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00:01 ASI is a ministry that's networking
00:03 all these different ministries together
00:04 with the church. Being involved with ASI,
00:06 meeting other people. ASI is an excellent
00:09 opportunity, just a great opportunity.
00:11 In ASI there's a particular fellowship.
00:14 ASI is really the stamp it's the glue
00:16 that holds all the ministries together.
00:29 Welcome to the ASI Video Magazine,
00:30 I'm Conna Bond, ASI has many member
00:34 organizations all over the world,
00:36 each one has committed to sharing Christ
00:38 in the market place in the unique way.
00:40 They all share one common goal however
00:42 and that is to build up the kingdom of God,
00:45 one individual and one Church at a time.
00:48 Today we will visit two mission projects
00:50 here in Southern Africa where ASI members
00:52 are meeting the physical and spiritual
00:54 needs of people in Zambia and Tanzania.
00:57 In both of these countries there is
00:59 a whole lot of building going on.
01:02 One of the best things about being an ASI
01:03 member is that you have many opportunities
01:05 to collaborate with other ASI members
01:07 who share your vision for sharing Christ
01:10 in the marketplace. Some have ideas,
01:13 some have resources and some
01:15 have the time and energy to make
01:16 those ideas come to life. The One Day
01:19 Church was one of those ideas that took
01:21 off like a fire storm. ASI member
01:24 Garwin McNeilus was inspired to design
01:26 an affordable steel church structure kit
01:28 that could be shift anywhere in the world
01:30 and put up in a day by just a few labors.
01:34 Livingstone, Zambia is a just amazing
01:37 in terms of the involvement of the
01:39 members, now I have been working different
01:42 parts and of the world and when I came
01:45 down to Zambia, I never saw such
01:48 involvement by the members of the church.
01:55 We've done roofs for Africa with ASI
01:59 funds for the past ten years,
02:00 we've put up probably over 500 roofs
02:04 and churches in Zambia. About a year
02:07 ago I started hearing some rumors coming
02:09 from Minnesota of a new program
02:12 that was going to extend the church
02:16 roof program and in fact it has kind of
02:19 enveloped it and put it on the whole
02:22 different footing and when I say footing,
02:25 I mean now the roofs comes with feet
02:28 or with legs as I call it. This One day
02:33 Church concept is the brainchild of my
02:36 good friend Garwin McNeilus from
02:38 Minnesota and it's really going to be
02:42 a boost to the world churches in Zambia.
02:49 The Hill church is one of the most
02:51 fascinating, interesting church for
02:53 a lot of people, basically the members
02:56 of this church are you know all stone
02:58 crushers and if you go down there
03:00 you'll see them like crushing stones
03:01 right from the morning till the evening,
03:03 they got a small pestle sort of a thing
03:06 that they keep breaking the stones
03:07 with and if you went there
03:10 you'll see this shack that,
03:11 that's almost falling apart,
03:12 even they have got these termites in it,
03:14 it's hay, do not know when it's going
03:16 to fall down and when we visited this
03:19 place and we saw this place,
03:21 I mean it was, they were just shocked
03:23 with the condition and they were so
03:25 many members, it was packed and when
03:28 ASI and Maranatha went there,
03:30 this member were so much excited I mean they
03:32 were so excited that they could get a church.
03:35 When we went around to ask the church
03:36 members to the level the ground where
03:38 the church was going to be put,
03:40 the church members here had a grader.
03:42 They paid about $300. And this is
03:45 the only church where they used a grader.
03:48 So Mr. Garwin was moved to say these
03:49 guys are putting in so much effort
03:51 when they don't even have the means.
03:53 And whenever there was a shortage
03:54 of water, they actually would carry water
03:57 from about two, three miles down the road,
04:00 they dug a ditch, a trench, so that they
04:01 could make the water flow, anything
04:03 that they could do, you know,
04:04 they used to come and do, and they were
04:06 so interested, it was not like they were
04:08 standing aside and having look at
04:10 the place. They were just so thankful
04:12 and so grateful that they were getting
04:14 a church. Now if you compare the
04:16 building before the shack and you see this,
04:18 this a nice building you know, and
04:20 the people around want to be a part of
04:22 a church that is nice, it's good looking,
04:24 it's beautiful, you know they feel
04:25 a pride in themselves, that they belong to
04:28 a good church. As the church came up
04:32 and has been almost completed,
04:34 the membership has drastically increased
04:37 and these are not just people who
04:38 are just gonna come and sit for
04:39 a Sabbath and go away. What happens
04:41 is when they start coming inn and they
04:42 start getting interested in what
04:43 has been taught inside and on every
04:45 Sunday, you'll find these new people
04:48 who have just started coming every
04:50 Sunday for Bible classes, Bible studies
04:52 and I believe the membership has
04:54 increased by about 90 to 110 in the last
05:01 two or three weeks or four weeks
05:02 that the billing has been done.
05:05 It's a miracle! It's a miracle, actually!
05:07 Members here never expected. Look at
05:09 the kind of compound. They never thought
05:11 they'd have such a church. This is what
05:13 they could afford, and this is like a
05:16 dream a dream they've never expected
05:19 to come true, so this is a big miracle
05:20 for the location and for the community
05:23 around here and for the church members.
05:25 We'll be reading about miracles in the
05:27 Bible, but they have seen it in their lifetime.
05:34 From Minnesota the church is packed
05:38 in a box and then it arrives here
05:39 in Zambia with no, not an easy process,
05:42 but once it gets here, our job is to
05:45 separate out the pieces into one day kits,
05:49 it's about 30 of them in each container
05:52 and we separate them out and from
05:54 there we have the applications of churches
05:57 in various places around the country,
05:59 we pick all little pieces, big pieces
06:03 put them in a truck and start driving off.
06:06 When we reach there the people
06:08 are always waiting for us, if there isn't
06:13 ten people then it's thirty people.
06:16 They are there ready to help and we put
06:18 them to work unloading the kit
06:19 separating the pieces, the long
06:21 pieces here, the short pieces here,
06:24 the roofing sheets here, that's part
06:26 of my work is directing the people
06:27 and getting them used to each piece.
06:30 It's part of my enjoyment to let my team
06:33 work up on the church actually doing
06:37 this cuing and I work with the people
06:39 making sure that they get to participate
06:42 in the whole procedure. We have seen with
06:47 the one day structure, it's versatility.
06:50 First in our minds it was churches that
06:52 we were gonna putting up every where
06:54 there is a need for a church, this is
06:57 going to fill in a small congregation.
07:00 Then we had some people coming to
07:01 us and saying what about a school
07:03 we would like to put up a pre-school or
07:06 grades 1 to 4 here around our church
07:09 and so the thought came yes, this,
07:11 this building is versatile and can be
07:14 used as a church, can be used as a school,
07:17 can be used as a clinic and the idea
07:19 is just started rolling, sure enough a
07:21 vision was developed and I think
07:24 Livingstone is probably a prime example of
07:28 what a big project with using these
07:31 one day churches can really come to be.
07:34 This is a primary school. It's being
07:37 built by the ASI, America. Mr. Garwin
07:41 being behind all the construction that
07:43 is going on here in Livingstone, Zambia.
07:46 And he heard over here that they have
07:47 been absolutely no Adventist schools.
07:50 The government schools operate
07:52 on Saturdays and our kids cannot go
07:55 to school on Saturdays and hence
07:56 they would get punished, they,
07:58 they miss their grades because of that
08:00 because they have sometime exams on
08:01 Saturdays that they missed out.
08:03 They failed, they repeated the same class,
08:06 because there was no Adventist education
08:08 and he went back and I think he started
08:11 thinking about how can I use the One Day
08:14 church to put up a good school campus
08:17 and they sort of designed the school,
08:20 which is so beautiful, so nice
08:22 with the One Day Church kids.
08:25 Garwin asked if our team here Riverside
08:27 can go down to Livingstone and start
08:29 helping him layout an idea that he had,
08:32 a vision that he had of a school complex
08:36 owned and operate by the Seventh Day
08:37 Adventist church, a primary school
08:39 and so we went down and helped him
08:41 first staking out things, we couldn't see,
08:44 it was a big field there and but in his mind,
08:46 in his eye, he had a whole school built up
08:50 with flowers and trees and everything
08:52 around it and then we moved about
08:54 five kilometers away and again another
08:56 spot that there was vision for, we started
09:01 the same process and staked out another
09:03 school and you know everyday is twenty
09:06 or thirty kids all watching us work and
09:08 you know that those kids are gonna be
09:11 potential souls, because they're gonna
09:14 get some Christian education that they
09:16 may not have had without those schools.
09:19 So this part in the center here will be
09:21 a playground for the children, maybe
09:24 when they are having their break,
09:25 they'll be playing around here. There will be
09:28 a flag here and they will be having their
09:29 assembly in the morning before they
09:31 move into classes. We have the other
09:35 building right, which is nicely painted
09:37 there. This one will be a dorcas room
09:42 or a multipurpose room where maybe
09:44 the youths can also be meeting there for
09:46 their meetings, and also the children.
09:48 They'll be having their chapel, their
09:50 worship in that same building there.
09:53 And then the next one
09:54 will also be a classroom.
09:57 These volunteers that come down here,
09:59 the churches that we're building,
10:00 the schools that we are building,
10:01 this could not be done without the giving
10:03 of the ASI members, I mean, they are
10:05 the generous contributions,
10:06 the sacrifices that they may have made,
10:09 you know reaching out dip down their pockets,
10:11 but that sacrifice, that commitment,
10:14 that, that joy of giving, you know
10:15 that desire to help, somebody
10:18 whom they did not met or seen or things
10:21 like that you know, has made such a
10:23 drastic affect on their lives of the people
10:26 here. You can see the Holy Spirit
10:30 work here, you can see the passion
10:31 in the lives of these people,
10:33 how committed they are in spreading
10:34 the Gospel and it is so wonderful,
10:36 that ASI and the contribution of the ASI
10:40 members can you know sort of back this up,
10:43 we have people who are on spirit,
10:45 who are passionate about spreading
10:47 the Gospel Corp, who are passionate
10:49 about getting members for the church,
10:50 but there is a problem, they do not
10:52 have the financial backing to build churches,
10:54 to build you know sheds or just one day
10:57 structure, so that people can really worship.
11:02 They impact that these contributions
11:04 make and you know, you will understand
11:05 that many of these people is not easy,
11:06 you know it's not that they are all rich
11:08 and the have money to spare, there are,
11:10 there are sacrifices has been made,
11:12 so this generous contributions by the ASI
11:15 members is like a big gift,
11:17 big gift for the people in Zambia.
11:21 ASI members have been involved in
11:22 the One Day Church project right from
11:24 the very beginning as planners as sponsors
11:27 and as builders, because of their ongoing
11:29 efforts, people in very primitive areas
11:31 of the world now have solid dry structures
11:34 to meet in each Sabbath. For more information
11:37 about the One Day Church project and
11:39 how you can become involved, visit the one
11:41 day church website at
11:47 ASI makes Jesus real for young people.
11:49 The youth actually do the Evangelistic
11:52 crusade. They learn that God can use
11:55 them they're not too young. You got
11:56 to go to classes you get more inducted-to
11:58 your Bible. You see God using you
12:01 to impact other people's life.
12:03 Once you see people chase the Christ
12:04 you wanna come back every year.
12:17 There is a passion that is infectious at ASI.
12:21 Everybody is so passion about Jesus.
12:24 It's a blessing every time just to rub
12:27 shoulders with the people that excited.
12:28 If you have a passion for Jesus
12:31 you're gonna find no place that I know
12:33 where you'll find more passion
12:34 by more people than being at ASI.
12:47 ASI member Janet Fournier is no
12:49 stranger to Africa, in fact she and her
12:51 husband Frank raised their children here,
12:53 friends describe Janet as bold
12:55 and pragmatic. She is quick to recognize
12:57 a need and feel it whatever it takes.
13:01 One day someone told Janet about a
13:02 need in the Makati region of Tanzania
13:05 that's all it took to get her going,
13:07 And Eden Valley Foster Care was born.
13:16 I was in Margo village in Makati district
13:20 in the country of Tanzania.
13:27 We had a high elevation about 7000
13:30 feet and it's mostly a pine forest area
13:36 with dispersed with eucalyptus.
13:42 We have two springs on the property
13:44 one right near our school.
13:57 So this is another spring, this will give us
14:02 drinking water for our school
14:05 and it's not protected yet but it's nice
14:10 and clear and we drink part of it
14:13 and it comes from the way down,
14:18 so we will get a tank for it as well.
14:23 Once we found it here that's what
14:25 made us to decide, that this should be
14:29 our school area, ants.
14:45 In 2003, I heard about this place,
14:49 the village Lupalilo. It was the village
14:52 of the Senanga an old patriot of
14:55 Kibidula and he, he wanted me and
15:00 coaxed me many, many times to come out
15:02 and visit this village back here because
15:05 it was his village where he was born
15:07 and his family and his relatives lived
15:10 here and he had a burden on his heart
15:13 for his family to get to know Jesus
15:16 and so we finally did. And then he
15:21 showed us the need of all the orphans,
15:23 there's over 28000 orphans in this
15:26 district alone. We came out, we've seen
15:29 the need and the need pulled out our
15:31 hearts and so we decided to come out
15:34 and do something. We came out with just
15:36 bails of clothes, started distributing
15:39 clothes and singing song with kids
15:42 in the school and then pretty soon
15:44 but I saw one of the Bible workers,
15:46 came along and he helped me,
15:48 he was my translator and we would
15:51 just go from house to house in the
15:53 village and then pray with people,
15:58 if they were sick I had some medicines,
16:01 I started pulling teeth and helping
16:04 the people with their, with their
16:05 simple needs. From there the vision
16:11 grew for the orphans we started with
16:15 one village and then two and then
16:17 three and then now we do seven villages
16:21 and it's over 800 children and you know
16:24 I first thought we'll do an orphanage,
16:26 but as so many children came into
16:30 the picture, we soon found out that we
16:34 couldn't help that many kids in an
16:38 orphanage. So we had to figure out a
16:40 way to help them in a better situation,
16:43 so we decided we would help the kids
16:45 in the home, we wouldn't take the kids
16:47 away from their grandmothers or
16:49 their family, but we would just facilitate
16:52 the family to keep their kids.
16:55 Their greatest need was clothing,
16:58 they wore rags, they were dirty,
16:59 they were filthy and so we tried to help
17:04 them by providing those things,
17:07 we bought soft and soap and school
17:11 uniforms and then, then we could
17:14 see that there was a greater need,
17:16 you know these young girls were leaving
17:19 the villages, going out to the big cities,
17:22 getting pregnant, getting HIV,
17:25 coming home with a baby,
17:28 another one for the grandmother,
17:30 and the same with the boys,
17:32 they would come home sick as dogs
17:35 for few years and then they would die
17:39 and I've seen that we needed to do
17:43 something for these young people so
17:46 that when they were finished school or
17:49 if they never finished school, that they
17:51 would have something besides having babies,
17:55 growing a family and being at the end of
17:58 of a hoe all day, and so we decided to
18:02 start to sewing school and the
18:04 carpentry school for youth.
18:11 The school in Lupalilo was generous
18:15 enough to give us two classrooms,
18:16 we started the carpentry school
18:18 and then we started the nursery school
18:20 for the little ones. We had a student
18:23 missionary from the southern,
18:25 Christy Slovene and she wanted to teach
18:28 little ones so I gave us her an
18:30 opportunity to start this program,
18:34 so they gave us the classroom,
18:36 our carpentry students put window frames
18:41 and then we put glass in it,
18:43 put the door on, built us the cardboard
18:46 and put a sealing in the classroom,
18:49 every time I went home I brought
18:51 bins full of craft items and learning
18:55 tools for them and so while Christy was
19:00 teaching them we put two local people
19:04 into the classroom to learn how to teach,
19:08 so when Christy was gone and when her
19:10 time was up and she was going back
19:12 to school, then we had our two teachers
19:15 to continue teaching these young people.
19:22 We rented another building and
19:24 started our sewing school we bought
19:26 started with just maybe six sewing
19:28 machines and then added seven,
19:30 eight, ten. Now, we have about twelve
19:33 or fifteen sewing machines, I don't
19:35 even know anymore and so the vision
19:38 grew again. Margo showed us a piece
19:43 of property here and 35 acres with lots
19:47 of water and land for agriculture
19:52 and with that we came and put the Lord
19:56 first we built our campus Chapel then
19:58 we built our pastor home and the
20:01 classroom that you see that's housing
20:04 our sewing school right now is actually
20:07 like a little dormitory where pastor,
20:11 kids will be able to stay in
20:13 transition to us in finding them a home.
20:16 [Foreign Language]
20:42 This year in our sewing class we have
20:44 some from as far away as Mafinga
20:47 and that is five hours driving away
20:50 from here and so we're becoming known,
20:56 that's the reason we need dormitories
20:58 because these young people are just
21:00 staying together in rented houses
21:03 and it's important for us to bring all
21:07 our students in where we can
21:09 have a greater influence on them.
21:12 [Foreign Language]
21:17 Okay, Justine what are you doing
21:18 this here? What are you teaching?
21:20 I'm teaching stool. How to make
21:23 the joints? Yeah, joints. It only goes
21:29 half way, yes, half way. Yeah, half way.
21:34 That's quite a joint. I'm teaching chairs.
21:37 Chairs, Stool we are starting now. Okay.
21:41 Yeah. Here's the base and the top
21:46 not playing here. And I can go
21:51 get frames for a window, for putting
21:54 glass. Window frames with the glass.
21:57 Yes. So they have the double benches
21:59 and then on the inside they have
22:02 it rounded down so that the glass
22:05 can fit in there. Yeah. Yeah, that's very
22:08 nice and so they are made doors like
22:10 this one. Yes, yes. Okay. Yeah.
22:12 All furniture. All the furniture. Yes.
22:24 We built our carpentry and mechanic
22:27 shop in one block together, our plan
22:30 is to start first by teaching them
22:33 simple things like how to fix bicycles
22:36 then motorcycles because there are lot
22:37 of motorcycles here and then from the
22:40 motorcycles to simple oil change
22:45 and reach job and stuff like that,
22:47 and then further on as we go.
22:53 Gown sewing and English as a second
22:59 language and agriculture, bee keeping,
23:03 whatever classes we need to have
23:06 they will be in these buildings here.
23:11 And then we built our cafeteria
23:13 a place for the students to be able
23:15 to eat and we also want to teach
23:19 agriculture. I don't think I could ever
23:22 afford to feed all the students and so
23:24 they have to feed themselves, and that's
23:26 good incentive to learn how to grow.
23:29 And with the agriculture we can teach
23:31 the cooking and so it makes a circle.
23:39 So you teach students one hour Bible
23:42 everyday? Yes, everyday. And then health.
23:45 And lessons are now, okay very good.
23:50 Before every class we have about
23:52 forty five minute of Bible study
23:54 and we have our Bible workers,
23:56 and our teachers who are well equipped
23:59 to give Bible studies to our students,
24:01 so our students were not only learning
24:04 a trade but they are leaning values
24:07 that will keep them hopefully through out
24:11 their lives that they will come to know
24:12 Jesus in a special way. And
24:15 their lives will be changed by it.
24:18 And how many students were baptized?
24:21 Last year four. Four from here and one
24:25 from sewing. Yeah. Yes. Okay. Very good.
24:28 Even though this in a public school
24:31 this is where we have these classrooms
24:35 sub wires as our carpentry and our
24:36 nursery school at this point, and yes we
24:39 are allowed to teach Bible in health.
24:42 And we are even invited to teach Bible
24:46 and have to the whole school and we
24:49 do that as well. I believe the people
24:53 really know why I'm here to help them
24:57 and I think they really appreciate it
24:59 because you know the guy at the Dorcas,
25:03 at the little store where we there
25:05 this morning, he told me several
25:08 years ago, he says, mama, if anybody
25:12 gives you any problem you come
25:14 and tell us, we will help you, they don't
25:19 want me to have want any problems
25:20 whatsoever, they are very happy for
25:22 us to be here. It is a miracle there's no
25:27 doubt about it, the Lord provided,
25:29 the Lord helps us step by step,
25:31 that you know, I have to say, who am I
25:34 all the time that the Lord should be so
25:39 free to help me you know, that He holds
25:42 out His hands to me. It was blessing
25:44 to us to receive a container from ASI
25:48 it contained thirty seven One Day Churches
25:52 and so we put two of our buildings
25:56 together the four classroom block
25:58 and our cafeteria. Those two buildings are
26:02 made up of One Day Churches put together
26:05 and to make the long buildings,
26:08 they look so beautiful inside doesn't
26:10 need finishing; it's just the greatest thing.
26:19 I love the people, I love helping people,
26:23 I love to serve the Lord and the way
26:28 I feel that I can do that best is by
26:34 helping other people to love the Lord.
26:36 And you know I'm not the theologian,
26:39 I'm not a great student, but I'm a
26:42 practical person but I, I the Lord speaks
26:46 to me in practical ways and
26:49 He helps me and I want to help others.
26:55 The needs of children in Southern Africa
26:57 are great Janet Fournier and her team
27:00 of Eden Valley Foster Care are working
27:02 to meet the basic needs of children
27:03 in Tanzania by providing food,
27:06 medical care, education and most of all,
27:09 the compassionate love of their
27:10 heavenly Father. For more information
27:13 about Eden Valley Foster Care visit the
27:15 out post center's international website
27:17 at If you area lay
27:22 person with the heart for Evangelism ASI
27:24 has a place and a vision for you,
27:26 for more information about becoming
27:28 an ASI member visit,
27:33 I'm Conna Bond and you have been watching
27:35 a special addition of ASI video magazine
27:37 brought to you from right here
27:39 in Southern Africa. Join us next time
27:41 for more stories of how ASI members
27:43 are sharing Christ in the
27:44 marketplace. God be with you.


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