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00:01 Music...
00:19 I feel like I've got my partner with me... Leasa Hodges,
00:26 she's going to tell us what happened this summer
00:29 in Colorado.
00:30 You know, I can't believe it's been... how many years?
00:33 1999... almost... any Math people out there?
00:38 It's like 19 years... it's so hard to believe,
00:43 we started right here in Orlando in 1999
00:46 and it's been a huge blessing in my life
00:49 and when I stepped away two years ago,
00:52 I thought I was finished...
00:53 but, you know,
00:55 this program has affected so many young people's lives
00:58 and parents and kids were calling and saying,
01:00 "We need to have Youth for Jesus
01:02 and I couldn't leave Eden Valley and so I thought,
01:07 "Well, why don't I just do a small one at Eden Valley?"
01:09 So we did.
01:11 We just started with ten young people and one site
01:13 and we called it: D'SoZo Youth Outreach
01:17 and we had a wonderful time.
01:20 We had just one site which was Eden Valley Church,
01:24 we had two Bible Workers
01:25 and we did some wonderful things,
01:28 I don't know if they... we have to have some pictures...
01:29 we had... we had... this is some of our campus kids
01:33 but we had a health fair in the park
01:36 where we had one person coming through every...
01:39 one-and-a-half persons coming through every five minutes.
01:42 We did a cooking school and 51 people came
01:45 and we did a lot of pre-work and so, we were busy
01:53 and then we just held a two-week meeting
01:56 and this is Jake and Bayli Graybill
01:59 and they were two of our young people
02:02 who came to ASI... I'm so thankful
02:04 and I would like Bayli to share her testimony...
02:08 her testimony about her experience there.
02:13 So, Bayli, you've grown up in a Homeschool situation
02:17 so, all of a sudden, you're with a lot of...
02:20 well, not a lot... but nine other young people
02:23 what was that like?
02:24 It was an amazing experience
02:26 so, I was part of the D'SoZo Outreach Program this summer,
02:30 and I was able to work with the kids... it was my favorite part
02:34 and me being homeschooled...
02:36 going to this, you know, you have like amazing...
02:40 you get so many new friendships
02:42 and then you also get to reconnect
02:43 with some old friends that you meet, also.
02:46 So, you worked in the Children's Department...
02:49 can you share a testimony from something that happened there?
02:52 Yeah, so we had this family that came to our cooking school
02:56 and they really enjoyed it so much
02:58 and their daughter loved the kids program
03:00 and she just wanted to come and come and come more
03:03 and they're like, "What is the next event that you have?"
03:06 And we told them... we have a Prophecy Seminar next
03:09 and they decided to come
03:11 and they enjoyed it so much
03:14 and the parents took very intense notes
03:17 and the daughter kept wanting to come
03:19 and I encouraged their parents to come also
03:21 and it was a real blessing.
03:22 Thank you, you know,
03:24 a little child shall lead them, right?
03:28 so, we've had wonderful testimonies
03:31 of... of children that came to the meeting
03:34 and the parents... after they heard the Sabbath Message
03:36 or something like that... they don't want to come anymore
03:38 but then, the kids want to come so bad
03:42 and they... let's say strongly encourage
03:44 and sometimes throw tantrums
03:47 to come back to the children's programs
03:49 and the parents or grandparents end up getting baptized
03:52 because they keep coming to the meetings
03:54 so children's programs are very important.
03:56 Jake was one of our participants
03:59 and Jake, you had quite a few experiences
04:03 you can share about that.
04:04 Yeah, so, I had a lot of experiences that happened to me,
04:09 I absolutely loved the D'SoZo Youth Outreach Program.
04:13 I had actually done some Literature Evangelism work
04:17 before I came to the D'SoZo Outreach Program
04:20 but something that I like about the D'ZoZo Program
04:24 is how we are able to connect with people
04:27 and so, during the day we would go out...
04:30 we would knock on doors... we would pass out flyers...
04:33 we did some canvassing as well
04:37 and inviting people to the meetings
04:40 and then at night, we had these Evangelistic Series
04:43 and we would get to mingle with the people
04:45 and talk with the people and I'll just share a quick story
04:49 of two of the people that came to our meetings.
04:51 They actually found out about the meetings at a Christian...
04:57 it was actually an Adventist Health Food Store
05:00 and they picked up one of the flyers
05:03 and the lady was really interested
05:05 in coming to the meetings
05:06 but she wasn't...
05:08 she wasn't really sure if she could get her husband to come
05:10 and so we really prayed for them
05:12 and we really were praying that they would come to the meetings
05:14 and the first night, they showed up to the meetings
05:17 and she brought her husband and...
05:19 They sat on the back row... they were a little bit skeptical
05:24 and so, the next night, we prayed again...
05:26 we wanted them to come back so we prayed again
05:29 and they showed up again... a second time...
05:32 they actually ended up staying at the meetings
05:34 the rest of the week
05:36 and they're actually still there right now.
05:38 Leasa: And they moved up to the third row.
05:40 Yeah, they kept moving...
05:41 each night they would move a little farther forward
05:43 and it was just a blessing to see them come every night,
05:47 they were actually on vacation all the way from Florida
05:51 they ended up staying longer in Colorado
05:54 so they could go to the meetings.
05:56 You know, this couple, I have done...
05:59 with the Youth for Jesus Program over the years,
06:02 I have gone through many, many, many Evangelistic Meetings
06:06 and this couple's reaction was just so amazing!
06:11 They were so... just like a sponge...
06:14 they just soaked everything up and they just would write,
06:17 you know, like, she would write so many notes
06:19 and afterwards she would go, "Oh my hand... "
06:22 and... and then because they were on vacation,
06:25 they were staying at these lodges nearby,
06:27 she would... I asked them,
06:29 I said, "What do you guys do during the day?"
06:31 And they said, "Well, we used to go the mountains...
06:32 we used to do this...
06:34 but since coming to these meetings,
06:35 we have Bible Studies in the afternoon... "
06:37 because we would give them handouts
06:39 and they would look at their notes
06:41 and they would do the Bible Studies every afternoon
06:43 before they came back and they just accepted everything.
06:47 The day that we did "Sabbath" the sermon on Sabbath...
06:50 our Pastor John did the sermons, what did they do?
06:53 Like, they were supposed to come to...
06:55 Friday night we presented the Sabbath message
06:58 and then Sabbath morning was going to be
07:00 a regular Prophecy Seminar
07:01 but something happened... they didn't show up,
07:04 do you remember why?
07:05 Yes, so, they ended up not showing up
07:10 and we prayed for them all that day...
07:13 they next day they actually ended up
07:15 showing back up to the meetings...
07:18 it was actually on baptism that night
07:21 and so they wanted to actually come up to the front
07:24 and check out the baptistery,
07:25 and they really wanted to be baptized.
07:27 Yeah, but the reason why they didn't come the Sabbath morning
07:30 was because in the sermon we had said that...
07:33 "You just don't do the things you do every day"
07:35 and they said, "Well, we drive every day,
07:37 so we shouldn't drive today to the meetings. "
07:39 So... so they didn't come...
07:42 but we explained to them that that was okay
07:44 and... and so they showed up the next Sabbath morning
07:48 and... and so you know when a young person gets involved
07:53 in Frontline Evangelism... soul-winning work...
07:56 and they see people at the door, they invite them to the meetings
08:00 and they see people coming to the meetings
08:02 and then they see them accept the truths
08:05 and they see the Holy Spirit working on their hearts
08:08 and they give their lives to the Lord,
08:10 and they're baptized...
08:11 it does something to that young person,
08:14 they know why they are Seventh-day Adventists.
08:17 They know that the work... the three angels' message
08:20 is not just for the preachers to give...
08:23 but it's for them to give
08:24 and when they see the lives being changed...
08:28 they know for themselves why God has entrusted this work to us.
08:33 That's right and these kids
08:36 are learning how to do evangelism
08:40 not only are they learning to knock on doors,
08:43 they're learning to how to give the presentations,
08:46 they're learning how to cook the food,
08:49 they're learning how to greet people,
08:52 it's all a part of the plan and do you recommend this?
08:57 Would you say to anybody that's young...
09:00 would you say, "Come and do this?"
09:02 Yes, definitely, it's just an amazing program,
09:04 and it's changed my life in so many ways,
09:07 I actually had a...
09:09 a quote that I'd like to read from Ellen White,
09:11 she says, "With such an army of workers as our youth,
09:15 rightly trained, mighty furnished,
09:18 how soon the message
09:20 of a crucified, risen, and soon-coming Saviour
09:23 might be carried to the whole world!
09:26 How soon might the end come,
09:28 the end of suffering and sorrow... "
09:30 and I believe that this Program has given me the tools
09:34 that now, I can go back into my own community
09:37 and be a missionary in my own community.
09:39 Amen... and you know what they find out too?
09:42 That the work of evangelism takes work.
09:45 These ten young people passed out 2,000 flyers in ten days.
09:50 and so, if you have a group of young people,
09:53 put them to work... they can do it.
09:55 Thank you so much, thank you
09:57 and to God be the glory, isn't that right?
09:59 Wasn't that exciting to hear these testimonies
10:02 from these young people in Colorado?
10:04 Okay, so those are two events that have already taken place
10:08 but they're going to continue at their churches with their people
10:13 so, that's exciting that it isn't going to stop.
10:15 Well, now I have some more people that are here with me
10:19 two ladies...
10:21 and when I read the story that Julie sent me,
10:25 it brought tears to my eyes,
10:27 my husband and I read this and it really and truly...
10:31 God was working before all the pieces of the puzzle
10:34 were put together.
10:36 Julie, tell us who you are...
10:37 tell us what the name of your Outreach is
10:40 and please tell us what's happening.
10:43 I'm Julie McPherson and this is Lara Albino,
10:47 I'm from the Yukon Territory and she's from Los Angeles.
10:52 I got to tell you how we got together,
10:54 but we have a baby ministry... you might want to call it
11:01 and it's just begun
11:03 but actually the Lord has had it in the works for quite a while
11:07 and I'm going to tell you that story
11:08 a few years ago, I had a burden put on my heart
11:12 and I believe by the Lord and that is...
11:14 since I lived way up north...
11:17 in northern Canada,
11:18 the whole top of northern Canada
11:22 is pretty much unreached territory.
11:25 As a matter of fact, in Yukon Territory,
11:27 of the First Nations people that live there,
11:30 there is not one Seventh-day Adventist First Nations person
11:34 in the Yukon
11:35 and that really touched my heart
11:39 like, why... why is there not that...
11:42 how come we're not reaching this people group?
11:44 All across the northern Canada,
11:46 there are little communities...
11:47 some of them you can reach by road
11:49 and some of them you cannot...
11:51 and somebody's got to reach them
11:52 and I know it's a foreboding mission field
11:56 and so, I began to pray about it
11:58 but it was very daunting.
12:00 I didn't know how in the world we were supposed to do this.
12:03 Anyway, I prayed and I started to raise money
12:07 and the Lord provided.
12:09 He started providing money
12:12 and about 20,000 dollars Canadian came in.
12:16 I was like, "Wow! praise the Lord,
12:18 He's really working. "
12:19 Then, I was like, "Okay, now,
12:20 let's go into the communities and start doing something. "
12:23 And so, I started going into the communities with some friends
12:25 and we couldn't make any headway.
12:27 I was with the North American Division
12:31 Native Ministries Leader and he said to me,
12:35 "I want you to know... because you are white,
12:38 they don't trust you
12:41 because so much abuse and so much damage has been done
12:46 through colonialism and all that kind of stuff
12:48 and it continues on today with the Government
12:50 and they don't trust you. "
12:52 And while that sits heavy on my heart,
12:56 I was like, "Lord, there's something you can do
12:59 to reach these people
13:01 even if it's not me, somebody can reach them
13:04 and let me be a tool in your hand to make this happen. "
13:07 And so, I began to pray for people with some color.
13:12 "Give me a team that has some color. "
13:16 Well, let me tell you something,
13:18 A year went by and nothing happened,
13:20 and I was becoming very discouraged
13:21 but the pastor called me up and he said,
13:25 "There's a group that's come up here Los Angeles...
13:28 they're... "
13:30 well, first let me tell you what the Lord had placed on my heart
13:34 He had placed on my heart that we should do mission work,
13:38 Vacation Bible Schools, Medical Missionary Work
13:42 starting in Kitwanga
13:44 and driving up the Stewart-Cassiar Highway
13:47 all the way up to Inuvik which is the end of the road
13:50 above the Arctic Circle...
13:52 bringing this kind of work
13:54 to all the native communities as we went.
13:56 Well, this group was coming up to our church
13:59 and he said, "Would you host them in your house?"
14:02 And I said, "Sure" and... and in the church
14:04 when they spoke on Sabbath,
14:08 I had no idea what they were going to say
14:11 and it was her mother who spoke and she said,
14:13 "The Lord has put it in our heart to go north
14:16 and He has inspired us that we should start a work
14:20 for the native people starting in Kitwanga
14:22 and going up the Steward-Cassiar Highway
14:25 with Vacation Bible School and Medical Missionary Work
14:30 and reaching the native communities
14:32 one by one all the way up to Inuvik. "
14:34 Audience: Amen.
14:35 That's right, hallelujah we've got 30 seconds left,
14:38 Lara, tell us what is going to happen in your life.
14:41 My life...
14:43 well... once this Convention is done,
14:47 we will be going to Inuvik,
14:50 we'll be driving starting in Kitwanga
14:52 and we're going to drive all the way until the road ends
14:56 and we will stop at the villages and ask to pray with them
15:00 and eat with them and sing with them
15:03 and just show these people the true love of God.
15:06 Amen... to God be the glory.
15:09 Please remember them in your prayers, thank you.
15:13 Music...
15:21 For 40 years, our countries lived under the Communist regime
15:25 it was a time in our history of religious oppression.
15:28 Communist ideology believes religion is opium of the people.
15:32 This led to deep distrust between people and churches.
15:35 The Czech Republic is even labeled
15:37 as one of the most Atheistic countries in the world.
15:40 Music...
15:42 Nevertheless, there are young people
15:44 from an initiative called Youth for Jesus
15:46 who dedicate a big part of their summer holidays
15:49 to evangelization.
15:51 They want to share their hope and faith in our Savior
15:54 on the streets of Czech and Slovak towns.
15:56 During Health Expo,
15:59 they try to raise public awareness
16:01 about healthy lifestyle.
16:02 They are pointing out the importance of spiritual health
16:06 and that the only way to truly have a full and healthy life
16:10 is through Jesus.
16:11 These young people experience everything together,
16:15 concerts, exhibitions, distributing literature
16:18 and evening Biblical lectures called: New Beginnings.
16:21 Youth for Jesus is also an integral part
16:24 of the long-term missionary project called,
16:27 "Touch the Heaven"
16:28 which is organized by the churches
16:30 of Seventh-day Adventist Church,
16:32 in Czech and Slovak Republic.
16:34 In the ten years, the Movement has been active
16:38 500 young people have taken part in Youth for Jesus.
16:42 1,500 people have attended the New Beginnings lectures,
16:46 10,000 citizens of Czech and Slovak Republic
16:50 went through our Health Expo
16:52 and we gave away 70,000 missionary books,
16:55 DVDs and magazines.
16:58 We visited 22 towns
17:00 including capital cities of Bratislava and Prague.
17:03 Music.
17:05 Please pray for us... we need your prayers of intercession.
17:09 Music...
17:12 One of the most important parts of ASI
17:15 is coming together to be inspired
17:17 and to encourage each other
17:20 to share Christ in our marketplace.
17:22 Isn't it inspiring to hear what these young people have done?
17:25 Now, I have with me my dear friend, Radim Passer
17:29 and Radim... he saw what ASI was doing here in the U S
17:34 and Radim, what did you do?
17:35 Good evening ASI,
17:37 I'd like to thank you and thank our heavenly Father
17:41 for Program... Youth for Jesus
17:44 which brings inspiration and blessings in many countries
17:48 including Czech and Slovak Republic.
17:52 I came first at ASI Convention in 2003
17:55 and in 2005 Convention,
17:57 we decided to adopt
17:59 this Youth for Jesus Program for our country
18:02 and I would like to thank my brother in Christ, Juraj,
18:06 who is fully committed
18:09 for this ministry in Czech and Slovak Republic.
18:12 Pause.
18:14 Thank you Radim, it's big privilege to be here
18:17 in 2008, I was in Tampa... part of Youth for Jesus Program
18:23 and it was very important experience
18:27 for starting Youth for Jesus Program
18:30 in Czech and Slovak Union.
18:32 Now, we would like to share... to share very short testimonies
18:39 about the impact, Daniel, you can continue please.
18:44 Hi, I am Daniel... it was during my Theology Studies
18:48 when I came for the first time to Youth for Jesus
18:51 and I got immediately excited
18:54 and during the years, I was coming again and again back
18:58 and in the end, I became one of the Leaders.
19:02 I had the privilege to serve people...
19:05 I could learn many things about mission,
19:09 about conducting evangelistic meetings
19:12 and, you know, leading young people to serve God
19:16 and other people in the community.
19:17 Now, as I serve as a Pastor, I have my own local churches,
19:22 I benefit from this experience and it helps me with my work,
19:28 with lay members and young people
19:30 and I'm glad that even those young people
19:33 benefit from their participating in the program
19:37 and even one of them is going to be baptized
19:40 in the end of this month
19:42 and I'm really glad for that and praise God.
19:44 Amen.
19:47 Hello, my name is Jakub.
19:48 God changed my life through Youth for Jesus.
19:52 When I came there for the first time,
19:54 I had a wrong view on God
19:56 so I told Him, "God, if you're real...
19:59 if you're interested in me,
20:00 I want to... I want to seek You,
20:04 so I spent a whole week by seeking God
20:08 and praying and reading Bible
20:11 and He showed me His plan with my life
20:14 and since then, Youth for Jesus has become...
20:18 every year part of my holiday
20:20 and every day God has become every day... part of my life.
20:25 Amen...
20:26 I'm Emanuel...
20:29 I was 15 when I attended
20:32 Youth for Jesus for the first time.
20:34 I was Christian but I didn't know how to live
20:38 in close relationship with Christ.
20:41 Youth for Jesus helped me help live spiritual life
20:46 and I decided to be baptized.
20:49 Then I started to present New Beginnings Presentation
20:55 in my home town.
20:56 My classmates accepted the invitation
20:59 and they could hear promise of God's kingdom.
21:03 I'm very thankful to God.
21:05 Amen.
21:07 Hello, I'm Patricia
21:10 and this year I invited my classmate
21:13 who is not an Adventist to our Youth for Jesus Program.
21:17 I prayed a lot for her to feel God's presence.
21:21 All the time she spent with us,
21:25 she was open to listen to Lord and to seek Him.
21:29 On her way home, she sent me the message,
21:33 "Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you
21:39 and your church better.
21:40 I want to start studying my Bible every day as you do.
21:45 You showed me the way
21:48 how to build my true relationship with Jesus.
21:51 Also, last year, I had my first presentation about Sabbath.
21:58 My grandma... who is not an Adventist
22:01 she was able to hear the message.
22:05 I'm excited and praise the Lord. "
22:08 Amen.
22:11 Hello, my name is Timotej and Youth for Jesus
22:14 started to be a part of my summer holiday in 2013
22:19 and I loved it
22:21 but I didn't understand how to live in harmony with God.
22:26 There was always a struggle between God's will in my life
22:31 and my own will.
22:32 Last summer, on Youth for Jesus,
22:35 through the four weeks that we are there,
22:38 me and my friend spent every morning and night
22:41 in prayer... studying the Bible...
22:44 and the Spirit of Prophecy.
22:46 Holy Spirit was working on us
22:48 and I'm glad that He didn't stop there
22:51 at the end of that intensive month.
22:54 Every day, He's showing me how to change my opinions
22:59 and shaping my perspective.
23:02 I'm very glad to be in His presence
23:06 and see that He's leading me to Christ's character.
23:09 One verse that stuck with me from that time
23:14 is written in Psalm 51,
23:16 "Create a clean heart in me, O God;
23:20 and renew a right spirit within me. "
23:24 Amen.
23:26 Good afternoon, ASI,
23:29 I'm Nik Janek.
23:30 I could experience so many amazing experiences
23:36 but most importantly God's presence
23:38 and what is more than God's presence, right?
23:41 But what I saw on Youth for Jesus,
23:45 young people who grow spiritually year after year.
23:51 There is growing up new generation...
23:54 young people who love mission
23:57 and understand the purpose of God's Remnant Church.
24:02 This project is as well fulfilling the great work
24:08 named Revival and Reformation
24:10 which is emphasized in Spirit of Prophecy books
24:15 as our greatest need, amen.
24:18 Amen.
24:19 Hello, my name is Therezie
24:22 and I attended my first Youth for Jesus when I was 25.
24:26 I have already been baptized for seven years
24:31 but that was a place where I have experienced
24:35 my true conversion.
24:37 I regret I didn't start attending this project before
24:42 because Youth for Jesus is my lifestyle now.
24:46 It's a privilege for me to be one of part of leaders
24:52 and serve God.
24:54 Amen.
24:56 Thank you ASI family for being...
24:59 helping this wonderful project
25:01 and changing the lives of these young people
25:04 and, you know, only until we get to heaven
25:07 will we see the real results of the efforts and the rewards
25:11 that we've seen of the work that's been done here.
25:13 Thank you very much.
25:15 Pause.
25:19 Piano...
25:24 more piano...
25:32 Crown Him with many crowns,
25:35 the Lamb upon His throne,
25:39 Hear! how the heavenly anthem drowns
25:44 all music but its own
25:48 Awake, my soul, and sing
25:52 of Him who died for thee,
25:56 and hail Him as thy matchless King
26:00 through all eternity.
26:08 Piano...
26:11 Crown Him the Lord of love!
26:15 behold His hands and side,
26:19 those wounds, yet visible above,
26:23 in beauty glorified;
26:27 No angel in the sky
26:31 Can fully bear that sight,
26:35 But downward bends His watchful eye
26:40 At mysteries so great.
26:45 Piano.
26:54 Crown Him the Lord of life;
26:57 The potentate of time,
27:02 Creator of the rolling spheres,
27:06 In effably sublime!
27:12 All hail, Redeemer, hail!
27:17 For Thou hast died for me;
27:22 Thy praise shall never, never fail
27:26 throughout eternity.
27:32 Thy praise shall never, never fail
27:35 throughout
27:41 eternity.
27:47 Audience: Amen.
27:51 I have the honor to introduce the Speaker for tonight,
27:55 Pastor Ivor Myers.
27:58 Hold on to your seat
28:00 and get ready to take an extreme ride through the Bible
28:04 capturing a fresh perspective on your identity in Jesus Christ
28:08 but first let me tell you a little bit about Pr. Ivor Myers.
28:13 In 1995, Ivor was part of a four-man Hip-Hop Group
28:19 signed to EMI Records.
28:21 In that same year,
28:22 he had an encounter with the Word of God.
28:25 He walked away from the Industry
28:28 and is now all in serving the Lord.
28:30 He currently is pastoring
28:33 the Campbell Seventh-day Adventist Church
28:35 in San Jose, California,
28:37 where he lives with his wife and four children.
28:40 As Speaker and Director of Power of the Lamb Ministries,
28:44 as well as ARME Bible Camp,
28:47 Pastor Ivor and his wife, Atonte,
28:49 have dedicated themselves to spreading
28:52 the three angels' messages
28:54 and I have to just say,
28:56 if you haven't been to an ARME Bible Camp,
28:58 you need to go.
29:00 Pastor Ivor and Atonte co-host the Three ABN Program,
29:05 Battles of Faith
29:07 and he also co-hosts the 3ABN Program,
29:10 Salvation in Symbols and Signs,
29:12 a 72-part study on the book of Revelation.
29:15 Pastor Myer seeks to uplift Christ
29:19 as the only hope of salvation
29:22 and to connect people with the power of the Lamb
29:25 to become new creatures in Christ.
29:27 You know, their ministry is having a profound effect
29:31 on many people around the world, including me
29:34 and so, in just a bit,
29:36 you will Jesus speak to your heart
29:38 through Pastor Ivor Myers.
29:40 Pause...
29:44 more pause...
29:53 Amazing love
29:59 how can it be?
30:05 That Thou, my God
30:13 should die for me?
30:20 And can it be that I should gain
30:28 An interest in the Savior's blood!
30:36 Died He for me?
30:41 who caused His pain!
30:44 For me? who him to death pursued?
30:53 Amazing love! How can it be
31:02 That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me?
31:10 Amazing love!
31:15 How can it be
31:19 that thou, my God, shouldst die for me?
31:29 No condemnation now I dread,
31:37 Jesus, and all in him, is mine;
31:46 alive in him, my living Head,
31:55 and clothed in righteousness divine,
32:04 bold I approach the eternal throne,
32:13 and claim the crown, through Christ my own.
32:22 Amazing love! How can it be
32:30 that thou, my God...
32:36 that thou, my God
32:40 that thou, my God,
32:46 shouldst die for me?
32:51 Amazing love!
32:58 How can it be
33:04 that thou, my God,
33:09 shouldst die
33:14 for me?
33:20 me...
33:25 Audience: Amen.
33:27 Pause...
33:34 Amen, Happy Sabbath everyone.
33:35 Audience: Happy Sabbath.
33:37 You don't sound happy... Happy Sabbath...
33:39 Audience loudly: Happy Sabbath.
33:40 Amen, all right.
33:42 I am excited, how about you?
33:44 Audience: Amen.
33:46 Huh, wow, I am excited, how about you?
33:48 Audience loudly: Amen.
33:50 Amen, let's pray because we have limited time,
33:52 we need to get right into the message
33:53 how many of you are ready to get into the Word of God tonight?
33:57 Audience: Amen.
33:58 "Heavenly Father, bless us...
34:00 this is our prayer in Jesus' name, amen. "
34:05 Audience: Amen.
34:06 Jesus is coming again.
34:09 Audience: Amen.
34:10 Amen.
34:12 Audience loudly: Amen.
34:13 Why did you laugh?
34:14 Pause...
34:19 Let's try that again, Jesus is coming again, amen!
34:23 Audience very loudly: Amen.
34:24 Why did you laugh?
34:25 Pause...
34:27 more pause...
34:30 You guys are looking confused, that's the title of the sermon.
34:33 Audience: Laughing.
34:34 Why did you laugh?
34:36 Have you ever laughed at the promises of God?
34:40 Pause...
34:41 Come,
34:43 turn with me if you will to the book of Genesis chapter 18,
34:46 Genesis chapter 18...
34:48 I'm going to give a little bit of background.
34:52 In Genesis chapter 18,
34:54 Abraham is about to be visited by God
34:56 and the Bible tells us that it was God and two angels
35:01 that come to Abraham
35:02 and he fixes them a meal and then they begin this discussion
35:06 and in verse 9, the Bible says, "And they said unto him,
35:09 that is Abraham... Abram... Where is Sarah they wife?
35:13 And he said, Behold, in the tent.
35:17 And He said, I will certainly return unto thee
35:19 according to the time of life;
35:21 and, lo, Sarah thy wife shall have a son.
35:23 And Sarah heard it in the tent door, which was behind him.
35:27 Now Abraham and Sarah were old and well stricken in age;
35:31 and it ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women.
35:35 Therefore Sarah laughed out loud... "
35:40 Pause...
35:45 Did Sarah laugh out loud?
35:47 Audience: Hmmm...
35:48 No, no, no, no, no... "Sarah laughed within herself
35:51 saying, Am I... after I've waxed old
35:54 shall I have pleasure, my lord being old also?
35:57 And the LORD said unto Abraham, Wherefore did Sarah laugh,
36:02 saying, I of a surety shall bear a child, which am old?
36:06 Is anything too hard for the Lord?
36:09 At the time appointed I will return unto thee,
36:12 according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.
36:16 Then Sarah denied... " and looked at him crazy...
36:21 "saying, I laughed not; for she was afraid... "
36:27 because she was a good Seventh-day Adventist
36:32 pause...
36:33 "and He said, "Nay; but thou didst laugh. "
36:37 You see, we have Sarah here laughing at the promise of God
36:40 and some of you might be saying,
36:42 "Well, you know, that's Sarah... Sarah was Abraham's wife
36:46 but Abraham... you know... he was the father of faith. "
36:49 Amen...
36:51 except if you go one chapter back,
36:55 Chapter 17 verse 15, "God said unto Abraham,
36:59 As for Sarai thy wife,
37:01 thou shalt not call her name Sarai,
37:02 but Sarah shall her name be.
37:05 And I will bless her, and give thee a son also of her:
37:08 yea, I will bless her,
37:09 and she shall be a mother of nations;
37:12 kings of people shall be of her. "
37:13 "Then Abraham... " the father of faith
37:14 fell on his face
37:17 and laughed... "
37:21 You see, you have to understand why Abraham laughed
37:25 because Abraham was 75 years old
37:27 when God first called him and gave him this promise
37:30 that... that... that he and Sarai were going to have a son
37:32 and I want you to imagine,
37:35 you know, Abraham hears this news
37:37 and he is excited... God's word has spoken...
37:40 "God said we're going to have a son"
37:42 and so, you know, eight months passed by
37:43 and guess what?
37:45 No son...
37:46 but you know, they're like, "Hey, not a problem,
37:49 God's word always comes to pass" amen.
37:52 Audience: Amen.
37:54 Another year passes...
37:55 "Hey, it may seem that God is not on time
38:00 but trust us, God is an on-time God"
38:03 somebody say, "Amen. "
38:04 Audience: Amen.
38:06 Four years passed...
38:07 Pause...
38:09 God's word will do what it says it will do, amen.
38:12 Audience: Amen... thank you.
38:14 Ten years passed...
38:16 15 years passed...
38:19 20 years passed...
38:22 25 years passed...
38:26 and no son...
38:28 Abraham and Sarah begin to doubt their name...
38:34 begin to doubt their identity.
38:37 That's Genesis chapter 18,
38:40 so... so let me give you the context of this laughter.
38:43 In order to do that, we're going to go back
38:45 to the very beginning of the book of Genesis
38:48 and we know that in Genesis chapter 1 through 5,
38:50 the Bible there summarizes the... the... the... the...
38:53 the story of sin... and how sin entered into planet earth.
38:57 That's Genesis chapter 1 to chapter 5
39:00 but then you have Genesis chapter 6 where...
39:04 where God speaks to a man by the name of Noah
39:08 and He says to Noah,
39:09 "Noah, I'm going to call you to preach
39:11 and you're going to preach... " for how long?
39:12 120 years so check this out...
39:16 the first time prophecy in the Old Testament
39:19 is the 120-year time prophecy, are you with me?
39:22 All right, watch this guys, in this time prophecy,
39:25 God says to Noah, "You're going to preach,
39:28 I'm going to give people a period of probation...
39:31 a period of mercy that's going to last a 120 years
39:34 if they do not accept the salvation
39:36 that is offered to them,
39:37 at the end of this period, they will be cut off. "
39:40 Pause.
39:43 You're not feeling me...
39:44 you see, what happened at the end of that 120 years
39:49 is that salvation came through a man
39:52 who was lifted up above the earth on wood.
39:56 I'm just going to wait... I'm just going to wait,
40:00 I'm just going to wait.
40:01 Audience: Amen... amen.
40:03 And those who rejected this man
40:05 who had been lifted up above the earth on wood...
40:08 they were cut off and God raised up a new people
40:10 that were to be fruitful and multiply...
40:13 hmmm...
40:15 yeah, that reminds me of the 70-week prophecy
40:17 in the New Testament how many of you...
40:18 does that remind you about?
40:20 Yeah, yeah, yeah, the 70-week prophecy
40:23 which pointed to... to Christ coming to this earth,
40:25 a period of mercy being given to God's people
40:28 in the Old Testament,
40:30 "Listen, a man is coming...
40:31 He is going to be lifted up on a cross above the earth...
40:34 He's going to be lifted up on wood
40:35 and those who reject Him, will be cut off
40:39 and I will raise up a new people whose job it will be
40:42 to be fruitful and multiply.
40:44 That... that's Genesis chapter 6
40:48 all the way through to chapter 10.
40:50 When we get to Genesis chapter 11,
40:52 we find something very interesting.
40:54 We find this... this... this... this story...
40:57 of a man by the name of Nimrod building this tower
41:00 and we call it the Tower of Babel
41:03 and this Tower of Babel was a symbol of rebellion
41:06 kind of reminds me of Babylon.
41:08 Yeah, yeah, yeah,
41:11 you know, that other prophecy in the book of Revelation
41:14 which speaks about this power called Babylon
41:16 during the Dark Ages
41:18 that sought to exalt itself against God.
41:21 That time prophecy was the 1,260-year prophecy.
41:27 Check this out guys,
41:29 Genesis chapters 6 through 10 reflects the 70-week prophecy.
41:32 Genesis chapter 11... we find this rebellion taking place
41:36 at a place called Babel.
41:37 Hold on...
41:39 At the end of Genesis chapter 11,
41:42 you have the story of Abraham being called
41:48 out of Ur of the Chaldees...
41:51 pause...
41:55 you have Abraham being called out of Babylon.
42:01 You guys... can you think of a time prophecy
42:06 in which God's people were called out of Babylon?
42:11 Yeah, yeah, come on... come on... come on...
42:13 the 2,300-Day prophecy... 1844...
42:17 did God raise up a people in 1844?
42:20 Yeah... did God call Abraham...
42:23 Did God say to Abraham,
42:25 "Abraham, you are going to produce a great multitude"
42:29 pause...
42:35 Beloved, check this out,
42:37 we are in the Bible...
42:39 pause... Audience: Amen.
42:41 You want to know why I'm excited?
42:44 Because our story is in the Bible.
42:47 Audience: Amen.
42:48 Who would have thought that Genesis chapter 1
42:51 all the way to... now, check this out...
42:53 wait, wait, wait...
42:54 that's Genesis chapter 12 where God calls Abraham
42:57 out of Ur of the Chaldees,
42:58 now, from Genesis chapter 12 all the way to chapter 17
43:02 or chapter 18... what you have happening
43:04 is...
43:07 pause...
43:09 Abraham is waiting
43:12 for the promised son.
43:15 No... no... no... let's re-phrase that...
43:17 Abraham is waiting for the coming of the promised son.
43:23 Audience: Amen...
43:25 pause...
43:28 he's waiting for the advent...
43:34 1844 God called this Movement into existence
43:38 and we were told that Jesus was coming again
43:42 and our response... "Amen... yes!"
43:45 Wooo...!
43:47 pause...
43:49 He didn't come...
43:50 1850... "Beloved you believe that Jesus is coming again?"
43:55 Amen...
43:57 a hearty Amen...
43:59 pause...
44:03 1880... "Jesus is coming again, amen"
44:06 Audience: Amen.
44:08 1920... "Jesus is coming again, amen. "
44:14 Audience: Amen.
44:15 Yeah, you hear us beginning to go down...
44:17 A... A... Amen...
44:20 1950... "Jesus is coming again, A... A... A... Amen"
44:25 pause...
44:28 1999... Y2K...
44:31 "Jesus is really coming again. "
44:34 Audience: Laughter.
44:36 Pause...
44:38 2010...
44:40 2015...
44:43 2018...
44:45 and many of us when we heard that...
44:48 tonight... "Jesus is coming again"
44:50 you know what we did?
44:52 We laughed...
44:54 pause...
44:56 "I've heard this before, Pastor"
44:57 "My... my parents thought Jesus was coming in their time
45:00 and their parents thought Jesus was coming in their time
45:03 we've heard this before... "
45:04 and so, what begins to happen is that...
45:06 our doubt begins to creep in...
45:07 we begin to doubt who we are,
45:09 we begin to doubt our mission and our identity...
45:13 don't laugh...
45:17 because Jesus is coming again.
45:21 Audience: Amen.
45:22 We have not believed cunningly devised fables.
45:26 Don't laugh...
45:28 you see, Beloved,
45:30 Satan wants to put doubt in your heart and in your mind
45:33 and have us to begin to doubt who we are
45:34 and to doubt our mission,
45:36 by-the-way, Abram's name was changed to Abraham
45:38 because his mission was in his name.
45:41 Pause...
45:42 God gave this church a name...
45:44 Seventh-day Adventist
45:46 and that name... it describes who we are as a people.
45:50 Audience: Amen.
45:52 It's our mission... it's our identity.
45:54 Pause.
45:57 So, I just gave you the context of Genesis chapter 18...
46:00 that laughter... we see...
46:01 we follow this pattern all the way from Genesis 1,
46:03 all the way into Genesis 18,
46:05 now, check this out,
46:06 remember, the last thing we read in Genesis 18
46:08 was God telling Abraham, "Listen, you will have a son...
46:12 the son will come... "
46:14 pause.
46:17 In the meantime, God rises,
46:20 and He's about to leave Abraham...
46:23 pause...
46:25 you know if I get excited all by myself for a second...
46:27 Audience: Laughter.
46:29 Because God is about to do something...
46:31 so Abraham rises with Him and the angels...
46:33 and God says, "Okay, I got to tell Abraham
46:35 because I'm about to do something"
46:37 so... so He says to Abraham... "Abraham listen,
46:39 I'm going down to Sodom and Gomorrah
46:42 to investigate... "
46:44 pause...
46:51 no... no... I learned something...
46:53 I learned that in Adventism, silence is the new excitement...
46:55 I learned that...
46:57 and it's taken me many years to get that
46:59 but I'm getting the hang of it
47:01 so I'm going to be silent with you just for a second.
47:02 Pause.
47:05 While Abraham is waiting for the promised son,
47:08 God says, "Now Abraham,
47:09 I want to work on your character
47:11 so I'm about to tell you something,
47:13 I am going down to investigate...
47:15 there is going to be an investigative judgment...
47:19 Abraham, I want to see how you respond... "
47:24 pause...
47:27 and Abraham begins to plead and intercede for...
47:31 listen to me... for the enemies of God.
47:34 Pause...
47:35 more pause.
47:39 You want character change... intercede for your enemies.
47:43 You see, Beloved, God's trying to tell us
47:45 while we are waiting for the second coming...
47:48 while we are waiting for the promised Son to come,
47:50 we ought to be doing something and that is...
47:53 we ought to be... we ought to be interceding
47:56 for those who are the enemies of God and our own enemies.
47:59 Pause.
48:01 Wow! wow... and Abraham is pleading and pleading
48:05 listen to me, God has given us the ministry
48:08 of reconciliation...
48:09 that's what we ought to be doing.
48:11 That's why He called us,
48:13 God wants us to reconcile the world to Himself.
48:17 Pause.
48:18 See, our problem in this church
48:20 is that we've been given the ministry of reconciliation
48:23 but we cannot even reconcile amongst ourselves.
48:26 So how are we going to reconcile the world with God
48:29 when we cannot even reconcile among ourselves?
48:32 Ministries jealous of Ministries...
48:34 pause...
48:38 Ministers jealous of Ministers...
48:40 pause...
48:42 Brother jealous of Brother...
48:44 listen to me... in the world...
48:45 in the world...
48:46 that term "Brother"
48:48 has a totally different meaning in the church.
48:49 In the world, you know, my... when I...
48:52 when I was in the world,
48:54 when you said "Brother" to someone,
48:55 it was like "Yo, Bro... Brother... Brother... "
48:57 Brother was like brother.
48:59 Pause.
49:00 In the Church, "Brother" means, "prepare for rebuke. "
49:03 "Brother... "
49:05 Audience: Laughing.
49:09 "Brother, may I have a word with you?"
49:10 Any time I hear "Brother"
49:11 I'm like, "Oh... what's that?"
49:13 that's a terrifying word in Adventism...
49:15 "Brother... "
49:16 It should not be like that.
49:18 "Brother" should actually mean brother
49:21 but it doesn't.
49:23 We pick at each other and... and we police each other...
49:26 and we... we're looking for how we can outdo one another
49:30 and Beloved, God cannot trust us
49:32 with the ministry of reconciliation
49:35 when we can't even do it in-house.
49:37 You see, Beloved, God follows His own advice.
49:41 God tells in Matthew 18, if you have ought with someone,
49:45 what do you do?
49:46 You go to them yourself
49:48 and if they won't hear you, you send two witnesses
49:49 and if they won't hear them,
49:51 you bring them before the church amen.
49:52 So let me ask you a question,
49:54 did Jesus have ought with this world?
49:56 Yes, He did and guess what He did?
49:59 He came to this world Himself.
50:01 Pause.
50:03 "Ah, Humanity, I have an issue with you,
50:05 you sinned... "
50:06 pause...
50:09 "can we ah... can we be reconciled?"
50:11 Humanity said, "No,
50:14 we're going to put you on a cross"
50:16 that's the 70-week prophecy, you know that right?
50:19 That's a... that's pointing to Jesus' coming
50:22 the 70-week prophecy...
50:23 so they rejected Jesus... so what does Jesus do?
50:25 He follows His own advice,
50:27 "If they reject me, I'm going to send two witnesses"
50:30 pause...
50:35 "yeah, yeah, two witnesses, Old and New Testament...
50:39 1,260 years.
50:42 Revelation 11...
50:44 how do they treat the two witnesses?
50:46 They killed them.
50:49 So if they don't hear the two witnesses,
50:51 the last chance for reconciliation...
50:53 is you bring it before the church.
50:56 Pause...
50:58 That final prophecy, Beloved, 1844...
51:02 the 2,300-Day Prophecy is God raising up a church
51:06 with the ministry of reconciliation in mind
51:09 because He wants to win the world back to Himself
51:14 and listen to me, Beloved, you owe this to Jesus,
51:19 did you hear me?
51:21 You all didn't hear me...
51:22 how many of you gave your life to Christ?
51:24 You gave your life to Christ, amen,
51:27 all right, so you know what happens?
51:29 You owe Jesus a testimony...
51:31 you owe Him your life,
51:34 listen, let me make it plain,
51:36 you see, what happened in 1844 is... is...
51:41 in 1844... God launched a special council
51:46 pause...
51:48 He launched a probe...
51:50 because He was trying to... to... to...
51:53 the judgment was about determining
51:56 who is guilty of colluding with a foreign power.
52:06 Pause...
52:12 oh... yeah...
52:14 think with me guys, think with me...
52:15 come on Man, keep your mind spiritual right now,
52:17 please...
52:19 Audience: Laughter. Pastor: Please...
52:21 don't come up to me afterwards...
52:23 let's be spiritual right now, okay.
52:25 The Investigative Judgment is...
52:28 is a probe by a special council in heaven
52:31 and what that special council is trying to... to...
52:33 is looking at is,
52:35 "Who is guilty of colluding with a foreign power. "
52:39 Pause...
52:43 You see Beloved, that foreign power
52:45 is none other than Satan and his kingdom
52:48 and here's what God finds,
52:51 the Bible says,
52:52 "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God
52:56 meaning, all of us were guilty of collusion...
53:00 every last one of us
53:04 but guess what?
53:06 There is good news because God offers a plea deal.
53:11 Audience: Amen.
53:14 God offers a plea deal and it's a sweet deal
53:18 because that deal is, "If you confess your sins...
53:22 He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins
53:26 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness"
53:28 and guess what? We don't have to serve any time.
53:31 Pause...
53:33 It's a sweet deal...
53:35 you remember that guy named David in the Bible
53:37 who colluded with the devil
53:40 when he had Uriah killed... you remember that story?
53:43 and... and the Bible says that...
53:45 that he was found out and... and he repented, amen
53:49 and when he repented,
53:52 the prophet Nathan comes and he says,
53:53 "Listen, you've repented, you will live...
53:55 but the child you have is going to die. "
53:57 What a messed up story
54:00 until we discover that the child that died...
54:04 even though he doesn't have a name...
54:05 he was a male child...
54:07 meaning, he was the son of David.
54:09 Pause.
54:11 Yeah... no... no... no... no...
54:13 the son of David having done no wrong...
54:16 you're not feeling me...
54:18 having done no wrong
54:21 dies that someone else might live.
54:23 Beloved, that's the plea deal, so when you accept Christ,
54:29 guess what?
54:30 It's a sign that Jesus has flipped you...
54:33 pause...
54:39 and when He flips you, you become His witnesses
54:43 pause...
54:47 and as His witnesses, you owe it to Him to testify...
54:54 are you catching me?
54:57 God desires us to testify
55:00 and to testify means that we are demonstrating before the world
55:04 the goodness of God
55:05 and what He has done in our lives
55:07 pause...
55:09 because we now believe and know
55:11 that Jesus is coming again.
55:13 We understand the purpose of our name,
55:14 Seventh-day Adventists.
55:17 We believe that Jesus is coming again
55:20 and here's the problem, Beloved,
55:22 many of us have taken that name for granted.
55:25 You see, many of us don't know what it means
55:28 to be a Seventh-day Adventist.
55:30 What does it mean to be a Seventh-day Adventist?
55:32 You believe in the Sabbath...
55:33 you believe in the second coming
55:35 and you believe in the Sanctuary... amen.
55:37 Check this out, I have a little time left,
55:40 I'm going to cover these three
55:41 and then we're going to close this up, listen guys,
55:42 what does it mean to be a Seventh-day Adventist?
55:44 Pause...
55:46 To be a Seventh-day Adventist means you believe in the Sabbath
55:48 amen.
55:50 You're like, "Pastor, we got that
55:51 move on to the next one... "
55:53 hold on...
55:54 you see, the Sabbath is a celebration
55:56 of God's creative power, right?
55:58 How God created the earth, amen.
56:00 The problem is, many of us stop right there.
56:03 We don't realize that the Sabbath...
56:05 the celebration of the Sabbath
56:07 is more than about the creation of the world.
56:10 You see Beloved, when you come to Christ,
56:12 He makes you a new creation.
56:14 You started out in darkness
56:16 and then God said, "Let there be light. "
56:18 And then, you were baptized in the waters
56:21 and then you brought forth new fruit
56:23 and then He brought to you the greater light
56:25 and the lesser light
56:27 and then He made you a fisher of men
56:28 and then He re-created you in His image.
56:31 The Sabbath is a celebration of a changed life in you.
56:35 So, if all we're celebrating is God creating the world
56:40 6,000 years ago,
56:42 we have missed the purpose of the Sabbath.
56:44 Pause...
56:46 You all didn't catch that...
56:48 if you have not been re-created...
56:50 pause...
56:53 the creative power of God is not working in your life,
56:57 you don't fully understand what it means
57:02 to be a Seventh-day Adventist.


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