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00:01 ASI is a Ministry that's networking all these
00:03 different ministries together with the church
00:05 and lay people. Being involved with ASI,
00:06 meeting other people. ASI convention is
00:08 an excellent opportunity, just a great opportunity.
00:11 In ASI, there is a particular fellow.
00:14 ASI is really the stamp, it's the glue that holds
00:16 all the ministries together.
00:27 Welcome to ASI Video Magazine, I am
00:29 Dan Houghton. I have been an ASI member
00:31 for many years now and I'm continually amazed
00:35 by the wide variety of affective ministries that
00:38 ASI members are involved in. No matter
00:41 where they are or what they do. ASI members
00:44 are committed to sharing Christ in the market place.
00:48 Today we are going to meet two ASI members
00:51 who exemplify that commitment.
00:54 Darry Campbell, who lives in Wisconsin and
00:56 is the plant manager for Roads International
00:59 a distributor of frozen bread products.
01:02 Darry is active in evangelism at home
01:04 right in Wisconsin. And he and his wife give
01:07 Bible studies to numerous individuals.
01:10 For a number of years now Darry and his wife
01:13 have also held evangelistic meetings in
01:15 Thailand resulting in more than 200 baptisms.
01:19 We'd like to welcome each of you here we
01:21 have, have a large group from Madison.
01:26 My old friend Gerard Collins has visited us a
01:30 couple times and he brought some friends
01:33 and I think they are going to be sharing
01:37 some things with us this afternoon not with the
01:41 Church but giving a testimony of some of
01:45 the work that's been happening in Madison.
01:47 How many of you heard about ASI? ASI stands
01:51 for Adventist-Layman's Services and Industries.
01:55 You know some of us are officially ASI
01:59 members, but in truth we are all ASI members.
02:04 The model of ASI is sharing God in the
02:07 market place. And the market place is
02:10 whatever we are and some of you might say
02:14 well not in business, I don't have but if you go
02:18 out to the store and buy groceries
02:20 that's your market place.
02:22 In 1986 three families from the Wisconsin
02:27 Academy church decided to come down
02:31 and plant a church here in Beaver Dam.
02:34 Of course we were flushed with money, we
02:37 had $35 in the bank as a congregation.
02:41 And, but we wrote an offer, we offered them
02:45 $35,000 for the building and amazingly they
02:50 accepted that and then the conference was
02:54 working with us but told us that we would
02:57 have to have two thirds of the money before we
03:01 could go ahead with the transaction.
03:03 So, we had a fundraising campaign and within 90
03:07 days we had raised $30000, had the building
03:11 almost paid for. And moved in and this
03:17 building has been serving this congregation
03:19 now for 21 years. Interestingly enough the
03:24 three families that started the church once
03:29 the church was well grounded, we all left
03:34 and went to other places and other people have
03:39 kept this church going over the past 20 years.
03:43 But, over a period of time people moved
03:46 away, some of the elderly members have
03:49 passed on and membership was down to 24 people, but
03:56 they had an attendance of somewhere around
03:59 10 to 15 people per week. But, they were fading.
04:05 And Jenny and I made the decision to move
04:09 back and shortly after we moved back, one of
04:13 the other original families also moved back with us.
04:18 And we've had some interesting experiences since then.
04:26 The membership on the day that we moved back was 24.
04:30 Now with some families that are transferring
04:34 in and joining our church our membership's up to 46.
04:39 A few years ago if you would have attended
04:42 you would have said this church is you know
04:44 on its way to locking its doors. And we were
04:47 really almost in need of a new church plant here.
04:51 I mean it got down to that, a few people and
04:56 they were you know not in the best of health and
05:00 getting up in age and yet they were starved
05:04 people that just kept the faith and kept hoping
05:10 and kept praying and God heard those prayers.
05:15 And I suppose that can be inspiring to
05:16 somebody out there who is in a church
05:18 somewhere in a smallest town and
05:20 things don't seem to be happening but man,
05:24 if you're steadfast I think, and hang in there
05:27 eventually something good is gonna happen.
05:30 We are currently holding a prophecy
05:32 seminar, our expectations are that we will baptize
05:37 10 to 12 people from the seminar and I have
05:42 commitments from several already.
05:45 I think that a church does best in its
05:47 healthiest when its working for others,
05:50 you know to have a mission, because when
05:54 you don't have that you just start looking
05:56 inward and you know there is always inter
05:58 relational problems that can rise up and when
06:01 you press together to do something for God, you
06:04 put that stuff away and realize, you know its
06:06 just not important, we've got big mountains
06:09 to climb, you know we have got something
06:11 important to do. Originally I started out
06:13 because Shawn and I we're roommates and he
06:17 sort of; I noticed that he sort of had an interest in
06:20 the Bible and in God in general.
06:22 So, we conducted our own some sort of mini
06:24 Bible studies, but we both quickly realized
06:27 that we are both little, I guess amateurs analysis
06:33 to the Bible scriptures. So, instead of fumbling
06:37 through scriptures we ended up contacting
06:39 Gerard who we knew was more well versed
06:42 in the scriptures. Well, since I was a kid
06:44 I've been pretty interested in religions
06:46 and just meaning of life in general. So, I've been
06:49 reading different kind of books. My parents
06:51 brought back books of Buddhism, of books of
06:54 evolution from America. So, since I was a kid
06:58 I was; I have been pretty interested, but
06:59 over years my interest only grew more.
07:01 So, in college I started studying with Sabbath
07:04 because he was Adventist and I wasn't at the time.
07:08 So, well there were some question he
07:10 couldn't clearly answer me. So, eventually that's
07:12 why as he has mentioned we went to Jerry.
07:15 Darry Campbell who was a member and he
07:18 was the head elder at the church where I'm
07:21 now a member, in Madison, Wisconsin.
07:23 He came to Madison, Madison East Seventh
07:28 Day Adventist church and give a presentation
07:31 with reference to these Bible studies.
07:34 He is a member of ASI and he, myself and
07:39 several others went to this presentation that
07:42 elder Campbell give and after the presentation we
07:44 were each getting a free set of the new
07:46 beginnings DVD Bible studies. And we were encouraged
07:50 to begin our own Bible study group.
07:52 And shortly after that Sabbath who I knew
07:54 from campus before and from church.
07:58 He called me, contacted me and told me that a
08:01 friend of his Shawn, who was interest in
08:06 learning more about the Bible wanted to start a
08:07 Bible study and so, they began coming over to
08:12 my apartment on Friday evenings and we began
08:15 watching these DVDs. We were just looking
08:19 for DVD training and using the new beginning
08:25 series to give Bible studies to start a small
08:28 group but that small group has grown from
08:33 just two people taking Bible studies with
08:36 Gerard into campus ministry that is now a
08:43 certified ministry on campus. Recently, we got our
08:49 student organization registered on campus at
08:52 the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
08:54 The name is Campus Hope and the word
08:58 Hope is an acronym standing representing
09:01 Helping Others Prepare for Eternity.
09:04 That name we borrowed from the Campus Hope
09:07 Group on the University of Michigan.
09:09 With the involvement of other people, it has
09:13 now grown into what they call WYC
09:17 Wisconsin Youth Congress and they had
09:21 their first meeting this past summer in August
09:26 and I understand they had about 60 attendees
09:30 and they continue to have their group
09:33 meetings and continuing to play in other activates
09:37 and just sharing the gospel there on the
09:40 campus of the UW. It's funny because when
09:45 Darry does the DVD training, he always
09:49 asked that the individuals in his crew,
09:52 in the seminar to write down at least 10 names
09:55 to start praying for that they will have an
09:57 opportunity to reach out to and Darry and I both
10:01 make a need list for each seminar ourselves
10:05 to start praying about. We had also put our
10:07 daughter Karen on the list. We finished the training
10:12 that evening at 7'O clock came home, went
10:16 to bed. The next morning we received a
10:19 call from Karen and her first words were, Dad
10:24 when can we start Bible studies?
10:27 We've put down the drinking, the smokings,
10:31 a little struggle. And John's ask for the
10:35 Sabbaths off and took him a couple weeks, but
10:41 he finally got that taken care of and we have our
10:47 children every other weekend and we try to
10:49 be here every week. Bring the two boys to church.
10:56 And like Dad said we want to be baptized
10:59 and married on the same day.
11:02 We attended the National Convention in
11:05 Albuquerque, New Mexico several years ago,
11:10 on the way to the hotel, my son said, dad
11:16 how much does it cost to attend the ASI convention.
11:21 And I said well typically with a flight for both of us,
11:24 renting a car, the cost of the hotel, the cost of
11:30 registration it's probably about $2000 to attended
11:35 the meeting. And he said why on earth
11:38 would you spend $2000 just to come and sit in
11:42 meetings. And I said, well come and attended
11:46 the meetings, then afterwards ask me that
11:48 question again. On Friday evening, the next
11:52 evening the Youth for Jesus young people
11:58 were sharing their experiences and there
12:02 was a young girl I believe she was a sophomore
12:05 and a candidate, and 15 years old and she related how
12:11 she had come to Youth for Jesus just because
12:15 some of her friends were coming, she had
12:19 no idea that she would end being the speaker at
12:22 her venue and she shared her experiences
12:26 and the number of people that had been
12:28 baptized and what an amazing experience it
12:35 had been in her life. And when she was done
12:36 the moderator asked her what do you have to say
12:40 to our group of ASI members and she
12:43 looked out at the audience and she said
12:46 I'm just a little girl, just 15 years old, this is
12:49 what I've done, what have you been doing?
12:53 And I looked over at my son and the tears
12:57 were running down his cheeks. I asked him do you
13:03 wanna ask me that question now.
13:06 And he said, no but I do have another question
13:11 for you. Where was ASI when I was a teenager?
13:16 Would you know about it then?
13:21 Whatever our strengths and weakness, God is
13:24 able to use us to reach others for him, if only
13:27 we are willing. And when we do get out of
13:29 our comfort zones God is able to do
13:32 tremendous things. Our five loaves and two
13:35 fishes are a limitless supply to God.
13:38 ASI is made up of members like Darry Campbell
13:41 who are willing to step out in faith and tell the
13:44 world about Jesus. The happiness books have
13:48 been an ongoing ASI projects for more than
13:50 20 years. Through this project ASI sponsors
13:54 the printing of spirit of prophecy books which
13:57 are then sold at minimum cost.
14:00 They provide individuals with an inexpensive
14:02 and attractive way to witness to friends and
14:05 neighbors. Today more than five million
14:08 happiness books have been distributed.
14:11 For ordering information contact your local
14:14 Adventist book center. Sharing Christ in the
14:17 market place is not just for the adults, but it's
14:18 for the young people too. ASI gives them an
14:20 opportunity to come to the forefront and use
14:22 their talents and ability that God has given.
14:24 They learned that God can use them.
14:26 They are not too young. You see God using you
14:29 to impact other people's lives.
14:31 I find it difficult to find something more
14:33 effective then what the Youth for Jesus is doing today.
14:46 Seeing the immense poverty and need in Haiti,
14:50 Reg King was profoundly touched.
14:53 So, in 1992 he started the mission in that
14:56 country. Today Haiti mission outreach has a
15:00 clinic, a dental office and some schools in Haiti.
15:04 They've also drilled wells, set up solar panels and
15:07 distributed humanitarian supplies. Let's find
15:11 out more about Reg and the Haiti mission outreach.
15:15 Out in the village of Arno our clinic is this is
15:19 a typical local housing. It goes from this to worse.
15:25 A lot of cardboard and sheet metal enclosures
15:30 very, very primitive but, look at the smiles on
15:36 these kids. I mean, these kids are, they
15:39 have nothing and they're happy, so we
15:43 have a lot to learn; learn from these people.
15:47 We were on a windsurfing trip my family in to
15:50 Dominican Republic having a great time and
15:53 they were going out to the village there it's a
15:56 poor area also. And we said you know we
15:58 should build a clinic in one of these villages.
16:00 Because you know there's a lot of medical
16:02 in the Adventist circles there is a lot of medical
16:05 people that are very talented that would like
16:08 to help in these areas if you just have a program
16:11 that you can define for them they'll get involved in it.
16:14 And that's part of the engineering side too
16:16 that we connect people together, people and
16:19 resources in terms of projects. So, it was a
16:21 natural fit when we started getting involved
16:24 and we said as a family lets do something like
16:27 this not just be ministered to in the
16:31 church every week, let's get got some we can put
16:33 some of the talents and the things we know to work.
16:37 Then I got a call from a man named Max Church
16:40 who had an orphanage in Haiti. He is actually
16:43 on one of these pictures here, right here,
16:48 Max Church, he started an orphanage in Haiti
16:50 years ago, was fluent in French. But, I went to
16:55 visit him in the country. He invited me down
16:58 there. And I was so taken by the poverty,
17:05 I mean Dominican Republic is a poor country,
17:08 but Haiti is the extreme of poverty.
17:14 80% unemployment, 60% literacy, one meal a day.
17:19 This isn't because that's, they are eating this big meal,
17:22 it's a one meal a day country.
17:23 They have half the food that they need and so
17:26 I'm seeing this as I'm their and I come back
17:29 from Haiti and I'm thinking wow! We're
17:32 gonna do something in Haiti. Originally we went and
17:34 drilled some wells out in these remote villages
17:38 and put solar pumps on them. We had one well running
17:42 in one village area for 10 years, it's pumped
17:46 millions of gallons water. Pumps always when the
17:48 sun is out. People under with buckets,
17:50 five gallon buckets under that spigot all day
17:52 long, of course at nights you don't have to worry
17:55 about a storage tank, just let it pump in the
17:57 day time. We followed that with a clinic in that
17:59 area. The people were asking us could you
18:04 help us with medical clinic, there was no
18:06 medical care whatsoever nothing, expect the
18:08 Voodoo doctor. And so you are in an area I've
18:12 taken doctors that have been in parts of Africa
18:15 and other places and they just said Reg,
18:16 we have no idea how bad it is in these outline
18:20 villagers. This is really early stages of clinic,
18:22 but it sits on a dirt road that people pass by so
18:29 it's well known, you know, well known location
18:31 there where everybody sees it.
18:34 Some of the things that have really been exacting
18:36 about that clinic. We have a Haitian
18:39 administrative nurse named Annie Prevel.
18:43 She is so amazing, she follows and goes after
18:48 every program she can connect with.
18:50 She gets a doctor from the government, if they
18:54 have a doctor, an intern doctor to come out for a year.
18:56 But, the other things that she has done that's
18:58 really amazing, I didn't think would be possible
19:00 in this remote area. She went and took TB training,
19:05 how to evaluate a patient and cure the patient.
19:09 The first time she screened these village,
19:11 the village that our clinic is in, in Arno,
19:14 she had like 14 patients that had TB in that one village.
19:19 Now you gotta realize how TB spread and
19:22 these people have it in their little hut and they
19:23 don't know, so it's going through the whole family.
19:26 Well, she is curing those people, I've had pictures
19:30 of them and I tell them you know you're
19:32 Lazarus, you've been raised from the dead.
19:34 This was a death sentence until Annie got the training.
19:37 This man not a very picture but this man
19:40 right here is Pastor Victor, amazing man.
19:46 We worked out there for number of years and
19:47 didn't know there was an Adventist out there
19:50 and then we saw a little sign up by a dirt floor
19:52 church and it said Temple Adventist.
19:56 He and his wife had gone picked that area to
19:59 start a little church. His salary was $11 a month.
20:04 And he had a little church going and a
20:07 school with 60 students in it. Dirt floor and that's
20:11 how we got involved in schools out there, when
20:13 we realized this man at $11 a month was dedicated
20:19 to stay out there with his wife and do something.
20:22 The students are so poor there they couldn't
20:24 pay tuition. The tuition rate in the schools we
20:26 have out there is a $1.50 US for the year.
20:33 And one third of the people can pay it.
20:35 So, he was running this little school on nothing.
20:38 Here is his little church and school, dirt floor
20:42 you can see it here, very, very simple.
20:45 And we took that over and rebuilt that building
20:49 and made it a school and church with
20:51 concrete floor and new walls, well here is a
20:55 picture of it, after we had worked on making
20:58 concrete, so we put a program around him,
21:03 he now has a school with 300 students in it.
21:06 The first time we stopped with some
21:10 support for his school year we said Pastor Victor,
21:14 we went back and told your story at our church
21:17 and there people want to help you prove your
21:20 program, stabilize your teachers by having a
21:23 salary that you can depend on. He danced
21:27 around my little pick up truck with his hands in
21:29 the air and just danced around praising God
21:31 going around the pick up, he was so excited
21:33 that somebody would help him, he never
21:35 asked for help. He never has asked for help ever.
21:39 He is just one of those bright stories of people
21:42 that you run into who are dedicated, who are
21:44 making a difference and I will show our ready
21:47 mix concrete crew. We are building a school
21:50 here and like I said with the unemployment like
21:54 it is I can hire 50 men, 25 whatever they come
21:58 bare foot, mixed concrete on ground and
22:00 they will bucket to the forums, 12 yards a day
22:04 we'll mix on the ground and carry to the forums
22:07 in these five gallon buckets. Now move these picture
22:10 and show you these are the forums that we're
22:14 pouring concrete in, the vertical columns and
22:20 then the lintels that connect the columns,
22:23 we have rebar in it. But, we only go one story
22:26 and we'll build a school like this. This school
22:29 building here is 20 feet wide, and plus 60 feet
22:37 long, it will have a 150 students in it and that
22:44 building will cost us about $10000 US to build.
22:47 And we will build those one visit, we will pour a
22:50 slab, we will pour the columns and put the
22:53 metal roof on, the windows and everything, we will do
22:55 that with one trip with a group of 15 to 20 people.
23:00 This business that I'm retiring from is what I
23:03 rely on in the work that we're doing in third
23:06 world countries. I come back with a project like
23:08 a water treatment plant or a generator plant for
23:12 a hospital, or school buildings, or clinic,
23:16 I come here and my son very graciously lets me
23:20 tap into the engineering pool that I need for the
23:23 design of that building which is to be build for
23:26 that facility out of much local materials as possible.
23:29 So, it's been a tremendous marriage in terms of our
23:32 work in Haiti and Dominican Republic,
23:34 Belize and I remember I had a engineer walk-in,
23:40 who has walked into the meeting late and
23:41 someone outside I think it was one of the ASI
23:46 officers said where were you from?
23:47 I'm from King Engineering. And well what you do?
23:50 Well you know we work in Haiti and do that and that.
23:53 Well that particular person, he was talking
23:56 to had a need for an engineering design at a
23:58 water treatment plant in Dominican Republic,
24:00 had an orphanage. So, that connected the
24:04 money from the donor to the engineering side
24:06 which they needed the design and the project
24:10 management to build it. I love going to the
24:12 different booths and seeing what people are
24:14 doing because you learn from that. You learn
24:18 some times it will raise your goals and say you
24:22 know I could be doing that, an example of that
24:25 would be in; when we started in Haiti we had
24:30 never, we didn't really think we could ever get
24:33 into the medical really an effective medical
24:37 program and I talked to a number of ASI
24:41 programs that we are involved with medical.
24:44 As you know in any of these programs when
24:47 you find a key person, that's in the country and
24:53 that's what we've done we worked with in
24:54 country talent because when you can't get to
24:57 the country the program still continues on if you
25:00 have those in country talent. Finding those
25:02 key people is; has been really, really critical
25:06 and so I came away from ASI realizing you
25:11 know we could expand into the medical program
25:14 in the countries. It's again a matter of
25:17 resourcing people, talented people and
25:20 materials and then having traveling groups
25:23 that come with you that have doctors or dentists
25:26 and I have heard that from many people they
25:27 go there not really know what to expect
25:30 and really coming away saying well I can do that.
25:33 Last year we said I had a interviewed a young
25:38 Haitian dentist. No chance of a job in the
25:41 country. Bright man, he had no tools, he had no
25:44 money to buy tools. So, again I said to our
25:47 co-director I said here is the, here is the talent we
25:49 need in the country he's been recommended to
25:52 us by one of our Haitian coordinators in the
25:56 country that we have a great deal of respect for.
25:59 And so we said you know lets put him to work.
26:00 And he is out there and people come from 15 or
26:03 20 villages walk to him, out of the clinic.
26:06 And he does extractions, amalgam fillings and
26:11 composite work and cleaning. So, you know
26:17 you're not doing you know braces or any,
26:19 these people who had no dental care now have
26:24 a dentist who does excellent work and
26:27 we're now making; taking affordable unit in
26:29 March that the military uses that will, we have
26:33 a truck in the country, that we gonna set up
26:35 toward, we are going to villages, other villages
26:38 that can't get to ours, our dentist, we're going
26:42 to go out to those villages, drive in, drop
26:44 the curtains on the truck and have an armored
26:46 truck mobile dental program. Really exciting, I mean
26:50 the dentist from here to go in this program,
26:52 they will always stay connected to our
26:53 program because there is doing things that they
26:56 know are critical. It's not an augment over
27:01 how are they gonna get paid.
27:02 They are not going to get paid.
27:03 These people have no alternative, it's they are
27:07 so thankful for the service that it connects
27:10 the dentist and people that go with our
27:12 program forever. ASI is committed
27:16 to getting lay people involved in missions
27:18 and service. Just like Reg King. The Lord can
27:22 do amazing things through professionals
27:24 who are willing to give him their time and talents.
27:28 I encourage you to look for ways to get active
27:31 and sharing Christ in the market place.
27:34 To learn more about ASI visit
27:41 I am Dan Houghton. You have been watching
27:43 ASI Video Magazine. See you next time, for
27:47 more stories of ASI Members sharing Christ
27:50 in the Market Place. May God be with you.


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