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00:28 Welcome to ASI Video Magazine.
00:30 I am Dan Houghton. Having been an ASI member
00:33 for a number of years, I've heard so many inspiring
00:36 stories of ASI members, who are sharing
00:39 Christ in the marketplace. Being active in outreach
00:43 to those around us is emphasized at ASI.
00:46 And today we are going to meet two ASI member
00:49 organizations that are sharing
00:51 Christ right in their own communities.
00:55 It's my very own, it's a unique ministry.
00:58 They provide gift bags for children,
01:00 who are taken into the care of the
01:02 Local Child Protective Services.
01:05 The gift bag contains a handmade quilt,
01:07 brand new toys and large daft animal;
01:10 it helps provide some comfort for children
01:13 in a very difficult situation.
01:15 The program is even expanded outside of
01:17 North American. Let's find out more.
01:20 Well, I need to tell you that one of the basis things
01:25 that started is my very own is it
01:28 I was being very discouraged
01:30 about my working for the Lord,
01:32 it just wasn't happening.
01:34 Everything I tried seemed to fail,
01:37 and so one day I just threw my hands
01:39 in the air and I said Lord,
01:40 I want to work for you, but I don't know
01:42 what it is you want me do.
01:44 And he impressed me with
01:46 what do you have in your hands?
01:49 And the thing I said
01:50 was well I have got lot of fabric.
01:53 Well I've got something with me tonight,
01:55 this bag right here that you probably
01:56 haven't seen before,
01:58 this is what is called a bag of love.
02:00 Let me show you what's inside,
02:01 it may take me a minute.
02:03 Look at this a huge teddy bear, a toy,
02:06 there is personal items in this area right here
02:09 and a beautiful, beautiful handmade quilt inside,
02:14 it's all for Meth Orphans children,
02:15 who have been separated from their parents,
02:17 because of the power of Methamphetamine,
02:20 but with all of this, one lady
02:22 is healing the small it's a broken heart.
02:27 Barbara watched out heart wrenching special report,
02:29 Meth Orphans last November.
02:31 It highlighted a growing number of children
02:33 in the region left with
02:34 relatives or foster families,
02:36 because their parents were busted for Meth.
02:41 And he ran over to the window and
02:43 you held your microphone up to the window,
02:46 and you could hear the children
02:47 in there just sobbing their little hearts out,
02:50 and that really, that got to me.
02:53 The thing that I wanted to point
02:55 out is that it is not
02:57 just focused in one channel,
02:59 that there is room for everybody to be,
03:03 to be in this program, because everybody has
03:06 a heart for the children.
03:08 And we don't, we like to include the entire community
03:12 and that's, that's how this is developed
03:16 and when you mentioned that about
03:19 the inter-agency meeting,
03:21 we had invited a newspaper reporter to come in
03:27 and she became so excited,
03:30 when she heard the presentation
03:33 that when she went back she took a lot of pictures
03:37 and the next time the paper came out,
03:41 we had better than a half a page of pictures
03:44 and story and as a result of that,
03:48 that's what really launched.
03:50 It's my very own in this community.
03:53 It just felt so absolutely perfectly right
03:57 that you know that as much as we care about kids God
04:02 cares about kids that much more and,
04:05 and it just felt like this was something
04:07 he was saying here is how, we need to care for these
04:10 children of mine that are in distress.
04:12 To me it has seemed absolutely unbelievable,
04:16 that it wasn't already being done.
04:17 You know that that we could be careless as a community
04:21 and not provide something special for these children;
04:25 you know we do something to give them comfort.
04:27 I didn't realize at the time,
04:29 until I have gotten involved with the other program
04:31 that these kids weren't given anything that
04:34 there was no provision made.
04:36 It was all left to charitable organizations
04:39 and this program was absolutely
04:43 practically perfect.
04:50 Well we first started it we thought that
04:53 you know we would do it here in Kentucky.
04:56 You know we do our county
04:57 and then we'd move to the next county
04:59 and get them develop and then go to the next county
05:02 and this is what our plan was,
05:05 but the Lord let us know right up
05:07 front that you are not moving fast enough,
05:10 and so he started opening doors
05:13 and literally pushing us through if we hesitated,
05:16 he just pushed us through and it's just,
05:19 it's just been a totally awesome journey.
05:22 And I want to introduce these two little boys,
05:25 these are my grandsons.
05:27 And they are adopted by Teresa,
05:31 do you want to come in?
05:36 So this is their mom, their adopted mom.
05:39 I have been fussing for a very longtime
05:43 and it's doing over my grandchildren
05:46 knowing that my daughter was using drugs.
05:49 Well we gone up to visit, and I could tell she was
05:52 doing the drugs really bad,
05:54 because she had lost so much weight
05:56 and she just looked horrible, but also
06:00 the Lord impressed me that she was pregnant,
06:03 and I just knew it,
06:06 I knew it even though she kept denying that I knew
06:09 Alex, I would like to have you hold bag open,
06:12 so that Skye can fill it.
06:15 Now the first thing that we are gonna do,
06:17 is we are going to put a quilt in the bottom.
06:20 Do you wanna put this in the bottom of the bag?
06:23 Hold that open for him, so he can put it in there.
06:26 We prayed for that little boy and we'll do,
06:29 what ever you got to do to safe that little guy.
06:31 And he was born on New Year's Day,
06:36 in fact he was the first baby born in that area.
06:39 He was the New Year's baby that year,
06:41 he was born addicted to drugs,
06:43 so he did have some major struggles,
06:46 but the State stepped in and took the baby
06:50 and also took the two-year-old,
06:53 because they felt that they were definitely
06:55 in danger and they put him into Foster Care.
06:58 Most of the time if it's a removable
07:00 they don't have a lot time to getting
07:01 lot of that stuff together,
07:03 and this is really bare by ones,
07:05 the cloths that you need and so this is
07:07 something extra for them to have.
07:09 When they removed this child it's
07:10 just very shattering for them.
07:13 And so when they get them to the car,
07:16 they give them this bag and this bag is large
07:20 and it bulges in all of the interesting places
07:23 and so their focus is now
07:26 on the bag instead of the problems
07:28 that they've just had going,
07:29 so it softens it not only for the child,
07:32 but also for the caseworker.
07:34 Isn't this fun? Yeah, Yeah,
07:36 so now the next thing we are going to do,
07:39 is we are going to find toys just your age.
07:43 What kind of toys do you like?
07:47 Okay that looks good,
07:50 so then they gave her every opportunity
07:53 to get her act together they send her to rehab.
07:57 She wasn't ready, but they gave her 18 months
08:01 and she just couldn't put it together the drugs
08:04 had a bigger pull on her. In fact they gave her
08:06 more chances than they normally give
08:09 you know for her to clean up her act,
08:11 because the thing is that lot of people think,
08:13 oh they look for any reason they can
08:15 to remove children from homes and that's not true.
08:17 They try like crazy to keep families together.
08:21 And that's and when she was being so belligerent
08:24 and not working with the court,
08:26 the judge finally said that's it Valerie,
08:29 you have lost your parental rights
08:32 and you will go to jail.
08:34 The one bag that I remember giving out
08:37 the girl that he had sent foster care very long,
08:39 thank, goodness, but you know she opened
08:43 and I mean like her eyes were just you know
08:46 it was her own, I mean you could see
08:47 that this was something that she wanted
08:49 and you know something that she needed
08:52 and when she pulled out the blanket you know
08:53 she immediately wrapped up herself in the blanket.
08:55 She hogged the teddy bear.
08:57 And it's so exciting, because
08:58 as you're working on this quilts you're
09:01 thinking of the child that's going to receive it,
09:03 even though you never meet them,
09:05 you are thinking about them
09:06 and you are able to pray for them
09:08 as you are doing it.
09:10 And those prayers stay with that quilt.
09:13 And the beauty of it is that everyone who reports
09:17 to us also says how easy it is to
09:21 involve their community.
09:22 And we've all had really good experiences with them,
09:24 and we love them and the kids everything okay,
09:27 that we are given to, really they enjoy them.
09:28 We are going to put stuffed animals in there,
09:31 so watch your step; it's a big step going down.
09:34 There you go. When we were talking
09:36 to the welfare before,
09:39 I just kept saying do not separate this boys,
09:42 keep them together and we want them down here.
09:46 We don't want them off some place else,
09:49 if they go up for adoption, we want them.
09:51 We were hoping that she would put herself together,
09:54 and so they did not send them our away
09:57 and then when unfortunately
09:59 when somebody looses parental rights,
10:01 the whole family looses that child,
10:04 and so we had to really do some talk
10:07 and to convince them to let me have the kids.
10:10 I would like this, this one.
10:15 That one? Yeah.
10:16 What do you think Skye?
10:17 Think that's a good one too. Hug it and see?
10:21 Yeah, yeah it fits good, okay,
10:23 it fits good. It's now broken. Bye, bye.
10:29 They gave me some things that I had to accomplish,
10:32 before they do that one of them was to
10:33 get the foster parent training
10:36 and it was through that
10:38 that I was first made aware of,
10:42 what these children go through.
10:45 And we have no clue the horrors
10:48 that these kids are exposed to,
10:50 and I mean either my two boys ever once
10:53 a while you know they will have nightmares
10:55 or something and little things
10:57 will come out and it just,
11:00 it just breaks your heart and,
11:03 and so that's where the need first presented itself
11:07 to me that something is to be done for these children.
11:09 Okay and we need a toothbrush, toothbrush,
11:15 I think, yeah
11:19 you would like to brush your teeth with that
11:21 wouldn't you? Due to this Ministry,
11:23 we have been enabled to be associated with ASI
11:27 and we have met so many wonderful people
11:31 that are all members of ASI.
11:34 We were asked, if we would like to be members,
11:36 then I said I would love to be a member of ASI.
11:40 Because, when I go to the ASI conventions,
11:43 I love it, because it's all positive
11:48 you don't hear negativity
11:50 everybody is so on fire for the Lord
11:53 and you come away from there just so excited,
11:55 you just really want to get involved in and do things.
12:00 If the world knew the amount of good
12:02 it's being done through the people of ASI,
12:05 it's a news media, who have to promote it,
12:08 people would be overwhelmed.
12:10 And do you know what we have forgot?
12:12 What? We forgot to get a color book,
12:16 pick out a color book to put into there
12:18 and some color crayons.
12:21 When they first came into my life I was angry,
12:25 that they were being put through this,
12:27 that they had the pain that they had to go through.
12:30 But now I get to see,
12:34 the power of God and his love
12:37 and how he is able to work through these children
12:41 and it's true watching his power of
12:45 mending their little hearts
12:47 and their lives that gives me so
12:50 much hope for this ministry,
12:53 because I know, that because
12:55 we pray for these bags and these blankets
12:58 for each child that gets them that he can work.
13:03 Get that tied on there
13:07 and this one is all through, now Alex
13:09 do you wanna pray over this one? Yeah. Okay.
13:15 Dear Jesus, thank you for this bag, I love.
13:21 It's amazing to see how it's my very own
13:24 is helping kids in such difficult circumstances;
13:27 and they are involving lay people in ministry.
13:29 Here in North America and overseas as well,
13:33 that's what ASI is all about.
13:34 Getting lay people actively
13:37 involved in missions and service.
13:39 For more information about,
13:41 it's my very own visit
13:47 In 2008 ASI unveiled the One-Day Church Project.
13:52 It's an effort to provide Church homes
13:54 for the thousands of Adventist
13:56 congregations around the world,
13:58 that worship in ramshackle facilities
14:00 are even under trees.
14:02 It's a galvanized deal frame and
14:04 roof that can be built in just one day.
14:07 It provides a durable basic church building
14:10 with room for a 150 people to worship.
14:14 Visit to learn more.
14:19 Sharing Christ in the marketplace
14:21 is not just for the adults,
14:22 but it is for the young people too.
14:23 If I give them an opportunity to come
14:25 through forefront and use their talent
14:26 and ability that has God given to them.
14:28 They learned that God can use them,
14:30 they are not too young. You see God using you
14:33 to impact other people's life.
14:35 I find it difficult to find something
14:37 more effective than what,
14:38 the youth for Jesus is doing today.
14:49 La Verdad Presente Spanish for the present truth;
14:53 is a Spanish language television ministry
14:56 operated by Yolanda and Obed Matus.
14:59 Yolanda is a professor
15:00 and Obed a builder in Magellan Texas.
15:04 They use their earnings to support La Verdad Presente
15:07 and have given countless volunteer hours to
15:10 developing this ministry,
15:14 producing the programs and holding related
15:15 evangelistic series in Texas and in Mexico.
15:44 Good morning friends, welcome to your program,
15:47 lessons to live by.
15:53 I had been a pastor at the church in mission
15:55 for 12 years and the time came
15:58 for me to leave that church.
16:03 At that time I received an invitation to
16:05 start a type of ministry possibly radio,
16:09 but it ended up being a television ministry.
16:16 We started to make plans;
16:18 they would send us the programs.
16:21 We were motivated to do this
16:22 because we have it in our blood.
16:27 My father is a pastor, my father-in-law is a pastor
16:30 and we're convinced of the message
16:33 that we have that Jesus will soon return.
16:39 I talked with my brother-in-law Raul
16:41 and decided to preach this message via television.
16:44 I have wound that it actually worked very well,
16:47 even better than expected. We didn't,
16:50 I didn't know how many people got up earlier,
16:52 how many will have the opportunity to see it,
16:54 until people start calling and calling and calling
16:56 and we saw people coming in and interest in it,
16:58 and I said wow this is, you know this is great,
17:01 praise the Lord.
17:02 Well I though it was good idea,
17:05 I didn't think it would get this big.
17:07 He talked about one program Sunday nights
17:11 and so that's how we started with
17:13 one program Sunday nights.
17:21 Since I am the presenter of the program,
17:23 the people see me everyday.
17:27 We have three television programs;
17:29 one is aired Monday to Friday
17:32 called Good morning Lord Jesus.
17:34 It is a short devotional program,
17:36 where we encourage the people
17:38 to pray before they leave their homes
17:40 and start their activities.
17:42 On Sabbath, we have a review of
17:45 the Sabbath school lesson;
17:46 the program is called Lessons to live by.
17:50 On Sunday's our program has a doctrinal theme
17:53 and it's called the Present Truth,
17:55 currently we are presenting
17:57 a series entitled the pillars of our faith,
17:59 which are the Adventist doctrines.
18:01 The people, who watch our program regularly
18:03 and know that we meet every Saturday
18:05 are the once who attend.
18:08 Pastor Garcia was recommended
18:09 to us by someone, not so much as a preacher,
18:12 but as someone to introduce the program.
18:14 Because we were first using
18:17 programs that were already pre-made
18:19 and then we, but when we heard him speak,
18:21 we thought that you know there is a lot
18:23 of talent in this person.
18:25 Pastor Heriberto Garcia, he speaks
18:27 directly from the Bible,
18:30 he doesn't use notes, which is something I inspired to.
18:35 And he is a very, very passionate speaker,
18:39 very well articulates and I understand Spanish
18:46 and I have, I have translated his sermons of
18:48 the English and so the rest of our
18:49 congregation could hear.
18:51 And he knows how to captivate you,
18:56 even without the power point presentation.
19:01 First of all the way the pastor
19:03 presents his message is easy to understand
19:05 and to believe it comes from the Bible.
19:11 Because, he proves it from the Bible,
19:13 we check it for ourselves and find it to be true.
19:19 Me and my partner, we had a production house
19:23 and we used to do local production,
19:25 and the local TV station would sort of contract us,
19:31 so would outsource with us,
19:33 so we always use to make fun
19:35 of our clients especially,
19:37 well, yeah I have the question one,
19:39 because that just wouldn't make a lot of sense
19:43 and they were just an easy target for us.
19:47 So, until I met this group of people,
19:51 who were actually very knowledgeable
19:53 and we sort of tried to make fun of them at first,
19:56 but it didn't workout too well,
19:57 because they actually knew what they were doing
19:59 and very soon we realize they knew especially me,
20:02 I realized that, wow these guys know
20:05 what they are talking about,
20:06 they are not just picking up
20:08 a Bible and just speaking it out, I mean
20:10 I would throw questions at them
20:11 and especially Pastor Garcia.
20:14 I've always poked that people and you know to see,
20:17 how much they really know and generally
20:19 I could just argue with pastors for ever,
20:22 you know because they know enough
20:23 and when I would argue or try to argue
20:27 with Pastor Garcia, he would stop me
20:29 and my tracks right away,
20:31 and because he knew what he was talking about,
20:34 so I actually begin to become curious
20:35 about what they were talking about at that point.
20:42 Through a television program
20:43 the pastor Heriberto calls present truth.
20:54 My wife and I began to see the program
20:57 and we became aware that the program
20:59 and the pastor were coming to the Alamo church,
21:01 which we were already acquainted with.
21:15 My wife and I attended the whole event,
21:17 which was 20 meetings.
21:37 We found out that he would preach on prophecy
21:39 and that interested us very much.
21:42 At the program, we heard about the Sabbath,
21:46 we were baptized 15 days ago
21:48 and we are now part of the family of
21:50 the Adventist church.
22:00 Oh I have seen the excellent results
22:03 that the many, many people have been baptized,
22:06 due to this program. In Reynosa,
22:10 already a Church has been established,
22:12 because so many people have responded to the message.
22:17 You know there is people that call me
22:19 Sunday mornings, Saturday mornings
22:21 and everyday of the week.
22:23 Not only in the morning, there is people that
22:24 call even during the day,
22:26 sometimes they call at night,
22:27 oh I heard the program this morning
22:29 and I didn't have a chance to call you,
22:30 because I had to go to work.
22:32 Could you please send me the Bible course
22:33 that you're offering;
22:34 see we offer Bible course
22:36 and this is about Bible correspondence course,
22:39 people will call, I answer the phones,
22:41 I take their names, send them the lessons,
22:43 they send them back to us, we grade the lessons,
22:46 send them back to them
22:47 and then when they finish the 20 course lesson,
22:49 we send them a certificate.
22:51 La Verdad Presente has been serving the valley
22:54 in the Southwest chapter for a number of years now,
22:58 probably six, seven years they have been
23:02 having their program,
23:03 television program airing in the Valley.
23:07 I ask Obed the other day how many Bible studies,
23:11 he had now? He said he's even lost count,
23:12 doesn't know it. I know at one time,
23:15 several years back he told me that he had
23:17 600 Bible studies going in just
23:19 the city of Bronzeville alone.
23:24 We are talking about a population
23:25 of about three million,
23:27 because we are reaching both sides of the border.
23:30 South of the border in Mexico,
23:32 there are two important cities.
23:34 One of which is Reynosa
23:37 with about a million inhabitants.
23:39 The other city is Matamoros,
23:42 which has a population of about 800,000.
23:46 Just with the population of these two cities,
23:49 we are talking about 1.8 million people.
23:52 There are many other cities such as
23:55 Villahermosa, Rio Bravo, and others,
23:57 there are many cities.
24:00 These are the cities on the Mexico side of the border.
24:03 On the American side we have the cities of McAllen,
24:06 Mission, Edinburg, Harlingen, Brownsville
24:09 and together they have a population
24:11 of about three million that we can reach
24:14 with our program.
24:17 Something very important is that our program
24:19 does not air on a Christian channel.
24:21 It is a commercial channel,
24:23 which means the people we are reaching,
24:25 many of whom have never heard this message.
24:28 Our reach through a channel that is
24:30 100 percent commercial,
24:31 we buy airtime from the stations
24:34 and we are able to reach people
24:35 that are used to watching soap operas,
24:37 entertainment programs and newscasts,
24:40 but who inadvertently happened
24:42 to find our program.
24:43 We are being involved with ASI,
24:45 I think that, for me the two greatest benefits
24:48 are networking and inspiration;
24:52 and we need them both.
25:01 I have come to understand that the ASI
25:03 organization has a strong missionary emphasis,
25:07 few mutual friends Floyd Cotney
25:10 and the family of Dr. Vargas,
25:12 they insisted that we go over there.
25:21 They told me about the story
25:22 about a television channel,
25:24 and now we want to be more involved in ASI
25:27 people who are interested in preaching the Gospel.
25:33 I really don't under what is the motivation
25:36 for the ASI members,
25:37 who are very missionary minded,
25:39 who take money from their own pockets
25:41 and give that money for a project.
25:54 When we became ASI members,
25:56 I went to Oklahoma and they presented programs
25:59 about what the Southwestern Chapter
26:01 is going to do during the next year.
26:08 And it's amazing on Sabbath morning,
26:10 how much money is given.
26:13 I am also aware of the National Convention,
26:19 where the projects require millions of dollars
26:21 and how in one day they give so much.
26:31 I admire all those Adventist brothers
26:33 and sisters that are lay people,
26:36 because they really give their lives
26:38 and give up their means,
26:39 so those missionary projects can be realized.
26:50 That is why we want to be a part of ASI
26:52 and desire to give so that Jesus will come soon.
26:56 It is important even though our beginnings may be
26:59 a little weak with respect to ASI.
27:03 But I feel it will be strengthened,
27:05 now that we have seen how much benefit
27:07 this organization gives to the church.
27:13 When you take a moment to imagine
27:15 what God can do through us,
27:17 it's really with out limits.
27:20 ASI members or people like Yolanda
27:22 and Obed Matus,
27:23 people who don't just imagine what God can do,
27:26 but step out in faith and follow his leading.
27:29 Being an ASI member is a tremendous blessing for me.
27:33 And I encourage you to try it for yourself,
27:36 visit for more information.
27:42 I am Dan Houghton, thanks for joining me today
27:45 on ASI Video Magazine.
27:47 Come back again next time,
27:49 for more stories of ASI member
27:51 sharing Christ in the marketplace.
27:53 May God be with you.


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