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Participants: Dr. James Marcum (Host), Dr. Phil Garver (PhD.)


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00:01 Welcome back to Bible RX, our special guest today is
00:04 Dr. Phil Garver who has dedicated his life to this
00:07 wellness principle that we have been talking about.
00:10 Wellness is a form of healing, it changes our bodies
00:13 chemistry and in fact we are finding out that wellness
00:17 encompasses much more. - absolutely!
00:20 Let's get back to some questions here and
00:22 let's go to our next question.
00:24 It says, this comes from the great state of Nevada.
00:26 I don't know how much they get out Nevada but hopefully
00:29 out and exercising and having good wellness.
00:31 This comes from Nevada it says,
00:38 what is the power source of wellness?
00:39 We hear about all these New Age powers, we hear about
00:43 following people and examples, where does this
00:45 wellness concept come from?
00:47 Where does it gets its power from?
00:48 How long has this wellness concept that around?
00:50 That is the question we are getting from Nevada.
00:52 Great question and it's nice to have this opportunity.
00:55 Wellness in its true sense of form from a spiritual
00:59 perspective and is about empowering each individual
01:02 to achieve their God-given potential
01:05 in all aspects of life.
01:08 Let me say that one more time.
01:10 True biblical Christ centered wellness is about empowering
01:14 each individual, empowering each individual to achieve
01:18 their God-given potential in all aspects of life.
01:22 So wellness is about empowering people, not about giving
01:26 them a list of do's and don'ts.
01:27 So the big question is, what empowers?
01:31 How do we empower people?
01:32 Well if we look to Christ example, the greatest example of
01:36 all, Christ empowered through acceptance.
01:40 Acceptance has traditionally been a real challenge for
01:45 many of us as Christians, especially conservative
01:48 Christians, it is not what we are typically about.
01:51 How does empowerment work?
01:53 Well, Christ when He looked up at the tree and saw
01:56 Zacchaeus, I think many of us would been tempted to say,
01:59 you sinner, you creep, you jerk, you thief, you need to
02:03 do this, and this and this and then we can talk.
02:05 But Christ said, Zacchaeus come down, I want to go have
02:08 lunch with you and by the time they got to Zacchaeus
02:11 house, Guess what? because Christ accepted him as a person,
02:14 Zacchaeus knew what he needed to do to make changes.
02:17 That still works today.
02:19 When people can be accepted and empowered through
02:22 acceptance it's amazing the energy that comes inside
02:26 as opposed to a list of things someone tells them they
02:30 need to do, that actually de- energizes them, de-values
02:34 them and puts them on this trip that doesn't help
02:36 them with this chemistry or anything else and
02:38 it dubs them for failure.
02:41 So this is an awesome opportunity we have as a church
02:44 to empower people through acceptance in all aspects of
02:46 life, every aspect of life. Not just their spiritual or
02:49 physical but their emotional, social, financial, every aspect
02:54 of them, fits into this category this definition of wellness.
02:58 To answer their question, the power comes from God?
03:01 Absolutely, absolutely, we turn it over to God and
03:04 we accept and that empowers.
03:07 So I guess the biblical prescription would be to give
03:10 someone the ability to accept, I like to say acceptance
03:13 is love, love and acceptance.
03:15 At the heart of health is love so it would be great to change
03:18 someone's chemistry with this power of acceptance.
03:21 Embrace the people, accept the people,
03:24 that is what they need.
03:25 Well I guess now, in what you do every day you must
03:29 consider yourself a healer to help people to be healed?
03:33 Do you ever look at people and say I am changing your
03:36 chemistry, I am helping to heal you by understanding
03:39 these principles of acceptance, principles of love,
03:42 I will be changing your chemistry.
03:44 I really never looked at it that way, but I do believe
03:46 that is the end results, I really do.
03:48 Take a pill or? You know 90% of disease feel that
03:51 I see are from diseases that are required.
03:53 We get it from her habits and the evil one is subtly
03:56 infiltrated every aspect of our society, damaging our
03:59 chemistry, sometimes it is so subtle we don't know it.
04:02 Even people that go to church are being damaged.
04:04 What the mind possesses the body expresses, and that's
04:08 in the Scripture as well.
04:10 As a man thinks in his heart so is he.
04:11 So we do really need it, it does really start with our
04:14 attitude, with our attitude.
04:16 Now you have been working as a educator, a professor at
04:19 Southern Adventist University for how long?
04:21 For 33 years. - I guess that would qualify you to answer
04:25 this next question, what's Southern doing to promote this?
04:29 Do you have classes in it, do you require a student
04:32 to go to these wellness centers,
04:34 or how are you doing all of this?
04:35 24 years ago we started an employee wellness program and
04:39 that journey has been phenomenal in creating a culture
04:43 of wellness on our campus.
04:45 We have heard many, many testimonies from faculty
04:48 employees who have said that was the most unique and
04:51 positive thing about Southern, one of the positive things
04:54 you could think about Southern is its employed
04:57 wellness, because it is based on this acceptance thing.
04:59 It starts its assessment, first the students all have
05:02 take a course called Fitness For Life and that is where
05:04 they get exposed to the idea of acceptance and
05:08 finding out what they can do to change their life.
05:12 If they learn this early and establish those habits
05:16 early in life, then there is a much better chance of them
05:19 continuing on with those habits for the rest of their life.
05:21 So we do expose every student and every employee at
05:25 Southern to the simple concepts of taking care of
05:28 ourselves the way Christ expects us to.
05:31 Wow, you know I am taking about this from and economic
05:33 standpoint, look at our world and how much money
05:35 we are spending on health care damage control?
05:38 It sounds like parents want to get a bargain if your child
05:41 can learn wellness and how to encompass these principles,
05:45 how to keep their chemistry the way God has made us to
05:48 design, it could save them hundreds of thousands of
05:51 dollars by avoiding diabetes, heart disease, and strokes.
05:54 You don't even think of it like that do you?
05:56 Being more productive as well, all the positives plus not
06:00 have the negatives, absolutely!
06:03 You know our employee health care, we monitor it ourselves
06:07 as we are self-insured.
06:08 For the last several years, in fact many years our health
06:13 care has increased only about a third as much as the local
06:17 average, so our health care has been actually impacted as
06:20 a result of this as well, but this is not why we do it.
06:23 We do it because of touching people's lives.
06:26 That is excellent, this next question is a very
06:29 interesting question and it comes from
06:31 the great state of Michigan.
06:32 This question states that:
06:38 I know that this is more than just going to the gym,
06:40 Can you comment on what type of wellness program
06:43 I should look for?
06:44 This is a good chance for me to talk to you a little bit
06:47 about the wellness program you set up at Husley Wellness Center
06:49 What does that include, what would a person that came
06:53 to you at Husley Wellness Center and that is on the campus
06:57 at Southern, what would you start with that person?
06:59 I come in, I am out of shape and say listen I need help,
07:01 what would you do?
07:02 Well wellness always begins with assessment.
07:05 Wellness would never say go to this because we wouldn't
07:09 know if that is actually what they needed.
07:11 So a true wellness program will always begin with
07:13 assessment, find out where they are.
07:15 Then we would share with that person the impacts of
07:19 those realities and then the person would make a plan
07:22 on that action based on what they would like to see
07:25 accomplished in their own personal life.
07:27 When a person develops their own personal plan of action
07:30 they take ownership of it and they are much more likely to
07:33 succeed, it's the old three questions of reality therapy.
07:37 Where am I? On any aspect of life. Where do I want to be?
07:40 On any aspect of life.
07:42 Number three is how do I get from here to there?
07:43 So our job than just help them on their journey from here
07:48 to there and because of the other component of wellness
07:53 you never give up on anybody. So here we are working
07:57 with someone who is wanting to get from point A. to point
07:59 B. and we never give up on them.
08:02 We are helping them with their plan and it becomes
08:04 very, very positive.
08:05 So we have the aerobic stuff, we have the strength stuff,
08:09 we have the walking track, we have the aerobic facility
08:13 we do spinning classes, or Pilates. We have that equipment.
08:17 We have therapeutic massage places in this Center.
08:20 We have whirlpools for specific joint needs.
08:23 We have a hot tub, a therapeutic pool with warmer water.
08:26 The therapeutic pool has jets in it where you can get
08:30 resistance walking in the water for joints and
08:32 healing and we have a wheelchair ramp in there
08:34 so everyone has access to this process.
08:37 We've got the entire thing plus we have a lab, a human
08:40 performance laboratory which allows our students to work
08:44 with people to determine exactly where they are in
08:48 different aspects of their fitness component.
08:51 So one of the greatest joys I am hearing about our
08:54 wellness Center is, our students are connecting with
08:57 the community one-on-one.
08:59 People love the way our kids treat them,
09:02 the acceptance our kids are showing them.
09:05 But the professionalism in taking them from where
09:07 they are to where they want to be.
09:09 They are very, very good and are getting a hands-on
09:12 experience to taking them out to the workplace
09:14 when they graduate.
09:15 So getting back to this question, we have talked about
09:18 they are looking for the difference between a gym
09:20 and a wellness program.
09:21 We have talked about assessment, most wellness programs
09:25 do not have this physical touch like that.
09:27 Now are you involved in education,
09:29 nutrition any of those aspects too?
09:32 Or is that another compartment?
09:34 Two nights a week up in the academic component
09:37 we are actually having seminars to reach out
09:40 where people can be invited to and so we will be dealing
09:44 with all the natural remedies, diabetes education
09:49 courses, cooking schools, how to cook healthfully.
09:52 One of the biggest challenges in our culture today is
09:55 how you like to cook healthy food, and to be tasty.
09:58 So actually have in place within our center those opportunities.
10:02 Two nights a week, and it is going to be
10:05 ongoing from now on.
10:06 People and physicians in the area can actually send their
10:10 clients, people can use word- of-mouth, all local churches,
10:13 all denominations are going to have the opportunity to do
10:16 this as well, so it is going to be a tremendous outreach
10:20 opportunity as we help people deal with a whole person.
10:23 In fact next week our first wellness seminar
10:25 is on financial wellness, financial wellness in this
10:28 time of crises, what is the best way to approach your
10:31 personal finances, we'll talk about home ownership.
10:34 It will be a really exciting time.
10:37 I think that very well answers this question about what
10:39 is the difference between just a physical education
10:42 or just going to the gym, and wellness.
10:45 It sounds like it encompasses every aspect.
10:47 Now how about the spiritual aspect?
10:49 Now do you guys touch on that or is it
10:51 just solely for church?
10:52 No, no, no, the spiritual component is at the core of
10:56 what we are about, it truly is at the core.
10:58 But we do not preach, we accept people, we think that
11:03 accepting is as spiritual an act as a human can do for
11:07 another human being, we don't judge them.
11:09 Nor do we condemn them, we accept them and move on.
11:13 So spiritual components are more subtle, but they are
11:17 very much there in the way kids deal with people.
11:20 Non-Adventist come to our facility because the kids are
11:23 so nice, so spiritual, so accepting.
11:26 Now in our short period of time we have left, if you
11:29 wanted to share one thing with the entire world,
11:32 Dr. Garver, now is the chance to share this.
11:35 What's the burden on your heart, we would like to think that the
11:37 Holy Spirit moves us as we talk, what would you want to
11:40 share with the entire world right now?
11:41 Life is a journey and I'm convinced that God wanted us
11:46 on this journey and our journeys to be full of joy,
11:51 to be something that would draw people to us.
11:55 Not by what we say but by what we do.
11:58 The true Christ centered life would be full of joy and
12:02 it would be one that people would want to immolate.
12:06 It would be full of acceptance.
12:07 He would reach out and embrace people, plus it would
12:11 actually do the kinds of things that would be the right
12:14 kind of things to do to have a balanced holistic life.
12:17 But we would do those things out of love for our
12:21 Creator and Maker, not out of fear.
12:23 So the real journey I would like to promote here is
12:26 a journey of joy and we are so excited that Southern
12:28 really does have the opportunity to promote joy.
12:31 The journey is not about hurt, pain, sorrow and suffering.
12:34 We can laugh every day, laughter is important.
12:38 Find joy, pursue joy and embrace Christ on
12:42 this journey and share it.
12:43 Well this is very much about the healing, changing
12:45 a body's chemistry and I hope friend and you have enjoyed
12:48 our Bible RX today as we talked about healing through wellness.
12:52 Please join us next time.


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