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00:01 Music...
00:21 Good morning ASI...
00:22 Somebody's coming along behind me,
00:25 Debbie, you're moving a little slow there.
00:27 Good morning.
00:29 What happened?
00:30 I had a little fender bender last year and broke my kneecap
00:34 so, I'm a little slower.
00:35 So, still limping a year later.
00:37 A little bit... a little bit.
00:38 Okay, well, what...
00:40 where were you when you had the fender bender?
00:42 In Jacksonville, right here in Florida.
00:43 Okay, well now don't say, "Right here in Florida"
00:46 they're going to think something's wrong with Florida.
00:48 It's wonderful, that's why I'm back.
00:51 What were you doing in Florida?
00:53 We were doing disaster response, helping with Hurricane Irma.
00:56 Who's we?
00:57 Heritage Academy students.
00:59 Okay, so... what you took 5, 10, 15 students down?
01:02 We took the whole school and our staff... so about 84.
01:05 Wow! what a witness!
01:07 You know, that's what I love about ASI, Debbie.
01:10 Amen.
01:11 In our broken state literally and emotionally
01:15 and whatever brokenness we might have,
01:18 God uses us... what a privilege, amen.
01:21 Isn't it amazing that He uses... we like the term "cracked pots"
01:27 and in Christian's case maybe crack pots
01:31 God uses us to do His business.
01:35 What a privilege!
01:37 It is...
01:38 That's... you know last year I shared
01:39 one of my favorite things about ASI is the networking...
01:42 the connection to... to work with other ministries
01:45 and so, you had that opportunity
01:46 when you were able to work with a Government Organization
01:50 to help with disaster response with your school.
01:52 That's right.
01:53 Yeah, that's what I love about ASI.
01:55 Let's hear our Call to Worship
01:57 found in Psalm 34 verse 1 through 3
01:59 "I will bless the LORD at all times:
02:02 His praise shall continually be in my mouth.
02:05 My soul shall make its boast in the LORD:
02:08 the humble shall hear of it and be glad.
02:11 O magnify the LORD with me... "
02:15 Debbie, magnify the LORD with me.
02:18 ASI, magnify the LORD with me...
02:22 "and let us exalt his name together. " Amen.
02:28 Debbie, pray for us.
02:30 Would you pray with me?
02:31 "Father in heaven, we just pause this morning
02:35 to wish You a Happy Sabbath
02:37 as we gather together here in this place,
02:39 Lord, we ask that You would grace us with Your presence.
02:43 We are so grateful for the fact
02:47 that You come together with us in our brokenness...
02:52 in our discomfort... in our struggles...
02:54 in our pain and in our excitement...
02:57 for all of those things Lord,
02:59 you cover us with Your grace and mercy
03:01 and we are so thankful for that.
03:03 Lord, we pray this morning that as we open Your Word,
03:07 You will open our hearts to what you would have us to know
03:10 and to understand more about You
03:13 and for all of these things, Lord,
03:15 we thank You and praise You,
03:17 but most of all, we thank You for Jesus
03:20 for it's in His name we pray, Amen. "
03:23 Good morning everyone and welcome to ASI.
03:25 We're so excited to tell you about
03:29 some very new witnessing tools
03:32 and our Sabbath School is about, "How can we share our faith?"
03:35 and in the years past,
03:38 Amazing Facts and ASI have worked together
03:41 on a number of video projects to put in people's hands
03:43 that they can share with their friends and neighbors
03:46 and help lead them into Bible Studies
03:48 and the Cosmic Conflict
03:49 and the Final Events and many others...
03:51 well, about three years ago,
03:53 ASI joined with Amazing Facts on a special project,
03:57 now you know these video projects don't happen overnight,
04:00 it sometimes takes a year to get the script done
04:03 but here we are now at the moment to let you know
04:06 that one of these projects is concluding
04:09 and it's going to be available...
04:10 the whole premise was, we want to find...
04:13 "How can you get somebody...
04:16 how could you encourage somebody to study the Bible
04:18 if they're an Atheist?
04:20 Or they're just secular or Buddhists or whatever
04:23 and I've always thought if people could only know
04:27 that the Bible is supernatural,
04:29 if you could prove to them that the Bible is a unique book
04:33 and so, what we did is,
04:35 we thought prophecy is the best way
04:37 to show them that the Bible is the Word of God...
04:39 that it is powerful.
04:41 We developed a project
04:43 where we take 30 of the most prominent prophecies
04:46 that have been fulfilled in the Bible...
04:49 we show from history... from archeology
04:52 that these prophecies have been fulfilled.
04:55 We were actually in Israel a few weeks ago
04:57 shooting scenes of the Dead Sea
04:59 and of these caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered
05:03 and we've got historians and archeologists...
05:06 the project is called, "Kingdoms in Time...
05:10 histories greatest prophecies fulfilled. "
05:13 It's a 60-minute DVD that any member can use
05:16 to give it to their friends.
05:18 It goes over the prophecies, of course, of Daniel 2...
05:21 it's got 3D creations which show the whole image...
05:24 we've got Babylon... we created the king of Babylon
05:27 the city of Babylon graphically...
05:29 the fall of Medo-Persia, of Greece... of Rome...
05:32 the prophecies about Jesus' coming
05:34 that were given a 1,000 years before it happened,
05:37 His ministry, His betrayal... His death,
05:41 His resurrection...
05:42 we show how this was all said before it happened
05:45 so when a person gets done with this DVD,
05:48 we hope that they are absolutely thunderstruck
05:50 and they're going to say, "Wow!"
05:52 and then we say,
05:53 "Now there's a prophecy that hasn't happened yet,
05:55 the second coming of Jesus
05:56 but it's going to happen,
05:58 would you like to study the Bible...
06:00 would you like to be ready?"
06:01 And so we wanted to tell ASI,
06:03 you're the first to hear about this project
06:04 called, "Kingdoms in Time"
06:06 you're going to see a quick Trailer
06:07 that they're going to play
06:08 and I hope you'll be praying for it
06:11 and then using it.
06:13 Music...
06:22 more music...
06:26 What if you could know the future?
06:29 What would you do?
06:32 What would you change?
06:35 To see the future, you must understand the past.
06:39 Alexander the Great becomes king when he's only 18
06:42 but he's a military prodigy.
06:44 150 years in advance, Cyrus had been named.
06:49 Nebuchadnezzar built a city as a showcase to the entire world.
06:54 Rome was violent and ruthless,
06:59 they were determined...
07:00 The Gospel writers see His death as a fulfillment of salvation.
07:08 Amazing Facts presents KINGDOMS IN TIME.
07:15 From the rise and fall of Empires
07:20 to the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ,
07:24 in your journey through ages past,
07:28 as expert theologians, historians and archeologists
07:32 demonstrate how history confirms Bible prophecy,
07:36 music...
07:39 are you ready to know the future?
07:42 Music...
07:51 It's just now being finalized in several major languages,
07:56 it will be available for orders,
07:57 it will come with a book and how to sign up for Bible Studies,
08:00 please be praying for the program
08:02 and we hope this is very useful for the ASI members
08:05 in sharing their faith.
08:06 Thank you very much, Jesus is coming.
08:07 Audience: Amen.
08:10 Excited to be here with Jim Rennie
08:13 from Child Impact International this morning,
08:16 you may have known them as Asian AID in the past,
08:19 Jim, tell us a bit about what you're doing.
08:21 Thanks Craig,
08:23 well the key activity...
08:24 we're a fully supportive ministry of the church
08:27 our key activity as most people know is child sponsorship.
08:31 We have over three and a half thousand children
08:34 in Adventist Mission Schools
08:37 so over 90% of our funds go directly into the church
08:41 in six countries... India, Bangladesh, Myanmar,
08:45 Sri Lanka, Nepal
08:47 and we also operate three orphanages with the church
08:51 and a blind school and a deaf school with the church in India.
08:55 So, our key activity is child sponsorship
08:59 and in recent times, if you come by our Booth,
09:02 you'll see that we're now involved in a small way
09:05 in child trafficking
09:06 but I'm very excited this morning
09:09 to have with us our Bangladesh Director, Milton Das
09:13 now some of you... if I said, "Where's Bangladesh?"
09:16 You'd say, "Up near India. "
09:18 So, if you were looking at a map of India,
09:21 it's slightly to the right but the interesting thing is,
09:24 it's actually totally surrounded by India.
09:28 India goes up and over... so... very close to India
09:33 a very populated country,
09:36 the capital, Dhaka,
09:38 is the most densely populated country in the world.
09:42 You think L.A. is bad,
09:44 it's ten times the density of L.A.
09:48 so, on a good day, that's bad
09:51 but Milton... Milton is our Director
09:55 and we're just so excited that he's here,
09:58 Milton, what's the... how big is Bangladesh
10:02 and what's the population?
10:03 It's over 160 million people in a small piece of land...
10:11 55,500 square miles.
10:17 It's so heavy... the population is so heavy
10:21 and the poverty also... very high.
10:25 I was just there week before last
10:28 and traffic is unbelievable.
10:31 Milton, tell us about the religion in Bangladesh...
10:36 what is the key religion and how big is it?
10:40 Yeah, 90% population of Bangladesh are Muslim
10:44 and rest of others are other religion... Hindu, Buddhist
10:51 and Christianity is very minor... minority
10:55 and Seventh-day Adventist population... 30,000 members...
11:01 church members.
11:02 So the Adventist School System in Bangladesh
11:06 is a key outreach in this country
11:09 and in reaching the Muslim population.
11:12 Milton, you've got an interesting story,
11:15 just tell us... you were a sponsored child
11:19 from what age and why did that happen?
11:22 Yeah, before that, I would like to thank ASI
11:26 and all the supporting ministries
11:28 supporting our church in Bangladesh and our schools.
11:33 Schools are the avenues to reach out and... the people
11:38 so, our local church has this connection
11:46 with the supporting ministries,
11:48 the supporting and sponsoring the children
11:51 and when I was five, my father deceased
11:55 and I have my younger brother
11:58 and back then, my sister even, not yet born,
12:04 so after my father deceased, she was born three months after,
12:10 yes, so, we have a loving church
12:12 and loving supporting ministries...
12:14 it happened that I was sponsored,
12:17 even my two other siblings... they were also sponsored
12:21 so that we could go to school
12:23 and out there, there are 1,000s of children on the street
12:27 and the poor villages, they cannot go to school
12:30 so I am really happy and privileged
12:33 to go to Seventh-day Adventist School
12:36 and where I fall in love with Jesus
12:39 and I accepted Jesus as my personal Savior,
12:45 and that's how it went up to Bachelor degree.
12:49 I was trained as a teacher in Bachelor degree,
12:53 we have a college there to Bachelor degree
12:57 and then I joined the work as a church school
13:00 and that's how I came up.
13:03 So, Milton now is an ordained minister.
13:06 The Organization he works for is a Department of the Church
13:11 they manage a sponsorship program in Bangladesh.
13:16 I think he's being a little modest about his childhood
13:19 it was a very poor village that he came from
13:23 and his story actually reflects very well
13:26 the work that sponsorship can achieve
13:29 and I asked him what he used to eat each day
13:33 what did you eat each day?
13:35 It's pretty easy to tell.
13:36 Very easy to tell, if you talk about food,
13:40 you cannot imagine... it's just a bowl of rice
13:44 and just two three chilies enough.
13:47 So the butterfly at the roses and shingles
13:50 is a bit of an eye-opener.
13:53 So, Milton, just tell us, is sponsorship effective?
13:58 What difference has the school-education system
14:03 making in Bangladesh?
14:05 Oh, as I said, the church in Bangladesh are schools,
14:09 without the schools, we don't exist actually...
14:12 so, this is really very effective.
14:16 While the students are coming in with the sponsorship
14:21 in the... in Adventist Schools
14:23 and they learn about Jesus and they fall in love with Jesus
14:29 and many... they're accepting Jesus.
14:32 So, there's a three-fold benefit to sponsorship...
14:35 the family... just imagine the pressure that that took off
14:39 his widowed mother in a poor village,
14:42 there's the education for the child,
14:44 the financial support for the school
14:47 and the benefit to the outreach of the church.
14:50 Please come by our Booth, we've got something special...
14:53 it's normally $38 a month to sponsor a boarder
14:57 but we have a new way that two people can share a child.
15:01 Please come and visit the Child Impact Booth.
15:04 Amen, you know as donors and as sponsors,
15:07 we have the responsibility to look at what we're funding
15:10 and ask the question,
15:11 "Is what I'm paying for... what I'm getting?"
15:14 And I think you can answer the question,
15:15 "Does child sponsorship work in a resounding way?"
15:19 Because not only has it brought children out of poverty
15:22 but is bringing people
15:23 who would probably never ever have a chance
15:26 to hear the gospel into leadership in God's church
15:29 in a place that needs leadership desperately,
15:30 so, I'm very thankful for the work that's going on,
15:32 thank you so much, Jim.
15:34 Thank you... thank you.
15:37 Next up, we're going to be seeing a familiar face,
15:39 Robert Folkenberg Jr. is joining me here,
15:43 he's going to tell us a bit about what's going on
15:44 with China Union Mission,
15:46 thank you so much for being with us today.
15:47 It's good to be here
15:49 and on behalf of the church in China,
15:51 I'd like to say, "Happy Sabbath to each one of you. "
15:55 We are very, very thankful to be able to be a part of ASI
15:59 and we want to thank you today specifically
16:02 for what you have done to help move the kingdom of God forward
16:05 in the great country of China.
16:07 So, in essence, I'm here to take a few minutes
16:10 to say, "Thank you" and to also ask you a favor.
16:13 First the thanks... I want to thank ASI
16:16 because a number of years ago,
16:18 you sponsored and sent Trainers to come to China
16:22 to train and to equip members
16:25 to preach the gospel of... of Jesus Christ
16:28 through the process of public evangelism.
16:30 Something that's not really
16:32 had not been used in China for many years
16:34 and let me tell you,
16:36 when you introduce something new, it takes time...
16:38 for them Evangelism usually was one day on...
16:41 one Sabbath maybe over the... a holiday
16:44 and that's what they called Evangelism
16:46 but we've been trying to encourage them
16:49 to preach a series of meetings
16:50 presenting the three angels' message
16:52 and ASI sent Trainers there...
16:55 gave us material translated into Chinese,
16:58 we've continued to mentor and continued to train
17:01 and I am happy to say that last year we...
17:03 we encouraged them as many as possible across China
17:07 to hold evangelistic meetings
17:08 and we set a goal of 500 evangelist meetings across China
17:12 and honestly, we did not meet that goal,
17:15 we only had 321 evangelistic meetings.
17:18 I still said, "Amen"
17:21 because we went basically from zero to 321
17:25 and this year, right before I came here,
17:27 I checked with my Evangelism Coordinator,
17:30 and as of the middle of July,
17:32 we have already 420 evangelist meetings that have gone on
17:36 so, we hope to hit 700 by this year... by the end of this year.
17:40 Last year, because of those evangelistic meetings,
17:42 we had over 3,100 people accept Jesus
17:45 and join the remnant church in China.
17:48 We're just very thankful for your support, ASI,
17:52 of the work in China.
17:54 You've helped us with training as I've mentioned,
17:56 you've also helped us with the funding pastors
17:59 to attend the last GC Session
18:01 so that they could see what is like
18:04 to be a part of a world church
18:07 and that had a tremendous impact
18:09 on our Leadership in China.
18:12 But I also said I'm here to ask you to please join us
18:17 and help us with one other thing
18:18 and that is, we need prayer.
18:20 I believe that right now more than ever,
18:23 we need the prayers of God's people
18:25 on behalf of this largest country in the world.
18:27 The situation as it relates to religious freedom and so forth,
18:32 is... is actually not going in the best direction right now,
18:37 we need you to pray for China.
18:39 You know the work will not be done
18:41 until it is done everywhere, right?
18:44 And ASI has always been about mission, always...
18:47 and that mission is not just local where we live
18:50 but it's a mission that covers the whole world
18:53 and 1.4 billion people are waiting to hear
18:56 that Jesus loves them and that He's coming back soon
18:59 to take them to live with Him forever,
19:02 so we need your prayers.
19:03 When the devil realizes that right now,
19:06 as the church is growing
19:08 and we're seeing the church almost reach
19:10 a half million members in China now,
19:12 he is angry... and he's trying to close down this work
19:16 just last month I received word that in one of our provinces,
19:19 20 churches were closed down
19:21 and just two weeks ago,
19:23 we had three of our members arrested
19:25 and there are just... I could go on and on
19:27 with other challenges
19:29 but I want to tell you, in the middle of all that,
19:31 we are holding 420 evangelistic meetings,
19:34 Health Centers are reaching out and connecting with people
19:38 and bringing them to know Jesus through those...
19:41 through Christ's method alone
19:43 and so, I just want to invite you to pray for China.
19:46 Right now we have many, many church-planting teams working,
19:51 we have Centers of Influence connecting with people
19:54 but I believe with all my heart
19:57 that when you remember to pray for China,
20:00 God has permission to work in mighty ways
20:03 and I want to invite you please,
20:06 to keep China on your prayer list
20:08 to remember that there are many, many wonderful people in China
20:12 that want to create and inhabit a China Town
20:18 in the New Jerusalem
20:19 so, please pray for China and thank you for your support.
20:23 When I went through Evangelism Training school,
20:28 they taught us how to give Bible Studies
20:29 and during the four-months' program,
20:32 we started actually doing door to door
20:34 and giving Bible Studies.
20:36 With each Bible Study,
20:38 I saw how people just had those "Aha!" moments
20:42 and for the first time, they saw the true gospel from the Bible,
20:46 and I saw how their characters started to change...
20:50 just their lifestyles started to change
20:55 and it brought a revival in me.
20:58 When we did our evangelistic series,
21:01 people were baptizing... lives were changed...
21:05 families were changed...
21:07 and I just couldn't help to go back to what I was doing
21:12 after I graduated I just had to continue
21:16 sharing this gospel with others
21:18 and I just had to continue and do Bible Work.
21:21 In the last days that we are living,
21:23 God is looking for people that...
21:25 that have a willing heart to work for Him.
21:29 Sometimes you think that, "I... I just can't do it,
21:32 how am I going to do it, how am I going to find time,
21:35 I can't do this, I can't do that,
21:36 but I just want you to remember God gave us a promise
21:42 that when we're willing to do something,
21:45 He will provide for us just like it says in Isaiah,
21:49 "Fear not, for I am with you;
21:51 Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
21:54 I will strengthen you,
21:56 Yes, I will help you,
21:58 I will uphold you with My righteous right hand. "
22:01 Pause...
22:07 Music...
22:16 I sing the mighty power of God,
22:21 That made the mountains rise,
22:25 That spread the flowing seas abroad,
22:30 And built the lofty skies.
22:34 I sing the wisdom that ordained
22:39 The sun to rule the day;
22:43 The moon shines full at God's command
22:48 And all the stars obey.
22:53 Music...
22:58 some more music...
23:03 more music...
23:12 There's not a plant or flower below,
23:17 But makes thy glories known,
23:21 And clouds arise, and tempests blow,
23:27 By order from thy throne;
23:31 Creatures that borrow life from Thee
23:36 Are subject to thy care;
23:41 There's not a place where we can flee,
23:46 But God is present there...
23:52 There's not a place where we can flee,
24:00 But God is present there.
24:08 Pause...
24:11 For those of you who may have been here last year...
24:14 not here but at ASI,
24:15 that you'll remember that we unveiled
24:18 the New Beginnings Picture Roll Project
24:22 and Steve Dickman, the President of ASI,
24:25 is going to share with us a little bit of an update
24:28 on the progress of this Project, Steve.
24:31 Friends, today, I hope that you are getting an... an idea
24:36 of where these can be used.
24:39 Some of you may know about places in the world
24:42 where they need this kind of project.
24:44 We've been in operation on this thing this year...
24:46 pushing forward...
24:47 on August 14, we're sending an individual to China
24:50 to supervise the printing.
24:52 We're hoping to have it done by this Convention
24:54 and to have the real product here for you,
24:57 but August 14... the printing will start,
24:59 we hope to ship in mid-October-November timeframe
25:03 and these... these tools will be available in the field
25:06 in early next year
25:08 and for... for a situation in the world
25:13 where there is no electricity
25:14 or maybe even where there is electricity,
25:17 this is a powerful visual aid for people to see
25:20 really how to present the gospel
25:23 and to have some backup... when I say some backup,
25:26 some... these people... a lot of people in these areas..
25:29 they've never seen this kind of picture
25:30 and so it would be a real benefit for them to see this.
25:33 Steve, you know, I was talking with Julie O'Carey
25:37 from Adventist... from ASAP...
25:39 and she was sharing that some of the workers in the area
25:43 around the world... were saying,
25:45 "Are we going to get any more picture rolls... "
25:46 from the picture rolls years ago
25:48 they are still using those to evangelize.
25:51 So, they are anxiously awaiting
25:53 the arrival of these new picture rolls.
25:56 So, what's happening is that
25:57 we will be printing an initial run of 7,500 of these.
26:01 It's two rolls in a set with a script booklet,
26:05 and you'll see on the far end, there is a health talk
26:08 associated with each of the gospel presentations.
26:11 So, again, we're combining the health and the gospel together
26:15 for these remote regions of the world
26:17 where they can get an idea of how to have clean water,
26:20 how to deal with AIDS,
26:21 how to deal with Malaria,
26:22 those very basic health principles
26:25 that many of them do not know about
26:27 so this is going to be a powerful tool
26:29 in the hands of our people that are actually in the field
26:33 where they need this kind of tool to help them
26:37 and so, we're just hopeful that as we launch this project,
26:41 many of you will be impressed to engage
26:44 in sponsoring a person in the field.
26:46 You know, a set of these picture rolls delivered to the field,
26:50 is probably around a $100 value
26:53 and that can be used again and again and again.
26:56 It's not a resource that's going to go away,
26:59 we're printing them on what's called "Synthetic Paper"
27:03 you can rain on it,
27:05 you can put it in the bathtub and pull it back out
27:09 and it's still going to be good.
27:10 Now, Steve, I understand that there's something in your mind
27:14 about not just providing sponsorship
27:17 for those that are in the field to use them
27:19 but there may be opportunity for some of us to use them?
27:23 So, one of the things that's been on my heart
27:26 is as we've worked on this project,
27:29 is a passion to go and use it myself.
27:31 I said, "You know, this would be wonderful
27:34 to empower lay people in the field"
27:35 and I thought, "You know, but I need to be there myself
27:38 to show how this can be used and to experience it myself. "
27:41 So, this is kind of frontline kind of stuff
27:45 and it may not be for everyone,
27:47 but hopefully early next year,
27:49 we're going to be organizing a trip
27:51 and some of you may want to be a part of that.
27:53 We're going to... we've...
27:55 we've purchased the URL picturerolls. org
28:00 so, picturerolls. org
28:02 and we're going to be advertising this
28:04 in the ASI update about this project
28:06 and you can engage there and maybe be a part of that trip
28:10 go to a place where there is no electricity
28:14 and there is no support services like we normally think of them
28:18 and preach the gospel to people
28:20 who may have never heard that message before
28:23 and so, we're excited about that opportunity as well,
28:27 we're hoping that there would be a number
28:29 that would choose to go with us,
28:31 and to participate in this
28:33 and to be a blessing in the field
28:35 where these are really needed.
28:36 Now, Steve, you were telling me earlier,
28:39 that there really is a significant need
28:42 someone that you spoke with shared exactly
28:44 what that need... how that would be represented.
28:48 So, this morning, I'm just going to go down the line
28:51 and we have representatives here from all over the world
28:53 and we're just going to ask a few of them
28:56 what is the need in your area for this kind of tool
29:01 for lay people doing evangelism.
29:04 So, here where I am at in Africa,
29:06 we have literally 1,000s of villages
29:08 that are reached only by bicycle or ox cart
29:11 and there's no power,
29:12 so this would be a huge blessing.
29:15 And where is that in... who are you?
29:17 I'm Craig Harding with Riverside Farm in Zambia.
29:20 Zambia, Africa has a need, thank you.
29:23 Thank you Steve, my name Matongo,
29:27 I'm President of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division ASI
29:32 and I know for sure, I come from Zambia,
29:35 that less than 10% of the rural Zambia...
29:38 people don't have access to electricity.
29:41 So 90% of people basically in the rural areas,
29:44 have no electricity, wow! it's amazing!
29:47 Good morning, I'm Brad Mills
29:51 and I work in the Northwest Brazil Union
29:54 which is the Amazon Section of Brazil.
29:57 We still run the Luzeiro boats, we do missionary training
30:01 and we work in an estimated 500,000... half a million people
30:04 that are unreached... indigenous people
30:07 and on our boats with our Bible Workers...
30:09 with our pioneer workers,
30:11 we're coming into villages that have no electricity,
30:13 no internet obviously
30:15 and we can come in with picture rolls
30:17 and teach them about Jesus.
30:18 Pause...
30:21 I'm in... I work in Bangladesh
30:24 and over there, 1,000s of 1,000s of villages
30:29 they don't have any electricity
30:31 and this would be a really very effective way
30:34 to reach out in Bangladesh.
30:36 There are Bible Workers...
30:38 there are 200 Church Schools in the villages
30:42 so these teachers... they can really reach out with these.
30:47 Even we have some... the villages... electricity
30:50 but those... we don't have the equipment's...
30:54 the laptops or the projector
30:56 so, this is very effective Steve,
30:58 it's good project, thank you.
30:59 Pause.
31:01 In 2019, a new initiative has been launched
31:04 by the General Conference as I understand it
31:07 to do 100,000 series of meetings around the world.
31:12 100,000 series of meetings all around the world
31:17 across our globe targeting mostly the young people
31:22 asking our youth to get involved in doing evangelism.
31:26 I can only imagine by this small sampling
31:29 how many of those sites would be in places
31:32 where this tool would really, really be needed.
31:35 As you know and you just heard me say,
31:39 our initial run is only 7,000 of those.
31:42 We're only producing 7,000... well 7,500 is our initial run,
31:47 1,000s more of these are needed.
31:50 Friends, today this project is a part of our overflow offering.
31:54 I would challenge you to think about
31:57 empowering a lay person on the front lines
32:00 for only... like a 100 dollars.
32:03 How many of those should we do?
32:05 How many of those should we be responsible for individually?
32:08 I think it's probably more than one
32:11 and thousands of these are needed...
32:13 we're printing in this initial run...
32:15 we're going to put it in the field,
32:16 we're going to test it,
32:18 we're going to report back to you
32:20 but pray about what God would have you do
32:23 in support of this kind of project on the front lines
32:27 working for God.
32:29 Thank you very much, thank you Steve.
32:30 God bless you.
32:32 Pause...
32:36 Audience: Clapping.
32:40 This afternoon, the program that we'll be doing
32:43 is entitled Business Unusual in harmony with our theme.
32:47 We're going to be featuring three significant stories
32:50 about what God is doing around the world in very unusual ways,
32:55 creating collaboration and partnership
32:58 between the lay people and ASI and the church
33:01 and just these stories will be a feature
33:06 that we hope will inspire you
33:08 to think about very creative and unusual ways
33:12 to advance God's work around the world.
33:14 I know that everyone here in this audience today
33:17 has a passion to see Jesus come soon
33:20 and I think that we really need to become unusually committed
33:25 and to think unusually
33:28 during these final days of earth's history
33:30 so join us this afternoon
33:31 4 to 5 o'clock here in the auditorium,
33:34 we're going to be presenting these opportunities for you
33:38 to see some people who've been creative,
33:40 and unusual in their thinking, thank you.
33:42 Pause.
33:51 Piano...
33:58 more piano...
34:00 When I look back
34:03 On what I thought was living
34:08 I'm amazed at the price I chose to pay
34:14 And to think I ignored what really mattered
34:20 'Cause I thought the sacrifice would be too great
34:29 When I finally reached a point
34:33 of giving in
34:37 I found the cross was calling even then
34:44 And even though it took dying to survive
34:50 I've never felt so much alive
34:58 For I am crucified with Christ
35:03 And yet I live
35:07 Not I but Christ that lives within me
35:12 His Cross will never ask for more
35:17 Than I can give
35:21 For it's not my strength but His
35:26 There's no greater sacrifice
35:31 For I am crucified with Christ
35:39 And yet I live
35:42 As I hear the Savior call for daily dying
35:50 I will bow beneath the weight of Calvary
35:57 Let my hands surrender to His piercing purpose
36:04 That holds me to the cross yet sets me free
36:12 I will glory in the power of the cross
36:19 The things I thought were gain I count as loss
36:26 And with His suffering I identify
36:33 And by His resurrection power I am alive
36:41 For I am crucified with Christ
36:46 And yet I live
36:50 Not I but Christ that lives within me
36:55 His Cross will never ask for more
36:59 Than I can give
37:04 For it's not my strength but His
37:09 There's no greater sacrifice
37:14 For I am crucified with Christ
37:22 And yet I live
37:27 And I will offer all I have
37:32 So that His cross is not in vain
37:38 For I found to live is Christ
37:42 And to die is truly gain
37:49 For I am crucified with Christ
37:53 And yet I live
37:58 Not I but Christ that lives within me
38:03 His Cross will never ask for more
38:07 Than I can give
38:12 For it's not my strength but His
38:16 There's no greater sacrifice
38:20 For I am crucified with Christ
38:29 And yet I live
38:38 piano...
38:44 For I am crucified with Christ
38:51 And yet I live
38:55 I live...
39:03 Music.


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