816
29:23 and we typically hand out a Trail Mix sample,
29:25 if you're familiar, come and get some.
29:27 Interviewer: Praise the Lord for members in action.
29:29 Music...
29:36 violin...
29:44 On a hill far away
29:49 stood an old rugged cross,
29:54 The emblem of suff'ring and shame,
30:03 And I love that old cross
30:07 where the dearest and best
30:12 For a world of lost sinners was slain.
30:20 So I'll cherish the old rugged cross,
30:29 Till my trophies at last I lay down;
30:37 I will cling to the old rugged cross,
30:45 And exchange it some day for a crown.
30:53 music...
31:00 To the old rugged cross
31:05 I will ever be true,
31:09 Its shame and reproach gladly bear;
31:17 Then He'll call me some day
31:22 to my home far away,
31:27 Where His glory forever I'll share.
31:34 Music...
31:40 more music...
31:44 So I'll cherish the old rugged cross,
31:52 Till my trophies at last I lay down;
32:01 I will cling to the old rugged cross,
32:09 And exchange it some day...
32:15 And exchange it someday..
32:19 and exchange it someday
32:24 for a crown.
32:31 Music...
32:38 more music...
32:43 Audience: Amen... clapping.
32:49 Good evening ASI...
32:51 Good Evening ASI,
32:54 all right, I want to make sure you're awake out there.
32:57 That's right.
32:58 So, welcome to another "Offering in Action" Segment.
33:01 It is my privilege to be able to interview
33:04 different projects to let you know that those...
33:07 just a few of them that are in your booklet
33:10 that will benefit from the offering this year
33:12 and I have a distinct pleasure of interviewing 3ABN tonight.
33:18 I'm really excited because we go way back,
33:22 3ABN and ASI are joined at the hip for ministry
33:27 and we are really excited to be able to have been...
33:30 to be able to partner with 3ABN
33:33 and I'm just... you can tell, I'm just falling over myself
33:36 because I'm so excited that they're up here
33:38 so, we have Jill and Greg Morikone
33:41 and tell me what is your role with 3ABN?
33:44 I'm 3ABN General Manager,
33:46 Mollie Steenson was Vice President
33:48 and General Manager, she retired the end of December
33:51 so I stepped into her position.
33:52 Interviewer: Okay, and Greg...
33:54 She's my boss.
33:55 Jill: Not really...
33:57 Greg: I wear multiple hats, I'm actually Production Manager
34:00 and I'm also General Vice President at 3ABN.
34:02 Well, we were reminiscing a little bit...
34:04 so, I've been with 3ABN since 1999
34:08 and back in the day, I used to send Debbie on backstage
34:13 back there saying, "All right Debbie, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... go... "
34:16 Now, we're on together... it's a little nerve-racking.
34:19 Laugher.
34:20 So, as I've interviewed some of the projects,
34:23 it's become apparent to me that a theme seems to be the...
34:27 as they've been in existence for quite some time,
34:30 that they are looking for new and innovative ways
34:33 to reach people for Jesus
34:34 and so, I'm wondering if you could share with us...
34:37 and what's going on with 3ABN now
34:39 and how are they innovating to reach people for Jesus?
34:42 Absolutely, first I want to... just want to talk to you
34:44 about the mission of 3ABN.
34:46 When God gave Danny Shelton the vision back in 1984,
34:51 the Lord told him,
34:52 "I want you to begin a television station
34:54 that would reach the world
34:57 with the undiluted three angels' messages,
34:59 one that would counteract the counterfeit"
35:02 and for 34 years, Danny Shelton and the 3ABN team
35:07 have been faithful to that vision
35:10 to proclaim an undiluted three angels' messages
35:13 to a lost and dying world
35:15 and I... I like to think that we do that
35:17 in a three-pronged approach,
35:19 first we want to present the gospel message
35:21 to those who have never heard the name of Jesus,
35:24 to those who may be... have heard about Jesus
35:27 but they don't know the truths that we hold so dear,
35:31 the truths we can find in the Word of God
35:34 so, first of all, 3ABN is to be as a light... as it were...
35:37 in a dark place... in a dark world.
35:40 Just this afternoon, at the Booth,
35:43 we had the privilege of meeting a young woman,
35:45 beautiful young woman from Kuwait.
35:47 She's 19 years old and her name is Glennie.
35:51 She came up to the Booth and she said,
35:53 "I grew up in Kuwait, I was in a Baptist home
35:57 and one day my parents were flipping the channel
36:00 and they stumbled across something called 3ABN
36:04 and they were riveted and they were hooked
36:07 and they watched the programs
36:10 and they took it back to their church
36:11 and they questioned... and they... they studied
36:14 and they started family worship
36:15 and at family worships, they would study
36:18 what they had been seeing
36:19 and what they had been watching on 3ABN.
36:22 They were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
36:25 Interviewer: Amen.
36:26 That's a result of you all... that's a result of you at home
36:30 because of your support of the ministry,
36:32 people are... people's lives are being changed for eternity.
36:36 You know, Debbie, 3ABN wants to also thank ASI
36:39 because you guys have been a part of 3ABN
36:42 from the very beginning.
36:43 I know that 3ABN is a blessing...
36:45 we get to go do these programs.
36:46 A number of you have come to 3ABN over the years
36:49 and done programming at 3ABN but we just want to thank you.
36:52 Many of you know that Danny Shelton
36:54 had open-heart surgery two weeks ago... today
36:57 so he's actually at home
36:59 but he sends his greetings to you as well
37:01 but we just thank you
37:03 because it's definitely a team effort together
37:06 because our goal... all of us, right,
37:08 ASI together... along with 3ABN...
37:10 all the other ministries is to hasten Christ's soon return,
37:13 Isn't that right?
37:14 And what a privilege, this is just today...
37:16 the story that Jill's talking about,
37:17 man, that just thrills our hearts
37:19 but that's... you guys too...
37:20 so thank you for your financial support through the years,
37:22 one of our newest employees at 3ABN...
37:25 his name is Ryan Day
37:27 and he became a Seventh-day Adventist because of 3ABN
37:31 and he also was an Evangelist for Amazing Facts
37:34 for what was it? Five years...
37:35 before he came to 3ABN.
37:36 That's again, thank you to you for your support of 3ABN
37:39 through all of the years.
37:41 You know the fantastic thing about this is...
37:44 as much as you're thanking ASI,
37:46 we want to thank you on behalf of all of our ministries
37:49 and members.
37:51 Because of 3ABN giving some presence and some visibility,
37:54 many of our ministries have...
37:57 everybody knows about who they are
37:59 and what kinds of needs they have
38:01 and so, like you said, we're working together...
38:04 we just give greater lift to all of our ministries
38:07 because of our working together.
38:08 Amen, it is a privilege to partner together,
38:11 you know just to partner together, holding hands
38:13 as we reach to proclaim this message
38:15 to a lost and dying world
38:17 and I... I'd like to think that the Lord has blessed 3ABN
38:20 with the opportunity to have a platform for your ministries.
38:23 You know, so many of you have come to 3ABN...
38:27 have been featured on 3ABN and then we hear stories.
38:30 People say, "I received so many donations
38:34 that we could go out and we could spread the gospel
38:36 with our own ministry"
38:37 so that's one way that 3ABN can give back
38:40 by having other ministries come and be featured on 3ABN.
38:44 So, tell us more about what you're doing
38:47 in an innovative fashion.
38:49 That would be the method...
38:51 we have the mission, then we have the method.
38:53 When God called Danny 34 years ago,
38:57 to proclaim the message,
38:58 there wasn't even such a thing as satellite
39:00 and then Satellite became...
39:02 and then, the gospel was spread throughout the world
39:05 through Satellite
39:06 and then, now, we're talking with our team at 3ABN
39:11 about new and innovative ways we can spread the same message
39:16 but package it in a different format.
39:18 What I mean by that is, so many young people...
39:21 and I'd like to think we're still... are we young?
39:23 Pause...
39:24 You'd better say we're young.
39:26 Yeah, Baby, you're young.
39:28 Jill: Okay, thank you... okay...
39:29 Greg: I don't know, my knee was hurting this morning,
39:31 does that mean I'm getting old? I don't know.
39:33 Interviewer: Good answer.
39:35 Jill: I'd like to think we're young but...
39:37 but young people want downloadable content
39:40 and they want shareable content.
39:42 No longer do people say,
39:44 "I'm going to wait and turn on the 6 o'clock program on 3ABN"
39:48 they want to say,
39:49 "I want to see it now... when I have time. "
39:51 Professionals are busy so you can pick up your phone,
39:54 you can watch it on YouTube.
39:56 We have 1,000s of videos there on YouTube
40:00 that you can watch anytime.
40:01 Yeah, absolutely, that's one of the more exciting things
40:03 because really, this day and age is more IP-driven
40:06 which is Internet Protocol
40:08 and so the nice thing about us putting the stuff on YouTube
40:10 and more internet-based
40:12 is because "searches" are one of the key things,
40:14 so, back in the day we were talking about
40:16 people flipping the channels,
40:18 you've all heard those stories, right?
40:19 Well, people don't necessarily flip the channels as much
40:21 anymore... but they do a lot of searches online
40:24 and so, what we're doing... Jill was mentioning the YouTube
40:27 that's one of the big things that we're doing...
40:29 we're streaming live always 24/7 on YouTube...
40:31 we have a big library of programs
40:32 that have been done on 3ABN
40:34 and the key thing is, putting key words in there
40:36 that way, if someone's going online...
40:37 doesn't know anything about the Sabbath...
40:39 and they put in "seventh day" or "state of the dead"
40:41 or "what happens when you die"
40:43 that's how people are stumbling across 3ABN now.
40:45 That's wonderful, I tell you...
40:47 that's one of the reasons why we wanted to identify 3ABN
40:51 as one of the two projects
40:54 that would be recipients of our overflow.
40:56 Greg: Thank you.
40:58 Interviewer: So we really want to sacrifice from our hearts
40:59 because as we give more and more,
41:02 and it spills over to 3ABN
41:04 and the New Beginnings Picture Rolls,
41:07 then, it just... again gives greater lift
41:10 and more opportunity for other ministries.
41:12 Greg: Yeah, it's a privilege to work together,
41:15 thank you very much.
41:17 You're very welcome.
41:18 You know I... I just want to say
41:20 that I'm looking so much forward
41:23 to our continued relationship
41:24 and ASI... I just want to thank you on behalf of ASI
41:29 for everything that you do for us
41:31 because you have taken us around the world
41:34 through the... through the ministry of 3ABN.
41:35 Thank you very much.
41:37 Greg: Thank you and thank you again for your support.
41:38 Audience: Clapping.
41:43 Coming to the podium now is Antoinette Fournier.
41:47 Antoinette... you heard from last year
41:49 when she shared with you
41:51 the dream of being able to build the Kibidula Girls' Dorm
41:54 in Tanzania, Africa.
41:56 Today, she has an update on the status of that dormitory,
42:00 Antoinette.
42:01 Good Evening ASI.
42:04 It's a privilege to be here
42:06 in sharing God's blessings with you.
42:08 One year ago, I stood before you on behalf of a team
42:11 at Kibidula Mission in Tanzania East Africa
42:14 and it was exactly one year ago
42:16 that we thanked you for choosing our project
42:18 for vulnerable girls to be a recipient
42:21 of the ASI 2017 offering.
42:23 This year, I have a different joy and privilege
42:27 and that is to bring to you a report
42:28 of what your offering... with God's blessing and hard work
42:32 has accomplished this past year.
42:34 Are you excited yet?
42:36 happy laugh...
42:38 You may have remembered me sharing with you
42:41 about our program for vulnerable children.
42:44 These... this part...
42:46 sorry, I'm not getting my slides to go...
42:50 pause...
42:52 this school was started in partnership
42:55 with Reach Switzerland
42:56 to give young children a second opportunity
42:59 to gain education and become educated.
43:02 These young people have failed
43:05 or dropped out of the school system
43:06 and they have...
43:08 due to poverty, they have very few options left.
43:11 I'm sorry... let me go back here...
43:13 there we are...
43:15 girls especially are vulnerable and face unique challenges
43:20 that can be potentially devastating
43:23 as they grow up in extreme poverty
43:25 and at our school, these last few years
43:28 we've had a challenge where our male students
43:31 are slightly less in number than our female students
43:33 and we didn't have enough accommodations
43:36 to properly house the girls
43:37 and we needed to build a new dormitory
43:39 and ASI chose this project
43:42 to be a part of the 2017 mission's offering.
43:45 Last year, I showed you the blueprints for this dormitory
43:49 and I pointed out that we've managed to pour the foundations
43:53 at the time of ASI,
43:55 ASI, the Lord has blessed very much
43:58 and I'm very excited to report to you
44:01 and to show you the new girls' dormitory at Kibidula Mission
44:06 that will house 42 female students
44:09 who have not had the privilege
44:10 of obtaining basic education before now.
44:14 The building is almost 100% complete.
44:17 Isn't it beautiful?
44:19 Audience: Amen.
44:22 Audience clapping.
44:26 This dormitory is an important part of our Program
44:30 to reach vulnerable youth for Christ
44:32 and give them a few more years of shelter and education...
44:36 before they have to face life on their own
44:39 and if we have succeeded in our mission to them,
44:42 they will know that they don't have to face life on their own
44:45 but that's not all.
44:47 A donation from ASI this past year
44:49 into our Publishing Department
44:51 has enabled us to get two 20-foot shipping containers
44:55 full of books from "Springs of Life" in Poland
44:58 helping over 2,000 Literature Evangelists
45:01 to continue spreading very important books
45:04 throughout Tanzania.
45:05 This money will come back to us
45:07 and enable us to buy more books
45:09 but with a 43% increase
45:12 and it's this increase that should grow and strengthen
45:15 our publishing work
45:17 so that future profits can go to support the mission.
45:21 You may also remember that Kibidula has been a recipient
45:25 in the past of receiving funding for an Avocado Farm
45:28 in an effort to become self-supporting
45:31 and it's with much thanks to the Lord and ASI members
45:34 that we report that the Avocado project is doing well.
45:38 The new orchard of 8,000 trees that I showed you last year
45:42 is bearing fruit
45:44 and our very first harvest and export to Europe
45:47 is taking place as I'm speaking...
45:50 super exciting for us.
45:52 In partnership with ASI Members,
45:55 we have spent this past year putting in irrigation.
45:58 Kibidula has a very long dry season
46:01 which makes irrigation essential to successful farming.
46:05 This will water our both existing and future orchards
46:10 and we thank ASI for business leadership... for vision...
46:14 for a heart for missions that have helped projects like us
46:18 to take a step like this
46:20 that we could only dream of for years.
46:22 Part of the irrigation system is a dam that was built
46:27 in the latter part of 2017...
46:29 the product of many hours of hard work and expertise
46:34 by many different individuals...
46:35 not the least important
46:37 that of young volunteers from different continents.
46:40 Thanks to a very large solar-pump set-up,
46:43 the largest that we know of in Tanzania,
46:46 water is being pumped uphill into a big holding reservoir
46:52 and from there, water will flow downhill through miles of pipe
46:56 to irrigate 52,000 trees.
46:59 What a busy and productive year it has been
47:03 but it is not finished.
47:04 The rest of 2018 will see us raise the wall of the dam higher
47:09 to capture more water for irrigation
47:12 and building a large packing facility
47:15 to process the 100s of tons of avocados
47:19 that are expected in future harvests, God willing.
47:22 Praise God.
47:23 Audience: Amen.
47:24 You know, every avocado that is grown and sold
47:28 is with a prayer
47:30 that souls will be impacted for eternity because
47:33 each avocado that is sold
47:35 has the potential to print a tract in our Print Shop
47:39 or help translate and publish a book
47:41 in our Publishing Department
47:43 or bring restored health to a guest at our Wellness Center,
47:46 or help us keep students in one of our schools
47:50 where they have an opportunity to meet Jesus
47:53 will keep a Bible Worker on the front lines
47:56 of God's advancing troop.
47:58 Take Faraja for example,
48:00 growing up in a small village in a home environment
48:04 that her father shared with his two wives and their children,
48:08 Faraja knew the hardships of a life of poverty first-hand
48:11 and when she failed to progress in secondary school
48:14 and had to drop out,
48:16 she was left wondering what she's going to do with her life
48:19 and she told me herself
48:20 that she did not want to get married young.
48:23 When she heard about the Kibidula Agriculture School,
48:26 hope revived that she might be accepted
48:29 and be taught a trade.
48:30 Faraja did come to our school, graduated
48:34 and is now a fully self-supporting
48:36 20-something-year-old
48:38 she sews and sells clothing to customers.
48:41 She sells produce from a field
48:45 that she had hand-hoed and cultivated
48:48 a long distance from her workplace
48:50 and she has invested some of her profits
48:53 and bought a piece of land and planted her own avocado orchard.
48:57 When I visited with Faraja, something stood out to me.
49:02 She was more thankful for having met Jesus at our school
49:07 than for the success she is now enjoying
49:10 due to her education
49:12 and I asked her what she would say to people like you
49:16 who have invested into our Program.
49:18 "Was it worth it?"
49:19 And she said, "Please tell them that I say,
49:22 'thank you... before I came to this school,
49:24 I was not a believer but now I am. '"
49:27 ASI... our mission is people
49:30 and it takes a global network of God's people
49:33 inspired by love to Him to reach people...
49:37 long pause...
49:41 did you hear me?
49:43 Audience: Amen.
49:44 It takes us... a global network of God's people
49:47 inspired by love to Him to reach people.
49:49 And building God's kingdom in this fallen world,
49:53 looks a lot like growing avocados
49:56 or building churches,
49:59 or teaching or building schools and hospitals
50:02 and wellness centers,
50:03 doing business and building companies,
50:07 translating, publishing books, farming,
50:11 and all that we do can be relevant
50:14 if we pray and if it's anointed by God's Holy Spirit.
50:18 My husband will forgive me for taking an excerpt
50:22 from a letter that he wrote to a friend.
50:24 "It is God's work
50:26 and I want to do my best each day
50:29 to do God's work.
50:30 And if some day,
50:32 there are a few more people in heaven as a result
50:34 God's heart will be filled with a little more joy.
50:37 And you and I, and everybody there,
50:40 will be filled with a little more happiness
50:43 forever and ever and ever.
50:45 And multiply that by billions of years...
50:48 that adds up to a lot of happiness.
50:52 I couldn't be tempted here to spend my time
50:54 doing anything else.
50:56 May God help us keep our priorities
50:59 on serving Him until then. "
51:01 Thank you ASI...
51:05 Audience: Clapping.
51:10 Wonderful stories aren't they?
51:11 Do you believe Jesus is coming soon?
51:15 Do we have a message to tell?
51:17 Let's stand together and sing, "Christ is Coming. "
51:21 Christ is coming...
51:24 piano...
51:33 song
52:49 Let's pray together.
52:51 "Our Father in heaven,
52:54 we are so grateful for the opportunity
52:57 to tell others that Jesus is coming soon.
52:59 and we're thankful that He is coming soon,
53:02 we see this world falling apart
53:05 and we sense, more than ever,
53:07 our great need of your Holy Spirit.
53:09 of your direction day by day
53:11 that we might speak to others of the hope
53:14 and the joy of Jesus' soon return.
53:18 We just pray that you will bless us to that end
53:21 bless us with your Spirit.
53:23 Please continue to pour out the messages of hope
53:28 and healing upon the world
53:29 and we pray that we might have a part in that... "


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