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00:19 Good afternoon, ASI.
00:23 How was your lunch?
00:25 Well, we're in for a blessing.
00:27 Aren't we, Philip, this afternoon?
00:28 Absolutely. I can't wait. Amen.
00:31 Now, Philip, this is your first ASI
00:33 with being an officer with this.
00:35 How does it feel?
00:36 It feels incredible
00:37 to see God's amazing blessings here at ASI.
00:41 Amen.
00:43 Now this afternoon, we have a very special program for you.
00:47 You may or may not know
00:48 that ASI is a department of the North American Division,
00:53 and as such we work together
00:55 with the North American Division.
00:57 And this program, this afternoon,
00:58 we'll showcase how we work together.
01:01 You know, it tells us in John 17
01:04 that when there is unity among us,
01:07 the world will know that in fact,
01:09 Jesus Christ was sent.
01:11 So is a testimony to who Jesus Christ is
01:14 when we can all work together.
01:16 And we hope that the program this afternoon
01:19 will inspire you to go home and work with your churches
01:22 as you are ASI members.
01:24 And now, Philip, why don't you open this up with prayer?
01:28 All right, let us pray.
01:30 Father God, we're so grateful
01:32 that we have this privilege of coming
01:34 to be inspired, to be touched,
01:36 to be moved by Your Holy Spirit at this ASI convention.
01:41 We thank You for the incredible blessings
01:44 we've experienced thus far.
01:45 We thank You for calling each one of us
01:48 to be ministers for You.
01:50 We thank You for the opportunity
01:51 we have as Seventh-day Adventist Christians
01:54 to get involved in Total Member Involvement
01:58 that every single person can get actively involved
02:01 in the mission of the church.
02:03 We pray that You will empower us and equip us
02:06 to use our gifts and talents for You.
02:09 And we pray that we will leave this place energized
02:11 and ready to do all we can to hasten
02:14 the soon coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
02:18 This is our prayer.
02:19 Now bless our program this evening.
02:21 In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
02:26 Okay, let's stand again
02:27 as we sing our opening song tonight,
02:30 "My Maker and My King."
02:38 My Maker and my King
02:42 To Thee my all I owe
02:46 Thy sovereign bounty is the spring
02:49 Whence all my blessings flow
02:52 Thy sovereign bounty is the spring
02:55 Whence all my blessings flow
03:02 The creature of Thy hand On Thee alone I live
03:09 My God, Thy benefits demand More praise than I can give
03:15 My God, Thy benefits demand
03:19 More praise than I can give
03:26 Lord, what can I impart
03:29 When all is Thine before?
03:32 Thy love demands a thankful heart
03:35 The gift, alas! how poor
03:39 Thy love demands a thankful heart
03:42 The gift, alas! how poor
03:49 O! let Thy grace inspire My soul with strength divine
03:56 Let every word and each desire And all my days be Thine
04:02 Let every word and each desire
04:06 And all my days be Thine
04:13 Please be seated.
04:22 Good afternoon, ASI.
04:24 The intention of this program
04:26 is to show some of the unique collaborations
04:30 that are happening not only here in the United States,
04:33 but around the world between lay people
04:36 and the Seventh-day Adventist Church
04:39 on the topic of mission.
04:41 This afternoon our first story comes to us
04:43 from the country of Romania.
04:46 I have two gentlemen here with me this afternoon,
04:49 Reinhard Suciu, who is the director,
04:52 the development director for this project in Romania,
04:57 and also Eduard Calugaru.
04:59 I'm not sure, if I've said that exactly right,
05:01 but you'll forgive me for my pronunciation,
05:04 who is a pastor and also serves as a treasurer
05:08 for the Romanian union.
05:10 He also serves in Romania
05:13 as the ASI representative
05:17 to help coordinate the work of ASI in Romania.
05:21 So it's a blessing to have both of these gentlemen
05:23 here with us today
05:25 as we talk about this very unique project.
05:30 So tell us, Reinhard, what is the purpose?
05:34 The project is a hospital, right?
05:37 What is the purpose of this hospital in Romania?
05:42 Well, the main purpose of the hospital
05:45 is gonna be mission.
05:47 Of course,
05:50 we want to continue the teaching
05:52 and healing of Jesus Christ.
05:56 We want to treat the person as a whole
06:00 as body, mind, and spirit.
06:03 Most of the hospitals are treating the disease.
06:08 So we want to try to treat the person.
06:11 Now this is the disease.
06:13 Also,
06:16 in the minds of some of us,
06:19 there's a conflict between these two approaches on cancer
06:25 about the natural approach and the classical approach.
06:29 We want to do something unique.
06:32 We want to do something new
06:34 and put these both of them under the same roof.
06:39 So let's just back up just a little bit, Reinhard.
06:43 So a cancer hospital in Romania,
06:47 why did you choose a cancer hospital?
06:52 What reason would there be
06:54 that Romania needed a cancer hospital?
06:58 The people in Romania, and actually in Eastern Europe,
07:03 they suffer because of cancer,
07:05 just like the other people around the world.
07:08 The thing is that they need higher quality treatment,
07:13 they need screenings,
07:15 they need to be treated,
07:18 as I said before, like a whole.
07:21 And in Romania, the health system...
07:25 Let's put it this way, it's not that good.
07:28 So we want to bring a higher quality treatment
07:33 in Romania.
07:35 And then there is no Adventist Hospital in Eastern Europe,
07:39 none of...
07:40 So there is no Adventist Hospital
07:42 in all of Eastern Europe.
07:43 There isn't actually.
07:47 So this is a real opportunity to do something
07:50 in terms of health care in Eastern Europe as a whole.
07:54 I really liked what you said
07:55 when you said it's unique from the standpoint
07:58 that you're putting under the same roof
08:00 the best practice for modern,
08:02 what we call modern medicine practice.
08:04 That's true.
08:06 And also the best practice for lifestyle medicine
08:09 both under the same roof.
08:10 This is a very unique approach to treating cancer.
08:14 I'm not sure
08:16 if there is actually any other hospital in the world
08:18 that has this exact approach.
08:20 I know here in Florida, we have the Adventist health system,
08:23 and we have creation health
08:24 associated with our hospital here.
08:27 And both elements are given some emphasis.
08:30 But as far as having both under the same roof
08:33 and the same direct management,
08:34 I think this is quite unique.
08:37 Actually, as far as we know,
08:38 there is no hospital doing this around the world.
08:42 So this is going to be a first time thing.
08:45 And we would like to be an inspiration for others
08:48 also regarding this.
08:51 Now, you folks will notice that there's an empty chair
08:54 here on the platform today.
08:57 And that's for a couple of reasons.
08:59 One of our interviews has more people.
09:02 But in this interview this afternoon,
09:04 we wanted to have Dr. Hart here with us.
09:06 And many of you know Dr. Hart,
09:08 he is the president of Loma Linda University.
09:11 However, his schedule prevented him
09:13 from being here with us today.
09:15 But he sent a little statement about this project because Loma
09:18 Linda has been a collaborator
09:22 in helping to develop this concept
09:25 and to put it together.
09:26 And I just wanna read this afternoon
09:28 the statement that Dr. Hart sent to me.
09:31 He said, "Loma Linda University Health
09:33 is pleased to collaborate with colleagues in Romania
09:37 to develop an Adventist Cancer Hospital.
09:40 They already have an attractive piece of land
09:43 and are developing a viable business plan.
09:45 It is clear
09:47 that the country is ready for specialist hospitals
09:51 and we are supportive of this project moving ahead."
09:55 So Dr. Hart's saying, yes,
09:57 he wants to see this project move ahead as well.
10:00 So we have a very unique hospital
10:02 that is being developed there.
10:04 How did this come about?
10:05 Where was the idea?
10:08 Where this came about from?
10:13 I would like to tell you my opinion...
10:20 And I would like to spread this idea.
10:26 I think that for the first time that idea came about in heaven.
10:31 Amen.
10:36 It was there for the first time and then it came to us.
10:45 In Romania, we have many Adventist physicians...
10:51 Many students.
10:56 There are many Adventist work in the health...
11:03 And they've seen this need.
11:10 Few years ago,
11:11 approximately three years ago...
11:14 People of Romania, they came out on the streets...
11:20 And they had some demonstrations there.
11:28 And they shouted we want hospitals not churches.
11:36 People saw this need in Romania.
11:42 The Adventist Church saw this need.
11:50 But they want to emphasize
11:52 the role that ASI had in this project.
11:57 ASI puts together these groups in the church.
12:01 The people...
12:04 The church administrators...
12:11 The Adventist physicians in Romania...
12:17 And from the dream, it has become a real project.
12:22 Okay, that's amazing.
12:24 So ASI actually played a role
12:26 in helping to bring together the physicians
12:28 and the church administration to talk about this project.
12:32 And I know ASI played a role
12:34 in the funding of this project as well
12:36 and helping to generate some funds.
12:40 In the end though the project will be owned
12:43 by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, right?
12:47 Yes, that is correct.
12:49 So the project will be
12:50 owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
12:52 So what we're seeing here today
12:54 is a very unique collaboration that has occurred between
12:58 the lay people of the church, the physicians of the church,
13:02 and the administration of the church,
13:04 and not only just in the country of Romania
13:07 but collaborating across the world
13:09 with Loma Linda University and developing this concept
13:13 and bringing together this very unique project.
13:16 So I know that there's a lot of stories you could tell,
13:19 but tell us a story
13:20 about how this project got started with the land
13:25 and how God worked there,
13:26 so that you can have the land you needed.
13:35 The most important thing for a project
13:37 is to know that God is with you.
13:43 It doesn't have to be just a nice dream,
13:46 but you have to know that
13:47 God is leading you step-by-step.
13:55 When we decided on
13:57 where the project is going to happen...
14:03 Romanian Adventist businessman
14:05 donated four hectares of land...
14:11 and he said this is my contribution
14:13 to this project.
14:17 We said, well, four hectares, it's enough for us.
14:21 We said thank you and we moved on.
14:29 But a neighbor from around there,
14:32 a neighbor of the land that we had now...
14:38 He was a non-Adventist,
14:39 and he found out that we want to build a hospital over there.
14:44 And he said,
14:45 "I want to donate a piece of land
14:47 for this hospital."
14:50 It was 7,500 square meters.
14:58 And there was another person
15:00 that donated approximately 3,000 square meters.
15:05 So we have now
15:08 a little over five hectares of land.
15:12 And we said, "Oh, that's more than enough for us."
15:15 It's good.
15:21 But in a couple of days
15:23 some documents came for us from the government...
15:28 And they had some conditions for us
15:32 for building the hospital.
15:35 And one of them was saying this...
15:39 "The minimum piece of land that you need...
15:44 has to be five hectares.
15:47 So God had actually worked all this out ahead of time.
15:51 He knew what the requirement was,
15:53 and he had provided just the right amount of land
15:56 so that you could build the hospital.
15:58 It's amazing.
15:59 The total project for this hospital is about $25 million
16:03 in euros rather, it's about 25 million euros.
16:06 So it's a huge project.
16:07 I understand you're probably
16:09 around 6 million euros committed to this project,
16:11 you're planning on breaking ground in October.
16:14 And I know that God is going to bless this in an amazing way
16:18 as the lay people of the church
16:20 and the administration of the church
16:22 continue to work together in this unique project.
16:27 Friends, today, if you want more information,
16:29 maybe you'd like to go to Romania
16:31 and see this project,
16:32 maybe you'd like to help them in some way,
16:34 booth 1,100 over in the exhibit hall.
16:37 They have a booth set up there,
16:40 and these gentlemen would be happy to share with you
16:42 how God is leading on this project
16:44 as we were telling the story to each other
16:46 and kind of preparing for this.
16:48 There's just a lot more to this story
16:50 lot of miracles that God has done.
16:52 It's amazing to see what God has done
16:53 what He continues to do.
16:55 Thank you for sharing with us today.
16:57 Thank you. All right.
17:01 How deep the Father's love for us
17:08 How vast beyond all measure
17:15 That He should give His only Son
17:22 To make a wretch His treasure
17:29 How great the pain of searing loss
17:36 The Father turns His face away
17:42 As wounds which mar the Chosen One
17:49 Bring many sons to glory
17:59 Behold the man upon a cross
18:05 My sin upon His shoulders
18:12 Ashamed, I hear my mocking voice
18:18 Call out among the scoffers
18:25 It was my sin that held Him there
18:31 Until it was accomplished
18:38 His dying breath has brought me life
18:44 I know that it is finished
18:54 I will not boast in anything
19:01 No gift, no power, no wisdom
19:07 But I will boast in Jesus Christ
19:14 His death and resurrection
19:20 Why should I gain from His reward?
19:27 I cannot give an answer
19:38 But this
19:40 I know with all my heart
19:47 His wounds have paid my ransom
20:00 Amen.
20:01 What a beautiful song there this afternoon
20:05 to know why we're here because Jesus paid our ransom.
20:08 Amen.
20:09 Thank you for that beautiful music.
20:11 This afternoon, I have Manuel and Esther Alva with us.
20:15 And for those of you who are long time ASI members,
20:19 they are no strangers to you.
20:21 You've been a part of ASI for many years.
20:24 I'm not sure I can give you the number,
20:25 maybe you can tell me.
20:28 We're since 2003.
20:30 2003.
20:31 So about 15 years you've been coming to ASI.
20:34 Praise the Lord for that.
20:36 I can remember back
20:37 when you shared a story
20:40 of how that you were having church in your office.
20:45 Now for those of you who don't know,
20:47 both Esther and Manuel are both physicians,
20:51 and they've been practicing medicine
20:54 for a number of years now,
20:56 and they really have a passion for that.
21:00 How many years? Over 20 years in Chicago.
21:01 Over 20 years in Chicago area.
21:04 They have a passion for sharing Christ
21:07 in their marketplace.
21:09 And so that's the story,
21:11 that part of the story is not unique.
21:13 However, I remember the second time
21:15 I heard your testimony
21:17 in which you had, not only had church in your office there
21:22 where you were practicing physician,
21:24 but due to some circumstances,
21:26 you are now having church at a carwash.
21:29 That's right.
21:31 I remember some of those pictures in the early,
21:33 seeing those pictures of having church in a carwash.
21:36 But God has moved you beyond the carwash now
21:39 and has supplied you with a building,
21:42 and you're having church and a...
21:46 Well, I'm going to let you tell us
21:48 where you're having church.
21:50 Yes, the idea was to have a church,
21:54 and medical office,
21:57 and even a vegetarian restaurant
22:00 or a health food store
22:02 because we thought that was the way
22:03 to introduce health to our community,
22:06 which is mainly hispanic in the area where we are,
22:08 which is west of the city limits of Chicago
22:11 in Berwyn.
22:12 But God has some other plans,
22:15 how to attract people
22:16 that could benefit from this endeavor,
22:19 and He supplied us with a young, energetic,
22:22 spirit-filled pastor that said,
22:25 "We're going to do something to bring the community in."
22:28 And the next thing we knew is
22:30 ASI had advertised on their magazine,
22:33 nonprofit, of course,
22:35 I believe it was in New York City
22:36 or something like that
22:39 for people that wanted to run nonprofits.
22:41 So the pastor attended, I want to...
22:43 He came up with a new idea of
22:45 just making this useful for the community,
22:48 a service center for the community.
22:50 So a thrift store was started.
22:53 So you don't start a thrift store
22:55 without a place though.
22:57 What kind of place did God give you?
22:59 Well, we were praying for a long time
23:03 and seeing different buildings,
23:04 one of the brothers was helping as was a realtor,
23:07 and then all of a sudden we came with this building
23:09 which is in route 66,
23:12 the old route 66 arriving to Chicago
23:14 in the middle of a bustling commercial area,
23:16 and he said, "This is the building."
23:18 The price seemed attractive.
23:19 The building was abandoned for two years.
23:21 It used to be a used car dealership,
23:24 before that it was a restaurant and a carwash combined.
23:28 Go figure that.
23:29 But it was abandoned completely.
23:31 Anyways it's pretty good state of this repair.
23:33 And that was the most central position
23:37 that we could be in.
23:39 So God gave you a storefront, carwash,
23:44 automobile store,
23:46 all kinds of things together,
23:47 and now you're turning that into a center of influence
23:51 right there in Chicago.
23:53 And your initial dream was to have like,
23:55 you know, the vegetarian restaurant
23:56 all the stuff going on there,
23:58 those plans have been adjusted just a little.
24:00 I think we have a video right now
24:03 that where we can see
24:04 just a little peek at some of those things that
24:07 that God has given you there.
24:08 Yeah, probably people here in the audience
24:10 or people watching have read the book,
24:14 The Blueprint by Rico Hill and Jared Thurmon,
24:19 which illustrates what our churches should be
24:21 just before Jesus came in,
24:23 a center, a beehive they call it,
24:25 that's the term used by Ellen G White, a beehive.
24:27 This is...
24:29 Well, this is a little beehive there.
24:30 This is a state that it was
24:32 when we first set our eyes upon it.
24:35 We first acquire it.
24:36 The parking lot was somewhat destroyed,
24:41 there were all kinds of leaks from the rain
24:43 inside the building.
24:45 This was a good shell, it's about what?
24:47 10,000...
24:48 Ten thousand square feet.
24:49 Ten thousand square feet of building,
24:51 plus about forty-two spaces for parking.
24:54 And it seemed appropriate for the office,
24:58 for health food store, for church,
25:02 auditorium, and the place,
25:05 the daily nutritional lectures or health education lectures,
25:08 and the stress management lectures
25:10 are run by our pastor can be performed there.
25:15 So this was it.
25:18 That's where we started.
25:20 So God gave you a building there,
25:22 gave you, He supplied a building
25:25 that you could get involved in purchasing for this ministry.
25:29 And you had an energetic young pastor even got training,
25:32 now you have a distribution center
25:34 there we call it a thrift center
25:36 where people can come in and get items
25:38 that are lightly or well used,
25:40 depending on the condition,
25:42 and it's been a blessing there.
25:44 What else is going on inside of that building now?
25:47 Well, we have in this building, the nutrition lectures,
25:51 the clinic,
25:52 there's a family practitioner
25:54 that is Seventh-day Adventist Church.
25:56 Our church is very small, it's about 35, 40 members
26:00 that are attending faithfully every week.
26:03 But among them, we have people that have run
26:06 a vegetarian restaurant and a store.
26:08 We have another lady
26:10 that has massage and spa business in Downtown.
26:14 We have people that are
26:16 electricians, painters, builders.
26:18 So this is the center now a few months after,
26:21 and you can see there's furniture there.
26:23 The warehouse,
26:24 which is not finished is full of donations.
26:28 There's a track that was native by another church.
26:30 This is a place where many churches are converging.
26:33 The white truck was donated by
26:35 one of the churches that Pastor D'Souza has also.
26:38 There is a bus where people are transported
26:41 when they have no transportation.
26:44 The warehouse which is there,
26:46 it's supplied by an organization called
26:49 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
26:51 They have a Seventh-day Adventist under board,
26:53 and they have too many things to donate,
26:55 furniture, and clothing, and electro domestic things.
26:59 So as the ministry develops
27:04 and kind of the Lord sets these things up,
27:06 you're moving forward with that.
27:08 So I just want to kind of review
27:10 clinic and thrift store in the same building
27:14 along with health lectures.
27:17 How many days a week is this church open?
27:22 Well, opens on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
27:26 all days of the week.
27:27 And we are closing the store with big size,
27:30 closed on Saturday,
27:31 but people are invited to come into Bible lectures
27:35 and a delicious vegetarian meal
27:38 that is served by the church every week, every Sabbath.
27:42 So it's open seven days a week.
27:44 Wow!
27:45 You know, I know a lot of churches that are open
27:47 basically one, maybe one and a half days a week.
27:50 So to say that the facility is open and active
27:52 in the community seven days a week is amazing.
27:55 Now, Esther I know that
27:56 you don't get into a project like this
27:58 without a lot of involvement.
28:00 How has God put on your heart to work in this ministry?
28:05 Well, mostly as a supportive role,
28:08 but I'm there every day pretty much,
28:12 except some Sundays where I stay at home.
28:15 But on the theme of Business Unusual,
28:19 we saw it when we went to seek permits
28:23 with the local government,
28:25 they could not figure out
28:27 how could we have a clinic, a thrift shop,
28:34 a food store, which we are starting,
28:37 small food store, health food store,
28:40 lectures on health in the same building.
28:44 They still could not understand
28:47 how can you do all these things?
28:49 Tell me one thing I understand, but two, three things,
28:53 it's business unusual definitely.
28:57 So the city said as we're discussing this,
29:01 they mentioned this, the city kind of thought
29:03 maybe you're trying to evade taxes
29:05 or something like that,
29:07 but you share them, no,
29:08 this is care for the whole person.
29:11 And it's...
29:12 You know, it's really God's plan, isn't it?
29:14 Yes.
29:15 And I wonder what would happen
29:17 if all of our churches were open seven days a week
29:19 doing some kind of ministry in their community.
29:22 We need a lot of volunteers for that.
29:23 And that's why we're blessed to have a pastor
29:26 who has four churches
29:27 and we have an Illinois Conference,
29:30 we've Pastor Aguilera, the president
29:31 that is fully supporting this now.
29:33 Thanks to our pastor that has shown the plan of action.
29:38 We have a union president like Pastor Maurice Valentine
29:40 that is also behind this.
29:42 We're blessed to have all this spiritual leaders heading,
29:46 spearheading this effort.
29:48 So this is because it's not what we would consider
29:51 a regular church building kind of plan.
29:54 How did the conference in the union relate to that?
29:57 How did you get through that,
30:00 you know, to get to this point?
30:02 Well, when you say you wanna do something medical,
30:06 people get nervous as if you get blamed or something...
30:09 There's liability for the whole church corporation.
30:12 But we were counseled to form another nonprofit corporation
30:17 to which the building is owned by.
30:20 This is our church group there. Amen.
30:22 As you see, there are not too many,
30:23 but everyone has a role,
30:25 and we're trying to evolve everyone
30:27 young and old to do this.
30:28 This is where we're meeting.
30:29 Now we're meeting in the warehouse
30:31 because the front, which was the church space
30:33 before the auditorium is now the thrift store.
30:36 So everything is educational.
30:38 We try to educate, educate, educate,
30:40 we do every worship service,
30:42 we do every time that we meet there,
30:44 and the God always brings people.
30:46 This is our health,
30:48 I'm sorry, the nutrition, the cooking class
30:50 that was run last week actually.
30:53 It's good to see that
30:55 our health educator, which is our son,
30:57 and the other members of the church,
30:59 Velorama has run the cooking school.
31:01 They can function without any supervision,
31:03 they just have the days that they have set,
31:05 and they just run the service.
31:07 It's God moving there.
31:09 So I hear Total Member Involvement.
31:11 Amen.
31:12 Which is something that I think all of our churches need.
31:15 Everybody involved in doing something.
31:17 Amen.
31:18 Now, Esther, as we close today, I want you to give a challenge,
31:21 I'm assuming that not everyone here
31:23 is going to go start and center of influence,
31:26 but what would you say to someone
31:30 who they feel like God is calling them to do something
31:32 that is bigger than what they think they can do?
31:35 What would you say to them?
31:37 I would say pray first for guidance,
31:40 and then the Lord will give you an idea what to do.
31:44 Something's easy, simple, something that you can do,
31:47 even if it's juicing, baking bread,
31:51 sharing recipes in your neighborhood,
31:53 something that the Lord puts in your heart
31:56 that you already know how to do.
31:58 And going partnership with your pastor,
32:02 ask him for ideas, don't work by yourself.
32:06 Amen.
32:08 Thank you so much for sharing with us today
32:10 your passion to see the city of Chicago
32:12 be reached for Christ.
32:14 May God bless you, and continue to bless you in your ministry
32:16 and what you're doing there as you do Business Unusual.
32:20 Amen.
32:31 It's hard to take the first step
32:36 When I don't know the way
32:40 Each turn is so uncertain
32:44 I learn to walk by faith
32:49 But You gave me a promise
32:53 That You will never leave
32:58 You will lead and guide me
33:02 Lord I do believe
33:07 Lead me lord
33:12 I will follow
33:17 Lead me Lord
33:21 I will go
33:26 You have called me
33:30 I will answer
33:35 Lead me Lord
33:38 I will go
33:44 Your plans for me are perfect
33:49 I never need to fear
33:53 And though at times I feel alone
33:58 I know that you are near
34:02 My heart just longs to follow
34:07 I'm willing to obey
34:11 Take my hand and guide me
34:16 I follow all the way
34:21 Lead me lord
34:26 I will follow
34:31 Lead me Lord
34:35 I will go
34:41 You have called me
34:45 I will answer
34:50 Lead me Lord
34:53 I will go
34:58 You have called me
35:03 I will answer
35:07 Lead me Lord
35:11 I will go
35:26 Amen.
35:30 Our next story this afternoon showing unusual activity,
35:34 unusual collaboration,
35:35 unusual business comes to us.
35:40 And I have on the platform with me
35:42 Rusty McKee, Dan Houghton, and Elder Mark Finley.
35:45 And I think you can see just by looking at this group
35:48 that there's some unusual things that could happen.
35:52 And so we are excited to have them here with us today.
35:58 You know, there's something about the ASI spirit that
36:03 when the business people see something that should happen,
36:07 they tend to become pretty active,
36:10 and almost get agitated
36:12 if it's not happening quickly, right?
36:14 And this project is an example of that as well.
36:18 Now today, I just want to ask Dan,
36:21 if he would just describe for us,
36:24 just briefly describe this project
36:27 and give us a little bit of background.
36:30 I know there's not much history
36:32 because it's happened pretty quickly,
36:34 but just give us a little description and background.
36:36 I'll do that, Steve.
36:37 We call this our Three Angels' Messages Project.
36:40 And it actually was born six weeks ago.
36:44 Amen. Okay?
36:45 And but it actually goes back a little further than that,
36:48 Rusty McKee and another friend of ours, Brad,
36:51 we were talking about this almost a year and a half ago
36:53 saying, "What can we do to get the three angels messages
36:56 ratcheted up in the attention of our kids?"
36:58 And I think,
37:00 you know, before I go into that description,
37:01 I'd like to have foundation as Rusty's experience,
37:04 and why it's driven.
37:06 He's the catalyst that made this happen.
37:07 All right, Rusty, share with us.
37:09 Well, so on the Sabbath afternoon,
37:11 I love taking hikes in the mountains,
37:14 right there in Collegedale,
37:15 right next to Southern Adventist University
37:18 on these beautiful trails.
37:19 And when I see these young folks
37:21 that look like college kids, I'll ask them,
37:23 "Hey, do you guys go to that college over there?"
37:26 And they'll say, "Yes."
37:28 And then I say, "Oh, then are you Seventh-day Adventist?"
37:31 And they say, "Yes."
37:33 And I go, "Oh, I got some more questions."
37:34 I said, "Do you guys believe that...
37:37 Are you guys...
37:38 Do you guys believe that you're Protestant?"
37:40 And there's a pause and most say yes.
37:44 And then I say, "Oh, fantastic,
37:45 so what are you protesting against?"
37:49 What I'm hoping to hear one of these days
37:51 is were protesting anything that is not biblically true,
37:56 haven't heard that yet.
37:57 Well, then I say I got more questions, and I say,
37:59 "Okay, so as Seventh-day Adventist 1 John 4:8,
38:03 you believe God is love
38:04 in everything from everything in His word,
38:07 and what He's done in the past,
38:08 and day and forevermore, is that right?"
38:10 Yes, solid answer. And I always love hearing that.
38:13 Well, then, here's my final question.
38:15 "Now, don't Adventist have this
38:17 first, second, and third angel's message.
38:19 And it's for the last days. It's right before Christ comes.
38:22 And could you share that with me
38:24 and more importantly,
38:26 share it in a way that I hear God's love
38:28 so it draws me to that message."
38:31 And there's a long pause.
38:33 A dozen years,
38:35 many of us and these students have
38:37 Seventh-day Adventist Christian education,
38:39 Why doesn't this flow just from our heart?
38:42 Amen.
38:44 So you saw a need.
38:46 You saw a need for some way to encourage
38:51 this three angels' messages to be highlighted more
38:55 in the teaching process in the classroom.
38:58 So what happened after that?
38:59 Okay, so basically what happens is
39:02 Rusty and our friend, Brad, called me
39:04 about a year and a half ago.
39:05 They were sitting at some place,
39:07 let's call Dan and get him involved in this discussion.
39:09 And so we started talking, I agreed,
39:10 hey, this is a wonderful idea.
39:12 And in our initial stages,
39:13 we were trying to be too complex
39:15 and trying to figure out two sophisticated ways.
39:18 Well, about six weeks ago
39:20 in a conversation I was having between the Sacramento Airport
39:23 and Weimar Institute where I was driving to,
39:25 on a phone call, we started saying,
39:27 "Well, you know, we could do something like this.
39:30 And besides that, the teachers convention
39:31 for every teacher in North America
39:33 comes together for every five years, Steve,"
39:36 and that's happening starting actually Monday in Chicago.
39:39 And so we said, "Hey, we could do this."
39:42 And so we said, "Let's just simply take a piece of art
39:46 that Nathan Green had done
39:48 for Doug Batchelor 19 years ago for his Net 99
39:52 of the three angels' messages."
39:54 Nathan's too busy
39:55 he's booked out to 2023 right now.
39:58 But hey, we could actually have another digital artist
40:00 that I know, we can work on this.
40:01 And so within just a matter of a few minutes,
40:05 we came up with a plan,
40:06 and then we began to execute,
40:08 and God began to open every door
40:09 right in front of us.
40:11 The digital artist says,
40:12 "I wish you'd have called me two weeks ago,
40:13 I had time and I..."
40:15 And before we finished our conversation,
40:16 he said, "Okay, I'll do it."
40:17 And he had it done in three days.
40:19 Pastor Mark was over in Greece at the time.
40:21 We said, "Okay, the wording on this,
40:23 we want him to sit down."
40:26 And so he got back on Wednesday.
40:28 And on Wednesday he called me
40:30 from when he got back into the US.
40:34 And I said, "Mark, I got a project,
40:36 and here's what I want.
40:37 I want you to think about
40:38 sitting down in front of your 10 year old granddaughter
40:40 and I want you to summarize and a couple of sentences
40:42 what each of the three angels' messages are,"
40:44 and I described what we were coming up with.
40:47 He said, "Well, I'll..."
40:48 He immediately said, he caught the visions
40:50 and said, "Okay, we can do it,
40:51 but I can't do it till Sunday morning."
40:52 I said, "Okay." That was Wednesday evening.
40:54 When I woke up in California,
40:56 West Coast time on Thursday morning,
40:59 I have an email from Mark,
41:00 and he's got the first draft of that done.
41:01 Amen.
41:03 I said, "Wow, this is coming together."
41:04 And then on top of that I called and checked out
41:07 where we could get it printed
41:09 because, you know, we sold our printing company.
41:10 We no longer own Color Press, it's gone.
41:13 But I started making arrangements,
41:14 who could I get to do this, and who would design it,
41:17 and all those pieces fell into perfect line.
41:19 And then the big piece was I called Larry Blackmer,
41:23 the Vice President of education for North America.
41:25 I said, "Larry, we're already going to be
41:27 at the North American Division Teachers Convention
41:29 on some other things with art.
41:31 What do you think about this idea?"
41:33 And he said, "I love it. Let's push it."
41:35 And so bottom line, what's happened, Steve,
41:37 is that we actually have already started shipping
41:41 this set of four posters that you see on the stage
41:44 to every classroom in North America,
41:47 not every school.
41:49 Every school gets a set of these for every classroom.
41:53 And in the meantime, we have contracted...
41:58 We have contracted with a group of educational writers
42:02 that regularly write curriculums,
42:05 and we are creating a two week curriculum.
42:07 In other words, for 10 school days,
42:10 we have a curriculum that will be downloadable
42:12 off the NAD Education a website
42:15 I'm going to tell you about in a minute.
42:16 And out of that material,
42:19 the teachers will have our first and second grade,
42:21 third and fourth grade, fifth and sixth grade,
42:23 seventh and eighth grade, nine through twelve,
42:25 there'll be a separate set of
42:26 lesson plans and study materials
42:28 to go with these posters for the classrooms
42:30 that they can download for free off of the internet
42:32 and use if they want.
42:33 Amen.
42:35 So we have now
42:36 in just a few weeks come together
42:38 with a project that has the potential
42:40 to impact every Seventh-day Adventist student
42:43 in the whole system of education
42:45 within our North American Division.
42:47 That's right, and not only the division,
42:50 but also all of our supporting ministry schools.
42:52 It's amazing what God is doing to bring this about.
42:56 I say that's business unusual.
42:58 Time must be short, God wants to do something.
43:01 This is our last day message. Amen.
43:03 This is not some other message. It's our last day message.
43:07 Elder Finley, I know you're here this afternoon,
43:10 and you have participated in this project.
43:15 You've been a part of this.
43:17 Share with us today how this affects your heart
43:20 as you think about what's happening.
43:22 I've stood on the great platforms of the world
43:24 head over 100 countries,
43:27 and I've seen the power of the three angels' messages,
43:31 touch hearts and change lives.
43:34 Let me tell you a story.
43:37 The World War II ended
43:39 September 2, 1945.
43:43 When the World War II ended,
43:46 there were many Jewish children
43:49 whose parents had been killed in the Holocaust.
43:54 These children during the World War II as Jews
43:57 were taken into Catholic orphanages.
44:00 So at the end of the World War II,
44:02 many rabbis wanted to recover the Jewish children
44:07 from the Catholic orphanages.
44:09 When they went there, the priest said,
44:11 "We have no Jewish children here."
44:13 The rabbi said, "Well, what about the names?"
44:16 They said, "Oh, those are Polish names.
44:18 We can't tell the difference.
44:19 There's no Jewish children here."
44:21 Rabbi Yosef Kahaneman went to a Catholic orphanage
44:24 and was turned away in the morning.
44:27 He went to some of the American soldiers
44:30 who were overseeing that area, and he said,
44:32 "Please, could you get me in at least at night?"
44:35 So they came back, negotiated with the priest,
44:37 and Rabbi Kahaneman was allowed to walk through the orphanage.
44:41 As he was walking through the orphanage,
44:43 he began to sing in Hebrew,
44:46 the Jewish Shema, Deuteronomy 6:4,
44:50 "The Lord our God is One Lord."
44:52 As he began to sing,
44:55 a five year old child began to cry
44:58 and say, "Mama, Mama."
44:59 A nine year old said, "Mama, Mama."
45:02 You see, every Jewish child knew the Shema.
45:07 They had been taught it from their earliest ages.
45:10 It was part of their DNA.
45:12 And Rabbi Kahaneman said, "That's one of mine.
45:14 That's one of mine. That's one of mine."
45:18 What's the Adventist DNA?
45:21 What's the Adventist DNA?
45:24 What is it that should boil the minds of our children
45:27 that should make us a unique people?
45:30 It's a message given, Revelation 14:6,
45:34 "I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven,
45:36 having the everlasting gospel to go to the ends of the earth,
45:39 to every nation, kindred, tongue,
45:41 and people saying with a loud voice,
45:44 fear God and give glory to Him,
45:46 for the obvious judgment has come."
45:48 Imagine every Seventh-day Adventist young person
45:52 graduating from an Adventist school,
45:54 eighth grade academy, college,
45:57 coming out with a passion for mission,
45:59 a passion to share the three angels' messages.
46:02 That's what this project is all about.
46:05 Amen.
46:14 Business Unusual
46:16 is the theme of our convention this year.
46:20 But, you know, I think it should be
46:21 the theme of our entire lives.
46:26 These days in which we live
46:28 are different than days in which we've lived before.
46:32 The collaboration that we've exhibited this afternoon
46:35 between the ministries,
46:39 the businesses, the business people,
46:42 the church, the church pastors,
46:45 the church administration needs to be carried on.
46:49 This doesn't need to end here.
46:51 What we're hoping to do is that
46:54 when you leave this place today,
46:56 you will be inspired to go home
46:59 and do something just a little bit different,
47:03 just a little bit unusual,
47:05 just a little bit challenging,
47:07 something that will require just a little bit of sacrifice
47:12 or maybe even a lot of sacrifice
47:17 or maybe even a lot of commitment
47:22 or maybe something that's not just a little bit different,
47:24 but a lot different than what we've done before
47:28 because I believe with all my heart
47:29 that Jesus wants to come soon.
47:34 While He could do all the work Himself,
47:36 He does not do that.
47:38 He allows us as sinful,
47:41 imperfect human beings to have a part
47:45 in what He's doing for the world.
47:48 This afternoon, we're gathered here.
47:52 It's not our closing meeting
47:53 because we have one more meeting after this.
47:56 We have some time to go back to the booth yet
47:58 this afternoon, this evening,
48:01 but I want you to go prayerfully,
48:04 and I want you to go carefully,
48:06 and I want you to begin to ponder,
48:08 "What is God calling me to do as an individual?"
48:14 It would be easy for us today to leave this place and say,
48:18 "Isn't it exciting to see
48:20 what Dan Houghton is doing through Heart Research,
48:23 and Rusty McKee is doing or Elder Finley is doing
48:26 or the Alvas are doing
48:28 or they're happening in Romania.
48:30 It's just so exciting. I'm glad I came to ASI."
48:34 And to go home and do nothing.
48:39 My challenge to you today
48:41 is to not let that happen.
48:44 God wants to use
48:45 every single person gathered here.
48:48 There are no exceptions.
48:51 It doesn't matter whether you're 98 or only 8.
48:56 God wants to use every one of us
48:59 to help get this three angels' message
49:03 to the entire world.
49:05 That's our commission.
49:07 That's our marching orders.
49:09 That's what we need to be doing.
49:12 And to say, we'll wait is a possibility,
49:17 but I don't think it's the right answer.
49:20 I think we need to say, "Yes, Lord, and now.
49:25 Use Me for whatever you want to do,
49:28 help Me that I would just dedicate my life entirely,
49:32 not partially, but entirely to do something for You.
49:37 Even if You make me get out of my comfort zone."
49:40 Amen.
49:42 Today, I thank you for coming.
49:44 Pastor Finley, we're getting raised in this.
49:47 I'm just wondering if you'd be willing
49:48 to pray for us this afternoon,
49:50 a prayer of dedication
49:53 and just, you know, we need.
49:55 I was here at the end of church service
49:58 and I happen to be standing behind the stage.
50:01 But we need that commitment today.
50:05 Would you pray for us?
50:07 Let's bow our heads together.
50:10 Our Father,
50:12 at the cross of Calvary,
50:15 You paid the infinite price for each one of us.
50:19 In there we find forgiveness, and grace,
50:23 and mercy, and power.
50:26 But there we find motivation,
50:29 motivation to share Your love,
50:31 motivation to share Your grace.
50:34 Father, You've equipped each one of us with gifts.
50:39 Those gifts are different,
50:41 each one of us have been gifted in different ways.
50:45 Just now in the quietness of this auditorium,
50:49 the best we know how,
50:51 we surrender our lives to You again,
50:54 we've done it many a times, we do it again this afternoon.
50:58 And we ask You in a special way to impress us
51:01 with what You want us to do,
51:04 impress us how to use the gifts
51:06 You've given us most effectively.
51:09 Impress us as we leave this place,
51:12 how to take another step.
51:14 There's something more,
51:16 much more that You have for us.
51:18 There are new doors of opportunity
51:21 that are opening,
51:22 new vistas for us to march into,
51:28 new horizons for us to cross over.
51:31 Father, grant to us
51:34 the spiritual eyesight to see
51:37 the opening doors of Your providence,
51:41 so that we can be part
51:43 of that message called the three angels'
51:47 to bring the everlasting gospel
51:49 to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.
51:52 So Jesus can come soon, we pray in Christ' name, amen.
51:56 Amen.
52:05 I invite you to sing together with us
52:06 a song of consecration,
52:09 "Take My Life and Let It Be.
52:12 Why don't we stand together?
52:15 Take my life, and let it be
52:20 Consecrated, Lord, to Thee
52:25 Take my hands, and let them move
52:31 At the impulse of Thy love
52:36 At the impulse of Thy love
52:42 Take my lips and let them be
52:47 Filled with messages from Thee
52:53 Take my silver and my gold
52:58 Not a mite would I withhold
53:03 Not a mite would
53:06 I withhold
53:10 Take my love, my Lord, I pour
53:15 At Thy feet its treasure store
53:20 Take myself, and I will be
53:26 Ever, only, all for Thee
53:31 Ever, only
53:34 All for Thee
53:39 Sing the last verse one more time.
53:45 Take my love, my Lord, I pour
53:50 At Thy feet its treasure store
53:55 Take myself, and I will be
54:00 Ever, only, all for Thee
54:06 Ever, only
54:09 All for Thee
54:14 I invite you to bow your heads as we pray together.
54:20 Father in heaven, we are so thankful
54:23 for Your Holy Spirit
54:24 that we see moving all around us.
54:27 We're thankful for the blessings
54:29 that You've showered upon us.
54:30 And we confess, we repent of our lack of faith,
54:35 of what You promised to do in and through us,
54:38 and that You would cover the earth with your glory.
54:42 We pray that You might increase our faith,
54:45 as the disciples prayed,
54:46 that we might enter with You into Your work.
54:50 Wherever we see You working,
54:51 we just pray that You will empower us, strengthen us.
54:55 We want Christ living in us through the Holy Spirit
54:57 that we might see the people around us
55:01 as You see them that we might love them as you love them
55:04 because we don't have that love in ourselves.
55:07 We know that You've loved us with an everlasting love,
55:10 You've drawn us with that everlasting love.
55:12 We know You're drawing them with Your everlasting love.
55:15 And we pray that
55:16 as that love flows through us and into the world,
55:20 that the world we lightened with Your glory,
55:25 that the reward that Christ so richly deserves
55:29 might be His'
55:30 and that He might be able to see
55:35 the travail of His soul and be satisfied.
55:39 We thank you for Your promise.
55:41 We thank You for the three angels' messages,
55:43 which are messages of hope, messages of faith,
55:46 the messages of Your power, the power of Your Word,
55:49 the power of creation and recreation,
55:52 the power to win everyone,
55:57 everyone who will not resist.
55:59 We know, we draw,
56:01 and as we lift up Christ to the world.
56:04 And to this end, Lord, we ask Your blessing,
56:07 we're so glad that we've been able to come together
56:10 and to share this time.
56:11 There's still Sabbath hours left, we pray,
56:13 You'll bless our fellowship, bless our conversation,
56:18 we pray that You'll bring us to meet the people even here
56:21 that we can minister to, we can partner with,
56:24 that Your work can be forwarded,
56:26 and that Jesus can come soon.
56:29 We pray all of these things in His mighty name, amen.


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