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Being A Witness Of Faith

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00:41 I'm so glad to be with you, to open our program
00:44 we're gonna open God's word, we're gonna look
00:47 in the book of Titus, we're gonna go to Titus and
00:51 we're gonna look at Chapter 2 verses 13 and 14.
00:55 If you got your Bible handy join me, verses,
00:58 chapter 2 verses 13 and 14 we read. Looking for
01:03 that blessed hope, wow! What a promise already,
01:07 Looking for that blessed hope, which I hope you are
01:11 today, and the glorious appearing of our great
01:14 God and our Savior Jesus Christ, for he gave himself
01:19 for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity,
01:24 and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of
01:29 good works. He has to redeem us, you know so
01:33 many people say they're looking for that Blessed
01:36 hope; they're looking for Christ to come.
01:38 But they neglect that preparation that God
01:41 requires that preparation that walk of sanctification
01:45 that we need to be begin to walk if we're ever
01:48 going to walk into the Kingdom of Heaven,
01:51 and he asked us to daily search, daily search the
01:57 scriptures because all that iniquity that he came to
02:00 purify us from, it has to be gone. All sin has to be
02:05 washed away; it has to be gotten cleaned out
02:09 of our lives. We must be made pure,
02:12 we need to become that peculiar people that
02:15 God's calling us to be and that is a daily process.
02:19 A daily process as we begin to learn to live as
02:24 a witness for Jesus and that's going to be our,
02:27 our subject today "Being a Witness of Faith,"
02:30 a witness, what is a witness. A witness you're gonna
02:33 have to know something to be a witness aren't
02:36 you? And you're gonna have to know what Faith
02:38 is all about, to prepare our hearts, we're gonna go
02:41 to the 3ABN worship center and we're gonna listen to
02:45 a beautiful song that is going to be sung by Sandra
02:48 Entermann and it's entitle "All I have to be,
02:52 All I Ever Have To Be" by Sandra Entermann.
03:02 When the weight of all my dreams
03:07 Is resting heavy on my head,
03:13 And the thoughtful words of health and hope
03:19 Have all been nicely said. But I'm still hurting,
03:26 Wondering if I'll ever be The one I think I am.
03:37 I think I am. Then you gently re-remind me
03:49 That you've made me from the first,
03:54 And the more I try to be the best
04:00 The more I get the worst. And I realize the good in me,
04:10 Is only there because of who you are
04:19 Who you are. And all I ever have to be
04:27 Is what you've made me. Any more or less would be
04:32 a step. Out of your plan. As you daily recreate me,
04:39 Help me always keep in mind That I only have to do
04:43 What I can find. And all I ever have to be
04:52 All I have to be All I ever have to be
05:03 Is what you've made me.
05:23 Praise the Lord, thank you for joining us today
05:26 and I'm so very grateful and thankful for that song
05:28 Sandra you know all I even ever have to be and
05:32 that's what we're talking about Jesus today.
05:35 All we ever have to be is just committed to his care
05:38 and to his keeping, so I know that was blessing to
05:40 everyone and by the way we're glad that you've
05:42 joined us wherever you may be around the
05:45 world we're glad you're gonna spend this time
05:47 with us. But as usual as we stay the word of
05:50 God we need to have prayer, so why don't you join
05:53 with me as we pray together. Loving Father in heaven,
05:59 we thank you for the privilege that we have to
06:01 study your word today. We pray for the power
06:04 of thy Holy Spirit, and illuminate these
06:06 beautiful truths that you have for us.
06:08 Open our ears, our minds, our hearts that we may
06:11 understand all that you have, to reveal to us
06:14 today we give you praise and give you
06:16 honor and Glory in Jesus name, Amen.
06:22 Well, but what we always like to do is remind you
06:24 to get your Bible, pencil and paper, if it's possible.
06:27 Jot down some of the things that we will be talking
06:29 about so that you may study to show yourself
06:32 approved unto God. We're gonna talk about a very
06:35 fantastic subject today, "Being a Faithful Witness"
06:39 or "A Witness of Faith," what does that really mean
06:44 to be a witness of Faith. I know some of you will
06:47 have your Bibles out already and I'm gonna have
06:50 you turn right for passage of scripture in the
06:53 book of Acts Chapter 1 verse 8, this is a powerful
06:58 scripture. In fact, there is so much in it you could
07:01 probably spend a long time, but I'm just going to
07:03 read it, have a few comments and I think we'll
07:06 be able to put together by the power of the
07:08 Holy Spirit, what it means to be a witness of
07:11 Faith for Jesus, by the way in your daily devotions
07:17 that you have I pray that you're doing more than
07:19 just reading the Bible that's good. But I'm gonna
07:22 encourage you to study the Bible, take some subject
07:26 and really study them out. Because it's very,
07:28 very important that we understand what truth is.
07:32 Not just what the preacher is telling us or an
07:34 evangelist is telling us, but your relationship with
07:37 Jesus Christ I really wanna encourage you that
07:39 because God's promised very special power.
07:42 In the book of Acts chapter 1 verse 8, I'm gonna
07:45 read this passage. Now, I want you can read it out
07:47 aloud at home too by the way with me, it says:
07:50 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy
07:53 Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be my
07:57 witnesses to me both in Jerusalem, and Judea,
08:01 and in Samaria. Now, I want you think about that,
08:04 the Bible has said right here ye shall receive
08:06 power, you are to be my witnesses, so we're
08:10 talking about a witness of Faith today.
08:12 How are we to be witnesses, what is it talking about,
08:15 when you said we receive power. By the way
08:19 when you look up that word power it denotes
08:22 dynamite. We can be explosive in the cause of
08:26 Christ, we are to be his witnesses and being his
08:29 witness we're to be explosive to the world with a
08:32 fantastic message to give. And it's very interesting
08:36 when the Bible talks about my witnesses,
08:38 you know we're to be preaching in this hour of
08:40 world's history. May I said, nice as I can, a simple
08:44 Gospel. Not something that is starling speculations,
08:50 there are a lot of people that's putting things out
08:52 there you know, they go, I call them going into
08:53 the North forty somewhere and they are trying
08:55 to put somethings together to just captivate the
08:57 minds of different people and draw them
08:59 away from presenting present truth.
09:03 We are not to be speculating on anything,
09:05 you know the fact, the disciples by the way were
09:08 somewhat the same way as some people today.
09:11 They were very anxious to know about the time
09:14 of the coming of the Kingdom of God and they
09:17 kept asking Jesus all the time, give us,
09:19 give us a time here we need a time frame.
09:22 And by the way I find people doing that today,
09:26 I mean they're asking, do we know exactly the
09:28 time and the day and the hour. Oh! Friend,
09:32 I just you know the Bible doesn't say that we've
09:35 to know exact time when Jesus come, but we're
09:37 gonna know when it's near even at the doors.
09:39 So, don't let anyone tell you we know that the
09:41 day and the hour because the Bible doesn't reveal
09:44 that, they said you're gonna receive power.
09:48 See the Father didn't reveal that to them and what's
09:50 not revealed to us, we need not try to speculate on
09:53 that because we have present truth to give by the
09:56 way to the world. Disciples were representatives of
10:00 Jesus Christ or they should have been, we are his
10:02 disciples we have to representatives of Him today
10:06 and by the way we need to represent Him through
10:08 what? Through our character, through our
10:10 lifestyle, the way we communicate with other
10:12 people, the way we talked to other people and our
10:15 lifestyle. You know, we have a wonderful,
10:18 wonderful message to give and we should be giving
10:21 that with I'm talking about with power and so
10:23 when I read this passage of scripture,
10:25 I'm thinking wow! This is wonderful because God
10:28 has promised me power as the message is given,
10:32 he's promised you power. So, you need not to
10:34 worry about well I just wonder what I might say,
10:38 I wonder what I might do, just go in Faith believing,
10:41 understanding the message that is to be given
10:43 and God says I will supply that power or that
10:47 dynamite, I will have you to be explosive
10:49 here in the last days of earth's history.
10:53 And I believe that we have a very wonderful
10:54 message in which to give. By the way the Bible
10:57 also says in the book of Acts chapter 5,
10:59 it says that: And Ye are My witnesses of these
11:02 things, so we're to be his witnesses,
11:06 he said you're gonna receive power then you're
11:08 gonna be my witnesses. He said you're going to
11:10 be a witness to these things, so there is something
11:12 very, very, very exciting to know that when God
11:16 says that we're to be his witnesses that his
11:19 promised special things for us. In fact the book
11:21 of Acts when you read it, it's thrilling to me by
11:25 the way, there's always, there's always fantastic
11:28 miracles going on. There is the power of God being
11:31 seen in the works and so we need to be,
11:35 you may go back in the New Testament and read
11:36 the book of Acts, to see how that New Testament
11:39 Church operated. The power of the things that were
11:42 done in the Church, I know many times in many of
11:45 the Churches today, week after week you go to
11:47 Church and it's the same old, can I say that,
11:50 same old, same old, gonna put the same thing can
11:53 we come we do this, we do that, we just go through
11:55 the rituals and we go through here, we go home
11:57 and we didn't come blessed, we didn't leave blessed.
12:00 I don't believe that's God intention for us,
12:03 he wants us to come before him and if he is
12:05 present something good is going to be happen.
12:09 You know what we need leave blessed, we need
12:10 leave, live, leave differently as we came to Church.
12:13 God say I promise you power, by the way fellows
12:16 you've been studying the book of Revelation,
12:18 Revelation chapter 11. The Bible says in verse 3,
12:22 he said I'm gonna give power to my two witnesses,
12:26 which is not the subject but boy I like to
12:28 challenge to get that book out. He said I'm
12:30 gonna give power to my two witnesses and our
12:33 subject today is being a witness of Faith,
12:35 so he said I'm gonna give you power to my two
12:37 witnesses. By the way a lot of people study this
12:40 subject and they'll say well we understand this
12:41 subject, that there are two witnesses,
12:44 they're Elijah and they're Moses. May I just probe
12:48 a little bit in your study time to say would you go
12:52 little deeper than that. And you said well why
12:55 should I go a little deeper that seems to be very
12:57 obvious. The significance goes beyond Elijah,
13:01 it goes beyond Moses, why? Just give you a few
13:05 tidbits and then you can study for yourself.
13:08 But the Bible goes and talks about there are two
13:11 witnesses, there is two olive trees in connection with
13:14 this subject. There's two candles sticks, there's the
13:17 two the Holy one, the anointed one, do you
13:19 remember that. And as you put that all together
13:22 it has do with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit
13:25 inspired men to write what? Good scripture,
13:30 and so the power is going to be given to the two right,
13:33 the witnesses, which by the way and then you can
13:35 study for yourself is simply the Old and the New
13:38 Testament, wow! Holy Spirit power filled, yes,
13:43 this is what God wants for us, so what does it mean
13:46 to be a witness, because the Bible's full about we
13:49 need to be witnesses for Jesus Christ, we need to
13:51 be a light into the World, so to be a witness what
13:54 does that really mean? witness of Faith.
13:56 What do you think about when you hear the word
13:58 witness, I looked up several of ways and you can
14:01 do the same and it has several meanings will
14:04 cross your mind, it's maybe not going to cross mine.
14:07 But to think about it with me just for a moment a
14:10 witness then would be what? Would be a testimony,
14:12 a witness has to do with evidence and we've talked
14:15 about that before we're gonna always talk about
14:18 the weight of what? Evidence good, we have to
14:22 weigh it out in the scales, we have to if we wanna
14:26 know what truth is, we have to have weight of
14:29 evidence. So we talk about a witness,
14:31 a witness to me is a, oh! He's a witness,
14:34 he saw something, he saw something,
14:38 he's a witness, we're going to call the witness
14:40 to the stand. One who gives a first hand account
14:45 of something that has taken place, we could say
14:48 what, that's a witness and by the way to bear
14:52 witness to another's mission. Interesting the man that
14:55 we're going to talk about and I love to take men and
14:58 women of the Bible and just single them out and study
15:00 a little bit about them. We're going to talk about
15:03 certainly John, John the Baptist, remember he was
15:06 a witness of another's work, he was a representative
15:12 of someone else's work, which was Jesus Christ.
15:15 What a man, think about what a message that
15:19 he gave. What a life that it took off commitment to
15:22 Jesus Christ, willing to be different, willing to have
15:26 a different lifestyle, willing to so commit himself
15:30 to Jesus that it was as Paul said no longer I that
15:32 live but Christ that does what, Christ that lives in
15:35 me, how desperately we need that in our own
15:38 experience, how desperately every morning in my
15:41 life I need to get up and say God take self away.
15:45 You know, who my greatest enemy is some of you
15:49 are gonna say oh! Yeah, well we know that devil is,
15:51 oh! Yes, the devil is the enemy we know that,
15:53 the greatest enemy that I have on this earth is
15:56 myself. Self is all of our greatest enemy, because
16:01 when we get ourselves, ourselves into trouble what
16:03 has happen, because that we want, we want to do.
16:08 So, the fight is always about self and I believe that
16:11 exactly why Jesus said this very first thing he said
16:14 when he call his disciples was what? He said deny
16:17 self, take up the cross and follow me, oh!
16:20 You not gonna take up the cross. You're not gonna
16:22 follow Him unless self is cut to the quick.
16:25 Everyday we need to be praying that God will help
16:28 self to be hide behind the cross of Calvary.
16:31 I'm praying that everyday, because he never
16:34 say us can if I lift you up, you're gonna draw all
16:36 men, no that seems like it turns them off.
16:38 But we lift up Jesus it turns people to Him.
16:42 This man's name John the Baptist what an awesome
16:45 thing what was his message, quickly listen,
16:47 we turn, you have your Bible turn with me the
16:48 book of Matthew I'm gonna read that. Book of Matthew
16:51 chapter 3 verse 1, it right quick it just tells about
16:55 John the Baptist, it tells about his work that he
16:58 is to do. In Matthew chapter 3 verse 1,
17:02 the Bible says: In those days came John the Baptist,
17:06 John the Baptist came in those days and he was
17:08 preaching in the wilderness and here's what
17:10 he was saying, let's put it in a nutshell.
17:12 Yeah, I'm one of those people, I like to get down
17:14 to it, like put the, you know let the rubber you
17:17 meet the road. John's message was simply repent
17:22 for the kingdom of Heaven is what, is at hand.
17:26 There was a lot of misconception going on in the
17:28 days of Jesus Christ, to his coming, what is some of
17:31 the reason he was coming. Most people will say,
17:33 well he came to die for our sins, yes, but you know
17:36 what I believe this I want you just really think about
17:38 before you say oh! No, he came to set the record
17:42 straight on a lot of the doctrines and the teachings
17:45 that was prevalent during that day. He was come to set
17:49 the record straight on things that we're being
17:50 taught by their religious leaders. And so you know
17:55 we find that John had a definite message to bear
17:58 and so he had to deal and then Jesus had to deal
18:01 with the Pharisees. He had to deal with the Sadducees,
18:03 we understand there and remember the Pharisees were
18:06 very heaped on the, what? Outward performance.
18:11 In fact we find that they had they love the customs,
18:14 but you know what they were self righteous,
18:17 I wonder today if maybe we might have a little
18:19 problem with that ourselves, really look deep,
18:23 some sit high upon a chair sometime they were looking
18:25 down the end of nose of somebody else rather
18:28 then really asking God to help us to be what we
18:30 need to be. I think it's very important in our religious
18:35 experience, John and Jesus disciples had to deal with
18:38 those Sadducees who denied the resurrection of
18:41 the dead. They denied, most all denied that there
18:48 was even a God, so they were a lot of teaching,
18:52 a lot of things that were going on here that Jesus
18:55 had to come and set straight and before that John
18:58 came to prepare the way and remember he called
19:02 some of these Sadducees and Pharisees,
19:04 he called them vipers and now remember that why
19:08 he call them vipers, we met that they were malignant
19:12 and you would look up that word which says malignant,
19:15 it means that many of these people who professed
19:17 to be Christian, listen carefully they were evildoers.
19:21 That's what John said, he was a forerunner of Jesus
19:23 Christ, he represented, he was a witness of Jesus
19:27 Christ, he said they're evil in nature and these people
19:30 were doing great harm to the cause of Christ,
19:34 you know any people in the Church that maybe is
19:35 causing harm. Causing harm to the calls of Christ,
19:40 do you realize every time that we down trod somebody
19:43 that professes to be a Christian the other people
19:45 are looking around saying ha, if that's what a
19:47 Christian is all about I don't wanna be. You and I
19:50 need to be very careful about what we say about
19:53 another person who professes to be a Christian,
19:55 whether we agree or not because it hurts the
19:57 cause of Christ. Oh! Some of the things that we will
20:00 have to pay for some day God, God, God help us,
20:04 but he didn't call them vipers that we out here,
20:06 because they were what? They were doing great harm,
20:08 they were antagonistic, you ever find anybody that's
20:13 antagonistic or they're an adversary, they're an
20:19 enemy to cause of Christ, they don't profess to be,
20:21 they say I'm a Christian, but they're known to cause
20:23 trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble, and everything you
20:26 stand for they take the opposite side. Have you ever
20:29 met anyone like that? I have, I wanted to call
20:35 my friend, many years ago. It doesn't matter what you
20:40 would say it, if you said something like boy I tell you,
20:45 he said well wait a couple of minutes, you say you know
20:47 couple of minutes is a longtime. He would turn
20:50 around respond very quickly, now two minutes is
20:52 not a longtime, if you're hanging by your eyelids,
20:56 think about that. Well, he was right, but again he
21:00 would say you know I say well you know two minutes
21:02 is a longtime. He'd say, now that's all if you just
21:05 had two minutes to live. So, it doesn't matter what
21:08 side you took, he always took the other side and
21:11 then they're developed a discussion. Well, there's
21:14 people like that that call themselves Christian by
21:16 the way we need to be very careful. And so John
21:19 was calling them to forsake their ways,
21:27 forsake their sins to really show that their characters
21:28 had been changed and you know that's what we need
21:30 in hearts, in our lives today. Isaiah said it
21:33 beautifully, in Isaiah 40 verse 3, when he talked
21:36 about John the Baptist, he said he is the voice of
21:38 one in the wilderness, you remember Christ and
21:40 the wilderness. Now, he saying to prepare the
21:43 way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a
21:46 highway for our God. What is, what is our job,
21:53 if John is a representative of those, giving the
21:57 message in the last days, shouldn't our message
21:59 be the same as John the Baptist, should we not be
22:02 preparing the high way, should we not be preparing
22:04 a people to meet Jesus. Oh! Friend I believe so,
22:08 Isaiah understood this concept, you and I hopefully
22:11 will understand this concept of what it meant to
22:14 prepare the highways, they understood it very
22:16 well in the Old Testament time and even in New
22:18 Testament times, because when the King came to
22:20 visit a town or a community or a city whatever
22:23 it might be. That they always did, they always
22:26 straightened out the roads, now think about it
22:29 today when we go down the highway we hit some
22:31 of these we call them potholes, this rough places
22:33 in the road and we don't really like that but you
22:36 know what we don't like all the tax money
22:37 sometime it takes to fix them either. But there's
22:40 holes in the road, there's holes in our what?
22:43 In our characters and so these all had to be fixed,
22:47 filled in, replaced before the King would come and
22:51 what is Jesus telling here's the principle,
22:53 the principle is those rough places in our lives.
22:57 Those bad rough character flaws that we might have
23:00 whether it's in speech or eyes or ears, they need
23:04 to be fixed before the King comes. The bad places,
23:07 the rough places need to be fixed, the potholes of
23:11 sin needs to be filled with the Glory of God,
23:15 friend there is a real lesson for us in this, can we,
23:18 we can see quickly then the symbolism of the work
23:21 of John that we've talked about that you read I'm
23:24 sure of two points, number one is the demand of
23:28 a character change. He said repent, have a
23:31 change of life. Oh! Friend and the others certainly
23:35 is giving the Gospel message, think about giving
23:38 the Gospel message and we're commissioned to go
23:40 around the world, part of that Gospel message has
23:43 dealing with the sin issue of what? Of going out
23:47 of our life why? Because sin separates us from
23:50 God, I think this make a big statement right now.
23:55 There will some people who will probably disagree
23:58 but I believe with all my heart from what little study.
24:02 Don't know everything, don't claim to and I think
24:06 through the ceaseless ages you know what,
24:07 I still won't know everything, millions and billions of
24:11 years by God's grace, if I make it I'm still gonna be
24:13 a learner in the school of Christ, but I do believe
24:16 this, I do believe that by the power of God that
24:21 every sin is going have to go from our life,
24:24 if not we're going to have to go. Sin does separate
24:27 us from God and you know what we will not make
24:29 it to Heaven with one unconfessed sin. Shocking,
24:38 but think about when sin came to bear fruit in
24:40 Heaven, what happen there was a separation when
24:43 sin bore fruit and came in the open, in the
24:45 Garden of Eden. They were cast out, think about it,
24:51 God's very particular, he's not gonna let Heaven
24:53 all the other universe you see be subject to that
24:59 sin issue again when he comes a second time.
25:02 We had a work to do and God wants us to give
25:04 that work to people. What about the character of
25:07 John? Think about it today, if he's a representative
25:13 of those people that will give the message what
25:15 did he do, what did he say, how did he act?
25:18 Well, the Bible here is given for an example is
25:21 that right. He was a man that dressed differently,
25:24 here was a man that ate differently, here was a
25:26 man that spoke differently, here was a man that
25:27 gave a different message then, then the norm
25:31 and lot of people didn't like that. They couldn't
25:34 really accept that, they thought he was a
25:37 trouble maker, he was a oddball, he was peculiar
25:42 and many I'm sure they will stay away from this
25:44 group, have you ever heard that today,
25:46 somebody say about the Church that you attend.
25:48 Oh! That's a little bit peculiar, that's odd, stay
25:49 away from there. A lot of people rather you
25:51 would be got out there and run the street, rather
25:53 than go to the Church that they don't agree with.
25:59 After all we stay away from John and John the
26:01 Baptist, his mission and what he's proclaiming
26:04 is because he is not with the main group, have you
26:06 ever heard that? Oh! We've got to be with the
26:08 main group, oh! We have got to be, oh!
26:10 It couldn't possible be right because there's such
26:12 a little group. Jesus always referred to the straight
26:15 and the narrow, he referred to just a small
26:18 remnant in the last days. Do you remember that?
26:21 He never talked about the majority making it to
26:23 Heaven. He said the way is prepared praise God
26:26 for anyone who wants to be, I love that song by the
26:29 way. There is room at the cross for you,
26:34 though millions have come there is still room for
26:36 one, yes there is room at the cross for you.
26:39 Oh! The preparation is made, the blood is sufficient,
26:42 but we have to accept that, we have to be willing
26:44 to be obedient to those things that God has for us.
26:50 Yet as he was rejected and yet accepted by a few,
26:54 he was still a representative of God wasn't he?
26:57 He was still God's man, he was God's man from
27:00 the womb if you remember and you study.
27:04 He was preparing the way for Jesus to come up on
27:06 the sin, John was a miracle child you remember,
27:09 Abraham had a miracle child, and Mary had a miracle
27:12 child. Friend one thing I believe is very important
27:15 for us to realize that you and I we can do nothing
27:18 of our own. All we can do the very best effort you
27:25 see is nothing without the power of the Holy Spirit,
27:31 a lot of people try, they work hard at it.
27:34 I feel like the message like this any Pastor,
27:37 if the Holy Spirit is not accompanying what is being
27:39 said. It's not going to get into your ears or anyone
27:42 else's ears or heart or mind. There is nothing that
27:45 I can say, there is times my heart cries out.
27:49 Lord could I say something, do something you know,
27:51 if we get on our knees and we crawl, if we beg,
27:53 will it do, no. the power of the Holy Spirit that can
27:58 take simple words like being spoken here today.
28:01 Can take these little simple words and they can plant
28:03 them in your heart and you know what, you can hear,
28:06 one of my prayers before everything in my private
28:08 prayer. Is Lord I know in myself I'm gonna make a
28:12 mess of it, but I know that you can let the people
28:15 hear exactly what they need to hear and nothing
28:17 else. Something that will change their heart and
28:19 life, I can't say anything, but it doesn't stop us
28:22 from giving the message, we need that what,
28:25 that power after you receive Him, we read what,
28:28 then we receive power of the Holy Ghost,
28:32 Jesus said without me and John 15:5 isn't?
28:35 Without me, you can do nothing, but then he goes
28:39 on and says in Luke 1:32: Nothing shall be
28:42 impossible, right with Jesus Christ nothing is
28:46 impossible, so if you're facing that today there
28:49 everything seems to impossible, life is just
28:51 a mess, you just don't know which way to turn,
28:54 your world is going upside down, you can say your
28:56 marriage is crumbling, your job, your education,
28:59 you don't know what to do. There's some people
29:00 getting laid off from their work, they're in their
29:01 50's or in their 60's and it's like no one wants
29:04 them anymore. Jesus does, he has a way for
29:09 you, he has a map planned out for you, don't get
29:13 despondent, don't get discouraged. Because all
29:16 things are possible through Jesus Christ, cast
29:19 yourself on him, while he cares for you and he
29:23 cares for me. He cares enough, that he's commission
29:25 men and women in the last days, he's commissioned
29:28 them all through his scripture to give a specific
29:30 message, a specific time to warn the people just
29:34 before a big event. Have you notice that before
29:38 Sodom and Gomorrah, before the flood, just to
29:43 give you examples of things that were going to
29:44 happen, when Jerusalem was destroyed,
29:46 there was always warnings that were given.
29:48 God was speaking through his prophets,
29:50 through his people and he said I'll always do that,
29:53 our problem is we will not listen. May God help us
29:56 to listen today to the words of God, we need it.
30:00 Now, I do believe this, I believe we live
30:02 in a world that's almost fully in Apostasy.
30:07 Doesn't matter what people profess,
30:08 the profession of religion is nothing.
30:10 There is a lot of people oh! Yeah, well yeah I'm a
30:12 Christian, I heard some people say oh!
30:14 I'm a believer, their life doesn't show it.
30:18 We can say that we profess to be a Christian
30:21 and we love Jesus, but we're not willing to be
30:23 obedient to him, we're not his follower.
30:26 Jesus said if you will love me, keep my commandment,
30:28 it's very simple and yeah how we disregard that
30:32 why? Because it demands self denial, we don't
30:36 want that self denial, we don't want any chains
30:39 on, we want to do what we want to do,
30:41 that's that selfish you again. John came to say
30:44 look that all has to go, sin going to have to go,
30:47 selfishness gonna have to go, pride's gonna have
30:49 to go. Let me just say it while I'm on it right now.
30:52 You know I heard a lot of people they'll say,
30:53 well you know so and so was at the, so and so
30:56 you know he is a lair, he is an adulterer,
30:58 he is this, oh! This sin's a lot worse than that sin,
31:01 listen any sin will keep you out of the heaven.
31:04 And the people that are broadcasting these things,
31:06 they know not of, they're just as accountable and
31:10 God will hold them accountable. We cannot
31:13 pick and choose well this sin is this, this is that,
31:16 this is right here, your eyes just it's a sin to lie.
31:20 It's a sin to make a judgment, it's wrong and
31:24 yet sometimes we're talking and condemning this
31:27 person and that person because maybe they've
31:28 done this or we think they have or somebody said
31:30 they have. Friend that has to go in our life,
31:34 look we have to love people enough that we
31:36 would rather die, than say anything bad about
31:39 them, Lord help me. You know how difficult it is
31:44 for you to say anything bad about your child,
31:48 it's very difficult to even be honest when they're,
31:51 well little troublemakers. Well, I'm almost said
31:53 deacons, but I am not going to say that, think
31:56 about it, it's hard for us to say and we won't let
31:59 anybody right, neighbors and family say anything bad
32:02 about our children we stand up in defense man,
32:04 but why is it that we won't do that with our
32:06 fellowman, when Jesus said we have to love Him,
32:11 supremely and our fellowman is ourselves.
32:14 Is there something wrong in our, our relationships.
32:18 There's something really wrong, do we understand
32:20 the message that God has given, see our message
32:23 today has to be just as direct as that of John
32:27 the Baptist and Elijah, just as direct and I have
32:31 tell you what? It upset people, they didn't like it,
32:35 they didn't wanna hear it and what do you do,
32:38 if you don't like something what do you do?
32:41 If you can't shut their mouth up, what do you do?
32:42 Lets get rid of them, just push them out the
32:44 door what do you say, let's shut him up that way.
32:48 Oh! I have seen it happen, I'm sure you have too.
32:52 It doesn't mean if what they were saying was right
32:53 or wrong, that wasn't the issue, the issue was
32:55 we didn't wanna hear it and we wanted to get rid
32:57 of it, wow! Is that way we really do to those
33:01 who we really love, surely not. But our message
33:07 has to be in the Spirit and power of Elijah,
33:12 he rebuke Kings in the midst of their sin,
33:16 he call sin by it's right name. You know,
33:18 you have very few even Pastors today that's willing
33:20 to call sin by his right name. They don't wanna
33:23 do it why? Because sometimes the Church
33:24 members get upset, you ever dealt with that.
33:28 I heard a Pastor say one time, this is not try to
33:31 pad me on the back or anybody else on the back,
33:33 that's not the issue at all. But sometimes he would
33:36 come to visit the Church and come after certain
33:38 message he came up me, he said I wish I could
33:41 present that kind of message. He's been preaching
33:43 for forty years, I wish I could present that kind of
33:47 message in the Church I just can't, I just can't
33:49 seem to do it. I said, why can't, you do it?
33:54 He said well right now I feel like I need to but I've
33:56 got, oh! No, I hate to say this, he said I have got
33:59 two years to retirement. I don't wanna create
34:03 any waves, really. Friend, who are you trying to
34:08 please, I told him don't worry about retirement God
34:12 can take care of your retirement, say what God
34:16 has asked you to say. Have clear conscious at night,
34:20 when someone comes to you with an issue,
34:22 a Church member whatever don't just pad it down
34:25 when it's dead wrong. Tell him it's dead wrong
34:27 based on the word of God, oh! You love them,
34:28 you're gonna pray for them, you're gonna work
34:30 with them, but it's wrong and it will never inherit
34:33 the Kingdom of God. This is what we need to hear,
34:37 I need to hear, I need to know clearly what's right
34:39 and what's wrong, what God accepts and what he
34:41 doesn't. And so John gave the message of repentance
34:45 and calling people to Jesus and to be Baptized and
34:48 let me tell you this, he wasn't just talking about
34:49 rebaptism or Baptism for certain of you.
34:52 He was talking about Christian who professed to
34:53 be that already been Baptize, that they needed to
34:56 change because of their thinking and what they
34:58 were doing, was contrary to the word of God.
35:01 So, he is calling to repent what is our message
35:04 today John had a message before the first coming
35:06 of Jesus we have a message before the second coming
35:09 of Jesus, our message is going to be found in
35:11 Revelation 14, called the three angels message.
35:16 That message is to give Glory to God just going to
35:18 all of the world. That message is a sanctifying
35:22 message, that message is a challenging message,
35:25 that message is a, a word that would be given
35:28 in due season, that will change the hearts and
35:31 life and prepare a people to meet Jesus if you
35:33 accept it. What's wrong with fearing God and
35:36 give the Glory to Him, what's wrong with,
35:38 right, go back to the one who made Heaven
35:39 and earth and the sea and all there
35:41 in, there is nothing wrong with going back to
35:43 the creator, but when you go back to the creator,
35:45 you go back to keeping the commandments,
35:46 people they say we don't wanna get into that
35:48 now, wow! Our message has to do friend with the
35:55 judgment hour we live in the hour of God's
35:59 judgment and Jesus is soon to come, how does
36:03 that sound to you. In the judgment hour and
36:08 have been from many, many years and it won't
36:10 be long that judgment's going to close,
36:13 the Bible is very clear on the issue that smoke
36:17 fills the temple and Jesus stands up and once again
36:19 as his own cavalry says it's done, it's finished.
36:24 He puts on his Kingly attire, he comes back we're
36:28 in that hour that our names are coming up in
36:31 the judgment. People say well you know I don't
36:35 believe that listen he said I will bring my reward
36:37 with me, think about it I bring it with me,
36:40 so that means it's settled before he comes does
36:43 that make sense. And have you chosen a
36:48 representative, have you chosen Jesus as
36:51 your Lord and Savior, if not why not, we have
36:56 message to bear but we also have a life to
36:58 get ready. Because in the judgment hour,
37:01 dear friends we need Jesus standing in our
37:03 defense. We all say as Christian he is our advocate,
37:06 oh! My, he is my representative,
37:09 if he is that means he is going to stand for
37:11 you but he cannot stand for you, if you don't
37:12 stand for Him today. If you're not his witness of
37:16 Faith today then he can't be your witness before
37:18 the Father. I tell you when my name comes up in
37:23 the judgment, but you know what this is scary.
37:26 The Bible said the judgment begins in the house
37:28 of God with those who have passed, but you know
37:30 what then it goes onto the living. Could it
37:32 possibly be that we are in the judgment of the
37:34 living right now and after that it's over he is
37:37 going to come, that's a scary thought when my
37:40 name comes up, I need Jesus, how about you.
37:43 I need Him to stand up between me and the
37:45 Father, I can't stand in the Father, I will tell you
37:47 I've sinned and come short of the Glory of God,
37:49 I need Jesus to stand for me and I often said
37:53 there as he stretch forth those precious hands.
37:54 Oh! Precious hands and what do you think you're
37:58 gonna see, what does the Father see when he
38:00 stretches forth those hands. He is reminded once
38:03 again two of those nail prints and Jesus is going
38:06 to say, Kenny Shelton, the Father, my name will
38:11 come as just Kenny Shelton. Then the Father
38:15 looks at his son and Jesus says my blood, oh!
38:21 Yeah if Jesus wanted to go in too he'd say oh
38:23 boy he was a rascal. There are a lot of things,
38:26 all of them not good, it was just, he doesn't,
38:28 he says my blood and you know what the beautiful
38:31 thing about that the books in Heaven.
38:33 Because that blood it covers us, think about it,
38:36 it covers us, it washes away all sin. Father,
38:40 my blood and Jesus and God says oh! That's
38:42 sufficient, my son came down, he lived the perfect
38:45 life and oh know can he by Faith accepted that
38:48 life come on in you're part of the family of God.
38:52 Oh! Man I need that, I need that encouragement
38:54 how about you today, that I can be part of the
38:57 family of God. You and I we need to quit worrying
39:00 about other people's life and how they get this
39:03 right or they're getting that right, get it right
39:05 yourself and I need to get it right myself,
39:07 I need to focus on it, so that I could be better
39:09 witness for Jesus Christ. John was focusing on His
39:14 mission, Elijah focused on His mission by the way
39:18 we need to be focusing on our mission today.
39:21 The Spirit and power of Elijah, this message must
39:25 be given, we had to be ready for that and such
39:28 an our as we think not what? the Bible says the
39:30 son of man is going to come, but do you have
39:35 Jesus Christ right now to stand in your place,
39:39 if not why not? What's holding you back,
39:42 some of you; you know what it is some what it's
39:43 the lust of the eye, think about it. It could be,
39:50 what we hear, I heard some people say well I
39:54 just can't look quit looking at this, I just can't quit
39:57 doing this. Do you realize whatever that might be,
40:01 if it's wrong, it's going to keep us out of Heaven.
40:06 Is that all Heaven means to you or is it a time
40:09 of a little self sacrifice, denying of self say God help
40:14 me, I can't control this but you can and I'm
40:17 going to commit it to you and your care and your
40:19 keeping. God called John to the greatest work that's
40:22 ever been committed to man and he's called his
40:24 last day people to that same type of work.
40:28 And that is warning the people to meet Jesus
40:30 now it doesn't matter how many times you've
40:31 heard me say that because I'm gonna continue to
40:33 say that and I pray that the God will help me in
40:36 all messages to always lift up the name of Jesus.
40:39 And always reminds you that probation is closing,
40:42 always reminds you that sin is going to have to go,
40:44 always remind that you need a savior, always
40:47 reminds you things are getting way to happen in
40:48 the world dear friends they are not going remind
40:50 the way they are, they will not get better they
40:52 will wax worse and worse, that's what the Bible
40:55 says, and I need that shelter, you need that
40:58 shelter. People say well that's wonderful because
41:02 I have read in the word that you know Elijah is
41:05 going to come, you remember that in Malachi 4:5,
41:09 he say oh! Yeah: Behold I will send you what?
41:12 Elijah the Prophet before the coming of the great
41:15 and dreadful day of the God, oh! Some say well
41:19 Elijah is going to come back, oh! Friend just spend
41:21 time, we don't have time to go into a today,
41:23 but Elijah is not going to comeback, it has to do
41:27 with the message that Elijah gave, it had to do
41:29 with the message that John was giving or the
41:32 messages that we should be giving today is to
41:35 prepare to meet thy God, prepare to meet thy
41:39 God, notice the word prepare to meet God.
41:44 A preparation work we're in a shaking time right now,
41:47 everything that's not fasten down, will be
41:48 shaken out, some of us will be shaken out for
41:52 just a little handful, little thirty pieces of silver.
41:59 Oh! Friend, don't let that happened in your life,
42:01 please don't let that happened in your life,
42:03 quickly let's look at John's message that he was
42:06 giving and the last day people will be giving.
42:09 Now remember where you're affiliated, where you're
42:12 working, what you're doing, if they're not giving
42:14 the Elijah and John the Baptist message is it
42:18 possible that God has a little something in store for
42:20 you. We have to give this message, because it
42:26 purifies and perfects a people to get ready for his
42:29 appearing. John by the way was preaching a
42:35 message that God gave him, a direct calling of
42:41 God, he was God's messenger remember that
42:45 now John was what? God's messenger in the last
42:48 days we just talked about it, God said my messages
42:51 will be what? The three angles messages,
42:54 they will deliver what? Messages, they will deliver
42:58 what God is going to require of the last day people
43:01 living on the earth. Don't worry about what
43:03 happened before and grandma and grandpa and
43:05 all the other people, they did this, they were good
43:07 people. He's requiring for you today right now,
43:11 not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now
43:13 what he requires of you. John was the messenger,
43:16 God's last day people going to have a message to
43:18 bear to the world that's preparing for the
43:20 coming of Jesus, number two. John was to bring
43:24 the light of truth, now think about it his message
43:28 was to bring the light of truth. Now, what is part
43:30 of our message, what? Give Glory to him right for
43:35 always judgment is come. Bible says John 17:17:
43:38 Sanctify them through what? Thy truth;
43:41 thy word is truth. We're to be sanctified by
43:46 knowing what truth is, not a fable, we're not
43:49 going to get to Heaven by believing some kind of
43:51 a fable, some kind of a tradition, some kind of
43:54 oh! It doesn't matter business. Truth is the only
43:57 thing that we will change your mind and your heart
43:59 and you life, mind truth, but that truth has to be
44:02 loved, it is not knowledge, I dealt with knowledgeable
44:05 people and sometimes I'm going be honest with
44:08 and it doesn't mean everybody, but I get tired
44:10 of it, oh! Boy, why because they have all the
44:13 answers, but you know their life doesn't show.
44:17 You don't have to be judgmental about it,
44:18 it's just what's out there for you to view.
44:23 First Thessalonians says: That we have to develop,
44:25 listen carefully a love for the truth, do you love
44:29 the truth. That's all it did, not knowing,
44:33 do you love it, after all Jesus is truth isn't he,
44:36 is the light, he is the way. John's message was
44:38 do what, he was to bring home the light of truth
44:42 and God's last day people will bringing home the truth
44:44 about what happens when you die, burning in hell fire,
44:48 about Heaven, about keeping all the commandments
44:50 of God. You're going to be bringing home some
44:53 of this, we call new truth. Now, remember by the way
44:57 they are not new truths they have always been,
44:59 when Jesus came what was he doing,
45:01 he was taking the dust as it were off of those
45:04 truths that had been hidden by tradition for many,
45:08 many years and he was uncovering them, he is
45:09 bringing them back to life, some people say oh!
45:12 That's man, that's new truth, no that, remember
45:15 Solomon said there is nothing new what?
45:18 Under the sun. It's new for maybe me and you
45:21 because we maybe hadn't see it before.
45:24 John the Baptist message was to give what? Give a
45:27 new direction, God's last day people was going
45:30 give a new direction in our Christian living.
45:34 In the way that we are to conduct ourselves before
45:36 the coming of Jesus and the things that need to
45:39 take place, that's new direction because we've
45:42 always had the other maybe it was the wrong
45:43 direction we need to really consider that point,
45:47 now think about new direction to new thinking is
45:49 someone to say. We are in the judgment hour,
45:51 oh! That's new, we need to keep the commandments
45:54 of God by his grace, remember it's not keeping,
45:57 it's not doing, it's not earning, it's by grace that
46:01 we're saved through faith, but because we love him
46:02 what? We want be obedient, makes sense.
46:10 And so John came along, he want to impress the
46:12 people with Holy living, God's last day people will be
46:16 impressing the what? Holy living that we can
46:18 gain victory over sin, through the power of Jesus
46:23 Christ, by committing that thing to him and trusting
46:27 and believing that he can give us that total victory.
46:31 Perfecting a righteous character, have you ever
46:34 heard about message righteous by Faith?
46:37 God's last day people will be proclaiming that by
46:39 the way, John proclaimed what? A Holy temple that
46:42 we need to have, so that Christ can dwell in us,
46:44 we have a health message to give. Friends,
46:46 this is wonderful, Spirit of God dwelling inside of
46:49 us, that's a message by the way can only be given
46:52 by those who what, have a relationship with Jesus,
46:56 a Holy relationship, a Holy message. Oh! Lord,
47:00 I need some help, how about you, oh! Today we
47:03 need help, only the Holy Spirit can help us to be
47:05 involved, give Glory to God is to do what, is to we
47:10 let Him reveal his character through us,
47:13 that gives him Glory. Are you willing today?
47:17 Do you want to give him glory, then let him come in
47:21 and let people see it's no longer I but Christ that
47:24 lives in me. That is Jesus that comes out,
47:27 oh! Lord I need some help and I know that you do too,
47:30 he's going to give you that help. I know he's going
47:32 to give you that help all you have to do is ask
47:34 for it. John realized the necessity of controlling
47:39 appetite and controlling passion. The things that
47:42 he said, the way he acted, what he did,
47:46 I've often said John had this commitment that I
47:49 really like and it was you know written in a song,
47:52 which said I shall not be what? I shall not be moved,
47:56 just like a tree, that's planted by the water, Lord,
47:59 I shall not be moved. You know it takes that kind of
48:02 determination, it takes that commitment, divinity
48:05 and humanity working together to make a
48:07 commitment to say God, regardless of the test,
48:09 regardless of the try, you know I just sensed
48:11 you know there's people in the world and maybe
48:13 you're having it today that you're being drawn
48:15 and pulled in so many different directions,
48:18 it could be by someone else, someone else's attention.
48:21 It could be it could be a thousand different things.
48:25 But you have to commit to God, you know what is
48:27 right to say I shall not be moved, when that
48:29 temptation comes, when that test come.
48:32 God come close to me, let it be your mind,
48:37 let it be your voice speak to me, be your strength
48:39 and your power, because I don't have any.
48:42 Bible is very clear when I'm weak with him I become
48:47 strong. Oh! Friend he's our all in all is he not.
48:54 John realized the importance of preparing
48:56 that way for Jesus to come and I want you,
48:58 John saw the people by the way he saw them being
49:02 deceived, he saw the self satisfying, as they were,
49:08 they were asleep in their sins and God said to
49:11 him you've got to wake the people up, I believe that
49:13 God's people need to be awakened here in the last
49:15 days, how about you. It doesn't matter how many
49:19 times that you hear, are you really awake for
49:21 Jesus Christ, oh! I'm working for a ministry over
49:24 here, oh! I'm doing this over here, so what,
49:29 though you give everything that you have and you
49:32 have not love, it useless. Oh! I'm preaching over here
49:36 and I'm giving and I'm doing though you give your
49:39 body, the Bible says to be burned and yet you
49:42 have not love for your fellowman, it counts nothing.
49:46 Do we really have that concept in our mind?
49:49 That we have to love God supremely and our fellowman,
49:52 that we're willing to work in his behalf, we're willing
49:54 to give a message that we realize that we will not
49:56 be popular, it will not be accepted by the majority of
49:59 the world. The world is going to turn their back on you
50:02 and you will have no one but Jesus Christ,
50:06 do you love him that much, do you trust him that
50:07 much. John's message friend is our message,
50:13 we must warn the world. He called him to repent,
50:17 he called him to be Baptized, why he said
50:20 because you're defiled with sin, we're defiled with
50:22 sin. You know everywhere I walk in this world today.
50:25 It seems like there is sin, there's a temptation,
50:27 it's something out there, catches your attention,
50:29 gets you off track. You're caught unaware at
50:31 sometime, listen I need to be clothed and shield by
50:34 the angles of Heaven everyday, I just say God,
50:36 take this my, shield me. Because I'll fold without the
50:43 power of the Holy Spirit maybe you have might feel
50:46 that way today, the Faith of every soul is soon to be
50:51 decided. Oh! Can I just talk to you for a minute
50:53 please? Now, don't be answering the phone, don't
50:57 be texting, don't be worrying about the Kid's crying
51:00 the other room and carrying on, the devil has a way
51:02 to get side tracked. But please listen very carefully;
51:09 the Faith of every soul is soon to be decided for life
51:14 or death. You have to make a decision, you have to
51:16 make a choice. Church it's time right now to rise
51:23 and shine this is the best time in earth's history to
51:25 be living by the way. God's going to work marvelously
51:29 for his last day children, I mean marvelously,
51:33 but we have to be on his side, but I've sensed this,
51:38 many have lost courage. You've lost heart.
51:43 You've got weary in well doing. Oh! Friends I
51:46 understand that feeling. You've been may be
51:49 neglected, you've not know ones, you know,
51:52 maybe grabbed you and put their arms around you
51:55 and kind of loved you and padded you on the back side
51:57 and said keep up the good work and sometimes you know
51:59 we need encouragement. But those who have lost
52:03 courage put your arm around them. Oh! Just put
52:05 your arm around them and love them. You can do
52:07 that, many said that we will can't read the word
52:10 we don't have the time. Try to get in their home,
52:12 read the word of God to them. But many souls are
52:16 just sin sick. Oh! Friend, there is no earthly healing.
52:23 There is no earthly physician, there is no magic pill
52:27 that we can take. Oh! It's seemed like the world was
52:29 just so developed, we just take a pill and
52:31 everything is good. There is no surgery, there is no
52:36 earthly doctor, there is no friend, there is no amount
52:38 of money, there is no specialist that can cure what
52:42 ills us. There is only one answer you know that,
52:49 I gonna pray for you, I want you to be praying for me.
52:51 There is only one that we can offer and that's Jesus
52:53 Christ. We offer him to you today; take him as your
52:58 friend. The Bible says in Jeremiah 46:11,
53:03 I love this, he said, there is a balm in Gilead
53:07 to heal. The song says that sin sick soul,
53:11 there is a balm, there is a healing and God's trying
53:16 to heal his people and to get us to stand on behalf
53:19 of him, to be his witnesses of Faith.
53:22 Will you do that today, will you take that challenge
53:24 from God, will you say I have all these things going
53:28 on in my life, but I know that Jesus is good for
53:31 whatever ills me. He is the only answer, accept him
53:36 today, be his witnesses, he is soon to come.
53:40 Let's pray about that decision right now, shall we
53:42 as we close. Merciful Father in Heaven,
53:46 we thank you for your precious word, thank you for
53:48 those words of power. That you promised to your
53:51 children just before you come back, you're gonna
53:53 work mightily in their behalf. Sin needs to go, the
53:56 savior needs to come in, we need be filled with
53:59 Holy Spirit power. Thank you for those decisions
54:01 that were made right now in Jesus name.
54:04 Amen. Well, friends until next time, God bless you,
54:08 keep studying the word everyday, keep praying
54:11 and we look forward to seeing you next time.
54:15 Welcome back once again I'm your host Chris
54:18 Shelton and I have pray that this message is truly,
54:22 truly been a blessing, I've got a question for you.
54:24 If you were the only Christian, the only
54:28 representative of Christ, that your children and
54:30 your friends were ever acquitted with, what would
54:34 the witness of your Faith be telling them right now.
54:37 Oh! This is such vital question, vital question
54:41 because you're a witness maybe the deciding factor
54:45 as to whether or not those people in your life
54:49 will make it to the Kingdom of God and I know that
54:52 you want everyone that you love to be there
54:54 along with you. Ask yourself is your witness one
54:58 that will encourage others, would draw them to the
55:01 Heavenly Father or does your witness of Faith does
55:05 it need a little tweaking, does it need to be refined
55:08 a bit, do you need more time with Jesus.
55:11 You probably heard the old saying does is I say and
55:15 not as I do. I'm here to tell you life doesn't work
55:19 that way, your children, your friend, and your family
55:23 members they tend to emulate what you are and
55:27 who you are and how you act. So, if you are one that
55:31 you're come in home every night, you're the couch
55:33 potato, you're grabbing things to drink that you
55:35 shouldn't be drinking and you're putting things in
55:37 your body that you shouldn't be putting in.
55:39 I guarantee you, those looking on, they are gonna
55:42 wanna emulate that and I pray that this message
55:45 has been one to encourage a change, encourage
55:48 a change of heart, encourage a change of
55:51 attitude and to began to believe and walk by
55:55 Faith, they say you know what I can't just tell
55:58 others to do as I say, they need to see that I'm
56:01 doing what I believe as well, we need a better
56:04 walk and we can find that walk in God's word,
56:08 spend time with him won't you, you know I used
56:10 to teach school constantly every day for years
56:13 and I tell my children don't even, don't do anything.
56:18 Until you have prayer first and until you have Bible
56:21 study, don't turn on the radio, don't turn on the
56:23 television set, 'cause the devil will get you.
56:26 Make God first and foremost in your life and
56:28 of course as always we wanna hear from you,
56:31 our address is on the screen please contact us,
56:34 it's Behold the Lamb Ministries, P O Box 2030,
56:37 Herrin, IL 62948 or call us central standard
56:42 time, 618-942-5044, email us
56:46 beholdthelambministries or come visit us
56:52 on our website www.behold,
56:57 we wanna see, hear from you, we wanna visit with
57:00 you, we wanna know how God is using you as a witness
57:04 of Faith for Him, and may the Lord continue,
57:08 continue to richly bless you and yours
57:12 always. Until next time, we look
57:14 forward to seeing you God Bless.


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