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00:38 Welcome back to Behold the Lamb Ministries.
00:40 Our message today is gonna be entitled
00:42 "Walking with God". "Walking with God,"
00:45 have you ever thought about that?
00:46 What does it intend?
00:47 What does it mean to actually walk with God?
00:50 Can you walk with God?
00:52 There's been many testimonies and scripture that say
00:54 that men and women have walk with God
00:57 and I know that you can too.
00:59 Let's look at a promise that God has given us in
01:02 Second Timothy chapter 1,
01:04 and we are gonna look at verse 7.
01:05 The Second Timothy chapter 1 and verse 7,
01:09 I love this promise it says,
01:11 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear. "
01:15 I don't know anyone in this world that would relish
01:18 the thought of having the spirit of fear,
01:21 I certainly don't, but God's promise are this he says,
01:24 "But of power, Holy Spirit power, and of love,
01:29 and of a sound mind. " You know, God is all about love
01:33 and everything that we do as we begin
01:36 that spiritual journey with God, as we walk with him,
01:39 as we talk with him, as we draw closer to him
01:42 and worship him and prayer and,
01:45 and witnessing being his witnesses.
01:47 Everything we do needs to be encompassed,
01:50 relished about with love, Godly love.
01:54 And I love this next part of, a sound mind,
01:57 how many of you would desire to have a sound mind,
02:00 we live in such a chaotic world and so many things
02:04 are attacking our mind, why?
02:06 Because, if the devil if Satan can get control of our mind,
02:10 he knows he's got us for eternity, so God says,
02:13 hey my gift to you is a sound mind, peace,
02:16 Love and power and the Holy Spirit,
02:18 praise the Lord for those promises and don't you desire,
02:22 don't you desire to have those promises,
02:24 I know I do and it's so wonderful because as we walk
02:29 with God and as we talk with him,
02:30 and we get begin to make him a part of our life,
02:33 he begins to change us,
02:35 he renews us from the inside out.
02:38 What a friend we have in Jesus.
02:40 Beautiful thought, it's also a beautiful song,
02:44 we are gonna go back to 3ABN's worship
02:47 center and Lyndon Carriger has got sing for us,
02:50 as he's gonna prepare our hearts for the message,
02:53 what a friend we have in Jesus.
02:58 What a friend we have in Jesus,
03:07 All our sins and griefs to bear!
03:16 What a privilege to carry
03:24 Everything to God in prayer!
03:34 Oh, what peace we often forfeit,
03:43 Oh, what needless pain we bear,
03:51 All because we do not carry
04:00 Everything to God in prayer!
04:08 Have we trials and temptations?
04:18 Is there trouble anywhere?
04:26 We should never be discouraged
04:35 Take it to the Lord in prayer.
04:44 Can we find a friend so faithful,
04:52 Who will all our sorrows share?
05:00 Jesus knows our every weakness;
05:09 Take it to the Lord in prayer.
05:36 Are we weak and heavy-laden,
05:43 Cumbered with a load of care?
05:52 Precious Savior, still our refuge
06:01 Take it to the Lord in prayer.
06:09 Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?
06:17 Take it to the Lord in prayer!
06:25 In His arms He'll take and shield thee,
06:35 Thou wilt find a solace there.
06:43 Take it to the Lord in prayer!
07:05 Thank you, very much Lyndon for that beautiful song,
07:08 in fact that's one of my favorites.
07:10 What a friend we have in Jesus,
07:12 and certainly that is the case.
07:14 I hope he is your best friend today.
07:16 By the way, welcome to everyone where ever you may
07:18 be joining us around the world
07:19 we are glad that you here with us,
07:22 and we are gonna be studying God's word
07:23 and as we study God's word, I want you get your Bible,
07:26 pencil or pen, start jotting down some of these saying,
07:30 so that we can go back study to show ourselves
07:33 approved unto God, but a good policy always as before
07:37 we get into God's word is to have a word of prayer.
07:40 Won't you do that with me, where it's possible
07:41 just kneel down or if it's not you're driving whatever
07:44 it might be, you can still lift your voice in prayer,
07:47 let's pray together. Merciful Father in heaven,
07:51 we thank to you for the privilege of prayer,
07:53 thank you that we can call you our Father.
07:55 Today we invite the Holy Spirit to give us proper
07:58 understanding of your word, how desperately
08:01 we need a closer relationship with you.
08:02 And as we open these beautiful pages of the Bible,
08:08 we pray the words will come alive, the Holy Spirit
08:12 would touch them we'll be able to understand them
08:14 and it will change our lives forever,
08:16 give you praise and honor and glory.
08:18 Bless everyone, each one who watches and listens,
08:21 may it be a life changing experience,
08:24 in Jesus name, amen.
08:28 Well, again we are glad that you're with us and again
08:31 I want to get that Bible, give you another opportunity
08:33 in case you've forgotten and by the way you know,
08:35 you know, we don't need to be getting up
08:37 and taking breaks and so on so forth.
08:39 I want you stay right here because you know,
08:40 we can't afford to miss one single word, right from God
08:44 that he is gonna be speaking to us today.
08:46 Our subject by the way is "Walking with God,"
08:48 and that to me pop some questions,
08:52 if we're gonna walk with God, we are gonna look
08:55 at the experience of one man.
08:57 Now, this one man by the way, he is a man that just
09:02 I get inspired every time that,
09:04 in fact that I mentioned his name.
09:05 And we will see as we begin to study about this man.
09:09 See what it does to you, by the way
09:10 and your relationship with Jesus,
09:12 but as we study this man is more than just a man,
09:15 it's a man that I want to say
09:17 he was after the heart of God.
09:19 And a man that represents the people that will be alive
09:23 on earth when Jesus comes.
09:25 So, it has to do with some character building blocks
09:30 here that we want to look at very closely.
09:32 And so I want to ask you these questions,
09:34 you take that pencil and paper and just jotting
09:36 them down and by God's grace, we are gonna answer these
09:38 you know, what kind of character did this man have?
09:41 What kind of character did he have?
09:43 And what did this he do to develop this character?
09:49 Now, after all remember he represents the people
09:52 that where when Jesus comes we will be going to heaven.
09:55 So, there must be something very special about this
09:58 character that means I have to be like that,
10:00 you have to be like that. And number three;
10:02 in order for us to go to heaven
10:05 must we have these same characteristics.
10:07 This is a good study and by the way you don't want
10:11 to miss it because this will be life changing.
10:13 I hope you always pray for that by the way everyday
10:16 I do. And praying first of all is you know,
10:19 not my will, but God's will be done.
10:22 And then we submit our will to him.
10:24 So, as we study the word we're gonna submit our will
10:26 to him, our mind, our energy, everything that we have
10:29 we submit to God say. Now, God help me to see something
10:32 in this message that will change my heart and my life.
10:35 Now, there's many people by the way that just study
10:38 the Bible quite regularly, but they have maybe a little
10:42 difficult time with things and when you say character,
10:45 so why don't we define character.
10:49 Otherwise my character has to change,
10:51 what does that really mean?
10:52 I know, when I was younger running around the house
10:56 and maybe friends would come over and my dad would say
10:58 to me something like this,
11:00 he said that friend of yours he is a character.
11:03 I thought well that's good and that can't be,
11:06 but what was my dad saying?
11:08 He made that judgment on how the boy acted.
11:12 The way that he talked, the way that he played
11:14 and so on. So, that's kind of what we are,
11:17 our character is what, what we say,
11:19 what we do, what we really are?
11:21 So, being a character you know, I looked at up,
11:24 I said I need to know a little bit more about that,
11:29 character is a distinctive trait.
11:33 And by the way everybody has distinctive
11:36 characteristics, don't they? Not everybody's the same,
11:39 we're all a little bit different,but
11:40 what kind of characteristics do you have today?
11:44 You know, I want my characteristics by the way
11:47 to be like Jesus. As we study this man we will find his
11:50 characteristics was like Jesus
11:52 and how these things will developed.
11:54 Now, if we think about this word character
11:58 or characteristics, it's actually how one behaves.
12:01 How do you behave, how do I behave in different
12:05 circumstances of life? By the way, character's
12:08 personality, as I looked it up, it said
12:10 character proves, is tested by the way when something
12:16 goes wrong in my life. Think about it, your character
12:20 is tested when something goes wrong.
12:23 Character is really not tested when everything is going
12:26 smooth and easy go. It's when it's challenged,
12:30 but you know I believe this a person who is filled
12:33 with the spirit of God, when they are tested
12:38 and proved you know what's going to happen?
12:40 They are gonna be tha same kind of person,
12:42 they are gonn be that person
12:43 he is gonna be like Jesus.
12:44 They are gonna be able to handle that situation;
12:46 we are not going to change.
12:48 So, a man or a woman that is filled with what?
12:52 The spirit of God, listen to this, the more severely
12:56 that he is tested and tried the more clearly
13:01 that he proves, listen that he proves
13:03 that he is a representative of Jesus Christ.
13:07 Now, did you get that? It took me a little while
13:10 to kind of decipher that, but the more severely
13:13 that I'm tested and proved the more clearly
13:17 it becomes to our parent that I'm a child of God, right?
13:21 If we hold on to his hand, in fact we are going to set
13:26 kind of a little mark that we want to reach by the grace
13:29 of God in this study. And so this mark
13:32 that is set before us today is simply this,
13:34 perfection of character. After all we're going to be
13:38 walking with God and what happens
13:39 when you walk with God day by day, is your life change,
13:43 is the life changing events happening.
13:46 You know, I like that, I heard my brother say one time
13:48 he said you know, I like to be around movers
13:50 and shakers. And I've adopted that and I said
13:53 you know what I do too. I love to be around,
13:55 what does that mean about movers and shakers?
13:57 That means something is taking place,
13:59 something is happening and everyday in your
14:02 in your Christian experience if it's the same,
14:03 may I say same, you know, same, same old.
14:06 Then there's something's wrong.
14:08 I believe everyday with Jesus can be sweeter
14:12 than the day before.
14:13 Everyday with Jesus can be different,
14:16 everyday with Jesus should bring new challenges,
14:19 new victories. And so I believe this passage
14:23 of scripture that would just, what would fit us,
14:25 if we listen to it very carefully find
14:28 in the Book of Colossians chapter 2 verse 10.
14:31 Very simple, but now please listen it says,
14:33 "Ye are complete in him. "
14:37 Now, notice complete who, in him, which is the head
14:41 of all principality and power.
14:44 Now, we are what? We are complete in him.
14:47 I wondered about that word principality,
14:50 I don't know about you, you hear this things,
14:52 okay I understand. Principality it says,
14:55 we are complete in him,
14:56 which is a head of all principality.
14:58 You know, what that means? That means, he is the chief,
15:01 Ah! We become complete in Jesus because now I can say
15:07 this nicely because he is the chief.
15:09 He is the cornerstone by the way in time,
15:14 in place, in rank; he is first that's what this word
15:20 really means. He is the corner, as I read in my Bible
15:24 by the way, he is referred to many times says
15:26 the chief cornerstone. So, think about having someone
15:31 like this on your side. Day- by-day regardless of what
15:35 you go through, to have someone here who we become
15:39 complete in and because he is the chief,
15:42 because he is the first, and he is the last
15:44 And then the word at the end says, we empower,
15:48 think how many Christian lives really don't have the
15:53 Holy Spirit power. I had a lady who used to call
15:57 quite regularly and she say, brother Kenny,
16:01 I want you to, I want you to pray for me
16:02 I said sure I'd be glad to pray for you
16:05 And then she would go and tell me what
16:08 we want to pray about, and I said,
16:09 well okay you want to pray for, no, no you go ahead
16:12 and you do the praying Now, I said you know,
16:16 I am reading the Bible whether that you know,
16:17 we have a situation where the physical, spiritual,
16:20 Jesus said to a woman one time he said,
16:22 thy faith had made thee whole.
16:25 So, I said, you need to have faith and, Oh! No,
16:28 when I pray here's what I believe, when I pray
16:30 I don't believe that my prays go any higher
16:33 than the ceiling. I said you know what
16:36 you're exactly right It shocked her,
16:38 what? I said that's the measure of your faith,
16:42 how far do your prayers go?
16:43 Now, they just go and bounce off the ceiling
16:46 I said it really won't do you any good to pray then,
16:49 boy that was a shocker. Well, what do you think about,
16:52 I said listen my Bible tells me very clearly
16:54 that I may go boldly to the throne room of God, why?
16:59 Not, because I'm any good, but by faith
17:01 because of who he is, I go boldly to the throne,
17:05 don't hesitate about it, I'm gonna get down to business
17:08 because that's what God says that I could do.
17:10 That's beautiful I become what?
17:12 Complete in his power and that power means
17:15 in his authority that means in his strength
17:18 and that means with his force
17:22 And another word that I though was beautiful
17:24 when you begin to look it little bit in the Greek
17:27 and so on, this may blow some of your minds,
17:30 I really don't want you to do that, but it says,
17:32 super human, super human that's the power
17:39 that you believe that Christ has super human power
17:42 you better believe it.
17:43 Absolutely, nothing gets past God.
17:48 He is the originator of all.
17:51 And so we are looking at this man here who was
17:55 translated without seeing death.
17:59 Now, that's interesting, it's not just a story
18:03 about this man, but it's a story about those
18:05 who are alive at the coming of Jesus the second time,
18:10 if God took this man, there must be something
18:14 about him that God said was acceptable
18:16 and if it was acceptable at that time listen
18:19 it's acceptable now. And he is not gonna take anybody
18:22 any different than that. We're talking about character
18:24 here, aren't we? So, the important thing is here,
18:27 he represents those who will be alive and translated
18:31 at the coming of Jesus, listen, I want to be apart
18:36 of that, how about you? Oh I hope you do,
18:39 some of you must say Oh! You know what, oh I do. Oh!
18:43 It's gonna be too much, Oh! It is for you and
18:45 this for me, it's not for Jesus.
18:46 I want to be, if God sees alive and translated
18:50 without seeing death. And you know what
18:52 it's possible. Why because I'm so good?
18:55 No, but because of who Jesus is.
18:58 I think that's so important for us to realize
19:02 that we need to get away from looking at our self
19:05 all the time; we need to be looking who? To Jesus, to
19:07 look to yourself is failure to look to myself is fair.
19:11 But not to look to Jesus, is complete victory in him.
19:14 So, as we go through this subject of walking with God.
19:19 You know how beautiful, is that something
19:22 new in scripture? Walking with God, no.
19:26 Remember in the very beginning in the Book of Genesis,
19:30 God he walked with whom?
19:33 He walked with Adam and Eve.
19:36 He walked with him you know, in the evening
19:39 and he talked to them before sin.
19:41 God is always wanted to be with his children.
19:45 He's always wanted to bless to be, to be close to us,
19:49 but you know, this thing sin came in
19:51 and has separated us, if you have your Bibles
19:55 I want you to turn with me.
19:56 The Book of Hebrews I'm going to do that right here,
19:58 the book of Hebrews. Those of you where you can
20:02 You turn me to the book of Hebrews.
20:04 Now many people will say Hebrews Chapter 11
20:07 what would you say? He would say,
20:09 well that is the faith chapter.
20:11 We are going to go through all of that,
20:14 but I do I want to bring out some very, very important
20:16 points in Hebrews chapter 11. I'm going to read
20:19 a couple of verses. Now, these verses I hope
20:22 they set you on fire as much they have been setting
20:25 me on fire. See, when I read God's word
20:27 I don't plan on just reading God's word,
20:29 and letting it down, it didn't do anything for me
20:32 or in me, but every time I read the word I thoroughly
20:35 believe that God is speaking to me from the book,
20:39 from the Bible. How about you? When you read it,
20:42 it says love letter to me. When I read it, I know that
20:45 he is going to speak to me. And I need to listen,
20:48 and I need to respond, and I need to be obedient
20:52 to his word. Notice, Hebrews chapter 11 verse 6,
20:57 Bible is very clear it says, "But without faith, good
21:02 I think heard someone without faith it is impossible
21:06 to please him. " To please whom? To please God.
21:10 And there's many people Christians who will say Ah!
21:13 I don't really have any faith.
21:15 Oh! Don't you kid yourself. Bible says, God has given
21:18 everybody a little measure of that faith,
21:20 what you are gonna do with that? You want it to grow.
21:22 Bible says this, listen faith cometh by
21:24 hearing-and-hearing by the word of God.
21:28 You want your faith to grow then faith cometh by what?
21:31 Hearing, put yourself in a position to where you can
21:35 hear the word of God, go where you can hear
21:37 the word of God. It takes whatever it might be,
21:39 preaching services; hearing by the word of God
21:43 that faith in it is going to increase.
21:45 So, get this point quickly faith without faith it is
21:49 impossible you can't please God without faith.
21:51 So, if you don't have that faith, say O God I need some
21:54 faith because I want to please you.
21:55 Notice this, "For he that cometh to God,
21:58 reading on verse 6, must believe that he is,
22:02 and that he is a rewarder of those who diligently
22:06 seek him. " Now, to me the key word is,
22:09 diligently seek him. We've got to seek him,
22:11 but we have to do it what?
22:13 Diligently, we have to do it as though we're digging
22:15 for that? Treasures! Hidden treasures,
22:18 we can't let anything stop us, we can't let anything
22:21 get in our way, but I have to diligently be seeking him.
22:26 And then as I read verse 5, I get these things
22:30 you know what they're called?
22:33 Now, some of you don't, you're not going to get this,
22:36 but you know, I'm going to give it to you anyway.
22:38 I call them Spiritual Goose bumps if you've never
22:42 had spiritual goose bumps pop out all over you
22:44 with the name of Jesus. Something that he's done
22:47 in your life you know what? You have missed it.
22:49 I get those every once in a while.
22:51 And you know, when I get those I'm talking some
22:57 physical bumps come up. Oh! Yeah,
23:01 I heard someone say, well you know, the world you know,
23:03 and we're living by faith, we are not living by faith,
23:05 I understand that, but I tell you when my God
23:07 touches me and when he touches you,
23:09 there is gonna be some bumps. And I get bumps;
23:15 I get bumps, when I read verse five.
23:18 Well, let's do that, shall we Hebrews chapter 11
23:20 verse 5, it says, By faith Enoch, Oh! I've given it
23:24 away, this is a man who we're talking about, Enoch.
23:26 Oh! Everybody know Enoch, but it says, by faith Enoch
23:29 was translated that he should not see death.
23:33 So, once again by the way as we're learning together
23:36 here today, he represents the people,
23:38 that's going to be translated when Jesus comes
23:42 the second time without seeing death.
23:45 Some of you say now, hold on, now wait a minute,
23:48 hey look, when you take your Bible and you have
23:50 opportunity you want to jot down, let's jot down little
23:53 First Thessalonians 4:16 and 17. Bible says that,
23:57 the death in Christ shall rise first.
23:59 We which are alive, what?
24:02 Alive and remain will be caught up to meet him
24:09 in the air, we which what?
24:10 Are alive and remain we are going to be caught
24:13 up in the air. And so shall we ever be with him.
24:16 Oh! How beautiful that is?
24:18 So, there will be individuals alive when Jesus comes
24:22 they won't see death, they are going to be translated
24:24 and here it says, here he didn't see death,
24:28 they shall not see death and was not found because
24:30 God did something, what? When they begin to look
24:34 around for Enoch, he couldn't be found.
24:37 Today, we dial 911, we put them on the milk cartons,
24:43 are you still with me? We've lost him,
24:45 he was here walking around and all the sudden now,
24:48 you know, he is not here anymore.
24:50 Somebody say, where is dad, somebody say,
24:52 where is grandpa? Bible said, he was not found,
24:59 to be found I mean somebody was looking for him
25:03 and especially such a man as Enoch, such a man
25:08 that had certain, made such an impression on those
25:10 all about him. When he came up missing they wonder
25:15 what happened, you know what I believe a lot of people
25:17 understood because of his life.
25:19 How about your life today? How about my life today?
25:23 Now, the Bible says we continue reading verse 5,
25:26 God had what? Translated him here is where I start
25:32 getting those spiritual goose bumps.
25:34 Here is where my feet want to work a little bit,
25:36 as people get turned off sometime, but you know,
25:39 I just, I can't help it. My feet want to works
25:41 sometimes, as I getting down to the nitty gritty.
25:43 Nitty gritty for me is, write this before he was
25:48 translated, he had this testimony.
25:51 Wow! Before he was translated he had this testimony
25:57 listen that he pleased God, isn't that awesome?
26:03 I mean I've often, I've often thought about that.
26:07 How about when God looks at you?
26:12 How about when God speaks to you?
26:14 Maybe in the stillness of the, we say the midnight hour.
26:17 What does he see? Is he pleased when he sees you
26:23 and by the way some of you, he sees you know,
26:26 the lights maybe out he sees you.
26:27 You maybe thinking nobody knows where you're at,
26:30 he knows where you're at? But you know,
26:34 I'm just thinking Oh! Bear with me, on a tombstone.
26:40 You see a lot of nice things that are written, if you
26:44 know, how nice it would be and verified by heaven,
26:51 if you had on there he pleased God.
26:54 I'd love to heard back and say, oh!
26:57 He was a good husband, he was a good father,
26:59 all these are very, very important. Somebody say, Oh!
27:01 He was a good preacher, he was a good teacher,
27:03 he was a good, these are all good,
27:06 but look wouldn't be better to say he pleased God.
27:10 After all that's should be our interest, shouldn't it?
27:15 We should be willing, we should be willing
27:20 by the grace of God to put him first and everything
27:23 to please him and here is a man that pleased God.
27:25 Or a man that measured up, how do you measure up
27:31 by the way today? The Bible says, by faith Enoch
27:36 was translated that he should not see death.
27:39 And I wondered about this word because when I said,
27:45 he pleased God I'm saying, well look if he please God,
27:48 God thought so much of him and his life
27:51 was just right that he translated him.
27:53 I need to know how am I pleasing God, how about you?
27:56 A lot of people will say, well I give about, listen.
28:00 He pleased God and I look up that word he said,
28:04 he gratified God. Interesting and the word was he
28:12 gratified God entirely, think about it.
28:15 He was acceptable to God,
28:18 he was fully agreeable to God,
28:22 think how that must be when God knows everything
28:27 about you and me and everybody else in the world
28:30 he knows every secret thing and he could
28:33 look at this man and he could say that walked with him
28:36 and said, he is fully agreeable with me.
28:40 I want to take him, Wow! I like to have
28:45 that kind of life, I want that life you know,
28:49 I know you do too. So, we are dealing with what?
28:51 The issue of faith, we are dealing with what
28:54 the Bible says is a substance. I'm not going to dwell
28:57 on the faith chapter, but I think it's very important
29:00 that we bringing out. The Bible says, in Hebrews 11:1,
29:03 faith is a substance, and as Christians you and I need
29:07 to reach out and grab this substance,
29:09 it's not a some kind of a myth,
29:13 substance means that it is a confidence,
29:19 a substance is an actual being,
29:23 a substance here is a reality.
29:27 So, our faith, right, needs to be a reality.
29:33 It doesn't need to be a put on, he might they fool
29:37 some of the people some of the time,
29:38 but not all the time, isn't that right.
29:40 What are we trying to do, we go to church to fool
29:42 people or to please to God.
29:43 I'm much more concerned about what God thinks
29:49 about me than what man thinks about me.
29:51 Now, I want to be a good representative to him,
29:54 but you know what some people will just, no matter what
29:56 you say, no matter what you do, no matter how you live,
29:57 they're going to talk about you, they're going say things,
30:00 they're gonna do the devils work,
30:04 but I'm more interested in how God use me.
30:07 And I know you are too.
30:09 So, I'm looking at genuine faith, genuine faith.
30:14 A faith that God says is acceptable,
30:17 so it to me it rests on something that is firm.
30:22 A substance, it's there, I reach up, I can touch it,
30:28 a faith that rest upon listen, sufficient evidence,
30:33 feel like me a lot of times, I need sufficient
30:37 evident. Well, somebody is trying to convince me
30:39 of something I'm not sure, I'm going to need sombody
30:41 éconvince with some evidence. Not just because
30:45 they said so, you know, I need in fact I need more.
30:50 I see a TV ad one time and a man was trying to sell
30:55 vacuum cleaners and so he sucks up this bowling ball
30:59 and holds it over his head.
31:02 Some of you are not with me.
31:05 That convinced a lot of people, but you know,
31:08 I need more than just an advertisement to convince me
31:11 that I'm gonna hold one of those over my head.
31:13 I need some weight of what? I need some weight
31:15 of evidence here, something firm, but it's still true
31:22 even though we haven't seen it as it was,
31:25 we haven't seen it, so by faith a Christian
31:28 then considers himself already in possession
31:33 think with me, of what he has been promised.
31:36 So, in God's word when you read a promise friend,
31:38 listen when you read a promise you have to believe it
31:41 as though you what? Somebody said that you already
31:45 have it, that's how sure he is.
31:47 And then you go about what? Thanking him forward
31:50 in advance or it might be a little while in coming,
31:52 but you know, why? Because God's got some things
31:54 to workout between you and him, you know, that.
31:55 I've been through that,
31:57 I know you've been through that too.
31:59 So, we lay claim then on the Bible promises
32:03 and blessing. And you know, what people
32:06 well I'll tell you, listen we can have those blessings
32:09 right now. In this church I love the little theme song
32:13 that we sing blessings are refreshing,
32:16 friend, I need those blessings,
32:19 by faith I receive those blessings.
32:22 In fact, we pray in our home many, many times
32:24 I'm saying Lord thank you for the, listen thank you
32:27 for the blessings that you're sending our way.
32:30 How about you? I don't know if it will happen or not?
32:34 I don't know, what's going to happen?
32:36 You're a child of God you should know.
32:40 Those blessings are coming, they're there,
32:45 you can lay your hand and lay claim to those blessings.
32:49 What's invisible becomes visible through faith,
32:53 how did this man, how did this, how that this man
32:58 walk with God so closely that God took him.
33:05 That's the same as First Thessalonians 4,
33:08 he's talking about, I said you know, I need to dig
33:10 in this a little bit deeper I don't know about you,
33:11 but the Book of Hebrews chapter 12 verse 2 tells
33:17 us that faith. Now, notice how the faith always
33:19 begins and ends in Christ Jesus. Faith does what?
33:24 Faith begins; faith ends in Christ Jesus,
33:27 set that in stone. Do you know what Enoch pleased God?
33:32 Now Enoch by the way as you study a little about
33:35 his life it says, he was the seventh from Adam;
33:38 it's interesting the seventh from Adam.
33:41 The Bible also says that he live, now listen this
33:44 careful here what the study really begins.
33:46 It said, he was 65 years old and he had a son.
33:52 Listen, the son change his life,
33:56 his thinking just as many of us who have had children
34:00 that we maybe running in one direction and now a child
34:03 comes on and all of a sudden our thinking changes
34:05 maybe our attitudes and our life all change because
34:09 this little package shows up,
34:11 but the Bible says 65 years older and he had a son
34:15 and then the Bible goes onto say,
34:17 now I will give you that passage here,
34:19 you will need to write it down in Genesis chapter 5,
34:22 like I'm going to turn my Bible, as some of you begin
34:23 to turn yours too. Genesis chapter 5, 21 and 22 it said
34:27 after he had a son, now this is important.
34:29 "After he had a son then he began to walk with God
34:33 for 300 years. " Wow! What did having a son have to do
34:41 with him beginning to have a walk with God
34:44 faithfully for 300 years? Hey, you and I have
34:48 a very difficult times three minutes at a time,
34:51 three days at a time, you follow my thinking.
34:55 Three hundred years, how did Enoch's life change?
35:05 And let me just say, friend we can have the same,
35:09 the same experience that Enoch had if you want it.
35:15 To me that's just good news.
35:17 Oh! Somebody is not getting it,
35:19 experience; I can have that same experience
35:22 I can have that experience today with Jesus
35:26 that if I can walk so closely with him,
35:31 then you please God. You know, awesome,
35:34 to me that's awesome. And so we look and say
35:39 where does this character begin to change
35:41 after he was 65 years old. The Bible says,
35:43 and I believe this, as you study a little bit about,
35:45 you realize that Enoch always did love God.
35:48 He was a good Christian man,
35:50 but when that son was born,
35:52 he began to watch his son as people do.
35:58 And he began to watch that son that he had you know,
36:00 as he grew he seem that love that that baby
36:03 had for him. He watched his father and he accepted
36:08 in simple trust, he trusted everything
36:11 that the parents were doing.
36:13 Think about that, he was secure in his parents,
36:18 in his father. He was secure in the protection
36:21 of his father, Enoch began to put it together
36:25 as the father and son, and his relationship that God
36:32 cared so much for us. This in simple faith we accepted,
36:39 we have security, and we have protection
36:42 and that's how God feels about us, that's how God
36:45 felt about his son? So I say well this is,
36:48 this is good, he begin to understand how the heavenly
36:51 Father then loves each of us, think about it.
36:54 His understanding now after he became 65 begin to open
36:59 up new avenues that they had never traveled before.
37:02 This is how God feels about us, it's how
37:07 I feel about my son and my son feels about me.
37:10 Oh! I want to know more about this,
37:13 I want to have that simple childlike faith,
37:16 have you heard that? Everybody by the way has probably
37:24 done this at least the fathers.
37:25 You know, your child's a couple of years old
37:28 you sat him on top of the car, jump to daddy.
37:32 No, the child just simply what trust,
37:37 doesn't look around said,
37:40 well I'm not going to jump to you dad.
37:42 Hey, you are not going to be able to catch me,
37:44 they just fly all their arms open just knowing
37:48 for that daddy is going to catch him.
37:50 Enoch said you know what, I need to understand
37:53 that kind of a simple faith, that kind of love,
38:00 I need to understand. So, he began to spend sometime
38:02 by the way. You know, what happened?
38:05 Christ became his daily studies.
38:08 Now, remember preparing to be translated
38:12 and if you want to be translated
38:13 we need to be doing what? We need to be preparing
38:16 day-by-day studying on the subject of Jesus Christ
38:21 that we may please him.
38:25 He meditated upon God day in and day out.
38:30 Let me just shock you some of you not many of you
38:32 may know this, but look Enoch had no scripture
38:38 in which to read and to learn as we do today.
38:41 Remember he was the what? Seventh from Adam,
38:45 but by faith he began to be get a acquainted with God.
38:54 It was a reality to him that he that could hear God,
38:59 that he was drawn by the spirit of God.
39:02 And you know what he did? He obeyed everything
39:05 that God revealed to him.
39:07 So, he began just find out what?
39:10 I love him more-and-more and-more and you know,
39:13 what happened? Here is what happens to us by the way.
39:16 The more that God revealed his love to Enoch
39:19 and the more Enoch was filled with the love of God
39:22 he began to love other people more-and-more,
39:26 isn't that beautiful? Think about it.
39:30 It's not just falling in love with Jesus,
39:31 but he was be what? Being filled and he begin to love
39:35 other people. Now, how did Enoch walked with God.
39:37 This is a good question, how did Enoch walked with God?
39:39 Some people say, well you know, he most have been
39:42 in some kind of trans or, he must have been in some
39:45 sleepy state, it couldn't be the way
39:48 we're thinking about walking with God.
39:50 No, it wasn't in a trans,
39:51 it wasn't in some kind of a vision,
39:53 but how Enoch walk with God was in his daily duties
39:57 of life. Wow! He walked with God how?
40:02 In his daily duties of life. What does it mean?
40:07 It means he walked with God even when he was with
40:11 his family. He walked with God
40:15 as we would say on the job.
40:18 He walked with God in his relationship
40:21 with other people as a father, as a husband,
40:26 as a provider, as a friend, as a citizen
40:31 he was a servant of God.
40:35 And he walked with God and people saw something in him,
40:40 they saw the spirit of the living God,
40:43 think about that with me. Four important points
40:47 I want you to do remember quickly is there
40:49 time is winding down and I'm praying the Holy Spirit
40:51 is bringing conviction on you as bringing
40:53 conviction on me that I need this closer walk with him.
40:56 More than ever before, I don't, I don't have much time
41:00 do you have much time in this world, no you think
41:02 you might, you may not. Four important things
41:07 that begin to develop as Enoch spend time with God
41:12 and you know what it would develop in your life
41:14 and in mine, if we will spend that quality time.
41:17 I mean how many of us can just honestly say,
41:20 he is my meditation day and night.
41:23 I can't think of anything else.
41:25 You know, as a Christian sometimes it's, it's difficult
41:30 to have friends who are not Christians.
41:33 Now, I want you to think it through with me.
41:35 Because you just don't have anything in common.
41:38 They don't want to meditate and think about
41:41 Jesus Christ, you like people to be around
41:43 that you are inspired by, they are telling you about
41:47 the blessings and how God loves them,
41:49 I want to be around people just like that,
41:52 I want to be like somebody that loves Jesus
41:54 and if I'm around other folks and it is not trying
41:57 to condemn it, if it's not trying to judge,
41:59 it's just simply saying is that I can't seem
42:01 to have the contact, it's not something
42:04 I want to be around all the time.
42:08 You know, what you find yourself,
42:10 you want to be around the world more you know,
42:12 what your relationship is with God.
42:15 Here is what happened to Enoch?
42:16 As he spend more time with God, meditating upon
42:20 the good things of God.
42:25 Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the word.
42:27 So, his faith then begin to rise just really,
42:31 really increase. Because he begin to talk with him
42:35 as he were a friend. He began to believe everything
42:38 was impressed and he begin to walk as God
42:39 would have him to all day-by-day,
42:41 he didn't dare venture out of the house without praying.
42:43 He didn't dare make a decision without talking
42:47 to God first. Oh! How often we do that?
42:50 And number two, as he spent this time with God,
42:56 his love for him became stronger.
42:58 See this is the key, the more time we spend with Jesus
43:03 the more we can't help, but be more of if that makes
43:08 sense to you, it makes sense to me
43:11 the more you read of this savior.
43:14 Willing to come down to this miserable world
43:18 and to go through what he went through what?
43:21 From some miserable individual like me.
43:23 Wow! What can you do, but to stand back
43:28 and praise him why because heaven would never
43:31 be my home without Jesus,
43:33 I can never live the life by myself. I'm a sinner,
43:38 I'm a failure, but with him he's changing my heart
43:42 and my life and my, and my desires, how about you?
43:45 And when I think about him and meditate about him.
43:50 And I give that thoughtful moments in some maybe
43:54 an hour on Calvary I'm just overwhelmed,
43:58 Absolutely overwhelmed, why?
44:01 What a love Enoch recognized this and he just felt more
44:05 in love with Jesus and what do this bring on.
44:10 Step number three, he wanted to spend more time
44:13 on his knees in prayer, what a relationship?
44:19 And so he began to talk to him as he went about
44:23 his work on his daily activities.
44:24 All he did was talk that's being like praying
44:27 without ceasing. What an attitude?
44:32 I want that attitude, I wanna pray without ceasing
44:35 you know, I want to have God on my lips.
44:39 And you know, what happened?
44:41 Number four, very important even though Enoch lived
44:45 in this world, listen carefully
44:47 Oh! Even though he lived in this world,
44:48 he lived in the atmosphere of heaven.
44:53 Wow! That means you can too, I can too.
45:00 We are in this old miserable world.
45:02 Oh! Man I say, you know, people as a pastor,
45:05 you should say, I'm going to say stinky,
45:07 pathetic, sinful world, but you know what
45:11 if I put my hand in his hand by faith.
45:14 I can live in the atmosphere of heaven with the mass
45:18 going on down here, boy we need that don't we,
45:20 would that strengthened like a peace that passes
45:23 all understanding I believe so,
45:24 do you want that in your life,
45:26 oh! I'm telling you right now.
45:27 I want it in my life and what did that mean?
45:31 What does that mean living in the atmosphere of heaven?
45:35 See, this just boasts people's mind sometime.
45:37 Careful listen Enoch placed himself, placed himself
45:46 in his family where he would be less taunted
45:50 by the enemy, did you get that?
45:52 He withdrew from those places that he knew
45:56 could hurt him or hurt his family, could get him going
46:00 in the wrong direction. So, he placed himself
46:03 where becoming the less contact with the world
46:07 is possible. You want most Christians are not willing
46:10 to do that you know, what? Because they love the world
46:12 and things that are in the world,
46:13 professing to love Jesus. Jesus said,
46:15 you can't love the world in you,
46:17 if the father's loves not in you, think about it.
46:22 So, this one of the key factors to this man pleasing
46:26 God is he withdrew from the things of this world
46:31 that he could as far away as possible,
46:33 so he could maintain his integrity
46:35 and his love for Jesus. Oh! How I can learn from that
46:39 I don't know about you, I want you to learn from that.
46:42 And you know, what began to take place in his life.
46:45 He no longer was just a bystander.
46:49 Enoch became a preacher of righteousness.
46:55 Wow! Giving a right message, how about us today?
46:59 He was telling everyone that he came in contact
47:02 about Jesus. That how changed his life, and you know,
47:07 not only talking about Jesus, but let me tell you
47:10 he gave him a warning, you have pastor or a teacher
47:15 or a friend today, they are standing in the pulpit
47:17 and they are not giving a warning message for today.
47:20 Somebody needs to get them another job.
47:26 I know somebody say, oh! Boy, you know, that's just
47:28 too bold, no. If a man's not doing the job that God
47:34 has called him to do, go get another job.
47:37 I heard somebody saying one time and I've said
47:39 this many times, they say well, we are going to,
47:42 in the boards okay. He said, we are going have to take
47:44 it the board. And I look at them and I said you know
47:47 what you need to take the board to the board,
47:49 somebody is not with me? You think about this.
47:57 The warning message should be given;
48:00 Enoch was giving that warning message, what?
48:03 He felt the power of the Holy Spirit in him,
48:05 he could not remain silent, I hope it's the same way
48:09 in your life? I want it the same way in my life
48:12 and God's servants in the last day will bear a similar
48:17 message to that of the Enoch just before Jesus comes,
48:20 I'm convinced of that, if they're not bearing
48:22 that message, they are not a messenger from God.
48:24 Hope everybody heard it, Oh! Yes, truthful, yes.
48:29 There is too much peace and safety and sweetness
48:32 and tingling of the ears, but I can say this as you
48:37 study the live I mean the deeper the world grew in sin.
48:40 The stronger he became with his message,
48:45 we live now in a time, think about it.
48:47 A time of the world where it's almost total darkness,
48:50 apostasy on the truth of God's word.
48:54 Shouldn't we be bold as never before.
48:56 He never ceased to warn, he never ceased to plead,
49:03 he never thought about quitting.
49:05 Let me tell you why?
49:08 For he by faith had seen the city of God.
49:13 Oh! Friend have you seen the city of God by faith,
49:16 have you read about it in scripture,
49:17 I know that you have, but did you really accept it,
49:20 was it really tangible, you reach out by faith
49:22 and you touched it and you really know
49:24 there is a city of God. Enoch knew there was a city
49:27 of God, he had seen it by faith.
49:28 He had touched it by faith and he said,
49:31 I can't quit I've got to keep ongoing.
49:34 He said, I have seen the king of glory.
49:37 How long has been that you have seen the king of glory?
49:41 How long has it been that you spend some real
49:44 quality time with God that really changed your life,
49:49 but when you see the king of glory when by faith
49:52 you see all of these things.
49:53 Remember Enoch never seen God,
49:55 he only seen him by faith, that's how real it was.
49:59 You can have it and I can have it today.
50:01 I want to see the king of glory, how about you?
50:04 And he longed for that home.
50:07 Are you longing for that home the home
50:09 that you have never seen, I love to sing the song,
50:13 not a good singer at all,
50:14 but I love to sing this world is not my home?
50:17 Every line of that just reminds me,
50:20 I'm just, I'm just passing through, it's not my home,
50:25 it's not your home, by faith I've seen my home.
50:28 Jesus said, I have gone to prepared it for you
50:30 and I'm going to come again.
50:32 And I believe there was a just such a key here
50:36 to all of this that we put together,
50:38 but remember he lived on this earth,
50:40 but he dwelled by and live by faith.
50:44 Same thing with us today Oh! Friend are you doing that?
50:48 In the realms of reality, I tell you I need that Jesus
50:52 said in Matthew chapter 5 verse 8,
50:54 "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. "
51:00 Didn't say the defiled. "Blessed are the pure in heart
51:03 for they shall see God. " Enoch walked with God,
51:06 he purpose to everyday that would said,
51:09 I want to know more about Jesus, day-by-day
51:12 somebody stay with now.
51:14 I said day-by-day Enoch walked with God.
51:16 Day-by-day for 300 years he walked with God.
51:19 And one day he was just walking along with God
51:22 I can just picture it he was just talking with God
51:25 for 300 years God looked at him and said
51:27 I approve of this man, I approve of this man.
51:30 He is my friend, and one day he began to just walk
51:33 and one day he took that big old long step of faith
51:36 and you know, what happened. He stepped right,
51:38 he was translated and went up into the kingdom,
51:40 think about that. What if he had stopped one step
51:46 short of that walk with God he would been translated.
51:49 By faith he took that last step and that last step
51:55 of faith there friend like bolstered him
51:57 into the kingdom of God. Oh! God, help us
51:59 that we can see, see what God's calling us today.
52:03 He is calling by the way in that communion with him
52:08 just like Enoch. I want by faith take that step,
52:11 I need you to take that step, I want to take that step,
52:16 he's calling me to a holy their lifestyle.
52:20 He is calling me to have a character change, a holy
52:26 character. He wants me to be one of the redeemed,
52:33 how about you when he comes the second time.
52:35 Oh! What an experience and friend along with each one
52:40 who is listening, those who are watching,
52:43 I want this to be with all my heart your testimony
52:46 It's I want to my testimony, as God looks at you,
52:53 he looks at me. The bottom line as we walk with him
52:58 day-by-day-by-day, he is getting ready to come
53:01 by the way in the cloud of, clouds of glory,
53:04 but I want to say it that he pleased God,
53:10 can you think of anything else,
53:14 anything else more important in your life,
53:17 or in my life today that that we pleased God
53:21 and if there is something that doesn't pleased God
53:23 ask the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you,
53:25 so that you give it to him, would this be a good time
53:27 to give it to him. So, the at the bottom line
53:29 at the end of the day we please God,
53:32 if we displease him, we won't make it to heaven.
53:36 For those of you who has said, yes. Oh!
53:38 By faith I've seen your hand raising your heart,
53:40 let's pray about it quickly right now.
53:42 Shall we, as we kneel together and ask God's blessing.
53:45 Loving Father in heaven, I thank you for the hands
53:49 and the hearts that was raised to decisions
53:50 that were made right now that we want to pleased you
53:54 and all thing we trust you, we love you,
53:56 we long for the day when you shall come,
53:58 help us to be ready in Jesus name, amen.
54:01 Thank you, for joining us today.
54:04 By the way we look forward the next time
54:07 we come together, we're gonna have another
54:09 spirit filled message, God bless.
54:12 In closing let's look at a couple more precious,
54:15 precious thoughts given to us in scripture,
54:18 it's found in First Timothy and we are gonna
54:21 look at verses 11, and 12.
54:24 First Timothy and chapter 6 verses 11 and 12.
54:28 It says, "But thou, O man of God, flee these things;
54:34 and follow after righteousness, what is righteousness?
54:38 Righteousness is right doing,
54:41 Godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness.
54:46 Fight the good fight of faith,
54:48 lay hold on the eternal life,
54:51 where unto thou art also called, and has professed
54:55 a good profession before many witnesses. "
54:59 Now when you desire these things, I pray that you do,
55:02 do they just happen overnight. No, God teaches us,
55:07 it's a walk of sanctification,
55:10 it's a daily learning process,
55:12 he is never gonna force you to be righteous,
55:15 he is never gonna force you to love him, to please him,
55:19 to serve with him, to walk with him on a daily basis.
55:22 You have to make that this choice,
55:25 you have to make that decision,
55:27 you have to decide to make your home,
55:31 a home of Christ and the angels want to dwell.
55:34 And you can do that, and we loved to hear
55:37 about what you are doing
55:39 and how you are doing please contact us.
55:41 Our contact information is on the screen,
55:43 you can contact us at Behold the Lamb Ministries,
55:46 that's PO Box 2030,
55:49 Herrin, IL or call us at 618-942-5044.
55:56 Email: BeholdTheLamb Ministries@yahoo. com.
56:00 Visit us our website, www. BeholdTheLambMinistries. com.
56:07 We want to hear from you, we want to know
56:10 what it's like as you began to change
56:12 because as I mentioned earlier,
56:14 as we dwell closer to Jesus, as we make these changes,
56:19 as we leave stations like 3ABN on everyday
56:24 instead of all these other things
56:26 that gloating out there on the airway,
56:28 you watch how God will began to change you
56:31 from the inside out until we see you again.


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