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00:01 Are you being confused by the conflicting health reports
00:03 in the news today?
00:05 In this well marketed world is hard to know who or
00:08 even what to believe, but there are answers that
00:10 you can depend on.
00:12 Hi I'm Dr. James Markham, join me for Bible RX, a program
00:16 exploring the health care world, looking at all aspects
00:20 of healing, using the Bible and Biblical prescriptions
00:25 as the ultimate source of truth.
00:52 In the news today we hear much about integrated medicine.
00:56 What is integrative medicine?
00:59 Well that is using the best of many different worlds,
01:02 whether that might be traditional medicine, holistic
01:06 medicine, chiropractic and the list goes on and on.
01:09 Today on Bible RX we have a special guest, Myrna Peterson.
01:14 She specializes in naturopathic medicine, We're going
01:17 to answer your questions and glean insights from this
01:20 specialist today on Bible RX.
01:23 In this well marketed world is hard to know who and
01:27 even what to believe how some people even get their
01:32 information from a guy that slept at the
01:33 Holiday Inn Express last night.
01:35 Well that is not good enough for me and it's probably
01:36 not good enough for you.
01:38 At Bible RX we bring healers from all walks of life and
01:42 today we brought Myrna Peterson, she is an expert in
01:45 naturopathic medicine and Myrna welcome to Bible RX.
01:49 Please tell us first of all what brought you to
01:51 this type of healing?
01:53 Thank you for having me on Bible RX, about 10 years ago
01:57 I was told by the medical community there was nothing
02:01 more than medical community could do.
02:03 Being a juvenile diabetic for many years my health was
02:08 deteriorating so I prayed and I kept getting health
02:13 food store, health food store so I thought rabbit food no.
02:17 So I went and God put this wonderful lady into my life
02:21 and shared about natural eating, healthy eating,
02:25 raw fruits and vegetables and whole grains, more natural
02:32 and unprocessed food.
02:33 That is what I decided to do and mainly vegetarian.
02:38 We even went vegan and raw for quite a while and my health
02:44 totally changed so my energy increased, my blood sugars
02:50 went down, my insulin requirements went down and
02:53 my medical doctors could not believe it.
02:56 Just by changing the food you ate?
02:58 Just the food I ate and exercising more.
03:00 I was active, but I really didn't excise
03:03 I didn't get good cardiovascular.
03:04 I got very interested in and how foods heal and just
03:11 the effect foods had all the body with
03:13 different medical conditions.
03:15 At that point to get more training? - yes I did.
03:18 What did that consist of?
03:19 I went to the College of natural health.
03:23 The clinic is in Tulsa Oklahoma, at the college itself
03:26 is in Minnesota and I have a degree basically in
03:32 nutritional naturopathic healing.
03:36 What type of courses would you take to get this degree?
03:39 That is the course.
03:41 I guess how plants and things affect your body?
03:45 Exactly - and how to use them. - how to use them.
03:48 Well that is very interesting because you know back
03:52 years ago, years and years ago medicine used to always
03:55 be with plants. - exactly that is where most of our
03:58 drugs originally originated from.
04:00 For instance different chemotherapy we have these
04:03 specialists now called plant prospectors who actually go
04:06 all over the world looking for plants and they might
04:09 find a good chemical they can copy in the lab and
04:11 actually turn into a medication. - Right!
04:14 So you have found in your own personal experience that
04:17 changing your diet and changing your chemistry through
04:20 what you eat can be very valuable?
04:22 Exactly, and not using traditional medicines unless it
04:26 was an absolute emergency.
04:28 Now how long can this transformation take, could you
04:30 see it immediately in your life where did it take a while?
04:32 No it took a little while.
04:33 Now are you still do those techniques today to stay
04:36 healthy? - yes.
04:37 What we have done Myrna is that we have collected
04:40 questions from literally all over the world that
04:42 specifically deals with the ways people might change
04:44 their chemistry through naturopathic ways.
04:46 If you think about it, God gave us our original diet of
04:50 fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains and if I was trying
04:53 to destroy the world what I would do is introduce a bunch
04:56 of these chemicals and preservatives and things that
05:00 our bodies work designed to take.
05:02 Exactly, and that deteriorates and breaks down the body.
05:04 Now I work the cardio vascular disease and 90% of my
05:07 disease could be prevented if people would make the
05:10 correct lifestyle changes. - absolutely.
05:13 We are going to try to answer these, and I'm not saying
05:15 that we are going to have the answer for everyone.
05:17 But we are certainly going to do our best.
05:19 The first question comes from the state of Florida:
05:31 So this person thinks they had food poisoning, they might
05:34 have ate at a restaurant and that is a whole other issue.
05:36 You know the kind of easy to get restaurants at how they
05:39 touch and handle them, they got sick at their stomach and
05:42 they were wanting to know some natural remedies that might
05:44 help them overcome this illness quickly.
05:47 Well the first thing I think of with food poisoning,
05:51 or any type of gastric or intestinal type situation is
05:56 activated charcoal, they use activated charcoal in the
06:00 emergency room for food poisoning, drug overdoses
06:03 because it absorbs the toxins and you eliminated
06:06 through the stool.
06:07 So for food poisoning you would take activated charcoal.
06:11 They have it in tablet form and also they have it in powder
06:15 form so you can have it either way. It works wonderfully.
06:19 Now I have an example for you.
06:20 I ate some Chinese food the other day and my wife usually
06:23 likes Indian but she talked me into Chinese so
06:25 I ate Chinese but I was worried because it was at one
06:27 of these food bars.
06:28 I luckily didn't get food poisoning, if I had gotten food
06:31 poisoning how much charcoal would I have taken,
06:33 and when should I have taken it, and what is
06:36 too much or too little?
06:37 Well you can't really overdoses on activated charcoal,
06:40 the worst that it is going to do is constipate you.
06:43 Usually if you have the tablet form, you chew 5 tablets at
06:47 one time and they can be taken every two to three hours
06:51 depending on your symptoms.
06:54 If you have the power form, you mix a tablespoon of the
06:57 powder form either in juice or water, usually water and
07:01 it can be warm or cool it doesn't matter.
07:03 You just drink it. Is it going to gag you though?
07:06 Have you ever had charcoal?
07:07 Yes I have and no it doesn't, it turns your teeth black.
07:10 Kids love it because of that.
07:12 Chew it down! -Oh yeah it has very little taste, if any.
07:15 It actually pulls the poisons into it and then I guess
07:18 it absorbs through your system? - yes it does.
07:21 Now tell me, can charcoal be used for
07:23 anything else naturally?
07:25 Yes charcoal could be used for poultices because it has.
07:27 Now you are going to have to explain what a poultice is,
07:30 someone might not understand what are poultices.
07:32 That is true, a poultice, say you have a bee sting.
07:35 You are not highly allergic but you have the burning and
07:40 the pain, you can mix activated charcoal, equal parts, with
07:45 psyllium husks, or ground flax seed and water until it
07:49 gets to be a gooey paste and you placed on the affected
07:54 area and you put plastic or Band-Aid or something over it
07:59 to keep it moist.
08:00 It draws the poisons out. - wow, so charcoal.
08:05 It can also draw infection out also.
08:07 This person also went on later in the question and said
08:10 should I drink water and can I eat food when I have food
08:13 poisoning, they want to know what you would recommend if
08:16 they had food poisoning can they still.
08:19 I guess I wouldn't eat water, and I would take water,
08:22 eat water what am I saying?
08:24 But I drink lots of water but not eat more food if I had
08:28 food poisoning. - I had food poisoning one time in my life,
08:31 this is before I knew anything about natural healing.
08:36 I wound up in the hospital, food I never ate food.
08:40 The more water you drink, the faster is going to be
08:44 eliminated from your system because it's going to flush
08:47 it out and water of course is the best.
08:50 Food poisoning - hydration - charcoal.
08:53 Okay let's move to the next question.
08:56 This actually comes from the great state of Missouri.
08:59 This person says they been having problems with digestion.
09:03 I eat my big meal usually at nine o'clock at night and
09:07 I can't lay down flat and my food doesn't move through me.
09:18 This person is eating late at night, big meal,
09:22 can't move it through the system and they want some
09:23 suggestions to help their digestion.
09:25 First of all I would say you need to eat a lot earlier.
09:30 Okay - okay and maybe not eat your large meal in the
09:35 evening, maybe at noontime.
09:36 Some people that is not appropriate because of work
09:39 schedules, you want to eat before six o'clock in the
09:42 evening. Is it possible that the circadian rhythms
09:46 and everything slows down at night.
09:47 Right, everything slows down and your body starts to go
09:52 into a healing mode during sleep so your body can't digest
09:56 and heal during your sleep time.
09:58 For normal indigestion, or slow digestion you can use
10:05 many different forms, you can use Gentian.
10:09 What is Gentian s that an herb?
10:11 It's an herb, you can use that or peppermint tea which
10:14 stimulates the acid in your stomach because you don't
10:18 produce I'm guessing of course because of diagnoses.
10:23 Peppermint helps to increase your stomach acid and also
10:28 a little bit of apple cider vinegar will help digestion
10:33 if you are lacking stomach acid.
10:36 All these have sound science behind these right?
10:39 Right! - I've heard of the peppermint but I never heard
10:43 of the Gentian before. - yes sir - is that spelled
10:46 G- e-n-t-i-a-n? Gentian okay.
10:49 But you know what I think might be the most helpful for
10:52 this person, even if they don't need that, that big meal at
10:56 night, God made us where we break the fast in the morning.
11:00 But nowadays everyone is eating big at night and I see
11:03 cholesterol levels go high and people don't rest because
11:05 of the reflux and there are a lot of things that go on.
11:08 Well in the natural arena, a lot of the medical
11:14 professionals are saying that you are still cleansing
11:18 until noontime there is Halleluiah Acres, a big
11:26 facilitator of that, that you don't eat in the morning.
11:30 That you eat a larger lunch, a very moderate fruit juice
11:35 diet in the morning, and your larger meal at night
11:38 because your body has more energy and time at a relaxed
11:42 state instead of a high stress state.
11:44 So I think that is why people are eating in the natural
11:48 arena a little later at night.
11:52 I'm not sure that that is exactly the best way to do it.
11:54 Well you know there's a lot of controversy on this because
11:57 recent medical reports say to speed up your metabolism
12:00 eat meals every three to four hours all day long.
12:02 We have also had people say you break your fast at your
12:07 big meal at breakfast and I think a lot of this
12:09 can be individualized.
12:11 I think a lot people's metabolism, their jobs, and the
12:14 foods they eat also all plays a role in this.
12:16 I think the foods they eat is a major factor.
12:19 I think people would agree that if you eat a bunch
12:22 chemicals and lay down at night and try to go to sleep that
12:25 people would agree on that one.
12:26 Absolutely! You know we are talking about natural ways
12:30 of making our body better, why don't you think we haven't
12:33 heard more about this? In the computer, in the
12:36 Internet we are hearing a lot about it.
12:38 Why do you think we haven't heard some of these things
12:40 before now? It seems like it has all been dominated
12:43 by medicine and treatments until the last few years.
12:47 Well because I think there is not enough research behind
12:51 it, there is a lot of research but not the double
12:55 blindsided placebo studies that the medical community
12:59 likes to see before they recommend these types of things.
13:04 The drug industry is very powerful.
13:06 Like let's be honest, there is a place for modern
13:09 medicine. - absolutely.
13:10 - there is a place for all different types of healing.
13:13 One thing that we like to talk about at Bible RX
13:16 is the Bible also gives us wonderful treatments and if you
13:19 look at our original diet, fruits, vegetables, nuts,
13:22 and grains and these are the things that God gave us
13:25 things in nature that we can actually use correctly
13:27 to heal different ailments.
13:30 Definitely, well this is all very fascinating and
13:32 we have a lot more questions but we are coming up
13:34 to our first break now.
13:35 If you are interested in this type of healing message
13:39 please give us a phone call, or you can give us a letter,
13:43 or you can get a hold of us on the Internet.
13:45 On the Internet we can be reached at
13:46 heartwiseministries. org or you can send us a letter at
13:51 P.O. Box 8 Ooltewah TN 37363.
13:55 We will be right back in just a few minutes and talk
13:58 about naturopathic healing with Myrna Peterson.
14:01 Stay with us!


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