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Pain Treatment And Back Problems

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00:01 Welcome back!
00:03 We have been talking about back pain
00:04 with Dr. Eric Olsen.
00:05 I have always been interested in
00:07 back pain and nerves and just think it is very
00:10 fascinating how you can get things back to the
00:13 way God aligned it.
00:14 It makes perfect sense.
00:15 The way God created us things will just work better.
00:17 I've also heard, I don't know if this falls in the
00:20 field of Chiropractor Dr. Olsen, how you can sometimes
00:23 manipulate things that releases natural painkillers.
00:26 Is this part of what Chiropractors do,
00:27 or is that more acupressure?
00:29 People that do that?
00:30 The same thing occurs with Chiropractic,
00:33 you are getting into the
00:34 release of endorphins.
00:36 A lot of research, I would like to step back quickly,
00:39 we are talking about a bone misaligning and putting
00:42 pressure on a nerve.
00:43 The reason why, that is the easiest way to explain to a
00:46 patient what is going on without getting too technical.
00:50 But unfortunately a lot of medical professionals
00:54 understand that a bone miss-aligning doesn't always
00:57 put pressure on a nerve creating that patient's problem.
01:00 So that is why they did not want to buy the
01:02 whole chiropractic premise.
01:03 Research today is gone into things like endorphins,
01:07 Nociceptors, Mechanoreceptors, these are big words.
01:10 Meaning their understanding where pains come from.
01:13 We know that a disc does not have a rich blood supply,
01:17 but it does have a nerve supply.
01:18 The posterior part of the joints in the
01:20 spine are innervated.
01:23 What happens is, I will try to keep this simple,
01:27 but the Nociceptors are pain receptors in a joint.
01:30 Okay? - okay! Mechanoreceptors are like position sensors.
01:35 They are constantly giving a feedback to the brain telling us
01:39 how we are in position.
01:41 So if a secretary is talking on the phone all day long, and
01:45 she happens to be doing this, when they come into my office,
01:49 the important thing is I like to check posture.
01:52 Okay? - okay! A lot of physicians do not
01:55 don't look at posture ever.
01:56 And posture is a quick indicator as to something
01:59 going on spinally.
02:00 Look at the level of the shoulders.
02:01 How the head is positioned and all that.
02:03 But if she is doing this for thirty years talking on the
02:06 phone, keying a computer and she comes in and her head
02:09 is positioned, what happens is that over that time those
02:12 Mechanoreceptors have been stimulated and send a message
02:15 to the brain saying, this is normal.
02:16 Okay until some point in time she hits her threshold.
02:20 Everybody has a different threshold and all of
02:23 a sudden they have pain.
02:25 All we are doing, chiropractically, is trying to
02:29 take and bring the head to a normal, upright posture.
02:33 But when we are adjusting the spine, what we are doing is
02:36 stimulating those Mechanoreceptors.
02:38 Sends a message to the brain and comes back down
02:41 overrides the Nociception and tells the surrounding muscles
02:45 to relax so when those muscles begin to relax you do not have
02:49 that pull, the head comes upright and the pain goes away.
02:53 When you get rid of pain it changes the body chemistry.
02:56 There are so many ways to change chemistry and a lot
03:00 of people think that you just have to
03:01 take a medicine or get a shot.
03:03 But that is not always true.
03:04 You know proper nutrition, proper alignments,
03:07 proper touch is just very therapeutic.
03:09 Correct - let's move to our next question.
03:11 This gentleman says:
03:21 this guys back pain, went to his doctor, say going to
03:24 a chiropractor, from what I have heard I would say try
03:26 to find a new physician if he was that narrow minded.
03:29 I guess in trying to give the physician the benefit
03:32 of the doubt would depend on how severe his problem is.
03:35 If the man had a ruptured disc, well clinically speaking,
03:38 chiropractically you cannot do a whole lot with a disc
03:41 that is blown out and fragmented,
03:43 that require surgical intervention.
03:44 But a chiropractor would recognize that? - Sure!
03:46 If the disc is contained, or it is facet joint kind of
03:49 pain, all I would tell you is please don't believe
03:52 everything that you are told.
03:54 My orthopedist, I never told him I was going to chiropractor
03:58 because I was afraid to.
03:59 When I told him I was going to a chiropractor,
04:01 he came unglued and told me the same exact thing
04:04 that you were told.
04:05 I was offended by it because the chiropractor is
04:08 the one that helped me and got me back in the gym.
04:13 He was just going off on chiropractors and really
04:17 everything he was saying just was not true.
04:19 Well you know there is many ways to heal and that is
04:22 what we want to do is to give people information about
04:25 all the healers that are out there.
04:26 Everyone has something good to bring to the table.
04:29 Got heals through many different people, some people
04:31 don't even have to have degrees to be healers.
04:34 We want to have some strong science information.
04:37 Let's move to the next question here.
04:38 This is going to be an easy one.
04:42 Let me guess, ten million?
04:44 More - more?
04:46 Actually statistically I think it is around
04:49 thirty, thirty one million people have back pain,
04:51 but they said that eighty percent of the population
04:54 will experience back pain at some point in their life.
04:57 I had done some research on this and you can see statistically
05:04 they said, yearly we spend, our country spends somewhere
05:08 between thirty to fifty billion dollars in
05:13 the treatment of back pain.
05:14 Next to the common cold, it is the second most common
05:17 reason why somebody will go to a primary care physician.
05:20 You know it is a big problem and most people that are
05:23 watching experience back pain at some point in their life.
05:26 So trying to come up with options in how you want to go
05:30 about it is pretty important.
05:33 Why do we have this much back pain in America?
05:35 Do you think it's stress, the way we carry our bodies?
05:37 I think it is a lot of things.
05:40 In America we are a fast-paced society.
05:44 Most people are not exercising,
05:46 most people are not eating correctly.
05:47 Smoking we know has a major effect on starving
05:52 our tissues of oxygen that can create pains.
05:56 I try to encourage my patients that smoke to stop
05:59 because it will help the healing process.
06:00 There are lots of reasons, unfortunately what I found
06:07 was discouraging when I got into the profession
06:10 was that nobody is ever told that they need to have
06:13 their spine checked, or examined periodically
06:15 the way you would tell somebody you need to
06:18 have your blood pressure checked once in awhile.
06:20 Or you have to have maintenance work done on your car.
06:22 Everything that we are, the body needs a certain amount of
06:25 maintenance if we wanted to function and work right.
06:28 It makes perfect sense and it leads
06:31 into our next question.
06:37 How does your care different from traditional medicine?
06:41 And I think we've touched on some of these.
06:43 Traditional medicine they are going to prescribe.
06:45 They will prescribe you something to deal with
06:48 the pain or the inflammation.
06:50 Chiropractors do not prescribe, we don't do that.
06:54 We look at the spine, and we look for the origin
06:58 of the problem and try to correct it.
07:01 We reduce the inflammation or irritation that way.
07:03 If you see something that needs to be surgically fixed,
07:06 sometimes you do, you send them back to the
07:09 appropriate person, right?
07:11 Most definitely, yes!
07:13 In the past I have worked with, had lots of medical
07:16 doctors as patients, I worked with two in the past
07:19 so you have to have balance.
07:22 That is what I want to stress, you have to have
07:24 balance in life, everybody can work hand-in-hand and if
07:28 they would you would get a whole lot more people better.
07:31 Chiropractors cannot help everybody, medicine can't help
07:34 everybody, but I think if everyone worked together we
07:37 could get a lot more people well.
07:39 Now here's an interesting question.
07:41 We have talked about adjustments and how we get
07:43 the joints aligned up.
07:48 Oh yeah, that is something that I wish more people did know.
07:53 Pregnancy probably is one of the biggest things in a
07:58 woman's life and unfortunately because of the pressure.
08:02 They start developing back problems as they get anterior
08:05 weight-bearing, it puts abnormal pressure on their joints.
08:08 They cannot take medication, so a lot of them,
08:10 what is supposed to be a happy time in their life
08:13 becomes a miserable time because they develop back
08:15 pain in the sciatica.
08:16 Through either instrument adjusting or through
08:19 manipulation you can get in there and restore motion
08:23 to those joints to relieve the pressure and bring relief
08:26 to them without having to take medication.
08:29 This next question is interesting and when we talk
08:32 about this as prevention, to have someone
08:34 look at your joints.
08:35 This person asked:
08:40 The youngest age?
08:41 Oh! this is a controversial one.
08:43 This is where it is very important to understand
08:46 how an infant is being adjusted.
08:48 My children have been adjusted since they were born.
08:51 I have had parents bring infants into my office.
08:55 They are not taking a baby and twisting their neck.
08:58 I had an eleven-month-old in my office the other day
09:02 because they had chronic ear infections and have been on,
09:05 what do they call it, maintenance antibiotics.
09:10 The parents were frustrated.
09:11 She came and said she'd heard that chiropractic can help.
09:14 What is important to understand is that I am not treating ear
09:17 infections in my office.
09:18 I don't treat that infant any different than I would you
09:21 if you came in my office.
09:22 This baby had a lateral flexion problem which inhabited
09:26 the Eustachian tubes ability to drain and all I did was just
09:29 brought the baby's head up right and took that little instrument
09:32 and tapped here and at the top part of the neck.
09:36 All we are doing is trying to change the posture,
09:39 and change the muscle tone and allow Eustachian
09:42 tube to drain properly.
09:43 I adjusted the infant three times and then the mom came in
09:46 and said that he is not pulling on his ear anymore and
09:50 he is sleeping through the night.
09:51 So I am thankful for that, I am not healing ear infections.
09:54 All I'm doing is taking us back the way we were designed,
09:57 The way we were designed, correct!
09:59 You know we have seen that over and over, when what ever
10:02 stresses our system, whether it be poor posture, or stress, or
10:06 eating poorly, or not sleeping well.
10:07 Any stress takes away from the way God designed us.
10:11 When we away from the owners manual, guess what happens?
10:15 All these problems are resolved.
10:17 It sounds like what he's trying to do is get us back
10:18 to the owners manual. - right!
10:20 Now how do you use, do you talk about the spiritual
10:23 side with your patients?
10:24 Is that something that happens on a regular basis
10:26 or do people bring it up?
10:27 Because I know when you talk about physical healing
10:31 there is so much spiritual with it, because some people
10:34 you can't heal physically, things are too messed up.
10:38 Spiritual healing seems the next place to go.
10:41 Sure! In my office I take every opportunity that I can
10:47 to share where I believe healing comes from.
10:50 I am not ashamed to share Christ in my office.
10:54 I tell my patients that I will be praying for them,
10:57 because I do pray for them in the morning.
11:00 I pray that the Lord will anoint my hands in service
11:01 every day before I go to work.
11:03 I pray for my patients, especially the ones
11:05 that are really difficult.
11:07 You know some patients come in and it's like a no-brainer, you
11:11 go through it and adjust and they are up the door.
11:13 Then you have other ones that have really complicated
11:15 cases and I'm praying for miracles.
11:17 Now this is a good question:
11:26 what are the dangers of having an adjustment?
11:29 And it sounds like there are so many different ways,
11:31 you can choose which way to be adjusted to limit any danger.
11:35 I'm glad you brought that one up.
11:38 Statistically, what has been published statistically,
11:42 I have seen two different figures.
11:43 One said get your chance from having a stroke from a cervical
11:47 manipulation, which is a rotational manipulation.
11:50 It is one in a million.
11:52 The other one was one or two in four million.
11:55 That is published statistics.
11:59 That's manipulation up here, not down here?
12:01 From here down there is nothing.
12:03 From here up is a concern with the rotation components
12:07 in the upper cervical spine.
12:09 So the safety of it, people need to understand,
12:14 they have a better chance of having a problem
12:19 driving to the office.
12:20 They need to be more concerned over counter medications
12:24 that they are living on because statistically more people are
12:27 dying from that then are from cervical manipulation.
12:30 I am sure you screen, you ask if they've had
12:33 strokes before, you don't have anything funny
12:35 in your neck, those type of questions.
12:37 Yes, always and we take a history and go through your
12:40 orthopedic and neurological examinations like every
12:43 other doctor you screen certain things out.
12:47 We have x-rays done and go through all that.
12:50 Let's move to another question here,
12:52 this is an interesting one.
13:03 I guess, we have talked about is there anything new out there
13:06 when we think about chronic pain, we thought about what you
13:10 talked about trying to fix the structural abnormalities.
13:13 We have talked about that some people get injections,
13:16 some people need surgery, some people need pain medication,
13:20 because chronic pain is not good for the body.
13:22 Anything else that you have heard out there that
13:24 is being used to treat, especially chronic
13:26 low back pain which is so prevalent in our society?
13:28 Unfortunately right now in our society,
13:30 I will give you an example of two medical doctors that work
13:34 with me in the past said that if you can find a physician that
13:37 is honest they can't stand dealing with muscular
13:39 skeletal pains because all they know to do is refer them
13:44 or prescribe painkillers or muscle relaxers.
13:48 A lot of people are getting thrown into pain management
13:50 clinics and they feel like they are getting washed up there.
13:53 Surgery is always advancing,
13:55 their abilities or capabilities is like light-years
13:59 from when I started in practice.
14:00 If this person has never tried going to a chiropractor,
14:05 I would encourage you to try it.
14:06 I had a family member that was there just like him who
14:10 was washed up and getting injections and all those things
14:14 that it wasn't working.
14:15 I am thankful that when she decided to try chiropractic,
14:18 she came into my office and I explained it to her
14:21 what I do and do not do.
14:23 I started adjusting her and she doesn't
14:26 have back pain anymore.
14:27 So she became a believer, unfortunately because she
14:33 had been stuck in this medical model.
14:35 She was always told, don't ever go there because
14:36 they will make your back worse.
14:38 One of the things that always made sense to me was how
14:41 muscles, you know you have chronic back pain that is that
14:44 a lot of muscles getting knotted up and tightened up there.
14:46 If someone could just release some of that tension from
14:49 the muscles, that would help a lot too.
14:51 Now that isn't called an adjustment is it?
14:53 What do you do when you release the tension?
14:55 Just working on muscles is the massage therapist,
14:57 a soft tissue therapist,
14:59 it is wonderful stuff that they do.
15:01 As I was saying earlier, when you are delivering the
15:04 adjustment you are firing those Mechanoreceptors,
15:07 when that goes up that message goes up and comes back
15:10 down and what it is saying it is telling the surrounding
15:12 muscular to relax, to do something different.
15:15 To do something different.
15:16 So you are overriding the pain path way when
15:17 those muscles begin to relax.
15:19 Then it takes to pull off in the pain levels
15:22 start to go down.
15:24 In cardio vascular disease chronic pain is really
15:27 our enemy, because it puts stress on the body.
15:30 When you are in chronic pain your blood pressure goes up,
15:33 your heart rate goes up and always bad things happen.
15:36 So anything to relieve pain naturally, with a good
15:40 scientific basis, has to be something real exciting.
15:43 Oh yeah, it's wonderful.
15:45 You have the opportunity to change peoples lives.
15:47 How do you feel when somebody has had back pain for
15:50 years and years and years, comes back in your office
15:53 and says for the first time I finally slept well.
15:55 I'm finally living without pain?
15:56 That must be an enormous good feeling to have?
15:59 Oh yeah its fantastic, to be able to do something for
16:04 somebody when they feel like there is no hope,
16:07 it is wonderful.
16:08 Well I want to thank you for joining us today.
16:11 We have talked about all sorts of ways to get rid
16:15 of back pain and treat back pain.
16:17 If you have questions for Dr. Olsen,
16:19 we invite you to write us at:
16:31 We would be happy to answer your questions and concerns.
16:33 We want to remember as we talked about pain.
16:36 No one wants to have chronic back pain.
16:38 No one likes to have pain period.
16:39 There is lots of ways that God uses different ways to
16:42 healing, He uses modern medicine, He uses Chiropractors,
16:45 He uses nutrition.
16:46 There are many ways and as we get into His word
16:48 and study how we were originally
16:50 designed, God is going to lead us into healing.
16:52 And remember, if we are not healed on this earth,
16:55 God has always planned to heal us some day in Heaven.


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