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00:01 Are you confused by the conflicting health reports
00:03 in the news today?
00:05 In this well marketed world is hard to know who or
00:08 even what to believe, but there are answers
00:10 you can depend on.
00:11 Hi, I'm Dr. James Markham.
00:14 Join me for Bible RX, a program exploring the
00:18 healthcare world.
00:19 Looking at all aspects of healing, using the Bible
00:23 and biblical prescriptions as the ultimate
00:26 source of truth.
00:49 Most people do not like going
00:52 to the doctor, me included.
00:54 We like to think
00:55 we are invincible.
00:56 Well I found this is specially
00:58 to be true about males.
01:00 Especially males who have never had health problems.
01:02 We have someone that is uniquely qualified to talk about
01:06 men's health today, that is Dr. Dennis Thompson.
01:09 Dr. Thompson I'm glad you joined us and I know that you
01:12 have done a lot of different things in your life, so walk
01:15 me through some of the things you have done that brought
01:18 you to this place.
01:19 Well first of all thank you for inviting me
01:21 to your unique ministry.
01:22 I actually started out in education.
01:25 I planned on teaching at the secondary education level and
01:30 decided that wasn't for me.
01:31 I had my own business in Texas for a time.
01:34 That I went to chiropractic college.
01:36 After graduating from chiropractic College my license
01:40 did not allow me to do everything that I wanted to do.
01:43 So I chose to go back to medical school.
01:45 Wow! What a diverse, that is neat you have done
01:48 everything and can relate to people better.
01:50 I actually taught school before I went back into medicine,
01:53 so I think it gives you a different
01:54 viewpoint on everything.
01:55 Tell me, you know you see men in your practice every
01:58 day, do you see, on an average, more men or women in the
02:02 ages between 40 and 50?
02:04 Definitely more women than men.
02:07 Men don't want to believe that maybe there is something
02:10 going wrong, whether they do not believe in preventive
02:13 health care, or they feel like they are strong enough
02:16 to overcome it, I cannot tell you for sure.
02:18 Certainly the personalities of men actually contribute
02:23 to more disease processes.
02:24 They have more aggressive lifestyles, so they actually
02:30 die more of injuries as a result of it.
02:33 Probably the hormones cause and effect as well,
02:36 as you know, cardio vascular disease is one of the
02:38 biggest killers in men.
02:40 Wow! Well what we have done, Dr. Thompson, is that we
02:43 have collected questions from all over the United States
02:46 and the world for Heartwise Ministries and we have
02:49 group them on questions on men's health.
02:52 So we have a lot of variety of topics and I think it is
02:55 going to be very interesting as well as educational.
02:57 I know more women are probably watching us today.
03:01 Go and find your man and say come in and watch because
03:06 this might be interesting, it might be something
03:07 you need to know.
03:09 Our first question comes from the great
03:10 state of Massachusetts and it is from Tom.
03:30 So he wants to know what a complete physical, I think
03:33 he might be worried about this rectal exam thing?
03:36 Well the rectal exam unfortunately is a necessity
03:40 if you are going to be screening for prostate cancer.
03:42 In a complete physical, the history is as important
03:45 as anything in my opinion.
03:47 Whether there is a family history of heart disease,
03:49 or prostate cancer, or colon cancer certainly would
03:53 guide in which direction you would want to go to try and
03:55 help him stay healthy.
03:57 What does a physical, I mean history entail? Needles?
04:01 No, no Needles with the history.
04:03 Sit down and discuss all the things that have happened
04:07 in his life as well as his family.
04:10 Based upon that you will sometimes direct the physical.
04:17 The physical exam, typically going from head to toe.
04:20 Going through all the systems and obviously screening
04:25 for cholesterol and heart disease is very important.
04:28 So that would entail, unfortunately a needle
04:31 in drawing some blood.
04:32 The prostrate is actually a controversial area as to
04:37 whether you should even do screening.
04:39 There is some evidence that the morbidity,
04:45 that is deaths and damage, stress, worry is actually
04:49 increased more with prostate.
04:51 The PSA, Prostate Specific Antigen is the enzyme in
04:56 the prostate that is released from the prostate
04:59 when it gets enlarged.
05:00 However, an elevated PSA does not always indicate
05:04 prostate cancer, and that is what we are concerned about.
05:07 So a complete physical would include a?
05:10 Digital rectal exam.
05:12 So I am sorry about that Tom.
05:13 Unfortunately 30% of prostate cancers are not found with
05:17 the PSA, but rather and only on Digital Rectal Exam.
05:21 Now Tom is only 50 years old should he be getting a complete
05:23 physical or should you get one sooner if you are healthy?
05:26 When should you start this process? For men?
05:29 For men, the traditional has been a you should get one
05:32 on the yearly basis.
05:34 My personal opinion is probably starting at the age of 25,
05:37 every five years.
05:38 Wow, so he may be a few years behind?
05:40 If you are generally healthy and then through the 30s
05:43 maybe every 3 to 4 years.
05:45 Certainly in the 40s you should begin on a regular basis.
05:48 Because it is always better to prevent a problem then to
05:51 deal with the consequences.
05:52 Dr. Thompson I have got a personal question for you.
05:54 You can abstain if you want, but have you ever had
05:58 a rectal exam?
05:59 Yes I have.
06:00 Okay, well you passed that question.
06:02 I think I had one back in medical school and haven't had
06:05 one since and it was probably from some one inexperienced
06:08 in doing it too.
06:09 Well let's move to the next question.
06:12 This is from Bill Ed and he lives in Ohio.
06:27 So I guess he is wanting to grow some hair.
06:29 Yes there are several options, but first of all you
06:32 have to establish why there is hair loss.
06:34 Sometimes it is actually a skin fungus that can
06:37 be causing, skin loss, in which case, obviously, an oral
06:40 medication, or even topical, one you would spread on the
06:44 skin to help destroy or kill off the fungus and maybe
06:47 the hair will grow.
06:48 Can you just tell by looking at it, the hair,
06:50 whether it is a fungus?
06:51 Or how do you figure that out?
06:52 Many times you can't tell by looking, though sometimes
06:54 they will have to do what they call a KOH prep.
06:57 They will do a scraping of the skin and look at it
06:59 underneath a microscope to see if there is any
07:01 fungus there.
07:02 Additionally, sometimes it is male pattern baldness,
07:05 which is associated with testosterone.
07:08 Oh, really, Okay.
07:09 Many times there is a family history of that and there
07:13 is not a lot you can do with that unfortunately.
07:15 There is a medication called Propecia, that actually
07:20 blocks testosterone from forming dihydrotestosterone,
07:26 and sometimes that will help with hair growth.
07:28 There is also something called Minoxidil, which dilates
07:32 the arteries, sometimes it is used as a blood pressure
07:34 medication, you can use that on the skin and it
07:38 increases circulation and hopefully restore.
07:40 Now I see a lot of stuff on the Internet in advertisements
07:44 about these great ways to grow hair.
07:46 Including these hair plugs and all these kind of things.
07:49 Would that be something you would recommend?
07:51 Hair plugs are an option.
07:53 I would recommend that you go to reputable center that
07:57 does it on a regular basis.
07:58 Because there is failure of the hair cells as well.
08:02 It's a fairly invasive procedure and I have seen it
08:05 be successful for some men.
08:07 So I guess for Bill Ed there is lots of other options,
08:10 but I think if my hair falls off I am just going to be bald.
08:13 That's probably what I will do.
08:15 But you know what?
08:16 I has seen some real interesting weaves that are out
08:18 there, that look very, very real too.
08:20 I think that would be another option, and I think that is
08:22 good option if men are having some self esteem
08:24 issues with that.
08:25 I think that is very true.
08:26 I think I would rather do that than take a medicine,
08:29 like Propecia that I would have take the rest of my life.
08:32 Well this is going to get more interesting as
08:34 we answer more questions.
08:35 We are going to be right back after a short break to
08:38 continue our discussion on the health of a man.


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