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00:01 Are you confused by the conflicting health reports
00:03 in the news today?
00:05 In this well marketed world is hard to know who or
00:08 even what to believe, but there are answers
00:10 you can depend on.
00:12 Hi I'm Dr. James Markham, join me for Bible RX, a program
00:16 exploring the health care world, looking at all aspects
00:20 of healing, using the Bible and Biblical prescriptions
00:24 as the ultimate source of truth.
00:52 Today we have with us Dr. Phil Garver, he is a professor
00:56 of let me say, wellness at Southern Adventist University.
01:00 We are going to answer your questions regarding physical
01:03 fitness and wellness here on Bible RX.
01:10 We were designed to be active, we were designed to move.
01:13 If you think back to 200 years ago what did a person do?
01:16 They spent most of their day working out in the fields,
01:19 finding their food, working for a living, moving.
01:23 But now in our industrialized society, just think about it,
01:27 we have cars, we have planes, we have mechanized
01:31 devices to do our work for us.
01:32 That movement factor is gone and yet we were originally
01:36 designed for motion, to get our heart rate up for
01:38 prolonged periods of time.
01:40 As we have not done this guess what has happened to our
01:43 chemistry? Our chemistry is not aligned to the way
01:47 we were designed originally.
01:49 Today we have a very special guest, Dr. Phil Garver.
01:53 He's a professor at Southern Adventist University.
01:56 Someone who specializes in wellness.
01:58 Dr. Garver, we want to welcome you here to Bible RX.
02:02 My first question is, out of all the things you could have
02:06 chosen with in a career, what made you interested in this
02:10 method of healing?
02:12 Well I originally went into the field of physical
02:16 education and I realized very, very quickly that teaching kids
02:21 to shoot a basketball or hit a baseball or a golf ball was
02:26 fun and exciting but it really had very little of a life
02:31 time impact on these young people.
02:32 As I was teaching my health classes, I began to realize
02:37 the tremendous potential impact for the rest of
02:41 their life when we talked about real issues dealing with
02:44 their total health and well-being and not just
02:47 their physical health.
02:48 So my passion swung very quickly from the physical skills
02:52 to a more holistic health education,
02:55 relationship education kind of a class.
02:58 So that is where I pursued my doctrinal degree and it was
03:02 in health education and in my journey in wellness expanded
03:07 about 20 some years ago and now I see how the Lord has led me
03:11 through Phys Ed to Health Ed to wellness.
03:15 The opportunities today with the true wellness approach
03:20 is phenomenal and I am so excited and I think
03:25 we will have a chance to share some of those ideas as
03:26 we go along with this morning.
03:28 You know on Bible RX we try to bring healers from all
03:32 walks of life here to answer people's questions.
03:34 Unfortunately a lot of people out there think that healers
03:38 have to be ones that give medications or do procedures
03:42 or have some type of special device, but what I think
03:46 I want to convey to our listeners is that healers have
03:49 so much more in changing our chemistry and getting
03:52 us back to our original design.
03:54 Do you find this in wellness? - absolutely, absolutely!
03:57 Now before we start what is the difference between
04:00 physical education and wellness?
04:02 Well physical education deals with skills and fitness.
04:06 Fitness has five components.
04:09 The five components are your cardiovascular, strength,
04:12 endurance, body composition, and flexibility.
04:15 All very important, and most teachers in Phys Ed deal
04:19 with those some.
04:21 But the wonderful thing about wellness is that it not only
04:24 encompasses fitness components, that is only one of the
04:28 many aspects of wellness.
04:29 Wellness encompasses the whole person, physical, mental,
04:33 spiritual, social, emotional, financial health,
04:36 occupational health, en- vironmental health, so wellness
04:40 is our total existence, our total well-being which really
04:44 does make it much more of an opportunity to impact people's
04:47 lives where they have needs.
04:49 That is interesting because you know, for instance
04:51 when you go to church, they seem to focus on your
04:54 spiritual life but they don't necessarily focus on
04:57 some of these aspects. - right, exactly.
04:59 Most of us go to specific places to deal with any of
05:02 these one, you go to the bank for financial, you go to
05:06 the classroom for academic or intellectual.
05:08 So the neat thing about wellness is that it does really
05:11 embrace the whole person because we know we are holistic.
05:15 What impacts one part one aspect of you
05:17 will impact the rest of you.
05:18 So we really should encompass the whole person in our
05:21 dialogue about health and wealth.
05:23 Now a lot of our listeners might not have been exposed
05:26 to this concept of wellness, is this a new concept or
05:29 has it been out there for awhile?
05:30 Well I have been on this wellness journey for over 25
05:34 years, the wellness profession is probably close to 30
05:38 years old and there is nothing new under the sun.
05:41 There have been people dealing with wellness for years
05:44 and years and years and years so no, wellness isn't new.
05:48 Wellness is unique and because of that I think there has
05:52 been some skepticism, some resistance, and I don't blame
05:56 people for that, but this is where the power is.
05:59 This is where the journey can be impact in a positive way,
06:01 and it is not New Age.
06:03 That is another huge potential red flag for wellness.
06:08 Some people say over New Age, New Age, New Age.
06:10 Well how can you tell the difference between New Age,
06:12 a good wellness program?
06:14 I'm glad you asked that question.
06:16 New Age and wellness is such a Christ centered wellness,
06:19 We will talk about those two differences.
06:22 New Age is very simple, it's about giving yourself the
06:25 glory, it's about me, it's about me and my journey.
06:28 It is all about I can.
06:29 Christ centered wellness is all about giving God the
06:33 glory, so who gets the glory separates New Age from
06:36 Christ centered wellness, it is as simple as that.
06:39 Our lives should be all about Christ's mission for us,
06:42 Christ's vision for us, and connecting with Christ.
06:45 That is all wellness does,
06:47 that's Christ centered wellness.
06:48 New Age is all about me, I can, I will, I will and it's
06:53 a very subtle difference from the practitioners
06:56 perspective, the masseuses, the aroma therapist,
07:00 the this or that, there are a lot of parallels.
07:03 But the difference is huge, we give Christ the glory.
07:06 About Christ is the powerful medium.
07:09 Are you ready to answer some questions? - yes sir!
07:11 We have collected some questions from all over.
07:14 This is from a mom that has some children of up north,
07:18 their children are not exercising in her question is:
07:28 and how to get moving?
07:29 The greatest challenges, well this looks like
07:32 she probably has some kids at home that don't want to
07:33 do much, they don't want to exercise,
07:35 and they want to play video games and the Wii,
07:37 now some of that Wii stuff is pretty good.
07:39 Have you seen that?
07:40 They have some activities on the Wii now.
07:41 That's got some good stuff.
07:43 What are the biggest challenges, how can we help her?
07:45 I think kids learn three ways and we are all kids
07:47 at heart I think.
07:48 Kids learn through example, example, example.
07:50 So my point would be that every parent out there today,
07:54 every schoolteacher, every person who deals with kids
07:57 to plan activities that will be an example for the kids.
08:01 So parents take your kids outside, go be active with your
08:05 kids, go on hikes, go and bike rides, be outdoors and
08:09 be active with your children.
08:10 They want to be with you, they love to be outside.
08:13 Don't just sit them in front of the TV, and don't just
08:16 set them in front of the computer.
08:17 You know if we were active in the kids were active with
08:20 us, take them to the gym with you, take them to the pool
08:23 with you, be active, example, example, example.
08:26 Very, very simple, but it takes time, it takes planning,
08:29 it takes effort, and it might even take some money.
08:32 Get them tennis shoes, get them appropriate attire,
08:34 it is the way to do it.
08:36 So it sounds like our advice to this mom would be to try
08:41 to be an example. - exactly. -
08:43 this is a learned behavior. - exactly.
08:45 Live the kind of life you want your kids to develop.
08:47 So I guess now it's back to her now?
08:49 How can we encourage her if she is not this way to begin?
08:53 Where would you start with the mother and some
08:54 kids that aren't active?
08:55 How can we help her to become a good example?
08:58 Start small, start with a little thing and don't try to
09:02 fix it all tomorrow, start may be running around the
09:06 house a few times outside, do something's that will get the
09:11 family together active, a picnic lunch and before lunch
09:15 we are going to run around the park.
09:16 Get them on their tennis shoes, get them on their bikes,
09:20 go with them and do things with them and let it be fun.
09:25 Let it be fun, tell your face to smile, tell your face you
09:28 are having fun even if it is, because we are all so busy.
09:32 Making time for this is going to be a challenge, but if
09:35 we truly want these kids to develop these habits we need to
09:38 share because it is good for us too, it really is.
09:41 It is something we need as well.
09:42 But you know if I were the evil one and wanting to destroy
09:45 the health of the world, this is exactly what I would have
09:48 done over hundreds and hundreds of years I would have
09:51 subtly got us sitting around not doing any thing.
09:54 Watching television, playing video games, sitting around,
09:59 taking a car everywhere we go, and you can see this with
10:04 damage our chemistry and would also damage
10:06 our relationship with God.
10:08 And as we have more and more to cram into less and less
10:11 time, guess what we need a car, we need these life-saving,
10:14 energy-saving devices and it all makes sense now
10:17 even though it's killing us.
10:18 I like what you say about getting back to family.
10:21 One of the things on Bible RX we try to do is get back
10:23 to the Biblical principles.
10:25 If you look at families in Bible times, what did they do?
10:28 It was all about family. - absolutely!
10:31 They did things together, they worshiped together,
10:33 they exercised together, they worked together.
10:35 And we need to listen to each other during those times.
10:37 It gives us a chance to communicate with your child.
10:41 We need to be more in tune with them, when they are in
10:44 tune with the TV, they are not tuned in to you.
10:45 Then we yell and scream at them.
10:47 So this gives us an opportunity to actually communicate
10:51 some of those values and issues as well.
10:52 So it can do so many positive things with a few minutes
10:55 a day of activity.
10:56 If you think about the contrast, usually if you are not
10:59 doing the positive things, you might be doing the negative
11:01 things, so you are actually damaging your self and some
11:03 people don't even realize that they are being damaged
11:06 by their activities. - that's true.
11:08 Let's move onto another and we have sort of touched
11:11 on this next question.
11:12 This is a physical education teacher asking:
11:19 we have sort of touched on this already but
11:21 let's review that again.
11:23 Well fitness is the five components of fitness.
11:25 Five components cardiovascular, which need to be
11:28 aerobically active to get that.
11:29 Strength, which we need to pump weights and iron
11:32 to develop your muscles.
11:33 Endurance, enabled to do something over a period of time,
11:35 continue an activity over time.
11:37 Paddle a canoe for an hour.
11:39 Body composition, a relationship between your body fat and
11:43 your lean body tissue, another component.
11:45 Flexibility, don't we always forget, the one we tend to
11:49 leave out, but it is so important especially for
11:51 back health, flexibility.
11:53 So those five things are fitness and they are very, very
11:55 important but true wellness, a professional person
11:58 who's involved with wellness would be concerned about
12:01 the whole person.
12:02 We would be concerned about their diet and nutrition.
12:04 We would be concerned about sleep, plenty of rest and
12:06 sleep, plenty of water.
12:08 An outlet for our stress and aggression.
12:10 How are we going to do with our stress and behavior?
12:13 Relationships is huge, our spiritual connection.
12:15 How are we going to make sure Christ is a meaningful
12:18 component of our life?
12:19 Our best friend, all these things are so important.
12:22 How we treat our fellow man.
12:24 How we help other people, service to others are all
12:26 a part of wellness.
12:27 Wellness opens us up and it is easy many times for
12:32 fitness two narrows down to just me.
12:34 So wellness is about everybody, others.
12:37 It is easy in fitness to become focused on me and
12:41 my needs, so I would say that better for two to go down
12:44 a wellness journey which does allow you to embrace others
12:47 and take others on your journey with you.
12:49 Wow that is interesting Dr. Phil, it sounds like
12:52 wellness is a key component of our whole being.
12:55 Sometimes we don't necessarily get that from either church
12:59 or get that from a physical education program.
13:02 Why don't we hear more about this?
13:04 Well! - is it because of the negatives out there?
13:08 Is it because of this New Age?
13:09 I think that's one component, but it is a new area.
13:14 I think new is always challenging, unusual or some
13:18 thing we are not very familiar with.
13:20 There can always be a little resistance towards it.
13:22 How do you get professors are other people to embrace
13:25 something that they were not trained to do?
13:27 To walk down a new street or a new journey?
13:28 So I believe though this is the way to connect and we
13:34 will talk a little bit more about that in a few minutes
13:36 because the way we connect with wellness, I don't think
13:39 there's anything they can take its place.
13:40 Wow, this is fascinating to me because I am very
13:44 interested in changing people's chemistry.
13:46 It sounds like we might have been missing out in all this
13:49 medicine that I prescribe and angioplasties and stents
13:52 might not be the way to go, but it sounds like the way
13:55 we were originally designed is to be well.
13:57 Well this is very fascinating and we have to go to a
14:00 short break right now but we will be right back answering
14:03 your questions about wellness and physical activity.


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