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00:01 Are you confused by the conflicting health reports
00:03 in the news today?
00:04 In this well marketed world is hard to know who or
00:08 even what to believe, but there are answers
00:10 you can depend on.
00:11 Hi, I'm Dr. James Markham.
00:14 Join me for Bible RX, a program exploring the
00:17 healthcare world.
00:19 Looking at all aspects of healing, using the Bible
00:23 and biblical prescriptions as the ultimate
00:26 source of truth.
00:50 Today's topic is one that is near and dear to my heart.
00:53 That is exercise.
00:54 We all need to exercise.
00:56 Today we have a specialist, Maurice Saliba.
00:59 He has trained stars, he has trained athletes,
01:03 he has trained people who need to exercise more
01:06 that have never exercised in their life.
01:08 He is the president and founder of Wellness Steps of
01:11 Tennessee, and he is also a friend of mine.
01:13 I am glad that he is here to help us learn about the
01:16 importance of exercise.
01:17 Maurice we are glad you are here today.
01:21 We at Heartwise Ministries
01:23 have gathered questions from
01:24 all around the United States
01:26 and the world as it
01:27 regards to exercise.
01:29 This program is generated by you our listeners and
01:33 we invite you to send in your questions.
01:34 I'm going to start along the topic of exercise
01:37 with Maurice Saliba.
01:39 Maurice we are glad you are here today.
01:41 It's my honor, I'm honor to be here.
01:43 I heard you had a busy day, you were up in Nashville Tennessee
01:46 earlier in the day?
01:47 I was and hopefully this news
01:48 become more available towards
01:51 Spring of 2008.
01:53 Are you talking about exercise?
01:54 I was talking about exercise, I was asked by
01:57 the CDC to join the Tennessee Obese Task Force
02:00 back in August of 2007.
02:02 Since then we have been through many meetings.
02:07 We are working on the program and hopefully that is
02:10 going to benefit the entire state of Tennessee.
02:11 So right now we are in the interim stages of working
02:14 on putting this program together.
02:16 So I am very honored to be on that board.
02:18 Hopefully, not only just in the state of Tennessee,
02:22 but hopefully other states will be hearing
02:24 more about this program.
02:25 And coming here in the near future.
02:27 Now it does involve exercise right?
02:29 Without a doubt Doc, it involves with the state of Tennessee,
02:32 it's among many states that are struggling with this
02:34 obesity factor as you already know.
02:36 What are the rates, would you say
02:38 of obese Americans now?
02:39 You know you're all kinds of statistics
02:42 from 30 up to 60 percent.
02:44 60 or 70 now in Tennessee.
02:46 It is really hard to tell Doc,
02:47 we are seeing what is really ironic,
02:49 and discussed it today in the board,
02:50 the number one state, Colorado,
02:52 was at 17 percent they are seeing now
02:53 the numbers going up.
02:56 Their numbers are starting to go up so even the
02:58 healthiest state is experiencing problems right
03:01 now with juvenile diabetes, obesity.
03:03 You know the problem with any of these symptoms, depression,
03:08 to diabetes to blood pressure relates
03:10 to what I call, the top of the pyramid.
03:11 That is obesity.
03:13 That just seems to lead to almost every
03:16 symptom in our society.
03:17 So our state is putting together a great program
03:20 and I am honored to be on that board.
03:21 I am serving among the likings of PhD's from
03:25 Vanderbilt University, and UTK,
03:28 legislator Cherry Jones,
03:30 and Representative Kevin Brooks
03:32 and a lot of powerful people.
03:33 So I am honored and say that only God can open
03:36 these types of doors.
03:37 If you really believe and you work hard,
03:38 and you serve the Lord, it is amazing what He can
03:41 do and places He can take you to.
03:42 You know we have had people from all over
03:45 write questions about exercise.
03:47 And I'm going to bring some of these up.
03:49 The first one comes from a person in Nebraska.
03:51 She is writing from Nebraska.
04:08 Oh my goodness!
04:10 Patty wants to know some health benefits from exercise.
04:13 Yes there - to motivate her is what I think
04:15 she wants to get.
04:16 She wants to get going.
04:17 Okay if you really have some questions and want to
04:19 hear a straight answer from me, my answer is always
04:20 about not whether you like exercise or not.
04:23 Because Doc I exercise consistently and have been
04:25 for over 23 years.
04:27 Exercise, here's how you want to look at it,
04:29 it's Patty right?
04:31 Yes Patty from Nebraska.
04:32 Patty here's how you really want to look at this.
04:34 Would one hour of sweating, getting a little sore,
04:38 taking time away from your family and job, equals to 47
04:41 hours of feeling great, sleeping good, and looking good.
04:44 So the way I look at it, it's a trade off.
04:47 It's like saying will you give me 1 dollar,
04:48 and I will give you 47 dollars back for every
04:51 1 dollar you give me.
04:52 I think anybody in the world would say sure I will
04:54 do this all day long.
04:55 So what I tell my clients, 3 hours a week.
04:58 Where the 48 hours came from, all we are asking you
05:02 to do is invest at the beginning 1 hour every 2 days.
05:06 So it is 1 hour every 48 hours.
05:08 So one should look at it that way I think psychologically you
05:11 would feel like, that is not a bad investment.
05:14 It would take at least that much time to watch our TV
05:16 show or to go out to eat.
05:18 So what is one hour to prevent nursing homes,
05:20 hospitals and to improve the quality of life.
05:24 So to motivate you Patty, exercise is not designed to
05:26 where you should like the exercise.
05:28 I'm not saying you shouldn't go to a place that
05:31 motivates you and have a trainer that you enjoy
05:33 being with, but you need to look at the benefits and
05:36 once you have done it for 6 weeks consistently.
05:38 You see that is the key Doc.
05:39 I think most people enter it with a lot of high hopes.
05:42 January first, the New Years Resolution.
05:45 How long does it last?
05:46 24r days, it ends January 24th.
05:50 The sad part is that it is the highest suicidal
05:52 date in America Doc.
05:54 What day is that?
05:55 January the 24th, now I am not saying that it is
05:57 associated with breaking the New Years resolution.
06:00 It could be multiple other reasons I'm sure,
06:03 but because all these people had the
06:06 intention to quit in 24 days, once they started it? No!
06:09 But why did they quit?
06:10 Why do 70 percent of people that join health clubs
06:13 quit within the first 6 weeks?
06:15 Because 70 percent, nationwide, almost everyone
06:18 has a health club membership somewhere,
06:20 but they don't use it.
06:21 I would say that I have a membership
06:22 and haven't been, why?
06:23 When they started they have the right intention.
06:26 When we do not see early changes early in the game,
06:29 that is within the first 30 to 45 days, it is human nature
06:33 that you want to quit.
06:34 Nobody wants to be always last in the group.
06:36 Whether it is golf, karate, or weightlifting,
06:39 or weight loss, once you've launched something it is crucial
06:42 that in the first 4 to 6 weeks you see an improvement in
06:46 sleeping habits, in weight loss, in energy levels.
06:51 If you are not seeing those,
06:52 that is where the 70 percent statistics developed then.
06:55 Okay, we should not be discouraged if we do not
06:58 see immediate progress?
06:59 That is exactly right.
07:00 So you need to have a nutrition plan in place.
07:02 Including your water intake.
07:04 And it could exercise program, and this comes
07:06 with your local facilities available.
07:09 Personal training, nutrition programs
07:11 available in your community.
07:12 Do not try to launch an exercise program
07:14 without the nutritional plan.
07:16 And don't start vice versa.
07:17 Starting an nutrition plan without exercise.
07:19 Usually the results are not as dynamic and
07:21 the likelihood of you getting discouraged
07:23 and quitting increases.
07:25 So it is a loaded question and there is not
07:28 a straight answer to that, but be patient
07:31 and stay the course.
07:32 You know I tell people like Patty, Maurice?
07:35 I tell them that exercise is a prescription.
07:38 It really is.
07:39 You have to think of it as paying for prescription.
07:42 I have some people on 5 and 6 medications and you
07:44 know how much that costs a month?
07:45 More than personal training some places
07:47 or cost for their club membership.
07:49 And that is the way you get that exercise can change
07:52 the chemistry more than 5 or 6 of my pills.
07:54 That is exactly right.
07:55 It lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol,
07:56 lowers the chance of infections, lowers inflammation.
07:59 It helps so many different chemical aspects so that
08:02 is what I would say Patty.
08:03 Not only is it good that it might keep you off
08:06 developing medications that obesity sometimes incurs.
08:08 And if I may add Doc, exercise from my point of view,
08:11 from the biblical point of view.
08:13 In today's society, 21 century
08:15 we are not farming, or have to
08:17 go out and horseback ride to get
08:20 our food to meat.
08:21 So my prescription is this
08:22 cardiovascular is what I consider
08:24 hunting in the old days.
08:25 Okay, so now you actually have to go in a building,
08:27 push the button on a treadmill and take
08:29 30 minutes to do it.
08:30 Now you say I do not like it, but your body was
08:33 not designed to sit behind a desk, drive cars,
08:35 and ride the elevators.
08:36 So it is not about liking it is about how the Lord
08:38 designed this machine to operate.
08:40 So cardiovascular is hunting, back in the days.
08:44 And weight lifting or resistant training is farming.
08:47 When people had to get up from sun up until sundown.
08:50 Using their hands to actually make a living.
08:54 Today's world you have to include 3 hours a week,
08:57 and we will talk more about that I am sure in just
09:00 a little bit in regard of resistant
09:02 training and cardiovascular.
09:04 Now you said 1 hour every 2 days, right?
09:09 For someone starting out Doc, cardiovascular is
09:12 beneficial 30 minutes 7 days a week.
09:14 Do it all once or, were do you start at?
09:17 You don't have to, usually I will recommend my
09:19 clients because once they change clothes and get
09:22 dressed to work out.
09:23 The likelihood of breaking it up, saying I will do 30 minutes
09:26 in the evening and come back and do 30 minutes
09:28 in the morning, the next day, that may never happen
09:31 due to a busy schedule.
09:32 So once you get them in there, you want to try to go
09:35 ahead and have them do resistant training first.
09:37 That is because it requires more energy than cardio.
09:40 Then go ahead and finish your workout with the cardiovascular.
09:44 So Patty I am going to encourage you to increase your
09:46 water intake and get on a good natural, nutritional program and
09:51 give it about six weeks of consistency before you can
09:53 judge the program you just enrolled in.
09:56 Well that's sort of goes with this next question.
09:59 This is from Miranda and Miranda says:
10:16 You know I think those are important questions.
10:18 How do you stay motivated?
10:19 The amount I think is up to debate.
10:22 How do you stay motivated?
10:23 That is a tough one, the motivation comes in
10:26 a couple of different ways.
10:27 I was discussing that today with their board at
10:29 Tennessee, Nashville, about the psychological aspect
10:32 of why people are failing in programs.
10:35 Why society is gaining weight.
10:36 I have learned from the wellness steps that when there
10:39 is accountability, okay accountability can come
10:42 in church with a group.
10:43 A lot of churches have group exercises taking place
10:45 and you can join them.
10:46 There is something about having to meet a friend
10:48 and being part of something.
10:50 And you guys when you weigh in at the of the week
10:52 and things like that helps tremendously.
10:55 If your budget allows you, have a personal trainer
10:58 early in the game until you have lost that 10 to
11:01 15 pounds, or until to you start
11:02 noticing the improvement.
11:03 Some of you watching the show today may not want to
11:05 lose weight, but just want to improve your energy level,
11:07 or just want to improve your sleeping habits.
11:09 So just to improve those things is a great investment
11:12 at the beginning to hire that trainer for safety reasons and
11:16 to see the results and enjoy it long-term.
11:19 It is also economical because it will keep you off the
11:21 medications, blood pressure diabetes and cholesterol
11:23 There is no doubt Doc, I think society as long as they are
11:26 looking at their health club membership or hiring a personal
11:29 trainer as an overhead, then the first thing
11:32 that happens financially in their life the first thing
11:35 they do is cut out the exercise thinking it is an overhead.
11:38 When in reality when you look at the average household
11:41 Doc, we have insurance policies 3 to 5 per household.
11:45 We have an life insurance policy that we will never see the
11:47 benefit from but we'll the pay monthly fees regardless
11:49 of financial struggles.
11:50 Car insurance, house insurance, look at your exercise amount
11:56 you are spending every month whether it is
11:57 through your gym or personal training as an insurance policy
12:02 to prevent nursing homes and hospitals.
12:05 That is excellent - and I think once you justify
12:06 it as just another investment to prevent.
12:10 The beauty thing about this one investment, Doc,
12:14 you will see instant gratification within
12:16 the first week.
12:17 Right - no other insurance policy gives you any
12:19 form of gratification every month when
12:21 you make these payments.
12:23 But boy the exercise investment is the greatest
12:25 investment you will ever make.
12:27 It is biblical because we are not living in the
12:30 world of farming and hunting.
12:31 It is no longer a decision of whether I like it or
12:34 don't like it, honored your temple.
12:36 The Bible says when you invite a guest to your house,
12:39 what does every one of us do out there?
12:41 We grocery shop, we mow the grass, we changed the
12:44 sheets on the bed, what are we trying to do?
12:46 Impress the guest.
12:48 The Holy Spirit lives in your body.
12:51 Is there anything greater than the Holy Spirit?
12:55 This is how we honor it by smoking, by drinking,
12:58 by carrying extra weight?
13:00 Just think about that, so how can we be so proud of
13:03 our home when the guest comes over and yet disrespect
13:06 the Holy Spirit that lives in our body?
13:08 If I do it for one person I will do it for my Lord
13:10 because it is my temple and I want to honor my Lord
13:13 with a healthy and strong temple.
13:15 Wow! - and that is truly what I believe.
13:17 That is motivating me!
13:19 Let's just stop right here.
13:22 Am I right or wrong? The Holy Spirit lives in us!
13:25 I agree and you know in biblical prescriptions,
13:29 we want to change our chemistry through getting back
13:31 to the owner's manual the Bible.
13:33 It sounds like an exercise program does all those things.
13:36 It really does, you cannot avoid it.
13:38 Maurice we are going to have to break for a few seconds here
13:40 but we will be right back!


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