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00:27 Welcome to ASI Video Magazine,
00:30 I'm Dan Houghton. ASI is a made up
00:33 of a wide variety of members, businesses,
00:35 supporting ministries and individual professionals.
00:39 Each and every one of them is sharing
00:40 Christ in the market place. Telling the world
00:43 about the soon coming of our savior.
00:46 Today we are going to meet two very different
00:49 ASI members, one is active here in the United States
00:53 and the other benefits children thousands
00:56 of miles away. Global Vessels is an ASI member
01:00 organization from the State of Maryland,
01:03 but its mission is serving orphans in Africa.
01:06 When it began, Global Vessels was constructing
01:09 clinics, churches and other buildings.
01:11 That work brought them face-to-face with many
01:14 thousands of orphans in Africa. It was then that
01:18 Global Vessels decided to focus solely
01:21 on serving these precious kids.
01:24 We had a couple that heard about what
01:27 we were doing from Oregon.
01:29 They just got married, listen this story,
01:31 this is amazing to me. They just got married,
01:32 okay, in October of last year, 2007.
01:38 They decided they wanted to go and do
01:40 a mission trip, so they decided to rent his house,
01:43 sell her car, newly weds. They're married ten days,
01:46 got on a plane, flew to Africa with backpack,
01:50 backpacks on, looking for a place to work
01:53 in an orphanage, which is unbelievable to me.
01:57 They, we are there and we need somebody to help us.
02:03 Max Church sends them to us, our friend there,
02:05 would have them, Max sends them down to us,
02:07 saying Frasier, these guys might be able to help you.
02:09 They come down here, and they are so on target,
02:13 on point for getting things done.
02:15 So instead of staying a month they stayed
02:17 an entire year. They're newly weds,
02:20 for an entire year, so they've been there
02:22 working and working and I just got back about
02:25 two weeks ago. We had a couple from Germany,
02:27 who saw what we were doing and they decided
02:31 they wanna come, Tom and Evelyn.
02:34 Evelyn is an Architect, Tom is an Engineer.
02:38 Listen to this, the couple that were there before
02:40 Ned and Emily. Emily is an Architect,
02:43 Ned is an Engineer. I mean God is orchestrating
02:46 this thing, he is just taking, he's taken
02:48 me totally out of it. I am out of this thing.
02:52 This is God's orphanage, this is God's project
02:54 and God keeps putting people
02:56 in place to get the job done.
02:58 I have often said how are we gonna do this Lord.
03:04 Because, I am, I believe the balance for my husband.
03:08 He has a vision that I respect and love.
03:13 He never sees obstacles, so it seems
03:17 and I probably see too many obstacles,
03:21 but I don't regret it, no I think this is
03:24 what God wanted me to do.
03:25 It was a faith building experience,
03:28 because when we started out we didn't have
03:29 any money and we were going to go build
03:31 this church and we rallied the forces together here
03:33 to go and do it and then the Lord just beginning
03:36 to touch individuals hearts when they began to lay
03:38 the moneys down, so we could actually
03:39 do the project. So I said wow, is that what
03:42 God would do. I mean he places in our hearts
03:45 to do it and then he provided the means for us
03:47 to get it done. So from that one church we were
03:51 there, we said you know what lets do it again.
03:53 They all had to work hard to get their funds together.
03:56 One gentleman took his wife and two children with him.
04:02 Just so they could have that experience.
04:05 And, when we're there building a church
04:06 and we were passing and we saw,
04:08 this is a boarding academy by the way.
04:10 We saw the students in the cafeteria,
04:13 in the classrooms late at night with a
04:15 kerosene lantern, studying. I said what's wrong,
04:19 they don't have a library. Why do they all live
04:22 at a place. They said well let me show you a library.
04:24 I mean they took me to the library there at the
04:28 secondary school and when I arrived there
04:31 I have more books in my own personal library
04:34 than they had for the entire school and so I said
04:37 you know what that's the project for next year.
04:39 Oh I know Mrs. Mathis and her husband Frazier
04:42 had gone on this trip for quite a while I heard
04:44 about them and ever since I came to TA since
04:47 I heard about these mission trips and even when
04:49 I was in college I heard about them.
04:50 I wanted to go on one. So, they gave me the
04:53 opportunity to go with them and I jumped at it,
04:55 I've never been to Africa and I just wanted to
04:59 get that feeling that I've seem people from back
05:02 who have gone on mission trips and served others
05:05 and buildings something and helping others.
05:07 So we came back to this church with
05:08 Emmanuel Brinklow, we start touting,
05:10 this is what you're going to do next year,
05:11 so we're going to go, we're going to build a library.
05:13 A member in our church knew someone who knew
05:15 someone and they were able to get us computers
05:17 from the library of Congress. Used computers,
05:19 so not only did we built a library,
05:21 but we did an extension on to the library
05:23 and did a computer lab. So when we would go back
05:27 we were able to see these children there studying
05:30 in this library. Now surely I've got works,
05:32 we started out, didn't have any money to do
05:34 the library, and my wife was saying you know what,
05:37 we need to call this off. We don't have much money,
05:39 you know, we don't make sense to go.
05:41 I said no, lets go, I mean Lord's gonna make a way.
05:44 So a week before it was time for us to leave,
05:46 one of the members in this Church here I wrote him
05:48 on a list of what we need. I said I need 35 for this,
05:51 I need 5 for this and I sent it to him,
05:54 I gave it to him that sabbath. About the middle
05:56 of the week, I was there at work, my wife
05:58 called me and said she said, he wants you to come
05:59 to his office. I said oh, okay. So I go over there
06:03 and I am thinking wow, this guy, he's going to write me
06:05 a check about $2500 you know that'll be a little bit.
06:08 So I get there expecting that he is going to write us
06:10 a check for about $2500. He says Frazier you know
06:13 what he says I really believe
06:15 in what you're doing. He said I can really see
06:17 you making a difference there.
06:18 He says listen go next door. He says my accountant
06:21 is gonna write you a check for $10,000
06:23 and from that initial of $10,000 to me it just
06:28 submitted in my heart, there was nothing
06:31 impossible for God to do and from that time
06:34 on I've always told individuals it's not about
06:37 the money. It has nothing to do with money.
06:39 It has to do with you being faithful
06:41 and you being dedicated and you trusting God.
06:44 I've come to the conclusion that you do what you can
06:50 and that's all God asks of you and he does the rest.
06:54 It's like you're planting the seed and he makes it grow.
06:59 So, when we came back after working there
07:02 in Tanzania, when we were able to go there
07:04 the first year and do an extension onto this clinic
07:08 And the clinic was for individuals who had Aids
07:10 and also maternity, but in the process of doing
07:13 the clinic we passed this little orphanage
07:16 on the side of the road. And we go into this orphanage
07:19 okay and we, this old gentleman going into
07:23 the town of Arusha and gathering these children
07:26 who've been abandoned on the streets. He brings
07:29 the children back and they had a little
07:30 two bedroom house. We go there and there are about
07:33 42 children there in this little bitty house.
07:36 And he is taking care of him and a couple more
07:38 guys to the best and the ladies to the best
07:40 of their ability. So we leave this project where
07:44 we're doing the extension onto the clinic and we go
07:47 and we pass the hat, we said listen we got to help
07:51 these children, so we passed the hat there right
07:53 on the work site. We got enough money to buy
07:56 some clothes, some flip-flaps, so we got these
07:59 huge 55 gallon drums, filled them with water
08:02 put them in the back of a pick-up truck.
08:03 In the back of a wagon rather and drove them near
08:06 to the orphanage that this guy was manning.
08:09 We heated up the water and we gathered
08:13 the clothes and we start bathing these children.
08:16 Bathing them, combing their hair, putting on the
08:18 new clothes and I mean it's just, everybody is crying
08:21 you know because they're touching,
08:23 these children need a little touch,
08:25 so they're touching these children and the children
08:26 are just lighting up from the touch.
08:29 So we came back here to this church again,
08:31 rallied a couple of people together,
08:33 I got an architect and an engineer
08:35 and then our Pastor, Pastor Marcellus Robinson,
08:37 and we flew back to Tanzania and we walked
08:42 the site where we were gonna actually build
08:44 these ten houses and lo and behold we were able
08:47 to rally a group of folks together again
08:49 and we were able to go back and start this
08:51 fabulous children's village which consist
08:54 of ten houses. We have four houses right now.
08:58 We have two totally completed.
09:00 We have 20 children whose parents have deceased
09:03 because of Aids or who have been abandoned,
09:05 living in their homes right now.
09:07 The kids were great, I mean when we first
09:10 drove up to the orphanage they just were waving
09:15 at us and we just talked through the window.
09:17 It was like, it kind of put something in your heart
09:20 you know like that good feeling that you're doing
09:23 this for the kids and stuff, and its just a good
09:27 experience and like, you get to play with them,
09:29 and when I was on a break or like whenever
09:33 where the job was done for the day,
09:35 you know we just play with them, play ball,
09:37 sports and you know live with their little toys
09:41 and everything and read books to them
09:42 and have worship with them.
09:44 It was really good. The kids were awesome.
09:47 And I see students working pretty hard doing
09:49 school work, they're pretty serious usually
09:51 about their work, but over there they seem
09:54 to have a sense of accomplishment.
09:57 I think most of them had never done this kind
10:00 of physical work before and I know most of them
10:02 have never worked that hard, but when they got
10:04 in the line and they were transporting the block
10:06 and learning how to lay the block and then later
10:10 did some painting and just helping carry things
10:14 and helping organize. I think they were learning
10:17 some skills that they had never done before
10:18 and I think those kinds of skills are as
10:20 important as any part of your education.
10:22 We were building the orphanage, we made cement
10:27 we shoveled gravel and rocks into wheel barrels
10:32 to move things around, because we had to carry
10:34 everything everywhere.
10:35 There wasn't any machinery or anything.
10:38 I remember that most of us picked up a child
10:40 that we would bond with and I don't know if that
10:44 was part of the project, but we just did it anyway,
10:47 so I had a little boy named Usini and I don't know
10:50 we just bonded and he would talk to me in Swahili
10:53 and I'll talk to him in Spanish. And we would
10:55 sort of pick up like little words and
10:56 I learned a couple of Swahili words.
10:58 After working all day long we were so exhausted
11:02 and tired, but just to see the smile
11:04 on the kids face made, it just all went away.
11:07 Words can't define how much this trip meant
11:11 to me and how it impacted me.
11:13 All I can say is that it was great.
11:15 Especially when we first started out we would never
11:17 go without taking young people. We would directly
11:21 go to individuals in our church and say can
11:24 you pay for two young people to go, just two.
11:27 Okay, let me tell you about ASI okay.
11:30 ASI is about four or five members in this church
11:33 are members of ASI and every year I come back
11:36 from a mission trip and they would tell me
11:38 you need to be a member of ASI, yeah.
11:40 You need to be a member of ASI, no, I don't know
11:43 this ASI, it's already I said, you need to be a
11:45 member of ASI, so every year I come back
11:47 and they would be, they get on me you need
11:49 to be a member, you need to be a member,
11:50 but finally when we all came back, its okay
11:52 I am going to ASI. I am going to see what
11:53 this is all about, you know, so I go, alright
11:58 and I walk in the meaning I am just blown away.
12:00 You know there are so many people doing
12:03 so many different ministry that means we need to get,
12:05 somebody needs to get a big blow horn
12:07 and just blow this horn throughout all of the world
12:10 and let people know that what ASI is doing.
12:13 There are individuals that are ministering
12:14 to individuals, so to me that's what ASI did for me,
12:18 it connected me with like minded individuals.
12:21 Individuals who wanted to see Christ in the
12:23 market place, so to me it has made a difference
12:26 in the ministry of Global Vessels. You know,
12:28 and not that and to top it off, one year they gave us
12:31 a little stipend, they gave us a little money to go
12:33 and do a project, so you know I'm excited about it
12:35 now for sure you know. They not only talked
12:37 the talk, but they walked the walk.
12:39 So ASI is home base for the holy spirit, you know,
12:44 it's where he tabernacles and he lights people up
12:47 and then he sends them out, you know in the darkness,
12:49 to, to, to eliminate other individuals and that's what
12:52 happened to me, so to me I am trying to stretch
12:55 and do everything I possibly can. I want see
12:57 what you can do guys. You got to do this,
12:59 you know do this, build ten houses and he's got
13:02 four up already and we know the rest are going to come.
13:04 I already know, I'm thinking about another
13:06 project, 'cause I know this one is done.
13:08 You know I don't know, is anything to hard for God.
13:12 I want to see what he can do and to me he has been
13:15 proving himself over and over again and that thing
13:18 was really heart warming to me, I said,
13:20 this is life changing for the individuals that go.
13:25 What an inspiring story of compassion
13:28 and caring service. Jesus welcomed the little children
13:31 and it's so important that we, as the body of Christ,
13:35 look after the little ones. For more information
13:38 about Global Vessels call 301-596-0945
13:44 or visit
13:49 ASI is an organization of approximately
13:52 1000 Seventh-day Adventist lay organizations
13:55 who believe that while they may not be pastors
13:58 by profession, they can still be active in ministry.
14:01 ASI members are a diverse group.
14:03 We range from business owners to individual
14:06 professionals to self supporting ministries,
14:08 but we are united by one goal and that is sharing
14:12 Christ in the market price and ASI members
14:15 are firmly committed to the Adventist
14:17 Church and its mission.
14:20 ASI is a great opportunity for anyone to
14:23 meet people. And you have an opportunity
14:24 to network with individuals
14:26 It's a great opportunity for them to learn
14:27 from each other. Rubbing shoulders
14:29 and hanging out with people that are committed
14:32 to the Lord's soon coming.
14:33 I have developed a wonderful network.
14:35 It's been absolutely invaluable,
14:37 the contacts we've made through ASI.
14:50 We often think that witnessing in
14:53 North America isn't too challenging,
14:55 the hard part is just getting out of our comfort
14:58 zone but that's not always the case.
15:00 Dene Sue Ross owns a contract technical writing
15:04 firm in Idaho and she's encounters serious
15:07 obstacles in sharing Christ in her market place
15:09 but through these challenges God has
15:12 brought some wonderful blessings.
15:14 Move your little orange guy, wow that
15:18 was a big one. Okay here is one, now I am going
15:20 to stump you guys. Okay this is question number 63,
15:24 question number 63 in cast you want to look it up,
15:26 from what Mountain did Jesus ascend
15:29 into heaven. Oh, this is a hard question.
15:33 I was born and raised Minneapolis, Minnesota.
15:37 But moved to the Silicon Valley and began a career
15:41 as a technical writer, worked there for about
15:43 15 years before family circumstances brought
15:47 me back to Idaho and I thought well this an area
15:50 that's right to have a company like this
15:52 and so I started Write Way up. We started out
15:55 as just a straight technical writing firm
15:57 back in 1986, we were incorporated,
16:00 we write technical documentation,
16:03 computer manuals, we create training programs,
16:07 curriculums for a lot of large companies
16:10 here in the Treasure Valley, the largest single
16:14 contract that we have ever had is with the
16:16 State of Idaho, I have now 16 technical communicators
16:22 down their full time and although my offices
16:26 are in Eagle, Idaho, which is about 15, 20 miles
16:31 west of Boise, I am on site everyday at the Capital
16:36 Mall in Downtown Boise to oversee this project.
16:39 It was while we had this contract that we began
16:43 our relationship with ASI and I have to tell
16:47 you it was frightening at first to use my livelihood
16:52 as a vehicle to witness for Christ.
16:55 And I had a longing to do it, but I just believed
16:59 that it's a big step for us to go out on a limb
17:03 and do that. When I began Write Way in 1986
17:09 I was not a Christian I was not a
17:11 Seventh-Day Adventist. The main purpose that
17:14 I started the company was to create a living
17:17 for myself and other people who work
17:19 for my company. Dan and I attended a series
17:23 in Caldwell, Idaho in 1996 and we were baptized,
17:27 but in 1999 Dan and I were invited to a regional
17:31 ASI conference by friends of ours who had
17:34 attended a national conference.
17:36 They were so moved and so inspired by what
17:40 they have seen, quite honestly they just wouldn't
17:42 take no for an answer, we very reluctantly went
17:45 because like so many other business people
17:47 we were really too busy to tie it into our schedule.
17:51 But we went and we discovered things
17:55 that we have never heard before, it was truly a life
17:59 changing event for both of us. I began to look
18:02 at my business completely differently than
18:05 I ever had before. ASI has educated,
18:10 it has motivated and it has facilitated me to be able
18:15 to use my company and what I do to make a living,
18:18 in order to reach out to the people around me
18:21 and share Christ with them. Well, I work on a floor
18:26 where there were a lot of 30 something computer
18:31 software developers and many of them came
18:33 into the office very early in the morning
18:35 and as they would go my cube, they would
18:38 of course see me sitting in my office at
18:40 5 O'clock in the morning. And it appeared that I was
18:42 writing something and I had my Bible propped up.
18:46 While their curiosity simply got the best of them,
18:48 in one morning a young man stopped by office
18:51 and he asked me what I was doing,
18:53 so I was able to share with him that I was just
18:55 doing some personal Bible study and he says here
18:57 at work and I said yes, I said it really gets my day
19:03 off to a great start when I spent some time
19:05 in the word, gives me an opportunity to pray
19:08 and really seek God's will for me. I think he was
19:12 really pretty surprised that I would talk so
19:14 candidly with him about my personal Bible study
19:18 habits. I made a little joke and I said you know
19:21 you should really try it; it's a great way to start
19:24 your day. So the next morning I looked up
19:26 and he was standing in my cube doorway
19:31 and he had a small piece of paper with him
19:33 and I said, good morning Phil, what can I do for you,
19:36 and he says, I've got one for you this morning
19:39 and I said you got one what? And he says
19:41 well I've got a question about the Bible.
19:44 And so I said well what is it, let's give it a try
19:46 and he says and he held the card up and read off
19:50 of it and he says can you tell me what was the name
19:54 of Moses' mother? Well, as it turned out
19:58 I had just finished writing the story about the
20:02 birth of Moses and how his mother had replaced
20:05 him in the little basket made out of willows,
20:10 and so I just happen to remember and I looked at him
20:13 and I said I believed that his mother's name
20:15 was Jochebed and I tell you he was so surprised
20:21 that I would know the answer to that question,
20:24 he says, wow, I'm really impressed and I said
20:28 well you see it really pays to study your Bible
20:30 and I offered up a little prayer of Thanksgiving
20:32 that knew the answer to that question. Well,
20:35 the next morning he brought two or three cards,
20:38 well within a week or two they were 5 maybe 6, 7
20:43 young people coming into my office every morning,
20:47 it got to be a pretty regular thing between
20:49 about 5:30 and 6 O'clock and we set up the board game,
20:53 we actually, I think we went through about
20:56 5 versions worth of a Bible story questions
21:01 and we would play Bible trivia for about 30 minutes
21:04 and as those questions were asked I had
21:07 unbelievable opportunities to share about what
21:10 Seventh-Day Adventists believed.
21:13 One morning I was sitting at my desk and I was
21:15 actually doing my Bible study, this was probably
21:21 about 7:30 in the morning and I noticed the shadow
21:27 in my doorway and I looked up and there were
21:30 two Capital Mall security gentlemen standing
21:35 there and it was a little bit intimidating,
21:40 I stood up, I went with the security guards
21:43 they told that they were taking me to a conference
21:46 room there on the floor. By now pretty much
21:50 everyone on the floor was aware of the fact
21:53 that security had come to my cube that they were
21:57 asking to see me and everyone was standing up
22:00 looking over their cube walls and I really sent up
22:05 a prayer. Well they took me into a conference room
22:10 and it really was an unbelievable scenario,
22:13 they were probably a half dozen attorneys.
22:16 They closed the door and they proceeded
22:19 to tell me that one of the Federal Auditors
22:23 that had been visiting the building where my office
22:26 is had filed a formal complaint about me
22:31 and I said a formal complaint about what?
22:35 And they said, well he walked down the hall
22:39 and glanced into your office and saw a book on
22:44 your bookcase, the name of Christ was the
22:48 on the book and the name of Christ is very offensive
22:50 to him. It was unbelievable to me because you have
22:55 to understand the environment that you
22:58 have in a State office building, I would describe
23:01 it as being tolerant of virtually every,
23:05 every persuasion except for Christianity.
23:11 So needless to say, I was pretty shocked
23:14 and very intimidated. After they went through
23:19 and told me the exact nature of the charges
23:22 and what my options were, they said to me of course
23:28 you have the right to counter-sue and I said
23:31 well I would not be interested in counter-suing
23:35 and the attorneys were baffled at that,
23:38 they said that you mean to tell me that you're going
23:41 to just stand here while somebody files
23:45 this formal complaint against you which will
23:47 become a permanent part of your professional
23:51 record with the State of Idaho and you're not going
23:54 to counter-sue and I said no, I'm not. They said,
23:58 we strongly recommended that you to talk an attorney
24:00 first and I said well I said I am convicted about
24:04 something, I believe in religious liberty,
24:06 I believe in religious freedom and I said
24:09 if I believe it in for myself then I have to believe
24:12 it in for everyone and I said the man who has filed
24:16 this complaint because he's offended by the
24:18 name of Christ, I want him to have the freedom
24:21 to be able to do that. And I said
24:24 if I counter-sued him, I am chipping away
24:28 at the freedom that I think our country is founded on.
24:32 Well the people in the room were, they couldn't believe
24:38 that somebody would have that attitude,
24:40 they asked me a lot of questions about well do
24:46 you believe in this or do you believe in that,
24:48 you're not offended by the crystals that are on
24:50 this floor, you're not offended by Jews
24:53 who don't believe in the Christ that you serve
24:55 and I said no, I said Christ died to give me choice,
24:59 I feel like we should all have that choice.
25:02 Well, it was an opportunity for me to really witness
25:05 to them that day about what I believe
25:08 and probably every single person who works on
25:10 that floor came to my office for 5 minutes
25:16 or an hour to talk about what had happened
25:19 and so I was able to witness to each one of them
25:21 on an individual basis and the entire situation
25:25 was rectified by my moving my bookcase to
25:29 another wall, so that the book Steps to Christ
25:33 could not be seen from the doorway and I'll tell you
25:38 the biggest miracle of all, there was probably
25:43 a 100 books in my office and there are always there.
25:48 Bibles study guides, leaflets, posters, tracks,
25:55 my office is full of material that I use to
25:58 share Christ in my market place, and it was as
26:01 if they didn't see it, I wasn't asked to remove
26:05 any of it. I didn't have to take it home,
26:08 the Lord just really protected me.
26:12 We slit a bookcase to another wall and the entire
26:15 incident was over and I had had the opportunity
26:17 to witness to probably 80 people in the course
26:22 of a week's time. It's incumbent upon us to
26:26 make sure that we're always conducting ourselves
26:29 like Christ's disciples, because no matter
26:32 what we do in the workplace, it's more
26:34 important how we act and treat people,
26:36 sometimes the simplest things,
26:38 I've had people come up to me that I never had
26:41 any business dealings with who perhaps work
26:43 in the same door, and they say you know you just
26:47 always seem happy or you're always friendly
26:50 to everyone, I don't think we realize sometimes
26:53 how much we're being watched and what
26:55 an important witnessing tool. But the Lord
26:57 has blessed us tremendously, the company has grown
27:00 tremendously in the last 13 years that we have been
27:04 down here and it's really been a blessing.
27:07 I am happy, very happy to be known by the people
27:12 who work down there as a really dedicated
27:14 Seventh-Day Adventist business women
27:16 and I owe that to ASI.
27:21 God can use each one of us to reach people
27:23 right where we are and ASI is made of people
27:27 just like Dene Sue who are excited about active
27:30 outrage and about sharing Christ in the market place.
27:34 For more information about ASI and becoming
27:36 a member call 301-680-6450 or visit
27:42 You've being watching
27:47 ASI Video Magazine, I am Dan Houghton,
27:51 join me next time for more stories of ASI
27:54 members sharing Christ in the market place. Bye.


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