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We Need A Divine Touch

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Participants: Chris Shelton (Host), Kenny Shelton


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00:42 Hello and welcome to what is actually the
00:45 first of Behold the Lamb presents programs
00:48 produced at Behold the Lamb Ministries with
00:50 the blessing and help of 3ABN Broadcasting
00:52 Network. Today's sermon title is we need a
00:56 divine touch. In today's society we need
00:59 a divine heavenly touch more than ever,
01:02 but before we begin, I like share a few
01:05 verses of scripture found in John,
01:07 beginning with the verse 1. It says in the
01:09 beginning was the word, and the word was
01:12 with God, and the word was God,
01:14 it's talking about Jesus here. The same was in
01:17 the beginning with God. All things were
01:19 made by him; and without him was not
01:21 anything made that was made.
01:24 In him was the life; and the life was the
01:26 light of men. Going down to verse 7,
01:29 it reads the same came for a witness,
01:32 you see we're all to bear witness of Jesus,
01:35 it's talking about John, 'cause John was
01:37 bearing witness, and like John we are to
01:40 bear witness of Jesus to bear witness of
01:42 that light, that truth that he brings into the
01:45 world. Verse 12 reads, "But as many as
01:48 received him to them, he gave he gave
01:51 power to become the sons of God."
01:53 Don't you desire to be a son or daughter
01:56 of God I know I do. Verse 23, "He said,
01:59 I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness."
02:02 Now John was answering the questions of
02:04 the priest and the scribes and pharisees were
02:07 asking John, what gives you the authority?
02:10 Why are you here talking about all these things.
02:12 What gives you the authority to do that?
02:14 John goes on and he answers. He say "I am
02:16 the voice of one crying in the wilderness,
02:19 Make straight the way of the Lord,
02:22 as said the prophet Esaias." Verse 27,
02:27 John is talking about Jesus. He says
02:29 "It is He who coming after me is preferred
02:33 before me, whose shoe latches I am not
02:36 worthy to unloose." You see God is so
02:40 wonderful, so powerful, so majestic,
02:42 we are not even worthy to untie his
02:45 shoe-latchet. In Verse 29, we read
02:49 "The next day John seeth Jesus coming to him,
02:52 and saith, Behold the Lamb of God,
02:55 which taketh away the sin of the world."
02:58 You see that's our desire here that anyway
03:01 possible, we can help you to Behold the Lamb
03:05 of God. Before we get into today's message,
03:08 we're gonna go back to 3ABN's worship center,
03:11 and we are gonna be blessed with the song
03:13 entitled "As Water To The Thirsty"
03:16 sung by Christian Berdahl.
03:19 As water to the thirsty, as beauty to
03:28 the eyes, as strength that follows weakness,
03:36 as truth instead of lies, as song time and
03:45 springtime and summertime to be,
03:54 so is my Lord, my living Lord, so is my Lord to me.
04:18 Like calm in place of clamor,
04:23 like peace that follows pain, like meeting
04:31 after parting, like sunshine after rain,
04:40 like moonlight and starlight and sunlight
04:48 on the sea, so is my Lord, my living Lord,
04:57 so is my Lord to me.
05:58 As sleep that follows fever,
06:03 as gold instead of gray, as freedom after
06:11 bondage, as sunrise to the day,
06:19 as home to the traveler and oh he longs
06:27 to see, so is my Lord, my living Lord,
06:37 so is my Lord to me, so is my Lord to me.
06:57 I wanna thank you for joining us today and
06:59 we thank you brother Christian for that
07:00 beautiful song. I know it's been a blessing to
07:03 everyone who can hear that,
07:05 we just praise God for that. We're glad that
07:07 again you're here, you join us by whatever
07:09 means that you can as we are gonna study the
07:12 word of God. I invite you to get your
07:13 Bible, get your pencil, get a pen and you
07:16 know we need to try the spirits the Bible
07:18 said to see whether these things be so,
07:21 but before we get studying God's word today,
07:23 I want, I like for you just maybe while you're
07:25 there at home, you might be able to kneel
07:26 with me. I am gonna kneel right
07:27 here and ask God's blessing.
07:33 Merciful Father in Heaven, we thank you
07:34 for the privilege of prayer. We thank you
07:37 for the promise that when we open the
07:40 word of God that you're gonna speak to
07:41 us through the power of the Holy Spirit.
07:44 Bless now we pray to this end that every
07:46 word that's spoken will bring honor and
07:48 glory to the King of Kings, and the Lord of
07:50 Lords, anoint us we pray with Holy Spirit
07:54 power and stop the ears, the eyes of each
07:56 and everyone that we may see and hear,
07:59 and understand that Jesus is soon to come.
08:01 I thank you and praise you in the
08:02 loving name of Jesus. Amen.
08:08 Again I encourage you by the way home
08:09 to get your Bible, some of may not be
08:11 wherever you might be at, traveling,
08:13 whatever, but we encourage you to be
08:16 sure and write down all of the Bible passages
08:19 that we will be using because we're gonna
08:20 to be looking at well I say one of the most
08:23 important subjects that we could look at
08:25 today. We need a divine touch, that's our
08:29 subject for today, we need a divine touch,
08:31 and I am sure that everyone of us
08:33 realizes that we need a touch from Jesus
08:35 in a special way. How do we receive that
08:38 touch? Do we really need that touch,
08:42 and if we are touched by the vanity will
08:44 something changed in our hearts and in
08:47 our lives to make us more like Jesus.
08:49 Is it really important in the hour that we
08:53 live to be more and more like Jesus?
08:57 Do we need to be ready for his coming?
08:58 Do you believe that he is coming;
09:00 well it's very important that we plan.
09:02 Now I want you to contemplate these
09:04 questions. I want you to contemplate what
09:06 we'll be talking about today, and by the end
09:08 of the program by the way I wanna,
09:11 want you to make a decision for Jesus.
09:14 So we're glad to be here, we're glad that
09:15 you're where you're at, and let's study
09:17 God's words shall we together. You know as
09:21 I study scripture, I see that Jesus spend
09:24 a lot of time touching people and that's
09:26 so, so very important in the world that
09:28 we live in today, as we are reaching out
09:30 touching other people for him.
09:33 He touches us, we reach out and touch
09:35 other people for him, and by the way he
09:38 spent a lot of time doing that and I just
09:39 wanna remind you that when Jesus touches
09:42 you something happens, something
09:45 supernatural and by the way Jesus spend
09:50 a lot of time. Now I'm gonna give you a
09:51 passage of scripture, so you can jot it
09:52 down right now First Samuel chapter 10
09:55 verse 26, I am just gonna read that to
09:57 you right now, it says there went from
09:59 him or from Saul as you read the whole
10:01 passage of scripture a band of men,
10:04 whose hearts had being touched by God.
10:08 Now remember when you heart is touched by
10:11 God, great things happen. You never remain
10:15 the same by the way you change when
10:18 divinity reaches down and touches humanity.
10:21 So Jesus today is in the business of doing
10:25 several things. He's touching the hearts
10:27 of those who are hurting. There may be
10:31 somebody out there today you're hurting.
10:35 You've lost a loved one. You maybe went
10:38 through some things that you don't
10:39 understand at the job, you may have
10:41 lost your job, you may not, I don't know
10:43 how even to pay my next house payment.
10:46 So you're hurting today, you have maybe
10:49 people have a miserable heart,
10:50 they have a hard heart and that we
10:52 realize there are those with a lonely
10:54 heart because you may be lost your
10:56 loved one. But you know I believe this,
10:59 Jesus is in the heart business.
11:02 You know he can take that old heart of
11:04 stone and he can make it a heart of flesh,
11:05 he can mold it, he can make it in anyway
11:08 that you let him do it, change your
11:10 heart, change your life, change your
11:12 direction. You know somebody today
11:14 maybe have that sad heart, and maybe
11:17 you've had that sad heart for a long time
11:18 because you don't know how to change it.
11:21 If you listen very carefully today the
11:23 Holy Spirit will speak to your heart and you
11:25 will see that change take place. God is able
11:28 to do that. By the Bible says in the book of
11:31 Matthew chapter 14 verse 36, it says
11:35 "And they besought him that they might
11:37 just touch the hem of his garment."
11:41 There were throngs of people crowding
11:43 around Jesus and many people had the
11:45 faith to believe that if I can just touch the
11:48 hem of his garment, I can me made whole
11:51 and you know what the Bible says,
11:53 there in the book of Matthew 14:36 the
11:55 Bible say those that touched him were made
11:59 perfectly whole. Now think about it when
12:03 Jesus touches you, think about it.
12:06 When Jesus touches you, you won't be
12:09 the same, he doesn't do a half job,
12:12 he doesn't do an incomplete job,
12:13 when he touches you, you become
12:15 completely whole. For some of us who
12:18 need changes, we need to change every
12:20 day in our life, some of you have been in
12:22 this rut for so long a time that you,
12:24 you're not sure how you're gonna get out
12:25 of that but you know what if you by
12:27 faith reach out and touch the hem of
12:29 Jesus' garment, you will be perfectly whole.
12:33 I look at that word and I want you to do
12:35 these things too as we study together,
12:38 as we study it says perfectly it means,
12:41 it means to save, to save thoroughly,
12:46 so when they reached out by faith and they
12:48 touched the hem of his garment several
12:50 things took place. See these are things that
12:53 we need in the hour in which we live,
12:55 if we really believe that Jesus is coming.
12:57 We really realize that we need some
12:59 changes to take place in our life.
13:02 That we need to be saved, that's what
13:04 this perfect, perfectly whole means,
13:08 that they were saved thoroughly.
13:11 In another word very interesting it was
13:13 they were, they were cured, they were,
13:15 another word I like was they were rescued,
13:19 they were safe. So here's what he was
13:20 talking about, he was talking about
13:22 physically and he was talking about spiritually.
13:26 So when you reach out and touch Jesus
13:28 by the way and he says there is lot of
13:30 good things that's going to happen. You know
13:31 it doesn't really end there. The good news
13:34 just doesn't end to say oh boy you know
13:36 it's spiritual and then the physical that's
13:39 wonderful but when Jesus touches you
13:41 then you automatically want to reach out
13:44 and touch somebody else for Jesus and why
13:48 not do that today, why not just reach out
13:51 by faith and touch someone for Jesus if
13:54 you've been touched. In fact you can't help
13:56 yourself. When the Lord has put his
13:59 blessing upon you and you feel the
14:02 anointing of the spirit you cannot remain
14:04 quiet any longer. See this is important in
14:07 the hour, we live in a world of unrest.
14:11 We live in a world that needs a touch from
14:15 the master's hand, but you know what you're
14:17 gonna have to ask for that. You're gonna
14:19 have to plead with him. You've got to get
14:21 on your knees and ask God to help you
14:23 with that. And by the way the Bible says in
14:26 Matthew chapter 9, so may be you have
14:28 your Bible now and you have your pen.
14:30 Matthew chapter 9 verses 30 and 31,
14:33 I wanna read those to you. Jesus said to
14:36 the people, now remember Jesus he
14:38 healed a, he healed a blind man,
14:40 he healed a man that was deaf and dumb,
14:43 and so Jesus was out always touching and
14:46 healing individuals and it was very
14:48 interesting. He told these blind men,
14:51 he told this deaf men, he said now don't,
14:53 don't you go tell anybody, isn't that interesting.
14:57 Any thing good that happens to us what
14:59 usually takes place, if something good
15:01 happens to me you know what,
15:02 I am gonna sometime I am gonna shout
15:04 about it, I may run around the neighborhood
15:06 with it, I'm gonna make some phone calls,
15:07 I am gonna do a little emailing, I am gonna
15:09 let people know that something good
15:11 has happened to me. See what's the
15:13 differences in that by the way than people
15:14 saying you know we entered this contest
15:18 and we won it and you keep it to yourself?
15:20 No, you want to tell everybody about
15:24 what happened. And so as Jesus told
15:27 these men that he touched and he
15:28 healed don't, don't tell anybody he knew
15:32 it makes his work more difficult by the
15:34 way, but they couldn't keep quiet.
15:37 The Bible says here that they when they
15:39 had departed they were touched,
15:42 they were made whole and they departed.
15:43 The Bible says that they spread abroad
15:46 his fame in all that country. Now what
15:49 does that say. They couldn't help themselves.
15:52 Something great had taken place why?
15:54 Because by the faith they had touched
15:55 the Master. Do you realized what would
15:58 take place in your life and my life today
16:00 if we by faith would just reach out and
16:02 touch the Master. Things would never
16:04 be the same again and you know we,
16:06 we both need, we all need these
16:08 changes to take place in our life.
16:11 Their hearts were so full of gratitude and
16:14 thanksgiving that they just couldn't keep
16:17 quiet. Now you see my point, the point
16:19 is when Jesus touches you,
16:21 it could be physically and spiritually but
16:24 then you cannot be quiet about it.
16:26 You're gonna have to tell somebody about
16:28 it. You're gonna have to share some
16:30 good news, the good news of the Gospel.
16:33 Now remember Jesus said this,
16:36 Luke 5 verse 32. He made it very,
16:39 very clear. He said I came not to call the
16:42 righteous, but sinners to repentance.
16:47 Please think about that with me. Jesus
16:49 said that I didn't come to just call the
16:51 righteous, but I came to call sinners.
16:56 And I got to thinking about that I am
16:59 sinner. The Bible says that we've all
17:03 sinned and come short of the glory of God.
17:07 One of the functions of Jesus coming to
17:09 this earth, he came for me, he came for
17:12 you because we were sinners. And He
17:15 wanted to just give us victory.
17:16 He wanted a turn about in our life.
17:20 And I am convinced of this the more that
17:22 we that we look to Jesus. The more that
17:24 we behold Jesus, the more that we
17:27 become like him, the more that we have
17:30 to say about him, the more that we want
17:32 to talk about him, the more that we
17:34 love him it's clear from scripture. By the
17:38 way Romans chapter 2 verse 4,
17:40 the Bible says and his work comes into
17:42 play by the way. It says that the
17:44 goodness of God leadeth us to repentance.
17:48 Now what leads us to repentance?
17:51 We've established already that we've all
17:53 sinned but we need to come to repentance.
17:56 How does that takes place? The Bible says
17:58 that we behold Jesus, his goodness,
18:02 his mercy, his long suffering and to see
18:04 how much he loves us and what he,
18:06 the penalty that he paid for my sin,
18:09 that it leads me to repent or to ask
18:12 for forgiveness of my sin. See nothing
18:15 remains the same, everything begins to
18:18 change. Paul kind of said in such a way
18:21 he said you know those old things,
18:23 you know that I used to love, he said I
18:26 now hate, and those things that I hated,
18:29 that I didn't like I now love. Jesus says
18:33 I can make you over, I can make you
18:34 new again. Several years ago oh my,
18:39 it's been you know 15, almost 20 years
18:41 ago, used to have a radio program.
18:44 You know what the name of that radio
18:45 program was? Name of that program was
18:47 People Touching People. How appropriate for
18:53 what we were talking about today.
18:55 It wasn't just words; it just wasn't doing
18:57 a radio program. It doesn't gain any
19:00 merit with God. How's the heart and what,
19:04 what took place as people touching people?
19:08 It was a ministry of supplying the
19:10 needs of the people and by the way that
19:12 was physical and spiritual. Just the away
19:16 that Jesus would have us to do.
19:19 By the way are you meeting the needs
19:21 of your community, where you're at?
19:25 Are we doing that what Jesus has
19:26 commissioned us to do, if not why not?
19:32 Do we need a divine touch?
19:35 See I believe that we need a divine
19:37 touch. In fact we have to have that divine
19:39 touch. We have to have that Holy Spirit
19:42 power in our hearts and in our lives to
19:45 make us more and more like Jesus.
19:47 How can we do, this helps us to fulfill
19:50 the gospel commission. The gospel
19:53 commission is going into all the world
19:55 and to do what and to preach the
19:56 gospel. Friend, I believe that with all
20:01 my heart, we live in such an hour that
20:04 we need to be telling our relatives,
20:05 and our friends about the nearest and
20:07 the soon coming of Jesus. In fact what
20:10 does it really mean to be a Christian.
20:13 Oh I've heard all kind of definitions and I
20:15 know that you have too. Oh what does it
20:18 mean to be Christian. I have heard a
20:19 person say that and I tell you they went
20:21 off on about an hour of what it means to
20:23 be Christian, that's all right. But this one
20:26 man said it in a way that I can relate
20:29 to and I hope that you can relate to it.
20:31 His name was Hudson Taylor.
20:34 Hudson Taylor was asked this question,
20:36 what is a Christian? Now, I don't know
20:39 what your response would be.
20:42 I don't know how would you answer that,
20:45 here's what he said. Boy this makes a lot
20:47 of sense. What does it mean to be a
20:48 Christian? His answer is if, if your father
20:53 and your mother, if your brother and
20:57 your sister, if your neighbor and notice
21:02 this he said even your dog or your cat if
21:08 they're not happy for you being a
21:11 Christian it's a question of whether you
21:15 really are or not, wow! How awesome,
21:22 simply being a Christian means that
21:24 what mom and dad gonna know that
21:26 you are, your neighbors are gonna to know
21:28 that you are, and you know what your
21:30 dogs and your cats are gonna know
21:32 that you are, by the way that you even
21:33 treat them. How awesome, are we Christ
21:38 like, or we Christ sinner, have we been
21:40 they beholding Jesus. Friend, I need a
21:44 divine touch, how about you.
21:46 I need to be touch by the Master today.
21:50 There's a movie by the way that was
21:51 advertised just several months ago.
21:54 Now I want you to catch this point,
21:55 it's so important that we catch what's
21:59 going on here and we don't miss it
22:01 because you know God said he is not
22:03 going to do anything that he doesn't warn
22:05 us first. He's going to reveal things to
22:08 us that we really need to know and that
22:10 we really need to understand, and you
22:13 know what it could be in the newspaper,
22:16 it could be in the book, it could be on a
22:18 poster, it could be through a neighbor,
22:21 but oh how interesting, this was printed
22:24 in the U.S.A. Today just a few months ago
22:27 and the title of the movie was 2012.
22:31 Now think about 2012, some of you have
22:33 been reading about it maybe you've seen
22:35 it but in this movie by the way they saw
22:38 the earth in turmoil, it was like
22:41 collapsing, it was falling apart and do
22:46 you know what on the U.S.A today on
22:49 the side of it, it said Armageddon.
22:52 Did they really know, did they really
22:54 realize what they were saying, and it's
22:57 very interesting how that article went on.
23:00 And besides that now check this besides
23:03 that the newspaper article, the writer
23:05 said this, that's preposterous. Oh that's
23:09 not going to happen but it's a lot of
23:12 fun to watch it, it's you know just fun
23:14 for us to entertain us, but the
23:18 article continues on in this picture.
23:21 It shows again the earth is all falling
23:23 apart and there are people everywhere
23:25 and things are falling part, high rises and
23:27 all the places that shouldn't be falling
23:29 down is falling, falling apart, and then the
23:33 article goes on and says wow, impressive,
23:43 but ludicrous, interesting. One hand
23:44 they call it impressive, trying to maybe
23:48 get somebody's attention, and then
23:49 on the other hand they say oh but it's
23:50 ludicrous and the writer went on to say,
23:53 oh it's cheesy. He said it's a ridiculous
23:58 story really. Friend, little does the world
24:05 realize, little does the world know how
24:09 soon is the coming of Jesus Christ.
24:14 We put every thing before him,
24:17 a lot of times we never asked him
24:19 you know whether should change jobs,
24:21 whether we should move, anything in
24:22 our hearts in our life, we don't even
24:24 realizes he's coming. The devil is trying to
24:26 cloud all of these things. And by the
24:30 way how much destruction is soon to
24:33 come upon this earth. You know I love
24:36 to talk about Jesus. I love to talk about
24:38 the second coming. You know I want
24:39 to be a part of that, but you know what
24:42 if you love God, you love Jesus,
24:45 if you love your neighbors and your
24:46 friends, we must warn them of the
24:49 nearness of the coming, the signs are
24:51 everywhere, could it be even in a worldly
24:55 movie. Could God be saying these things
24:58 are going to take place? It's a possibility
25:02 but man looks and says that's cheesy,
25:04 that's not going to happen, that's not
25:06 what the Bible says. The Bible said these
25:10 things are going to happen before Jesus
25:12 comes. And as I see these things taking
25:16 place in the world, in fact just today
25:20 maybe dating a little bit, today I think
25:22 there was another earthquake,
25:23 I think it was in China. It seems like
25:27 every few days in some parts of the earth,
25:28 there is more earthquake, and more
25:30 devastation, and Jesus said this would
25:31 be some of the some of the sign.
25:32 Listen, I need a divine touch; I need to
25:36 be touched by the Master right now.
25:38 I need a refuge in the midst of a storm.
25:41 If you don't think a storm is coming
25:42 upon this earth, friend you need to think
25:44 again. The signs are all clear, the warnings
25:48 have been given and God said his last
25:51 day people will be warning the world again
25:54 that he's soon to come. Devastation is
25:57 upon us now; don't say some time in
25:59 the future. We've got a taste of it right
26:02 now, and I'll tell you this nice United States
26:04 of America is soon to pay for a lot of
26:08 mistakes that we have made, a lot of
26:11 wrong choices. Many other countries
26:13 are going through it right now dear
26:14 friends but you know what this is a
26:16 country founded upon in God we trust.
26:18 How wonderful, I am thankful for a
26:20 country, freedom of religion. Our freedom
26:23 will always remain that way, I need a
26:26 divine touch, how about you. I need
26:29 a refuge in the midst of a storm that's
26:32 taking place. I need to know the
26:35 events that's soon to take place.
26:37 By they way as you read in the Old
26:39 Testament Jeremiah had just a wonderful
26:42 vision of view of the future and some of
26:46 things he saw I am sure probably just
26:48 almost blew him apart because he
26:50 probably didn't understand some of
26:51 the things as well, but he had to write
26:53 as he was inspired by the Holy Spirit.
26:56 But when man to man looks and says
26:57 these things are cheesy, the world is not
26:59 going to fall apart, isn't that interesting.
27:02 Jeremiah says differently, and Jeremiah
27:05 by the way chapter 4 verse 26.
27:08 He said, I beheld, and lo, notice this he
27:11 said I beheld, I was looking I looked at
27:13 the fruitful place it become a wilderness,
27:19 and all the cities thereof were broken
27:21 down at the coming of Jesus. What does
27:25 the Bible say, I looked at those fruitful
27:27 place, all those places that seem to be
27:29 like they just last forever and he said
27:31 there were broken down, the cities broken
27:36 down at the coming of Jesus.
27:39 For in devastation, we need a divine
27:42 touch, you know it, I know it today.
27:46 And the Bible goes on and says it
27:47 happens by the what, the fierce anger
27:51 of God's wrath. Could it be that we're
27:53 on the wrong track. Could it be that we
27:55 need a change. Could it be that we need
27:58 not going down the same whole pathway
28:00 and nothing's really happening. Too many
28:02 people sit week by week in their church
28:04 pew. They come and they pray their
28:06 tithe, and they go through all the motions
28:08 and all the you know things that people
28:11 do to go to church but it never really
28:14 changes their life, never. But I am
28:20 convinced as when Jesus was reaching out
28:23 and touch or a divine touch that every
28:25 time he did wherever he went and by
28:28 the way the Bible is clear whoever
28:30 Jesus touched, they were completely whole.
28:33 There was not one person that ever
28:35 came to Jesus that went away sorrowful
28:38 if they had faith, are you praising God.
28:40 See I'm gonna shout here in a minute
28:44 and if he'll do it for someone else,
28:46 he would do it for you and he would
28:47 do it for me. Some of you stay at home
28:49 and say yeah but I am not physically
28:50 right here, I am not mentally right.
28:52 I've got problems over here.
28:53 I've got financial problems. I've got this
28:55 kind of problem, here's the answer,
28:57 here's the answer just say you know
28:59 I need that divine touch. He can take
29:01 care of my finances. He can take care
29:03 of the physical, the spiritual and you
29:06 know what it wouldn't be bad to stir
29:08 things up a little bit in your Christian
29:09 experiences, it wouldn't be bad by the
29:12 way to stir things up in my Christian
29:14 experience, because I believe that God's
29:16 people are going to be so stirred up
29:18 before his coming, that there are gonna
29:20 to be telling the world of the signs of
29:23 his coming. They're going to be telling
29:25 them that there are some changes that
29:27 have to take place. I need a divine touch
29:32 and by the way just simply not let the
29:34 man go, as the newspaper article said
29:36 you know Armageddon. Listen, there is
29:38 a real Armageddon, it is just before us,
29:42 that battle is soon the Bible says is
29:45 to be fought and you know what we
29:46 need not sleep. There's too many
29:50 sleepy Christian today. By the way Jesus
29:53 makes it very, very clear that you know
29:55 we need not be what in the book Revelation,
29:57 lukewarm, why is it that we become
30:01 lukewarm. May I have be real personal
30:04 with you, what, how is that may be you
30:07 have grown lukewarm, what caused it?
30:12 Did you take your eyes off Jesus?
30:14 Did you stop praying? Did you stop
30:19 spending time with him? You know as I
30:24 taken time to study the earthly sanctuary
30:27 a little bit, I find it so, so important
30:31 because it says the way of God is through
30:32 the sanctuary and in the sanctuaries you
30:35 study you see simple three things that
30:39 will maintain our Christian experience.
30:42 In fact let me say this, if you maintain
30:44 these three things, you will never back
30:47 slide, wow big statement. You will never
30:51 back slide if you maintain these three,
30:54 A B C, 1 2 3 things and they're all
31:00 simple is what, good you've got it
31:02 already, what? Study the Bible,
31:06 pray and witness. Remember the sanctuary
31:10 when you went into the Holy place,
31:12 what did you find. Table of show bread what
31:14 is that, the bread is the bread of life
31:16 that's reading the word everyday isn't
31:17 that right, physical food, we need our
31:19 spiritual food, and then you know as with
31:23 the altar of incense right it represents our
31:25 prayer life, mingle with Christ's
31:26 righteousness and so as we read the word,
31:29 we want to pray and get more familiar with
31:30 him and then why we get so full of the spirit
31:34 of God that we liked the ones that he
31:36 touched you remember we talked about
31:38 earlier. He said be quiet, don't tell anybody
31:41 but boy then we had the lamp stand and
31:43 that represent what he's the light of the
31:45 world but while we reflect that light
31:47 and so we go tell what other people,
31:50 wow awesome. Friend, how are you by the
31:53 way, are you really reflecting the light,
31:58 are you reflecting Jesus in your heart,
32:00 in your life and everything that you do.
32:02 When people look at you by the way who
32:03 do they see? I want you to think about
32:06 that for a moment. Who do they really see,
32:08 if they see you dear friend they're seeing
32:10 something that they shouldn't see.
32:12 If I call myself a Christian, they shouldn't
32:14 be looking at me, they shouldn't be seeing
32:15 me but they should be seeing what good
32:18 Jesus who lives in my heart and in your
32:21 heart. Jesus made this profound statement
32:25 at least in my mind and I often wondered
32:28 about as a little child what did they mean
32:31 by that, and I am not sure I have the
32:33 understanding even now. The Bible says
32:35 spiritual things are spiritually discerned and
32:37 so I'm praying for that kind of wisdom
32:39 and maybe it won't be anything for you
32:41 but Jesus said Kenny, if I be lifted up,
32:51 I will draw all men unto me. He never
32:54 one time said, Kenny lift yourself up,
32:57 too many preachers today, too many
32:58 evangelists, too many just individuals as
33:01 Christians trying to lift themselves up.
33:03 Oh we're doing this, oh we're doing that,
33:08 oh we've got this going on. If you've got
33:11 anything good going on because Jesus is
33:13 behind that dear friend. There is nothing
33:15 good that can from you, nothing good
33:17 that can come from me. He should be
33:19 receiving what, all the praise, all the honor,
33:22 and all the glory because there's nothing
33:23 good that I can do within myself. And I
33:27 though how wonderful all we need to
33:28 do is to what? Lift up the name of Jesus.
33:34 I need a divine touch, I need to get a little
33:39 closer to that, that one who's willing to
33:42 come down here and to die on Calvary's Cross.
33:46 I need more of that blood, I need to be
33:49 cleansed. I need to be ready for Heaven.
33:51 I heard people say sometimes they said
33:53 you know old Joel bloke over here,
33:55 he's going to make it Heaven, you know
33:57 he's a good old boy, he's morally pretty good,
33:59 but listen if you don't accept Jesus.
34:01 The Bible says there is no other name given
34:03 among men where by we must be saved
34:06 than the name of Jesus. There is no other
34:08 way that you're going in. There is one door
34:10 and he is the door. There's only one
34:12 way and that's by the blood of the Lamb.
34:14 You cannot work your way in. You cannot
34:16 pay your way in. There's nothing you can
34:18 do. It's a free gift by the way,
34:21 that's salvation. We need to just,
34:26 I'm gonna say relax a little bit and say okay
34:29 Lord that's right, you're in charge because
34:32 you're in charge and you know everything
34:33 and all blessing comes from you I want
34:35 to receive those, and so as this hour that
34:38 we're living in, when the world seems to
34:41 be shaking almost off his axis. Things are
34:44 happening in every part of the country
34:45 and the world today, what should you
34:47 and I be doing right now. As we know we
34:49 need a divine touch. The thing that
34:53 keeps going in my mind every time I
34:55 read scripture and I know it does yours
34:57 too is always and simple the gospel
35:00 commission or the saving of souls.
35:05 Some people say well I can't do that, no,
35:08 you really can't. There's no one that can,
35:10 the Holy Spirit does that. I can't speak
35:13 very well. Let the Holy Spirit do the
35:14 speaking for you. I can't read very well,
35:16 the Holy Spirit can take care of that also.
35:19 We're always looking to ourselves,
35:20 we become failures that way, rather than
35:22 victors because Jesus said all things are
35:24 possible. He can do it. If you and I just
35:26 let him live his life through us. Have faith.
35:31 Do you need that divine touch?
35:32 Are you sensing it, well I do I know I
35:35 want that, I need it. By the way did you
35:39 realize, I want you to just think with me
35:40 for just a moment? The only way that
35:44 God can use me, you, the human family.
35:49 The only part he has for us to play
35:51 is to give the gospel. We can't convert
35:55 anyone, we can't change anyone's life,
35:59 but he's chosen us to give the gospel to
36:02 the world. Now you, I count this awesome.
36:06 Let me tell you, now let me tell you why,
36:09 why would he chose somebody, now let
36:12 that be personal about it. You will find
36:13 that in our program as we do in Behold
36:15 the Lamb. I get personal, I just talk to
36:17 about it and I hope you feel the same way.
36:21 You talked it over with your wife or
36:23 your husband or talk it over with God.
36:26 But you know it's time we get personal.
36:28 Why would God use someone like me?
36:34 Why would God use somebody like you?
36:37 After all he knows you and me so well
36:42 and yet he said he's going to allow
36:44 man to do what give the gospel,
36:46 the good news, the only means of
36:49 salvation to mankind. And he says I
36:51 chose you. Did you choose him?
36:56 Do you need that divine touch?
37:00 Do you realize there are souls that are
37:02 hanging in the destiny right now.
37:06 That are looking for that touch, they're
37:07 looking for someone to tell them there's
37:08 a better way. And you have that
37:12 opportunity, you have that privilege,
37:13 I have that privilege. But think about
37:17 how awesome that is that God sees,
37:19 he sees me, he sees you, but I am so
37:23 thankful he looks at what we can be
37:27 through him. Not necessarily what you are,
37:30 but what you can be by faith through him.
37:34 Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of a
37:36 sudden just the world as it were just had
37:38 that little measure of faith and we just
37:40 all exercised that measure of faith,
37:42 it wouldn't be long Jesus would be here,
37:43 we could go home. We quit worrying about
37:46 ourselves and be so self-centered.
37:52 When we care about other people enough
37:55 and we're willing to go out of our way as
37:57 it were to be able to reach out and touch
37:59 somebody for Jesus. If you don't have
38:03 that burden, why don't you pray about it?
38:08 I am convinced of this. There will not be
38:12 a person in Heaven that's has not won
38:14 by God's grace, by his strength,
38:16 by the spirit, at least one in the kingdom
38:19 of God. Now that's a big statement,
38:21 challenge me with it if you want to
38:24 but I say it's food for thought, there
38:25 won't be anybody be in there.
38:27 It's not because of our work we don't
38:28 get there because of that at all.
38:30 But you will have them, why because
38:33 you've been touched, you can't keep
38:34 quiet any longer, you've had that
38:36 divine touch. Now you want to share it
38:37 with others. I like this thought,
38:40 God chooses us. He looked at the human
38:44 family and He said I choose them,
38:47 I choose them and I thought about this,
38:49 I choose them to represent me.
38:54 Wow, I find it difficult in this world that
38:59 we live in down here for anybody to
39:02 represent me and every area. Oh who
39:05 would you trust? Who would you trust?
39:11 I'm gonna have somebody to represent
39:12 me; I'm gonna have somebody like I
39:15 can trust explicitly. If you trust him that
39:20 much, okay, you can say okay there is
39:21 my house, there is home, there is my
39:23 companion, there's checkbook whatever
39:25 just go ahead represent me, wow.
39:29 But Jesus said I choose you, do you
39:33 choose him today. This is so very important,
39:36 I need that divine touch because you know
39:39 what, I can't do it on my own, but I know
39:42 that I can do it for him. Coming of Jesus
39:47 is so much nearer than we believe.
39:54 I wish there was, I wish there was
39:57 something that I could say and I know
39:59 that probably all of you feel the same way,
40:01 something I could say, something I could
40:02 do that would just stir something,
40:05 something inside of you to quit fighting
40:09 this, to say it's a reality. That I know it's
40:14 near I know the coming of Jesus is near
40:16 even at the door. I think at times well
40:20 I we hear that knock, don't you.
40:22 Faintly I hear the knock and it's getting
40:24 stronger, it's getting louder Jesus said
40:26 I want to come in, I tell you things are
40:27 getting ready to happen. The Bible says
40:32 Kenny, you need to be watching,
40:35 you need to be praying, you need to be
40:36 working while it's still day, have you
40:39 read that. And the Bible becomes very
40:42 clear because night cometh when no man
40:47 can work. Some of us have no idea what's
40:53 on the horizon. Friend, but we can have
40:58 if we're willing to spend some time with
40:59 Jesus. Why don't we just put all the other
41:03 little books and different things aside and
41:06 get God's word. Maybe turn the TV off,
41:11 quit that texting every time you turn around,
41:13 wearing out your thumb. Shut the email
41:17 situation down, go to a quiet room,
41:21 open the word of God and say God,
41:23 I want you to speak to me.
41:24 Oh how he loves to hear that. Friend,
41:27 I need that divine touch and I know
41:29 that you do too, we want that.
41:32 But when the Bible says to me Kenny,
41:33 you've got to, you must be watching,
41:36 you've got to be working, you got to be,
41:38 what am I to be watching for. We hear
41:42 and see it over and over, what might I
41:43 be watching for. I mentioned that to people,
41:47 and they'll say oh for what? Signs of
41:49 the time. We got to be watching for the
41:51 signs of the times. You know I thought
41:53 that's true too, that's true. But you
41:56 know what, I believe there's more,
41:58 that we're to be watching for; we're to
41:59 be working for and we were to be praying
42:01 about. Let me just give you a quick
42:03 example and I know many of you will
42:07 remember this, the Parable of the Great
42:09 Supper, do you remember that,
42:11 that's found in Luke 14 verse 17.
42:15 And the Bible says it something like this
42:17 It says, and he sent his servant at
42:21 supper time to say to them notice this,
42:26 them that were bitten, he said come;
42:28 notice this just listen carefully for all
42:31 things are now ready. You realize what a
42:35 big statement that is. Do you realize what
42:39 this represents, the Great Supper Jesus
42:42 has invited all of us to be a part of and
42:45 to come to that supper and the King of
42:46 the universe has invited me to come?
42:51 He wants me to come. He's given me
42:55 an invitation to come. He's prepared the
42:57 way. He's paid the price, and he just says
43:01 come it's free, come. And what do we say.
43:05 Oh well you know I've been a little
43:07 busy today or I haven't had time for
43:10 you today. I get busy in all these other things,
43:13 sports, activities and all these others
43:15 things going on in the world and I've
43:18 forgotten you. Oh please come before it's ever
43:20 too late and then the bottom line,
43:22 in fact you underline in it, you put it
43:24 in red, you underscore it, you do whatever
43:26 you want to do because Jesus said all
43:30 things are now ready what does that mean?
43:35 When Jesus says all he means all.
43:38 There's people in the world when they
43:41 use the word all, they really don't mean all.
43:44 But when Jesus said all things are ready
43:47 he means things are ready. He said I
43:48 am going back and I am going to prepare
43:50 what? A place for you and then I am
43:53 going to come and to receive you that
43:55 is reality, that's a fact. In fact by
44:00 the way the tense in which that's
44:01 written it's though as it has already taken
44:07 place, wow. That's how sure it is.
44:11 I will come again, why? All things are
44:15 ready. Jesus is not idle, he's not sitting
44:19 back doing nothing. He's doing everything
44:21 he possible can to save you and to save
44:24 me. You know what from ourselves,
44:28 it's not from the neighbors, it's not from
44:29 the pastors, not the teachers, not the drugs,
44:31 not the alcohol and all of the stuff that
44:33 goes on in the world today, but you know
44:35 what it's we are the problems.
44:38 Victory over self is what we need and only
44:40 God can help us with that. But I like it so
44:44 much when he says all things, it gives
44:46 me hope. All things are now what,
44:48 they're ready, ready for what? Ready
44:50 for the coming of Jesus in the clouds of
44:54 glory, do you long to see him? How long
44:59 has it been since you really said Lord I
45:01 long for you to come but you know I know
45:03 that you're coming but you know what
45:04 I wanna go back with you. I need that
45:10 divine touch, I need to hear your voice.
45:16 Oh Lord, don't leave me. Don't forsake me,
45:20 and he promises I never will. I love you with
45:23 everlasting love. I'll never leave you,
45:24 I'll never forsake you. Friend, bank on that,
45:28 that's the only sure thing in this life.
45:31 It's what Jesus said, not what man
45:32 promises you here. All things are now ready
45:37 and so I want to go back with him.
45:40 Are you working, are you watching,
45:42 are you praying, praying for we mentioned
45:45 what? The answer is really simple,
45:49 I need to be watching, I need to be
45:50 working, I need to be praying for the
45:53 salvation of souls including my own,
45:56 how about you? We keep thinking about
45:59 a lot of different things that we should
46:00 be doing. But you realize everyday oh
46:04 please listen, everyday that goes by
46:07 there are thousands who die.
46:11 And they go to a Christless grave.
46:14 Now think about it. They will never
46:18 share eternity with Jesus, why?
46:23 What could be the reason, because we
46:25 haven't done our job, because we haven't
46:28 reached out, because we haven't been
46:32 going and pleading with people or living the
46:35 life where they can see Jesus in us?
46:37 You realize what I'm talking about,
46:38 dying and going to a Christless grave,
46:40 that's it. There's nothing else, it's for
46:46 eternity. And friend if you can't get
46:49 that somehow can you associate maybe
46:53 with someone that you love, maybe your
46:54 mother, maybe you know your father,
46:57 children. Don't you want the best for them?
47:02 Why not order your house, okay,
47:04 why not put it in order. As far as me and
47:08 my house we will serve the Lord.
47:13 Oh friend, yes, I want you to feel anxious
47:15 about it. I don't want you upset about
47:17 what I am talking about here but I want
47:18 you to do something, I want something be
47:20 stirred up by the power of Holy Spirit
47:21 inside of you to say today is the day
47:23 that I am going to make that change.
47:27 We are to be going to the highways and
47:29 the byways for what? For the saving of the
47:34 laws, that's what we do everywhere.
47:37 Everywhere we can possibly go,
47:39 everywhere that the word can be spread,
47:40 we are to be doing that right now while we
47:42 can, because there's people out there that
47:45 need to hear. Why because Jesus makes this
47:48 statement that we talked about a couple of
47:50 times, you remember what he say.
47:51 He said all things are what, they're now
47:56 ready. And let me tell you when Jesus is
47:59 ready, he's going to come back. Oh yes,
48:04 with or without you ready or not,
48:07 think about that. Some people pridefully
48:11 think that maybe they're special. Jesus is
48:15 going to hold everything back until they
48:17 decide what they're gonna to do.
48:19 He has a time, he is coming back and you
48:21 and I need to be ready that's what the
48:22 Bible says today is what? Today is the day
48:24 of what? Of salvation, you're not to put
48:27 off for tomorrow, you must do it today.
48:29 I need to touch, I need a divine touch.
48:34 Bible says in the book of Matthew by the
48:36 way 24:44 if you're jotting these things,
48:39 you see why I've said at the beginning of
48:40 the program; let's write some of these
48:42 things down, so that we don't forget.
48:46 He said "Therefore be ye ready for in such
48:50 what an hour as ye think not the son
48:52 of man cometh." Now I want to you think
48:56 be ready, why? For the hour that you
49:00 think not the son of man cometh, wow.
49:05 So the warning then has to be given and
49:10 it's your job, it's my job to be given that
49:15 warning right now. Why? Because when I
49:19 get a warning then I am to rise to the
49:22 occasion, I am to be fully awake during this
49:27 hour of earth's history. Let me tell you
49:30 Satan's job is to put you to sleep and if
49:33 he can do it he will lower you to sleep and
49:35 then in Revelation we talked about,
49:36 he talks about he, he likes to have just
49:39 lukewarm, you know what, that's still sleepy.
49:43 Not discerning what's really going on,
49:44 not really prioritizing things in our hearts
49:47 and in our lives, but I believe this that the
49:51 warnings that are being given the word of
49:53 God says he'll do nothing except he warns
49:55 us first the wise will awake. The spiritual,
50:02 those are keeping their eyes on Jesus will
50:03 realize that they need to double the efforts
50:06 right now while we still can. And by the way
50:10 there are some, and I have heard this said,
50:13 and I think probably you've talked to people
50:14 too. Well I can't go out and preach the
50:17 gospel, oh really? Oh! I can't go,
50:21 I can't give a Bible study. Have you been
50:23 touched? If you've been touched by a
50:26 divine hand dear friend, he will enable you.
50:30 Apparently one man said, one, one time he
50:31 said, well now you preach the message,
50:33 do you have Oh! Check this one,
50:35 do you have credentials. Huh! That shocked
50:40 some people by the way. Well, you have
50:42 to have credentials before you preach the
50:45 gospel. Well those might be nice the little
50:47 things as added before your name or
50:49 after that, that might be all nice,
50:51 but let me, let me give you some good
50:53 news that comes from scripture. The only
50:58 credentials that you need is number one,
51:00 you love Jesus with all your heart.
51:02 Check it now, and you love your fellow man.
51:08 Jesus made it pretty simple, he said on
51:09 these two hang all of the law. Credentials,
51:15 little pieces of paper or do you need the
51:17 unction of the Holy Spirit or desire in your
51:20 heart to say I, I love Jesus and I, I love,
51:24 I love people. Because I do believe this,
51:27 God is not going to use, Oh! I'm gonna be
51:29 careful about this. God's not going to use
51:32 in the closing scenes of earth's history,
51:35 possibly the most talented individuals;
51:37 he may not be able to use them because
51:39 they understand, they know they're talented.
51:43 In fact, he may not even use the smartest
51:45 ones. I've heard people say, by the way
51:47 they'll say, well you know what I have an
51:50 high IQ. And I say to you, so what?
51:56 There's going to be a lot of high IQ people
51:57 that's going to burn in hell, I want to get
51:59 straight with you. It's nice if you have that
52:04 dear friends if you use it for his glory,
52:06 but if you're standing all proudly saying,
52:07 I have it. God can't use you, you're not
52:11 teachable. You think you know everything.
52:14 So, that's what I'm saying, I'm trying to
52:15 encourage you by the way here, not
52:16 discourage you. Say, God can use a humble
52:20 individual that submits their life to him.
52:23 You know, we have to want that divine touch
52:26 you want it today. You know I, I want it,
52:31 I need that divine touch. I now realize we
52:35 only have a couple of minutes left,
52:37 but boy I tell you, I'm starting to feel good
52:39 about the gospel of Jesus Christ that he can use
52:41 somebody like me to help finish the work.
52:45 What do we really need? I need that divine
52:48 touch, I need to be working for Jesus while
52:50 I can. So, today right here, right now,
52:55 I stand hooked on the gospel of Jesus Christ.
52:58 I stand hooked on evangelism. I stand
53:03 hooked and say God help me to be a soul
53:05 winner for you. I'm hooked on stations like
53:08 3ABN that's giving the gospel message to the,
53:11 to the whole world reaching people that
53:12 can never be reached any place or anytime,
53:16 because people won't open the doors,
53:19 but you can get into those homes.
53:20 Oh! Friend, get into those homes while you
53:22 can. Don't give him the sugar coated,
53:24 but give them the real message of a wake
53:25 up call. Jesus said very quickly, he said
53:29 you know what? We need to, we need to,
53:31 we need to make aggressive warfare.
53:33 And I'm going to encourage you to make
53:34 that aggressive warfare right now.
53:36 That means ongoing warfare, that means
53:39 continue, that means active, that means
53:41 make haste, that means make a thrust for
53:43 Jesus Christ. My marching orders has been
53:46 given, how about you? I need that divine
53:49 touch. Why don't we start right now?
53:52 Let's pray about it shall we, before we
53:54 close together. Merciful Father in Heaven,
53:57 we thank you for your word.
53:58 We thank you for the power of thy Holy Spirit.
54:01 We pray now that those who have made
54:02 that decision will made it for you, but right
54:04 now they're going to go out, and they're
54:05 going to tell someone about Jesus. You're soon
54:07 to come, I praise you, and I thank you for it in
54:09 Jesus name, amen. Until next time God bless you,
54:15 we look forward to meeting with you again.
54:18 Welcome back, and by the way my name is
54:20 Chris Shelton. And that message you just
54:22 heard it was preached by my husband
54:24 Pastor Kenny Shelton. What a blessing,
54:27 what a blessing God has been today.
54:29 You know we do need a divine touch in the
54:32 world in which we live in, at the recording of
54:35 this message anyway, in the past few
54:37 weeks there have been so many earthquakes
54:40 just back-to-back. Our world is changing;
54:43 our world is crying out, one of the worse
54:45 of course was being was in Haiti, where so
54:48 many thousands of people lost their life in
54:52 just a moment, in seconds of time.
54:55 And then you had the one in Chile,
54:57 and here in America, in Southern California,
55:00 Ohio, Missouri. It's heading close to home.
55:04 And then think about it, think about how
55:06 our lives have changed so many broken
55:09 homes, and broken hearts. You know our
55:12 minds are not clear anymore. We're always
55:15 looking for those things to make us happy,
55:18 to make us healthy, our health has changed.
55:20 In the past 25 or 30 years, I mean we
55:22 have diseases we never heard about before
55:25 then. Times are changing, this earth is
55:28 crying out, this earth and we as God's
55:31 people, we need a divine touch. I want you
55:35 to think about it, and I hope that during
55:37 that message that you heard God calling
55:40 to your heart, that you reach out and say,
55:42 Lord yes, yes Father I need that divine
55:46 touch, won't you touch me, won't you
55:48 change me? Today is the day of salvation.
55:51 Today can be your day of salvation.
55:55 Don't put off for tomorrow what needs to be
55:58 done in your heart, in your life today.
56:01 And once that's done, once that's done
56:04 would you please contact us, would you
56:06 give us a call? We want to know what God
56:08 has done for you, and perhaps how this
56:11 message has touched your heart.
56:13 Look on your screen now. You can contact
56:15 us at Behold the Lamb Ministries, PO Box 2030,
56:20 Herrin, IL 62948, or you can call we're at
56:24 Central Standard Time here in America,
56:27 it's 618-942-5044. And of course with the
56:32 technology, you can email the same name
56:35 BeholdTheLamb
56:39 or visit u on the web
56:40 www.BeholdTheLamb We want
56:45 to hear from you, we want to know how
56:48 the Lord is working in your heart.
56:50 You know, God is so good and time is,
56:53 time is short. It is shorter than we can
56:56 even imagine I think. We don't have time to
56:59 waste, so I pray that you put your priorities
57:03 in order, and allow the Lord to bless you
57:07 and yours, until we meet again, God bless you.


Revised 2014-12-17