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00:19 Would you do me a favor?
00:21 Would you look at the person on your left and on your right
00:23 and just say welcome?
00:27 Amen, amen.
00:29 We are excited to have you here on this Sabbath day.
00:32 In fact, it's so good to see your face in this place,
00:35 your eyes in these aisles,
00:37 and your feet underneath the seat.
00:40 Now I've been having an awesome time
00:41 at this ASI Convention,
00:43 and I have Leasa with me today.
00:44 Leasa is our Vice President for membership.
00:47 And, Leasa, suppose I'm sitting here
00:49 in the audience
00:51 and I'm not an ASI member,
00:52 how can I become an ASI member?
00:54 What do I have to do?
00:55 Apply.
00:56 Okay, how do I do that? Where do I go?
00:58 Well, we would like everybody to check out our website
01:05 And on that website,
01:06 there's a link that says membership.
01:09 And if you click on it, it will open to a page
01:12 that will describe all the different categories
01:15 that you can be a member of.
01:17 And so if you fit into one of those categories,
01:20 click on the application link and just send it in.
01:23 It's that easy.
01:25 And, you know, we don't have very much time.
01:28 We want all of God's people to be involved
01:31 and share Christ in your marketplace.
01:34 And, Philip, if every single ASI member
01:36 shared Christ in their marketplace,
01:38 what can happen?
01:40 We can hasten the soon coming
01:42 of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
01:43 That's right.
01:44 And that's what ASI is all about,
01:46 it's sharing Christ, so that we can all go home.
01:50 Amen.
01:51 And can young people be members?
01:53 Oh, yes, especially the young people.
01:54 We need...
01:56 Well, we don't need new blood, but we need some excited blood,
02:02 young professionals.
02:03 So young professionals,
02:04 especially if you look at under your category,
02:07 you really don't have to do,
02:09 to be too much of anything except be under 35.
02:13 So sign up.
02:15 Awesome. God bless everyone.
02:17 Thank you.
02:21 I think the thing that inspires me the most
02:23 is the testimony of a life of self-sacrifice.
02:27 When I go throughout my day,
02:29 I try to think
02:31 of what other people have gone through before me,
02:34 especially on the days that I feel a little selfish
02:37 or I feel like I don't want to do ministry.
02:40 I think about the people that really didn't have a lot
02:44 or not even had a lot of support,
02:46 but they kept on going anyway
02:48 because they had a greater reward,
02:50 a greater goal in mind
02:52 than just how I feel right now
02:54 and having comfort and pleasure right now.
02:57 And the greatest example of that, of course,
03:00 is Jesus.
03:02 And honestly, that's where I get
03:03 my greatest source of inspiration.
03:05 I guess my question would be,
03:07 why would you not want to in ASI.
03:09 Everyone should be a part of ASI.
03:12 There are all types of people, young, old,
03:15 you know, poor college students,
03:17 rich businessmen and women,
03:19 and everyone is all together for a common goal,
03:23 really just worshipping together
03:25 and going for that one mission of seeing Jesus come soon.
03:30 All the interactions and all the connections
03:32 that I've had with ASI have been so positive
03:35 because they serve to inspire people in ministry
03:38 and give you resources and training.
03:41 And it's such a huge inspiration
03:43 and encouragement for anyone.
03:45 And I would just encourage everyone
03:47 to be a part of it.
03:56 Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing
04:03 My great redeemer's praise
04:08 The glories of my God and King
04:15 The glories of my God and King
04:22 The triumphs of His grace
04:27 The triumphs of His grace
04:35 Jesus!
04:38 The name that charms our fears
04:46 That bids our sorrows cease
04:55 'Tis music
04:58 In the sinner's ears
05:04 'Tis life, and health,
05:10 And peace
05:14 'Tis life, and health,
05:20 And peace
05:27 My gracious Master and my God
05:33 Assist me to proclaim
05:38 To spread through all the earth abroad
05:45 To spread through all the earth abroad
05:52 The honor of His name
05:58 The honor of His name
06:06 Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing
06:13 My great redeemer's praise
06:26 I invite you to stand with me in honor of our Lord
06:29 as we pray together.
06:36 Let us pray.
06:39 Our Father in heaven,
06:41 on this special and holy Sabbath day,
06:43 we want to thank You and praise You as our God,
06:48 merciful, and gracious,
06:50 longsuffering, and abounding
06:53 in goodness and truth,
06:55 keeping mercy for thousands,
06:58 forgiving iniquity, and transgression, and sin.
07:03 Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us,
07:06 but to Your name give glory.
07:10 Draw near to us, O Lord,
07:12 for we long to draw near to You.
07:15 We lift our heart and voice to Your throne,
07:19 seeking earnestly for the gift of the Holy Spirit
07:24 that we, as Your people,
07:26 may bring glory and honor to Your holy name.
07:29 Bless us this Sabbath day, and bless this hour of worship,
07:33 for we ask it in the wonderful name of Jesus.
07:37 Amen.
07:40 Join me in singing our opening song,
07:44 Praise to the Lord.
08:02 Praise to the Lord The Almighty
08:07 The king of creation!
08:13 O my soul, praise Him
08:16 For He is thy health and salvation!
08:24 All ye who hear
08:27 Now to His temple draw near
08:33 Join ye in glad adoration!
08:41 Praise to the Lord
08:44 Who o'er all things so wondrously reigneth
08:52 Shieldeth thee under His wings Yea,
08:57 so gently sustaineth!
09:04 Hast thou not seen
09:07 How thy desires e'er have been
09:13 Granted in
09:15 What He ordaineth?
09:22 Praise to the Lord
09:25 Who doth prosper thy work
09:29 and defend thee
09:34 Surely His goodness
09:37 And mercy here daily attend thee
09:45 Ponder anew
09:49 What the Almighty can do
09:55 If with His love
09:58 He befriend thee
10:12 Good morning and happy Sabbath. You may be seated.
10:20 Just an advance of lifting our offering,
10:22 I have four stories
10:23 that I would like to bring to you.
10:25 The first is actually all the way from Germany
10:29 at the Youth Congress.
10:30 And you'll see on this screen our illustrious guests.
10:34 We have, let's see,
10:35 on your right maybe is Nelson Ernst.
10:39 He's the director of GLOW, giving light to our world.
10:45 And then two, who are no strangers to us,
10:48 Elder Ted and Nancy Wilson.
10:51 And then Kamil Metz,
10:53 who's the international coordinator.
10:55 Thank you so much for joining us.
10:57 And we'd like to invite Elder Wilson and Nancy
11:00 to just give us some words of greetings at this time.
11:03 Thank you so much,
11:05 it's just a great privilege and joy
11:09 with rest of ASI,
11:10 one of our favorite organization,
11:13 so supporting
11:14 and such a blessing to the world field.
11:17 We will be there with you,
11:19 but the date got changed
11:20 for the Global Youth Leaders Congress,
11:23 and so here we are in Passau, Germany.
11:26 Thank you so much
11:27 for letting us be part of ASI as well.
11:30 Nancy, do you have greeting?
11:31 Yes, I wish we could be two places at once
11:36 because we love ASI Youth.
11:39 We were very disappointed that there was a conflict.
11:45 But anyway, we're having a good time here
11:49 fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters
11:52 from around the world,
11:54 and we can send you our greetings,
11:56 and we know that
11:58 we're being blessed as always with ASI.
12:01 There are about 1,700 youth leaders all...
12:06 In this congress from all over the world.
12:08 I want you to pray for our young people
12:10 that they will feel
12:11 with the power of the Holy Spirit
12:13 in total member involvement, total youth involvement.
12:16 Thanks so much.
12:17 Thank you very much Elder Ted and Nancy Wilson
12:20 for your words of greetings
12:21 and joining us all the way from Germany via Skype,
12:24 thank you.
12:25 And now we'd like to talk with our GLOW Leadership.
12:29 And first of all, let's have
12:32 if you can just answer the question,
12:33 exactly what is GLOW?
12:37 Well, GLOW is probably best explained
12:40 by sharing a quick story.
12:42 Recently there was a young woman
12:43 who was riding a bus,
12:45 and she felt an overwhelming conviction from God
12:47 to give her GLOW tracks or Bible pamphlet
12:49 to the person who is sitting next to her,
12:51 a complete stranger.
12:52 She felt completely afraid of doing this,
12:54 but as the bus came to a stop,
12:55 she recognized I'm never going to see this guy again.
12:58 So I need to give him the track now.
12:59 She mustered up her courage,
13:00 she gave him the track expecting the worst.
13:02 And the man said, "You know, I was just praying
13:04 that God would give me a sign
13:06 that He didn't want me to commit suicide,
13:07 and I think that this is it."
13:09 So that perfectly illustrates GLOW.
13:11 We're just encouraging church members
13:12 to carry small literature with them wherever they go,
13:15 in their pockets, in their purses,
13:16 so that when God opens up opportunities,
13:18 they're equipped and ready to share their faith.
13:20 So how is it working more,
13:22 are more people engaged
13:24 in becoming a part of this project?
13:28 You know, I remember when Nelson was 22 years old,
13:30 he called me, I was 31.
13:32 I was a literature minister's director.
13:34 And he called me,
13:36 and one thing that stood out in the conversation
13:38 about this GLOW idea
13:40 was that he was excited.
13:42 He was excited by getting every member involved
13:45 every single day.
13:47 And that was really God given idea.
13:50 It is really God's plan
13:51 for every member to be involved.
13:53 Since 10 years ago,
13:55 we have printed 90 million GLOW tracks
13:59 in 75 different languages.
14:02 My conference was the second conference
14:04 to adapt this project and has been a great success.
14:07 Now just to illustrate how this works today,
14:10 yesterday I was at the registration table,
14:13 and there was a lady
14:14 who was kind of wondering about.
14:16 And so I asked her if she needed help.
14:17 She came over, she said, "I am a neighbor,
14:18 I'm a neighbor next to Convention,
14:20 what is this all about?"
14:21 I told her and this...
14:23 There's a picture, there's a picture outside.
14:26 And she was trying to describe the person,
14:29 and then she saw the picture on the brochure,
14:32 and it was the picture of Jesus.
14:34 I told them this is an artist depiction of Jesus.
14:38 It was like talking to a little child,
14:39 and then I pulled out the GLOW track
14:42 about salvation with the prayer
14:44 that she'll find the one who died for.
14:47 And I gave her one that dealt with prophecy.
14:50 So that's what we want to see.
14:51 We want to see every member involved,
14:53 and hundreds of thousand members
14:55 have done that.
14:57 So tell us, what is the focus of the project
14:59 for today's offering?
15:06 Well, we approached ASI not too long ago,
15:07 and we asked them about partnering together
15:09 to try and do something big.
15:11 We'd like to get church members
15:12 in Korea, South Korea, Japan, and China
15:17 to also do what we're doing here
15:18 in the North American Division,
15:20 which is to distribute literature
15:21 in everyday life.
15:22 So that was a big undertaking.
15:24 We had talked to them about that.
15:26 And exactly how is that going to work?
15:32 So what we're working on is
15:33 translating the GLOW tracks in the native languages.
15:36 Now, we have done that, some of that already.
15:38 We have some Japanese, Chinese, and Korean tracks,
15:41 but also we are focusing on adapting them
15:44 to the world view.
15:47 So we have some GLOW track adopted for Buddhists,
15:50 and Hindus, and Jews, and Muslims,
15:52 and we'll continue doing that,
15:54 so we can reach people where they are.
15:57 Yep, another thing that we're going to do,
15:59 we're going to try and print
16:00 anywhere between 2 to 10 million tracks
16:02 to start with,
16:04 and we're going to be working to try and establish volunteers
16:06 who'll be going throughout those countries
16:07 and encouraging church members
16:09 to take these tracks and to pass them out.
16:11 And also, to make sure that those tracks
16:13 are actually sold to church members,
16:14 and then the money is recouped,
16:15 so that we can reprint over and over and over again.
16:18 So this is an ongoing project,
16:19 it's not a one time print and distribute,
16:21 and then you never see it again.
16:23 That's excellent.
16:25 I remember actually going to an appointment.
16:28 And as I exited my car,
16:31 a young boy was being encouraged by his mother
16:34 to come up to me.
16:36 So as he came up to me, he looked up to me and says,
16:38 "Would you like this?"
16:39 And he was giving me a GLOW track.
16:43 So anyone can use these
16:45 to engage their friends and to share,
16:48 and so we're really grateful for that.
16:50 That sounds like a very worthy project.
16:52 Is there anything else you'd like to share
16:54 on our last remaining moments?
16:58 Sure, you know,
16:59 even if somebody today is listening to this
17:01 and they feel like they can't donate
17:03 in any large way
17:04 towards these great evangelist projects of ASI,
17:06 that's okay, there's still something
17:08 that we can do for the Lord.
17:09 You know, if we in the United States,
17:10 we in the North American Division
17:12 can set the example by being faithful
17:14 by passing out literature in our everyday life
17:16 by putting in our pockets,
17:17 it'll be a great example for the world church,
17:19 and it will inspire them
17:20 to continue to do the same as well.
17:22 You know, there's a quote from Mrs. White
17:23 where she says,
17:24 "That soon more than 1,000 will be converted in one day,
17:27 most of whom will trace their first convictions
17:29 back to the reading of our publications."
17:31 So by doing this, by distributing literature
17:33 in our everyday lives, which all of us can do,
17:35 we can make a big impact to the Lord.
17:38 Thank you very much, Kamil and Nelson,
17:40 for joining us here at ASI from Germany.
17:43 And we wish you God's richest blessings
17:44 as you continue to serve the world
17:47 through GLOW.
17:48 Have a good Sabbath.
17:53 International Caring Hands is an ASI organization,
17:56 which uses dentistry as medical evangelism
17:59 right inside Seventh-day Adventist churches
18:01 and in communities
18:02 without a single Seventh-day Adventist.
18:04 Thanks to ASI,
18:06 International Caring Hands has established
18:08 medical evangelism programs in Zambia, Madagascar,
18:11 and Micronesia.
18:13 All of the connections for these programs
18:15 were made at ASI national conventions.
18:19 Now thanks to ASI, we are entering Mongolia
18:22 and have partnered with the Mongolian mission
18:24 to establish a dental evangelism program,
18:27 and we're working in coordination with
18:28 two Mongolian Adventist dentists
18:30 to reach Mongolia with healing and relief from pain
18:33 that only comes from Jesus.
18:35 Mongolia has a population of 3 million people,
18:38 2% are Christian,
18:40 and 2,000 are Seventh-day Adventist.
18:42 The fields in Mongolia
18:43 are right for medical evangelism.
18:45 Mongolia's sandwich between Russia on the north,
18:48 and China on the south.
18:50 Traditional evangelism is difficult,
18:52 but medical evangelism
18:54 is the opening wench to reach others
18:56 for Christ in Mongolia.
19:00 So International Caring Hands.
19:03 Randy, just come a little bit closer
19:04 here to the podium.
19:05 This is Randy Meyer.
19:07 He's the Executive Director for International Caring Hands.
19:10 And it looks like such a worthy project
19:12 to be able to provide dental services
19:14 to those who need it most.
19:16 First of all, tell us I'm curious,
19:18 how many dentists are involved in your operation?
19:21 On any given year,
19:22 we have roughly about 250 dentists
19:24 that volunteer.
19:25 We also have other volunteers of roughly probably about 500
19:29 or so people who come, do VBS, do evangelism,
19:33 participate in doing the registration
19:36 for the program,
19:37 and other types of literature outreach as well
19:40 during the process of our dental clinics.
19:42 So why is it that you selected ICC Mongolia
19:47 as the project for this year's offering?
19:49 It's business unusual, right?
19:52 So business unusual, this is quite unusual for us.
19:57 In that, we normally go to nice,
19:58 warm climates,
20:00 places where it stays above freezing.
20:03 In Mongolia, during the winter,
20:04 it can be 40 below 0 Fahrenheit,
20:07 just to give you an indication,
20:09 which for someone running dental equipment
20:11 with water inside of it is a rather daunting task.
20:15 So it's business unusual in that respect.
20:18 But when you have the Holy Spirit
20:20 working in certain areas,
20:22 you know that you have to move forward.
20:25 Peter Culik, ASI member approached me many years ago
20:29 in relation to going to Mongolia.
20:31 And then after that It Is Written approached us,
20:34 and then the Mongolian mission.
20:36 And then, you know, when a pastor named Bold comes
20:39 and says, "You need to go to Mongolia.
20:42 You listen to the Holy Spirit, and He leads and guides."
20:46 So in June of 2017,
20:49 we went to Mongolia with It Is Written
20:52 and their medical evangelists.
20:54 And I was able to get one dental unit in
20:57 for the suction,
20:58 and for running the drills into Mongolia,
21:01 along with a dental chair.
21:02 I was able to walk in
21:04 without even going through customs.
21:05 They just send me right out,
21:06 which was quite a miracle in relation to that.
21:10 The 15 volunteers that we had were able to do some fillings
21:13 because we only had one dental unit.
21:15 The rest of the dentists
21:16 had to work in the state hospital
21:18 where they weren't as able to do evangelism
21:21 as they would have otherwise,
21:23 and the other dentists did extractions.
21:25 So we saw the need in Mongolia
21:29 through this initial outreach in June of 2017.
21:33 So how do you plan to execute the expansion
21:35 of the outreach in Mongolia?
21:37 Well, actually, we had our first
21:40 all Mongolian dental evangelism event
21:44 in May, 2017, so I mean in 2018.
21:50 So it just took place this May.
21:52 They served 150 people in the rural villages of Sant
21:57 and Khuder in Mongolia.
21:59 And they were able to go out,
22:01 pray with every single person that they went with,
22:05 and to continue to provide evangelistic outreach
22:09 in these small communities
22:11 where there are not very many Seventh-day Adventist.
22:14 And so in the process of this work,
22:17 our plan is to expand
22:19 and have 10 dental units in Mongolia,
22:22 so that the two Seventh-day Adventist dentists
22:24 who are working there can go out separately
22:26 and go to different areas
22:27 as well as other Adventists from around the world.
22:30 Adventist dentists from Korea have come to Mongolia,
22:34 from Australia, from the United States,
22:37 from Canada,
22:38 we want to make for sure
22:40 that Mongolia can have a rich experience.
22:42 And in fact, you know, when our trip to Mongolia,
22:45 when we went with It Is Written,
22:47 70 people were baptized
22:48 at the end of John Bradshaw's evangelism
22:51 and medical evangelism outreach.
22:53 So it was quite successful.
22:55 And then in September 2017,
22:57 another 70 people were baptized as well
23:00 which increased the church exponentially.
23:03 Now you call this dental evangelism outreach.
23:06 I'm curious if there's something else
23:08 that you add to the dental services
23:10 that kind of complete the evangelism piece
23:13 to your outreach.
23:15 We do a lot of outreach through other sources as well.
23:18 We are regularly going and doing VBS classes.
23:22 We have people who give out pillowcase dresses.
23:24 I don't know if you know what those are,
23:26 but those are dresses mainly made out of pillowcases
23:29 that are then distributed throughout Zambia,
23:32 and Micronesia, and Mongolia, and other places,
23:36 and we believe in reaching everyone
23:39 through evangelism,
23:41 both literature evangelism,
23:42 where we've gone with
23:44 Light Bearers Ministry materials,
23:47 and distributed them during our dental clinics.
23:50 And one other thing I want to add
23:52 is we've actually used the very book
23:55 that you received, everyone, when you registered
23:58 has been translated into Mongolian.
24:00 I worked with Hermen Hobble,
24:02 and we were able to work with the mission
24:04 and get this translated and a 1000 copies will go out.
24:07 So our hope is to continue to spread the good news
24:11 and bring revival and evangelism
24:14 in all forms to Mongolia.
24:16 Well, Randy, I want to thank you
24:18 and International Caring Hands for everything you're doing.
24:20 We know from the experience
24:21 that we've had here with the Amen Clinics,
24:24 and your Best Pathway to Health
24:26 that dental is such a critical need,
24:28 and to know that someone else's on the front lines
24:30 in places that are more austere and difficult
24:32 is a real blessing.
24:34 Thank you very much. Thank you.
24:37 Now coming to the podium are two individuals
24:40 that I would like to have them share
24:43 some of what they are involved with
24:44 from a different part of the world.
24:46 To my left here is Jason Fournier,
24:49 and he is from the Kibidula Evangelism Training Center
24:54 in Tanzania,
24:55 and Alan Knowles,
24:56 who is from Riverside Farm Institute
24:59 in Zambia.
25:00 And these are two experts one day church builders.
25:05 They lead teams to build one day churches
25:08 throughout their countries.
25:09 And so I want to know from them
25:11 what's been happening with one day church.
25:13 So, Jason, we'll start with you.
25:15 Tell us a little bit about...
25:16 Well, tell us how many churches
25:18 so far have been built in Tanzania?
25:20 We have built over 600.
25:22 Six hundred churches in Tanzania!
25:25 Wow, the work is probably almost done,
25:27 but we'll get to that later.
25:28 So tell us in an African culture,
25:32 how significant is it to have a church structure?
25:36 Well, not only is it important to have a home to worship in,
25:42 but to have this sense of belonging that you are part
25:45 of something bigger than your own little group,
25:47 your own idea.
25:49 And so when a church actually,
25:51 for people who are unable to afford a proper church,
25:54 a church brought in and built for them
25:57 represents a connection to a bigger family,
26:00 including the family here at ASI.
26:04 Now I understand that even the Maasai tribe
26:06 has been impacted by one day church.
26:09 You have a testimony to share that to illustrate that.
26:11 Yes, well, there was a woman up near the Kenyan border,
26:17 one of the wives of a prominent Maasai
26:20 in the area.
26:21 She somehow heard the gospel
26:24 and learned of the Seventh-day Sabbath
26:25 and began to keep it in her little village.
26:29 And she built a little grass thatched shelter
26:35 that they call the church,
26:36 and she began meeting every Sabbath morning
26:38 with a handful of people.
26:41 And they were studying about the Sabbath
26:44 and learning different things, but her husband,
26:47 when he realized that she was drawing attention
26:49 and starting a group,
26:51 they had reached seven people at this point,
26:53 he was unsure of this, and he said,
26:56 "You're worshiping on the wrong day.
26:58 If you want to be a Christian, you need to worship on Sunday."
27:02 Well, he didn't convince her just that easy.
27:04 So he decided to build a church in opposition to her
27:08 and invite the local Lutheran pastor
27:11 to come and start teaching in his church.
27:13 So he sold the cow, and bought some roofing sheets,
27:16 and built a little church with just 10 roofing sheets,
27:19 and began to have Sunday services there.
27:22 And actually drew part of her little group away.
27:26 But she began to pray,
27:28 and her prayers were answered when one day our truck
27:31 with our crew showed up in the village
27:33 and put up a one day church.
27:37 And in answer to her prayer as well,
27:40 her husband, when he saw that,
27:42 it wasn't just her little idea that came out,
27:44 she came out with worshipping on Sabbath,
27:47 but she was connected to someone
27:48 bigger caught his attention,
27:50 and he decided
27:51 to invite his whole congregation now
27:53 to join her in their one day church,
27:56 and start studying about the true Sabbath.
27:58 Amen.
28:00 And today that church is growing,
28:01 it's bigger than it ever was before.
28:03 That's incredible.
28:05 Now, I also understand that even there in Tanzania,
28:09 there are individuals
28:10 who are willing to sacrifice so much
28:12 just to have a church in their village.
28:15 Well, I know it takes a sacrifice
28:17 on the part of each one of you here to enable us
28:20 to build these one day churches.
28:22 But as those churches arrive there,
28:24 there's a sacrifice on the other side,
28:25 and I just want to give...
28:26 This story touched my heart
28:28 when I heard it because our crew went out
28:30 to one of the villages and in central Tanzania,
28:34 and they showed up, and they had been invited,
28:37 the village had given land to build a church.
28:39 But when the truck showed up, the village said, "No,
28:42 we have other plans for this land.
28:44 And so you can't have that property."
28:46 And the people were very disappointed,
28:49 obviously.
28:50 And one of the very new converts,
28:51 when he heard that the truck was going to drive away
28:55 with that church on it,
28:56 and they weren't going to have a church,
28:57 he said, "No, take my land.
28:59 I have a piece of property in the middle of the place,
29:03 and you can build on my property."
29:05 So that our crew went over to his place,
29:08 and it was really too small to share with his house
29:11 and to put up a church.
29:13 And he said, "Take down my house."
29:14 And so they tore down his house and put up a church.
29:17 And I'm thankful to report that other church members
29:21 who were outside of town offered him
29:23 some land to build a new house.
29:25 But, you know,
29:26 it touched my heart that people are so excited about this.
29:29 How many of us would give up our house for God's house?
29:33 That's a question to be answered.
29:35 So is there still a need?
29:37 There's already been 600 churches
29:39 built in Tanzania.
29:41 Do we still need one day churches there?
29:42 I want to tell you that,
29:44 we are farther from meeting the need
29:45 than we ever were when we started
29:47 because every time we build a church, we are...
29:50 This is evangelism in action.
29:53 Those churches are filling as fast as we build them,
29:56 and now there is need for far more churches
29:58 than there ever were before.
30:00 Thank you very much, Jason.
30:01 All right, let's talk to Alan.
30:03 Let's see what's happening in Zambia.
30:05 Tell me, Alan, how is it that you identify locations
30:08 to build your churches?
30:10 At Riverside Farm Institute where I work,
30:13 we sponsor 50 pioneer Bible workers.
30:19 And these fellows
30:20 are in the far reaches of Zambia,
30:23 not the easy places,
30:25 those hard places where there are no roads,
30:27 no electricity, no cell phone, in the tough places.
30:31 And those men are writing to me on a weekly basis,
30:35 we need churches.
30:38 Now you have an interesting story
30:39 that you're going to share with us,
30:41 and we like them to roll the video
30:43 because you're going to kind of narrate through for us,
30:46 one of these very difficult places
30:48 that a one day church was erected.
30:50 That's right.
30:51 You've seen some of the pictures
30:52 in western Zambia.
30:54 This is the church that I found up on the Zambezi River,
30:57 two hours by boat,
30:59 this is where the people worshipped.
31:01 They would get out on Sabbath, and find water in their church.
31:05 And in their church meetings, they said, "We need help."
31:08 And the help was answered
31:10 by ASI and Riverside Farm Institute.
31:12 We came to help build them a church.
31:16 And we asked the membership to help us.
31:18 I didn't say the men to help us,
31:20 the membership to help us.
31:22 You can see here, the ladies,
31:24 even the cradle roll department was there.
31:30 We spent a week at this little island area
31:35 in the dry season.
31:37 It's sandy,
31:38 and we were able to come and build
31:40 with very interesting ways of transport.
31:45 From the edge of the river,
31:46 it was about a mile to the building site.
31:50 And we have unusual transport.
31:55 At these church sites, all the members get involved.
31:59 The ladies are cooking, they're hauling water for us,
32:02 the men are there digging sand, the oxen are working.
32:07 And when our one day church crew
32:08 got there to build for them, of course,
32:11 when they were carrying all this,
32:12 they didn't even know what they were carrying,
32:14 just pieces of steel,
32:16 but they could see what was being done then.
32:19 All these materials were hauled to two hours on a boat
32:23 to get to this place.
32:25 And this is their structure in the dry season.
32:27 When the rain comes, we have to put away the oxen.
32:31 There you see half of a boat in the dry season,
32:35 but in a fall season, in the rain season,
32:37 this was their old church.
32:39 This is where they met, feet were getting wet.
32:42 And this is the new church that we're able to provide
32:45 for them in an unusual way.
32:48 So we have a canoed church in Zambia.
32:52 So yeah, this is rather unusual,
32:54 isn't it?
32:56 Yes, the people there...
32:58 There are many islands like this in the rainy season
33:01 where these congregations,
33:03 they get out of their house in the morning,
33:06 they have to look around
33:08 for crocodiles might be swimming by,
33:10 and they need help.
33:12 One day churches are needed in Zambia,
33:16 probably thousands are needed as Jason said,
33:20 as we build churches, there's still more need.
33:24 So we can help, we can help fill that need.
33:27 One way that we can fill that need is that I know
33:30 that we have a sponsorship program.
33:32 So individuals can actually sponsor
33:35 a one day church in these regions for $1,000.
33:39 Now, Alan, where can they go to find out more information
33:42 if they're interested in doing this?
33:43 Well at our booth, that booth 926,
33:45 you'll find our information there or on our website,
33:51 Okay.
33:53 Thank you very much, gentlemen, for all that you do,
33:54 and for leading the teams to build one day churches
33:57 for people who need them.
33:58 Thank you.
34:02 Our next story comes to us to talk about children,
34:09 one of my favorite topics.
34:11 And this is International Children's Care.
34:14 And this is Rick Fleck
34:16 who is the president of the organization.
34:17 Rick, tell us a little bit about the work that ICC does?
34:21 Thank you, Debbie.
34:22 Well, it's a wonderful work.
34:24 This is our 40th anniversary this year,
34:27 and I think we've been to ASI almost every year.
34:31 So ASI is an important part
34:33 of International Children's Care.
34:36 This is a work for orphans, but we don't call them orphans.
34:40 So that's a little difference there.
34:42 We tried to do something where children,
34:45 who are orphans, get to a point
34:47 where they're no longer orphans.
34:49 So once they come to our program,
34:51 they live in a home with about 10 children,
34:54 and Adventist couple who takes care of them,
34:57 a new mommy and daddy.
34:59 That's wonderful.
35:00 And I know that even though the headquarters
35:02 for International Children's Care
35:04 is in Vancouver, Washington,
35:07 that these facilities exists throughout different areas
35:10 of the world.
35:12 Tell us about the one,
35:13 the Las Palmas in Dominican Republic,
35:16 which is our focus for the offering today?
35:19 Las Palmas was a second project that was started.
35:23 And that was started in 1982.
35:26 So it's been there for a while.
35:28 Right now, we have about 55 kids there.
35:31 But it has capacity for nearly 100.
35:34 So one of our goals this year is to start filling beds
35:37 and filling rooms
35:40 that aren't full of children right now.
35:42 And I'm looking at the pictures,
35:43 and if they show the next couple of pictures,
35:46 it brings back actually fond memories for me.
35:49 I was blessed to be able to go to Las Palmas
35:53 in the Dominican Republic
35:54 with the ASI Lake Union Chapter.
35:56 And so to be able to see
35:58 the different industries that they have there,
36:00 to actually rub shoulders with the children,
36:03 to be able to improve their roofing,
36:05 and just the number of different things,
36:07 it was clearly a need that was being met.
36:09 So that we really enjoy that very much.
36:11 They tell me that yours, one of the best groups to go.
36:14 Oh, well, we think so too.
36:17 So there are a number of industries
36:19 that often accompany the facilities
36:23 that house the children,
36:25 they may raise fruits and vegetables,
36:27 they do some different agriculture.
36:29 The focus for this year is on cows.
36:33 Tell us about cows?
36:35 Well, I don't know if you've been
36:36 by our booth at 918,
36:37 but Milky, the cow, is there,
36:40 and a lot of the kids have been doing
36:42 the Milky challenge.
36:44 And if you come by this afternoon,
36:46 the cows are in the barn for Sabbath.
36:48 But you can have your picture taken with Milky, the cow.
36:52 And so what we're doing there is increasing our dairy herd
36:55 because we realized that one cow,
36:58 even though the children don't drink much of the milk,
37:00 we sell the milk,
37:01 produces enough profit to pay the cost
37:05 of the food for one child.
37:07 So one cow equals one child.
37:09 We have about 12 cows in production.
37:12 Our goal is to get up to about 100 cows,
37:15 a herd of cows,
37:16 that will give us about 50 cows in production.
37:19 So how do you acquire these cows?
37:22 How much do they cost?
37:23 Well, interestingly enough, in the Dominican Republic,
37:26 about $1,500 dollars will buy you a cow.
37:29 But the cool thing is that the cow generally
37:31 is either pregnant or has a calf.
37:34 So we raise that calf,
37:36 and either the calf, if it's a heifer,
37:38 goes into the herd or if it's a male,
37:41 that calf is sold,
37:42 and we sell it for about $700 to $800.
37:45 So the cow ends up costing about half.
37:48 And so we can reinvest those funds
37:50 that we get from ASI
37:51 to acquire more in about a year.
37:54 And today's offering I believe
37:56 is for the sponsorship of 10 cows?
37:58 That's right.
37:59 All right, so we were excited that we will be able to add
38:02 to the support of these children
38:03 in Las Palmas.
38:05 Can you share with us, maybe a testimony or two,
38:08 what kind of impact does Las Palmas
38:10 have on the children that are there?
38:12 Well, you know, the point of getting...
38:14 Working with children is to help them
38:15 become independent.
38:17 And that's what we do as parents, you know,
38:18 from the day they're born,
38:20 you want them to learn to do for themselves
38:22 and to become independent.
38:24 So the finishing touch for children is for them
38:26 to graduate from college, or a trade school,
38:30 or something like that.
38:32 We went, my wife, Sharon,
38:33 and I were down there recently for a graduation,
38:36 and spontaneously some girls came
38:38 and talked with us in our apartment, guest room,
38:41 and they were chatting and talking about,
38:45 you know, old times
38:46 and we had known them since they were little,
38:48 and they said,
38:50 "You know, the interesting thing is that
38:53 when we're over there in the university,
38:55 and we're talking to people, and sometimes we tell them,
38:57 "We're orphans," and they go, "Orphans?
38:58 You're not orphans.
39:00 No way, how can you be orphans?"
39:02 You know, you go places, you go to the beach.
39:05 I haven't even been to the beach, they'll say.
39:08 And you have,
39:09 and you don't have a big bill at the college,
39:12 I can barely make it.
39:13 Yeah, you have to work, but you're making it.
39:16 And you play an instrument, how's that?
39:19 And so, yes, our kids do get a full life.
39:22 It's not just food and shelter, we give them an education,
39:26 they learn to play an instrument,
39:28 that we have a little symphony there,
39:30 and then, you know, they become independent.
39:32 They get out into the workforce,
39:34 they can do those kinds of things.
39:36 It's amazing how many things they learn
39:38 and then they can apply those in their life
39:40 when they're independent.
39:41 I know the children that I met and talked with,
39:43 especially some of the older ones,
39:45 they were learning how to give Bible studies.
39:48 And so they would actually be going out, in the community,
39:51 and giving Bible studies, and they learn about Jesus,
39:54 and these are our young people,
39:57 who their parents may have abandoned them,
40:00 they may have died, they have no other family,
40:03 and so they would be left to the streets
40:05 if it weren't for places like Las Palmas.
40:07 So we are extremely grateful for ICC and the work
40:10 that they do through their orphanages
40:12 to be able to provide a home to these children.
40:15 These kids go on,
40:16 and many of them come back and work for us.
40:19 And so some of them,
40:20 that we have a guy that grew up in Colombia,
40:22 now he is the business manager in El Salvador.
40:25 And he is our auditor
40:27 for all of the Spanish speaking countries.
40:29 And we have kids in the different countries,
40:32 who are now professionals,
40:34 and they're out and work for us doing God's work.
40:36 Amen, amen.
40:38 Rick, thank you so much for sharing just a little bit
40:40 about what happens through ICC,
40:42 Las Palmas in Dominican Republic.
40:44 We appreciate it. Thank you.
40:45 Thank you.
40:48 So, friends,
40:49 you see we have quite a work before us.
40:52 These four projects are just an example
40:54 of the many ministries
40:56 that are seeking to be Christ hands
40:58 and feet to meet the physical,
41:00 emotional, social, and most importantly,
41:04 the spiritual needs of those who don't yet know Jesus.
41:08 By our unusual commitment today,
41:12 we can make that a reality.
41:15 So just before the deacons come to pick up the offering,
41:18 I would like to appeal to you to appeal to us yet once again,
41:24 that we consider doing business unusual,
41:28 and that we step out in an unusual fashion
41:31 to reach out to help these ministries do the work,
41:36 do the business of sharing Christ
41:38 in their marketplace.
41:40 Just now, you may have offering envelopes with you.
41:44 Is there anyone here
41:45 that may not have an offering envelope,
41:48 would you please raise your hand
41:49 because we don't want to miss...
41:51 Have anyone miss the opportunity.
41:53 We have some individuals here up front
41:55 that need an offering envelope.
41:57 If those can be serviced, that would be great.
41:59 And we want you to take some time.
42:01 We know that you have prayed
42:03 about this that you have given it to God,
42:06 that you have given your heart, and your future,
42:09 and your resources to the Lord,
42:11 and are looking forward to what you can do
42:14 to help finish the work.
42:16 So we want you to give you some opportunity, a time,
42:19 to complete the envelope.
42:21 If you are a techie, you can actually donate online.
42:27 So I'd like to talk to our 3ABN audience
42:29 and let you know that
42:30 we don't want to miss you either,
42:32 and you can join us
42:33 in the support of these projects.
42:35 All you need to do is to go to,
42:40 and right at the bottom of the homepage
42:43 is a Donate button.
42:44 You can do that here on your phones
42:46 if you choose to do.
42:47 So click Donate, complete the information,
42:51 and we will be forever grateful
42:52 for everything that you would provide.
42:55 Let me just give the address if you need the address,
42:58 phone number for ASI,
43:01 if you need to send that information in
43:04 or your donation in, it's 9705 Patuxent Woods Drive.
43:10 That's P-A-T-U-X-E-N-T Woods Drive,
43:16 that's in Columbia, Maryland 21046.
43:21 The phone number is 443-391-7235.
43:28 So that's what we want to do.
43:29 We want everyone to pull together,
43:32 so that we can support all of these ministries.
43:35 And I want to thank you
43:36 as we pray and ask the deacons to come forward
43:39 and serve you to receive the offering.
43:42 Let us pray.
43:44 Father in heaven,
43:45 I thank You so much for giving us an opportunity
43:48 to join hands with You in the finishing of this work.
43:51 You have blessed us
43:53 so that we can be a conduit of blessing for others.
43:57 I ask now that even, even now
44:00 Your Holy Spirit would just preside
44:02 over this place that You would encourage us
44:05 and give us the courage to give what You have given us,
44:09 so that others can learn about You,
44:11 and that You can come soon and we can go home.
44:15 Thank you so much.
44:16 In Jesus' name I pray, amen.
47:16 About a few weeks ago,
47:17 I had a very interesting experience
47:20 in Taiwan.
47:22 I was eating with one of the pastors.
47:24 While we were eating,
47:26 he took out his smartphone and he showed me some pictures.
47:30 And he said,
47:32 "I baptized this person last week."
47:34 And then he showed another person,
47:36 "I baptized this person," another person.
47:38 And in fact, he said he has 70 names
47:41 in his smartphone,
47:43 and he's praying for them every day
47:45 and he's looking for an opportunity
47:47 to give Bible study to them,
47:49 and he's baptizing them one by one.
47:52 I was inspired.
47:54 Immediately I repented of my sin,
47:56 and then I began to develop list
47:59 on my smartphone too.
48:01 So I have quite a few names on smartphone.
48:04 I'm praying for them.
48:05 And then I want to be an example
48:08 to all our church members
48:10 that we need to be involved in the mission of the church.
48:14 My dear, brothers and sisters,
48:16 we believe that Jesus is coming soon,
48:19 and we have to finish the gospel as soon as possible.
48:23 But pastors and paid lay workers
48:26 cannot finish the work alone.
48:28 All, we all lay people and then pastors,
48:31 we have to really work together to finish the gospel work.
48:35 I'm so glad that in our church,
48:37 we have many dedicated lay people.
48:40 I really appreciate that.
48:42 And let us continue working together
48:45 with the same spirit
48:47 to finish the work in our generation.
48:50 Maranatha, Jesus is coming very soon.


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