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00:01 ASI is a ministry that's networking all these
00:03 different ministries together with the church.
00:05 Being involved with ASI meeting other people.
00:07 ASI convention is an excellent opportunity just
00:10 a great opportunity. In ASI there is a
00:13 particular fellowship, ASI is really the stamp,
00:15 it's the glue that holds all the ministries together.
00:27 Welcome to ASI Video Magazine.
00:30 I am Dan Houghton. ASI members are committed
00:33 to sharing Christ in the market place and are very
00:37 involved in a wide variety of outreach efforts.
00:40 Some are active in large evangelistic meetings,
00:43 others in personal outreach, and some
00:46 witness through health and lifestyle programs,
00:48 while others witness the technology and media.
00:51 But, the ultimate goal is bringing people to Jesus.
00:56 Wildwood Lifestyle Center in Wildwood,
00:58 Georgia is a long time ASI member organization,
01:01 in fact it was one of the founding ASI organizations.
01:06 Most guests arrive at Wildwood with serious
01:08 health issues and they're looking to improve their
01:11 lives, how they eat, exercise and their daily routines.
01:15 And there are many stories of lives changed at
01:17 Wildwood are nothing short
01:20 of amazing. Let's find out more.
01:37 There is a special revulsive treatment,
01:40 where you put the heart across the chest, you have
01:45 a steam tank in which you get that as really hot and
01:49 then you put towels around it to make it just
01:52 as hot as you can stand. And I'm gonna catch it
01:55 right here, so it will be in shape. Give him enough
02:03 nose room to breathe. After three minutes of
02:06 that, then a ice whole pack is put across the
02:11 chest and they do that three times and it helps
02:15 the lungs to flush the congestion out.
02:19 Put it right up, how is it Joshua, now you don't
02:23 want that on there more than three minutes
02:25 because it's got to be quick stimulating
02:27 type of treatment. We have had people like
02:29 who could hardly walk a block, you know, down at
02:33 the end of the hall and they will leave here
02:35 walking several miles, so its I guess that testimony
02:40 as it goes out draws lot of people to come.
02:52 We have three entities, we have a small hospital,
02:57 we have a clinic, and then we have the lifestyle center.
03:00 And the unique thing about Wildwood is that
03:03 it's one of the few I now think only one in America
03:09 that has a lifestyle center connected with the hospital.
03:13 Wildwood Lifestyle Center is a program,
03:15 where people come into change their lifestyle.
03:18 They want to learn to eat healthy, they want to
03:21 learn to get on a regular routine, their diet is
03:26 important, we teach a vegan diet.
03:29 They do a lot of outdoor work as well, exercise in
03:32 the outdoor, walking. We have many trails around.
03:36 We do have a few, who'll call in that are meat eaters
03:39 and at first it seems to shock them,
03:41 but they come around. We also have a small
03:45 gym for individuals that need you know may be a
03:49 little bit more, who can't walk as much.
03:52 And they have a complete physical examination
03:55 when they come here. We have medical doctors
03:58 then we practice hydrotherapy and
03:59 massage therapy, which is included in the program.
04:03 They do go to cooking demonstrations.
04:05 So, they can learn how to cook and I am now giving
04:08 them a book that it should help them when they go
04:10 home to continue with the vegan diet, which is
04:13 difficult when you come from a meat eating situation.
04:16 It's rather difficult to become a vegan, you know.
04:19 And when they come here they learn that the food
04:21 can be good. 'Cause out, you know some places
04:24 where you go and eat some people's cooking,
04:26 it's not real great especially vegan it's hard
04:29 to make it tasty, but it can be done.
04:34 We get people from everywhere and the
04:37 reason that they come usually is that some
04:41 friend of theirs or some teen from here went to
04:45 their church and talked about what Wildwood
04:50 does and so they were inspired to think when
04:52 they were having health problems that Wildwood
04:55 is the place to go to receive relief.
04:59 We have a whole medical staff and
05:03 we have our own lab. What we are doing the
05:06 most of I guess is those diseases, where a change
05:11 in lifestyle can improve or even eliminate the
05:16 disease, one of the best is diabetes.
05:20 People can come here and within 17 days often
05:24 leave with no insulin needed.
05:27 And we try of course and get our hospital patients
05:31 up as much as possible and get out into the
05:33 sunlight and moving about I mean getting
05:37 active again. Well their program has to
05:40 be monitored carefully by our physicians and we
05:44 don't take people off from insulin or any drug that
05:48 they're on just overnight, we don't do
05:51 that except tobacco. And this whole lifestyle is
05:55 then shared with them and there are times when
05:59 a patient think is well enough that they come
06:00 and they can join the lecture,
06:02 join the cooking class. So, that they can go home
06:06 you know with the education and the
06:08 foundation on which to build again.
06:10 Out in the world you get big salaries and in a self
06:15 supporting ministry we work on a volunteer
06:19 basis, where people are given a basic living
06:23 allowance and accommodation. So, it's not the big bucks
06:28 of the world as it were and it's definitely a
06:31 calling for people to come here, professional people
06:34 too as nurses and physicians to work in our hospital.
06:39 And we had a definite shortage and we had to go
06:44 inactive, the state allows a period of 12 months,
06:48 where the hospital can go inactive.
06:51 The Lord blessed and we were able to get nurses
06:55 and we were also able to do a lot of
06:58 revamping in our hospital. We were able to do a
07:03 hydrotherapy area and painting, and we were
07:09 able to get new beds, and the Lord blessed and we
07:13 were able to open and we passed our inspection,
07:16 it was a rigorous inspection.
07:18 We had six inspectors here for three days and
07:22 the Lord blessed and we were able to
07:25 open without any deficiencies.
07:29 In the world today, teachers graduate from
07:32 school, but they don't always understand.
07:34 While the Lifestyle Center was officially
07:36 organized in 1942 and they've always had an
07:39 educational program, we run primarily a six month
07:42 training course to train lay members of the
07:45 church to use the right arm of the Gospel.
07:49 We teach them in both, we train them as health
07:51 educators and we also train them how to share
07:54 Jesus and we give Bible classes.
07:56 So, it's a combination of Bible and health classes
07:58 and how to use the health message as the right arm
08:01 of the Gospel and communities.
08:02 We teach them how to do health expositions,
08:05 cooking classes, seminars. We teach them how to do
08:08 door to door work, so when they're finished,
08:11 they are ready to work in their communities, they're
08:12 ready to work in their churches, they're ready to
08:16 go overseas and help share knowledge with
08:18 people that they can save them from so much
08:20 sickness and disease. We recently had a student
08:23 that came and took our course and during, during
08:27 the one year that she was here because she worked
08:29 for six months first to pay off her tuition and she
08:31 took the six month course, and she in that
08:34 year lost 75 pounds and it was just a real miracle to
08:39 see her just totally change her lifestyle around and
08:42 she really had a testimony then.
08:43 We have many students that have graduated from
08:46 here that go out into all different countries.
08:50 Well, I went on a mission trip with her and a team
08:53 of students to Brazil, while we help establish a
08:56 Lifestyle Center outside Rio de Janeiro and she
08:59 had such a good experience and she was
09:01 eager to share that, she wanted to be involved in
09:03 this type of work and so I asked her if she would
09:05 be willing to stay and help with the Lifestyle
09:08 Center in Brazil and she did, and she's worked
09:09 there now for two years and she is just having a
09:13 great experience and she is just a committed
09:15 worker for the Lord. You know, when the students
09:17 are finished with their training and they have
09:20 opportunities to work in Lifestyle Centers here in
09:23 the United States or overseas, well more than
09:26 that we're working on a global initiative to foster
09:32 more training programs and more lifestyle centers
09:36 like we have at Wildwood. We're working in
09:38 harmony with different ministry leaders from ASI.
09:41 And then of course ASI is a real blessing to
09:44 Wildwood because when we get to go once a year
09:48 and we hear the stories of what other people are
09:51 doing and our workers hear that, we show it over
09:55 the satellites, so all of our workers can see it.
10:00 But, it just, it creates a moral that makes people
10:05 even more eager to do something for the Lord.
10:08 Our greatest area of expansion is in reaching
10:14 out to other places other than Wildwood because
10:18 not everybody can come here.
10:20 I have been Director of the school at Wildwood
10:22 for six years and I've seen, you know, hundreds
10:25 of applications. I've got stacks of applications
10:28 from around the world and I realize, you know,
10:30 these people need training, they want
10:31 training, but we can't send them all here, it's not
10:33 practical to fly to the United States and it's,
10:37 you know, very impossible to do so for
10:38 most and to get in. So, our goal is to establish
10:41 short training courses for lay members in every
10:44 union of the world field. So, we think every church
10:46 member should have an opportunity
10:48 to receive the training. This past year we've
10:51 started eighteen schools and our graduates from
10:54 the six month course go to these different
10:56 countries to help share what they've learned.
10:59 We also have a natural food store that does very
11:00 well, it's right here on our campus. Our campus is
11:03 only ten minutes from Chattanooga, so it's pretty
11:05 easy for people to get to. And you know it's one of
11:08 the industries that really sustains our campus more
11:10 than that it brings in a class of people that we
11:14 would not otherwise be able to reach.
11:16 So, selling the health foods and it helps you to
11:20 start discussions with people about health and
11:23 then they ask, you know, what is this place and
11:25 what are you guys doing here, and it just opens up
11:27 so many ways to share about your faith.
11:30 Natural remedies work and you don't get that bad
11:33 side affects off of them that you do also, let's say
11:35 pharmaceutical type medicines.
11:37 One of the big ones is Goldenseal because
11:39 Goldenseal has a lot of really
11:41 great properties to it. It's antifungal,
11:43 antibacterial, antiviral stuff, it's used to treat a
11:47 lot of different things, another one we use is
11:50 charcoal. Charcoal's got to be one of the best
11:52 natural remedies that you can possibly have.
11:54 Now we also have an organic farm and so it
11:57 helps us to reach that class as well.
11:59 We sell farm produce and we deliver, we deliver our
12:02 produce to different restaurants and stores in
12:06 town and that gives us more avenues to share.
12:08 There are 40,000 workers on any given day of the
12:12 week that spill out into the streets looking for
12:16 food and so we're the only vegetarian restaurant
12:19 in Chattanooga. People do take Bible
12:22 studies and sometimes people will be baptized
12:25 and come into a church to our program, which is
12:30 a real blessing, you know, that's what we're here for,
12:33 you know, the physical healing is
12:35 as important as spiritual. We have a certain number
12:39 of patients and Lifestyle guests that will start
12:42 asking questions, well why do you keep the
12:44 Sabbath and why do you do this, and then often we
12:48 can give Bible studies while they're here.
12:50 The results are really encouraging at the end of
12:56 a session, we have a graduation and it's really
13:01 encouraging to see that and I encourage many of
13:04 our staff if they ever wonder, if they're being
13:07 effective here to go and listen to one of those
13:10 graduation services. Yeah, there is a lot that's
13:12 included in our program and people, you know,
13:17 when they go through our program they give
13:18 testimonies at the end of it. And they're just
13:20 thrilled with our program. What a testimony to the
13:25 healing touch of our creator.
13:27 ASI is blessed to have member organizations
13:30 like Wildwood and others that are focused on
13:33 service and outreach, sharing Christ in the
13:36 marketplace. If you'd like more information about
13:38 Wildwood Lifestyle Center, call 1-800-634-9355
13:44 or visit
13:52 ASI was founded in 1947 when a group of 25 self
13:56 supporting Adventist schools and healthcare
13:58 ministries form the association of Seventh-Day
14:01 Adventist self supporting institutions or ASI.
14:05 As ASI expanded over the years the number of
14:08 businesses, entrepreneurs, and
14:10 professionals joined us well.
14:12 So, to better reflect ASI's diverse membership in
14:16 1979 our name was changed to
14:18 Adventist-Layman's Services & Industries.
14:22 When you're out there in the mission field and
14:24 you're working trying to build God's kingdom,
14:27 you know, you sometimes may feel a little lonely.
14:29 Sometimes we feel like Elijah, I am alone.
14:33 Coming to the ASI conference really has
14:35 helped me to see that there are other
14:37 professionals around the world.
14:39 If you want to get encouraged in your
14:40 ministry you need to come to ASI.
14:53 A focus on evangelism was one of the things that
14:56 drew Norman and Gayle Wrights to ASI.
15:00 And as ASI members they have enjoyed
15:01 associating with people, who are excited about
15:05 sharing Christ. Norman and Gayle have gone on
15:08 evangelism trips for a number of years now and
15:11 they're active in reaching out to people right in their
15:14 own community. They even brought their bank
15:17 teller to church. Let's find out how God
15:20 has worked through them.
15:26 This is the receipt for the cow that was purchased
15:29 in station Ghanpur, India.
15:35 Station Ghanpur was a site of our meeting, they
15:38 have 12 villages outside of station Ghanpur and
15:42 one of those villages as we were walking around
15:44 from house to house, there was a family that
15:48 was crying, they were in tears, we thought
15:51 somebody had died, that was the translation
15:54 obtained through by our guide that someone has
15:57 died and we learned that it have been their cow,
15:59 their sole source of livelihood, it gave them
16:02 milk, it gave them cheese, and they could sell it, and
16:05 so it was their cash income. They didn't know how
16:08 they are going to survive. We talked later that day
16:11 with the handlers from Maranatha and they said
16:16 yes they could arrange to buy a cow and they found
16:20 a cow, and they bought it from a market two towns
16:23 away and they brought it to the family and that
16:26 family came till the last night of the meetings and
16:29 was extremely appreciative. You know they bowed
16:33 down, we have to tell them don't bow down,
16:35 you know, not, not, not to worship, but to rejoice
16:39 that God is good and for them it meant their
16:41 livelihood, it meant that four people had a way to
16:44 live, they had a business. It comforted us because
16:49 that's what ASI is all about really.
16:51 We are self employed, the criteria for a full
16:53 membership in ASI is that you are a personal entity
16:58 that makes a panel. You know what it means to
17:02 have expenses, to have income and to make the
17:07 business work. That's exactly what they had in
17:09 this family, they had a cow, they had to feed it
17:12 and it gave them their life.
17:15 I made my living for 35 years by practicing law.
17:19 First half in my career, I practiced Patent
17:21 Trademark Copyright Law, now I practice
17:23 estates and trust. Outside of that, we have a
17:27 Nathan Green picture called the silent partner,
17:30 it shows a customer and a business man with Jesus
17:34 in the background and that I would say for 90%
17:39 of our clients is a sign that we are a believer in God.
17:44 Jesus is the silent partner in this business
17:46 and we must have had several dozen people
17:49 comment that they know we're Christian and that
17:52 they're a believer too. It's very interesting that when
17:55 we put up that picture, we intended to put blinds
17:59 in the front of our office, we have three windows,
18:01 we intended to have privacy with the blind,
18:03 and the landlord promised us as a condition of
18:06 moving in that he would put blinds there, and he
18:09 didn't do it after a couple of months, we reminded
18:11 him, he didn't do it. And after a year he hadn't
18:14 done it and I realized that because the blinds weren't
18:17 there, people would walk by the front of our office
18:20 could see the picture and comment, and so I just
18:22 decided we will leave the blinds down, let the
18:24 picture tell a story. We have three literature
18:28 racks in our office, we have material that
18:33 particularly relates to death because our estate
18:36 practice is oriented that way, every time we meet
18:39 a client we are talking about what happens when
18:42 you die. What do you want to happen, who are
18:45 your heirs, it's not a taboo subject, it is the subject
18:49 that we are dealing with. You didn't do the trust
18:52 that your brother would be your heir and that's
18:54 not what you want. Right.
18:56 You want your stepchildren. Yes, because I feel that
19:00 they have a future and Shelby, she is a grade A
19:04 student, she's a 4.1, right, she was good in high
19:08 school and they have potential
19:12 of going a long way. Good. About two weeks we will
19:16 send your draft and we will see you
19:18 back here after that. Okay. So, I'm glad to have you
19:21 as a client. Thank you.
19:25 The best indicator that we are different is my wife
19:30 who was our office manager and receptionist.
19:33 She is the people, the person that people see
19:36 they hear her, they talk to her, she is nice to
19:39 everybody, and that's not common in this world.
19:43 People will say they've called three law offices
19:45 and they got a certain kind of treatment and
19:48 then they talk to my wife and she is nice to them,
19:50 she is thorough with them, and she greets them
19:52 in person, she treats everybody like a friend,
19:55 like they're worthy of respect. By the time they
19:58 see me, you know, they are sold on the fact that
20:01 this is person that want to be.
20:02 Thank you. How are you today?
20:07 Cold, but not bad. That's going to warm up
20:10 they say. We have the literature rack and we
20:14 just, we have pictures of Jesus as our partner,
20:21 and we have the Ten Commandments up there,
20:24 and we just let people know that we are
20:27 Adventists and sometimes there is a situation that we
20:31 can even pray with our clients when they're here.
20:36 I would say we have half a dozen of our clients,
20:38 who have become Seventh-Day Adventists
20:40 over the years. There are different stories, different
20:43 ways, my forte is preaching, but we will
20:47 also have Bible studies, in this office we have held
20:50 probably four series of Bible studies.
20:53 We had a woman come to our Bible study.
20:56 She was going through, she decided to become an
20:59 Adventist and then her husband got notice that he
21:05 was gong to be transferred, transferred
21:07 from Alameda Naval Air Station to San Diego, and
21:11 so she wanted to get baptized here in
21:13 Hayward, this is where she studied, this is where
21:14 she made her decision. A pastor went to her home
21:18 to go through the check list for baptism.
21:20 He had never met her, she'd come to our office,
21:23 she would come to our studies, and now she
21:24 wanted to get baptized, and her husband who had
21:27 never come to a study, never come to church said
21:32 pastor I want to get baptized too, and the
21:36 pastor said to him, you've never been to church,
21:39 you've never taken a Bible study.
21:41 How in the world can you want to be baptized?
21:45 And he said well my wife would go to the studies
21:47 on Sunday afternoon, she would bring
21:50 her lessons home. She would tell me
21:51 everything she learned, as she learned I learned,
21:56 and I accepted everything all the way along as well,
22:00 and I want to be baptized too.
22:03 And the pastor was a very wise man, he said
22:06 okay, he went through the same process, they were
22:10 both baptized together, the last Sabbath they were
22:14 ever at the Hayward church. I have never seen her
22:17 since, I hear about them from time to time, but
22:20 they left Hayward and went to San Diego, they
22:23 joined a church down there. They became the pathfinder
22:26 leaders, they sent both of their children through San
22:29 Diego Academy and they're in the church today.
22:34 Norm, how long have we been members of ASI.
22:38 Ten years. Ten years. I tried to getting to be
22:43 member before we became members, he says
22:46 I, he didn't have time to do it.
22:48 Well, for many years I resisted joining ASI,
22:51 we had a member of our church who would go to
22:53 the meetings and come back all enthused and try
22:55 to promote my wife and I to join, but I was busy
22:59 with many other things, so I just didn't join.
23:02 The reason that I joined was because I have a very
23:06 strong interest in evangelism and when
23:08 I learned that ASI was really all about
23:12 supporting evangelism, I decided we should go and
23:15 check it out, and in fact it is mostly about getting
23:22 inspired, going and hearing about other
23:23 people, rubbing shoulders, networking
23:26 with people, who are also doing evangelism.
23:28 And you just see people from all over the world
23:32 that are lay people just like we are and they're
23:36 doing things for the Lord. Well as a result of ASI
23:40 we've made connections that have taken us to a
23:43 number of foreign countries to do preaching.
23:46 My business is about law, I speak for a living, I get
23:49 paid for words, whether they're spoken or written.
23:52 I am all thumbs, I couldn't lay brick easily,
23:56 I couldn't do other things easily, but there are
23:59 people who can and are able to do that.
24:04 What ASI is about? It's not about being an elitist,
24:08 not about either having a lot of wealth or a lot of
24:11 professional skill, it's about inspiration.
24:15 You go there and you meet people who are
24:17 doing it, whether they're drilling wells in Kenya,
24:22 whether they're running an orphanage in Guatemala.
24:24 They're out there doing it, and so my particular forte
24:28 is using words and that would be in preaching.
24:31 So, the first meeting that we went to
24:33 was in the Philippines. I met at an ASI meeting,
24:38 a Philippine pastor, who said to me Norman lets
24:41 go do a meeting. You do the preaching and I'll
24:44 make them happy. So, he was the man that did the
24:47 song service and I answered Bible questions,
24:51 and then he turned it over to me and I did the
24:53 preaching. Well, what ASI has done, it has
24:56 magnified our effectiveness. We have had before ASI
25:01 gone to Poland, to Armenia, to Indonesia,
25:04 and we had baptism accounts like 20, 10, 70.
25:11 With ASI with the materials and with the
25:13 opportunities, we've been allowed the privilege of
25:17 going to larger venues and being more effective.
25:20 ASI is integrated into the world church and so if
25:24 you're connected with ASI, you're accepted in a
25:27 lot of places and you are given larger
25:29 opportunities. Through ASI, I have gotten
25:33 a broader range of materials. About 10 years
25:36 ago, ASI leadership decided to develop a
25:39 standard DVD, it's called new beginnings.
25:43 This is the booklet that has all the sermon texts
25:47 and everything in it. The pictures match up to the
25:52 DVD that they're given. And it has greater
25:56 graphics, that has theologically harmonious
26:02 material, and it's been translated into
26:05 about 42 languages. So, it's not perfect,
26:09 it's kind of one size fits all, but it takes the lowest
26:14 common denominator to a very high level.
26:17 We were taking our vacations, but why not
26:22 take a vacation with the Lord. And so we set,
26:26 if we know that we are going go on a mission trip
26:29 we set our calendar, so that we get the work done
26:34 before and then set what needs to be done after we
26:37 get back. And the Lord blesses our
26:39 office while we're gone. We have found without
26:44 exception that when we are committed to do
26:48 mission work, we have not suffered upon and he
26:53 can bring us one case, one case that pays us for all
26:57 the time that we've ever given.
26:59 Yes, he is extremely faithful and has allowed
27:01 us to really commit to doing things.
27:06 We are leaving for two weeks the end of next month.
27:11 We are going to be in three countries, we'll
27:13 probably close our office cold turkey and if past
27:17 experience is true, there won't have been any harm
27:21 and there will be things waiting to do.
27:26 Norman and Gayle consider a blessing to
27:28 serve their Lord both at home and abroad.
27:32 ASI is made up of people who shared Norman and
27:35 Gayle's passion for active service. People who are
27:38 excited to be involved in
27:39 winning souls for Jesus Christ.
27:42 For more information about ASI and becoming
27:44 a member, call 301-680-6450 or visit
27:50 I am Dan Houghton,
27:56 thanks for joining me today on ASI Video Magazine.
28:00 Come back next time for more stories of ASI
28:02 members sharing Christ in
28:04 the marketplace. God be with you.


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