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00:01 Music...
00:19 Today I was at the Young Professionals' Meeting
00:22 and it's just an inspiration and a blessing
00:25 to be around people who are passionate and excited
00:28 about the work that God has for them
00:30 and there's the work that they're doing
00:32 in all the different areas and places that they are.
00:34 Amen and how long have you been coming so far, John?
00:37 Well, I don't know
00:38 but I do know that I've been coming long enough to know
00:41 that each one of the Youth Programs
00:43 from the very young age... all the way up are fantastic
00:47 so... that's... that's about how long I've been coming.
00:50 Amen... amen...
00:51 and so you've been coming for multiple times to ASI
00:54 and you're so blessed every time huh?
00:56 Amen, happens every time.
00:57 Even though you've been blessed already,
00:59 God still has more blessings in store for you,
01:01 do you guys believe that?
01:03 How many of you are ready for a blessing tonight?
01:05 Raise your hands.
01:07 The Bible says that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly
01:10 above all that we can ask or think
01:12 but you just have to be ready for it.
01:14 So you have to be ready for the blessing tonight
01:17 and God will bless you more than you could ever imagine.
01:19 We're here to celebrate Jesus
01:21 whose life and death gives purpose to everything we do
01:24 and as we pray that God will be here with us
01:27 during our worship service,
01:28 I'll ask John to have our prayer.
01:29 Yes, praise the Lord, will you bow your heads with me
01:31 as we pray.
01:33 "Father in heaven,
01:34 Lord, you have brought us here together
01:36 as a group of believers...
01:38 a group of people who are passionate about finishing
01:41 the work that you have for us here on this earth.
01:44 I pray that as we're here tonight,
01:46 that you would bless us, you would bless the Speakers...
01:49 the people that will be sharing
01:51 and I pray that you will bless us
01:52 so that we can leave here and go to bless others,
01:55 I pray this in the name of Jesus, amen. "
01:58 Amen...
01:59 Amen.
02:06 Music.
02:13 Have you ever wondered where we began?
02:17 This spark to begin this Movement...
02:20 music...
02:22 remember...
02:41 message...
03:00 Under her guidance this college was established.
03:03 Self-support... inspiring... educating...
03:07 the foundation was laid.
03:09 Ministries sprang up all over the world,
03:12 lay members and church leaders
03:14 burned to join ministry with the church...
03:17 ASI was born.
03:19 Today, ASI continues with the example of the Apostle Paul
03:25 sharing Jesus Christ in the marketplace.
03:28 Business professionals were needed on the team
03:33 and as ministry and business united in their efforts,
03:36 a dynamic network was formed.
03:38 Every day, ASI members and ministries
03:41 carried the light to mission fields
03:44 across the North American Division and the whole world.
03:48 Music.
03:51 It's important to be a part of ASI
03:54 because I'm able to share my gifts with a team of people
03:57 in so many ways worldwide.
03:59 It's not just a blessing to the people I teach,
04:02 it's a blessing to me as well.
04:04 Building a one-day church is a really special experience
04:11 because you get to come in here
04:13 and these people sometimes don't even have a church.
04:16 They value the church so much and building it...
04:19 is... it's a good build... it's not hard...
04:22 I didn't have to go through any special training to do it
04:25 but the rewards from it are incredible.
04:28 It's such an experience.
04:29 It's a great opportunity to be a part of ASI as a business
04:34 because it's God who gave us these positions
04:37 in the first place
04:39 and now being a part of the ASI family,
04:41 I can work together in a strategic way
04:44 to use my business to multiply the kingdom of God
04:47 in a way that I never could have done before.
04:49 Well, I... you know, I think that this...
04:52 this whole program says two or three important things.
04:56 Number 1... it says, "I can be involved,
05:00 no matter who I am...
05:02 no matter what my skill level or what my talents,
05:05 I can be involved...
05:06 and that really is a message for the whole church.
05:08 The takeaway is... we can work together...
05:11 we can... we can build community
05:15 that... that goes beyond what differences we have.
05:19 Healing...
05:21 Teaching...
05:23 Training...
05:26 Sharing...
05:28 Proclaiming...
05:31 Building Faith...
05:33 Restoring...
05:35 this is what we do...
05:37 this is who we are.
05:39 message...
06:28 We are a team in business and ministry
06:33 together... focused on Christ...
06:36 passionate about the mission of the church
06:38 just like you.
06:40 Join us in spreading the light...
06:43 of the Advent Message to the world.
06:45 What the world needs is Jesus, remember.
06:53 Good evening,
06:56 the Youth Convention this year has just burst at the seams
07:03 and it's a wonderful problem we've had.
07:05 This year, we have two assistants,
07:08 we have Lupita from Oklahoma,
07:10 myself, Claire Diaz-Henderson from Oklahoma
07:14 and I have my friend who's coming up right now,
07:17 Rosie Tresenrider from Grants Pass, Oregon
07:22 and we keep hopping during these days of ASI.
07:26 but we have a wonderful group of children
07:29 and our theme this year has been Hebrews 12 verse 1
07:34 and we're going to sing that for you,
07:37 if you can look at it in your Bibles,
07:39 you can join us at the end of this presentation.
07:42 We're going to sing it on our own
07:44 but it's a real catchy tune
07:45 and this year, Sean Neblett, our co-Youth Leader
07:50 wrote this song for us
07:51 and we want to remember this wonderful race
07:55 that we need to run with patience
07:57 until Jesus Christ comes
07:58 and so tonight,
08:00 our Kindergarten all the way to our Youth...
08:04 our Earliteens are just getting in there,
08:07 look at how many we have this year, isn't that wonderful?
08:09 Audience: Amen.
08:11 Clapping.
08:18 We have two guest speakers this year
08:21 that have just kept the kids mesmerized...
08:24 we have Sally Strieb for the Lower Divisions
08:26 and those children get to take a little beach in a bottle
08:30 with all the shells
08:31 and lessons they've learned with their notebooks
08:34 and then we've had Pavel Goya who knows what it's like
08:37 to have a lot of patience in the Christian's race
08:41 and so, listen now as our youth will sing Hebrews 12 verse 1.
08:48 Pause.
08:50 More pause.
08:58 Music...
09:05 Blessed be our soul unto us tonight
09:13 Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about
09:19 Wherefore seeing we also...
09:22 are compassed about
09:26 with so great a cloud of witnesses,
09:32 let us lay...
09:34 let us lay
09:36 lay aside every weight
09:39 the sin which doth so easily beset us,
09:45 let us run... let us run
09:49 run with patience the race
09:53 With patience the race that's set before us
09:58 Let us lay aside each weight and let us run.
10:05 Let us run... let us run
10:09 lay aside every weight
10:12 the sin which doth so easily beset us
10:18 let us run... let us run...
10:22 run with patience the race...
10:25 With patience the race that's set before us.
10:31 Let us lay aside each weight and let us run...
10:38 Let us lay aside each weight
10:41 and let us run...
10:47 Audience: Amen.
10:52 Audience clapping...
10:54 more clapping.
10:59 Well, our Kindergarteners are right here in the front
11:04 and Skip Dodsen, where are you from
11:07 and what has ASI inspired you with?
11:09 Claire, my wife and I, Rene,
11:12 are from Pagosa Springs, Colorado
11:15 and what inspires me about ASI
11:18 is to be part of a group of people
11:21 whose unusual business is to make "Mission" first.
11:25 Amen and what are you going to do for us tonight?
11:30 Well, we're going to sing our theme song
11:32 build... we'll build on the rock...
11:34 it's in the Seventh-day Adventist hymnal
11:36 for those of you who know the song
11:38 and this year for our Kindergarten Class,
11:42 we've been talking about building.
11:43 Now, of course, any one of you who've build anything
11:47 know that it's a lot like running a race.
11:50 There is always a race to the finish...
11:53 time is money...
11:55 I don't think I have to mention that to this crowd.
11:57 So, that's what our Kindergarten Class has been learning
12:00 about builders in the Bible,
12:02 we've been learning about animal builders
12:05 that God has given special gifts to,
12:07 to build their own homes
12:09 and we've also been learning lessons from the woodshop
12:12 about how God wants to shape and mold our characters
12:17 and finish us... seal us so that we reflect His glory.
12:21 Wonderful, thank you for all your good work.
12:23 Pause...
12:29 more pause...
12:35 Piano...
12:41 more piano...
12:48 We'll build on the Rock, the living Rock
12:54 On Jesus, the Rock of Ages;
13:00 So shall we abide the fearful shock,
13:06 When loud the tempest rages.
13:12 We'll build on the Rock,
13:18 We'll build on the Rock;
13:24 We'll build on the Rock, on the solid Rock,
13:32 On Christ, the mighty Rock.
13:38 We'll build on the Rock, for ever sure,
13:43 The firm and the true foundation;
13:49 Its hope is the hope which shall endure,
13:55 The hope of our salvation.
14:01 We'll build on the Rock,
14:07 We'll build on the Rock;
14:12 We'll build on the Rock, on the solid Rock,
14:20 On Christ, the mighty Rock.
14:28 Audience: Clapping.
14:35 Pause.
14:42 Elisa, where are you from?
14:45 My husband and I live in the Dallas Fort Worth area in Texas.
14:49 And from Dallas, Fort Worth,
14:51 what have you brought to ASI to share with the children?
14:54 Well, this year we've been talking about Kingdom Runners
14:58 and how God wants us to... not literally but figuratively
15:02 run the race to finish... to the finish line... to heaven
15:05 and so, we've been talking about different tools that we need
15:08 as Kingdom Runners
15:10 so far, we've covered the fruit of the Spirit,
15:12 we've talked about the armour of God
15:14 and the fact that God has given us all talents
15:17 to share with the world.
15:18 Is this your first year at ASI?
15:21 It's my first time leading in Primary
15:24 but it's not my first ASI.
15:26 And Skip and Rene Dodson...
15:28 they were here last year with you as well.
15:30 Yes, they were.
15:32 That's wonderful when we can have the same teachers
15:34 who get the experience come back.
15:35 Share with us.
15:37 Thank you.
15:44 Pause.
15:51 Piano...
16:01 God said go into the world
16:06 Tell them about me
16:10 help them learn what you have learned
16:14 Always follow me
16:18 And if that's what Jesus said
16:22 That's what I'll do
16:25 I'm ready to go
16:28 I'm ready to grow
16:30 I'm ready to show this world of Yours
16:36 Every step I take
16:39 below...
16:44 I'm ready to grow
16:45 I'm ready to talk
16:47 I'm ready to lock into my heart
16:54 Everything you say my Rock.
17:00 I'm ready to go
17:02 I'm ready to grow
17:04 I'm ready to show this world I'm Yours.
17:10 Every step I take
17:13 Let them know
17:16 I'm ready to walk
17:19 I'm ready to talk
17:21 I'm to lock into my heart
17:28 Everything you say my Rock.
17:34 Piano.
17:39 more piano...
17:44 Audience: Clapping.
17:53 Pause.
17:59 Pastor Christian, how many times have you done ASI for us?
18:03 How many times... well I believe...
18:05 I want to say it's my fourth time... I believe so.
18:09 Is that important... and...
18:11 and is this an enthusiastic group you have this year?
18:13 Oh Boy! what a question!
18:16 Yeah, short answer, "Yes. "
18:18 Is this the biggest group at ASI this year?
18:20 You know, the Bible says,
18:22 "Give thanks to God for all things"
18:25 and we are definitely thankful
18:27 that God has entrusted us with one of the largest classes
18:31 in the Children's ministries,
18:33 we've had over 60 Juniors attending our meetings.
18:36 Yeah, step up Juniors... step up.
18:39 Audience: Clapping.
18:41 So, tell us about your theme
18:43 and what you've been learning this ASI.
18:45 Yes, our theme this year is "Running for Jesus"
18:49 Running for Jesus...
18:50 and you know we've discovered
18:52 that running is not only a spiritual discipline,
18:56 it's also a physical discipline
18:58 and so we taught both about running physically
19:01 and, of course, spiritually.
19:03 Today we had... we trained up for this day...
19:07 we... we did an outdoor activity here on campus
19:10 and several Juniors ran a distance of a mile today
19:14 and we are very proud of them
19:17 and, you know, during the course of our sessions,
19:21 we learned not only what it means to run with Jesus
19:25 but what it means to run for Jesus
19:27 and I have three Juniors here with me,
19:30 I'd like to invite Theodore to come up
19:32 and got Joshua and Camille
19:34 and our Juniors themselves are going to share with you
19:37 some of the things we learned talked about his week,
19:40 Camille, I'm going to start with you.
19:41 Tell me, what does it mean to run for Jesus?
19:45 It means like, you could take a Glow Tract or two to work
19:51 and you could share them with your work partners
19:55 and tell them a little bit about God.
19:57 That's right, it's running for Jesus,
20:00 Jesus is with us
20:01 as He gives us the power to be witnesses for Him
20:04 and Joshua, it is true that not only we run for Jesus
20:09 but we must run with Jesus,
20:11 tell us more about that.
20:12 Running for Jesus is like we can pray with...
20:17 and we can read our Bible and grow spiritually with Him.
20:21 That's right, that's right... praying, reading our Bibles,
20:25 running with Jesus,
20:26 now, Theodore, we...
20:28 we talked about the importance of...
20:30 of not only running... choosing to run with Jesus,
20:33 but the importance of maintaining a walk with Jesus,
20:37 now, I've got to tell you with Theodore,
20:38 I... I asked Theodore...
20:39 "Theodore, what question would you like me to ask you
20:43 that encompasses the kinds of things we've been talking about
20:45 and Theodore himself came up with this question.
20:49 "Theodore, what motivates us
20:52 to keep walking or running with Jesus?"
20:55 Well, there are three things that can keep you motivated...
20:59 three steps to continuing to do the run,
21:02 Step One is to know why you're running,
21:05 Step Two is to
21:08 think of how you're going to run...
21:10 if you're going to run to the best of your ability
21:12 or if not...
21:13 if not, there's no point of running,
21:15 you can't have a lukewarm cup of coffee, can you?
21:17 That's right.
21:19 Audience: Laughter.
21:20 And Step Three is to ultimately just keep on running
21:25 until you finish the race
21:27 and just keep on going on new races
21:29 then, every time you go to a new race,
21:31 there will be obstacles...
21:33 there will be times when you think, "I can't do this"
21:36 but with Jesus by your side,
21:38 it's always better to run with a group
21:41 and when Jesus is there... you are.
21:43 Amen... amen... you got it... amen, amen, amen, amen.
21:49 So if only I had time to share with you
21:52 all the various team challenges we had
21:54 as we went around the Convention
21:56 putting to practice the kinds of things we talked about
21:59 and so, ASI Family, we want to...
22:01 we want to share with you now
22:03 a song that I think all of us know very well,
22:07 we just changed the word "Marching" to "Running to Zion"
22:13 I think you might know this song.
22:15 All right Juniors, let's sing.
22:18 Piano...
22:25 Come we that love the Lord,
22:29 And let our joys be known;
22:33 Join in a song with sweet accord,
22:37 Join in the song with sweet accord
22:41 And thus surround the throne,
22:45 And thus surround the throne.
22:49 We're running to Zion,
22:53 Beautiful, beautiful Zion;
22:57 We're running upward to Zion,
23:01 The beautiful city of God.
23:05 Then let our songs abound,
23:09 And every tear be dry;
23:13 We're running through Immanuel's ground
23:17 We're running through Immanuel's ground
23:21 To fairer worlds on high,
23:24 To fairer worlds on high.
23:28 We're running to Zion,
23:32 Beautiful, beautiful Zion,
23:36 We're running upward to Zion,
23:40 The beautiful city of God.
23:44 We're running to Zion,
23:48 Beautiful, beautiful Zion,
23:52 We're running upward to Zion,
23:57 The beautiful city of God.
24:01 Audience: Amen...
24:05 clapping.
24:10 So Joel, you have had the Earliteens this year,
24:14 but have you been at ASI before?
24:16 I have, a few times.
24:17 All right, and this year.
24:18 This is my first year at the Earliteens.
24:21 All right... and what has your Team learned?
24:24 Well, our theme based off of Hebrews 12:1
24:26 has been "Undeterred"
24:28 and we're looking at how we can remove any obstacle
24:32 in our sprint to the finish line,
24:34 so, we want to be physically,
24:35 spiritually, mentally, emotionally prepared
24:38 for the final race.
24:39 Wow! so what are you going to share with us tonight?
24:42 Well, I think the highlight of our few days together
24:45 has been the service project that we did...
24:47 something that I really believe,
24:48 we've had a terrific group of Earliteens here
24:51 and I think that ASI Earliteens are service oriented
24:54 and they're ready for challenge
24:56 and so, I wanted to take them out
24:57 into the Community and to bless someone else
25:00 so, last night, when all of you were learning...
25:02 I mean, when all of you were heading to supper...
25:05 we were loading up on to buses,
25:06 we had our sack supper in our hand
25:08 and we drove down to downtown Orlando
25:10 went into a hospital and we were going room to room
25:12 singing to the patients, praying with them,
25:15 reading Bible verses and giving them Get Well Cards
25:17 that we had made ourselves.
25:18 Absolutely wonderful.
25:20 And we have a little video... few video clips...
25:23 something that we put together
25:24 that's going to show you what our experience was there.
25:27 Thank you so much Joel.
25:29 Video...
25:41 You guys ready to sing?
25:44 Yes.
25:46 He's able, He's able,
25:48 I know He is able
25:51 I know my God is able to carry me through.
25:57 Christ Jesus lives today,
26:01 He walks with me and talks with me...
26:06 The sun comes up It's a new day dawning
26:12 It's time to sing Your song again
26:17 Whatever may pass
26:20 And whatever lies before me...
26:23 Pause...
26:26 "As he gets ready for an operation,
26:28 may You please work with the surgeons
26:32 so that the operation is a great success. "
26:34 Pause.
26:39 "Please help them to improve. "
26:43 We know that...
26:45 only begotten Son that "Whosoever believeth in Him
26:47 should not perish but have everlasting life. "
26:50 Okay, "It is well with my soul. "
26:52 What is the number?
26:56 We can do that, okay, Number Ten...
26:58 "Be with her schooling...
27:01 I pray that You will continue to be her strength
27:04 and her provider and I pray that... "
27:06 "We're going to sing, "How Great Thou Art" on page 9,
27:09 "It is well with my soul" page 10.
27:11 Oh, perfect.
27:13 Song: You alone are my heart's desire
27:20 and I long to worship Thee. "
27:25 Experience...
27:28 Awesome...
27:29 Pretty good...
27:31 One man that only spoke Spanish cried...
27:34 But we were touched by the smiles,
27:38 and "thank you so much"
27:39 like, "you're very appreciated"
27:41 I could tell that they really liked what we did.
27:43 Pause...
27:45 This guy had a... had a birthday...
27:48 Oh, birthday...
27:49 Did you have fun?
27:50 Yes.
27:52 How was it running with the kids?
27:53 I'd say, "It was pretty good,
27:54 these guys are well trained, well behaved and no problems,
27:56 they prayed, they sang pretty well
27:57 so, I'm happy... I worked with Group Number 4."
27:59 Would you do it again?
28:00 "Yeah. "
28:02 Thank you.
28:05 Audience: Clapping.
28:09 Our Youth Leaders... co-Leaders this year
28:13 has been Paul and Natasha Dysinger,
28:15 where are you from?
28:17 We live in Virginia... Northern Virginia.
28:20 And what was the Youth Theme for this year?
28:24 The Youth Theme for this year is: Indomitable
28:28 which means, someone who cannot
28:31 or something that cannot be conquered.
28:33 And how did you explore that, what did you do in your class?
28:38 You know, we explored it in multiple different ways.
28:43 but first, I want you to think in your mind for a moment,
28:47 just imagine with me
28:49 the whistle of leather flashing through the air...
28:53 the sickening thud as metal and bone
28:59 land in the back of raw flesh,
29:03 that hrissshhhh...
29:05 as hunks of flesh are torn from the back of the man
29:10 not one time... not two times...
29:16 not three times... but 39 times...
29:19 one short of what could possibly take His life.
29:23 Only for him then to be thrown into a prison cell
29:27 with the raw flesh ground into the ground
29:31 and for him to look up into the darkness
29:35 to smile and to sing
29:38 and you thought that was bad,
29:41 what about the three other times that broken wood...
29:45 the sound of cracking wood was heard
29:47 as his ship sinks into the sea
29:49 and he spends a night and a day adrift on the sea
29:53 not to mention the dangers and rivers and robbers
29:56 and in false brethren
29:58 and you wonder where is the
30:01 majesty of Christianity to get today.
30:05 Where are those that cannot be conquered?
30:08 In our Youth Class, we are going through
30:13 and looking at what does it take
30:15 to lay every hindrance aside?
30:17 It's a theme that has been running through
30:18 multiple of the youth divisions
30:20 but what does it take to lay every hindrance aside
30:23 and to live a life that is absolutely unconquerable.
30:26 To live a life that brings back the power and the majesty of God
30:31 in our Christian lives today.
30:33 We've been hearing testimonies from person after person,
30:38 we've had Pastor Pablo Goya come and share...
30:40 Moise Ratsara... the GYC President
30:44 came and shared stories after stories...
30:46 miracle stories of the way that God is working today
30:49 in the lives of people that give themselves completely to Him
30:52 and inspiring us to do the same as well.
30:55 Thank you so much and thank you young people
30:58 and we pray for you every day.
31:00 Amen.
31:02 Pause.
31:04 When I learned that Jesus
31:07 was so in love with everybody in the world
31:09 that he was willing to stay on the cross
31:11 and give up His eternal existence if necessary
31:15 to get us in heaven,
31:16 that totally changed my life at age 16
31:19 and that's where it's compelled me to go as a missionary
31:22 throughout the world
31:23 to be able to just say, "People have to know
31:26 this God who loves us so much that if they're not in heaven,
31:29 He will miss them for eternity. "
31:31 I... I just... I think that as we meet people,
31:35 as we see them and look at them,
31:36 we have to pray for God to fill our hearts
31:39 with the ability to see them like He does
31:41 and to love them that much and just know
31:44 we have to talk to them.
31:45 A lot of times I'm sitting on a plane or somewhere
31:48 and I want to read a book or want to take a nap
31:50 and then somebody sits down and I remember
31:53 it's my job to ask Jesus...
31:55 what does He want to say to them?
31:57 How do I interact with them?
31:58 And so, He teaches me to put away my book
32:01 and turn to them and begin talking to them
32:03 and that really... that really is what motivates me
32:06 is because Jesus loves them and He will miss them
32:10 and the more I have had my own children
32:13 and I realize how much I would miss them in heaven
32:16 if they are not there,
32:17 that also is what keeps me going
32:19 and it makes me say,
32:21 "I want to make sure everybody I meet,
32:23 has an opportunity to know Jesus...
32:25 and is able to be with Him forever. "
32:27 Pause.
32:33 Good evening, ASI...
32:35 Hasn't this been an exciting program so far?
32:39 Audience: Amen.
32:40 There's nothing better than seeing our little ones
32:44 and as they get older be involved in something for Jesus
32:49 and tonight, I feel like I came back home
32:53 because Youth for Jesus
32:55 started right here in Orlando, Florida
32:58 several years ago.
33:00 I was one of the originals... they needed a cook...
33:03 so I came and cooked and brought my three children.
33:05 Well, on Tuesday evening I had the opportunity
33:10 to attend the baptism that was held at the Avon Park Church
33:15 and you know, I cannot wait for you to hear
33:20 what happened there
33:22 and I'd like to introduce you to Evan Fox.
33:25 What happened in Avon Park?
33:29 Well Donna, it's a... it's an incredible story
33:32 and we're so happy to be here,
33:34 we're happy to be a part of Youth for Jesus this summer
33:37 and behind me you see a group of young people
33:41 that spent their July... instead of sleeping in...
33:45 they were out winning souls for Jesus.
33:47 Can we get an Amen...
33:49 Audience: Amen.
33:50 Amen, the Bible says in Proverbs 11:25...
33:53 that the liberal soul shall be made fat:
33:55 and he that watereth shall be watered also himself
33:59 and I think that's true for these youth behind me
34:02 here this evening,
34:04 we had a blessed experience and God really moved
34:07 even through a small group of... of young people
34:11 who had a passion for doing God's work.
34:14 Amen... and you see these young people,
34:17 did you all know that this is what God had in mind for you
34:20 six months ago?
34:21 No... absolutely not.
34:24 God put this program together so quickly
34:27 but we need to hear from the Youth now
34:29 so, it's time for us to hear
34:32 what you have to tell us this evening.
34:34 Very good, thank you Donna,
34:36 so, just to give you an idea of what we did for Youth for Jesus,
34:39 we re-launched Youth for Jesus
34:41 and we wanted to give the youth who were participating
34:44 in this program, a holistic evangelism experience
34:48 starting with Health Evangelism and Medical Missionary Work
34:52 on to Literature Evangelism and then into Bible Work
34:55 and gospel proclamation through evangelistic preaching.
34:59 We had... we had a holistic experience
35:02 and so tonight, we're going to give our youth
35:05 an opportunity to share how that impacted them
35:08 but first, I'm going to give them opportunity
35:10 to share with you just their names and where they're from
35:13 because we have a small group
35:14 but they're literally from all over the world.
35:17 Let me share with you.
35:19 Mario from California,
35:21 Joseph... Mwava Georgia,
35:24 Matthew from Brittany Springs, West Virginia
35:27 Oren Reef from California,
35:29 Caleb from Canada,
35:32 Kalan from Wildwood, Georgia,
35:35 Isabelle from Brazil,
35:37 Christina from Austria,
35:39 Anna from Chile,
35:42 Raphael from Blythe, California,
35:45 Abby from Walden, Georgia,
35:47 Michael, Teresa, Sandra and Lowell Hargreaves
35:54 from Amazing Facts, Africa.
35:56 Brenda from Avon Park.
36:00 Amen, so you can see, we had quite a diverse group
36:04 and God put them all together,
36:06 He brought us together for this one thing
36:09 and it was such a blessing.
36:10 So, tonight, I'm going to give you an idea...
36:12 I'm going to give the students an opportunity
36:15 to share what blessings God gave them during this program.
36:19 First we have Abby Vega and she's going to come forward
36:23 Abby, come forward and share with us
36:25 your testimony this evening.
36:27 So, let's start by telling you a little bit about Michelle,
36:30 if we could have the first picture up on the screen...
36:34 Michelle is a disabled widow who recently began Bible Studies
36:38 with our Bible Worker, Teresa
36:41 and the thing about Michelle was
36:43 that she needed a little more than just Bible Studies,
36:45 she needed to see the gospel in practice.
36:49 Tell us, Abby, tell us...
36:51 tell us, how did you and your group
36:54 minister to Michelle?
36:56 Well, due to an accident two years before,
37:00 her house had not been cleaned or...
37:03 or like cleaned up in two years,
37:05 so we decided to help her and we cleaned up her yard,
37:08 we cleaned up her home,
37:09 we opened up the windows that had been closed
37:11 and let the fresh air come in
37:13 and... and it was a blessing while we did it.
37:16 We cleaned up her backyard and everything...
37:20 as much as we could.
37:21 Amen, so, let me ask you this, what was her reaction
37:25 when you did that practical right before her,
37:29 you weren't necessarily preaching the gospel in word
37:32 but you were demonstrating the compassion of Christ,
37:34 how did she respond?
37:36 She was overjoyed
37:38 that her neighbors could now see that her yard was clean
37:41 and her dog could run around and have fun
37:43 and she broke out crying because of this.
37:46 Amen... amen...
37:47 Medical Missionary Work melts hearts...
37:50 that's what we're told, it breaks down prejudice
37:52 and gives an open... an opening wedge...
37:54 an entering wedge into the heart.
37:56 Now, let me ask you this Abby,
37:58 what did this experience with Michelle
38:00 teach you about practical ministry.
38:03 That although... goes on both sides...
38:06 us or they can read it or hear about it
38:09 it doesn't work the same as if you're out there
38:11 doing it with your own two hands
38:12 or if they're experiencing it firsthand.
38:14 So, it's a blessing on both sides as well.
38:16 Amen... amen... thank you so much Abby,
38:18 the next testimony we have is from our friend, Joseph Mariano,
38:24 so Joseph, I want to ask you... we had an amazing experience
38:30 to be involved in literature distribution
38:32 particularly with a fourth of July Glow Tract blitz
38:37 and we not only did that but week after week,
38:40 we were going out... these kids loved to glow
38:43 so let me ask you Joseph,
38:44 what did you like most about glowing?
38:47 Well, what I like about glowing...
38:49 it's fun... it's easy...
38:51 it feels like you're on a mission.
38:52 What I like to think about, when I'm glowing,
38:56 what I'd like to think about is like... I'm like,
38:59 "I hope God uses me to reach the person
39:01 so maybe I'll see them in heaven. "
39:04 It's crazy...
39:05 Glow is small enough to fit in your pocket
39:07 but it's still power enough to reach the heart for God
39:12 and to create a hunger to know more about Him.
39:14 Amen... amen... so you also took the lead quite a bit
39:19 in our music ministry as well
39:21 during the evangelistic series,
39:23 how does it feel to know that God used you to bless others?
39:27 Well, it's a different experience,
39:29 at first I didn't want to do it
39:31 but later on it turned out to be a blessing.
39:34 One time while I was playing the piano...
39:36 I was playing this piece and I started to forget...
39:38 I started to mess up and then I prayed to God
39:42 and then, all then of a sudden He started guiding my fingers,
39:45 it felt weird and cool at the same time.
39:46 Amen.
39:48 I'm glad God was able to guide me
39:52 and that He was able to use my talent to... for His work...
39:56 it's been a blessing.
39:58 Amen, thank you so much Joseph,
40:00 our next testimony will be from Christina
40:03 and Christina is actually one of our staff...
40:05 she was our Girls' Dean but she also did something else,
40:09 we not only had an Evangelistic Series,
40:11 but along with that, we actually had
40:14 a nightly children's program
40:16 that actually followed the exact same topics
40:19 as the Evangelistic Series for the adults
40:22 and Christina was leading that, Christina, tell us...
40:25 when you began the children's program,
40:28 you had a very distinct prayer,
40:30 what was that prayer and how did God answer it?
40:32 Yes, so the first evening, we had...
40:35 they were just children from church members
40:38 and my prayer was that God would send children
40:40 who are not from the church
40:42 and who maybe never heard about God
40:45 and on the second evening,
40:47 God already brought a little girl...
40:49 she was four years old brought by her neighbor
40:51 who as well was a person who got Bible Studies by Teresa
40:56 and since that day on she came every single evening
41:00 and she even left her birthday party
41:03 because she wanted to come rather to church
41:05 and her neighbor... he said that
41:08 he actually didn't want to come every day
41:10 and... as well not on Sabbath
41:12 but that little girl didn't give him peace at all
41:15 so he had actually no chance to...
41:18 so he needed to come because of her
41:20 and he got baptized
41:22 and the little girl wanted to get baptized
41:24 but she was a little bit too young because she was just five
41:27 and then we had another girl, she was ten years old,
41:30 Angel... and she as well she came to church
41:34 she brought her older sister, she brought her two brothers
41:38 and she got... she got baptized at the end
41:40 with ten years
41:42 and her grandma who had never entered a church before...
41:46 she came and her whole family came and
41:48 because of her granddaughter they actually came to church
41:53 and got to know more about God
41:55 and we had a second baptism, she was Trinity... ten years old
42:00 and she visited her grandparents for a vacation
42:03 and decided to get baptized as well
42:06 so God really answered my prayers.
42:08 Amen... not just the adults coming to Christ,
42:11 not only men and women but children as well,
42:14 it's a beautiful experience, thank you so much Christina.
42:17 Our next interview is going to be with...
42:20 with one of our youth
42:21 and her name is Anna, all the way from Chile
42:25 and we had three youth evangelists,
42:28 our preachers for the Series
42:29 and Anna was one of them,
42:31 now, Anna, I have a question for you this evening,
42:33 we... we had a 20-Part Evangelistic Series,
42:37 which is quite a heavy load
42:39 for someone who maybe has never preached before,
42:41 so, how did it feel to be used by God as His messenger...
42:46 His mouthpiece in this Series?
42:48 Well, at first, I didn't want to preach,
42:51 I'm like, "Naw, I'm good... next time. "
42:53 But then it... it ended up being a huge blessing
42:57 because it pushed me out of my comfort zone
42:59 and it made me rely on God more than I ever had before
43:03 because I knew that if I didn't rely on God
43:05 to work through me, I would mess it up
43:08 and in the end... to see people coming to Christ
43:12 because God used me as His tool,
43:14 that's amazing!
43:16 Amen, thank you so much Anna,
43:18 now, I have another question for you,
43:20 not only did you preach and people came to Christ
43:23 and people were baptized,
43:25 but you also at the end of the Series
43:27 decided to be re-baptized
43:29 how did that work?
43:31 How did God work in your heart as you were leading others
43:34 to commitment to Christ,
43:35 how did He lead you to renew your commitment to Him?
43:39 Well, I think we've all gone through those times
43:42 when we're not quite as on fire for God
43:45 as we should be
43:46 and for me, that was definitely true
43:48 but once I felt God's power in a very personal way,
43:55 I knew I had to start over
43:57 and completely re-dedicate my whole life to Him.
44:01 Amen... amen...
44:03 this is what Youth for Jesus is all about, Folks,
44:06 and lastly... but not least we have our sister here,
44:09 Brenda Garza... Brenda Garza is a church member
44:13 and an Elder at the Avon Park Church.
44:16 Now, Brenda, I want to ask you
44:17 from your perspective as a church member and an Elder...
44:20 a leader in the church,
44:22 how did Youth for Jesus
44:24 not only impact the youth and the community,
44:26 but how did it impact your church?
44:29 Well, first of all, I want to say
44:31 that Evangelism is very dear to my heart
44:34 and the reason I say that is...
44:36 I was baptized 50 years ago today.
44:38 Interviewer: Wow!
44:40 And so, what an incredible journey
44:42 the Lord has taken me on!
44:46 I'm just so blessed... we're all so blessed aren't we
44:49 to have this message?
44:51 But when the Youth for Jesus came,
44:54 I was so surprised and delighted
44:57 because it's always great to review our beliefs
45:02 but you know, we can always learn
45:05 and sometimes we think, "Oh, I know that"
45:07 but I found that when they deliver their sermons,
45:12 they were so simplified and yet profound
45:16 and even the young people could understand
45:20 and I have two granddaughters, one is eight and one is eleven
45:24 and they wanted to be there every night they could.
45:27 They didn't want to go to the Children's Program...
45:30 not that the Children's Program wasn't good,
45:32 but they wanted the Adult Program
45:34 and they love the quizzes too
45:38 but the impact on our church...
45:41 the biggest impact I feel we'll probably not know
45:45 until we get to heaven
45:47 but everything's been positive,
45:50 I have not heard one negative comment at all
45:53 from our church members
45:54 and it's been such... such a blessing.
45:57 Now, of course, we have to... they're passing the torch to us
46:03 and it's our responsibility to go ahead
46:07 and nurture these people... study with them...
46:11 and to seek out more in our community
46:15 and I just want to tell you
46:18 that if they ever offer "Youth for Jesus" to your church,
46:23 don't bat an eye, just say, "Yes. "
46:26 Thank you.
46:27 Amen, thank you so much.
46:29 Thank you so much Brenda,
46:31 just to wrap this section up with Youth for Jesus,
46:35 I just want to say, "To God be the glory"
46:39 all credit goes to Him.
46:42 I will tell you from the very beginning
46:44 that we started behind the eight ball...
46:47 usually we start in September
46:50 planning and organizing and getting things in order,
46:53 but we didn't start until February
46:55 and we didn't have a church, we were looking for a church,
46:57 God gave us a church,
46:59 not only a church but a supportive church
47:02 with attentive pastors... we were so blessed
47:04 but not only that... God didn't stop there...
47:07 He kept leading us, step by step...
47:09 we needed... we needed Bible Workers
47:12 and God sent us a beautiful family
47:14 all the way from AFCOE Africa
47:16 that we literally could not have done this work without.
47:19 We had eight youth, four teammates...
47:22 and we needed... we needed experienced evangelists
47:25 and God sent us just the right people
47:28 and so we're so thankful to have
47:29 Pastor Hargreaves and his family with us.
47:32 But not only there... we needed a team...
47:35 we needed a leadership team,
47:37 we needed a Girls' Dean, a Guys' Dean,
47:38 and God brought four strangers from literally across the States
47:43 and across the world together and we gelled like peas in a pod
47:47 it was just beautiful
47:48 and we could see that God was really in it
47:51 we just in conclusion... we just have to say,
47:54 to God be the glory, great things He hath done.
47:58 Amen, we need to pray for you,
48:02 we are so excited that you are here Eben,
48:04 it's not been that you've been an Adventist all your life,
48:06 have you?
48:08 No Ma'am, baptized in the summer of 2013.
48:11 That's right and God used you and your team,
48:15 thank you so much...
48:16 thank you so much Avon Park Church
48:19 for having this YFJ there
48:22 again, to God be the glory.
48:26 Amen, amen...
48:27 Music.


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