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00:01 Welcome to ASi Video magazine. I'm Dan
00:31 Houghton. ASi members were involved in a variety of
00:34 of ministries all around the world. They are
00:37 involved in Evangelism, construction projects,
00:39 humanitarian work and even more. But the focus
00:42 is always the same, sharing Christ in the
00:45 market place. Today we are going to meet ASi
00:48 members that are sharing Christ right here in North
00:51 America. Phil and Sherry Mills were headed home from
00:55 an ASi convention inspired by the testimonies
00:58 they had heard from people who were actively sharing
01:01 Christ with those around them. Phil and Sherry felt
01:04 called to be involved as well. But what was God's
01:07 plan for them. How could they best serve others?
01:10 God eventually led them to establish a ministry of
01:13 their own called My Bible First. Luther is just
01:19 tearing up the ball with the poset, falling of
01:24 the stars. The protested of the princes remember,
01:31 how they protested, oh there's just so many
01:35 teacher abundantly during the reformation days and
01:41 people were learning truth from the Bible. We
01:45 have, we have a miracle happen that gave us
01:50 thousands of pictures for Bible pictures 'cause it
01:53 was impossible to get any other wise. You can't
01:58 afford he copyright charges and some, they
02:01 are often limited even, you can't have what you
02:05 need. At that time you know we were just beginning.
02:13 so thankfully just the summer before Phil had
02:19 introduced to a gentleman who collected Bible
02:23 pictures royalty free and he's putting them on
02:27 to a CD. And he remembered that, had his address,
02:32 he was his first customer. Especially for the, the
02:37 in reformation days those, those were difficult to
02:44 get accept using wood cuts. And if you know what a
02:49 wood cut is, its extremely hard to cover. Just a black
02:56 and white wood cut and get anything out of it.
02:59 Finally you know I was reduced to just color
03:04 pencils. The ministry began actually just as a project
03:08 for our local church. There was a need there
03:12 for a series of Bible lessons that would go in
03:16 chronological order from Genesis to Revelation.
03:18 We had a family with a Buddhist background
03:23 who was becoming very interested in Christianity
03:25 and they knew nothing about the Bible.
03:29 While we were in the Philippines about 40
03:32 years prior to that my mother had written
03:35 through the Bible lessons for children and I thought
03:39 that would be the perfect answer. So I went and
03:42 asked her and I said mother, you know we need
03:45 lessons for our children here. Would you be
03:48 willing to let me take those lessons and just
03:52 print them off whites and illustrations to them.
03:55 And I said no. That's, may be doing that as English
03:58 being a second language and that's not the case
04:01 here. She said well, just do something for next week.
04:05 And she wrote the first lesson and the second one
04:09 and they presented it to the church board to see if
04:12 that would be something they would like to use in
04:14 their Sabbath schools and they were very thrilled, it
04:16 was just what they needed for these in their church.
04:19 So we went from there and our teachers loved it.
04:23 They said oh this is good we really like this and so
04:26 on. And of course you know once you put your
04:31 feet in the Jordan, then the door opens and then
04:33 the river opens and we were often going. There
04:38 was just no way to stop then and so, but we still
04:42 were doing it for our own church. We had no pilot
04:45 going anywhere. A friend put it on her website just
04:49 saying these lessons were available and then also
04:53 visitors coming through our Church we had a lot of
04:55 visitors. And it happened so fast, we were just
04:59 having calls. People, what they were doing is
05:02 putting it on their website. I still don't know
05:04 what a website is but they were putting it on a
05:07 website. And for some reason other people were
05:10 picking it up and saying we want to you know convey
05:12 and Sherry must be inundated. That was the only
05:16 word for her and it was all happening so fast.
05:19 Even the phone calls began to be 5, 10, 15 a day
05:23 at that point I began to realize there was no way we
05:28 could slowly print out on our little printer and hand
05:33 fold and send these things out. And then I realized
05:38 that this was becoming much bigger than I had
05:42 anticipated. And so, I went and purchased
05:46 a folding machine and we made some investments that we
05:52 thought will never be renumerated or will recoup,
05:58 but this is okay. This is all part of the ministry
06:02 and we never dreamed how much we would need those
06:05 pieces of equipment because the growth didn't stop.
06:09 And that was of course, when first of all their
06:13 older daughter helped get some kind of a business
06:16 thing going so that she could keep track of these
06:19 people and pay what they needed to pay because we
06:24 were just charging the very and in fact we still
06:26 are charging even lower than we should probably.
06:30 But, anyhow when Jennifer finally came into
06:35 the picture it was like God sending us help.
06:40 Really, we needed her and she came in and she
06:45 took over. Not taking over the writing and all of
06:49 that but as far as the getting everything
06:51 organized and running properly in a business like
06:56 way, she put us on the road for that. It wouldn't be
07:01 possible to have a ministry without the sacrificial
07:06 work of numerous other people. It's the little
07:12 rivulets that make the streams that make the rivers.
07:17 ASi was actually what was I guess we could say
07:22 the inspiration for starting the ministry.
07:25 When I went to that first ASi, I couldn't believe it I
07:30 heard so many people say you've got to go to ASi,
07:33 you've got to go, it's an incredible experience
07:35 until I decided I didn't even want to go, so many
07:38 people were telling me I should, but when we got
07:41 there and I sat there for that first meeting and
07:44 testimony after testimony of what people were
07:48 doing out there in their own homes or in the
07:51 market place as we call it, I was just amazed. I
07:55 couldn't believe what I was hearing, how God
07:59 was blessing. I was so inspired that that's why I
08:02 came home and I said Phil, we are busy in the
08:06 church but I want a ministry. We started
08:09 praying every morning and before the end of the
08:15 next month I believe he opened a door that I didn't
08:19 at the time realize it's going to become our My
08:21 Bible First Ministry. And ASi has put us in
08:24 contact with a lot of wonderful people across
08:26 the world, especially ASi has been helpful in the
08:31 area of translations we have been able to meet
08:33 folks who are interested in translating to other
08:37 languages and making these materials available
08:40 for children in their own languages. Currently,
08:44 they are being translated into French and
08:46 Portuguese and we are in the process of making
08:50 arrangements for them to be translated into Mandarin.
08:53 Without any real intervention, any forethought
08:58 on our part, other than trying to produce a good
09:00 product for our little church, it just was explosive
09:06 growth. God took care of the advertising. He was
09:10 our publicity agent, he was our marketer. We
09:12 were sending out more than three million pages
09:15 of printed literature that we print in our basement
09:18 every year. It brought him great blessing to me. As he
09:24 worked on these, but he, we both, like you guys
09:29 used to say, my spiritual experiences that it's high
09:33 time Morgan and I join the Calvary, while for me
09:37 my experience was as hyphened as organized
09:40 classes. You're right with the Bible and the spirit of
09:47 prophecy. Well, I have a pretty good imagination
09:51 you know. Even better, it kind of makes life
09:55 more fun for me. But, El Wood is such a, he is so
10:01 strict about this business of being able to prove
10:05 everything that you're saying. I tell him, I
10:08 tease him and say you know you don't even give
10:11 me half an inch of sanctified imagination.
10:15 He said that's alright. There are going to be
10:18 people who want to know where did you get that.
10:21 That's probably why his editing took a little longer
10:25 than we sometimes write. But if you say in your
10:30 lessons, if you say something like, do you
10:32 suppose Jacob was scared, you know, expressions
10:36 like that you can get by with putting some things
10:40 in which you're pretty sure zhappened and were true
10:43 but at the same time you can't give a page
10:46 reference or a verse reference. The lessons were
10:50 designed to take people not to their Sabbath school
10:53 by lesson alone, but that was simply a vehicle to
10:58 take the children to their Bibles and so we wanted
11:02 them to read the Bible for every lesson everyday.
11:08 Some of the questions you couldn't answer without
11:10 reading the Bible and so that was our original
11:14 intent. Let's help our members particularly our new
11:18 members who wouldn't know how to have family worship.
11:20 Develop the family worship blessing in habit.
11:24 And I know one thing that, that I noticed this
11:27 past week, Luella our daughter has been going
11:34 through one of the stories that she, that she
11:37 remembers from our worship and I let her look through
11:41 the lesson and she went through there and she found
11:44 one of the stories and started going back through it
11:47 from the pictures. She looked at the pictures and
11:50 it was a story about Jesus in the storm. And so I
11:55 wasn't there going through it with her but I heard her
11:58 talking about it and she was looking at the pictures
12:01 and talking about a big storm and she was talking
12:04 about how, she was talking about different things
12:07 but we could tell that she had remembered the story
12:10 and then the pictures as she was looking at the
12:13 pictures it reminded her what we have talked about in
12:16 worship and that that's neat to see in a two-year-old.
12:19 We have to remember that children don't inherit
12:23 understanding of the Bible. They don't inherit
12:27 their love for the Lord and they have to, they
12:32 have to be taught and the purpose of our lessons is
12:38 to meet the children and their families on a daily
12:42 basis to the Lord and have an experience with
12:46 him. If they don't then we have completely missed
12:50 the whole point of doing this, we want to equip
12:58 them to, that they're able to live in these last days
13:03 and to serve the lord as their primary goal in life.
13:07 It stopped. And what happened to the rain?
13:11 Rain? It stopped. It stopped. And what happened to the
13:14 waves. Waves. They went away. And
13:17 there was no more storm. My Bible First has come
13:21 a long way over the years but it all started with a
13:25 desire to serve and a willingness to let God
13:28 lead. ASi is filled with people like Phil and
13:32 Sherry Mills. People excited to use whatever
13:35 they have for the glory of God. For more information
13:38 about My Bible First call 877-242-5317 or visit
13:44 ASi is made up of approximately
13:51 one thousand member organizations. They vary
13:54 from businesses and supporting ministries to
13:56 to individual professionals. Businesses and Ministries
14:00 and join as organizational members while individuals
14:03 become associate members. Being an ASi member has been
14:07 a real blessing for me and I invite you to join us in
14:11 sharing Christ in the market place. To apply
14:14 for ASi membership give us a call or visit our website.
14:19 The most enjoyable thing about ASi is the people
14:22 you meet. People that are in other sides or particular
14:25 fellowship. They are just closer, even closer
14:29 to family. ASi is a great opportunity for anyone
14:33 to meet people, to see different Ministeries.
14:36 The Fellowship is just heavenly.
14:49 Imagine being in prison and the changes that
14:52 would bring. Now imagine being released from
14:56 prison perhaps after many years of being
14:58 inside, another difficult change. Shelter from the
15:02 storm is an ASi member organization in Gainesville,
15:06 Florida that provides half way support for
15:09 ex-convicts. It's a Christ centered program to
15:12 bring ex-convicts back into society and into the
15:16 arms of Jesus. You can see right here. You know
15:21 we got 3ABN, the hope channel where the mans
15:25 can look at the television, you know get spiritual
15:29 strength. We also got materials, we also have
15:34 tapes here. We all, also get the Adventist
15:38 letters, magazine. May be 11 years ago a young
15:44 man, he was a older guy, I shouldn't say younger
15:47 man, Nathan Edwards. He and I sat down while I
15:54 was still incarcerated and we talked about a First
15:55 Day church opening a home for ex, people who
16:00 got out of prison. And I asked him what was our
16:04 denomination doing about this situation because if
16:09 you have a prison ministry you will have
16:11 individuals who join the Church, what are you
16:13 going to do to try to facilitate or to help them
16:16 once they got out of prison. How about training
16:18 volunteers in one prison to work with inmates
16:20 behind prison walls and to get them to enter their
16:24 truth. But when they get out of prison usually
16:28 where they go is the First Day Church half way
16:31 house and they get confused and mixed up in
16:34 their beliefs. What do I tell them? We don't have a
16:37 half way house that belong to this denomination,
16:40 what do you tell them. When I was in prison in
16:44 1996 I received this message and accept this
16:50 message. And I didn't want to go back to them
16:54 old friends and lifestyle because you know the
16:57 Holy Ghost have come into my life and I was
17:00 saved, I was converted, I didn't want to go back, so
17:04 I went to one of the prison ministry leaders
17:07 Elder John Washington. I said hey when I get out, I
17:10 would like to go to one of you all half way house.
17:13 And he looked at me frightened and said what's
17:15 the problem. He said we don't have near one of
17:17 them. And I was like you don't have now, you say
17:21 you have the truth and you don't have no place
17:24 for me to go. And I was behaving in a Adventist
17:27 ways and he go First Day Church say hey we have
17:32 the truth. Do you all have a shelter? Yeah, we have
17:34 one. So, it was that struggle well who do
17:38 have the truth. In my Bible the First Day
17:42 Churches do all that Jesus tell them to do in
17:44 Matthew 25 about when you do it to the least of
17:48 one of these, you have done it to me. But the
17:51 Adventist Church I have the truth but you don't
17:53 have nowhere for where I can and get a deeper
17:55 study and learn more about a religion that I've
17:59 just came into. Years ago got involved with a friend
18:03 Nathan Edwards who was one of the Elders of the church.
18:05 He was in prison ministry and during that time we
18:10 will go out to the prison here in Gainesville and as
18:14 it was, this was about 18 or 19 years ago and we
18:18 would get Bible studies out at the prison. Well,
18:21 later on Jeff Carb came along. Jeffrey happened to come
18:26 through, throughout prison ministries with one of my
18:30 workers. And when he got out he decided that he
18:36 needed to have a place to go in order to help him to
18:40 strengthen his belief, but there was no place to go.
18:43 So, the Lord impressed him to start a half way
18:47 house, to help inmates who believe in our message
18:51 when they get out to know the truth, understand the
18:54 truth. I didn't know what to expect, because
18:58 I mean we were starting from scratch. There was no,
19:01 there was nothing there and it was really just sort
19:05 of an idea in Jeffrey's mind about what this was
19:09 going to be. So, I can't say that I knew what we,
19:13 even what we were going to do. It provides you
19:18 with a bed, it provides you with guidance, it
19:20 provides you with a ministry that explains
19:26 God's word to you. And again that's all people need.
19:27 We need a foundation to get yourself back on your
19:30 freedom. You need some place where you can call a
19:34 secure address. You can't get a job, you can't do
19:37 anything out there in the world today if we don't
19:39 have an address, you don't have a phone to work for.
19:41 Most employees won't even bother to look at you.
19:44 That's why the Lord impressed on me shelter
19:47 from his home. Because it's a storm when you
19:50 come out of prison. You got to start from scratch.
19:54 Everybody know your old ways. You know but
19:57 they're say well, he's just gonna come by and do
20:00 the same thing. Not only that when you leave prison
20:02 the guards will tell you, you'll leave well you'll
20:04 be back. I'll see you back, I'm gonna keep this
20:07 bed for you. There are a lot of people out there
20:10 in the world today who are coming out of jails,
20:14 people who are on the streets, who are struggling
20:16 with drug and alcohol addictions, who need
20:19 some place to go and in the current economy
20:22 in America it's just impossible. There aren't
20:25 enough shelters around. There, most city governments
20:30 don't provide enough assistance. Its really tough
20:32 out there to get up on your feet once you've been
20:34 knocked out. When I got out I didn't listen
20:39 what everybody told me and I went back to my
20:42 hometown, while I've been battling storms ever since
20:47 I got out. Oh, hanging around the same people,
20:51 trying to get on my feet and something would knock
20:53 me down. And then I try get on my feet something
20:56 would knock me down. A lot of them don't have
20:58 no where to go. Hey they don't stole from their
21:02 parents, they don't submit to drug dealers, they owe
21:06 them money so some of them you know if they go
21:08 back to that old environment. They might
21:10 get killed, so and some of them be in prison and
21:14 their mother and father and most of their family
21:17 members have died, have passed away. It's not
21:21 always so easy to regain all the things that you
21:24 lose when you go to jail. And you have skeletons
21:28 in your closet that come back to haunt you and
21:31 just a lot of things works against you when
21:35 you get out of jail you know trying to start back over.
21:38 Two days before I got out of prison I had no place to
21:42 go. I didn't know where I was going, they were
21:43 talking about putting me in jail, 'cause I had, I'm
21:46 not from Florida. While I'm in sitting in with a
21:49 classification officer the phone rang and it was Mr.
21:54 Cobb and he has explained to the classification
21:58 officer that he had received a letter from another
22:01 inmate at that particular prison and that they
22:04 would accept him into the program. Then this
22:06 classification officer asked Mr. Cobb if he had a
22:10 bed open. And he said yes, we got one bed and
22:13 Mr. Cobb asked me a few questions and talked to
22:16 me and said I was welcome. So, I was welcomed
22:18 at this house. But two days prior I didn't know
22:22 where I was going and I didn't know anything
22:24 about the place. The most majority of the ones that
22:29 come through in, being baptized they weren't
22:35 no Adventist, they haven't accepted the Adventist
22:36 message in prison. When they came here it
22:38 was some new. If I would have went out on my own it
22:42 would have been a struggle, I mean truly a struggle
22:44 cause the first 48 hours is so important. They
22:48 say you need to find a church and you need if you
22:51 have a drug and alcohol problem get involved with it
22:53 towards that program. Through the ministries I was
22:56 given that immediately and it was up to me to make
23:00 them choices and follow them but it was just like I said a
23:04 blessing through God to provide this place for me.
23:07 He wasn't an Adventist, but now my God graced his
23:11 buddy, he would be getting baptized in a Seventh
23:13 Day Adventist Church. Thanks to the ministries,
23:16 the church. I'm soon to be baptized in the church
23:19 this month I think. And so, I mean I can't say enough
23:23 You know as a result of them going through from
23:26 the storm they end up coming here to watch and
23:29 they have been a real blessing to us. You know
23:31 since they have been and you know being a part of
23:34 our worship, several of them as a result of their
23:36 coming would have been baptized if they learn
23:38 more about the Lord and accepted the truth in him.
23:42 One of the Elders, Elder Frankie Owen, you know
23:46 what really touched me; he didn't know me when I
23:50 was in prison. He said you're going back to
23:52 Miami, I said I don't want to, but I don't know
23:54 where to go. He was willing to sacrifice to get
23:58 me an apartment, to live in. He didn't even much
24:05 know me. Since for me to live a different life. Right
24:11 then man, that was unconditional love.
24:16 Someone didn't know me, didn't know if I would
24:18 have went back to selling drugs or what. He was
24:24 willing, he extended that love of Christ to me.
24:25 I got involved because Jeff came to our church in
24:30 Tampa, Florida Mount Calvary Seventh-Day
24:32 Adventist Church and was speaking with us
24:34 about getting transitional homes for women.
24:37 Well, I have being praying previously for God
24:41 to get me into something like that because I'm
24:44 recovering addict as well. And so when I came to
24:48 recovery nothing like that was available in our
24:51 church. In our denomination as far as I know of and
24:55 I used to play you know what, . I want to help
24:57 women in my faith. I want to be able to give that
25:01 to the women in our faith. What can I do,
25:05 what is it, what is it that you want me to do. And
25:08 so when Jeff came to our Church recruiting us to
25:12 try to get a transitional home, it's like okay.
25:15 This is what I've been waiting for. What happened was
25:19 someone had to catch the vision that God had gave
25:25 me and what happened is I caught the vision.
25:30 I happened to be on the board of the ASi Southern
25:34 Union and we were at a board meet and we were
25:38 trying to figure out some projects which the
25:40 Southern Union could do with some ministries.
25:42 Then one day the request came to the meeting that
25:46 day was shelter from the storm of which Jeffrey
25:49 had already talked to me about plans that he
25:52 wanted to do, so when the project came up I was the
25:55 only one there that knew anything about it. I was
25:58 able to articulate what it was about, what he was
26:01 trying to do and we ought to get involved in that
26:03 ministry and we rest demand on getting the
26:06 first $25,000, so that he could start with this house
26:10 here in Gainesville, Florida. Later on by Frank on the
26:14 board of ASi, I received a call from the Southern
26:18 Union President Steve Dickman and he talked
26:21 with me and he said ASi voted to give you so
26:24 much money for the ministry. So it was a
26:28 blessing with you know, wasn't for me to decided,
26:32 you know the national and the Southern Union
26:34 this ministry will not be in existence, because a lot
26:38 of the Adventist members and family members.
26:43 They haven't went through this time. So they
26:46 can't relate. I'm not blaming the church. They
26:49 just couldn't relate and nobody could relate and
26:54 the issues that the man had from breaking that
26:57 habit of drugs and alcohol. Hey, look at here
27:02 man. It was Christ, I came out making $5 a
27:06 hour. $5 a hour ten years ago when I was selling
27:14 drugs with an organization we were making
27:16 $70,000 a night. So it had to be Christ that
27:21 changed my life. Building up the family of
27:25 God is what ASi is all about. I'm thankful for
27:29 ASi members like Shelter from the Storm that are
27:32 reaching out to people who need the love of God
27:35 in their lives. For more information about Shelter
27:38 from the Storm call 352-339-4732, and to learn
27:46 more about ASi and how you can become a
27:49 member visit
27:54 I'm Dan Houghton. Thanks for joining me
27:56 today on ASi video magazine. Comeback
27:59 next time for more stories of ASi members sharing
28:03 Christ in the market place. God be with you.


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