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00:01 ASI is a ministry that's networking all these
00:03 different ministries together with the church.
00:05 Being involved with ASI, meeting other people.
00:08 ASI convention is an excellent opportunity,
00:10 just a great opportunity. In ASI, there is a
00:12 particular fellow. ASI is really the stamp,
00:15 it's the glue that holds all the ministries together.
00:28 Welcome to ASI video magazine, I'm Dan Houghton,
00:31 as I attend the ASI convention each year.
00:34 I'm continually amazed with the stories shared
00:37 by ASI members. Stories of witnessing
00:40 and outreach of sharing Christ in the market place.
00:43 Today, we're going to meet two ASI members
00:46 sharing Christ in very different ways.
00:48 One through publishing in media and the other
00:51 through personal relationships in
00:52 the workplace. When Light Bearers Ministry
00:55 was founded in 1986 it was a small outfit doing
00:59 door to door outreach, Bible studies,
01:00 and weekend seminars. Today, they are a publishing
01:04 media, and teaching ministry.
01:06 Light Bearers prints 20 to 40 million pieces
01:09 of literature every year. They are involved
01:12 in projects around the world and produced
01:14 television programs targeted at reaching
01:17 secular society. Let's find out how God has used
01:20 Light Bearers to bless his work around the world.
01:25 This is our new publishing facility,
01:27 which we built about two years ago,
01:29 we're really happy to be in this building because
01:31 it is large enough to facilitate all of our needs.
01:34 First of all after the literature comes out
01:37 of the design department it goes on to our
01:40 six color Sanden web press and then it is brought
01:45 on cards to the folders, where the tracks are
01:47 folded and boxed up and then finally
01:50 they are palatalized and prepared to go onto
01:54 the trucks and out the door to the ocean liner
01:56 for wherever the destination maybe.
01:58 The Light Bearers Ministry began as a
02:02 teaching ministry, didn't have a publishing aspect
02:05 at first that developed later, shortly after our
02:09 conversion to Christianity and my partner James
02:12 and I began doing in home Bibles study, small
02:16 group studies with 10, 12, 15 people in a group.
02:19 Ty and I would both new converse came out
02:22 of the world, I'd a catholic background
02:25 and I don't think he had any kind of religious
02:27 background and we met in Spokane, Washington.
02:29 Ty had joined the Church a couple of years before
02:32 I had through evangelistic series,
02:35 I came through personal Bible study
02:37 and then went through some evangelistic series
02:40 on Daniel and when we met we just became friends,
02:43 we both had a zeal of burden and desire to just
02:45 share the things that we were learning,
02:47 they were so new to us and so clear
02:50 and so powerful and so life altering.
02:52 We were young and energetic, and just really
02:54 eager to share in any venue that might be
02:57 open to us and through that medium we began
03:00 to conduct seminars pretty much every weekend
03:04 in different places around the country
03:06 and other countries as well.
03:08 Sometimes people say wow you and Ty,
03:10 you know, you just kind interact really
03:12 well together, you guys rehearse that no,
03:15 no that was years of just hanging out together,
03:18 driving together, talking, interacting,
03:20 it just kind a follows out or it comes natural.
03:22 And then as we continued on in the teaching work
03:27 that we were doing, we saw the value or preparing
03:31 outlines and studies in written form to share
03:35 with the people, who were attending the seminars.
03:38 Up until about 87, we were printing some small
03:42 pieces of literature, copy machine,
03:44 nothing really, you know great.
03:46 But we really felt a desire to get a press.
03:48 We didn't know anything about publishing
03:50 and never laid eyes on a press before up
03:53 closing personally, it was just a device
03:56 we knew was out there in the technological world
03:59 and we could make use of it and we knew
04:01 it would have a major impact on the world.
04:04 So, we did a little bit of research, we picked
04:07 a small two color press called an AB Dick.
04:10 And it wasn't really a professional press.
04:12 It was an AB Dick, it was a duplicator something
04:14 that they using a copy shop.
04:15 But it was impressed us, you know,
04:17 you inked it up, you have rollers the whole bit.
04:19 And we purchase the thing, they delivered it,
04:22 they told us that the next day they would send
04:25 somebody to do some training on the press.
04:27 But we just couldn't contain ourselves,
04:30 so we slap some ink on there
04:32 and the necessary chemicals,
04:33 and we got the thing up in running determent
04:37 to get ink to stick the paper by morning.
04:39 And we stayed up all night long and we just were,
04:44 we had a few, I can't remember what
04:45 they are called, but where the blows out
04:47 and the whole thing needs to be cleaned up
04:49 and you start from scratch and we did a few
04:51 of those and by the time the sun started
04:54 rising and the dawn started breaking upon us,
04:57 we were still awake, still working with this press
05:00 and we were so excited because we are
05:02 printing ink on paper and it was legible.
05:05 And then the trainer came, the guy
05:08 that was gonna teach us how to run the press
05:10 and he came to the ministry
05:11 and there we were you know just all story
05:14 we had and excited, and he came in
05:17 and he started going through with us.
05:19 And we just had one question after another.
05:21 And he just couldn't figure out why we had so many
05:23 questions and they were just all very
05:25 practical questions. And we told him about
05:27 our experience, we said we have been up all night
05:29 with this press and we run through and he said,
05:31 I now wonder you asking all these questions.
05:32 He said these questions are all based on the
05:34 experience you have had all night running
05:36 this press right, I said, we said yes
05:38 absolutely so it was awesome.
05:39 We were certain of two things at that point
05:41 and that is that it could be done.
05:43 And that we needed to keep going in the direction
05:45 of publishing and that we needed to hire
05:47 somebody else to actually run the press.
05:50 And that began to develop in 87 and by 1990
05:54 we had a full publishing house. And we started
05:57 to print containers of literature for overseas.
06:00 Light Bearers Ministry is all about filling
06:02 containers with truthful literature and then
06:06 shipping it to designated areas around the world,
06:08 where people are in desperate need
06:11 of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
06:12 Literature distribution is the most effective way
06:16 of communicating the Gospel for at least
06:18 three reasons. Number one cost effectiveness.
06:21 All of this literature that we print is produced
06:24 and shipped for less than four pennies
06:28 per publication. This press is the one that
06:32 we use to print material in mass.
06:35 We can fill the container with material
06:38 in about two weeks. Secondly, its effective
06:41 because of its impact, it's a tangible item that
06:44 people hold in their hands to take home other
06:46 family members can read it, so it has a, it has an
06:49 ongoing life cycle in a community, in a home.
06:52 And to this date, we probably printed about
06:54 four hundred and thirty million plus pieces
06:58 of literature in over thirty different languages.
07:01 So, the third reason is because the literature
07:04 that is placed in people hands has
07:07 a grounding effect. It's more effective to read
07:11 the truth and to go over it again and again
07:15 and to have it in your possession in a written
07:17 form then merely to hear somebody
07:19 speak the truth and then leave town.
07:21 And right now we're printing French,
07:23 Portuguese, we have got of course the English
07:27 and request for a number of other different
07:31 languages, we have developed the ministry
07:35 primarily to present literature for the needs
07:40 of third world countries. Countries that just
07:42 don't have the means to fund literature
07:45 and to do it in such a way that
07:47 we can make the cost low.
07:50 All over has gone out absolutely free of charge,
07:53 the gift to various entities around the world
07:56 that becomes distribution centers and so really
07:59 what Light Bearers Ministry is,
08:01 is it is a massive communication network,
08:05 just in this year this coming year alone.
08:08 We will put into circulation 50 to 60 million
08:11 publications. Sometimes you know,
08:14 you get so busy and you're out there doing
08:16 ministry and doing what you need to do
08:18 and you lose site or lose connection with some
08:21 of these other ministries and what they're up to
08:23 and no one really has time to connect.
08:25 So, you take a few days off every year about
08:27 August first week and you go to ASI convention
08:30 and you hick up with all these different ministries
08:32 and you connect with them all at one time.
08:33 You just get it all out of the way
08:35 and you don't have to be calling everyone
08:37 then you figure out what their schedules
08:40 are for different events and you try to hook
08:42 that in what you're doing and see if you can work
08:44 together and there is so much more
08:46 to get accomplished as you work
08:48 with these other ministries.
08:49 The ASI convention is an excellent opportunity,
08:52 just a great opportunity to meet people,
08:54 to lay plans, to cast vision and also along
08:59 the way as you attend the meetings at ASI,
09:02 you just receiving a lot of motivation
09:04 and education that goes a long way for shaping
09:08 what it is that we're going to do to
09:10 make an impact in the world field.
09:11 And so ASI really facilitates that,
09:13 it's a wonderful place.
09:15 One of the most incredible things that we have
09:17 witnessed and experienced as a ministry is that
09:21 we've received reports of churches
09:25 that have spontaneously come into existence.
09:28 Because literature was distributed in the area,
09:31 so we've had missionaries who have gone
09:35 to villages and towns and way out of the way places
09:39 and they start holding meetings and Bible studies
09:42 and so on. And they discovering
09:43 the process that, hey these people already know
09:46 the certain truths and they began to inquire,
09:49 how do you know these Bible truths?
09:52 How did you encountered these things that
09:53 another evangelist or missionary come to visit
09:56 and they produce Light Bearers literature,
10:00 literature is that sometime earlier, months ago,
10:04 years ago someone came through the village
10:07 with the bag pack full of literature because
10:09 we send a container and people ride on bicycles
10:12 into remote places if they go out on hikes into
10:15 remote villages and they just hand the
10:17 literature out free and then they leave.
10:19 One of the most exciting experiences
10:21 I had was on my first trip to Africa.
10:23 You know, we've been printing literature
10:24 for Africa for over 20 years.
10:26 But I never actually gone there until 2006.
10:29 And the country I went to the first time
10:31 was Zimbabwe, which is in a very difficult
10:34 economic situation with high, high inflation.
10:38 And we went to, I went to the University of Solusi,
10:42 which is an Adventist University.
10:43 University status just recently. But it's also the
10:46 oldest mission in Africa,
10:48 the oldest Seventh-Day Adventist mission in Africa.
10:50 It was founded in 1895 with the grant of land
10:53 from the government. They have over two thousand
10:55 students in row, 60 to 80 percent of them are
10:57 not Seventh-Day Adventist, it's a
10:59 catholic country, so lot of them are Catholics.
11:01 And I was there doing weekend prayer
11:02 on three angles message, Revelation 14
11:06 and it was really fun, but it was also intense
11:09 and the reason why it was so intense is because
11:11 you've a lot of kids there, who do not have
11:13 an Adventist background and actually have
11:16 a catholic background. But they don't
11:18 necessarily have Bibles, they don't necessarily
11:19 have literature, and so when I am preaching
11:21 they are hearing things for the first time
11:23 and the scene slides, power point presentation
11:26 slides with all this documentation on it.
11:29 But because they don't have it hand,
11:30 they can't necessarily go to the web,
11:32 they have a lot of questions.
11:33 And they are not sure if they believe
11:35 or they can accept what I'm teaching.
11:37 And so what we did, I did a question answer
11:39 time that helped a little bit.
11:40 And I was able to share from the Bible,
11:42 but they don't have Bibles in lot of them.
11:43 I have four students, four catholic girls
11:46 for example, that were intense about
11:48 what day was the Sabbath and asking me about,
11:51 that, but only one of them had a Bible
11:52 between the four. So, got back to
11:54 Light Bearers and we organized and got together
11:57 a container of literature filled with lessons,
12:02 Bible lessons. Bibles, thousands of Bibles
12:05 and we sent five thousand Bibles there.
12:06 We have sent enough Bibles there for
12:07 each student and just a couple months later
12:09 a 165 young people were Baptized
12:12 and became Seventh-Day Adventist.
12:14 And it was really exciting because I know
12:15 that part of the reason for that was not
12:17 just the weekend prayer, but also the follow-up
12:20 with the literature that help to stabilize
12:23 the message that we had share in their hearts
12:26 and help them to be able to go back to a Bible,
12:28 which they didn't have. Back to Bible studies,
12:30 which they didn't have and back to literature,
12:32 which they didn't have and we affirm everything
12:35 that we have taught. And now our plan
12:37 is to just keep sending a container of literature
12:39 to Solusi University every year.
12:41 They get it through Blue Whale in Zimbabwe
12:44 and they were just soaking about I mean.
12:46 We could send two or three containers
12:48 every year. But what happens as you send
12:50 a container of literature to Solusi.
12:52 You have these theology students there,
12:55 there are some of them are graduating,
12:56 new ones are coming in, you have new
12:57 students coming in that come from different
13:00 denominations, different backgrounds,
13:02 and so it's a brand new field of ministry
13:05 every year. You don't have to unnecessarily
13:08 go off campus. It's a mission campus right there,
13:10 so you are sending literature to a place,
13:12 where the mission field is right there at
13:15 Adventist institution, it's really
13:18 exciting to see that happening.
13:21 It's wonderful to see how God can use us
13:23 for his glory to spread the good news
13:26 of his love to the entire world.
13:28 And I'm thankful for Light Bearers
13:30 and the other ministries that are members of ASI.
13:33 Together, we're telling the world about
13:35 Christ's love and soon return.
13:38 To learn more about Light Bearers call
13:40 area code 541-988-3333 or visit
13:51 ASI has eight regional chapters across
13:53 North America; these chapters host there own
13:56 local conventions each spring along with
13:59 occasional rallies and meetings throughout
14:01 the year. Your local chapter is an excellent
14:04 way to get involved with ASI.
14:06 It's an opportunity to connect with like-minded
14:09 Adventist professionals from your area.
14:12 Visit to find the more
14:17 information about your local ASI chapter.
14:20 ASI convention is just an inspiring time;
14:24 I've heard it at this five day camp meeting
14:26 on steroids. I get encourage when I come
14:28 to the ASI conference. The speakers, the fellowship
14:32 that you have, it is so charging and recharging.
14:35 I'm top lifted, once I went,
14:37 I didn't wanna miss. You need to
14:38 come to ASI. There is nothing like it.
14:51 Jesus is rightly called the master physician.
14:54 Well here on this earth he performed
14:56 many miraculous acts of healing.
14:59 One of the best ways we as Christians
15:01 can witness for Christ is to help others
15:03 with their physical ailments.
15:05 Dr. Carlos Japas is a physician
15:08 and ASI member from Burleson, Texas.
15:11 Let's find out how he's used
15:13 his practice to witness to others.
15:18 I was prepared my own funeral
15:21 and my wife was writing that these are
15:23 only one for my funeral. I wanted to be different.
15:26 I don't wanted people just crying
15:28 because you know. We still remaining
15:31 in this world, we will die anyway.
15:35 But I wanted to be different, I wanted to do
15:37 a sermon for my friends that they only think
15:42 that most of them they only think that,
15:44 they worry about life is getting a
15:46 professional degree, making money. And they don't
15:50 worry about, who is your good neighbor.
15:53 Victor is a great guy; he, he's actually young,
15:56 dynamic. And he is a quite intelligent man;
16:00 he is an engineer in electronics.
16:04 Working with a Groberman in a private company,
16:08 I was flying every 15 days to different countries.
16:13 I don't know in what country that I buried
16:18 that virus disease, but the first thing
16:25 I notice is my feet. When I look at my feet
16:29 because it was starting little pink when
16:31 I was walking and I notice that lose
16:35 therefore multiply in my feet
16:36 because it look like elephant feet.
16:38 And one day he came in to see me
16:41 and says doctor, I need your help,
16:44 I have been seeing so many doctors,
16:46 but I just want the opinion of a Christian doctor.
16:51 Before I was going to Dr. Japas,
16:54 I had a feel, the feeling, strong feeling that.
16:58 I won't be dying in seven days.
17:01 I examined him, I went through all the areas
17:04 that I could see, that I could help me
17:06 make a diagnoses. I even look at the reports
17:12 that he brought to me from other doctors.
17:14 And I said Victor I really don't know
17:16 what you have, but I know one thing.
17:18 We gonna trust in God, we gonna do the best we can.
17:21 We gonna pray, if you don't mind I am gonna
17:23 pray with you and God would give us the answer.
17:26 An every single visit that I got with Dr. Japas,
17:32 we pray before and what he find out later
17:37 I have a sarcoidosis, which is a disease that,
17:41 is worse than TBC.
17:43 He was swollen on the feet I thought at beginning,
17:46 but he had some congestive heart failure.
17:49 But that was not so.
17:51 I told the Lord, I quit my job if you still need
17:55 me in ministry. I'm going to quit my job
18:00 and I do in one month, but if you cure me
18:02 in seven days, I told the Lord you have to cure
18:04 them in seven days I have the strong
18:06 sensation instead, instead of dying in seven days.
18:10 I will be alive, but if I alive after seven days
18:12 is mean that he will open the door for me at least.
18:16 I said victor we need to take an x-ray,
18:17 when I saw that x-ray it was just full of white
18:24 ground glass appearance typical of
18:27 what could be tuberculosis.
18:30 You know, when I said to Dr. Japas that I will,
18:33 I was about, I had a strong sensation that
18:36 I will be dying in seven days.
18:38 He looked at me and he says unless God have
18:43 another plans you won't die.
18:46 We will do all that you can, I don't know
18:50 who you are he says to me, he was sincere,
18:54 but he would lead me with prayer,
18:56 we will find out and that was a comfort
18:59 in my heart. Because I knew,
19:01 I was in where I with the rippers.
19:04 As he says I'm alive because you are my doctor
19:07 and I was shocked, I said, hey Victor
19:09 I haven't done anything for you.
19:11 He said no, no doctor you're the answer
19:13 to my prayers. I thought I was gonna die
19:15 and I thought that was the end of my life.
19:18 And I wanted to have an opinion from
19:20 a Christian doctor, but you pray for me.
19:22 And from that moment I knew that God
19:25 has healed me. As a matter of fact,
19:27 I went back to my doctors that were,
19:29 they have seen me. They have checked my lungs
19:33 and when they took another x-ray
19:34 they couldn't see anything on them
19:36 and it was quite miracle. I didn't know that
19:39 happens then I was shocked, but I praise God
19:42 because he is the only one that could
19:44 have healed Victor. I become very well
19:46 acquainted with Dr. Japas as a patient treating
19:49 all my different ailments and he always takes time,
19:53 always very careful and curious in kind.
19:58 And when I walk into his waiting room
20:02 that is always full and I know those people
20:05 are there because he treats them in the same way.
20:09 Each patient is a unique case and I enjoyed
20:12 each one of them sometimes I have to be
20:14 reminded by my nurses that I am spending
20:16 too much time with them
20:17 and that's one of my faults.
20:20 I was chairing the Huguley Hospital board
20:23 and the nurses nearby were talking about
20:29 Dr. Japas, Dr. Japas a new doctor.
20:32 And they were so excited about him that
20:35 they voted him to be the Doctor of the year.
20:39 At a hospital like ours, there is about
20:41 350 doctors and probably only 20 or 25 of those
20:47 doctors are Seventh-Day Adventists
20:49 and Dr. Japas is a Seventh-Day Adventist
20:53 obviously, but more importantly lives his life
20:56 in such a way that his colleagues elect him
20:58 as a president of the medical staff, they,
21:00 they've confidence in him and appointed him
21:02 into that position and so an Adventist Hospital
21:05 with Adventist physician serving in that role.
21:07 I think the way it should be.
21:09 The Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Cleburne,
21:11 Texas has organized a free clinic.
21:16 And I'm sure that Dr. Japas spends quite
21:19 a bit of time there, I know he is involved there
21:22 and donating his time to the helping of indigenous
21:26 and I believe last year that clinic
21:30 so over two thousand people.
21:32 I'm not the only one doing these things
21:33 there are many physicians in our institution
21:36 Huguley Medical Center, which offer their service
21:40 totally free for this type of patients and indigenous.
21:44 And the Huguley Hospital under his inspirational
21:47 leadership has started venturing to
21:51 Latin American Countries and to I believe Africa.
21:54 I see patients here on these states indigenous,
21:57 but also do it twice or three times a year
22:00 a mission project.
22:01 Last, in the last couple of years, we have taken
22:04 mission trips to Honduras and Dr. Japas went
22:08 there with us a couple times and he has gonna
22:11 down there and served and because
22:13 he is bilingual that has been a big blessing
22:16 additionally to being a physician going out
22:18 and ministering the health needs of the people.
22:20 He can talk to them and make summaries in that way.
22:23 And when we comeback, it's amazing to see
22:27 those people rejoicing, they wanna do it
22:29 it immediately again. They are just signing their
22:32 names again and they wanna know when
22:34 we're gonna be going out again into this place
22:37 because they really love what they do
22:39 and they really become enthusiastic about it
22:43 and they appreciate actually what they have at home.
22:46 And it just helps the whole spiritual atmosphere
22:49 of the Church and this kind of thing has been
22:52 generated largely through Dr. Mrs. Japas.
22:56 It's so good to share, you know,
23:00 the voice of all the people that does they have
23:03 the opportunity we have to know Jesus
23:06 to tell them about Jesus, through especially
23:10 I like to work with leader around the children
23:12 with occasion in school or with medical group
23:17 that go and help them to teach a better way to live.
23:21 So, Gracie when I was about to marry her,
23:25 I said Gracie at one condition I'm gonna
23:27 marry you, I said if you promise to me
23:30 that you're gonna give me 12 children.
23:33 He dreams with a big family and I was
23:38 earlier afraid to have a big family.
23:41 And she says thought for a while,
23:44 she swallow little bit, and says yes I promise.
23:48 After we've our second child,
23:50 which still having in our home foreign students.
23:55 So, the children's came, came with first,
23:58 the second, the third. I already forget about that,
24:02 I had enough with three.
24:03 But she had not forgotten about that.
24:06 And leader by leader I find out that my house
24:09 will fix all this young students they came
24:13 and we adopt them as our children.
24:17 They follow the rules of the home
24:19 and we enjoyed them as daughters and son.
24:23 And I was quite of, not very happy about that
24:30 and say I wanna my privacy, I wanted to be
24:32 in my home, I wanted to be rule it of the house
24:34 and now this stranger comes in.
24:36 I don't know what the outcome,
24:38 what's gonna be, I said well
24:40 I promise you 12 children, so here is another one.
24:43 And so over the year she has been filing up
24:46 and not only she has given me 12,
24:48 she has given me close to 28 and one time
24:51 she even brought me a couple,
24:53 which was a single mother with a child.
24:57 I said enough Gracie that's not right,
24:59 what are you doing with me and she said
25:02 well this poor lady had no place to go.
25:05 But she wants to follow our faith, no,
25:07 do you know her, no I don't know her.
25:09 I just met her in the street.
25:10 I said how do you dare to do that
25:12 and she said well that she needs to have help.
25:16 And as a consequence of being in our house
25:20 the child became a student.
25:23 She went to our academy, she lived with
25:26 our children's like if she was one of us.
25:28 She graduated from college and she is working
25:31 as a pastor right now. She became a converted
25:34 Christian and her mother became baptized too
25:38 and they both came to be part of the family of God
25:42 as a consequence of living in our house,
25:44 so I praise the Lord again because of
25:46 Gracie decision to bring them into our house.
25:50 And being a member of ASI,
25:53 I think it was the touch of our life for my
25:57 family for, especially for my husband
26:00 and I do have a purpose in our,
26:05 you know, world place.
26:07 From that moment on, we went on projects
26:10 that we wanna do something for God.
26:12 We wanna do something different
26:13 to be in their office and seeing the patient
26:16 is not enough. We want to go and do outreach
26:19 and we got our kids involved with this.
26:22 We're seeing a renaissance of Adventism
26:25 through ASI, they're bringing back the old spirit
26:31 and they're witnessing for Christ
26:33 in the market place. And I believe that
26:36 Dr, Japas and his health care practice,
26:40 his medical practice is doing that in a part
26:44 excellent matter. There are people that
26:48 invite him to conduct their funerals
26:51 non-Adventist families because of his
26:53 spiritual leadership, because they know he is
26:56 a Godly man and his wife Gracie
27:00 and his sister Norma they have a powerful
27:05 influence upon the patients in an uplifting
27:08 spirit building way, it's just an inspiration
27:12 to watch them. I go into the clinic quite
27:14 frequently with my own needs or to draw
27:17 some air in. And to see them all at work
27:20 with the other staff members is
27:22 like walking into a Church activity.
27:27 There are so many ways God can use us,
27:29 to touch the lives of others.
27:30 If we're just willing to let him lead.
27:33 ASI is made up a people just like Dr. Japas,
27:37 who have given their lives in businesses
27:39 for God to use according to his purpose.
27:43 For more information about ASI
27:45 and how to become a member,
27:47 call area code 301-680-6450
27:52 or visit
27:56 you've been watching ASI video magazine.
27:59 I'm, Dan Houghton, join me next time for more
28:03 stories of ASI member sharing Christ
28:06 in the market place. God be with you.


Revised 2014-12-17