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00:19 Isn't this a wonderful, wonderful convention?
00:22 Yes.
00:24 I can't tell you how sad I am on the one hand
00:27 that it's going to be over this evening.
00:30 And on the other hand, it's been a marathon
00:32 in so many ways.
00:34 And we just praise the Lord
00:36 for the wonderful, wonderful convention
00:38 that we've had,
00:39 and I know this evening is going to be a real blessing.
00:43 And we want each and every one of you
00:45 to continue to carry the spirit of ASI
00:50 as you go home in your separate areas.
00:53 I ask you one more time
00:54 to please stand as we have our prayer.
01:00 Gracious, kind, heavenly Father,
01:03 what a blessing it has been to spend time together
01:07 to see our old friends and to meet new friends.
01:11 You have been so good to us, Lord,
01:13 and we thank you for the Sabbath day
01:15 that You have given us
01:17 and the many blessings that we have had
01:19 throughout this convention.
01:21 We pray that as we continue throughout the Sabbath evening,
01:25 and as we go our separate ways tomorrow
01:28 that we will carry the spirit of ASI
01:31 that we will share
01:33 and be able to be a witness to each and every person
01:36 that we come in contact with throughout the year ahead.
01:41 Give us Your Holy Spirit, Lord, and continue to bless us.
01:45 Be with each and every one
01:46 that's participating in the program this evening,
01:49 and pour out Your Holy Spirit upon them as well.
01:52 We thank You and praise You and ask this all
01:55 in Jesus' holy name, amen.
01:58 Amen. Please be seated.
02:01 On day one of our convention for those of you
02:03 who are here on our opening night,
02:05 Wednesday night,
02:06 we took the opportunity to introduce
02:09 a couple of new members of our team,
02:12 Dr Philip Batista, our new secretary treasurer
02:15 for ASI was introduced,
02:17 and that was a blessing that he's coming to us.
02:20 And also Sharon Robertson
02:23 who will be our new event planner for us,
02:26 event coordinator, event planner.
02:28 But tonight, we're taking an opportunity
02:30 to say our thank yous.
02:32 We're not saying goodbye
02:33 because Sharon is not going anywhere,
02:35 I'm sure she's going to be here at ASI in future times
02:40 because she's very connected to ASI.
02:43 I asked Sharon before we came.
02:44 I said, "What is the one thing...
02:46 What is the one thing about this ASI experience
02:49 that probably you take away more than anything else?"
02:54 And she said,
02:55 "It's about the friends that I have here at ASI."
02:58 And ASI gets to be like a family, doesn't it?
03:01 I don't know how you feel about it,
03:03 but I know for me, it's just like a family.
03:05 You come, you are associating with each other,
03:08 and God is blessing in so many ways,
03:10 and it's just like family, isn't it?
03:13 So tonight, Sharon is going to be retiring
03:18 after this convention in the process of that.
03:21 And so we just wanted to say thank you to Sharon,
03:24 11 years of service to ASI.
03:27 Amen?
03:32 We have two things for you tonight,
03:35 and we're going to give unto you in an illogical order.
03:39 First of all, I'm gonna ask Donna
03:40 to give you this gift,
03:42 and while I'm talking, I want you to open it up.
03:44 And then we're gonna give your flowers
03:46 'cause you can't juggle a gift and a flowers at the same time.
03:49 That's gonna create problem.
03:51 So again, it becomes like family.
03:54 Sharon has done a great job over the years of
03:57 helping to select venues and putting contracts in place
04:01 and solving problems for all of us
04:04 that we wouldn't want to have to deal with.
04:06 Think of all the meals that have been served
04:08 over the last 11 years to our ASI family
04:11 under our leadership of Sharon
04:15 as she has provided those contacts
04:18 and attended tasting events
04:20 and just on and on with all of the things
04:24 that an event planner has to do.
04:26 It's an amazing series of opportunities,
04:30 and patience, and diplomacy in an every other way.
04:34 She has been a great person for this job
04:37 and has really helped us over the years.
04:39 So, Sharon, we want to say a special thank you to you.
04:43 And I know you're trying to get this out
04:46 and struggling with it.
04:48 It's a world globe sitting inside of a glass case
04:53 that kind of balances itself in there and rotates.
04:57 And to remind you
04:59 that you have had an opportunity
05:01 to impact the world through the work of ASI.
05:05 So, Sharon, thank you.
05:06 May God bless you.
05:09 And in your years of retirement,
05:13 we pray that you will continue to return to ASI
05:16 and be a blessing to many more folks
05:18 through your association with us.
05:20 We have some flowers here for you this evening.
05:22 And again, our deep appreciation
05:26 for all that you have done
05:28 and all that you will yet do for the ASI family.
05:32 Is there anything you would like to say to our ASI family
05:36 or are you speechless?
05:38 Yeah, I'd say, I'm pretty close to speechless
05:40 and that usually never happens to me
05:42 but the only one word I can really say is,
05:45 thank you everybody for making ASI success every year
05:50 because without you,
05:52 we would be struggling here with no success.
05:54 So we are so thankful
05:55 that God has blessed ASI every year
05:57 for the last 11 years and beyond.
06:00 Thank you, Sharon. May God bless you.
06:02 Thank you to our team.
06:04 I just wanted to mention,
06:05 we have on the stage with you tonight
06:07 every president that she has served
06:09 under with the exception of one.
06:11 Norm couldn't be here this weekend
06:13 but otherwise all the presidents
06:15 she has served with are here.
06:16 And thank you so much.
06:18 And, Kyle, last couple of years has,
06:21 you know, been the secretary treasurer
06:23 so thank you, Sharon, again.
06:25 May God bless you.
06:27 Thank you.
06:34 I have the privilege tonight of introducing our speaker.
06:40 My first interaction with Taj Pacleb
06:44 was when I was 15-years-old
06:48 which was actually about 13 years ago
06:49 for those of you who are wondering
06:51 if it was last year.
06:56 I was 15-years-old,
06:57 sitting in the cafeteria of my high school,
07:00 Monterey Bay Academy,
07:02 and he was with a group of people
07:04 recruiting us for literature evangelism that summer.
07:09 He was also talking about a mission trip
07:11 he was going to to Ethiopia.
07:12 And I remember when he told me about it.
07:15 The Holy Spirit just moved down my heart as he explained
07:19 what they would be doing
07:21 as they would be preaching
07:23 to hundreds of people in Ethiopia.
07:27 And God worked it out for me to go on that trip,
07:31 and I had a life-changing experience
07:34 because of that invitation.
07:36 After that summer...
07:38 After that trip, I went that summer
07:40 to another majorly life-changing experience
07:46 which was Youth Rush,
07:48 a literature evangelism program.
07:51 And Taj and Wati were my leaders.
07:53 They taught me how to share my faith
07:55 going door-to-door.
07:57 I still remember Taj
07:59 running with me door-to-door
08:01 as we talked.
08:05 You know, it's hard not to cry
08:07 thinking about the influence that they've had in my life.
08:11 And I actually know that many people
08:13 have had that experience.
08:15 Taj and Wati have mentored
08:18 and trained hundreds of young people
08:21 all over this division in literature evangelism
08:25 and in all of types of evangelism.
08:27 And I'm so privileged to be one of those people.
08:29 I remember listening to Taj's worships
08:33 every morning,
08:34 and my heart would be breaking for Jesus
08:37 as a 16-year-old
08:40 as I heard about the Jesus who loved me.
08:45 And I remember,
08:48 just loving their zest for God
08:51 and for life, they were real people,
08:54 and yet they love Jesus so much.
08:57 I would go on to be his Bible worker
08:59 for three back-to-back evangelistic series
09:02 and was able to see even more of the dedication
09:05 and deep spirituality of Taj and Wati.
09:08 And since that time,
09:09 they've become my friends and my role models,
09:11 and I can genuinely say that God placed them in my life
09:15 to help build the foundation for who I am today.
09:19 I know countless people who can testify like me
09:22 how God has used them
09:24 to draw them into a greater experience with Him.
09:28 Taj worked for the Central California Conference
09:31 as the conference evangelist for several years.
09:34 And then in 2015, they stepped out in faith
09:37 to start Revelation of Hope Ministries.
09:41 Revelation of Hope is a faith based worldwide
09:44 evangelistic ministry based in Hawaii,
09:47 and its mission is to change the population of heaven
09:50 by sharing Christ in the context
09:52 of Three Angels' Messages in all the world.
09:56 I know from experience
09:57 that the greatest desire of Taj's heart tonight
10:01 is that you would consider the words of God through him
10:04 and that you wouldn't admire him
10:06 for his eloquence or fame,
10:08 but that you would listen
10:10 to the words of the Spirit of God,
10:12 and that you would open up your hearts in a special way
10:15 and allow Jesus to draw you
10:17 into a closer relationship with Him tonight.
10:20 God bless you.
10:25 Aloha!
10:28 Aloha! Aloha.
10:30 How many of you been to Hawaii before?
10:32 All right.
10:34 How many of you wish
10:35 you'd been through Hawaii before?
10:37 If I had the power to make a motion
10:40 that we have ASI in Hawaii one of these years,
10:43 how many of you would check-in that?
10:45 All in favor, say amen.
10:47 Amen! All right.
10:48 I talk to Brother Steve back stage and he said,
10:50 "Let's make it happen."
10:52 We do have a convention center there,
10:54 and I know many people think of Hawaii
10:55 as the place of vacation
10:57 but really, it's an awesome mission field.
10:59 People who are hungering and thirsting
11:01 for the truth of God's Word.
11:03 By the way, we brought a lot of evangelistic resources
11:05 and DVDs and we don't want to take it back to Hawaii.
11:08 So after this service is finish,
11:10 we want to invite you to come visit us
11:12 at our Revelation of Hope Ministry's booth
11:14 to get some of those free DVDs.
11:17 It's always an undeserved privilege
11:19 and a high honor to share God's Word tonight.
11:22 And I just want to thank God for that opportunity.
11:25 I invite you to take your Bible and turn with me
11:26 to the Book of Isaiah Chapter 58,
11:30 Isaiah Chapter 58.
11:32 As we open God's Word for the final charge
11:34 of this powerful weekend together,
11:37 the message I want to share with you
11:38 is very simple, stay on the wall.
11:42 We're going to Isaiah Chapter 58.
11:45 It's a chapter that it's written
11:46 especially for those of us
11:48 who are living during the time of the investigative judgment,
11:51 during the antitypical Day of Atonement.
11:53 And in this series and solemn time,
11:55 it's not going to be business as usual.
11:58 For it is a solemn time for a very solemn work,
12:01 a time for us to search our hearts
12:03 and afflict our souls
12:04 in preparation for the last days.
12:06 And it's the time for us to be engaged in that special facts
12:12 of unselfish ministry to others.
12:15 And in the climax of this chapter,
12:17 we find the prophetic role
12:19 that God would have us to play in these last days.
12:22 We're in Isaiah Chapter 58, if you're there,
12:24 would you please let me know by saying amen?
12:25 Amen.
12:27 And notice what it says in verse 12.
12:29 Dear Lord, we've opened Your Word.
12:32 Now open our heart, speak to us.
12:35 And we pray that the conviction will result
12:37 in a deeper conversion of our lives
12:40 that You'd truly bring revival
12:42 that would result in the reformation
12:44 and the restoration of humanity.
12:47 Please speak now is our prayer,
12:48 in Christ's name, amen.
12:50 Amen.
12:51 Bible says in Isaiah 58:12,
12:54 "And they that shall be of thee
12:55 shall build the old waste places:
12:58 thou shalt raise up the foundations
13:00 of many generations,
13:02 and thou shalt be called..."
13:03 Let's finish it together.
13:05 "The repairer of the breach,
13:07 and the restorer of paths to dwell in."
13:12 Here in this very popular well-known passage,
13:15 we find that the primary role
13:17 that God would have us to play in these last days
13:20 is that of rebuilder, repairer, and restorer.
13:25 But something only needs to be restored
13:27 or rebuild if it's broken.
13:30 Now how many of you know something about brokenness?
13:34 I don't know about you, but I grew up in a broken home,
13:37 dysfunctional family.
13:38 We never went to a church.
13:40 Growing up, I had no idea what was God or who was God.
13:43 And without a solid foundation of faith
13:45 and the walls of truth to protect me,
13:47 I started making terrible decisions
13:49 at a very young age.
13:51 I didn't know what SDA was or ASI or GYC or ABC
13:54 or these other letters that mean so much to us.
13:58 Totally ignorant of the things of God.
14:00 And as a result, my life, like the text says,
14:02 became an old waste place.
14:05 Wasting my time and wasting my mind on drugs,
14:08 searching for something to fill the void within.
14:11 That was me when I was 16-years-old.
14:13 But in that lost condition,
14:16 someone came and knocked on my door,
14:18 invited me to a Bible prophecy seminars,
14:20 spirit-filled, Bible-based lay led evangelistic outreach.
14:25 And I'm standing before you here tonight
14:27 because in those meetings, God, the God of restoration found me
14:31 and I've never been the same since.
14:33 And I want to share with you, friends, tonight,
14:34 you may be in the midst of brokenness,
14:37 a broken marriage, a broken home, a broken body,
14:40 a broken mind, a broken ministry,
14:41 a broken church.
14:43 But thank God that our God is the God of restoration.
14:46 And if you're thankful for the God of restoration,
14:48 say amen?
14:49 Amen.
14:50 He is the one that restores what the enemy has broken.
14:54 And thank God that His work is not to tear down
14:59 but to restore.
15:01 And as we allow the Lord to repair the brokenness in us,
15:05 it's then that He will repair
15:06 the brokenness of the world through us,
15:08 for this verse not only describes
15:10 our natural condition without God,
15:12 but it also describes
15:14 our supernatural commission for God
15:16 to repair the brokenness of humanity,
15:18 the brokenness of truth.
15:20 And so it tells us
15:22 that the primary prophetic role of God's people is rebuilder,
15:26 restorer, and repairer.
15:28 The book Desire of Ages tells us
15:30 that the very essence of the gospel is what?
15:35 Is restoration.
15:36 And so those of us
15:38 who are recipients of the gospel
15:39 are called to be participants
15:41 in their very unusual special work of restoration.
15:45 But, friends, I want you to consider with me
15:47 that it takes no skill to tear down,
15:50 but it requires unusual and great wisdom,
15:53 commitment, and love to build up.
15:57 Some of you may know that earlier this year,
15:59 my family were victims of arson.
16:03 A thief came in the night
16:05 and my family home was destroyed by fire.
16:08 It was a terrible devastating experience.
16:11 The fire caused over $700,000 of damage.
16:15 It could have easily taken our life.
16:16 That's the fire that our home was destroyed by.
16:21 And it was tragic.
16:22 We made it out just in the nick of time.
16:26 It could have easily taken our lives.
16:27 And I thank God, we're all safe,
16:28 we all made it out,
16:30 and everything that can be replaced
16:31 is going to be replaced.
16:32 Thank God for fire insurance too, amen?
16:35 But there is so many blessings in the blaze.
16:38 One of the blessings
16:39 is that I was able to speak to the entire state of Hawaii
16:43 across three television news stations
16:45 about 50 minutes after the fire was extinguished.
16:48 I was on live TV,
16:50 and because I knew there was live TV,
16:52 I knew they wouldn't cut me off.
16:53 So I just kept talking and talking
16:55 and talking about Jesus.
16:58 I was saying, you know, it's a mess in there
17:00 but God take a mess and turn it into a message.
17:03 We're victims but God can take a victim
17:04 and make them a victor in Christ.
17:07 You know what I said? I said, you know what?
17:08 By the way, this whole world, one day, is gonna be on fire.
17:11 But the Bible says,
17:12 "He that does God's will will abide forever."
17:14 Amen? Amen!
17:17 Now I never thought when I went to bed that night
17:22 that in a few hours,
17:23 three or four o'clock in the morning,
17:25 I'd have the chance to speak to my entire state
17:26 but God does wonderful things.
17:28 Amen? Amen.
17:29 And by the way, you can see the whole news report
17:31 if you go on our YouTube channel.
17:32 Just type in Blessings from the Blaze,
17:36 and you can see the whole thing.
17:37 It's a powerful thing of the Lord.
17:38 What the enemy meant for evil, God turned it around for good.
17:40 And it just gave us more fuel
17:42 that if a devil is gonna bring destruction to us,
17:44 we need to bring destruction to his kingdom.
17:47 And the only way we can do that is
17:48 by lifting up Christ.
17:50 Amen?
17:51 And so right now, we're in the rebuilding process,
17:53 the restoration process.
17:54 And I learned that restoration is a process in two phases,
17:59 demolition and rebuilding.
18:02 You see, before the home can be rebuilt,
18:04 the damaged interior of the house
18:06 needs to be torn down.
18:08 And it took the demolition crew just one week,
18:11 but it's gonna take the rebuilding crew
18:13 several months.
18:14 My friends, it takes no skill to tear down,
18:18 but it requires great wisdom, commitment, and love
18:21 to build up and that's the same
18:24 with the restoration work of God.
18:25 My friends, in our world today,
18:27 there are many spiritual walls that must be torn down,
18:31 walls of selfishness and sin and spiritual lies
18:34 that separate us from God and one another.
18:36 As Protestants, God is calling us to cry aloud
18:39 and spare not and to lift up our voice like a trumpet,
18:43 and call sin by its right name.
18:45 And the reason why
18:46 is because before the truth can make us free,
18:48 we first must know the lie that holds us in captivity.
18:53 There are many spiritual walls that need to be torn down.
18:56 But, friends, you realize that there's some ministries
19:00 within the church.
19:02 Has spend most of their time in tearing down
19:05 and they spent little time in building up.
19:08 People who are so consumed with the counterfeits
19:12 that they rarely talk about the truth.
19:14 People who are so focused on the beast,
19:16 they end up losing sight of the lamb.
19:19 Sometimes, we can emphasize all the rules and the reforms
19:22 without pointing to the relationship
19:24 that gives us the power.
19:25 We forget that our religion is not a negative religion,
19:29 consisting in various prohibitions,
19:32 ours is a positive religion that offers
19:34 something better than what the world offers.
19:36 Amen? Amen.
19:38 And that's the watchman of Christianity
19:40 of all true education, something better.
19:44 But then there are those who like to err out
19:46 all the dirty laundry of the church
19:49 for the world to see on YouTube.
19:51 Ministries and individuals
19:52 who seem to rejoice over the evils
19:55 that they see and they're eager to publish it to the world.
19:58 They're in the business of tearing down
20:00 instead of building up.
20:02 These are end time Pharisees
20:04 who live to criticize the folks
20:07 and the mistakes of others.
20:08 And unfortunately,
20:10 they use it as an opportunity to line their pockets
20:12 with tight money,
20:13 thinking that they're doing the work of God
20:15 and yet they're revealing the fruits of the enemy
20:18 who seeks to divide us,
20:19 deter us and distract us from the work of restoration.
20:23 Friends, listen, especially those of you
20:24 who live in Orlando,
20:26 not everything that glitters is gold,
20:29 not every rainbow represents the promise of God,
20:32 not every preacher is telling the truth,
20:35 not every church is the church of God,
20:37 not every biblical counselor will offer you biblical counsel
20:40 and keep your business a secret.
20:43 My friends, God has called us not to tear down
20:47 but to build up.
20:48 And not every worker for God
20:50 is doing the work of restoration.
20:53 God has called us to do that work.
20:55 Amen? Amen.
20:56 And so what does that mean
21:00 practically and prophetically?
21:03 If our primary work is not to tear down
21:05 but to build up, what does that mean?
21:07 It takes no skill to tear down,
21:09 it requires great commitment to build up.
21:11 What does it mean prophetically and practically?
21:14 I want to look at that little bit deeper.
21:16 As we consider the context of this Isaiah 58 commission,
21:21 as the sacred record tells us but the context is this.
21:26 Because of the abominations of Israel,
21:29 the kingdom of Babylon would invade Jerusalem
21:31 and bring desolation to the city.
21:34 The walls were breached, the temple was burnt.
21:37 And God's people were enslaved in Babylonian bondage.
21:40 But after many decades of desolation,
21:42 God opened the way for a brand new beginning.
21:45 After 70 years, Babylon is fallen.
21:49 And now God was calling His people to come out of her.
21:53 It was time to go back to Jerusalem
21:56 to be engaged in the work of restoration.
21:59 And so they went back, you know the story.
22:02 Eventually, the temple was rebuilt
22:04 but there was still a breach in the wall
22:06 even after three Persian decrees,
22:09 the work was not yet finished.
22:11 There was a breach in the wall.
22:13 And for a time, God's people ceased the work on the wall,
22:17 the work had begun but it wasn't finished.
22:20 My friends, as we think about this ancient story,
22:23 let us remember, the Bible tells us,
22:25 "That which has been is that which shall be."
22:29 There is deep prophetic significance of this story
22:32 for us in these last days where in the year 1844,
22:37 a mighty prophetic movement began.
22:40 The first angel began to cry out
22:43 that the hour of God's judgment is come.
22:46 In that prophetic year,
22:47 the first angel gave that message,
22:49 the time had come for the sanctuary in heaven
22:51 to be cleansed and restored.
22:54 It was time to follow Jesus
22:56 into the most holy place experience.
22:59 But as that message went out,
23:01 those who rejected that message and did not follow Jesus
23:04 into that experience,
23:06 they ended up falling into Babylonian confusion.
23:09 And when that happened,
23:11 the second angel began to sound.
23:12 The second angel said, "Babylon is fallen, is fallen."
23:17 God was calling His people
23:18 to come out of the fallen churches of Babylon
23:20 that had rejected the first angel's message.
23:23 And those who came out,
23:26 you know, when you come out of something,
23:28 simultaneously, you're coming in
23:31 to something else.
23:33 Coming into what?
23:34 The final prophetic movement of destiny
23:36 that God had risen up for such a time as this,
23:39 to finish the work of rebuilding the breach
23:42 in the wall of truth.
23:43 And so the third angel began to cry after that.
23:46 The third angel saying,
23:47 "Here is the patience of the saints.
23:49 Here are they that keep the commandments of God
23:51 and the faith of Jesus."
23:55 Here's the movement,
23:56 a church called to preach the pure,
23:59 complete gospel message of restoration
24:02 in all of the world like the Jews of old.
24:06 It was a movement called to rise up out of Babylon,
24:09 to rebuild the sacred temple of God's sanctuary message,
24:13 and to finish the unusual work of restoration.
24:17 And so in 1844, the wonderful work
24:21 of the last days began.
24:23 Our forefathers of faith
24:25 laid a solid foundation of truth for our feet.
24:28 They began to publish and preach it
24:30 to whomever would listen,
24:31 and from humble beginnings
24:33 this movement spread rapidly to every nation,
24:36 kindred, tongue, and people.
24:37 The walls of truth were being rebuilt,
24:39 and the prophetic paths were being restored.
24:43 But 170 years have gone by since then,
24:46 and there is still unfinished business.
24:50 The work is not yet done.
24:52 There is still a breach in the wall,
24:55 and Jesus has not yet returned.
24:57 Our faith has yet to meet our eyes.
25:00 And we are still waiting for the return of King Jesus.
25:03 But here's the good news, friends.
25:05 What the three angels failed to finish
25:07 in the 1800s and 1900s,
25:09 the fourth angel of Revelation 18
25:11 will bring to completion.
25:14 Is this, is the fourth and final decree
25:17 that will finish the work upon the wall?
25:20 And so it's in this context
25:23 that God rose up a man of opportunity,
25:26 a simple layman used by God
25:29 to initiate a powerful revival
25:31 that would bring the finishing of the work upon the wall.
25:35 And, my friends, his story, his story points us
25:39 to three essential things that we need
25:42 for a finished work now.
25:44 And those three things,
25:45 I want to give you right up front.
25:47 The three things are these,
25:48 focus, fusion, and faithfulness.
25:52 Focus, fusion, and faithfulness.
25:55 For the sake of time, we will summarize his story.
25:59 His name, Nehemiah, it means Jehovah comforts.
26:03 He was the spiritual giant amongst the people.
26:06 He wasn't a prophet, he wasn't a priest,
26:07 he wasn't a king, he was a simple layman,
26:10 one of the thousands of Hebrew captains
26:12 exiled as a stranger in a foreign land.
26:15 But divine providence had led him
26:17 to the place of privilege and position
26:20 in the kingdom of Persia.
26:22 He was the king's cupbearer,
26:23 a position of great responsibility and trust.
26:26 He was granted the privilege of living
26:28 in the comfortable palace of the king.
26:31 But in that comfortable palace,
26:33 Nehemiah could not be comforted.
26:35 The luxuries of royalty
26:36 and the financial securities of the kingdom
26:39 offered to him no rest at all.
26:41 For how can he rest when his city was in ruins
26:45 and his people enslaved.
26:47 And so the comfortable palace was not a place to be desired
26:51 while his people were lost.
26:53 My friends, Jesus feels the same way about you
26:56 and me today.
26:58 And so Nehemiah, I can imagine, he began to think to himself,
27:01 "There's got to be more to life than this."
27:04 He began to think to himself,
27:05 "I'm sick and tired of business as usual."
27:09 He began to sense a higher, holier calling upon his life.
27:12 He began to realize that he was created
27:14 for something more than what he was doing,
27:17 more than just living in the palace
27:19 and giving juice to the king,
27:21 and the fact that
27:23 he was not living out his divine purpose
27:25 and reaching his full potential
27:27 was a heavy burden on his heart.
27:29 And, my friends, as we think about
27:31 the life of this layman of old,
27:32 the question comes to us tonight.
27:35 What burdens you?
27:37 What keeps you up at night?
27:39 What troubles you?
27:41 Do you have a burden for the unfinished work of God?
27:44 Or are you burdened by things
27:46 that don't really matter in light of eternity?
27:49 Concerned with your own comforts,
27:51 absorbed in your own agenda, captivated by your own career,
27:55 engrossed with your own goals
27:57 while all the while the house of God
27:59 and the walls of truth are broken down.
28:02 My friends, listen carefully.
28:04 We were created to live
28:05 for something more than our selves.
28:07 We were created to live
28:09 for something more than just the nine-to-five job,
28:11 the status quo, the typical, the usual,
28:13 the ordinary, and the common.
28:15 Desire of Ages tells us
28:16 that higher than the highest human thought
28:18 can reach is God's ideal for you.
28:23 We're created for the glory of God
28:26 and the blessing of others.
28:27 And this divine call was placed upon our lives
28:30 at the moment of conception.
28:32 Somebody said like this,
28:34 "Your job is what you're paid for,
28:35 but your calling is what you're made for."
28:38 Don't allow your job to be an excuse to neglect your call,
28:41 but allow the Lord to use your job
28:43 as a means to fulfill that call of glorifying God,
28:47 blessing others,
28:49 and rebuilding the walls of truth.
28:51 For only as we live out that call,
28:53 we truly find comfort, rest, and satisfaction in life.
28:58 Amen?
28:59 So Nehemiah understood that he wasn't called
29:02 simply to stay in and enjoy the luxuries of the palace.
29:06 He wasn't called to do something
29:08 that the irreligious could have easily done.
29:11 And as the conviction of his call grew stronger,
29:14 his spiritual focus grew clearer.
29:17 He began to focus on living for a cause
29:20 that was greater than himself.
29:22 And by the way, friends, he didn't need a title,
29:24 or position, or a paycheck to do it.
29:27 All he needed was simply a greater cause to live for,
29:31 and even a cause that was worth dying for.
29:33 Can you say amen? Amen.
29:34 My wife and I have the privilege of traveling
29:36 and doing evangelism all over the world,
29:38 and it's a wonderful privilege.
29:40 But before we started
29:42 our supporting ministry of the church a few years ago,
29:45 we were blessed to work in the conference
29:47 as conference evangelists
29:48 and doing literature ministries,
29:49 and we were there for at least 12 years
29:51 and had a wonderful time.
29:53 About 10 of those 12 years,
29:54 we were on the ordination track,
29:56 but unfortunately
29:57 because of certain church policies,
29:59 we were not able to be ordained.
30:00 And you know, for a while, that bothered me
30:02 but I began to realize that God can use all of us,
30:06 and we don't need a title, position, or paycheck,
30:08 we just need something to live for,
30:10 and God is going to do something special,
30:12 very unusual in the last days.
30:15 He's gonna call 11th hour workers
30:17 from the plow to the pulpit to do a mighty work.
30:20 And as the book Great Controversy tells us,
30:22 these will not be qualified by literary institutions
30:25 but rather by the unction of the Holy Spirit
30:28 and that's what we need now, friends.
30:34 And Nehemiah understood that.
30:36 And so just like a bald eagle
30:38 whose eyes were fixed on his prey,
30:40 Nehemiah began to focus on living for a cause
30:44 that was greater than himself.
30:46 And as a humble layman,
30:48 he did a work that others had neglected to do.
30:51 Friends, I want to be like Nehemiah.
30:52 How about you? Amen?
30:54 So Nehemiah did two things.
30:56 Number one, he knelt down in prayer.
30:59 And then number two, he got up off his knees
31:02 and he offered himself
31:04 as the answer to his own prayer.
31:06 My friends,
31:08 Nehemiah didn't wait for somebody else
31:10 to move before he did.
31:11 He took the responsibility upon himself.
31:14 Nehemiah knew that when prayers go up,
31:16 wisdom, and power, and blessings come down.
31:19 He had a "Here I am, send me" kind of attitude.
31:23 And like Nehemiah, today, perhaps you feel like
31:25 there's nothing happening in your local church.
31:28 Perhaps the services are lifeless
31:30 and the sermons are stale,
31:32 or maybe the attitude of some of the church members
31:34 are as cold as an Arctic winter,
31:36 or maybe the outreach of your local church
31:38 only extends to the borders of the church property.
31:41 Oh, friends, when you look upon the broken walls,
31:43 you just got two options.
31:45 Either you're going to sit down and complain about it,
31:49 or you're going to kneel down,
31:51 then stand up and do something about it.
31:54 God calls us to do the latter.
31:56 He is looking for someone, friends,
31:58 who are dissatisfied with business as usual.
32:01 He's looking for just one who will stand up
32:04 and be an agent of change in their community.
32:06 And so, my friends,
32:07 if there's a work to be done, do it.
32:10 If there's something that needs to be said, say it.
32:13 If there's a message to be given, give it.
32:15 If there's a need that needs to be supplied, meet it.
32:18 If there's a check that needs to be written, write it.
32:21 If there's a position
32:22 that needs to be filled, fill it.
32:24 If there's a promise
32:25 that needs to be claimed, claim it.
32:27 And that's exactly what Nehemiah did.
32:30 He knew that if God would open the doors,
32:32 He would also provide the means
32:35 because if it's God's will, it's God's bill.
32:37 Amen? Amen.
32:38 And indeed, the doors were open,
32:40 the means were provided.
32:42 And so he went back
32:43 to reveal the broken walls of Jerusalem.
32:45 I want to be like Nehemiah, how about you?
32:48 And upon arriving in Jerusalem,
32:49 Nehemiah did something interesting.
32:51 He didn't begin the work right away.
32:54 The sacred record tells us that Nehemiah
32:56 took the first three days simply to pray,
33:00 to observe the condition of the work and simply to pray,
33:03 because Nehemiah understood
33:05 that this was no ordinary endeavor,
33:07 it was an unusual work
33:10 that required unusual wisdom and power.
33:12 And so when Nehemiah came to Jerusalem,
33:14 you have to understand
33:16 that he came invested with the authority
33:18 of the king of Persia.
33:20 He had the power and the position
33:22 and the resources to begin
33:24 to order the people of God to start working.
33:27 But Nehemiah wasn't a dictator nor was he a micromanager.
33:31 He was a true lay leader.
33:33 He did not use his position or his resources
33:37 to boss people around.
33:39 Instead of giving dictatorial commands,
33:41 he simply gave an appeal to the heart.
33:44 Why?
33:45 Because Nehemiah understood the second thing that we need
33:48 for a finished work now, not only individual focus,
33:51 but Nehemiah understood that
33:53 in order for the work to be finished,
33:54 there had to be corporate fusion.
33:58 Not only focus, but fusion.
34:02 He knew that the work could not be completed
34:04 from the top down but rather from the bottom up.
34:07 The people needed to catch the vision,
34:09 they needed to own the endeavor.
34:11 So instead of enforcing their hands,
34:13 Nehemiah sought to win their hearts.
34:16 Why?
34:17 Because the union of hands and heart
34:20 between the laity and the clergy
34:23 was essential for a completed work.
34:25 The same is true for us today, friends.
34:27 My beloved, brothers and sisters,
34:29 we need one another in order to finish the work.
34:33 Our mission is called the Great Commission,
34:36 not the great competition.
34:38 And the word commission is two words.
34:39 It's a mission that requires the cooperation
34:43 of two or more parties.
34:45 As self-supporting ministries,
34:46 we need the support of the church.
34:48 And as a church,
34:49 we need the work of self-supporting ministries.
34:51 We can't do it alone, we need one another
34:53 because the fiery fusion of unity
34:56 result in spiritual synergy
34:58 that will finish the work, friends.
35:00 That's what we need to be praying for.
35:02 There's some people that I can reach
35:04 that you may not be able to reach.
35:06 Surely, there are people that you can reach
35:07 that I can't reach.
35:08 But if we work together, we can reach the whole world.
35:11 Amen? Amen.
35:12 United we stand, divided we fall.
35:15 And so, friends, let us stand upon the wall
35:19 and let's do it together.
35:20 Amen? Amen.
35:21 So Nehemiah got connected to God vertically.
35:24 And then when he went to Jerusalem,
35:26 he got connected
35:28 with the people of God horizontally.
35:30 And, friends, when there's a vertical connection
35:32 and a horizontal connection, what do you have?
35:35 You have a cross.
35:36 This is what I'd like to call cross-centered unity.
35:39 It's not an ecumenical unity.
35:41 It's a cross-centered unity.
35:44 And, friends, wherever there's a cross,
35:46 there is death to self, selfishness, sin,
35:51 and spiritual pride.
35:53 And it is cross-centered unity
35:55 that is the prerequisite for finished work
35:58 because it's the self sacrificing love
36:00 demonstrated upon the cross
36:01 that's going to win the world for Christ.
36:04 And so the record tells us that the people of God
36:06 began to work as one man,
36:08 a mighty movement to finish the work.
36:11 But then the record tells us
36:13 that there was a three-fold union
36:17 that united together
36:18 to try to stop the work upon the walls.
36:21 You can read it in Nehemiah Chapter 6,
36:23 their names, Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem,
36:26 a three-fold union.
36:27 They came together, and they united,
36:29 and they tried to get Nehemiah to come down from the wall.
36:33 They said to Nehemiah, come,
36:35 let us meet in such and such a place.
36:37 It seemed like they wanted diplomatic relations,
36:40 an ecumenical truth so to speak but the real agenda,
36:45 get Nehemiah off the wall and cause the work to cease.
36:49 But the Bible tells us that Nehemiah
36:51 would not be called down by compromise,
36:54 he allowed nothing to distract him from his duty.
36:57 Faithfulness was more important
36:59 than compromising with the enemy.
37:01 And so he simply said, "I can't.
37:03 I'm doing a great work.
37:04 I can't come down.
37:06 Why should I come down and cause the work to cease
37:08 while meeting with you?"
37:10 And so he continued faithfully upon the wall.
37:12 And the record tells us
37:14 that the wall was finished in 52 days.
37:16 How many days?
37:18 Because there was no breach in their unity,
37:21 there was no breach in the wall.
37:24 My friends, what does this have to do with us today?
37:27 Listen very carefully.
37:30 Today, there are multitude of forces
37:33 both seen and unseen that are uniting together,
37:37 seeking to get God's people off of the wall of truth,
37:42 the wall of mission, and the wall of love.
37:44 Coalitions are uniting to call us down and compromise
37:48 so that the walls of truth may be demolished.
37:51 And in this age of compromise, I urge you, friends,
37:55 don't fall, stay on the wall.
37:58 Just as there was a three-fold union
38:00 that united against Nehemiah,
38:02 so too does the Book of Revelation
38:03 predict a three-fold union that's going to unite
38:06 to try to stop God's work, the dragon, the beast,
38:09 the false prophet, that Spiritualism, Catholicism,
38:12 and apostate Protestantism,
38:14 and friends, these are the movements
38:16 that are already united together.
38:19 An ecumenical movement
38:20 that mistakenly looks upon the walls of truth
38:23 as divisive and a barrier to unity.
38:26 The loud cry of the apostate churches of the world is
38:29 tear down this wall.
38:32 "Forget about absolute doctrinal truths,
38:35 just give us love," they say.
38:38 "We don't need the truth
38:39 as long as we have the spirit, "
38:41 but it's a counterfeit spirit
38:43 that leads to a counterfeit truth.
38:45 And, my friends, as we see the prophecies of Revelation 13
38:47 being fulfilled before our very eyes,
38:50 and as the world gathers together
38:52 and is following the beast, I urge you, my friends,
38:55 don't fall, stay on the wall.
38:58 Today, we live in a world where human reason
39:00 is being exalted above divine revelation,
39:03 a time where humanism
39:05 is getting a foothold in many churches
39:08 where church members are rejecting
39:10 absolute doctrinal truths,
39:11 and they're replacing it
39:13 with subjective personal experiences
39:15 that the devil can easily manipulate.
39:18 A time when emotionalism is taking the place
39:21 of deep searching of heart,
39:22 a time when theatrics are taking the place
39:25 of the preaching of the pure Word of God.
39:27 And, friends, as we see multitudes
39:29 being swept away by the current of religious relativism,
39:32 I urge you today, friends, don't fall, stay on the wall.
39:37 Today, we live in a world of mass media distraction,
39:41 internet and television and social media,
39:44 all of these sound bites and flashing lights,
39:46 demanding our time and diverting
39:48 our attention from what Jesus is doing for us
39:51 in the sanctuary above.
39:52 And as the enemy seeks to desensitize us
39:55 by worldly attractions and distractions,
39:57 I urge you, friends, don't fall, stay on the wall.
40:02 Then there's the virus
40:04 of dry religious formalism infecting the church.
40:08 Religious distracters, the major and the minors,
40:12 and minor and the majors,
40:13 and they forget the weightier matters of the law like love,
40:16 justice, and mercy.
40:18 In the land of Laodicea,
40:20 many people are becoming comfortable in complacency,
40:23 lazy, and lukewarmness,
40:25 and are rigid in self righteous formality.
40:29 We boast that we have the right answers,
40:31 but all the while we lacked the right spirit.
40:34 Our heads are full with the theory of truth,
40:36 but our hearts are empty of the person of truth.
40:39 And we're like the Pharisees of old.
40:42 Sometimes bringing that adulterous woman to Jesus,
40:46 calling sin by its right name, wanting to accuse her,
40:50 quoting the law, calling sin by its right name,
40:54 while all the while
40:55 their own hearts were more guilty
40:57 because of their pride and self righteousness,
40:59 more guilty than the one
41:01 that they're ready to throw stones at.
41:04 My friends, as the devil is trying to knock us down
41:07 into the ditch of legalism, I urge you, don't fall,
41:12 stay on the wall.
41:14 Then there's that other equally dangerous ditch
41:16 on the other side of the wall called liberalism,
41:20 the idea that God is not particular
41:22 and that he has no standards.
41:23 It is the gospel that cheapens the expensive grace of God
41:27 and makes it a license to sin.
41:29 It is a one-sided preaching,
41:31 one-sided programs and projects
41:34 that try to divorce God's love from God's law.
41:37 It tries to separate Jesus from prophecy
41:39 and prophecy from Jesus,
41:41 mercy from justice and justice from mercy.
41:44 But these two should never be separated.
41:46 What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.
41:50 And so as the devil is trying to knock us down
41:52 into the ditch of liberalism, I urge you today, friends,
41:56 don't fall, stay on the wall.
42:00 As the devil seeks to divide us with rigid legalism
42:05 and loose liberalism,
42:06 the solution is not to try to avoid one another
42:09 on either side of the wall,
42:11 but for each of us to come up higher,
42:13 to let Jesus lift us up on the wall of divine love.
42:17 For it is upon the wall of love
42:19 that we learned the perfect blend and balance
42:21 with justice and mercy,
42:23 a beautiful balance of spirit and truth.
42:27 And so, my beloved church,
42:28 let's stay on the wall together.
42:30 Let us love one another,
42:32 let us work together to finish the work.
42:34 Like Nehemiah, let it be our cry,
42:37 "We will not come down from the wall."
42:39 When someone mistreats you,
42:41 and you feel like getting angry,
42:42 stay on the wall.
42:44 When there are tears in the church
42:45 that make you feel like leaving the church, stay on the wall.
42:48 When you go through tragedy and you don't understand why,
42:51 stay on the wall.
42:53 When life becomes overwhelming and you feel like giving up,
42:55 stay on the wall.
42:56 When your own carnal flesh
42:58 is pulling into forbidden waters,
43:01 remain on the wall.
43:04 My friends, as we finish ASI and get ready to go back
43:08 to our respective fields,
43:09 let us remember
43:11 that a finished work in this generation
43:12 requires three things.
43:14 Number one, unusual focus.
43:17 Number two, unusual fusion.
43:20 And number three, unusual faithfulness.
43:22 How many of you see your need today
43:24 of God's focus, fusion and faithfulness?
43:26 How many want to say,
43:27 "Lord, help me to remain on the wall"?
43:29 Now as we close,
43:30 what enables us to remain on the wall?
43:33 My friends,
43:35 is because Jesus remained on the wall for us.
43:40 While the walls of humanity were broken, like Nehemiah,
43:44 Jesus could find no rest in the heavenly palace.
43:47 So he came to the world to rebuild the broken walls.
43:51 But in the garden of the olive press,
43:53 Jesus was pressed to come off the wall,
43:56 tempted to abort his mission
43:57 and return to the heavily palace,
43:59 but just Jesus remained on the wall.
44:01 What he said, "Not my will, Thy will be done."
44:05 But then upon Mount Calvary,
44:07 Jesus was tempted to come off the wall.
44:09 Notice what it says, Matthew 27,
44:11 "Those who passed by blasphemed him,
44:14 wagging their heads and saying,
44:16 You who destroy the temple and," what?
44:19 "Build it in three days, save Yourself.
44:22 If you're the Son of God, come down from the cross."
44:25 My friends, what was Jesus doing on the cross?
44:28 He was building something,
44:30 He was rebuilding the broken walls of humanity.
44:33 And as humanity
44:35 was tearing down divinity of the cross,
44:37 divinity was rebuilding humanity.
44:39 You see, it takes no skill to tear down,
44:42 but it requires great wisdom and love to build up.
44:44 That's what Jesus demonstrated at Calvary.
44:47 And then they began
44:49 to attack His faith in His Father.
44:50 Matthew 27:43 says, "He trusted in God.
44:54 Let Him the Father deliver Him that is the Son,
44:58 if He the father would have Him the Son,
45:01 for He said 'I am the Son of God.' "
45:03 My friends, you understand what they were saying here.
45:06 What they were saying was this.
45:07 Not only do we not want you, not even God wants you.
45:12 If God wants you, He would deliver you,
45:14 but the fact he's not shows that even God has forsaken you.
45:18 God hates you, God has cursed you.
45:21 He despises you, He has left you,
45:23 He's given upon you.
45:25 So you might as well give up on Him
45:27 and come down from the cross.
45:29 Save yourself, save self, save self.
45:33 Has the devil ever whispered that in your ears, friends?
45:37 This was the agonizing temptation of Christ.
45:41 We will face a similar temptation
45:42 in the last days,
45:44 a time where we as God's people
45:45 will be forsaken by man and seemingly forgotten by God,
45:49 a time when the whole world will be against us
45:51 and heaven will be silent.
45:52 And in that crisis hour that which we need
45:55 to remain on the wall is the faith of Jesus.
46:00 What was the faith of Jesus?
46:01 Listen, listen, listen.
46:03 Christ understood that in tempting Him
46:07 without realizing it,
46:08 they were actually fulfilling Bible prophecy.
46:12 When they said,
46:14 "He trusted in God, let God deliver Him."
46:16 They were actually quoting from a Messianic Prophecy
46:19 in Psalms 22:8.
46:22 "He trusted on the Lord that He would deliver Him:
46:25 let Him deliver Him, seeing He delights in Him."
46:29 And so as the people tempted Christ by quoting verse 8,
46:33 Jesus overcame that temptation by quoting verse 1.
46:39 He said in verse 1, He quoted this verse,
46:42 "My God, My God,
46:45 why hast thou forsaken me?"
46:50 You have to understand, friends,
46:52 that that was both an interrogative
46:54 and a declarative statement.
46:57 Jesus was asking His Father, why He had forsaken Him
47:00 because that's exactly how He felt.
47:03 But in asking that question,
47:04 Jesus was also declaring
47:06 that even though I feel like You have forsaken Me, Father,
47:09 I will not forsake You.
47:11 Jesus didn't say,
47:12 "God, God, why have You forsaken me?"
47:14 He said, "My God, My God."
47:18 In other words, "Father,
47:19 even though it seems like I am no longer Yours,
47:22 You are still my God.
47:26 Even though it seems like You have left me,
47:28 I will not leave You.
47:29 I will not give up on You.
47:31 I will stay on the wall."
47:35 It was as if Jesus was saying, "I'm doing a great work.
47:38 I cannot come down from this wall."
47:41 And so Jesus clung to the old rugged cross.
47:44 And by doing so,
47:46 He was guaranteeing the finishing of the work
47:47 of rebuilding broken humanity.
47:49 And if you're thankful for the Lord Jesus,
47:51 let me hear you say amen.
47:52 Amen.
47:53 And guess what happened 52 days later.
47:57 How long did it take Nehemiah to finish the wall?
48:00 Guess what happened 52 days after the cross.
48:03 The day of Pentecost was fully come
48:05 and power was poured out on the early Apostolic Church.
48:09 And because there was no breach in their unity,
48:12 there was no breach in that wall.
48:15 Jesus remained on the wall for you.
48:18 Will you remain on the wall for Him?
48:20 I want to stand up and be counted.
48:22 How about you? Amen?
48:23 Amen.
48:25 Allow me to finish with some good news
48:27 and some bad news.
48:29 The bad news is this.
48:30 Our adversaries are great, our obstacles are many,
48:35 our resources are limited, our numbers are few,
48:38 our faith is weak, our doubts are strong,
48:41 and our carnal flesh is powerful.
48:43 But here's the good news, friends.
48:44 Our God is almighty, His power is unlimited,
48:49 His wisdom unmatched, His resources are infinite,
48:53 His grace is sufficient, His love is eternal,
48:56 and His presence is with us.
48:57 And so we can't lose when Jesus we choose.
49:01 We have no reason to fear when Jesus is near.
49:04 And we will not fall from the wall
49:06 where upon Jesus we call and surrender our all.
49:10 And so today, if you want to say,
49:12 "Lord, help me to remain on the wall,"
49:13 I invite you to stand to your feet
49:14 where you are quickly.
49:17 As we close in prayer,
49:19 why don't you put your arm around the person next to you,
49:23 and let's make a wall of prayer, shall we?
49:25 Let's hold one another as God holds us as we close ASI 2018.
49:30 And our prayer simply tonight is this.
49:31 "Lord, forgive me for my fall.
49:34 Help me to live out my call and give me courage
49:38 to remain upon the wall."
49:40 Let us pray.
49:41 Father in heaven, thank You so much, Lord,
49:45 for Your amazing grace and Your marvelous mercy.
49:49 Thank You, dear God,
49:52 You sent Your beloved Son.
49:55 And that You, Lord Jesus,
49:56 were willing to leave the comforts
49:58 of the heavenly palace
50:00 to rebuild broken humanity.
50:03 And thank You, Lord,
50:04 that You did not come off the cross.
50:06 You remained on the wall for us.
50:11 Now, dear Lord, we pray that You please forgive us
50:13 for the time that we have come off the wall,
50:16 the times that we were so absorbed
50:18 in building our own houses,
50:21 and the work of the gospel wasn't finished.
50:25 Lord, I pray, we pray that You give us focus,
50:30 You give us the fire of fusion,
50:33 and You give us unwavering faithfulness.
50:38 Thank You, Lord Jesus.
50:39 We commit ourselves to You again.
50:42 Give us strength now as we leave,
50:44 keep us in Your grace.
50:46 In Jesus' name, we pray that all of God's end time,
50:49 Nehemiah say.
50:51 Amen. Amen.
50:53 God bless you, friends.
50:54 Aloha and Maranatha.
51:17 We're pilgrims on the journey
51:21 Of the narrow road
51:25 And those who've gone before us
51:29 Line the way
51:33 Cheering on the faithful,
51:37 Encouraging the weary
51:41 Their lives a stirring testament
51:45 To God's sustaining grace
51:51 Surrounded by so great
51:55 A cloud of witnesses
51:59 Let us run the race not only for the prize
52:07 For as those who've gone before us
52:10 Let us leave to those behind us
52:15 A heritage of faithfulness
52:18 Passed on through godly lives
52:23 Oh may all who come behind us
52:27 Find us faithful
52:31 May the fire of our devotion light their way
52:38 May the footprints that we leave
52:43 Lead them to believe
52:46 And the lives that live inspire them to obey
52:53 Oh may all who come behind us
52:58 Find us faithful
53:10 After all our hopes and dreams have come and gone
53:17 And our children sift through all we've left behind
53:25 May the clues that they discover
53:29 And the memories they uncover
53:33 Become the light that leads them
53:36 To the road we each must find
53:42 Oh may all who come behind us
53:46 Find us faithful
53:49 May the fire of our devotion light their way
53:57 May the footprints that we leave
54:01 Lead them to believe
54:04 And the lives that live inspire them to obey
54:11 Oh may all who come behind us
54:15 Find us faithful
54:19 May the fire of our devotion light their way
54:26 May the footprints that we leave
54:31 Lead them to believe
54:34 And the lives that live inspire them To obey
54:41 Oh may all who come behind us
54:47 Find us faithful
55:04 Amen.
55:05 May all who come behind us find us faithful.
55:08 Amen.
55:09 What a blessing it's been for our ASI 2018
55:12 International Convention here in Orlando, Florida.
55:15 Just want to say thank you
55:17 to all of you for coming tonight.
55:19 And, Philip, I was just thinking
55:20 as we're coming out.
55:22 I wonder what business unusual
55:25 each one of us will do this coming year.
55:28 You know, this is a two-year theme.
55:30 Right.
55:32 So next year, we're going to be where?
55:34 We'll be in Louisville, Kentucky
55:37 from July 31 to August 3.
55:41 In fact, we'd like you to take out your phones
55:43 or take out your calendars
55:45 and put it in there right now
55:47 because we want to see you next year
55:49 in Louisville, Kentucky from July 31 to August 3.
55:55 Yeah, we don't want any mistakes in your calendars,
55:57 so just to clear that out.
55:58 I've got it in mine already.
55:59 All right, Philip.
56:01 Good man has it in his calendar already.
56:02 Absolutely.
56:03 And I hope and pray that we can see
56:05 each one of you there next year with us.
56:07 And the theme next year, still business unusual,
56:10 it's a two-year theme.
56:11 Absolutely.
56:12 And so we're inviting you to think about
56:14 what you can do this year that will be business unusual.


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