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00:01 ASI is a ministry that's networking all these
00:03 different ministries together with the church.
00:05 Being involved with ASI meeting other people.
00:07 ASI convention is an excellent opportunity just
00:10 a great opportunity. In ASI there is a
00:12 particular fellowship, ASI is really the stamp,
00:15 it's the glue that holds all the ministries together.
00:28 Welcome to ASI video magazine I am Dan
00:31 Houghton. Today we are going to meet ASI
00:33 members that are living out the ASI motto,
00:36 sharing Christ in the market place. God has
00:40 called each of us to serve him and to bring
00:42 others to him, no matter what our job it is
00:46 our business to do God's will, that is what
00:50 ASI is all about. Manuel and Esther Alva are
00:54 physicians near Chicago, Illinois, they have made
00:57 witnessing a central part of their work. They
01:00 regularly pray with patients and have had
01:03 many opportunities to talk about God with both
01:05 patients and coworkers. Let's hear more about
01:09 their remarkable story. This is a practice that
01:14 tends primarily to Spanish speaking
01:16 patients, for Hispanic patients and family comes
01:20 from a Latin country and the kids are born here
01:24 and they start going to school, there is always
01:26 the economy, even larger than in a regular family
01:29 that always lives in this country. About values,
01:33 about habits and the way the older generation
01:38 relates to younger generation and there is
01:39 always a break up of a family. So there is ample
01:42 opportunity to listen to this patients bringing
01:45 their problems, bringing their complaints and just
01:48 finding with few questions about what do
01:51 they do for a living; how many people are in the
01:53 house; how many old adult children
01:57 still live in the house and immediately you can
02:00 start seeing on the faces of people, worry,
02:03 tension, because there is a problem and
02:07 and we just poke a little bit there and they
02:09 start telling their life stories and some of them
02:13 cry and some of them wish there was a God as
02:17 they used to know before they came here, could
02:20 solve these problems and its; its, if you just let
02:23 him speak and just tell them about yes, there is a
02:26 God. Yes, he cares for me, yes I believe in
02:29 him, yes I had the same problems that you are
02:32 having or similar problems. I can sympathize
02:35 with that My practice is quite different
02:37 I see mostly inpatients who are bedridden
02:42 sometimes even before coming to the hospital and
02:44 many of them are on supportive machines
02:48 and care and there is not such a good opportunity
02:52 for a meaningful interaction but sometimes the Lord
02:57 allows us to pray with a patient and show to them
03:03 that care and compassion We have opportunities to
03:08 pray with most of these people. Not only myself I
03:11 mean the medical assistants and nurse that
03:14 works here, they all are listening and trying to see
03:20 what the Holy Spirit tells them about what to say,
03:23 how to intervene in each patient's case. So that
03:27 facility has allowed the clinical work. People are
03:29 more open with their symptoms; they tend to
03:32 follow indications or suggestions for better
03:35 diets for better care, they are very unlikely to be
03:40 upset with us, I have to credit my staff for that
03:43 Mostly my major opportunities are with my
03:47 coworkers, the nurses, the physicians, specially I
03:53 had the opportunity to work giving some health
03:56 education to the staff in the area of house keeping,
04:00 most of them are Spanish speaking and they are in a
04:07 second class if we would say, second class in the
04:13 hospital setting and sometimes we as
04:17 physicians and professionals walk by
04:20 and not even say hi, good morning to this person
04:24 who is so dedicatedly cleaning the surroundings
04:29 of the hospital and that is something we regret,
04:33 but they feel included and notice important that
04:38 when you say hi to them and acknowledge. Well,
04:41 through several circumstances
04:43 I was able to make connections with their
04:45 director; their department director and we held
04:49 52 sessions in one full year of health
04:54 education in different topics, I used the book
04:58 written by Hans Diehl and it's so simplified that
05:03 anyone can understand. I have not seen Thracian in
05:06 the sense of Bible studies but only he knows the
05:10 seed is there, we're called to plant the seed or to
05:14 harvest according to what the Lord presents to us
05:17 Actually here in our office, our staff is
05:22 Seventh-Day Adventist except our receptionist.
05:25 She is a wonderful Catholic lady, but she
05:29 wanted to learn more about the Bible and our
05:32 children and children of our manager come and
05:36 work here and they actually like to interact
05:39 with patients and one of them said hey we have
05:41 new beginnings here, how do we show this to look,
05:46 the receptionist they have, the woman was stunned
05:49 with the series. Some other workers of the
05:53 hospital were also interested in coming
05:55 and seeing that, I remember that she said may be we
05:58 will see Bible studies here but I think they are
06:01 coming, we just have realized this year
06:03 I think about my responsibilities as a
06:06 parent and trying to combine being mother
06:11 and also a professional and sometimes I look
06:18 back and I say oh how many years did I sort of
06:22 wasted not being the best mother while I was trying
06:27 to get my training, but then there is consolation
06:31 in the Lord especially in this gatherings, ASI
06:36 gathering when I see my children being a used,
06:41 being active, doing things and I realize oh they have
06:47 Jesus in their heart too even though I don't feel
06:51 responsible for being the one who trained them and
06:56 taught and did everything spiritually for them
07:00 And I can tell you wonderful experiences
07:03 that God has given me through ASI and through
07:05 the things I have learned through ASI, experiences
07:09 in my family, coming back to love my mother
07:14 again; my mother and I were distanced for many
07:16 years and she ended up having colon cancer. I am
07:21 a gastroenterologist and we don't talk on the
07:23 phones often, I mean we didn't back then and I am
07:27 known to ask, she was just falling ill slowly. She
07:32 was in a lot of denial, she is a very strong person
07:34 but God was working, even ten years before that
07:40 he saw to it that we will meet ten years later with
07:45 this diagnosis, with forgiveness, with
07:48 reconciliation and if I hadn't been prepared
07:52 spiritually and mentally by all the material I heard
07:55 at ASI, I couldn't see myself turning back and
08:00 being a different person. So, God is using ASI
08:05 powerfully, not only to spread the message from
08:07 Christ in the market place but to change everyone
08:10 of the people that walk in and open himself or
08:14 herself and say God here I am, use me. God says I
08:18 can use you, let me work on you first, while I work
08:22 on you, you can work for me, it's wonderful. God
08:24 doesn't wait until we graduate, you know he
08:27 starts using us right away, changed us, changes us
08:29 and uses us, little as we can do, as
08:33 much as we can do. India was quite an
08:35 experience, we really didn't know what to
08:39 expect we would have liked to do medical work
08:43 but the setting where we were doing at this visit
08:48 was mainly evangelistic. So my husband was in
08:51 charge of the sermons, preaching I did the help
08:54 lectures and we were blessed to have our
08:57 youngest son Ray who was at the time 12 doing
09:01 the children's story and that was a good, I don't
09:06 have words to say very good experience and
09:11 there were 400 souls baptized in our group,
09:17 in our group. And it was not our doing we were
09:20 just their instruments. One of the physicians
09:23 across the hall is an orthopedist, he is a
09:27 Hindu orthopedist and when we went to
09:31 India somebody in the hospital wanted us to you
09:35 know they learned that we went there and they
09:37 asked us what do want, what do you, I said that
09:40 we want to do some health teaching and some
09:43 evangelism too, we want to tell people about God
09:46 and they were that's interesting, do you have
09:50 a picture that we can put in our newsletter for our
09:53 physicians and my wife and I had a picture and
09:57 my son Ray had a picture with our Indian garb and
10:01 we sent it to the hospital here. It's not an
10:03 Adventist hospital, but they put a picture
10:06 there and they put physicians from our
10:08 hospital visit India and they put a little article
10:10 there. So this doctor read that and he one day he
10:15 was reading this and he looked at me coming into
10:17 the lounge and he said now you are not Indian,
10:21 you are not Pakistani, you are not Middle
10:23 Eastern, you are Hispanic. What were
10:25 you doing in India? I said, Dr. Ray, we were
10:28 there because we love God and we wanted to
10:30 help people. And he said so what church you
10:35 belong to, I said we're Seventh-Day Adventists,
10:37 that the chapel in this hospital is the Seventh-
10:41 Day Adventist pastor, he is from India also. So he
10:46 comes up to Ray, he is still kind of confused, he's
10:48 thinking what kind of people go from this part
10:50 of the world to the other part of the world and he
10:53 met the pastor in the hallway and he says look
10:56 at this picture, he says, these people are not from
10:58 India. These people tell me they're Seventh-Day
11:00 Adventists and the pastor said well so am I. And he
11:04 said this is wonderful he said, do you do any other
11:07 things in India. And Pastor Benjamin told
11:11 him yes we run orphanages, hospitals and this man
11:16 said for years I had a dream to help an
11:18 orphanage in India, just tell me more about this.
11:21 So Pastor Benjamin showed him some
11:23 pictures in the Internet of all the orphanages and
11:26 Dr. Ray he is a seasoned orthopedist, who is about
11:29 to retire. And he was one of the first operating
11:33 knees laparoscopy here so, he said I need to help
11:37 your church and Pastor Benjamin said what do
11:39 you mean? He said well you can use some money
11:41 for your church and he said well let me see how
11:44 can we channel that and he called the general
11:47 conference and sure enough they set a
11:48 department of channels contributions and Dr. Ray
11:52 came and said okay he wrote a check for the
11:55 Seventh-Day Adventist Church. We were awestruck
11:59 and then he comes every Sabbath, he goes
12:02 to his office there are no patients there that
12:04 attend to any of these clinics from the Sabbath,
12:06 but he comes every Sabbath and he just starts
12:08 from middle, he sees the Bible lessons or the
12:12 health lectures that we are giving and he just goes
12:15 right on, right on. And he told me the other day, you
12:20 go to Mexico every month I know because I
12:22 got to look for you, I have to ask you a few
12:24 questions and your staff tell me you're gone, so
12:26 you went to Mexico every month, tell me what do
12:27 you do there. So, tell him I will go to my school, I
12:30 will do this and that and he says I want to go to
12:32 your school, I think it's my karma he said, it's my
12:35 destiny my karma to help the Seventh-Day
12:38 Adventist church and I said yes that's your karma.
12:41 And we have kind of slowed down on this
12:46 well I think we have the right set up for him to
12:48 visit us next February in Matamoros and there is
12:52 another physician there; a graduate, we're gonna
12:56 work together, they both do knees, knee surgery.
12:59 So I don't know what else God is gonna do with us,
13:03 tell me God is not done with me, so everything
13:06 something else happens my heart
13:08 just, just melts down. What an inspiring story
13:14 people willing to let God use them to reach others,
13:17 being a member of ASI it's been my privilege to
13:20 meet people like Manuel and Esther Alva, people
13:23 who are excited about sharing Jesus Christ, both
13:26 at home and around the world. If you would like
13:30 to be an ASI member, give us a call at 301-680-6450
13:37 or visit
13:42 ASI is a service organization that spans the globe.
13:46 Many of the other Adventists world divisions
13:49 have established an ASI of their own with
13:52 local chapters in numerous countries.
13:54 These organizations function much like ASI in
13:57 North America with conventions, lay-led
14:00 projects and more. If you are from outside North
14:04 America I encourage you to get in touch with ASI
14:07 in your area, for more information visit
14:10 There is a passion that is
14:15 infectious at ASI. Everybody is so passion
14:20 about Jesus. It's a blessing every time
14:23 just to rub shoulders with people that are excited.
14:26 If you have a passion for Jesus, you are going to
14:28 find no place that I know of where you will find
14:30 more passion by more people than being at ASI.
14:40 The quiet hour is an ASI member ministry
14:46 involved in a wide variety of outreached projects
14:50 around the world, including evangelistic
14:52 programs, construction projects, medical clinics
14:55 and more. Over their 70 year history the quite
14:59 hour has been active in a 140 countries and each
15:03 year they send 400 Evangelism teams to
15:06 numerous sites around the world. Let's see how they
15:10 are sharing Christ in a world wide market place
15:22 Greetings everyone. It's your quiet hour family
15:27 coming by for an half hour of good faith. The
15:31 Quiet Hour program is dedicated to building
15:34 faith in the hearts of all the listeners.
15:36 In 1949, the quiet hour launched a television
15:40 program, the very first Seventh-Day Adventist
15:42 program to appear on this new medium. It's said
15:48 appeared to be a living room with a sofa and
15:50 coffee table, book shelves and movie screen for
15:53 showing graphics, not much has changed.
15:56 I was impacted at an early age, growing up right
16:01 within the media of television when it was at
16:06 a very at it's earliest stages in the San
16:11 Francisco bay area, when there are only 17000
16:15 television sets in the whole bay area. Grand
16:18 dad loved to tell stories and so I was captivated
16:24 by his story telling and as I grew older I was drawn
16:31 to what he was doing. I noticed from an early age
16:36 he had a passion; he had a love for the Lord Jesus
16:40 Christ. And that instilled in me a
16:43 desire to serve Jesus. The quiet hour started out
16:50 as a radio program and it was sort of like the
16:55 quiet hour with God, but you know when you have
16:59 a quiet hour with God each day it gives you a
17:04 burden, it gives you a mission,
17:05 it gives you a sense of purpose and the quiet
17:10 hour today is looking for ways to help people
17:13 fulfill that purpose, to reach out and do
17:17 something about what that quiet hour has
17:19 put in their hearts. It branched into mission
17:23 projects at an early stage back in the 50s, there
17:30 was a desire to help sponsor airplanes, but our first
17:35 major thrust for airplanes actually took place in the
17:38 early 60s. And so the quiet hour has been know
17:42 in many, many different countries today. You go
17:47 to some countries the quiet hour is known for
17:49 jungle chapels. Over the years we've probably
17:52 funded over 3400 jungle chapels and counting,
17:58 jeeps, tractors, motorboat launches, you know
18:03 medical launches to schools, to medical
18:07 clinics, to bicycles and motorcycles and funding
18:14 several million Bibles that have gone to many
18:19 different countries, actually we have been
18:21 working in over a 135 countries over these years
18:25 but the greatest things that has been going on
18:27 that is most exciting has been the evangelism.
18:31 Of all the things that my wife and I have
18:34 experienced in ministry and I've been a youth
18:36 pastor, I've been a teacher. The most life
18:40 changing experience we had was when we took
18:43 young people, high school kids, college
18:46 students during spring break, during the summer
18:49 on short term mission trips, building orphanages
18:53 or schools or churches and we saw more life
18:55 changing evidence in that week and a half or ten
18:59 days then in a year of church. And we came to
19:04 realize that was one of the really important elements
19:09 of ministry that so many young people don't
19:14 experience. And so as a director of youth
19:15 ministries and young adult ministries here at
19:16 the quiet hour, our main focus is to make and give
19:19 opportunities for young people, college students,
19:23 retirees, we have people of all ages with us, but to
19:29 get them out of their comfort zone and to
19:30 experience a mission adventure that really
19:33 wraps the whole gospel into a package of as you
19:37 do on a one of the least of these give them unto me.
19:40 Every year we send out close to 600 teams into;
19:44 in different countries about 46 countries a year
19:47 and it's my responsibility, I get the privilege of
19:50 helping these teams get ready to go on their trips.
19:53 I know from 2008 we actually sent out 667
19:59 individuals went out, that equates to that about it
20:03 was little over 400 individual teams.
20:07 The way that we are able to accomplish so much with
20:10 the dollars that our donors provide is through the use
20:12 of volunteers. We, the bulk of the evangelism
20:18 that is accomplished by the Quite Hour is
20:20 accomplished through the use of lay volunteers who
20:23 participate in mission trips that we send out
20:26 every year. In our youth missions projects
20:29 really have four components to it. Yes,
20:31 we do evangelism, we try to build either a
20:35 church or a school, a very strong medical
20:37 component and then we also have the
20:41 element of children's ministries as well.
20:43 The volunteers are the future of the Quite Hour
20:46 and we have noticed over the last year or two or
20:49 three an increasing demand for people to
20:53 participate in mission trips. They are beginning
20:56 to see the value of that more and more people are
20:59 being interested in being part of spreading the
21:03 gospel personally and the Quite Hour gives them an
21:07 opportunity to do that, it gives them an opportunity
21:10 to do that in a low risk environment. They can be
21:14 part of a team at any level, they can be just a
21:17 support staff who goes along and washes dishes.
21:19 They can be a preacher who goes and speaks
21:23 before a group of a 100 or 500 or 2000. They can do
21:27 a children's program; so there are plenty of
21:30 opportunities for volunteers, they can be
21:32 any age we have had preachers as young as 11
21:35 and as old as 80. As a member of ASI I feel like
21:39 our responsibility is not so much to see what can
21:43 ASI do for us, but what we as a member of ASI can
21:47 do for the other members of ASI.
21:52 The Quite Hour benefits and the Quite Hour
21:54 contributes, but as an organization, as a
21:58 ministry we see ourselves as connecting people who
22:03 would like to do something for God either
22:06 they can go out on a trip with us to some place in
22:10 the world. Or if may be they can't do that they can
22:15 contribute funds to make it possible for others
22:17 to go out. I believe that and I feel that
22:20 the Quite Hour's role with ASI is to help the
22:25 ASI members grow and become more involved
22:31 with evangelism whether here in the United states
22:34 or overseas and obviously we are more
22:36 concentrated, our work is more overseas so we can
22:39 get them to you know partner with us. Many of
22:45 the ASI members like Gospel outreach, we
22:49 partnership with Gospel Outreach, Adventist
22:53 World Aviation, we are partners with them, many
22:55 of the ASI members we do partnership with them
22:59 to help spread the word. We know that the only
23:02 way the work is going to be finished is to do
23:05 united, collaborative efforts, networking
23:09 together in a common cause and that is to
23:13 present Christ to the world. As a youth pastor,
23:18 as a teacher, probably one of my greatest
23:21 concerns here in America is the culture of greed
23:23 that we live in. And especially the
23:25 younger generation, they are consumed with this
23:28 notion and that they've got to have it bigger,
23:29 better and faster and that's what the advertising
23:32 agencies keep promoting. When you take a young
23:35 person from that kind of a culture and you
23:39 intentionally place him in a very poor environment
23:41 where there is a lot of poverty and lot of great
23:43 need something really wonderful happens.
23:46 And when the kids are going I hear you know I
23:48 really don't want to go but my mom and dad are
23:50 sending me but then when they come back, they are
23:53 so excited and found out they were the ones that
23:57 were actually baptized you know. So, it's hard to
24:02 go to a mission field and work with the people and
24:07 the children and see the way that they're living
24:10 and not be changed and realize that you; God has
24:14 really blessed you and that you have so much to
24:16 give and the young people that come back,
24:19 their lives are changed I know I saw it in my own
24:23 life, you know I was born and raised an Seventh-
24:26 Day Adventist but it wasn't until I actually
24:29 went and preached my own series of meetings in
24:32 Rwanda, in Africa that the Adventist message
24:36 went from my head to my heart.
24:39 My wife Jackie Tucker are both trained at the
24:42 Lions Club eye clinic down in Midland, Texas
24:47 where all those glasses that you throw away and
24:50 at you know the Wal-Mart or the stores where
24:53 they collect these glasses, those are all sorted and
24:57 they are cleaned and they're tagged as to the
24:59 prescription and organizations like the
25:02 Quiet Hour, they give us thousands of pairs of
25:05 glasses every year and so we go to these very
25:08 remote parts of some of these communities and
25:10 we offer eye clinics, free glass; free eye
25:14 examinations and then we'll give them free
25:16 glasses. Well you have 100s of people like that
25:18 that haven't been able to read clearly in years but
25:24 my wife is very gifted at what she does in that, she
25:29 shared this story of this one little boy that came to
25:32 the clinic and had very poor eye sight. Couldn't
25:37 even read the big letter E in the bottom of the chart
25:39 from fairly close range, so he was probably
25:43 legally blind. Well let's face it, if you don't have a
25:46 skill to be able to read you are going to be
25:49 handicapped going through life and they
25:51 went into the stock room where we have all the
25:55 glasses, trying to find a very, very strong
25:58 prescription for this young man; couldn't find
26:01 it, they went back out reexamined his eyes
26:06 again and my wife blessed her heart she is a
26:10 very spiritual person. She gathered the team
26:13 together and said we need to pray, we can find
26:17 a pair of glasses for this little boy. I guess they have
26:22 been searching every bag, prescriptions, below and
26:25 above what they thought was required. My wife
26:28 went back to the bag that she knew the prescription
26:32 should be in that particular bag and
26:34 there at the top, the very top of that bag was a
26:38 pair of child's glasses in the exact prescription.
26:42 That little boy went out of there, you can just
26:48 imagine if you're blind and now you are able to
26:50 see I mean he was pointing out the leaves
26:51 in the tree and he was pointing out to his mother
26:53 that you know that the birds that were singing
26:55 and look at this and it was truly one of those
26:59 experiences that I am sure Jesus had many times
27:02 when he you know he restored the sight to the
27:05 blind or he healed a leper. You know we had that
27:07 kind of a moment that God who touched the
27:11 eyes of the blind you know 2000 years ago that
27:14 God still performs miracles in other ways
27:17 and those are the kind of experiences
27:18 that just keep us going. It's exciting to see lay
27:23 people involved in active evangelism and the
27:26 precious people they are bringing into the family
27:28 of God. ASI and the Quite Hour are committed
27:32 to empowering lay people to share the love of Christ
27:35 and the good news of his soon return. To learn
27:39 more about the Quiet Hour call 800-900-9021
27:45 or visit
27:50 I am Dan Houghton, thanks for joining me today on
27:54 ASI Video Magazine. Come back next time for
27:58 more stories of ASI members sharing Christ
28:00 in the market place. May God be with you.


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