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00:04 Welcome back to Bible RX, our special guest today is Steve
00:07 Gallimore and what we are talking about today specifically
00:10 I don't think we have talked about enough in healing.
00:14 Modern medicine is more than stents and pacemakers,
00:17 surgeries and chemotherapeutic agents.
00:20 It's changing our chemistry and getting back to the
00:23 owner's manual, all of us are healers out there and
00:26 I am glad Steve Gallimore has joined us.
00:27 Steve I know you are busy at Live Talk, producing a daily
00:31 television show, working on the radio, the Internet
00:34 and spreading the gospel, but today we are specifically
00:37 talking about how we can change or chemistry through
00:40 Biblical techniques, through healing.
00:42 I want us to talk about a physician in
00:45 the Bible named Luke.
00:46 Luke did some wonderful things and there is a story
00:49 about a widow that I want to talk a little bit about
00:52 because I think we can learn some bible ways to
00:54 improve our chemistry from this wonderful story.
00:56 This is one of the most dramatic stories in the Bible.
00:59 There are several in Luke.
01:00 This is one of the wonderful stories that teaches us a lot of
01:05 things about what way are addressing today.
01:07 That is about the gospel, about God's way
01:10 of life and about ultimately how God is going to heal
01:13 the world's from sin and all the things that attend the
01:16 problems that we have today.
01:18 So when we see Jesus out teaching, healing we find Him
01:23 in this particular case at the head of the Sea of Galilee.
01:27 Up at the top of Sea of Galilee Capernaum.
01:29 And Jesus, the Bible says, had healed everyone that day.
01:32 Think about that. We see a lot of the so-called,
01:36 and we use that word not in a derogatory way,
01:40 but just because I think we can't really describe in
01:43 detail what was happening.
01:45 But we have seen some of these so-called faith healers,
01:49 and once again it is not my purpose to demean someone.
01:52 I think the fact of the matter is you don't see a lot of
01:55 healing, you hear a lot of talk about it but you don't
01:57 see a lot of healing.
01:59 But think of it, Jesus really did heal.
02:01 Not only the physical healing but also the spiritual
02:05 healing, inside, He healed both yes.
02:08 So when Jesus was their teaching the sermon in the Mount
02:12 and healing everyone, but Bible says that everyone that
02:15 everyone that day had been healed.
02:17 I don't know how many thousands of people had gathered,
02:21 how many thousands of people gathered there on the
02:23 hillside to listen to Jesus and have kept Him touch
02:26 their lives and they followed Him.
02:28 I think we have to ask ourselves, why did
02:32 the people follow Jesus?
02:33 Was it because He gave been some great intellectual
02:36 message, I mean if you read the Beatitudes,
02:39 if you read the sermon on the mound, there are
02:42 some wonderful things there
02:44 but is that really what the people waited to all-night,
02:47 after that long day, and followed Jesus the next morning
02:50 as He set out for the next day's journey?
02:51 Well they had been healed, their lives have been changed.
02:55 So they said we are going to follow Jesus.
02:57 We had all the people, the old people, the young people
03:00 and the little babies, everyone went with Jesus that day.
03:03 They may have even brought their dogs and cats along,
03:05 I don't know, but anyway here they were
03:07 going out with Jesus.
03:08 They wanted to be with Jesus. What is really intriguing
03:12 about this story is the destination that Jesus had
03:16 set for Himself that day.
03:17 Can you imagine the rejoicing? No one was sick!
03:22 Everyone had been healed of their disease and so here they
03:27 are rejoicing, all of them, thousands of people walking
03:30 along with Jesus. - and they don't want to go back home.
03:32 - and they don't want to go back home they want to be
03:35 with Jesus and so they were going along this trail and it
03:39 got rocky and steep, but here the people were marching
03:42 along with Jesus.
03:43 The place where they're in, the place where Jesus is going
03:47 there was really a different group in contrast to this
03:50 group that was with Jesus.
03:52 The group coming out of the city of Nain was led by lady
03:55 that was lost her husband a while back and now had lost
03:58 her son in a wicker basket leading this sad procession
04:03 up the rocky hillside was this lady with her dead son
04:07 laying in this wicker basket.
04:09 They hired mourners, and when you hire mourners of course
04:13 they would scream and just try to express the sorrow,
04:18 but it was really more than that.
04:19 It was hopelessness. - what a contrast!
04:21 What a contrast so here you have this lady led by these
04:26 mourners that was in such deep anguish and now at some
04:30 point they come face to face.
04:32 So you have the group with Jesus singing hosanna, singing
04:36 all the great and wonderful psalms of praise and at some
04:39 juncture as this funeral procession is coming up the
04:42 hillside all the way to the cemetery, somewhere between
04:45 the city of Nain and then the cemetery these two groups
04:48 came face to face.
04:50 Now you have Jesus the great healer, the great Prince of
04:55 life, and all the people had seen Jesus work these
04:56 miracles, they had not seen Him bring someone back from
05:00 the dead, they had seen all the other miracles.
05:03 Here Jesus was now face to face with this other group led
05:07 by the Prince of darkness.
05:09 Where He had claimed one more captive as His.
05:12 Now these two groups are face to face and Jesus looks over
05:17 at the widow and He says to her, "Lady don't cry."
05:21 So of course that could have been offensive, we do not
05:25 know how she took it.
05:26 But the Bible says that when he first saw her, now this is
05:31 Luke of course talking, Luke wants to describe this
05:33 so he uses the strongest word that he can, the strongest
05:37 description that he can and it is really hard to get into
05:40 the English language as strong as it is in Greek.
05:43 It was the strongest words that he had available to him
05:45 it said that Jesus his heart was moved.
05:49 We might repeated over and over in English to give it
05:52 emphasis - the heart of God! - yes moved.
05:55 Deeply, deeply moved, I think we can say it that way
05:58 to pick up on the sense of what Luke was saying,
06:01 when Jesus saw this lady His heart was moved.
06:04 Was He moved because she was sad for the moments,
06:08 No! He was going to make her happy.
06:09 He was greatly saddened, I believe, not by just the ladies
06:13 circumstances, but all that had now come over humanity
06:18 that led to where they were at that juncture.
06:22 So now Jesus heart was deeply moved and says to her
06:26 stop, and then Luke uses a technical term of healing.
06:30 You know if a physician gives someone medicine and then they
06:33 start feeling better, they can set up.
06:35 So Luke uses that term, it says that Jesus looked over to
06:39 the boy and he said, "boy sit up." Using the technical
06:43 term and he sat up.
06:45 So once again we see now Luke, the physician, coming
06:49 through in this, but I think when these two groups,
06:53 they never made it to the cemetery. - no need to go.
06:56 No need to go so they all turned around and went back to
07:00 the city of Nain and we can just imagine what the
07:02 blending of those two groups must've been like.
07:04 One great group of rejoicing now. - wow!
07:08 I think Jesus went to the city of Nain that day, not to
07:12 just relieve the suffering of this one lady, but the
07:14 fact of the matter is that she died at some point in
07:17 her son died again as well.
07:18 But I think Jesus really went there to give all of us
07:23 hope that someday Jesus is going to heal everyone in this
07:27 world, not just for the think that afflicts us right now.
07:31 I do not know what Jesus healed the day before, I suppose
07:34 someone had came to Him with arthritis and He healed them.
07:38 But their problems were gone, they came back again because
07:42 we live in a world of sin, but ultimately of course Jesus
07:45 is going to bring healing and restoration to the whole
07:48 world and to each of us.
07:49 I think it is that hope that we see coming through
07:52 the Gospel of Luke that has its own measure of
07:55 healing power for us.
07:57 Because people who feel guilty, people who feel out cast
08:03 from society, ostracized because they are just not good
08:07 enough to be in the world, people that suffer from grief
08:11 as this lady was there a widow of Nain, all of these
08:15 kinds of emotional afflictions.
08:17 We see Luke referring to over and over again and then
08:22 what is so unique as I mentioned a moment ago, Luke is
08:24 full of praise, it is the praise book
08:27 of the New Testament.
08:29 So Luke sees as he talks about all these outcasts of
08:33 society and these depressing things, he comes back with
08:36 hope because it is through Jesus that life is restored.
08:40 When Jesus was here of course, when Jesus was here
08:45 He did all these healing miracles that Luke
08:48 now records in his Gospel.
08:49 You know Luke represented modern medicine at this time.
08:52 - yes. - Luke understood where modern
08:56 medicine should go and it wasn't following the other
08:59 healers of the time, it was following the truth Healer.
09:04 I think that's what we have to get back to, that is what
09:07 we want to accomplish here on Bible Rx., to get
09:09 people back to true healing and to understand it as
09:12 we follow the principles of which were designed, all these
09:15 laws that were given to us, all these recommendations God
09:18 gave us because He loved us.
09:20 I think Luke is pointing us back to this.
09:21 Well, I think he is and as we have mentioned already,
09:26 stressed already is Luke is unique.
09:28 I would urge a second time now for anyone that wants to
09:33 have hope in life if a person is going through all kinds
09:36 of stress, if you feel like the world doesn't what you, if
09:39 you feel like God doesn't love you? Go to the book of Luke
09:44 and Luke will change your life, when we look we see Jesus in
09:49 the Gospel of Luke and come face-to-face with Jesus.
09:51 As I rebuilt my Luke our lives are changed because Luke has
09:54 such a sympathetic heart and it is so wonderful to see the
09:57 life of Christ reflected through the writings of Luke.
10:00 Yet it is a powerful healing testimony of what Luke did
10:04 and I remember the phrase of Matthew come unto me and I
10:08 will give you rest, I will treat you, I will heal you.
10:11 All you have to do is come to me and I think the groups
10:14 that day realize this Steve.
10:15 Well without doubt, and Jesus is a healer and as you
10:21 mentioned earlier, both of us that are teaching spiritual
10:25 things, those of us that are doing physical things it's
10:29 all for healing, we are really all in this together,
10:33 to bring healing.
10:34 In Jesus is the kind of got all rolled into one package
10:37 because Jesus is the emotional healer.
10:40 Jesus is the spiritual healer.
10:42 Jesus is the physical healer.
10:44 All these things are the afflictions that Satan placed on
10:48 us and Jesus comes now to relieve us.
10:51 Modern science and technology is now proving this.
10:54 We know people who have healthy spiritual life, healthy
10:56 relationships, lots of love.
10:58 Follow these biblical principles whether it be love or
11:01 rest or happiness or joy.
11:03 They have better chemistry and less stress
11:05 and less chronic disease.
11:07 Back on the issue of evangelism, I was noting a
11:09 report very recently and in that report it said that
11:14 if you are a positive person than everyone within
11:17 a two-mile radius of you will tend to be positive.
11:21 And a negative person, they listed
11:24 a number of things and we don't need to go through all of
11:27 those right now but that was the general idea.
11:29 If you are a positive person with a happy outlook on
11:33 life back then for whatever reason gets reflected
11:36 through your community.
11:37 Now that sounds a little absurd to me, but it was based
11:43 on some very good scientific studies.
11:46 It does pick up on the biblical principle.
11:49 We do impact the others, lives of others.
11:52 If we look in the Gospel of Luke for instance we pick up
11:54 on the hope that he has there and we pick up on
11:57 the praise he has there.
11:58 All the happiness and joy running through the book of
12:01 Luke, no matter what our circumstances may be,
12:04 no matter how others see us, if we pick up
12:07 on the positive hope that we find in the book of Luke, not
12:11 only are we better but everyone else is better as well.
12:16 Emotionally, physically, the whole person is better in
12:20 ourselves and in our community because we implement these
12:23 principles in our lives.
12:25 That's real evangelism. Wow! - that is really powerful.
12:28 We know as we've talked today we are all out of time but
12:31 thank you so much for joining us and taking time out of
12:34 your busy schedule and we really do appreciate it.
12:35 I hope our listeners noticed today that by understanding
12:39 love, the God of love and learning about Him, His stories
12:43 the doctors that learned way back in Luke can change or
12:46 chemistry today and that those principles to apply to us
12:49 in every aspect of our life.
12:51 Thank you for joining us on Bible Rx and we hope you will
12:55 join us soon again someday.


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