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00:02 Welcome back to Bible Rx Myrna Peterson is our guest.
00:06 We were talking off camera a few minutes ago, did you know friend
00:10 that you are actually a healer? We are all healers.
00:12 How does this occur? Well whenever you change
00:15 someone else's chemistry for the good you can be a healer.
00:17 God made us to heal each other.
00:19 When you make someone laugh, you love somebody the chemistry gets
00:24 better, go in the room and make someone laugh, give someone
00:27 a big hug and you can be a healer today.
00:28 but we are also talking about a different type of healing,
00:31 and Myrna some people think that the only healing that happens
00:34 is in the doctors office where you get a prescription medicine.
00:37 or you put a balloon or pacemaker, but there are some
00:40 many other ways we can heal.
00:41 - absolutely. You're answering some people's
00:46 questions about different ways of healing, and this next one
00:48 has to do with the word that I don't know much about.
00:50 it's called probiotics, let me get the question here:
00:52 I recently heard this term probiotics.
00:59 Let's first talk about what a probiotics is.
01:01 A probiotics is many little bacteria, it's a good bacteria
01:07 that you have in your colon. You have good and bad bacteria.
01:10 They live in my colon? Oh yeah, they live in your body.
01:13 And the good bacteria eats the bad bacteria.
01:18 It keeps it in balance, you have to have a good balance.
01:20 So usually with our standard American diet, or stress
01:25 or disease, anything, especially antibiotic therapy
01:30 destroys all the good and bad bacteria.
01:34 Well the bad actually grow quicker and the good
01:39 it takes longer so that is why we have the supplements
01:45 to help our body to re-create the good balance of the good
01:51 bacteria in our colon because I guess research said last time
01:57 that 70% of our colon, or 70% of our immune system is in our
02:02 colon. - Wow! that's interesting!
02:05 So probiotics are making sure you have the right amount of
02:09 bacteria the right of good and bad.
02:12 Probiotics is the good bacteria.
02:13 So you actually take that in? Yes! - You eat bacteria?
02:17 Yes Sir! Now what if it goes places
02:20 you don't want it to go? It goes into the colon and
02:22 that's where it reproduces.
02:25 Now what would be a name of a probiotics,
02:27 do they come in names?
02:28 Oh there is all different kinds, Meta Genex, which is a very
02:35 high-quality our probiotics and its called Ultra Flora.
02:39 You can get that at your health food stores.
02:41 Not all health food stores but some.
02:43 Another one is PB8, and it is good to have multiple strains.
02:48 There is different types of bacteria, so multiple strains
02:53 are excellent. What type of person might need
02:57 a probiotics? Would a healthy person need a probiotics or is
03:00 just people on antibiotics? Who might need a probiotics?
03:04 I would say in this day and age almost everybody because of our
03:08 stress levels and because of antibiotic treatments.
03:13 Because of any type of disease you might have.
03:17 Anything that alters the natural chemistry of our body.
03:22 Now probiotics aren't necessarily a bowel cleanser
03:25 are they? - No they are not. Not unless you take them in
03:29 very large quantities which some people do after chemo.
03:32 They do it after antibiotics. - The reason I brought this up
03:36 is because I have been very interested in fasting as a
03:39 treatment, you know Biblical fasting when people use to
03:42 fast and pray and we found that people, like if you broke your
03:45 arm Myrna, you would rest it, but when you rest the G.I.
03:49 system that could get more in line with when you rested
03:53 it can heal on it's own. Absolutely!
03:56 Probiotics sounds like it is something a little different.
03:58 Yes it is. We see in the hospital quite
04:01 a bit of infections from antibiotics in the G.I. track.
04:06 it very commonly occurs. Right!
04:08 fortunately I think today we are over treating with antibiotics.
04:12 Absolutely and the good bacteria is not being reintroduced.
04:17 into the colon and that is where a lot, like you say intestinal
04:22 infections happen. I have another question here
04:26 this is from a person with high cholesterol, they are on the
04:30 medications called the Stanton's and they cannot take the
04:34 statins because of muscle aches:
04:36 I know some of this might not have real science behind it
04:40 is there anything that could be helpful for this person?
04:45 Well there has been good documentation on the
04:47 Red Rice yeast, 600 mg and I believed it is with meals
04:53 twice a day and they have had actually good documentation.
04:58 It lowers your cholesterol. Any side effects?
05:03 None, none that have been documented.
05:05 The Red Rice yeast, you know what tell people to is another
05:08 thing is exercise and you don't need it. - Right!
05:13 If you change your diet and then the good omega oils.
05:18 Now where might people get that omega-3 fatty acids?
05:22 Health food stores usually are the best place to get it.
05:25 If you are going to get a supplement because if you get
05:29 them in a nonstandardized in department stores or whatever
05:34 But flax seed has it, natural flax seed oil, ground flax seed
05:39 that is usually the biggest one.
05:43 Flax seed okay, I've a big nut eater, I like almonds.
05:46 The nuts, -Omega 6's yes I was thinking the omega-3's.
05:50 Yeah I get my almonds and walnuts and throw in.
05:53 avocados also. - I heard someone say that laughter
05:56 can bring down your cholesterol. Actually there was a study
06:00 I just read at Loma Linda medical center that it does.
06:06 It releases the good endorphins and the good growth hormones
06:11 and it actually lowers your cholesterol and it lowers the
06:18 toxic hormones like cortisol and the excessive adrenal afrin?
06:24 That makes a lot of sense with all the stress
06:28 we have in the world.
06:29 The stress chemicals and any thing we can do to lower
06:33 stress is going to help the whole being. - Absolutely!
06:36 At the heart of these inflammations is a big issue
06:39 for us too, so it is going to be neat when the people go
06:42 around laughing so they can lower their cholesterol
06:45 Just have a good belly laugh. - Belly laughter will heal
06:48 so many things. Now I'm not going to put you
06:51 on the spot with a joke today, I'm not a good joke teller
06:54 either, so if some of our listeners have good clean jokes
06:58 write into the website and help lower the world's cholesterol.
07:02 Let's move on to another question.
07:04 This is very interesting too. This has to do with inflammation
07:20 I think we have already talked about
07:22 how laughing can help lower inflammation
07:24 Anything else that might be able to lower inflammation in the
07:26 body Omega fatty acids like we just mentioned, the omega 3-6-9
07:30 especially omega-3, which you can get in high-quality
07:36 in fish oil or the flax oil. The nuts, seeds, avocados.
07:41 things like that, and Boswellia is an herb.
07:44 One you can use, that is excellent for lowering
07:50 inflammation is called Devils Claw. There is another herb
07:55 that is very good inflammation reducer.
07:58 Is there a specific type of inflammation it might help with?
08:01 With the natural things, with the herbs
08:05 it reacts on everybody differently.
08:08 What may help you may not help me.
08:11 So you really have to treat it like a medication.
08:13 Right! But it won't hurt you, so you can try one and if
08:18 that one doesn't work you can try the other one.
08:20 but you want to get a standardized form because that's
08:23 going to be exactly what it says on the bottle.
08:26 You are not going to have a lot of fillers.
08:28 Which is very important. We see a lot of people with
08:31 arthritis, aches and joint pains swellings and all that.
08:35 - Exactly! So it is called Boswellia that might be
08:38 interesting to look at. - Now you have experienced what
08:42 natural medicine does for a person through
08:45 personal testimony, if you were telling someone that
08:49 had no experience about this at all, where to go to get
08:52 good information, how to learn more, where would someone like
08:56 that one wanting to learn start?
08:58 To start, there it is to start to educate yourself, not on
09:03 the Internet, there's too many different overwhelming things
09:09 on the Internet. There's some books out that you get at your
09:13 health stores and it's called Natural Prescription Healing.
09:19 It takes you through herbs, vitamins, foods, just all kinds
09:24 of your essential fatty acids, you're amino acids,
09:27 and it is just a really good household book to have
09:31 to educate yourself.
09:32 You know one of the problems we have is we try to teach
09:36 a balance, there is a place for modern medicine, there is a
09:39 place for herbal medicine, but the problem is we have a
09:42 naturopathic medicine, there is just not as many studies done
09:45 on it and if they are they are not well publicized because
09:48 you know the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of money
09:51 for marketing, some of these others don't.
09:53 And then what makes it worse everyone is on the Internet now
09:56 making these great claims of how we can do this and that. Exactly
09:59 So it gets very hard for people to sort through this.
10:02 Well there are some good companies out there that
10:05 only sell to professionals. a chiropractor, a pharmacy,
10:09 a medical doctor, naturopathic doctor,
10:13 that they do have the studies.
10:15 Meta Genex is one of them, there is a few others out there also.
10:20 There is not a lot out there. In the world of cardiology
10:24 we are seeing more and more they are looking to other
10:29 countries that has used Hawthorne, substances they use
10:32 for many, many years and now they are adopting it into
10:36 into our medical practices. I think in time to good healers
10:39 are going to integrate and lots of different, the best
10:42 of many different worlds. And for acute healing I think
10:46 modern medicine is great, but for chronic healing we want to
10:50 get back to the way God made us as much as possible.
10:53 That is the best way to go. We have time for one more
10:56 question. We have a writer here that is taking different
10:58 medications for blood pressure. They were wondering
11:01 They already exercise and their body weight is good
11:08 Yes standardized Hawthorn Berry, it has been proven many times
11:13 I have seen it within my own family that it does help to
11:17 lower the cholesterol, I mean the blood pressure.
11:20 Now doesn't hurt anything? No it does not you can take it
11:24 while you're taking your blood pressure medication
11:26 the doctor will automatically lower it, you don't just stop
11:30 your medication, you can take the herbal medication
11:32 while you're taking your prescription medication
11:34 and that the doctor will back you off the other medication.
11:38 I think it is very important to know because a lot of these
11:42 herbs are medications, they are chemicals they react-absolutely
11:45 In this field a lot of people are interested in it but it
11:48 takes a lot of knowledge. Today I hope a that people
11:51 understood there might be a place for alternative medicine
11:54 and integrating the systems together and Myrna thank you
11:58 for being with us. Well thank you.
12:00 Oh friends I hope you have learned a little bit about
12:02 integrated medicine, and this is a field that you are going
12:05 to hear more and more about every year. but it takes
12:08 a lot of education, you have to go and look at the studies and
12:10 see if things interact. talk to health care providers
12:13 that know how to use these substances, but at the heart
12:15 of health remember, the heart of health is love.
12:20 Love is a treatment, we know that love changes our chemistry
12:22 for the good and we want you to have a lot of love in your life.
12:25 Also today, if you get a good chance have a good belly laugh.
12:28 Increase your endorphins, raise your cortisol and it makes
12:31 you feel good all over.
12:33 Thank you for joining us on Bible Rx.


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