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00:41 Hello and welcome back to Behold The Lamb Presents.
00:44 Here at Behold The Lamb Ministries,
00:46 the Pastor Kenny Shelton, we are so excited and
00:49 so happy to be coming back to you and visit you in
00:52 your home. And I know you will be blessed by
00:55 today's message. I've got a question for you,
00:57 have you ever heard anyone say here I am Lord sin me,
01:01 you know they get all excited I'm ready God whatever
01:04 you have here I am, sin me. My only concern is,
01:09 we are such emotional beings and when we get up
01:11 on those emotional high as it were that's where we
01:15 usually really ready to do God's bidding saying.
01:18 Here I am, we love people claiming sin me,
01:22 but you know what happens the moment the pressure
01:25 is applied, you know, what that mean. Your husband,
01:27 he puts the toothpaste cap on wrong or better yet
01:31 you're late for working, and you get behind a very
01:34 relax drive and they just enjoying all the sites and
01:38 sounds and you know they are going 5 to 10 maybe
01:41 the more miles per hour under the speed limit and in
01:44 an area that you can't get around, you can't pass
01:46 and boy are you tested that pressure is on and you
01:50 hit hard and suddenly you just lost all your faith,
01:54 just like that things change. I wanna share few
01:57 words that I found some council. In a Book entitled
02:01 Counsels for the Church? It's found on pages 67
02:05 and 68 and that reads. Let the church members bear
02:09 in mind that the fact that their names are registered
02:16 on the church books will not save them just because
02:19 your name is that on a church book somewhere
02:22 saying that you are member that will not save you.
02:24 They must show themselves approved of God,
02:28 workmen that need not be ashamed. Listen to this,
02:32 day by day and I would like to add the words moment
02:36 by moment. They are to build their characters in
02:39 accordance with Christ's directions.
02:41 Day by day building our characters,
02:44 they are to abide in Him constantly exercising faith
02:48 in Him. Thus they will grow up to the full stature of men
02:54 and women in Christ. Wholesome, cheerful,
02:57 grateful Christians. Today's message is entitled Religious
03:04 Dwarfs and so I have a feeling, if we are content
03:09 being a religious dwarf there is a real problem,
03:12 but before we begin our message we're gonna to
03:15 back to 3ABNs worship center and we're gonna listen
03:18 to a song entitled "He who began a good work in you"
03:23 by brother Christian Berdahl.
03:25 I know it would be a blessing.
03:33 He who began a good work in you
03:44 He who began a good work in you
03:54 Will be faithful to complete it
03:59 He'll be faithful to complete it
04:05 He who started the work
04:07 Will be faithful to complete it in you
04:22 If the struggle you're facing Is slowly replacing
04:27 Your hope with despair Or the process is long
04:35 And you're losing your song
04:38 In the night you can be sure
04:46 That the Lord has His hand on you
04:50 Safe and secure He will never abandon you
04:55 You are His treasure And He finds His pleasure in you.
05:07 He who began a good work in you
05:18 He who began a good work in you
05:28 Will be faithful to complete it
05:33 He'll be faithful to complete it
05:39 He who started the work
05:42 Will be faithful to complete it in you
05:56 He who began a good work in you
06:06 Will be faithful to complete it
06:12 Will be faithful to complete it
06:16 He who started the work
06:20 Will be faithful to complete it in you
06:42 Thank you brother Christian, I appreciate that song.
06:44 You know the Bible is very clear;
06:45 He that has began a good work in us will bring it to
06:49 a completion. Hope that's blessed many,
06:51 many hearts as it has hours. I'm thankful for that
06:54 promise that God has given and we are glad that
06:57 you've decided to join us today wherever you are in
06:59 the world. We praise the Lord for the opportunity
07:02 and privilege to be able to meet with you and study
07:04 God's word. Now, but something we always want
07:08 to bring to mind, first of all we gonna to pray
07:11 we are going to get our Bible, pencil and paper,
07:14 and then we're gonna to study the word of God together.
07:16 Why not pray about that right now we have very,
07:19 very important message that God has for us today.
07:21 Let's pray about it shall we? Our Father in Heaven,
07:27 we thank you for the privilege once again prayer,
07:30 we thankful that we can call upon you and ask
07:32 for the power of the Holy Spirit and you promised
07:34 to give it and today we pray you'll give it in abundance,
07:37 enlighten our hearts and our minds and our ears.
07:39 May we understand that the God of heaven is speaking
07:43 to us to prepare that we may spend eternity with you.
07:47 Bless each one with lessons of faith in the ears
07:50 that you've given and the mind then the eyes to see.
07:53 And may we be filled with the love of Jesus;
07:55 I thank you and praise you in Jesus name amen.
08:01 Today by the way, as we begin to study,
08:03 we're gonna look at a subject and of course the title
08:06 is "Religious Dwarfs. " Now, what comes to mind when
08:11 you think about "Religious Dwarfs"? Why should we
08:14 be spiritually dwarfs? Why is that we should be stunted
08:20 in our religious experience, but you know there is
08:23 many that are. What would be the reasons for that?
08:26 Is it we lack of study, lack of prayer? You know;
08:30 study today and I pray to God that will help us
08:32 to understand that he does not want us to be stunted,
08:36 stunted, little. He wants us to be expand;
08:40 in fact he wants us to be giants, think about it.
08:44 He is always said, I want you to be the head
08:46 and not the tail. So as we study God's word today,
08:50 I pray that you're gonna say look no more little steps,
08:54 no more little for Jesus by God's grace big things.
08:59 You have your Bible, I like for you to turn with me,
09:00 as I'm gonna turn in a New Testament to the
09:03 Book of John. John chapter 8 we're gonna be start
09:07 reading verse 12. John chapter 8 verse 12.
09:11 Now, we are going to see once again and we should
09:15 and every discourse we should see Jesus.
09:18 We should learn little bit more about Jesus.
09:20 And I always want to bring this up remember the Jesus
09:23 said if I be lifted up we'll draw men unto me.
09:27 So every discourse should be surrounded by the cross
09:31 of Calvary and Jesus to lift him up.
09:34 And so as we study this, we are going to see some
09:37 people or dwarfs in their spiritual experience because
09:42 they are not taking Jesus at his word.
09:45 And we want to take him at his word today.
09:47 John chapter 8 start reading verse 12, now we're gonna
09:51 read a few verses so you might forget,
09:52 you want to jot them down. It says then spake Jesus
09:57 again notice this unto them, saying.
10:00 Now who was doing the speaking?
10:02 My Bible says here that Jesus spake again unto them
10:05 here is what Jesus said. I am the light of the world:
10:11 he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness,
10:15 but shall have the light of life.
10:18 Now remember when Jesus speaks it's very important
10:21 isn't. And when Jesus says I am the light of the world
10:26 and he says you know what we don't need to be walking
10:28 in darkness. We don't need to be taking little steps
10:31 of faith, because he is the light of the world.
10:35 Now, that brings to thought that if he is the light
10:39 of the world the enemy always takes the opposite
10:42 doesn't he. So, we would think about the enemy
10:45 as what as darkness, it makes sense don't it,
10:48 because he is the liar, he never tells the truth,
10:51 he is afraid to walk in the light that things
10:55 he likes to be done in private or darkness of the hour,
11:00 but Jesus I'm the light of the world so no one receives
11:02 any kind of light and any kind of a direction
11:05 unless it comes from Jesus as what the Bible says.
11:09 Now, notice also in John chapter 8 and this is
11:12 verse 47, we just read what 12, we're gonna read
11:15 verse 47. The Bible continues and says He that
11:19 is of God heareth God's words.
11:22 Now I'm gonna have to repeat that because some of
11:24 you didn't get it. I want you to think the Bible says,
11:28 He that is of who good God heareth God's words.
11:36 Now, can that be said in more plain,
11:39 if you claim to be part of God's family then
11:44 we' re gonna to hear God's words. You can't just
11:47 say will I hear God's word and then go do something
11:49 else. Hearing here denotes also following
11:52 what God has asked us to do and then the verse
11:55 continues on and says ye therefore hear them,
11:58 oh, oh, you hear them not, because you are not of God.
12:04 So those who hear the word of God they belong
12:07 to the family of God and they are willing to be obedient
12:11 to God's word. Now, on the other hand,
12:16 those who right they are just not hearing is because
12:19 they are not part of God's family,
12:23 they are not following the light there aren't they.
12:25 So, it's so imparity for I like just repeated over
12:28 and over and over until we all get to how simple this is,
12:31 that if we are part of God's family.
12:33 If God is leading in our heart in our life,
12:36 we hear his words and then we do what we follow him,
12:41 if we are not following His words and His truth
12:43 regards of our profession, we are following another
12:47 could we say another we follow the enemy,
12:51 can't say another light because Jesus said
12:53 I am the light of the world you are following what
12:55 darkness or you are following what light.
12:58 So, as I read that passage is right quick to me at least
13:01 in my mind there are two classes of people that are
13:05 developed here that we've been talking about here.
13:08 Now remember, you have what children of light.
13:13 Now you have a decision, now remember decision
13:15 today is simply this, there is no mid rail.
13:18 I've often said you know sometime we where well we
13:20 gonna to sit on the fence. Now those of you who sit
13:23 on the fence all you're gonna get is some big splendors.
13:26 And eventually when you are sitting on the fence
13:28 you're gonna fall one side or the other are you still
13:30 with me, you're not gonna sit on it forever.
13:33 So, here the two classes are we are either the,
13:35 the Bible says the children of light,
13:39 the children of light would be those who obey
13:41 what God's word or the truth or you have children
13:45 of notice this what darkness and darkness are those
13:49 who disobey God's word. So, you are in one class
13:53 or the other. In fact Jesus makes it so plain in his word,
14:00 he said, he who is not with me is against me.
14:05 Oh, please think about that today.
14:08 He who is what, he who is not with me walking with him,
14:14 being obedient to him, he was not with me is against.
14:19 So, today when you say well I'm not really for him,
14:21 I'm not really against him, if you are not for him,
14:24 if you've not accepted him then you are against him.
14:29 Wow, that must mean if there is two classes you,
14:33 oh you are in the light or you are in dark.
14:38 Oh, I want you to think about that today.
14:41 I need to be thinking about that.
14:44 Because I'm going to fit in one class the other,
14:46 I think you see from God's word. Now remember,
14:49 we have talked about in previous lessons and
14:52 I think it's so very important that we are to by God's
14:55 grace before he comes perfectly right.
14:59 He wants to reproduce us into his image,
15:01 when God's people arrive perfectly reproduce right,
15:03 we are in his image. Wow, he is going to come back,
15:09 he is not really waiting on all people say well certain
15:12 things are going to have to take place and maybe
15:14 they will. Prophecy will be fulfilled,
15:16 but it's always well this is gonna happen and that's
15:18 going to happen and something else is going to happen
15:21 and then Jesus will come. He is waiting on a, this
15:24 is all he is waiting on you and me that his character
15:29 maybe fully reproduced in us, when that happens
15:33 he will come. Awesome, children of light,
15:37 children of what the Bible talks about here darkness,
15:40 so if we are to reflect check it out now,
15:42 if we are to reflect the light of Jesus,
15:46 if we are on the side of Jesus and side of light,
15:49 the Devil is the other side of the devil is darkness,
15:53 you realize the wants oh, oh, he wants us to reflect
15:58 his image. We either reflect God's image or we
16:05 reflect the image of the Devil. Wow, I want to leave
16:11 you by God's grace, I want the Holy Spirit
16:13 to really impress that it's one way or the other
16:16 you can't have it both ways. Bitter in sweet
16:19 water doesn't come forth isn't that right. And so today
16:22 as we study why we are so limited sometime
16:25 in the cause of Christ again I wonder why so
16:28 many Churches that time are so stagnated.
16:31 We just like, we just to know pond out there somewhere.
16:33 It's just you know just gathering mass and stuffing
16:36 in all the time and it's just, it's going nowhere when
16:39 we need fresh inlets and outlets.
16:43 Things need to be happening in the church now
16:44 why do I say that because everywhere Jesus
16:46 went things happened. Miracles took place,
16:51 sometime people got upset, but I tell you God
16:53 was having his way. Things were happening that
16:58 called attention to Him, to his Son and what it would
17:01 take for us to spend eternity with Him that just,
17:04 that really makes me happy when I think about that.
17:09 God intense for us to be Giants or Dwarfs,
17:16 God intense for us to be children of the light
17:19 or children what or we're going to be children
17:21 of the darkness, so you're gonna have to make that
17:23 decision I'm too, I wonder if we should be alarmed.
17:27 Should we be alarmed when we look around
17:29 and maybe in our church or we look around
17:31 in the world today of the things that are happening.
17:33 Should that alarmed me should that set all some kind
17:35 of a oh may I say call bell, a fire alarm to say
17:41 something is going on in the world today.
17:44 And you know what is what we have to content
17:46 with and this might be shocking to some,
17:49 but everyday of my life, everyday of your life
17:50 we have to content with certain things.
17:54 And some of this even in the church,
17:56 we may have to content with some liberals,
18:01 some people; however, some conservatives.
18:04 We're gonna have to content with some of the half
18:05 converted. By the way, if you are called half converted
18:13 remember this you are really on the enemy side.
18:16 There are no such things to have converted.
18:19 We are; we aren't. People like to think that because
18:21 they feel little better about themselves,
18:25 but everyday that I have to be, I have to content
18:28 with the faithfulness how about you, with those who
18:32 try to drag you down, those who are so negative
18:35 about everything that happens. We should be so
18:39 positive as being part of the family of God.
18:43 Everything happens for reason; well let me encourage
18:46 you that I have leaned this over the years.
18:49 Nothing happens to a child of God, nothing,
18:54 unless God approves it first. Oh, I want you to grasp
18:57 that today that has so helped me in a lot of things
19:00 that are happened in my own life that I know
19:04 because I am a child of God by God's grace by his
19:08 forgiveness by his blood. And then anything that touches
19:13 oh, may I say this is nice and the apple of his eye
19:16 that's all of us. It goes through God first didn't
19:20 that wonderful. He approves of it, we may not understand
19:23 all the ins and outs of it, but it's run through God
19:26 and he says go ahead, he is able through me.
19:31 Friend you're gonna to be giant for God the day
19:33 you're gonna a dwarf. And you know sometimes it's
19:39 even in the church around our brothers and sisters,
19:41 we have people in the church that shirkers of
19:44 responsibility they show us responsibility,
19:48 they love to come to church, they wanted to be a part
19:50 of the church, but you know they or may I say they
19:53 don't want to mobile on, they don't want to be involved
19:55 in cleaning, they don't want to do anything,
19:56 they just want to come and participate
19:57 as far as what they can get, it's what a challenge
20:03 because being part of the family of God means
20:04 I have responsibility and obligations and I'm required
20:07 to help out as part of family of God.
20:12 So I am wondering today you know are we really
20:15 concerned about these things as we see the turn,
20:19 the turn of events, the turn of things that happening
20:20 in the lives of the people and are we prepared
20:23 to handle them. How about your life,
20:26 how about my life is it really what Jesus would have it,
20:30 is he really speaking to us. Well,
20:32 I believe this for the church. I believe,
20:35 I believe all of heaven is looking down at his church.
20:41 Now remember when I say the church this is my belief
20:46 of what God's church. God's church simply means
20:51 what God's people isn't that right that's what
20:53 church means. You say well it's just group,
20:57 it's that group, etc. God's Church of the people
21:00 that obey and follow his commands that's consists
21:04 of his church. So, I believe all of heaven is looking
21:06 with intense interest upon his church and the
21:10 individual members of the church and doing what.
21:15 Are the church members enlightening the community
21:19 or those who are in darkness? After all that's what
21:22 we are commissioned to do is it not.
21:24 Take the Gospel into the world, how many times
21:26 did you heard that. So that's our commission,
21:30 that's our responsibility, that's what God's equipping
21:32 us for, that's a power that he wants to give us,
21:34 but how many in the church are really following
21:38 through and enlightening those who are in darkness.
21:43 Remember 1000s perish every minute of the day,
21:48 they are not gonna share eternity with Jesus.
21:49 Don't let their blood be on your hands and I don't
21:53 want it on my hands because I believe this
21:55 we will never ever be saved in spiritual laziness,
21:59 never. And you know the best example I can think
22:04 of is none other than my Lord and savior.
22:07 He was never lazy that's talking about from the
22:12 carpenter bench to the ministry, he was always
22:15 busy for the salvation of others.
22:19 Fact details us sometime you get too busy be careful,
22:22 sometime you have to come apart and rest for a while,
22:25 but he worked day and night for the salvation of souls.
22:29 In fact, in John chapter 9 verse 4, the Bible says there
22:32 you still have it open, I hope that you do because
22:35 I still have mine open here John chapter 9 verse 4,
22:38 Jesus said this and he passes it right along to you
22:42 and to me. Remember, if you are a shirker in the
22:46 causal Christ, if you are one of the lazy you know
22:49 one of those who are not doing anything.
22:51 My momma said this you know I'm not trying to pick
22:53 on anybody individually, but if the shoe fits you say
22:57 can you wear it and that's maybe the test that we
23:01 have to come across is, if it happen to fit then
23:05 I'm gonna have to wear or I'm gonna have change it.
23:08 Jesus said I must work the works in John 9 verse 4,
23:13 of him that sent me of his father.
23:17 Now, how did he continue this? He said,
23:20 well it is I work the works while it is day;
23:24 the night cometh, notice this when no man can work.
23:30 Jesus said the time was coming when it is going
23:32 to be too late. I must work while it is day;
23:38 that kind of reminds me just of a story by the way
23:41 I'm trying to make short story here is,
23:43 but hopefully you get the point. I remember being gone
23:46 for several weeks and traveling and so on and
23:49 you know you can get var and well doing and vary
23:50 in traveling and speaking to three or four times
23:53 you know as you go places maybe five or six sometime
23:56 at Camp Meetings. You now remembering gone
23:58 two to three weeks in a row and I just got home oh,
24:01 wow, it's good to be home.
24:04 Oh, get to rest little while and the phone rang
24:06 and I picked it up and this gentlemen
24:07 I knew it I think it was Arizona.
24:10 And he said can you come out here and I thought
24:12 well yes sure absolutely, you know, a few weeks or
24:15 whatever and he said you know can you come this
24:18 weekend, where I just got home,
24:21 and so I proceeded tell him out I was little bit tired
24:23 and little bit worn out and been gone a lot
24:25 and it's good to be home in, if I could just rest
24:28 a little bit now then I'll be willing to come and maybe
24:32 in the couple of weeks you know his response
24:34 was to me. Rest, rest that what you say I said
24:39 no I don't think it was a bad word I said, well yes.
24:44 He said let me tell you some right now he said heaven
24:46 is just around the corner and when you get to heaven
24:48 you can rest. We need you right now come on,
24:52 I went. That's never, that's never left me why?
24:59 Because there was a need, I may have not recognized
25:04 all of the need, but you know what he did and he
25:07 reminded me. Even though we need some physical rest,
25:12 I do I know you do, but he said during these days
25:15 you will be able to rest, when you get to heaven
25:20 right now. Oh right now, come on we need to hear
25:24 the word. Friends that's good advice as heaven
25:28 is viewing everything now and seeing as a church
25:30 really alive, is the church really on fire, it should be.
25:37 You know, I find it very difficult to go to church at
25:40 sometime and the word is being spoken or song
25:44 that's being sung and when is all said and done
25:46 it's like you are in a funeral pyre.
25:51 Somebody needs to be saying amen,
25:55 make turn somebody else but I think somebody
25:56 needs to shout Halleluiah once in a while I know
25:59 I do, why because I can't keep quite,
26:02 times I want to come to my feet you know
26:03 what if I do I will. Our heavenly father deserves
26:08 praises; the Bible said he inhabits are praises.
26:12 Some people is always worried about getting
26:14 out of hand, well mostly gently they don't have
26:16 to worry about it because they are not going
26:18 to be getting out of hand, maybe they don't
26:20 have anything to praise God about,
26:21 but you know what I do and a real Christian does
26:24 why because his brought us out of darkness
26:26 into that marvelous light, aren't you thankful.
26:30 In John chapter 9 verse 4, we just read he said
26:33 night is going to come, if I just turn the Bible back
26:36 just a little bit there are few chapters in
26:38 John chapter 1 verse 5, I want to share this with
26:41 you real quickly. John chapter 1 verse 5 now
26:44 notice here we are giving him the praise, the honor,
26:46 and the glory because of who he is, is that right
26:48 absolutely. In John chapter 1 verse 5,
26:52 it says and the light shineth in darkness aren't you
26:56 glad that light is shining in darkness right
26:58 now and notice this, and the darkness sad to say
27:02 and the darkness comprehended it not.
27:06 Jesus said I came into the world and they didn't even
27:08 recognize me is that true yes majority did not,
27:14 and you possibly imagine the King of Kings and Lord
27:17 of Lords willing to give up glory for someone
27:22 I'm not saying for someone like me, no I really can't.
27:27 I'm really trying to comprehend that love,
27:28 but you know what I'm just having real difficulty.
27:32 The love that God has for you and the love that
27:34 he has for me are awesome.
27:37 Why would Jesus be willing to give up glory and
27:39 come down here if it had only been you,
27:42 only been me that would be saved awesome love
27:45 that I just can't understand? Lord,
27:47 I need that kind of love and yet I understand from
27:51 scripture and I think the principle really applies
27:53 right here until listen to me carefully,
27:57 until I must love as Christ loved, if I'm going to enter
28:03 in heaven. That's kind of maybe that's a tough
28:07 one for you, but I have to come to the point
28:09 that I love my fellowman the way that Jesus loved
28:12 them. Now, I look at it and I say God that's impossible
28:16 with me and he says yeah it is with you, but not with me.
28:19 Let me come in and I love them through you.
28:22 Wow, I had to have that same kind of love and tiring
28:28 efforts, but forth for the salvation of mankind
28:30 and you know what we find nowadays.
28:33 People are squabbling over, who is going to be first,
28:38 who is gonna have the highest position,
28:41 well you were on their last week, you were on the
28:45 platform the week before yeah but somebody else
28:47 saying and I didn't get to say, look let's get over it.
28:52 If God is going to use you brothers and sisters
28:54 no man can stop it, did you know that? In his time,
28:58 let's not worry about highest position,
29:00 but let's worry about how we can be pleasing in
29:02 the side of God and when you want to be pleasing
29:04 the side of God, God will commission you,
29:06 God will place you, God will raise you,
29:09 God will supply for you all of your needs and to help
29:13 you be a soul winner for him. No one will be saved
29:19 remember spiritual laziness. Jesus said I came
29:23 into the world and I am the light of the world,
29:25 but they, they did know it. And again I am just
29:29 overwhelmed that he was able, he born it to be,
29:32 he loved me enough that he said I'm going to leave
29:34 the courts of heaven. You have no idea
29:36 and I don't either about the courts of heaven.
29:39 Well little bit man read we thank we understand
29:41 it not we've not even scratch the surface of what
29:45 he left behind. I believe that one day by God's
29:50 grace that we get there and we see what he was
29:54 willing to give us we can only fall on our face,
29:58 thank you Jesus. You are the only reason that
30:01 I'm here, there is no other reason, there is nothing
30:06 good that I've done in fact some people say yeah
30:09 but I went through this and I've had to give up this,
30:11 if you are a Christian today that says every time
30:14 you turn around oh I have to give this up and
30:17 I have to give that, you have to give nothing up
30:19 that is good for you. Jesus never requires
30:22 you to give up anything that's good for you.
30:26 And by the way when you see his lovely face,
30:30 you won't even be able to recall to mind all that you
30:33 went through in this life. That's fullness isn't,
30:39 man that's love, that's guaranteed,
30:42 that's in the bank they say, along for that day.
30:48 Darkness he said, now, by the way do have your Bible
30:51 right where in the Book of John turn with me
30:52 John chapter 9, John chapter very, very important
30:57 little lesson that we are going to look at,
30:58 regardless of how many times you have looked at,
31:01 because we are thinking right today that we want
31:04 to be giants for God, not little nuggets or dwarfs
31:08 and again we hope we are not trying to defend
31:10 anybody you know I'm pretty short myself,
31:12 so I must be careful here, but doesn't matter about
31:14 the statue right. It's how the heart what kind
31:16 of heart do you have, how big is that heart?
31:20 To big enough right to have Jesus controlling it,
31:23 heart and the mind oh I know that it is.
31:27 So important to let him have control of that.
31:30 John chapter 9 this is such an interesting account
31:34 of the power of Jesus Christ and the things,
31:37 the difficulties that pursued him. The difficulties
31:41 that were pursue you and pursue me.
31:45 Now notice with me in the Bible John chapter
31:47 9 verses 1 and 2, now you know the story well,
31:49 but let's see if the Holy Spirit will just implant
31:52 few other little things in our heart, in our mind that
31:54 would reveal a little bore these beautiful truths
31:57 that God has here. Bible says as Jesus passed by,
32:00 notice it what does it say what was Jesus doing
32:03 was he lazy, was he idol notice it Jesus was already
32:09 in action wasn't he. What was he doing,
32:12 Bible says that Jesus was I hear it passing by okay.
32:17 He was in operation right then the he went home
32:19 on the recliner said bring somebody to me.
32:21 He was out pursuing; he said I came to seek and
32:25 do what seek and to save that which was lost,
32:30 and so everything that he did was nothing for himself,
32:33 but it was all for us. What an example,
32:36 almost everything we do think like centered around
32:38 ourselves isn't it sometime. Bible says as Jesus
32:44 passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.
32:48 Oh you know the story, but can you imagine
32:49 someone being blind from birth that they never seen
32:52 anything, their eyes were shut, they were blind,
32:56 they couldn't see a thing. They never seen a sunset,
33:01 they never seen a sunrise, they could never see
33:03 their parents face, they could never see the flowers
33:06 in the field beautiful things of nature,
33:09 the stars oh what they were missing,
33:13 but here Bible said he was the blind from birth
33:15 do you think Jesus cared about this man oh yes.
33:18 Sure he cared, and then what happened the Bible
33:24 says in verse 2, his disciples ask him saying now
33:27 notice this was a popular believe now I want
33:29 to bring this to you because of our belief sometime
33:33 we become dwarfs. And if there are wrong believes
33:38 they need to be corrected. Do you agree with that,
33:40 I am sure you do. Disciples believe this,
33:45 they looked at this man that was blind from birth
33:48 and they said who did sin, this man, or his parents,
33:53 that he was born blind? So you see the concept
33:55 and the believe at that time that if a person
33:58 was born with some kind of abnormality,
34:00 they must be sinners or their parents were sinned
34:05 because if you are born okay, alright no sin,
34:10 but if something was wrong deaf,
34:11 blind or what it might be oh that was sin and
34:14 that's a results of that sin. I want you to see that
34:17 with me, this was generally by the way believed
34:20 by the Jews and also by the disciples.
34:25 Think about that with me, they said that it would
34:28 be a punishment then for their sin, that's why
34:34 they were born that way. Oh, I'm thankful that God's
34:37 word makes it little bit clear then that aren't you.
34:40 That sounds like to me the devil has a little hand
34:42 in what we are talking about today.
34:46 Other words every affliction they believe that
34:49 they there was a penalty they had to be paid
34:52 because something was done wrong.
34:57 Satan led me into believe that every disease
35:00 and every affliction and death came from whom?
35:04 From God, just like he does today now we say
35:09 these things, but you have to know better. In fact,
35:13 I think we just talked a little bit about that today
35:15 with an individual maybe it was yesterday.
35:18 When I was talking about some kind of a problem
35:21 that we are having with the piece of equipment
35:23 and here is what they called it and that's what
35:25 the insurance policy says an active God,
35:31 are you thinking with me. This is the devil has his
35:36 little hand writing on that. They'll say an earthquake
35:40 hit and 200 people die, inactive God. Does God
35:44 operate that way? Do you really understand God
35:47 and his character enough to say that was God
35:50 or is the Devil saying I'm the author of these lies
35:52 and the death and every disease and every sickness,
35:55 but I'm gonna what I'm gonna shuffle it all from God
35:59 and the majority of world say hey that's right.
36:02 Does God really work tha way? Majority of the
36:07 Jews believed it, the disciples believed it,
36:09 but you know what Jesus wouldn't gonna leave
36:11 them thinking that way because he came to seek
36:14 and save the law, he came to reveal truth to us,
36:16 he came to uncover that which had been covered up.
36:20 And so he wasn't go and let back go bye. Remember,
36:23 in every teaching Jesus never let anything sin
36:26 slide under the rug, he always addressed it.
36:30 He always gave an answer for it, he always gave
36:32 the victory. Here is the way you can gain victory.
36:37 Simple truth of the matter is right here that Satan
36:40 tried to cover up. Now think about Satan tried to
36:44 cover up. All the sufferings, all the results of sin,
36:51 he is gonna try to cover and push in some other
36:53 direction. Now let me make a big statement,
36:58 I want you to listen very carefully to it and then
37:00 I want you to contemplate it. Just don't plug your ears
37:03 and say no, no, no. All suffering, oh my multitudes
37:08 are various. All suffering, all disease you know
37:13 all these things that are happen are a result of
37:17 transgression of God's law. Think about it, all suffering,
37:24 all the bad things is the result because we have
37:28 transgressed God's law. You realize before sin
37:33 there would be no death, no disease and no sickness.
37:38 In heaven what no disease, no sickness,
37:42 and everything is going to be replaced and put
37:44 back in his right position praise God. See this is a
37:47 beautiful truth, a beautiful truth that had been
37:52 covered up by Satan. He want to cover up,
37:56 he want to blame God for everything, he didn't want
37:58 to say oh boy I tell you, if we just obey God,
38:01 these curses would be taken off. And sets the Jews
38:06 most of them believe Satan's lie, I want you to pay
38:10 attention to this because of this belief they were
38:15 prepared to reject Jesus Christ have you ever
38:19 thought of that way? See the Devil was preparing
38:21 them to reject Jesus before he ever came on the scene.
38:27 How could they do that? Listen because of this belief
38:31 right here their hearts was prepared.
38:33 Let me just show that passage of scripture with you
38:37 the Book of Isaiah in the Old Testament,
38:39 the book of Isaiah. Now I know you've read
38:43 this many, many times, but I want you to really
38:45 make sense because when you read it I know
38:47 you read about you think about Jesus.
38:50 That Isaiah 53, the Bible says this verse is in 3 and 4,
38:55 it said, the Bible said Jesus he was despised
38:58 and he was rejected of men. Was he despised,
39:03 was he rejected of men yeah why did they the
39:05 Jews were said up by the Devil to reject Jesus Christ
39:09 why? He was a man of sorrows, he was acquainted
39:12 with our grief and we hid as it were or faces from him.
39:16 The Bible says he was despised and we esteemed
39:20 him not. Surely he hath borne our griefs,
39:23 he is carried out sorrows; yet we did not esteem him,
39:27 now notice this and what and we did what,
39:31 yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God,
39:38 and afflicted, I want that to make sense.
39:40 You remember what the Jews believed,
39:42 if you had some kind of an element, if you were smitten
39:45 of God did you get it, if you were stricken of God,
39:49 if you were afflicted as it were of God right,
39:53 then you is because of sin. So when Jesus came
39:56 and what we are talking about here in this passage
39:59 that you will see in just a moment they said what
40:02 he is a sinner. Jesus had to be a sinner why because
40:05 he was smitten, he was Jews struck by God.
40:08 Look at these it was something wrong with him.
40:12 He must have had sin his life, so the devil set them
40:14 all up. Oh my, and so they begin to believe that
40:20 he was a sinner. And by the way did God know this in
40:26 beginning yes the Jesus know it from beginning
40:28 absolutely he did. Now, there is leave I want you to
40:31 think about this very, very carefully,
40:33 did God leave us some example, so that we would
40:39 know better than this belief that we could,
40:40 we would learn from it, yes he did. Can you think
40:43 of an Old Testament individual,
40:47 who suffered an awful lot, what's the first name
40:50 come to your mind. Yes Job, what happen to Job
40:55 you know they say well he was stricken and
40:57 smitten of God and all the reason all these bad things
41:00 were happened to Job is because what he is a sinner.
41:04 God said he was a righteous man, they came to very
41:06 point bottom line, Job said though he slave me yet
41:10 will I serve it, yet will I trust him. Man what a
41:12 relationship with Jesus Christ. His friends and his
41:15 neighbors condemn him, curse God and die,
41:19 but the example was there for as Job before Jesus
41:21 isn't that right. To say that it wasn't because
41:25 of sin in his life that these things happened.
41:28 The old Devil you see was putting things on
41:31 and he was blaming God for it, and the Jews repeated
41:36 the same thing as they rejected Jesus Christ
41:39 why because they say while he was smitten,
41:42 he was stricken, bourgeois and must be because
41:44 he was a sinner, he can't be the savior? Wow,
41:51 turn with me back to the book of John chapter 9
41:53 again let's look at this very carefully,
41:57 John chapter 9 verse 5, John 9 verse 5,
42:02 Jesus said as long as I am what as long as I am in the
42:06 world, I am the light of the world.
42:11 As long as he is what as long as he is in the world
42:13 I am the light of what the world and then he
42:19 continues on because he is passing by he sees
42:23 this blind man blind from birth and he feels
42:28 compassion. You know what you may not be
42:32 physically blind, but you maybe spiritually blind
42:34 today. God feels for you and he want you to
42:40 see again, he is wanting to work a miracle in your
42:43 behalf he did for this man, he did for many others.
42:47 He has done for multitudes millions.
42:52 As we just talked about this the suffering inflicted
42:55 by Satan is blamed on God, but remember this it
43:00 can be overrule by God remember that for the
43:05 purpose of showing his mercy. So we say well
43:09 this is inflicted, this is the devil has put on,
43:11 but God can overrule that because you serve one
43:13 that's greater. Greater is he that is in me than
43:16 he that is in the world. So anytime God wants to
43:20 any kind of affliction that the old Devil put these
43:22 afflictions on, do you believe it? As he puts these
43:26 afflictions on with God wants to overrule,
43:28 he can overrule because he is God,
43:31 because he has the power to do so,
43:33 because the enemy has to pay harmony to him
43:36 and they have to respect what God says when
43:39 the brags pull out and the bottom line is given
43:42 I tell you the Devil has to obey whether he wants
43:44 to do or not. When God says to the enemy get out
43:47 of here he has to get out of here.
43:50 Wow, that's a kind of that, that's gives us
43:53 encouragement today. That encourages me.
43:59 That for every bad thing the Devil wants to put
44:00 on you and be put on to me that if we have faith
44:03 in God he said you know what I can overrule when
44:06 I see fit overrule, I will overrule and then you know
44:10 what then his mercy is showing his long suffering
44:13 is shown praise God for that. As long as I am in the
44:15 world I am the world verse 6 John chapter 9
44:18 our time is running out, so we want to really get
44:20 to little I would say crocks of it, when to get to the
44:24 bottom line. Bible says when Jesus said thus spoken
44:28 what did he do. He simply reach down and he got
44:30 some clay, you remember that little spittle
44:32 and you know he had the blind man eyes, oh,
44:34 you know this very well as what Bible talking about.
44:38 Then he has told the man to do what go wash.
44:42 Now remember, all of had when God does something
44:45 got the spittle, he put it on, he pit it on the man's
44:46 eyes now here come, here comes an active obedience,
44:50 lot of church people in the world today say we
44:52 don't have to obedient doesn't matter anymore.
44:55 We are under grace, that bad man had not went
44:59 and washed his eyes exactly the way Jesus said
45:02 he would remain blind. What do you think about it,
45:06 did you agree about that? It took obedience in order,
45:09 it took faith in order for this to operate;
45:12 everything is operate through what? Faith and
45:15 obedience, so by faith he went to the pool,
45:18 by faith he washed his eyes and what the results
45:21 of that faith and that power of God was what he could
45:24 see again. Don't tell me that man wasn't excited,
45:29 that's why I say sometime in the church is like
45:30 it's like a murk. There is no excitement in the church
45:36 and why not the same God this work many miracles
45:41 in the Old Testament is still working miracles
45:43 today in the New Testament Church. In fact,
45:46 he wants to work a miracle in your life, he wants to do
45:49 something good for you, he wants to do something
45:52 good for me, as we reach scripture we see that
45:54 all the time that Jesus went about doing good.
45:58 You see I want to see a miracle everyday that
46:01 we live and we move and have our being,
46:03 everyday that we faces world and we come forth
46:06 victors that's a miracles isn't it. In fact,
46:09 a miracle might just be getting up and getting
46:11 to church because the devil is gonna fight you.
46:13 Sabbath morning get up all way might,
46:15 the Devil is always cause havoc.
46:18 You know in the home it could just nothing just
46:19 a simple as you know we called the burn toast
46:23 it could be the kids who are fighting among themselves
46:25 and we try to not get involved in it yet we hear it
46:29 and pretty soon we have to go get the kid good sound
46:31 slacking and well suddenly we don't hardly feel
46:34 like going to church anymore. We blame God
46:37 for it and we would say well we are not gonna
46:38 go to church. Oh, friend don't give up,
46:42 we are on the brink of a miracle, every moment that
46:46 we live God is working in our behalf working out.
46:49 Bible said we need to work our own salvation
46:51 with fear and trembling, but God is working in our stead,
46:54 he is working right along with us, just like the
46:57 Bible said about this man that Jesus touched it
47:01 was blind. Jesus simply said go wash and the man
47:04 obeyed and he had faith and he went and he could
47:08 see things took place, but I want you to pay close
47:11 attention to this. Not only was his eyes open that
47:14 he can see, but even his facial features began
47:18 to change, he looked different because he had been
47:21 touched by the master and you know if you ever met
47:24 somebody like that in this life that cares and the
47:27 perplexities and things we taken into our body has
47:30 woven it's effect upon the face, on the mind and
47:34 the body, but you know God has a way then we
47:36 turn our heart and life over to him. He has way to
47:38 touches and we are changed and we looked different,
47:41 we talk different, we act different same as this man
47:44 here because the pharisees and sadducees didn't
47:47 want give Jesus the praise for doing this miracle
47:49 by the way and they went to the neighbors and
47:53 friends and said do you know this man.
47:56 Yes, we know but is this him well it looks like him,
48:00 he looks little bit different, but he talks different,
48:03 he acts different, why because he had been
48:05 touched by the master. Same thing happens
48:08 in your life and mind, but you know God is wanting
48:11 touch you today. He is wanting to be difference.
48:15 Our neighbors need to know who we are,
48:17 what we stand for, they need to know that
48:20 you've been touched by the master,
48:22 you no longer the same as you used to be.
48:26 You know God today is looking for that kind of people
48:29 that will be different, by the way you remember
48:33 the story about Moses when he went upon the
48:35 Mount and then spend some time with God
48:38 as there where he was touched by the master
48:40 and when he came back down what happened,
48:42 what happened, oh his face was shining, people
48:46 couldn't even look on him, but you know what
48:48 I believe he was even changed in heart,
48:50 but his features changed because he have been
48:53 in the presence by the way of the master.
48:56 Can you remember your conversion experience?
49:00 Can you remember when God really touched you,
49:02 when you really changed and converted,
49:05 the things that you used to say you don't say
49:07 anymore, you are different maybe some of you even
49:09 the pastors you preach different now.
49:13 You elders you talk different, you teach a different
49:14 Sabbath school class whatever it might be you are
49:17 different and people would say oh that sound
49:19 different thing it used to be why because you've been
49:22 touched by the master just like this man.
49:26 God is looking for people that he can touch today
49:27 you need to be one, I need to be one of those that
49:30 God can reach down and touch and when he says
49:33 go wash or when he ask us to do something
49:35 we need to be obedient to that.
49:38 The Pharisees isn't real fit by the way.
49:40 They didn't want, they didn't want Jesus to receive
49:42 the credit and when they ask him who did this
49:45 thing the man said Jesus did this and they say
49:50 well we don't really want to hear that,
49:51 we need to be talking about something else
49:53 so when you get credit somewhere else,
49:54 but the more they ask who did this thing the
49:56 more this blind man said it was Jesus,
49:58 so the more he was pressured, the more he was
50:00 squeezed, the more he squalled out the name
50:02 of Jesus you know what I believe we need to,
50:04 we need by the way to be that way to did pressure,
50:09 things of this world we shouldn't be afraid of
50:10 by the way, we need to be looking a little bit closer
50:14 at Jesus little bit more. We need to be like the
50:17 man he said you know what, I was once blind,
50:20 but now I see. John chapter 9 you read the
50:26 whole thing, we won't have time to go through
50:27 it all today. But the religious leaders began to
50:33 complain here we had a dwarf, who became
50:36 a giant, one who exercises faith and obedience
50:40 to God and God rewarded him and gave him back
50:43 his site then the pressure began to be put on by
50:48 family and friends and even by his parents.
50:54 Religious leaders went to the parents and they
50:55 said oh is this your son, yeah was he born blind
50:58 yes he was, but that the right quickly they said
51:00 he is of age go and ask him. See that they don't
51:02 want to take responsibility; they didn't want
51:05 all that responsibility, they say go ask him he is of age,
51:08 because they realized that if they had said it was
51:10 Jesus that did it, they would be excommunicated
51:14 from the church for 30 days. And they did repent
51:17 of that by the way they were some steeper things
51:19 that would be inflicted upon them.
51:22 They didn't want that, that tells you how the enemy
51:27 operates by the way he does it by tries to get
51:30 you do it in the right you know easy way,
51:32 but that doesn't work he begins to put force
51:35 that you're gonna to be challenged with certain
51:36 things. It's our job to stand as giants for God.
51:46 This blind man as he was giving praise to God,
51:52 he was asked to be quite oh we don't wanna
51:55 hear anything. Do you want to be a giant
51:57 for God today? Even if the pressure is applied,
52:02 you accept him in your heart and in your life.
52:03 Are you embarrassed? You embarrassed to say
52:06 grace when you are out, you embarrassed to lift
52:08 up the name of Jesus around certain groups
52:10 of people, if you are stay away from those group
52:14 of people, unless you can lift up the name of Jesus
52:15 set a good example for those around about,
52:18 it's time for God's people to rally around,
52:20 it's time for us to be fill with the Holy Spirit of God
52:22 to where we giants fill the land,
52:25 giants as christians. And God said I want
52:28 to do that for you, but the blind man said
52:32 you know what I want to give him the praise.
52:34 I need to give him the praise and he continue
52:37 to praise him regardless of what the results might
52:40 be, they said he can't he is a sinner,
52:43 he can't do these things the blind man said
52:44 I don't care I don't know that he is a sinner
52:46 or he is not all I know is I was blind,
52:48 but now I see. We might say that in our own life
52:53 sometime you know I don't know what's all
52:54 happening in everybody's heart and everybody's
52:56 life in the last couple of minutes we have together,
53:02 but if he is reaching he has touched you
53:05 that's all you need to know about it.
53:08 The things that you want to love you now hate
53:09 and in the things that you hated you now love let
53:12 me say you got to touch from on high.
53:15 He doesn't want the church to be crippled,
53:18 he doesn't want the church to be slumber,
53:20 he doesn't want the church to be lazy,
53:22 but right now is the time to rise to the occasion
53:24 and to give him praise and honor and glory
53:28 and to simply say as this blind man I'm gonna
53:30 give God the praise, I'm gonna give Jesus
53:33 the praise and the honor and the glory,
53:35 because he is doing great things in my heart
53:37 and in my life. Everyday of your life we need
53:40 to give him glory. Come on let's talk just a second
53:43 before we close, we're gonna pray, let's give him
53:46 praise and honor and glory for my Bible says every
53:49 good gift comes from the father.
53:53 It is in him that we live and that we move and that
53:56 we have our beings. Every breathe we take,
53:59 we owe him everything. Why not praise him today,
54:03 why not listen to his voice, why not be obedient to him,
54:05 why not obey his voice and those who were walking
54:09 in darkness may do what we maybe walking
54:11 in the light as he is in the light. You want to walk
54:15 in that light let's pray about it right now before
54:17 we close shall we. Merciful Father in Heaven,
54:20 we thank you for your word, thank you for calling
54:23 us out of darkness into that marvelous light,
54:26 we just thank you for loving us, thanking for
54:28 dying force, thank you for Calvary in that blood
54:30 that cleanses us whiter than snow,
54:33 but those who have made that decision to step out
54:34 of darkness into light I give you praise in Jesus name,
54:37 amen. Until next time, I want you to continue
54:41 to study the Bible, if you have questions or
54:43 comments you should be sure and let us know,
54:45 but remember stay in the word, keep your hand
54:47 in the hand of Jesus, it won't be long he is
54:50 going to be here, I'll see you next time.
54:55 Welcome back friends, in closing I want you to
54:57 think about this question with me.
55:00 Christ who came from Heaven all the way down
55:03 to this earth to show us what a true Christian
55:06 is really all about, was he a religious dwarf.
55:11 I believe that you will agree emphatically with me
55:16 absolutely not. Another words of what a
55:22 tremendous example of faith he was,
55:25 he trusted his Father all the way to the Cross.
55:29 What an example of Holy Spirit power he gave
55:32 sight to the blind, he healed the sick,
55:36 he raised the dead. What an example of Christian
55:39 integrity never once, never once did he give
55:43 into sin and what an example of endurance,
55:47 never did he waiver from the truth despite complete
55:51 rejection at times, despite hatred and persecution
55:56 and ultimately and agonizing death.
56:00 What an example he was of gigantic love.
56:05 A love that we can only comprehend in a very
56:09 minute way here in this earth, no Christ was no dwarf,
56:14 Christ is no religious dwarf. Remember the council
56:18 I gave you earlier that day by day our characters
56:23 are to be build up under his direction and if your
56:27 character is being built up under his direction
56:31 in no way, no way will any of us be a spiritual dwarf.
56:37 That's our prayer for you today that you will
56:39 continue climbing that ladder and we want to hear
56:42 from you. We want to know what your experience
56:46 has been with Christ, what your experiences been
56:49 with this program would you contact us,
56:52 our contact information is there on the
56:54 screen for you, you can write us at
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57:07 E- mail if you chose that's
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57:13 or visit us on the web
57:15 www. BeholdTheLamb Ministries. com.
57:20 We want to hear from you, it blesses our hearts
57:22 when we hear for you, as we pray these meetings
57:25 are blessing your heart. May God continue
57:27 to richly bless to you inward.


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