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00:03 Welcome back to Bible Rx, today we are talking to
00:05 Dr. James Markham about cardiovascular disease.
00:08 Jim, we are going to talk about New Year's resolutions.
00:12 Oh boy, I don't want to make any of those.
00:14 Did you make any of those year? I made a couple of them.
00:16 One of them is to do more exercising and eating healthier.
00:18 I think that is a good one.
00:20 Those are all good ones, but you know the power to
00:22 really keep these resolutions really comes from a
00:25 relationship with God I think because we can't do
00:27 anything good our self. - that's right!
00:28 These questions are very interesting and one thing that
00:31 I noticed about questions and cardiovascular disease,
00:34 sometimes we don't make things simple enough.
00:36 So if I'm not explaining something well enough so you can
00:38 understand it, back me up because I want to make sure our
00:41 listeners understand because this is so important.
00:43 It might prevent a heart attack, it might help
00:46 someone live longer and better.
00:47 Back me up if you hear something that
00:50 you do not understand.
00:51 And there is a couple of questions in here that
00:54 I may have to get some clarity on it.
00:56 We have a question for Ruby from Arizona.
00:58 She says her New Year's resolution this year was to lose
01:01 a significant amount of weight and anticipation
01:03 of this for the past several weeks she has gone to the
01:06 library and done some research.
01:08 We can do that on the Internet as well, now there are many
01:10 out there diet plans on this.
01:12 She wants to know which would be best?
01:14 There is a lot of them. - that is a great question Ruby!
01:18 And in this well marketed world it is hard to know who or
01:22 actually what to believe. - right!
01:24 Now let's think about some of the diet plans out there.
01:27 We've got Atkins, we've got Mediterranean, and all of
01:30 them claim great benefits.
01:32 There's low-fat, high fat, high-protein, low protein.
01:37 How do you know what to believe out there?
01:40 In fact recently there was a study a couple summers ago
01:43 that said none of the diet plans work long-term.
01:46 The first Ruby many people sharing in your problem,
01:49 they don't know what to do.
01:50 So why is this important? First I have to talk to
01:54 Ruby here, Ruby this is important.
01:56 Extra weight, they call that endocannabinoid system,
01:59 that's scary isn't it Tim?
02:01 Big word, - that's a big word! - Hope it didn't scare you.
02:04 This endocannabinoid system is a system that makes
02:07 a bunch of chemicals.
02:08 It makes chemicals that make you hungry, it makes
02:10 chemicals that make your blood pressure go high, it makes
02:13 chemicals that make your cholesterol go high.
02:15 It is a major problem and Americans are getting heavier
02:18 and heavier and heavier.
02:19 As these chemicals go up guess what is put on the system?
02:23 Pressure-stress - exactly, God did not make us to be heavy.
02:26 God made us to be active and have an ideal body weight.
02:29 Year in and year after carrying all this weight around
02:32 actually damages.
02:34 Now we want to say Ruby, God still loves you and wants
02:37 to heal you ultimately someday if you carry
02:38 the extra weight.
02:39 The first thing in weight loss is don't get discouraged.
02:43 I try to get people back to God's plan, the biblical plan.
02:47 That is why we call this Bible Rx, getting back to the
02:50 biblical prescription, so what does the Bible teach us?
02:53 First of all we want to have a lot of love. - right!
02:56 You have to be empowered, you had to feel like your loved,
02:59 we still love you no matter what your size is.
03:02 God still loves you and wants to heal you.
03:04 He wants to take you to heaven.
03:06 So that is number one, feel loved.
03:08 The second is don't get discouraged.
03:10 A lot of people do, they do these yo-yo diets and are not
03:13 sure, they get a lot of advice from different people.
03:15 They are not sure exactly what to do.
03:17 So Ruby if you were coming to me in the office what I
03:20 would say is let's start with something that is doable.
03:23 First let's start doing some aerobic exercises, and even
03:26 if you can't do a lot let's start with five or 10 minutes
03:29 of aerobic exercise a day.
03:31 That might be walking or swimming and gradually built
03:34 that up and the second thing I would say Ruby is to try
03:37 to keep more fresh things.
03:39 Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, actually that
03:42 is the original diet.
03:43 Exactly, now I would say the fast foods need to go.
03:45 Well, not necessarily, let's take this slow.
03:48 Let's say we to not want to take away Ruby's happiness.
03:52 - true. - so if it takes fast food to be happy, well
03:55 maybe a little bit occasionally might be okay.
03:57 But what I would tell her is let's eat more for fresh
04:00 fruits and the bad stuff eat as a treat.
04:02 Try to make your night meal as small as possible and fill
04:06 up on water, lots of water.
04:09 Water makes you feel good, water increases your
04:12 metabolism, so I could just start right there.
04:14 Nothing more than that.
04:15 So I haven't taken anything away from Ruby, all we said
04:19 just try not to eat big at night, drink more water,
04:22 eat more the fresh stuff first and the bad stuff second.
04:25 Then I would say Ruby, come back in a month and we will
04:28 pray for you, we will give you lots of love and if
04:32 you have one bad day don't worry about that.
04:35 Just don't have too bad days in a row.
04:37 You've actually created a new food pyramid on lifestyle.
04:40 Exactly, and as she does this when she comes back in
04:44 a month she will feel empowered.
04:46 We have loved her and she feels like she can do this,
04:48 she has lost a little weight and lowered her risk of
04:50 having a heart attack and diabetes,
04:52 she has lost a few pounds.
04:53 I say Ruby you are getting back to the way God made you.
04:56 Would you like another suggestion?
04:58 Ruby's going to say yes I would and we will add another
05:02 treatment to this.
05:03 So how do you know the truth Ruby, the truth is looking
05:06 in the Bible starting with love and getting back to the
05:09 biblical plan, don't get worried about counting calories,
05:12 or worried about all these other things that start with
05:15 the basics and I think Ruby is going to feel a lot better
05:18 when she does these things.
05:19 And some of these diet plans, I have friends on them counting
05:21 points, counting calories and they are thinking oh
05:25 my goodness I went over it.
05:26 Now what do I do? That is a hard thing, that is stressed
05:29 right there. - than if you don't do it there is a self-
05:32 esteem issue, I'm not worth it, I blew it today and
05:35 my day is terrible.
05:36 That is not true at all.
05:38 Then their friends are saying you did blow it,
05:40 well that is a negative, instead say, stay on it,
05:43 keep going, you're doing good.
05:44 Remember it's not about, it is about getting good habits.
05:47 It's about getting good habits and when you get these
05:51 good habits based on biblical principles
05:53 God is going to bless you.
05:54 There is three forms of healing Tim, the first type of
05:58 healing we seen in the Bible God healed people suddenly.
06:01 People raised from the dead, I have seen that healing a
06:05 couple times, and the second type of healing is like the
06:08 healing we get when we change our lives.
06:10 When we make a good decision whether that would be
06:12 drinking more water, exercising more, sleeping more at
06:15 night, our chemistry changes because we get back to the
06:18 owner's manual, God knew how to make us.
06:20 He loves us, He's going make us the best we can be.
06:23 But who better than the Creator to love us and gives us
06:26 these recommendations because He loves us so much He wants us
06:29 to feel good, but guess what the evil one does? -he blinds us!
06:32 He sneaks in these subtle things, He wants to break down
06:35 our body, tear up our chemistry, make us feel discouraged,
06:38 make us feel unloved and guess what?
06:40 We give up and we don't turn to Him for the answer.
06:43 We fall apart chemically, and it is happening in our
06:46 world, and just look at.
06:47 I know we have obesity problems all over this nation,
06:49 and all over the world.
06:52 Talk about marketing, we need to market truth.
06:55 We need to market God's plan, this is the way God wants it
06:58 to be and as we get back to this and empower people,
07:01 guess what? We feel better, we understand love, and
07:04 we become happier.
07:05 This is where but start with Ruby, and I think Ruby
07:08 you are going to this, this time.
07:10 Don't be discouraged, you can make this happen.
07:12 I like that, that's good Jim.
07:14 Let's go to our next question, George in New South Wales
07:19 Australia writes: my mother has atrial fibrillation,
07:23 - you almost said that right, the audio guys -yeah I know
07:27 atrial fibrillation. - It's atrial actually.
07:30 That is the top chamber of the heart.
07:31 Okay so it's atrial the top chamber of the heart
07:38 fibrillation and she says she needs to take Coumadin.
07:40 Is there any other treatment options available?
07:41 Question, explained to me what is Coumadin?
07:43 Well Coumadin is a blood thinner we get that helps
07:46 lower the risk of clots.
07:48 One of the things that I want to stress to our listeners
07:51 today is there is a place for modern medicine, there is
07:54 a place for natural medicine, and of course there's
07:56 a place for biblical medicine.
07:58 Unless we have the Bible as the basis, as a source of
08:04 truth, we are going to get in trouble long-term.
08:06 You know we talked about healing and how God heals
08:09 quickly, the ultimate healing that I didn't mention last
08:12 question is when we are promised healed in heaven.
08:15 So one of the best things I can say to George in South
08:18 Wales is his mother has atrial fibrillation, someday
08:21 in heaven she won't have a atrial fibrillation.
08:24 - we will have a new body.
08:25 Atrial fibrillation, the top part of the heart squeezes
08:28 like this and it goes very fast, this is actually the
08:31 most common rhythm problem in America.
08:34 What happens like this the blood can't pass through
08:37 easily, and when it doesn't pass through easily,
08:40 when blood sits still guess what it does?
08:42 And - well it's like vapor lock?
08:44 A clots, and if the clot gets in the heart it can
08:47 pass from the upper chamber, which is the atrium to
08:49 the lower chamber ventricle and then gets pumped out.
08:52 If it gets pumped out those clots could go upstream.
08:57 In fact it is estimated that 15% of all strokes come
09:01 from this rhythm atrial fibrillation.
09:03 No one likes to take Coumadin, but this is one where
09:06 modern medicine can lower the risk of having strokes.
09:09 Now I frequently get people to say is their other
09:12 medications, natural medications that can act the
09:15 same way? There might be however, they have not been
09:18 studied as well so we don't know for sure that
09:21 they work and they are awful hard to regulate.
09:24 Coumadin is very well studied and we can tell what
09:26 level of blood thinner a person needs to
09:28 be protected from stroke.
09:30 And the real risk of any blood thinner is of course
09:33 bleeding, so that is going to be the real risk.
09:37 I'm glad that George in New South Wales wrote.
09:40 You know we are getting a lot of questions from all over
09:43 from Heart Wise Ministry's, from all over the world.
09:46 That was a great question and I hope he has a good day,
09:49 I will say, Good Day Mattie!
09:50 Hey I like that one. -
09:51 that's the way they treat each other.
09:53 - Good Day Mate! I know.
09:54 Sophie from Prince Edwards Island in Canada writes,
09:58 I'm an 87-year-old lady and three years ago I got
10:02 diagnosed with obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
10:09 My arteries are squeaky clean and they installed a new
10:14 pacemaker and my heart beats at 62 beats per minute.
10:18 I'm taking two medications a calcium blocker and a beta
10:23 blocker, does she need those blockers?
10:25 That is great question and this is an example of a
10:28 complex medical situation in many ways.
10:32 She's 87, so at that stage when people age they have to
10:36 be more careful with medications.
10:38 Remember medicines change your chemistry.
10:40 Also in her she has an obstructive cardiomyopathy, that
10:43 means her heart muscle has gotten thicker through the
10:47 years. - it's a little harder to pump.
10:48 Right, the most likely cause of thickness might
10:50 be high blood pressure.
10:51 Young people genetic variance where they get squeaky, thick
10:56 hearts too so that makes it and another thing.
10:59 The reason she is taking to medications is to make the
11:02 heart worked less. - so it is thinning the blood?
11:05 No actually the slower the heart works the more time has
11:09 to fill, and another thing it does is lowers blood
11:13 pressure so it doesn't have to push up.
11:15 If you're pushing weights and lifting all the time that
11:17 is why high blood pressure hurts the heart because it
11:20 takes a lot of effort when the heart has to pump against
11:22 resistance and sooner or later if it pumps and gets
11:25 enough resistance the muscle gets thicker and thicker.
11:28 So these two medications, a calcium blocker and the
11:31 beta-blocker are doing two things.
11:33 They are lowering the blood pressure, which makes the
11:35 heart worked less, and they are slowing it down and
11:38 giving it time to fill up more because if that muscle is
11:40 thick guess what happens? There is no room for blood.
11:43 So these medications are used to help the patient
11:46 feel better and have a higher ability
11:49 to exercise and do things.
11:50 Now what's going to happen if she keeps
11:52 taking those medicines?
11:53 As long as she does not have a side effect, we do not have
11:57 to worry about Sophie's heart going too slow, why is that?
12:00 Well because she has a pacemaker, what a pacemaker does
12:04 is to keep the heart from going too slow and probably what
12:07 is happening in her heart is that through the years, 87
12:10 years, the battery part of the heart is going too slow.
12:13 So she has had a pacemaker put in to help the heart not go
12:17 to slow, she has had that and this is a perfect example
12:20 of the way modern medicine can help a heart do better.
12:23 Now there is a place for modern medicine, and as long as
12:27 she's not having a side effect on these medications
12:29 I would continue this.
12:30 Now she has another part to that question, huh?
12:34 She does and we might not have a chance to get to that
12:37 Jim, but we will answer that in our next show.
12:39 These are great questions that people write in and one of
12:43 the things I want to encourage people is that there is
12:46 a balance between modern medicine and chronic medicine.
12:49 We always one to focus people back to the Bible first,
12:53 and then we want to balance acute medicine and what
12:56 modern medicine has to offer.
12:57 That's great, thank you Jim.
12:59 Folks who want to thank you for joining us here on Bible
13:01 Rx, if you would like to ask your question go to
13:06 heartWiseMinistry. org, that's heartWiseMinistry. org
13:10 or you can write us at
13:11 Heart Wise Ministry's-P.O. Box 82-Ooltewah TN 37363.
13:16 Thanks for joining us on Bible Rx.


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