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00:01 ASI is a Ministry that's networking all these
00:03 different ministries together with the church
00:05 and lay people. Being involved with ASI,
00:06 meeting other people. ASI convention is
00:08 an excellent opportunity, just a great opportunity.
00:11 In ASI, there is a particular fellow.
00:14 ASI is really the stamp, it's the glue that holds
00:16 all the ministries together.
00:28 Welcome to ASI video Magazine.
00:31 When I attempt the ASI convention each year,
00:33 I am amazed to see the wide variety of ASI
00:36 member ministries, businesses and
00:39 professionals that are all involved in
00:41 sharing Christ in the market place.
00:44 No matter what they do, ASI members are committed
00:47 to active outrage to sharing God's love
00:50 and the good news of his soon return.
00:54 Frontline builders is an ASI member organization
00:57 that constructs churches all around the world.
01:01 They work very closely with the Seventh-Day
01:02 Adventist church to provide church buildings
01:05 for missionaries in the field.
01:07 There are many areas in the world for the local
01:10 congregation could never afford to build the church.
01:13 Let's find out how God has used frontline builders
01:17 to provide for the needs of His people.
01:52 We have winter condition here.
02:12 How are you, guys? Yeah! It's chilly.
02:15 Come on, go inside.
02:22 It comes the toilet.
02:25 The crack cementing block so
02:28 the experts work on the church.
02:35 Well, when we first started our Ministry went up to
02:39 South Sudan and they were many,
02:41 many congregations meeting up there.
02:44 Church congregations meeting without any
02:45 buildings, you know, under mango tree
02:47 or in little grass shelter or whatever.
02:49 So, we wanted to help them build permanent
02:53 structures that they could, you know,
02:55 meet in our Sabbath, so no matter
02:57 who was reining, you know or you know,
03:00 whatever is going on they can still meet and so
03:03 we went up there and, and Sudan is
03:07 totally undeveloped. We couldn't buy any
03:09 materials there and you know you could get,
03:11 you know, stone for the foundation and sand
03:14 for the cement up there, but other than that
03:16 we have to get everything from Uganda.
03:19 In the all the cement, roofing sheets,
03:21 nails, anything you had to buy you had to bring
03:24 in from Uganda, which was between
03:26 24-30 hour truck trips, on most horrible roads
03:32 you can imagine.
03:36 That's how we managed to pass through about
03:38 5 o'clock then we said no, we have to reach
03:40 by now even you reach 1 or 2 in the morning.
03:42 So, then we passed, we passed miles 13,
03:45 where there is a fest ridge we managed,
03:47 mile 14 we managed, 15 but now we are
03:50 coming to mile 16, we found vehicles blocked
03:53 about 200 meters coming this way, towards Yei.
03:57 They said, no you can't pass tonight because
03:59 the place is severe, so we have to wait
04:02 until morning when the vehicles will start
04:04 passing again and start moving.
04:06 So, we slept here. Now, we are just waiting
04:07 to see our fate when we reach mile 16
04:09 because it is a severe place.
04:19 I've been working here for since yesterday,
04:25 you can see it's very dangerous.
04:48 Yeah! We started to go 16 mile.
04:50 We found out something blocking our roads,
04:52 so pushing ourselves and now it started to get.
04:55 So, we trying to push with the truck,
04:57 so that we clear the road we can go all through.
05:35 Our work started because we had a burden to
05:38 help build infrastructure in South Sudan,
05:41 a country that had been a kind of neglected
05:44 as far as our work is, our work about church
05:47 is concerned, they hadn't been much building
05:49 of infrastructure of church,
05:50 there are schools up there and we heard about
05:53 the need and so we would provide funding,
05:54 so that we can go up there and start building
05:56 some churches and schools and help the bore machines
05:58 pioneers with the work that they were doing up
06:00 there in Sudan, and we have also been
06:03 working in Mongolia. Number of years ago,
06:06 we went over there and we built one of the
06:08 first Adventist church is in Mongolia
06:11 and there it's a different challenge because
06:13 in Sudan it's really hot. So we tried to get as
06:15 much ventilation through the building as we can.
06:18 Now in Mongolia you know the average
06:21 temperature is below zero, you know, very cool,
06:24 in the summer it's warm, but in the winter
06:26 it's very cool. So, we had to learn you know
06:28 go there and figure out what they,
06:29 you know, what building materials they use
06:31 and how they insulate and how they heat it.
06:35 Before we start form is our insulation,
06:38 is gonna put the bricks of the outside
06:42 and so we go on a church there out of logs,
06:46 and you know we have insulated with wood,
06:48 coal, wood and coal burning stoves in there.
06:55 We invested in a couple of these hand drills,
06:57 they are kind of expensive,
06:58 they are almost 50 cents a piece,
07:00 so we are trying to be careful with them.
07:03 Yeah. I like that new technology.
07:14 Yeah, everything by hand you know there are no
07:18 electric tools or modern, you know, cement mixers
07:20 or anything everything you know hammer
07:22 and shovel and stick.
07:25 Our mission is a big emphasis about work
07:27 because their ideas are really brilliant,
07:30 they take local people and train them,
07:32 people who have had experience in Jesus Christ
07:33 and then convert them, they train them,
07:35 they send them into this villages,
07:36 remote areas and all times these areas
07:38 that are difficult to reach and they will go
07:40 in there and they will work with the local people
07:42 in that area and witness for Christ there and start
07:46 a company there are a church there.
07:49 And so all throughout South Sudan even though
07:50 you had 25 years of civil war and basically
07:54 no outside influence you had these global
07:56 mission pioneers working in these areas
07:58 and just doing a tremendous work
08:00 and so we, we believe in that work
08:01 and we want to support that work
08:03 and so our way of supporting is to go
08:05 and help them build churches, help them
08:06 built schools provide, help provide them
08:08 with training opportunities with bicycles, literature,
08:11 whatever they need to kind to be more effective
08:13 in the work that they do.
08:15 We grew up being involved in ASI,
08:18 our parents were members and I grew up as children
08:21 at missionaries who came back every
08:24 other year or so at 10 ASI convention
08:26 and kind of make the rounds and get, you know,
08:29 meet up with old friends and,
08:32 and talk to people about ministries.
08:34 So, we grew up involved in that and involved
08:36 in the youth meetings and then as we started
08:38 our Ministry it was really people in ASI,
08:41 who thought you know these young guys.
08:45 You know, we are teenagers at that time,
08:46 we were 18-19 years old and they thought hey,
08:48 you know sounds pretty crazy you know that
08:51 you know they have been trying to built
08:52 churches up in Sudan for several years
08:54 and heaven happen, you know,
08:55 it's pretty crazy that what these guys
08:57 go up there and try, but they were willing to
08:59 take that risk on us and just 100 percent
09:01 behind us. You know encouragement and
09:05 in financially to fund the work that
09:06 we were doing and gave us that opportunity and,
09:09 yeah our Ministry won't be happening today
09:12 like it wasn't for ASI in sub quarter they have shown.
09:16 Is this your hammer? Yeah. Whose hammer is this?
09:18 Ours for work, whose work, tell us work. Yeah,
09:27 It's a Lord's work, yeah. Every time at ASI
09:31 somebody comes up to me and says hey
09:33 there is a real need in this part of the world
09:35 that you need to do. This part of building
09:37 collides you set up and have a building
09:38 project working enough. Let's get some ideas,
09:40 let's get plan to get and how we can go
09:42 and get this done, and so it's really a
09:44 networking place as well, where we bring
09:46 together ideas and get to know the people
09:48 that are out there with experience, you know,
09:50 making these things happen.
09:54 Now we have hired the local people to help,
09:57 you know, dig the foundations and to mix
09:58 the cement by hand and they will make the brick
10:02 and we got the whole community there helping
10:06 with the project. You know, axe was the only piece of
10:09 development in the village in the
10:10 community and so everybody was their
10:12 building this building and they are all excited
10:14 about it and you know everybody comes to
10:16 you know celebration when its done and now
10:19 all these people who haven't even really
10:21 accepted the gospel aren't you know
10:23 members of the church or anything. You know
10:26 they feel like this is their building because
10:29 they have been part of it the whole of time you
10:30 know and so everybody comes and and you know,
10:34 you know, every Sabbath you know the global
10:36 mission pioneer there. He is, you know,
10:39 he has given the message and these
10:40 people feel like that's their ability they want
10:42 to be there. And so, just the building itself is an
10:44 evangelism tool because the whole
10:46 community now is in the church, now they
10:48 are learning about, you know, the gospel and
10:50 pretty soon you know they are getting
10:52 baptized being members.
11:26 Alright, our hope is to continue working in
11:28 these areas of Africa especially in other parts
11:33 of the world that really, you know, you know lot
11:37 of Africans, Southern Africa you had
11:39 missionaries in countries for over a
11:41 hundred years you know working their and
11:43 there is a huge Adventist present, but
11:45 then you go on to Central Africa and
11:46 North Africa and you have these regions that,
11:48 our work really hasn't been established there.
11:50 And they have got some reason usually, usually
11:52 it's because maybe because of war or you
11:56 know this country face huge poverty and it's
11:58 just difficult to work there and so our goal
12:01 for our future is to continue targeting these
12:03 areas, to continue supporting the work of
12:05 Global mission pioneers, and over the
12:07 next few years we would like to establish a
12:09 base somewhere in Africa, where we can
12:11 workout of and send teams up into
12:14 Sudan and to Central Africa Republic into
12:17 these areas that needs the infrastructure and
12:20 the work that we been doing and so long term
12:22 we hope to have a more systematic, you know,
12:27 base the work out of and more groups of
12:29 young people working with us to do this
12:31 project. That's where our hearts are and we
12:37 plan to be involve, you know in Africa and
12:40 other places in the world just you know
12:43 developing helping the church, wherever we
12:45 can. Yeah, severe. Yes, yes, yes
13:25 There are people with serious needs all over
13:28 the world including many of our brothers
13:30 and sisters in Christ. I am so thankful for
13:33 frontline builders and other ASI members that
13:36 are working to meet the needs of the family of God
13:41 For more information about frontline builders call
13:44 423-236-5600 or visit
13:58 At every ASI convention, we have the
14:01 special projects offering through which ASI
14:04 supports around 40 projects from Seventh-
14:07 Day Adventist Ministries around the
14:08 world. These projects very widely from
14:11 construction to evangelism and
14:13 humanitarian aid and more, but they are all
14:16 focused on sharing Jesus Christ around the
14:19 world. We are honored at ASI to support these
14:23 projects and to help tell the world that Jesus is
14:27 coming again.
14:31 Abuse is not something we enjoy talking a lot
14:34 about, but the simple fact is that it happens
14:37 even in Christian homes. Women's healing and
14:41 empowerment network is an ASI member
14:44 organization that provides a shelter for
14:47 abused women. They are also involved in
14:50 abused prevention programs, but such than
14:53 apart is their emphasis on Christ centered
14:56 healing bringing hurting people into the arms
15:00 of Jesus.
15:04 There is so much of this in our society and as
15:08 people become acquainted with the
15:09 church family and come into the church family
15:11 they bring these things right into the church as well.
15:14 I mean that's why you drive down the road and
15:16 people get mad and foot each other off and
15:18 screaming at each other at the grocery store.
15:20 Just because they become acquainted with
15:21 Christ does it mean that they don't have a history.
15:25 If people act occasionally like that in
15:28 the stores or whatever you know they are
15:29 doing at home.
15:30 What I am finding out is that domestic
15:34 violence and abuse especially sexual abuse, incest
15:39 Oh! I think abuse for the most part has been
15:41 swept kind of relevant.
15:42 It's very prevalent in Christian circles.
15:45 And really just not help with for years and I
15:50 think some of the worst abuse cases happen
15:53 most often in the least respected families.
15:56 This lifestyle looking on the outside like they
16:00 guided together, they got the big house, they
16:02 have got the nice cars, they are dressing good
16:03 clothes and they go home and they are been
16:07 beaten by their husbands.
16:09 I try to educate to prevent, but even while
16:12 we are prevent trying to prevent it, there are
16:15 people that need help. And so their needs also
16:18 be intervention programs, where people
16:19 can go, counselors that understand the
16:23 dynamics of the domestic violence. We
16:25 need pastors, who, who also understand the
16:29 cycle of violence so that they don't become a
16:31 part of perpetuating it innocently.
16:34 We need to recognize if person would not have
16:36 come, the person would not have been so forth
16:38 right. The person would not have put their own
16:41 lives and repetition on the line had it not been
16:44 in their mind very real.
16:46 Okay, next scenario. My husband was
16:50 abusing me, I told, I told my pastor and he
16:54 said, I should not air my dirty linen.
16:57 Sometimes when you know when a couple
17:00 comes and they are in an abusive situation and
17:03 they told their pastor. If a pastor does not
17:05 understand the messages that he should
17:07 give the perpetuate, as well as the victim. You
17:10 know, he could do more harm then good.
17:13 The next part goes on, I got a divorce from him.
17:17 The challenge here is the church has asked
17:20 me to leave the congregation. Is this
17:22 fair that I should leave, while my husband
17:25 continues to be part of the congregation.
17:27 I would encourage, encourage her to come
17:31 and join my chair.
17:33 Yeah, that would be better, get better.
17:39 Generally speaking that the victim is the one
17:43 that brings it forward. In cases like that
17:47 unfortunately what normally happens it's
17:51 either, either minimized or the victim is blamed.
17:57 This happened in my life, in my life and it
18:01 was a wonderful and I'm still at this other
18:04 congregation. I've grown so much there
18:06 and I've learned so much, so it's not fair,
18:11 it's not fair, however. Let's go ahead and
18:17 move on because we don't know what God's
18:20 plans are and so let's just go ahead and move
18:22 on and go to pastor Collins church.
18:26 It's her choice, her choice, that's the key.
18:32 That's why I left him because I don't want my
18:36 son to put somebody through the same thing
18:39 later on. I did not want my son to think it was
18:42 okay. And I didn't want to have a phone call
18:47 from his significant other telling me that he
18:51 is doing the same thing that his dad and his
18:53 grandfather and his great grandfather have
18:56 done before. I wanted the pattern to stop and
19:00 I'm glad that I stopped it before he was old
19:02 enough to really understand it.
19:04 Ten years ago, when I was the director at the
19:08 shelter in Niles, this lady came from another
19:13 state with three young girls, beautiful girls and
19:18 she was escaping out the domestic violent
19:19 situation and she stayed for a couple of months,
19:21 she decided that she was gonna leave her
19:23 abuse for good not go back.
19:25 A kind of check it out on my mom since my
19:27 dad wasn't there for me to scream at me, it's all
19:31 your fault, you know, but I would say
19:36 probably about three years after my parents
19:40 finalize the divorce I ended up being out on
19:45 my own, 16. Started working, was working
19:50 on getting back into school, it's a college
19:54 that is, I had got my GD because I never finished
19:58 high school because I was jumping all over
20:00 the place from house to house.
20:02 Well a couple of months ago I got a call
20:05 from this lady with, you know, who had these
20:08 three daughters. She said my oldest daughter
20:11 is an abusive relationship and I need
20:13 you to help her.
20:14 While I was working one day, this guy walks
20:18 into the mall and he is very good-looking guy
20:23 and we started talking a little bit, he pretended
20:27 like he was looking for shoes. And about a
20:30 week later he called me and we start dating.
20:33 Probably a few months later, I started finding
20:37 out more about him, found out that he had a
20:41 daughter that he didn't planned on telling me
20:45 anything about. He also lies me about his living
20:48 situation with his current girlfriend and
20:52 all these things should have been a warning,
20:55 but of course I wanted to believe him because
20:57 he seem like a good person, but something
21:00 in the back of my mind kept on telling me to
21:02 just leave it alone and just, I just didn't listen.
21:06 Her mom came to the shelter, helped her mom
21:09 to get out of the abusive relationship, but the
21:11 daughter, the oldest daughter went right
21:13 back into it so, but, I think it's exciting
21:17 because when the daughter realize that she
21:20 needed help, she called somebody.
21:22 He was very angry about me being
21:24 pregnant, told me that I needed to get an
21:26 abortion and I refused. He threw a big few
21:30 things out the house, should have left, but
21:33 thinking that was the father of my son I
21:37 should stay be a family, I was just falling into
21:40 the same pattern in that my mom fell into. Six
21:43 to seven months after my son was born, he
21:46 laid his hands on me one to many times and
21:49 just, I just that's when I called Mabel, I told my
21:52 mom that I want to get in touch with Mabel
21:54 and that's when I spoke to her.
21:56 And that's what we are here for, we are not
21:57 trying to disrupt relationships and we are
22:00 not trying to end relationships, but we
22:02 are trying to say when there is a
22:04 problem, here is the place you can go
22:06 because more than anyone else I believe
22:09 you know in this Ministry I definitely
22:12 want to see couples together. I don't, it's not
22:15 my desire that people separate. But, at the
22:18 same time if people are not safe then they need
22:20 to separate until it's safe for them to be together.
22:23 And even though it took my mom and my sisters
22:29 and a good family, a couple good family
22:33 friends to actually physically remove me
22:35 from the situation, I don't regret it.
22:40 So, I spoke to the young women, we got her out
22:44 of that situation. She is located near us in a
22:50 home and she is being helped and so after 10
22:53 years so what that we did in Niles, it still
22:57 continuing because this, this young lady now,
23:01 when she realize that she needed help, she
23:03 decided to come to our network.
23:05 We need to start at the younger ages and start
23:09 teaching children in Junior High and High
23:12 School not to get into relationships that
23:16 possibly be damaging teaching them the signs
23:19 to work for and also reminding them how
23:22 valuable they are to God. We can have that
23:25 in a public organization.
23:27 So that's why we, I feel that secular shout, well,
23:30 well, they are helpful, I don't want anyone to
23:32 get the idea that we don't need them, we
23:34 definitely do, but if a person is into healing
23:38 long-term healing, I think what we
23:42 offer is superior.
23:43 Mabel, in her organization
23:47 puts Jesus first.
23:49 The difference with what we are trying to do
23:52 is that is Christ-centered because true healing
23:56 comes from Christ. It comes through him.
23:58 And so the difference with our program is that
24:00 we are, we are not trying to, to fix
24:03 something short-term, we are looking
24:05 at the long-term.
24:06 I feel like I depended too much on my son's
24:11 father. I think the reason why I didn't
24:15 leave before is because I didn't feel like there
24:17 was any other choice financially with the way
24:20 that our economy is going right now and I
24:23 just didn't think that it will be possible as a
24:25 single mother, so surviving given my son
24:27 what he needed, but now I'm seeing that I
24:31 can give from better that what he was getting
24:34 when I was with him. I have a great job, a great
24:38 job and I'm staying with the most wonderful,
24:41 wonderful women in the world, she is an
24:45 angel. I don't know what I do without
24:48 everybody that I've, that God has really blessed
24:51 me, so be around.
24:54 And so what we are trying to do is help
24:57 these people find healing, so that the
24:59 behavior stops. And the empowerment part is
25:02 okay, now that I'm healed. What I'm gonna
25:05 do with what I have received.
25:07 We are not just about a shelter, we are about
25:10 healing, we are about empowering and
25:14 setting people free.
25:15 Well I think with ASI you know they found
25:19 the programs like this that probably would
25:21 normally get funded through the church, so
25:23 they have funded us when we were part of
25:25 this place. And we are a member of ASI and,
25:28 when I can, when I can't afford it, I go to the
25:31 national conventions, but you know for past
25:33 couple of years I couldn't afford, it's
25:35 frightening even though. It puts us in
25:37 contact with other entities and other
25:40 organizations other funded programs and
25:43 you know by ASI and it also individuals who
25:47 have the money, individuals have the
25:49 interest, they take an interest in it and we
25:51 have gotten a few donations from people
25:53 who have attended ASI. Also give us exposure
25:56 too about the Ministry does exist. And so we
25:59 have in Texas, we have a counseling center. In
26:03 Ohio, we have every year the group their
26:06 polish in ministries, they have a teen girls
26:08 conference. We have a home in New York and
26:13 also educational program and then as
26:17 well as New York and then in here in Spokane
26:21 we have the, you know, the network is based
26:24 here and then of course we have the
26:26 shelter in Niles.
26:27 I believe this is modern day slavery, I believe
26:30 that people are enslaved in their homes
26:32 to someone that suppose if we loves them and we
26:36 are going to help them be set free through the
26:38 power of Jesus and that's what our goals
26:41 are, I believe it will be huge network in the
26:43 future. There is things just like anything else
26:46 started now we have to, you know, iron out
26:48 some of our kingly stuff, but as more and
26:51 more people come on the board and we
26:54 become more and more known. I believe the
26:56 people will recognize our worth and our
26:58 success and be able to help us to
27:03 grow even bigger.
27:04 I'm continually inspired by the stories of lives
27:08 changed by ASI members like Women's
27:11 Healing and Empowerment Network.
27:13 Their 24-hour crisis hotline is
27:16 509-998-7956. For General Information
27:23 call 509-525-9999. ASI is online
27:30 at
27:35 I'm Dan Houghton. You have been watching
27:38 ASI Video Magazine, see you next time for
27:42 more stories of ASI members sharing Christ
27:45 in the marketplace. God be with you.


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