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00:01 Music...
00:19 This first hymn that we're going to do is: Look for the Waymarks
00:22 written by F.E. Belden
00:24 one of the compilers of hymns and tunes
00:25 he was a nephew of Ellen White, very talented,
00:29 his daughter tells us that on occasion
00:32 her father would sit in a meeting...
00:35 a church service or evangelistic meeting
00:37 when the preacher would get up and announce his text,
00:40 Belden would leave or scoot over to a quiet corner
00:42 and he would write words and music of a new hymn
00:45 and by the time the sermon was over,
00:47 Belden would stand up with his wife who was also a musician
00:50 and the two would sing a duet...
00:51 brand-new hymn based on the sermon or the text
00:54 they'd just heard a sermon about.
00:57 Now, that's amazing to me because I couldn't do...
00:59 I could be here and I'd never write anything...
01:01 because that's just not my talent,
01:03 but remember they did have more than 15-minute homilies
01:07 that we preach today...
01:08 they did have probably an hour
01:09 or an hour and a half to do that.
01:11 Unfortunately, Belden left the church around about 1907
01:16 and... so this very talented man ended up not...
01:19 in his last years... not being a member of the church
01:22 though he contributed much early on.
01:24 So, we're going to do, "Look for the Waymarks"
01:26 it's a hymn that talks about the great prophetic empires
01:31 and one that would resonate with the pioneers then
01:34 and should still resonate with us today.
01:36 Song.
03:44 Another hymn that entered our hymnody in 1886 was:
03:48 Gleams of the Golden Morning
03:49 which is one we used to sing a lot more...
03:50 they were still singing it a lot when I was a kid growing up
03:53 but I don't hear it much anymore,
03:55 but it was very popular for many, many years,
03:57 there's a story that's come down to us from southern Mexico
04:00 some time around 1940 where some of our believers
04:04 in southern Mexico decided to go out
04:05 and try to witness through singing evangelism.
04:08 So, they went into the village and sang some songs
04:11 but people didn't respond and they got discouraged
04:14 went home and kind of felt bad
04:15 but after a few days they thought,
04:17 "Well, we should try this again"
04:18 so, they again went into the market place
04:21 and our believers began to sing
04:23 and when they got through singing,
04:25 "Gleams of the Golden Morning"
04:27 someone in the group there... standing... listening said,
04:29 "Where have you been... 3 to 5 in the morning
04:33 the last few mornings?
04:35 And they said, "Why do you ask?"
04:36 "Well, because we've been hearing this song every morning
04:39 for the last several nights, 3 to 5 in the morning,
04:41 where is your group meeting?"
04:42 And the Adventists looked at each other and said,
04:45 "Well, we haven't been meeting from 3 to 5 in the morning,
04:49 we don't know what you're talking about. "
04:50 And so, both sides were kind of surprised about this,
04:54 and finally the Adventists said, "It must have been the angels
04:56 telling you that you need to get ready to meet Jesus. "
05:01 And the story that's come down is,
05:03 that the response this time was much warmer
05:06 than it had been the first time
05:07 when our believers went out to do some singing evangelism,
05:10 so, "Gleams of the Golden Morning. "
05:12 Piano...
05:51 Song.
06:29 Our next hymn also entered Adventist hymnody in 1886,
06:32 "Lift up the Trumpet"
06:34 written by a female by the way,
06:37 an Advent Christian female Minister... Jessie Strout.
06:42 This hymn is one that as I was growing up in the church
06:46 was widely sung.
06:47 I can remember as a kid, maybe some of you
06:49 that are my age or even older will remember
06:52 when we used to sing this at big meetings
06:54 and the King's Heralds would come out
06:56 and once in a while, if they really wanted to get dramatic,
06:58 they'd even have trumpets
07:00 and Brad and Olive Braley would be there at the organ
07:03 and the piano and they would start to sing
07:05 "Lift up the Trumpet loud let it ring:
07:07 Jesus is coming again!"
07:09 I hoped that... the chill went up and down my spine
07:11 every time that happened.
07:13 So, we're going to do a couple of stanzas of this old hymn,
07:17 Lift up the trumpet and loud let it ring.
07:20 Song
07:53 Let's stop right there,
07:54 I should have had you all stand up...
07:56 this is another one of those hymns
07:57 I don't know how an Adventist can sing this sitting down
08:00 so let's just kind of roll the tape back
08:02 and we're going to start with the first stanza again
08:04 and sing it standing up
08:06 and it's all right to smile, you know,
08:07 I say, if you're doing that it's all right to smile
08:10 when you're thinking about Jesus coming back
08:12 so, never mind if it shows on your face also, all right,
08:15 so, Lift up the Trumpet.
08:16 Song
09:15 You may be seated, thank you.
09:17 Good morning, ASI,
09:20 how are you this morning?
09:23 Good, we are small in number but mighty in power
09:27 because God... His Holy Spirit is with us
09:30 and all His angels
09:31 and so we're really glad to be able bring to you
09:33 another "Offering in Action" Segment this morning.
09:37 With me is Garrett Caldwell,
09:40 he is the External Relations Officer
09:42 for the Loma Linda University
09:44 Biological and Earth Sciences Department
09:47 and woo... what a mouthful
09:49 but he's got quite a lot of information to share
09:52 with us this morning.
09:53 Can you share with us a little bit first about the...
09:57 some of the new developments that are happening there
10:00 just to kind of bring people up to speed.
10:03 This is a Department that is conducting research...
10:06 scientific research, geological exploration
10:10 that will often validate the Biblical worldview
10:14 that we... that we know
10:16 and so, this is a very important part
10:19 of Loma Linda University's efforts
10:23 so that, it will have a great impact actually around the world
10:27 so tell us a little bit about the new developments
10:29 that are happening.
10:31 Absolutely, I'm very happy to be here
10:32 representing Dr. Leonard Brand and the rest of the team
10:34 and the Department of Earth and Biological Sciences
10:37 Dr. Brian wishes that he could be here,
10:39 he wasn't able to be so, I'm here representing him
10:41 and just understand that they deal with a level of science
10:45 that is a bit beyond what I deal with on a normal basis
10:48 but I'm very happy to share a report of the impact of this
10:52 and one thing that makes sense out of it to me is that
10:56 I've had the experience and maybe you have
10:58 or some of our audience has as well
11:00 of going to the grocery store...
11:01 looking for an item and not seeing it
11:04 because the wrapping is just a little different
11:06 than what you expect.
11:07 When you have a Biblical framework
11:10 and a Biblical worldview
11:11 and you're doing scientific research,
11:14 the evidence that you see in Science
11:17 if... if you recognize it based on your understanding
11:21 of the account of Creation,
11:23 some of the accounts in the Bible about the flood
11:27 and other things,
11:28 you can see evidence that other people cannot see
11:31 and so the research that Dr. Brand and others are doing
11:35 looking into geologic formations in various places,
11:39 mostly in the western US
11:40 although they have done research in other places around the world
11:43 is again, bringing scientific evidence
11:46 affirming the account of Creation.
11:48 Excellent, thank you,
11:50 tell us about some of the impact of this work
11:54 that it has had...
11:56 maybe on individuals that are involved in the process.
11:59 It was very interesting to ask Dr. Brand about this
12:02 and he talked about the Graduate students
12:04 that, again, come from a very entrenched scientific background
12:10 but to be able to do this study
12:11 and to engage their Biblical worldview,
12:14 they find that Biblical Worldview is an asset...
12:17 again it allows them to see things that others don't see
12:21 and that's been affirming to them
12:23 so, that... that's one very important thing
12:27 that's coming out of it.
12:29 I'm curious what the impact might be
12:31 on the scientific community
12:33 because they're not necessarily sharing the Biblical worldview,
12:37 so, how do they receive
12:38 this kind of research and information?
12:40 Well, in general, the scientific community
12:42 Dr. Brand tells me,
12:45 will view those with a Creationist understanding
12:49 with skepticism, cynicism and maybe even derision
12:54 but this group is committed to careful scientific work
12:58 and what they have discovered is when you do careful science,
13:03 it leads to an atmosphere of respect
13:06 and that atmosphere of respect can often lead to questions
13:11 even, Dr. Brand tells me from Atheist geologists,
13:15 they'll start by asking questions about the science
13:19 but it will lead to questions about faith
13:22 and that's been a tremendous blessing to him
13:25 and to those that he has dialogued with.
13:27 Excellent, share with us...
13:29 you were telling me about the experience
13:32 that Dr. Brand shared with you
13:34 about someone who was reading a book that he had published.
13:37 Right, the book is: Faith, Reason and Earth History
13:41 and he's received letters from many people
13:44 saying that it's encouraged
13:46 not only their understanding of science but their faith
13:49 and he just recently received a letter from a man in prison
13:52 who's in prison, reading the book
13:55 and is finding great encouragement in this book
13:58 so, that really lifted his spirits.
14:00 Wow! so even through the... the... the... the...
14:03 the line of science, people are finding Jesus in that.
14:07 Absolutely.
14:08 Excellent...
14:09 tell us a little bit about the project that's going to be
14:11 funded from this year's offering.
14:13 Absolutely, so, the project is specifically going to study
14:16 the Jurassic Navojo Sandstone that's found all throughout Utah
14:21 again, the framework... the accepted understanding
14:25 is that this all took place in a desert environment.
14:28 They aren't going in with a presupposition
14:31 about what they will find,
14:33 but they're going in with the understanding
14:36 that comes from a Biblical account
14:38 and a Biblical worldview
14:39 and they're very excited about the findings
14:42 that will come out of it.
14:43 The offering will also go to support
14:46 one year of a graduate research student
14:50 and so, what we're really doing is helping raise
14:54 new generations of scientific researchers
14:57 that will continue to uncover the hand of God in creation.
15:01 Oh, that's wonderful, thank you so much Garrett
15:04 for sharing with us something that... it may be foreign
15:07 or not as well understood by us
15:11 but certainly reaching those in a community
15:14 who would otherwise not have any understanding
15:16 to start to see God's hand in their work.
15:19 Very happy.
15:20 Thank you very much.
15:22 Now, joining me is Moise Ratsara.
15:29 He's the President of GYC... Generation Youth Christ.
15:34 There have been a few iterations of that title
15:37 but the purpose and the mission has been the same
15:41 and Moise, thank you for joining us today.
15:43 It's so nice to have more young people involved
15:46 in... in ASI isn't it?
15:48 Amen.
15:49 So, why don't you share with us
15:51 what's happening with GYC or what I should ask is,
15:54 what has been the purpose and the focus
15:58 all through the last many years that it's been in existence.
16:02 Yes, well, it's good to be with all of you here at ASI
16:05 and to answer your question, Debbie,
16:08 is, GYC has been all about the Bible, sacrifice
16:14 and being all in for Jesus.
16:17 This last year, we had outreach
16:20 which was one of our biggest focus on the city of Phoenix
16:23 and we had ordered about 37 buses
16:27 to... you know... school buses
16:30 to have young people go out to the city of Phoenix
16:32 and there were so many young people
16:34 who wanted to go on outreach
16:36 that we did not enough buses.
16:37 So, as a result, about 250 of them
16:42 who wanted to go on outreach...
16:43 we didn't have the buses for them...
16:46 so they decided to go out on their own
16:48 and take initiative and go down in the city of Phoenix
16:51 and just pass out literature.
16:53 Now, you are telling me that you had the buses,
16:56 there weren't enough,
16:57 you ordered more buses,
16:59 that still wasn't enough
17:00 and so then, this was the outcome...
17:02 that they just kind of went on their own,
17:03 so, they didn't go home, they just went out.
17:05 Yes.
17:07 Okay, that's remarkable
17:08 and this is actually the project
17:09 that was supported from the offering last year.
17:11 Exactly.
17:12 Okay, so, do you have any stories or testimonies
17:15 about the experiences that some of them may have had?
17:18 So, yeah, one of the things about GYC that really excites me
17:22 is that... not only is it about numbers or whatever that is
17:26 but it touches lives.
17:28 There was a young girl that decided to come to GYC
17:32 about two years ago
17:33 and she was going to a secular campus,
17:36 she wasn't an Adventist,
17:37 nobody in her family was a Seventh-day Adventist
17:40 but her friends invited her to go to the youth gathering.
17:43 So, she said, "Okay, I'm going to go. "
17:45 And as she went the first night,
17:47 there was an appeal to surrender your life to Christ,
17:52 to not be 50% in but 100% in for the gospel of Jesus
17:56 and she responded to that appeal,
17:59 right then and there, she decided to give up
18:02 all of her plans that she had for that year,
18:05 and she gave up her life to become a missionary
18:08 to the public campuses in Michigan.
18:10 As a result of that,
18:12 she started to reach out to her friends
18:14 and she had a big circle of influence because she...
18:17 most of her friends were not Seventh-day Adventists,
18:20 and as a result, she brought them this year to Phoenix
18:23 and as she brought them to Phoenix,
18:26 her Bible-Study contacts,
18:27 some of them have already made decisions for baptism.
18:30 Interviewer: Amen.
18:31 So the cycle is continuing,
18:33 young people are taking ownership of their church
18:35 and they see that they are the future
18:37 and this is their church so we praise the Lord for that.
18:39 Amen, so all of this
18:41 from a non-Seventh-day Adventist young person who came to GYC.
18:45 Amen.
18:47 Excellent, now, I know that as we look to the horizon,
18:50 you have an Annual Convention that takes place
18:54 and this year is going to be very interesting
18:57 and I know we have a promo video I'd like to have...
19:00 call that video up so that you can see now...
19:02 we're going to talk a little bit about
19:03 what the plans are for GYC.
19:05 Music...
19:07 What if we weren't afraid...
19:10 music
19:12 and what if we were no longer bound by the shackles
19:14 or applause or censure
19:16 and what if we were willing to have radical faith...
19:20 faith that knew no limitations?
19:22 What if we were freed from the slavish dictates of a culture
19:27 that has no truth?
19:29 What if we were fueled by the grace of God
19:32 through wrestling with Him on our knees?
19:35 What if we actually believe
19:37 that Christ's righteousness is ours?
19:40 What if God's love transformed us so much
19:43 that we would rather die than break a single commandment?
19:46 What if we were willing to truly lay self aside
19:50 to make room for the Holy Spirit?
19:52 It's simple,
19:55 the gospel would go to the whole world
19:57 in this generation.
20:01 Music...
20:08 more music...
20:14 Wow! it sounds very riveting.
20:16 Now, I know that every theme carries with it a mission.
20:21 What is the focus or mission
20:23 of this upcoming Annual Convention for GYC?
20:27 So, our theme for this year is: To the End
20:30 based on Acts chapter 1 and verse 8.
20:33 We decided that as a movement,
20:37 we need to be about mission as well
20:39 and be relentless to go to the ends of the earth
20:42 so, we're going back to the city of Houston
20:45 and some of you know that last year in Houston,
20:47 there was a major flooding that happened there
20:50 but something else about Houston is that,
20:53 Houston is so diverse.
20:54 As a matter of fact, when people have supper in Houston,
20:58 one in every two houses speaks a different language.
21:02 There are so many people-groups in Houston
21:05 that are from unreached areas that live there,
21:08 so, we decided that this year for outreach,
21:10 we're going to go to those communities
21:12 that... that are hard to reach around the world
21:15 that live in Houston...
21:16 that have a big presence in Houston
21:19 and go to those communities and reach out to them
21:22 with the gospel message.
21:23 Amen, so, once again, you are adding to the demographic
21:27 that GYC young people want to reach
21:29 and reaching the refugees
21:31 is a very important and a very worthy work and very needy one
21:36 so I applaud GYC for that insight
21:39 and we will continue to pray for GYC
21:41 that God will continue to direct you.
21:43 Thank you so much.
21:44 Thank you.
21:47 Pause...
21:49 The main reason I do what I do
21:51 is because I'm really just tired.
21:56 Every time, I hear the news,
21:58 every time I look around me
22:01 I see the world is just a mess.
22:03 Horrible stories coming in from overseas,
22:06 you look at the newspaper
22:08 or you just look around the neighborhood
22:11 and you see people in pain and misery,
22:13 whether that's in Society
22:14 or whether it's just somebody over here
22:17 whose marriage is falling apart,
22:19 some kid who's lonely,
22:21 you have all these horrible things
22:23 that are going on in the world,
22:25 you got some people...
22:27 it seems like they wake up in the morning,
22:30 trying to figure out how to make the world more miserable,
22:33 more painful
22:34 and I had just decided that enough is enough
22:38 you know,
22:40 and I just figured that if there's going to be people
22:41 out there in the world
22:43 trying to make the world a miserable place,
22:44 I for one was going to be one person
22:47 who was pushing back and going the other way.
22:51 I wanted to make sure that there as at least somebody
22:53 standing up for the truth...
22:55 standing up for what was right...
22:57 standing up to help somebody who was hurting.
22:59 I might not be able to change the world,
23:01 but that drives me.
23:03 I am so angry at all the stuff that goes on in the world
23:08 and my revenge is to do something good.
23:11 My revenge is to do something right.
23:14 My revenge... when people are hurting...
23:17 is to help.
23:20 Pause...
23:25 A mighty fortress is our God,
23:32 A bulwark never failing;
23:40 Our helper He, amid the flood
23:48 Of mortal ills prevailing.
23:56 Doth seek to work us woe;
24:02 His craft and power are great;
24:08 And armed with cruel hate,
24:14 And armed with cruel hate...
24:21 On earth is not his
24:25 equal.
24:29 Guitar strumming the tune...
26:52 That word above all earthly powers,
27:00 No thanks to them, abideth;
27:08 The Spirit and the gifts are ours
27:17 Through Him who with us sideth:
27:24 Let goods and kindred go,
27:30 This mortal life also;
27:36 The body they may kill:
27:42 God's truth abideth still,
27:49 His kingdom is
27:54 forever.
28:02 Audience: Amen.
28:09 Wonderful, beautiful music this morning,
28:12 isn't it great to be at ASI?
28:14 I just... I love the music at ASI.
28:17 Amen.
28:18 This morning we're talking to Kyle Allen,
28:20 former Secretary/Treasurer of ASI
28:22 who now works for Adventist World Radio,
28:25 he's Vice President for Adventist World Radio.
28:27 Kyle: I still love ASI.
28:29 Interviewer: But he's having a little difficulty
28:31 weaning himself off the ASI experience, so...
28:34 Kyle: ASI is still good, I love it.
28:35 Interviewer: Amen.
28:36 Kyle: But AWR is amazing! Amen.
28:38 Interviewer: So, here we are today, Kyle,
28:41 we're talking about something very interesting... AWR...
28:45 just what is the reach of AWR,
28:47 tell us just a little bit about Adventist World Radio.
28:49 How many know about Adventist World Radio?
28:51 Amen... lot of hands go up...
28:53 Adventist World Radio broadcasts in over 80 languages, Steve,
28:55 around the world.
28:57 Over 1,000 radio stations that the church operates
29:00 not only on FM and AM shortwave
29:02 but also, over the internet now,
29:04 Podcasts, Facebook Live, YouTube...
29:06 every avenue we can take
29:08 to take the gospel to the earth in this generation.
29:10 Amen, so, Adventist World Radio
29:13 is putting out a lot of information every day,
29:16 80 languages... 1,000s of hours of programming,
29:19 different methods of sending out the good news of Jesus,
29:23 but there's some response to that that's happening
29:26 and, you know, it's not just about getting the message out,
29:30 it's about connecting with those people,
29:31 how is AWR solving that problem?
29:34 That's right, so, we actually took a new initiative...
29:36 our President Duane McKey said, "You know,
29:37 broadcasting is great... " amen...
29:39 "broadcasting is great
29:41 but we don't want to just end with a broadcast,
29:44 it needs to end in decisions for Christ. "
29:46 So, our new motto is, "Broadcast to Baptism. "
29:49 Because we want people to follow Jesus
29:51 and decide to be a part of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
29:53 So... so... around the world...
29:55 So, Kyle, wait a minute now.
29:56 If I'm listening to the radio in some foreign country
30:01 where there's really not any...
30:03 any presence, maybe, even of a Seventh-day Adventist,
30:06 but the message is coming in,
30:08 how are you connecting with those people?
30:10 So, that's... that's the important question, Steve,
30:12 how do we connect with people who are hearing our message
30:15 not only over the radio waves
30:17 but also finding us on the internet,
30:19 connecting through various social media channels
30:22 and not only AWR, Steve, but if you think about it,
30:25 how many ways does our church reach out to the world?
30:28 Kyle, just go in the Exhibit Hall
30:30 and walk down the aisle, you'll see Voice of Prophecy,
30:33 and It is Written and Amazing Facts
30:35 and Hope Channel...
30:37 and 3ABN...
30:38 the list goes on and on...
30:40 All of these entities are sowing seed out there,
30:42 getting the Word out,
30:44 but how do we connect those people?
30:46 Exactly, so... so... so we said,
30:48 "Could there be a way that we could create
30:51 a center for digital evangelism that would connect the dots...
30:55 that would enable us to connect with the people
30:58 who are searching for us...
30:59 who are responding to our broadcasts...
31:01 who are liking our Facebook Posts...
31:03 who are searching even on Google for...
31:05 for what happens when you die?
31:06 Or what does the Sabbath mean?"
31:08 Connecting with those people...
31:09 building relationships with them digitally
31:12 and then leading them to local churches
31:14 and ultimately to baptism.
31:16 That's what we want to do.
31:17 Praise God, so, such a thing would require
31:21 some interesting logistics,
31:23 where is this Center going to be built
31:25 and how does that work?
31:26 So, the goal is to start with a Center for Digital Evangelism
31:30 based in Manila, Philippines, amen,
31:32 anybody have ever been to Philippines?
31:34 It's a beautiful country
31:35 and it's going to be based there at the Division Office,
31:37 the Southern Asia Pacific Division
31:39 by God's grace, we're going to have 60 missionaries,
31:42 young adults who are going to come
31:43 and be digital missionaries, Steve,
31:45 who will serve to connect people who are searching for God,
31:49 searching for truth, all over the world,
31:50 connect them to local churches
31:52 and ultimately leading them to baptism.
31:54 So, these young people... these missionaries...
31:56 they're going to be sitting there
31:57 responding in different languages...
31:58 they're going to be responding to different media inputs...
32:03 this is amazing!
32:04 It's a huge project and we're very excited.
32:06 We believe that this could be a game changer
32:09 for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
32:11 There are 100s of 1,000s of people, Steve, around the world
32:14 who are searching for God
32:15 and we need to find them and connect them back
32:17 to our Seventh-day Adventist Churches.
32:19 So, Kyle, traditionally, we think of the old methods,
32:25 you know the old school of us thinks of this way
32:28 somebody sees something and they write us a letter
32:30 or they send a post card in or they...
32:33 Handwritten letter...
32:34 Yeah... something like an old handwritten letter
32:36 or maybe even a phone call
32:37 where they put their name in a database or something
32:40 and eventually, they get responded to,
32:42 that lag time is just too much,
32:44 what is your goal as Center for Digital Evangelism,
32:47 how soon do you want to respond to somebody's initial reach out?
32:50 All right, so in today's world, things happen fast, right?
32:52 Amen.
32:53 So, we want to say, by God's grace,
32:55 if somebody reaches out to us,
32:57 as a Seventh-day Adventist Church,
32:59 through any of these channels, social media, broadcasts...
33:02 all of these ways,
33:04 we want to respond to them within 24 hours.
33:05 Amen, praise God.
33:06 Because we believe time is short
33:08 and people need to make decisions to follow Christ
33:10 and so, that's what we hope, Steve, within 24 hours,
33:13 we want to connect them to somebody
33:14 who will eventually lead them to Bible Studies
33:17 and to make the decision to follow Christ.
33:19 Thank you Kyle for sharing with us today
33:21 about Digital Evangelism.
33:22 And find out more about AWR at awr. org
33:24 or come to our Booth in the Exhibit Hall,
33:26 we'd love to talk with you more
33:27 about what the ministry of AWR is doing around the world.
33:30 Now, Kyle, we have Lela joining us,
33:32 and we're going to talk now for just a few minutes
33:34 about Pathway to Health.
33:36 How many of you have heard of Pathway to Health?
33:38 All right, we have some folks here
33:39 who know a little bit about it,
33:41 Lela, tell us just a few stats
33:43 on the history of Pathway to Health.
33:46 So, in 2014 was our very first event,
33:49 you guys were both there... San Francisco and Oakland,
33:51 took the church by storm, God blessed
33:53 and since that time, by God's grace, we've served
33:56 just about 30,000 patients worth a 130 million dollars, amen
34:00 with 12,000 volunteers and many of you, amen.
34:03 Praise God.
34:04 How many of you volunteered for a Pathway to Health Event?
34:06 Wow, look at that, praise God for that,
34:08 now, Pathway to Health has had some interesting influences
34:11 that have come out of that.
34:12 I remember hearing a story about a Pastor from West Texas
34:16 who went home from one of these events
34:17 and he said, "I can do this"
34:19 and he just got a dentist
34:21 and he went to his Fellowship Hall
34:22 and he advertised it in the newspaper
34:24 and he had an influence in his community
34:27 by using this method
34:28 of combining the medical and the medical missionary
34:31 along with the gospel... it's amazing
34:34 but it hasn't influenced just the United States
34:36 because we've seen these scattered all over the US
34:39 under different names and happening in churches,
34:41 doing things... it's amazing,
34:43 it has also had an influence around the world.
34:45 Talk to us about the influence that an event... a Pathway
34:50 had even in the Congo.
34:52 You know, it was really interesting,
34:54 it was Pathway Phoenix over Christmas
34:56 and the Congolese Government actually came to Pathway
34:59 to find out how they could have one of these such events
35:01 in their own home country...
35:03 amazing! God totally blessed
35:05 and because of that,
35:06 we will actually... Adventist World Radio
35:09 is actually going to be able to have licenses in two cities
35:12 of Congo... that have always been forbidden previously, amen.
35:15 But, wait a minute, now,
35:16 you're telling me that medical missionary work
35:19 is resulting in Radio Station Licenses,
35:22 is that what I'm hearing?
35:23 That is correct, it's unbelievable,
35:24 again, whole-person care makes a full impact
35:27 not just on the individuals
35:29 but even on the Governments, it's unbelievable.
35:31 That's amazing to see what God is doing
35:33 using these simple methods that He's told us about for years.
35:36 That's right.
35:37 Well, praise God, now you just returned
35:39 from participating in an AWR event in the Philippines,
35:42 what happened there?
35:44 That is... it was unbelievable...
35:46 8,742 patients in three days...
35:49 the largest event that I've had the opportunity
35:51 of participating in, with only a Gideon Army of 300.
35:55 God blessed tremendously amen.
35:58 Now, Kyle, there was something unique,
36:01 a couple of unique things about this event in the Philippines
36:03 and I know you were there participating in this
36:05 because you are the AWR Vice President
36:08 so you couldn't skip out on this,
36:10 you're there, God is impressing you
36:12 to do something just a little different
36:13 on how you're combining the Medical Missionary Work
36:16 with the... with the presentation of the gospel,
36:17 tell us about that.
36:19 That's right, and I just want to say,
36:20 "I love the Pathway to Health" I'm not a medical professional,
36:22 I know nothing about Medicine
36:23 but I just love being there, amen
36:25 because it's powerful when you see people healed
36:27 and you see them receiving that physical healing
36:29 but the thing is, Steve, we have always believed
36:31 that it's not just physical healing that people need,
36:33 they need mental and spiritual healing as well.
36:36 It's Total Person Health, right?
36:37 Total Person Health
36:38 and so, at previous Pathways, we have done an evening meeting
36:42 where we presented the spiritual...
36:44 and invited the patients,
36:45 but the problem was, it's a long day, right,
36:47 you're standing in line and you're waiting
36:50 and a lot of the patients,
36:51 they, frankly, they just can't stay the whole day
36:53 and come to the evening meeting,
36:54 so, God gave us an idea, God gave you an idea, Dr. Lela.
36:57 God... God...
36:58 It was... what if we shut the whole clinic down for an hour.
37:01 Now that was scary, Kyle.
37:03 Yeah.
37:04 We lose that hour of seeing patients.
37:06 Right, because we don't have many hours in the day.
37:07 Exactly.
37:09 So, what if you shut the Clinic down, you serve a lunch
37:11 and in the middle of the day,
37:12 you present the Total Person Health Message.
37:14 Interviewer: Along with the gospel.
37:16 Kyle: Along with the gospel, right here,
37:17 with all the patients there and so that's what we did.
37:20 They don't have to come back.
37:22 Amazing.
37:23 So, at noon time, for each of those three days,
37:25 we shut the Clinic down,
37:26 the patients were all there, sitting in the bleachers
37:27 even standing in line still, eating their lunch,
37:29 and Dr. Lela came up,
37:31 presented a physical, mental health message,
37:33 and then she bridged to the spiritual...
37:35 I came up, talked about some spiritual help with Daniel 1...
37:39 how to make good choices,
37:40 Daniel 2 the second day and the third day
37:41 talking about the hope that we have in Christ
37:43 and in the second coming and in heaven.
37:45 What was the result of that?
37:47 Well, it was amazing Steve,
37:49 the first couple of days, it was a little rocky,
37:51 because we had no experience before.
37:52 Lela: We had to change everything completely.
37:55 Kyle: But by the third day, God was really moving
37:57 and the people were following,
37:58 the people were tracking with us.
38:00 Lela: You could see them, they were just intense.
38:01 Kyle: And so, you were presenting.
38:03 Lela: I presented on the emotional
38:05 and the physical aspects of the frontal lobe
38:07 and things that we can do to improve
38:09 our functioning of our frontal lobe
38:10 and hearing the Holy Spirit more and then, what happened?
38:13 And then, right as you were making your appeal,
38:15 it had been completely good weather
38:17 and then, all of a sudden...
38:18 as you were making your initial appeal...
38:20 Lela: Out of the blue, from nowhere,
38:21 thunder and great torrents or rain... booof...
38:24 and... but it was like God just took my voice
38:26 and took it above the storm...
38:28 I handed it off to you and you carried it.
38:30 I kept... and then I talked about heaven
38:32 and I was trying to lead to... to making people...
38:34 bringing people to make a decision for Christ
38:36 and that Friday night, Steve, just two days later,
38:39 an Evangelistic Series was starting
38:41 on the island of Palawan
38:43 and we wanted to invite the people to come and participate,
38:45 and so, Dr. Lela, you came up,
38:47 we were making our appeal for the people to accept Jesus
38:50 to stand and accept Jesus and to come Friday night
38:53 and right as we're making our appeal...
38:54 Lela: Again... boom...
38:56 Kyle: The thunder comes... the lightning comes...
38:57 it was like Satan was trying to...
38:59 we could feel the spiritual battle
39:00 but guys, I'm here to tell you today,
39:02 everybody in that auditorium stood up...
39:03 2,000 people stood up... hands went up...
39:05 It was unbelievable... hands... arms...
39:07 everybody standing up... it was beautiful.
39:09 It was beautiful... people accepting Christ
39:11 and saying they were going to come
39:12 and I'm happy to report by God's grace,
39:15 our Palawan President is actually here,
39:16 I don't know where Pastor Malabad is
39:18 but we had 1,500 baptisms
39:20 just last Sabbath in Palawan... praise God.
39:22 Amen.
39:23 So, friends, if you want to participate
39:28 in a Pathway to Health Event
39:29 in Dallas, Fort Worth area in just a few weeks...
39:33 Lela: September 19 to 21.
39:35 We're going to be having another event there,
39:37 you can come and join and learn how to do
39:40 Total Person Healthcare
39:42 and share the gospel with... in a very amazing way
39:45 join us there... find out more,
39:47 come to the Booth... the Pathway...
39:48 get more information... thank you so much.


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