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00:28 Welcome to ASI Video Magazine,
00:31 I am Dan Houghton. I have been an ASI member
00:33 for a long time. And over the years
00:36 I have seen the organization change
00:38 and add new members, but one thing has
00:41 remained constant, our mission of sharing
00:44 Christ in the marketplace.
00:45 Today we are going to meet two ASI member
00:48 organizations, a clinic in Mississippi
00:50 and a school in Arkansas which are
00:53 devoted to fulfilling that mission.
00:56 Dr. Yoshinobu Namihira runs a
00:59 Better Living Clinic and endoscopy center
01:01 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.
01:03 Dr. Namihira uses his clinic as a center
01:06 for outreach to the community.
01:08 He likes to say that the life God gave him;
01:11 he wants to give to others.
01:13 And for each patient Dr. Namihira prays,
01:16 what can I do for him? What can I do for her?
01:20 Let's find out how those prayers
01:22 have been answered.
01:39 When I was a small boy in 1952 that's way back
01:43 before that saving vaccine was available.
01:45 I was struck by the polio, poliomyelitis.
01:50 My mother thought I was going to die because,
01:54 there is no doctors in the small island
01:57 in Okinawa, Japan way in 1950s before
02:01 the vaccine was even available
02:02 in the United States. So, my mother thought
02:05 that there is nothing she can do except
02:09 just rub my legs and then that's all she did.
02:13 And everybody thought this boy
02:15 is going to die, but miraculously I survived.
02:19 One day I was playing in the field with peers.
02:25 All of sudden rain came, and then the rest
02:29 of my peers just ran to the room,
02:35 to the, to the, to the class room from the,
02:38 from the field. And then I was running too,
02:42 and because I don't wanna get wet,
02:44 but because of my polio I couldn't get
02:47 to the room fast enough and then everybody
02:52 else was dry because they can ran fast
02:55 and then I was really depressed
02:58 and I was depressed. I looked up myself
03:00 and said, umm I thought I was the worst
03:03 in a case of the poliomyelitis,
03:06 because when you live in a small island
03:08 that was my concept. See, you are the worst
03:12 and you are the worst, but at the age of 13,
03:15 my mother took me from the small island
03:17 Yonaguni into the Ishigaki island,
03:20 and from Ishigaki island to the Mainland,
03:22 Okinawa. She took me to the hospital called
03:25 Hospital for Handicapped Children.
03:27 I have never seen children with a
03:30 cerebral palsy were not able to speak.
03:33 I have never seen this poliomyelitis bedridden
03:37 in wheel chair. And I was walking the way
03:40 they are even though it was not the perfect
03:42 shape, but I was at least moving.
03:46 That's the first time I saw and say, what?
03:50 And I was hush. My mother took me
03:54 to the hospital and through them for,
03:56 through them for the handicapped children.
03:58 And then I was admitted, the first night
04:01 I walked into a room and the first night
04:06 I did not sleep, I wept, I wept, because
04:10 while I was living in a small island I thought
04:14 I was worst, and I said, if I ever become
04:19 some, some, somebody, I want to do something
04:24 for somebody. The life I spent as a patient
04:34 it was a tremendous benefit for me
04:39 as a patient because I went to the surgeon
04:41 as a patient, I went through there
04:43 and so received the shot as a patient
04:45 as a small boy. And that experience
04:49 as a patient is the basis for me
04:53 to understand how the patients feel,
04:55 when they say, I get nausea there
04:57 and vomiting. And you know, what it means?
04:59 When they say, I have a pain, you know,
05:01 what it means because you are there.
05:03 I truly believe that I'm in the best of hands
05:07 you know, I have had a surgery,
05:10 he gave me surgery and it would really
05:12 impress me about that was you know,
05:15 I was little bit finding to go, you know,
05:18 to have surgery now, but just prior
05:21 to the time of my surgery, he held my hand
05:24 and he prayed over me. And I have never
05:27 ever had a physician to pray over me before
05:32 the surgery. And it just meant a lot to me
05:35 you know, it was just something special
05:37 you know, very spiritual.
05:39 That was also my experience went to him
05:42 when I first had colonoscopy,
05:44 they did the same thing and then
05:45 I would like to say first time doctor
05:47 ever pray and so I, I let you know
05:50 that he although he has skills that
05:53 he depended on a higher power.
05:55 Things change so much in eighteen
05:57 and a half years. And now, but I have to say
06:02 this, I have thoroughly enjoyed working for him
06:06 every minute. He is a fine Christian man.
06:10 I would not be here working today,
06:14 if it were someone else. If the doctor retires
06:18 probably just the same time too we'll
06:20 retire you know. Sometimes you don't
06:22 want to go to work, I mean some places,
06:25 but I just can't wait to get here other than this
06:28 is my second home, away from home.
06:30 So, and it makes you feel a whole lot better
06:33 when you are able to be in a place
06:35 that you love, oppose to a place that
06:37 you don't want to come to. So, I just
06:40 can't wait to get here every morning,
06:43 I wouldn't stay as long as I do, if I did not.
06:46 He tells us thank you. I know like the first
06:52 two days I was here three and a half years
06:54 ago. He come in and thanked me
06:57 then for the work I was doing
06:59 and that he was glad that I was on board
07:01 with the staff. And but he shows
07:05 his appreciation and he tells his appreciation.
07:09 Go, go, go, go, go, go back cook,
07:11 thank you very much Annie. You're welcome.
07:14 I have never seen him mad at employee
07:17 and I have never seen him raise his voice.
07:20 And when the first day I was here
07:25 when I started working for him that first day
07:28 I will never forget what he told me.
07:30 He said, Barbara I turned nobody away,
07:34 whether they have any money or not.
07:37 There are not many doctors that would tell
07:40 you drink more water you know,
07:42 you don't need the drugs you know,
07:44 you can do these natural things.
07:47 They like him, to comeback even though
07:49 they, they does what often say,
07:51 yes we will come back to the,
07:52 the procedure because of the prayer.
07:54 That's the only, they said that's the only
07:56 doctor that pray with them you know,
07:58 and they more feel relax you know,
08:01 and then they stay more confident you know,
08:03 after the prayer you know.
08:05 You got to have patience when you come here
08:07 and then I am here. But you know,
08:10 he is there for us and you know,
08:12 I, I personally feel I wish there are more
08:14 doctors like him because when we come here
08:17 and we know, we're getting best.
08:19 You know and hey, I have had a case
08:21 when I was kind of you know,
08:22 kind of depress you know, with stressed
08:26 or stressed out. And, and he would tell me
08:29 that you know, you have to really think about
08:31 what you are doing to yourself because he is,
08:33 you know, he is, he kind of compassion.
08:36 He has his wisdom that he shares with you
08:38 as his patients. And he talks about the
08:42 spiritual side as well as you know,
08:45 doing what God we want you to do.
08:47 Look at the things that are really truly
08:49 important to you, and those are the things
08:51 that you work at and you know, you work with.
08:53 So, to me that my main theme of life
08:56 is very simple. If you do it, you do it
09:01 with good heart. Not because I want you do
09:05 something for me, but because,
09:07 I' am called to do. I really pray for people
09:12 not only that I give these things, but.
09:15 I really start praying for people
09:18 who have been waiting. Main reason
09:21 I put the 3ABN is because that has
09:26 interesting message to get ready for that,
09:29 so some people are maybe offended you know,
09:35 someone told me, I stood but we decided
09:39 we're gonna stick to it. And if you diminish
09:44 then it be so hard you know
09:46 God will take care of it, so.
09:48 Well it basically what the really made
09:51 the big difference for me? And as a member
09:53 of ASI is the connection, the way
09:56 I share Christ in the medical practice,
09:59 may not be exactly same as when you have a
10:02 business or manufacturing, but the
10:04 principle is exactly the same.
10:07 We are not doing anything, we are just,
10:08 whether you make the bicycle,
10:10 or you do the surgery is still the same.
10:13 Concept is what do you have in your hand,
10:17 you just share with whom you will come
10:21 contact today. When I go the ASI Convention
10:24 and where I meet, I meet you know,
10:27 all kinds of people, but there is a
10:30 something common. And it's very easy to relate
10:34 that number one, number two, number one,
10:37 number two. ASI gave a avenue for me
10:40 to be connected. He is all about having better
10:43 health. And we appreciate that aspect
10:46 very well because as when out,
10:49 when we do our health meeting,
10:51 all our evangelistic meetings.
10:53 We always include health because we know
10:56 people who are sick and they are suffering,
10:59 and many times don't even know
11:00 why that they are suffering.
11:02 One of the things that impressed me so much
11:05 was, when it came time to pray for individuals
11:10 and you know, he has a walker
11:13 and he is not, cannot walk as well.
11:16 I saw him get down on his knees
11:19 and pray for a gentleman who had a
11:22 smoking problem. And I will tell you
11:25 that was just really a decisive moment.
11:28 It was a, it was a heart telling moment.
11:31 And so that is really impact me.
11:35 And so, to see individuals who really
11:39 care for others and, and willing to put
11:42 forth this message. If you notice
11:45 there is a amazing grace on the hallway.
11:48 So, those are the thing that sort of remind
11:53 the patients that I'm doing what I'm trying
11:55 to do because in addition to my skills
11:59 and training that I have, I want to give
12:01 something extra, if you want too.
12:03 Now, you have to be careful because
12:05 you cannot force what you believe,
12:08 but at least I can share, well at least
12:11 I can, I can review how I feel,
12:15 but yet you cannot force it.
12:18 When I see Dr. Namihira I see someone
12:20 being innovative. He uses the top of his
12:23 office to do presentations how to
12:26 assist his patients and not only understand
12:28 about how to live better, but also to know
12:31 about Jesus. I have never been in a
12:34 doctor's office that has been setup
12:36 in such a way that has been designed
12:39 for ministry. And so I think more-and-more
12:43 in these last days as God begins to pour out
12:45 its spirit and people began to take the call
12:47 of Jesus seriously. We're gonna seen
12:49 more and more people, and I'm convinced
12:52 Ellen White says, it's gonna be the laity
12:54 that are gonna finish the work that assist
12:56 in the second coming of Jesus.
12:58 And this is a good example of someone
13:00 who is not an ordained minister,
13:02 but as a lay person that takes
13:04 the calling of Jesus seriously.
13:07 ASI is filled with wonderful stories
13:10 of members in action just like
13:12 Dr. Namihira. In fact, one of the things
13:14 that drew Dr. Namihira to ASI was hearing
13:17 the testimonies of members at an
13:20 ASI Southern Union Chapter Meeting.
13:22 Dr. Namihira wrote to ASI that he was
13:24 impressed by our members, people.
13:28 He said had a common purpose in mind
13:30 to share Christ in the marketplace.
13:33 Held each year during the first weekend
13:35 in August, the ASI Convention is one of the
13:38 largest Adventists gatherings in
13:40 North America with thousands in attendance.
13:43 It's a time of camaraderie
13:44 and inspiration. We share exciting
13:47 testimonies and enjoy outstanding music
13:49 and speakers and encourage each other
13:51 to be bold in sharing Christ.
13:53 There are also full programs for children
13:56 and young adults and some families' even make
13:59 the ASI Convention, their summer vacation.
14:02 ASI is a great opportunity for anyone
14:04 to meet people. Giving opportunity
14:06 to network the individuals.
14:08 It's great opportunity for them
14:09 to learn from each other. Rubbing shoulders
14:11 and hanging out with people that are
14:13 committed to the Lord soon coming.
14:15 I have developed a wonderful network.
14:17 It's been absolutely invaluable the
14:19 contacts we have made through ASI.
14:32 ASI places great importance on
14:35 young people, and many of our members
14:37 are actively involved youth in ministry.
14:39 Ouachita Hills Academy and College,
14:42 are ASI member schools in Amity, Arkansas.
14:46 They are committed to providing their students
14:48 with the premier education along
14:51 with a practical work experience.
14:53 However, their supreme goal is to equip
14:56 students for a lifetime of soul winning.
15:04 Two, three, one. You are such a baby,
15:12 You are such a baby filled by the world
15:14 with love, you are such a baby like our tiny
15:23 child. When the world is yawning for the
15:29 brightest one, You are such a brightest star.
15:41 We get a lot of feedback, lot of
15:42 positive feedback about our students
15:44 from a variety of sources, employers,
15:45 and other schools. In fact we,
15:47 we hear often from other Adventist College
15:50 and Universities saying, we just love
15:51 the students that come from your school
15:53 because they do know, how to work
15:55 they are serious and focused.
15:56 They know where they are going.
15:57 Obviously they are still kids, but
16:01 we do, we do, we do believe that
16:03 as they work here they are not only
16:05 gaining skills you know, learning how to do
16:08 plumbing or wiring or baking or whatever
16:11 the skills sets are. They are also learning
16:15 those habits that no matter where
16:16 they go to work, no matter what
16:18 they are gonna do? They are going to be
16:19 performing. They are going to be
16:20 good workers. Our students come from all
16:22 different kinds of backgrounds.
16:24 Some people think, well they must all be
16:27 musical because we do focus a lot in on music.
16:29 And by the time they finish a year,
16:34 most of them are, and actively involved
16:36 in some kind of a musical program.
16:39 But actually our students are coming
16:41 from all different aspects. We do have a
16:43 lot of home-schooled children because
16:47 we find the home-schooled parents
16:48 are very concerned about the environment
16:50 their child comes into. And so, we do find
16:55 we have a lot of home school, but
16:56 we, we have students from usually about
16:59 20 to 24 different states in the academy.
17:02 And some of them are, are very academically
17:07 gifted and some of them are not.
17:10 I can honestly say it was probably one of the
17:14 defining moments of my life.
17:15 It's hard to describe, but I had never been
17:19 in the environment where they were conservative,
17:21 Christian dedicated young people
17:25 I just never had those kinds of friends
17:27 when I was young. And so, coming to the school
17:29 like this where I made very good friends
17:31 that were Christians, they were dedicated
17:33 Adventist. It was just an
17:35 amazing experience for me.
17:37 Ha, five thousand, six thousand,
17:39 seven thousand, eight thousand,
17:41 nine thousand, ten thousand.
17:43 I can go to anywhere just like this.
17:44 I can go to anywhere just like this.
17:47 Come on, all the way to Texas just like this.
17:51 Come on, all the way to Texas just like this.
17:54 Stop, front, bouncing ball.
18:01 Ouachita Hills Academy strives to anchor
18:06 students in the word of God.
18:07 That's sort of our number one focus.
18:09 We want them to get an education
18:11 that's practical that will put them for life
18:14 that will help them to the successful
18:16 in this world. But even more important
18:19 we want them to be successful for eternity.
18:20 We want them to gain a personal relationship
18:23 with Jesus Christ. So, our program focus
18:27 is on both in the academy and the college,
18:29 focus is on not just the classroom learning,
18:33 but actual practical Christianity living
18:36 for Christ, sharing Christ and we have a
18:38 lot of emphasis on evangelism, and missions
18:40 and soul winning. Because we believe
18:43 that every young person should be a minister.
18:46 Just like ASI has the motto of sharing Christ
18:49 in the marketplace. We realize the work
18:51 is not gonna be finished by just pastors
18:53 or teachers or evangelists.
18:54 We want our young people whether they become
18:57 plumbers or pediatricians.
18:58 We want them to be active in each,
19:01 in their faith and, and in their church and,
19:03 and sharing Christ with those they meet.
19:05 I get letters on a regular basis
19:08 from students who, who tell me
19:12 what a difference been in at academy
19:14 or the college has made in their life.
19:16 And some of them are, are solid, solid
19:20 students that always were, or kind of a the
19:24 cream of the crop type students you think of,
19:26 who you thought maybe you didn't impacted all.
19:31 I remember a letter I got from a student
19:33 who told me, how she would never had her
19:35 devotions before she came here
19:37 and we taught her how to have devotions.
19:38 And what a major difference that made
19:41 in her life. And she was a student that coming
19:44 from the home, she came from looking
19:46 at her behavior and everything
19:47 you would think it had just saw her walk, walk
19:49 with the Lord all along, but she didn't and,
19:52 and it was just really encouraging letter.
19:54 We believe it's very important that the
19:56 students have not just class room learning,
19:58 but work training as well. You know,
20:01 as much as we can we want to follow the model
20:05 for education that the Adventist Church
20:07 have been given specifically in the
20:09 writings of Ellen White. And one of the things
20:11 she says is that, "An education derived
20:13 chiefly from books leads the shallow thought
20:15 and superficial thinking."
20:16 And only now, the scientists
20:19 and the educational world is starting
20:22 to realize that actually when young people
20:24 learn to work with their hands it does increase
20:27 their cognitive problem solving skills.
20:30 And it helps them to be able to take a project
20:32 from beginning to completion to be able to
20:34 map the path you know, from start to end.
20:36 And so, we believe that this is an important
20:39 part of their work experience.
20:41 They are not paid directly for the work
20:44 that they do during the vocational time,
20:47 the most vocational training time,
20:48 but this does allow us to keep our tuition cost
20:51 very low. And we're little less than half
20:54 actually of the cost of
20:56 other Adventist institutions.
21:17 Oh, very much a campof under construction
21:21 and development right now our big projects
21:25 are completing this classroom,
21:26 administration building and the new academy
21:29 boys dorm. Our Board of Directors
21:32 just has met and approved the purchase
21:35 of adjoining 40 acres that we will use to
21:39 build up a college housing and more
21:43 college buildings. Right now we do a lot of
21:45 sharing and we will continue to do some
21:47 sharing our facilities because it's just
21:48 advantages to both programs.
21:51 But we have 381 acres, and we're looking
21:57 to develop it into programs for both
22:03 the college and the academy.
22:04 And we also have an active missions program.
22:06 Since 1998, we began taking our students
22:09 overseas and doing evangelism programs
22:12 with them. You know, many times we might be
22:14 building a church, or orphanage
22:15 or something else along the same time.
22:17 We also have each year a special trip
22:21 that's just for our academy seniors.
22:23 And this trip they are more involved
22:25 in planning. The first semester of the senior
22:28 year they take a Bible doctrines class,
22:30 which is actually equipping them
22:32 to be more effective in speaking
22:35 and in giving Bible studies and helping
22:38 people understand from the Bible especially
22:41 our distinctive doctrines.
22:43 And this last year for example,
22:45 the senior class helped four evangelistic
22:48 campaigns in Bulgaria. They are focusing
22:51 largely on a gypsy population in Varna,
22:55 which is a part of the country which,
22:58 in which the gypsies specifically
23:01 haven't have a lot of evangelism
23:04 from the Adventist Church. And so,
23:06 we spent, we spent four weeks in the
23:09 Varna area with our senior class.
23:10 And each, each of those four sites had
23:13 four seniors that were speaking nightly.
23:17 They were doing health talks.
23:19 They were doing a children's program
23:21 and they were you know, running setting up
23:25 their own equipment, running their own
23:26 equipment and then they were also doing
23:28 some visitations during the day.
23:30 And this last year we were actually
23:32 able to take a couple of the college students
23:33 with us, I went to these missions trips
23:35 to Bulgaria. And so we used the opportunity
23:38 to give them experience in shooting
23:42 and producing a video and so we actually
23:44 produced a report video on
23:46 our Bulgaria Mission trip.
23:47 And so this gave them an opportunity
23:50 for some who haven't yet had the chance
23:52 to speak for an evangelistic series
23:54 here in United States. They gave them
23:55 opportunity to preach their series;
23:58 some of them for the first time.
23:59 And hopefully the experience they gain
24:02 there will be something that will help them.
24:04 Some of them will, will now comeback
24:07 to the states and do more
24:09 active evangelism here.
24:11 This school exists in part for closing
24:15 the back door of the church.
24:16 We have seen so many young people,
24:18 even people that are not young
24:20 and or my age, who went well all the way
24:22 through academy and college
24:24 and maybe great school and church.
24:26 And yet somehow they never got the vision.
24:29 They never came to love the Lord
24:31 or maybe they did, but they made choices
24:35 and then let them away. And we believe
24:37 there is just far too many young people
24:38 who are in that category, and if we can
24:41 give them while they are receiving
24:42 their education. A greater understanding
24:46 of why we as a church exist.
24:49 Why the Lord is counting for us is so beautiful.
24:52 And get them involved in soul winning exercises
24:58 or activities. We believe we will succeed
25:02 in helping to close that door.
25:04 From the beginning I think we can say
25:07 that ASI did two things for Ouachita Hills.
25:12 Number one, ASI has provided encouragement
25:17 and support for this school as a ministry.
25:22 A number of times we have been recipients
25:24 of project offerings, but more than that
25:26 we have been, we have received encouragement
25:29 in what we're doing. And ASI has a strong
25:32 history in supporting ministries.
25:34 And so ASI leaders and ASI members have given
25:39 a lot of, a lot of encouragement,
25:40 a lot of prayers, a lot of guidance,
25:43 a lot of good ideas that have helped
25:45 Ouachita Hills from its very beginning.
25:48 But the second impact that ASI has had
25:52 on Ouachita Hills, I would, I would say
25:54 is on its students. In our philosophy of
25:59 wanting to have students who are workers
26:03 for God soul winners, no matter what
26:05 their career profession. We face a challenge
26:08 because you can say that, but it's much more
26:12 powerful, if you can see that.
26:14 And we love to take our students to ASI
26:17 because there they see real men and women,
26:21 who are living what we're trying to train
26:24 them for. There they, they maybe
26:26 professionals, they maybe business people,
26:28 they maybe you know, entrepreneurs,
26:30 but their passion is still to save souls.
26:35 They are, they are calling that
26:36 they feel God has placed on their heart
26:38 is to be marketplace ministries
26:40 as lay people. And we treasure,
26:44 the impact and influence that ASI members
26:47 have on our young people, because
26:49 as far as I can tell there is no better place
26:54 where they can safely to mentor
26:56 than in an ASI Convention or with
26:58 ASI members and ASI ministers.
27:01 It's amazing to imagine the plans God
27:04 has in store for the students at
27:06 Ouachita Hills Academy and College.
27:08 For information about the schools visit
27:11 and
27:17 To learn more about ASI including
27:19 how to become a member, call 301-680-6450
27:25 or visit
27:29 I am Dan Houghton; you have been watching
27:32 ASI Video Magazine. See you next time
27:35 for more stories of ASI members sharing Christ
27:39 in the marketplace. God be with you.


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