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00:01 ASI is a ministry that's networking all these
00:03 different ministries together with the church.
00:05 Being involved with ASI, meeting other people.
00:08 ASI is an excellent opportunity,
00:10 just a great opportunity. In ASI
00:12 there's a particular fellowship.
00:14 ASI is really the stamp, it's the glue it
00:16 holds all the ministries together.
00:27 Welcome to ASI video magazine,
00:29 I'm Dan Houghton. ASI is made up of
00:32 a diverse group of members.
00:34 Some are non-profit ministries others are
00:37 businesses and professionals.
00:39 Different though we maybe we are all united
00:42 by one goal and that is sharing Christ
00:44 in the marketplace. Today we're going to meet
00:48 two ASI members that are sharing Christ
00:50 in very different ways. Shine is an ASI member
00:54 organization in Ardmore, Oklahoma operated
00:57 by Mary Bernt. It's an evangelism training
00:59 program for young people as a part of the
01:02 program the young people learn about healthy
01:04 cooking and natural remedies right along side
01:07 evangelism. The idea is to use health as a way to
01:10 open doors to further outreach.
01:13 Let's find out how God is working through this
01:16 ministry. Welcome to Veggies.
01:19 This is our health food store that we're walking
01:21 into and we have basically a full service
01:24 of food store with organic foods,
01:29 a small amount of organic produce and we
01:32 also carry the supplements and things of that nature.
01:36 I didn't know that there was anything in this town
01:37 like this. So I started kind of just coming and
01:40 getting you know more vitamin and that kind
01:42 of thing and didn't really we eat at the restaurant
01:46 that much didn't really know what
01:49 it was they advertised it a little bit and we kind
01:52 of would come in and it would smell so good,
01:55 and that we kind of started you know okay
01:57 maybe we better check this out. From
01:59 a financial standpoint its growing everyday,
02:04 it's always a little difficult, restaurants are
02:06 always a little hard I won't sit here and say
02:08 that it's easy, we're definitely not you know
02:11 making tons of money by any stretch of the
02:13 imagination however for us that isn't the key
02:19 figure that isn't really what we are looking
02:21 at to see how well things are going but we look
02:25 at is our souls being won, and souls are being won
02:29 at this ministry and lives are being changed,
02:32 so we feel like its very successful.
02:35 Well, I've had some significant heart problems
02:38 over the years for last five years;
02:39 I had open heart surgery about five years ago.
02:41 The doctor told Charlie that he was going
02:43 to either have to have another by-pass or go
02:49 home and die. When the heart problems
02:51 continue to increase and they were wanting
02:55 to operate again and he didn't want to do that
02:56 I came and talked with Mary and she agreed
03:00 to sit down and talked with both of us.
03:01 It was really scary because his skin tone was
03:05 just ash and gray, he looked like he was going
03:10 to have heart attack at any moment and
03:13 I was really concerned about him and in fact
03:16 I plead with them for the first few minutes
03:18 we were together, I plead with him to go
03:19 to one of the health centers like the
03:22 Black Hills health and Education Center or to
03:24 Lifestyle Center of America or to Wildwood,
03:29 you know I told them about several places
03:31 and he said, I'm just not willing to do that.
03:33 And I just looked at him because he was being
03:36 so stubborn and I was really praying
03:39 in my heart Lord, I don't know what to do
03:43 with this man because he's being so stubborn.
03:46 But I, the thought occurred me that his
03:49 situation was so extreme that would probably
03:51 take an extreme measure to turn this around
03:55 and help him, so I looked him straight in the
03:57 eye and I said okay Charlie,
03:59 if that's you know the way you're going to be
04:01 done and the only thing person you're going
04:03 to listen to is me for some unknown reason
04:07 well then I think what you should do is going
04:10 a total all raw completely vegan diet.
04:14 And this seems to make sense to me because
04:16 really I, I didn't really have any other
04:19 choice other than the one I didn't want to
04:22 do you know so. He proceeded to start eating
04:26 raw fruits, raw vegetables, raw nuts.
04:28 No dairy, no meat. I showed them how to eat,
04:31 and an oat meal called muesli that you can
04:33 prepare that's all raw and put the orange juice,
04:35 some fresh squeezed orange juice to put
04:38 on the muesli. So that's essential what our
04:40 diet was, just grains, fruit, vegetables and
04:43 a lot of juice. And they loved it, they just,
04:47 they, he and his wife both went on this diet
04:50 and the next thing I know she's in here just
04:54 so happy because Charlie's mowing the lawn
04:57 again and he doesn't have chest pain and his,
05:01 you know, he is able to do more
05:03 and more work everyday. Within a week,
05:05 surely within a week after going on the diet,
05:08 you get a burst of energy within about two weeks
05:12 your skin starts taking this healthy pink hue
05:17 of course more, it's most importantly,
05:19 the angina pain at overtime began to subside.
05:23 His blood pressure went down, the lab work was
05:26 good everything that the cardiologist checks
05:29 on the six month check, everything was just so,
05:31 was shockingly good. And in fact he recently
05:35 became a member of the 130 mile an hour club
05:38 where he jump on a motorcycle and you go
05:40 130 miles an hour and they actually clock
05:43 you and you have to do within three times and he
05:46 became a member of that club and Cherry wrote
05:49 me this little letter and I wrote her back and
05:51 I said well Charlie's just proved positive that
05:54 you don't have to slow down just because
05:55 you're getting old. This is where all the cooking
06:00 goes on and I know they can't smell the wonderful
06:04 smells that are going on in here but we have
06:07 quite a crew, this is my daughter Brianna
06:11 and she works on her days off, she helps us out.
06:15 I love this food here, and she,
06:19 Mary has shown me that you can eat this type
06:24 of food and it's delicious and everything
06:28 you eat here is good for you.
06:31 You know anybody make chicken salad,
06:32 chickens like we said, but she makes good
06:36 chicken non-chicken- salad-sandwich that,
06:39 any chicken, you know without any chicken.
06:42 One recipe, it's like such as the chicken salad
06:45 that you'll see listed up there, when I was really
06:49 wanting a new recipe one day I just said
06:51 Lord please I really want a new recipe and
06:53 I need something that people will just love that
06:56 will bring them in on a daily basis and he didn't
07:00 tell me half a cup of this or tablespoon of that
07:02 but this idea just came into my mind,
07:05 I was just inspired with this great idea
07:07 and it has become a foundation recipe for us
07:11 and so what most of my recipes I pray for them.
07:14 I really don't eat here because
07:15 it's healthy I mean, well these are benefits,
07:19 but I eat here because the food's good.
07:21 If you ate, what she had out there today that
07:24 lasagna, that was award winning.
07:28 Today we're serving lasagna, we always have
07:30 two soups, we have a really beautiful salad
07:33 bars our salad bar is just wonderful it's all fresh,
07:37 we chop everything up on a daily basis.
07:40 We also then have four sandwiches and
07:46 two wraps that we serve on a daily basis,
07:49 our entree changes every single day and
07:53 then we sometimes will throw a special another
07:55 additional Cray for something like that and
07:58 then we also have a, a really good healthy
08:00 dessert everyday. We probably could not get
08:02 food of this quality anywhere I know in Dallas
08:05 or surrounding cities. And the other places
08:08 when our business that we at. I wish there
08:11 was a veggies in every city in the United States
08:15 and I do believe it can be replicated,
08:18 it's a lot of hard work and it takes a tremendous
08:22 commitment to do this but i think it's very,
08:25 very worthwhile work because we do see souls
08:29 won to the kingdom through this.
08:32 I had a little problem of drugs and I initially
08:41 met Mary, she came to an Oxford house,
08:45 I stay in an Oxford house right now.
08:47 It's a place of sober living environment
08:51 for people that are trying to, you know get their
08:53 life together, and Mary would come out there
08:56 on Mondays and she would visit with us
08:58 and do Bibles studies. Two days after I got there,
09:03 still feeling pretty bad Mary showed up and
09:05 that's the last thing I wanted to here in the
09:07 world was what Mary had to say,
09:10 but as she began to speak I began to feel hope.
09:14 There are hungry people out there, amen.
09:17 And some of them are hungry for food,
09:19 and some of them are hungry for God.
09:23 It's alright Jimmy. And there are people
09:25 out there who need to be clothed,
09:29 and there are people out there who need to be
09:32 ministered too. And God has a,
09:36 God has a recipe here, not only for caring
09:40 for the needs of others but it's in doing
09:43 for others that really we find our own
09:47 relationship with God coming into harmony
09:50 and coming into our right order.
09:53 We run health and nutrition seminars and
09:56 then we also have the shine program
09:58 which brings in young people.
10:00 One of the most important emphasis here at
10:02 Shine is that we wanna train the students
10:04 to see the Evangelism is not an activity,
10:08 even though there are many activities associated
10:09 with it, but that it's more of a lifestyle and
10:13 that any and every conversation and every
10:16 relationship that we have the privilege of being
10:19 part of, it's a spirit influence and every
10:24 relationship should be dedicated towards
10:26 eternal ends. Mary, wow! She's just such
10:31 a mentor you know and it's not just Mary
10:34 I mean it's the church as the whole,
10:36 but Mary just reached out there and was able,
10:38 she is a soldier, and, and she has these girls
10:41 and well these people. So far I haven't seen
10:44 any man in the Shine program,
10:46 but it's my understanding that anybody
10:48 is welcomed. You know she takes these beautiful
10:51 people and she turns them into
10:52 soldiers and I mean soldiers.
10:54 The young people learn how to work.
10:57 They learn how to do evangelism,
11:00 because we, we always do the evangelistic
11:02 series as well they do, they learn Bible studies
11:05 and they just learn how, I think that they are,
11:09 they end up being very inspired to just really
11:14 go out and approach people and find those
11:18 people who are looking wishfully to have,
11:19 who want to do Bible studies.
11:21 They now know how to, in general help them
11:24 with their health. Help them with heart issues
11:28 you know with obesity, with blood sugar,
11:30 with all of these kind of things.
11:33 And they have just a heart to bring them
11:38 to do the Bible studies. ASI just inspires me.
11:42 It is just that once a year national meeting
11:48 that they're holding and we do go to the
11:50 regionals here and they're also very inspiring,
11:52 but that meeting that they hold once a year
11:55 is like putting fuel in the tank. It just,
12:00 it just helps me to, to be even more inspired
12:04 to continue doing the work that I do.
12:07 ASI has really tremendous commitment
12:09 to soul winning. I love soul winning,
12:15 ever since I became to Seventh-day Adventist.
12:18 I'm so in love with this message and
12:21 it so changed my life for the better that
12:24 I've wanted to share it with everybody
12:27 I meet and using a restaurant and an health
12:30 food store like this people come here to us
12:34 and they're looking, they're searching,
12:36 they're usually hurting or you know they already
12:39 have a need. And it, it's just a perfect
12:43 combination. My whole, I just really believe
12:50 that God created me Mary Bernt to be in
12:55 a restaurant. It's just what I love doing
12:59 and it's just such a wonderful,
13:00 wonderful way to reach people.
13:07 What a normal day. You never know what
13:09 you might hear in this kitchen.
13:12 It's usually comes out as singing though,
13:15 I will say that. God really can use us
13:18 in amazing ways. ASI members share the
13:21 commitment of shine to follow wherever God leads.
13:26 To hear more stories like the one we just saw
13:29 I encourage you to attend the ASI convention
13:32 every year I'm blessed by the remarkable
13:35 testimonies shared by our members at the
13:37 convention. For more information visit
13:40 Are you interested
13:46 in keeping in touch with the ASI family.
13:50 ASI produces two publications just for you.
13:54 Inside ASI Magazine and the ASI Update
13:57 News Letter. Inside ASI has published quarterly
14:01 and contains future stories, insightful
14:04 articles, new member introductions and more.
14:07 The ASI Update is an email news letter
14:09 published monthly. It features news and
14:12 announcements from the ASI Organization
14:14 and its members. The most enjoyable things
14:17 about ASI is that people you meet.
14:19 People that are in ASI there's a particular
14:22 fellowship. They are just close
14:25 or even closer than family. ASI is a great
14:28 opportunity for anyone to meet people,
14:30 to see different ministries.
14:32 The fellowship is just heavenly.
14:46 Denise Hayden is an ASI member and owner
14:48 of Fine Line Services Incorporated.
14:51 A documentation services company that
14:53 specializes in legal documents.
14:55 Over the years God has opened so doors for
14:58 Denise to witness to her clients.
15:00 People in need of legal documents
15:02 are often in situations that find them
15:04 looking for answers, and
15:06 that's where Denise comes in.
15:11 As you see here these are documentation
15:13 pieces on the very first 24 hour prayer
15:17 service that we did, basically I believe
15:19 in the power that comes from 24 hours
15:22 with Jesus and prayer. And so we took this
15:25 and built the whole Jericho wall,
15:28 the whole Jericho theme and then.
15:30 And these are all computer generated things.
15:32 There is not a library, it's not a lot of money
15:34 that you need to put in to it,
15:36 but these where just things we design the
15:39 wall on the computer and built a big box and
15:43 then we put the prayers and our concerns
15:46 into this Jericho and everything that people
15:51 wanted to purge from their life was put inside
15:55 of Jericho and at the end of the prayer service
15:58 6 O'clock in the morning we burned that,
16:01 after we've marched around it the
16:03 seventh time, because kept within the theme.
16:05 The Biblical theme, we burned Jericho which was
16:09 the last thing was, that will happen in Jericho.
16:13 And all of the concerns, we walked away just
16:17 cleanse and everyone was hugging each other.
16:20 We were just glad to be free and we walked
16:23 with a sense of confidence now, but everything
16:26 was in God's hand, so these were the cleansing
16:28 things that came out of the 24 hour prayer
16:31 services that we held. The Lord has blessed me
16:34 in a usually way in Fine Line Service,
16:36 because in the very beginning of this business.
16:41 It was very clear to me that something was
16:43 working beside me. I'd like to tell you a bit
16:47 of the history of Fine Line Service when I left
16:51 the corporate world right after seven years
16:55 working in corporate America,
16:56 contracting with the United States Government.
17:00 I left and, and heard the call of the Lord to say
17:04 I can make, I can use you for something on
17:07 your own. And so I quit my job on Friday and
17:10 started Fine Line Services on Monday.
17:13 Under capitalized didn't have any clients.
17:16 Couldn't afford business cards,
17:17 because my check had not come yet and
17:20 so I walk the streets and another part of that,
17:24 I had wreck my car. The day that I quit,
17:28 I wreck my car. So on Monday I had no car,
17:31 but God is so good I walked down the main
17:35 street of the town that I lived in,
17:38 and went to each of the businesses and ask them
17:40 if they would need secretarial work,
17:44 any type of secretarial work. I didn't even
17:46 have a business card. I've to keep writing my
17:48 name and, and didn't even have a business name,
17:51 but just knew what I wanted to do.
17:54 And by the time I got home three businesses
17:58 had called, by the time I got the end of the
18:00 street the last business that I went to was the
18:03 source of 98 percent of my business for
18:07 the next three years. Because I was under
18:11 capitalized I saw a magazine came out that had,
18:16 that you could win equipment, the grand prize
18:19 was the computer, a scanner,
18:21 a laptop computer and a laser printer.
18:25 And I said wow Lord if you wanna bless me
18:27 with that I can really get the business off
18:29 the ground. And so I wrote my story to the
18:33 magazine and I won, not the grand prize
18:37 I won a inch by, a inch square article from them
18:45 about the good work that I've been doing in
18:47 Fine Line Services. However just to show you
18:51 how the Lord works, He took that inch paragraph
18:56 and allowed the Washington Post
18:59 Newspaper to see it. They sent a journalist
19:03 over to interview me. I didn't even get the
19:05 newspaper, my mother gets the newspaper
19:08 and she said I never knew I would have a daughter
19:10 as a center fold. And I'm like what is she talking
19:13 about, and she showed me this huge article
19:18 of her daughter whose business from an inch
19:22 paragraph. From that the Kiplinger Magazine
19:28 sent their journalist to my door,
19:31 so now the Lord was telling me I will send it
19:34 to your door. You just keep following me,
19:37 you just keep doing the right thing,
19:38 I will send what you need to your door.
19:42 And of course from that I got speaking
19:44 engagements, from those speaking
19:46 engagements more clients came.
19:48 They spread the word out that's the history
19:51 of Fine Line Service and that why I walk
19:53 in great faith, because I've seen how the
19:56 Lord deals with me. And because of the
19:59 documentation that I do for the community,
20:05 for business, for government,
20:08 for the civil agencies, I have seen that God
20:15 continues to build a force outside of myself
20:19 that keeps knocking on the door.
20:21 And my husband is amazed that I don't see how
20:24 people keep coming you know finding you.
20:27 And it's because the Lord sends
20:28 them right here to my door.
20:30 Those who have the gift of business ministry
20:34 to the public have a very special obligation
20:38 to God for Christian service and sacrifice.
20:41 So while my wife is pulling, her husband is
20:44 pushing and, and the ministry that we have
20:48 co-actively has worked very, very well.
20:51 When I heard about ASI that it was an Adventist,
20:56 Adventist Organization for business people who
20:59 were Adventist and I said well you know,
21:01 I think I should give my moneys to this organization
21:04 as opposed to the chamber of commerce.
21:06 Because I thought they did the same thing.
21:08 The networking thing and meeting periodically,
21:12 so I took my $600 out of the Chamber of
21:16 Commerce and joined ASI for $40.
21:18 There the membership is only $40.
21:21 I joined ASI, but I didn't go to the convention,
21:25 so I really didn't know what ASI was about except
21:27 that in my mind it was similar to the local
21:30 Chamber of Commerce. In 1993 I went to
21:35 my first ASI convention in Toronto, Canada.
21:39 And that's where the Lord blew my mind with
21:44 what I saw ASI did. It was where all the businesses
21:49 that were Adventists, that were members
21:52 of that and even more came together and showed
21:57 what they do for Christ. They gave their
21:59 testimonies and they inspired, in my case
22:06 engendered more ministry out of you. You
22:09 are in business to serve Jesus to touch others.
22:14 You're not in business for a profit,
22:17 even if you're full-profit business or a
22:19 non-profit business. So having gone to that
22:22 convention my understanding of ASI was
22:25 all about increased and it was by virtue of that
22:29 first ASI convention that I feel in my heart
22:34 of hearts my ministries blew, blew up.
22:40 And created by virtual blowing up created other
22:45 little ministries on the sideline that now
22:50 ministry to many groups. One of the major
22:54 ministries that have is just documenting tracks.
22:59 Making tracks for children, making those
23:04 evangelistic items that are necessary
23:07 to take ministry into the community,
23:10 in a playful way, in a commercial way
23:13 and in a spiritual way to get the message
23:17 conveyed in a way that is acceptable to multiple
23:20 groups. I would like to tell you about a unique
23:23 ministry that happened by happen stance
23:26 one day there were 16 Denises in my church
23:30 and we were. There were three of us in the
23:33 office one day and someone ran into the office
23:37 and said Denise I need you and all of us
23:40 turned around and so we started laughing and
23:42 from that I said you know we really need
23:44 to do something with this. There are too many
23:46 Denises not to do anything. And I said you know
23:49 we should start a Denise ministries and that
23:51 ministry would be a discipleship ministry
23:53 and be a ministry to other women that as
23:56 in their journey just have someone that is
24:00 called by their name and as just woman.
24:02 So Denise Ministry started as a discipleship
24:05 ministry and from that we developed
24:10 a President and a Vice President and then
24:12 when they saw us breakout,
24:14 I went to an embroidery shop and I had this
24:18 nice sashes done for us, so that when we did
24:21 whatever we would do, we would all be alike.
24:23 This is our uniform sort to speak and those ladies
24:27 that saw us started asking us to usher at church
24:30 and be deaconesses and then we were asked
24:32 to present at the woman's ministries and
24:36 of course we always present, we built
24:37 a ministry around the 24 hour prayer
24:42 service and had Denise Ministries doing every
24:44 hour, so it's been a very good. It's just one
24:49 more ministry that can help
24:52 someone along the way.
24:55 The Lord sent to my door a business of being
24:59 a mobile notary. And so at now as I go into the
25:03 home in my professional manner.
25:07 I find that the Lord sent me to this home,
25:10 because they needed the Lord.
25:13 And as we're talking around the table,
25:15 we exchange information and basically what
25:19 I find out is they've been looking for Jesus.
25:22 They've been looking for something else
25:24 in their life. And may not be able to leave it
25:27 there then because it is a professional arrangement
25:31 and I've been contracted to do a particular service,
25:35 but what I can do with that afterwards only
25:38 the Lord knows and some of those clients that
25:41 I have met are still searching for the Lord.
25:45 Two of them are now going to church.
25:47 That I know of, there maybe others
25:49 I don't know of, but I'm able to share Christ
25:53 in that area as well. As a notary public,
25:57 and having a Pastor along when I go on ASI trips.
26:03 When we do rallies together he does the
26:05 preaching and I'll do the showing them how
26:08 ASI can minister to their lives. We've found that
26:12 when we do this as a team, as a co-active
26:15 ministry on the ASI on the business side,
26:19 because I'm the business person. He is the minister.
26:22 We have seen that the Pastors at those
26:25 churches now began to utilize their ASI
26:30 members enrolls in the church.
26:33 In the back of the church directory or the
26:37 business and business people members of the
26:40 church. Should be, Should be there and that's a part
26:42 of making here, it should be there and so if
26:44 not there we do encourage the Pastor.
26:47 Pastor to Pastor this is something that you might
26:50 want to do. And from that list so many benefits
26:54 to the church as well as ASI can be gathered.
26:58 So we're working together, my wife and
27:01 I and we love it. When I get the courage,
27:04 I'm gonna ask for a double salary one day.
27:09 Each one of us can be an active witness
27:11 for Christ in the workplace just like Denise.
27:14 I encourage you to look for ways to reach out
27:16 to those around you. ASI is made up the people
27:20 who are excited about letting the Lord work
27:22 through their jobs and their businesses.
27:24 To learn more about sharing Christ
27:26 in your marketplace visits the ASI website
27:29 I'm Dan Houghton
27:36 you've been watching ASI Video Magazine.
27:39 See you next time for more stories of ASI members
27:42 sharing Christ in the marketplace.
27:44 God be with you.


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